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  1. Welcome back to Reborn! Ace Membership is acquired by being a member for at least a year and earning 1000 EXP, gained from positively contributing to the site (helping other users, etc) The Sprite Shop and everything that requires rupees doesn't exist anymore due to Reborn Forums being upgraded. There may be chances that it can be integrated in the future, but it is still unsure. As for the Shinies thread, I'm not quite sure where it is placed, but I know it's somewhere in the Pokemon Reborn area.
  2. Whoa.... you do look similar to Arima Kosei, like an older and more mature version of him. Real cool!
  3. "The ice cream from this shop is quite delicious, right, Theodore?" Frederick happily asks his Stufful as he eats the ice cream he ordered heartily, its contents only around half at this point. His Stufful also enjoys the ice cream given to him as it vigorously devours it with glee. "Oh, how I love sweet food. I do hope we may get to go to cake shops or chocolate shops at some point in the future." Frederick murmurs to himself, his expression hopeful and expecting.
  4. Welcome to Reborn! Enjoy your stay.
  5. France: Furfrou Canada: Bibarel Hawaii: Toucannon
  6. Yeah. I also enjoyed it very much, especially with how it gave depth to all of the characters, even the ones who were simply part of the supporting cast. I also liked how the title is very important to the plot after all. And about you being alike to Kosei, that's good!
  7. Nope. Anstane?
  8. So, Jasper likes Oliver, while Olivia likes Jasper. Is the next interview gonna reveal that Oliver secretly likes Olivia, and just pretends to dislike her and stuff, but actually he's just trying to get her attention?
  9. Marcus Adams - present
  10. 124
  11. Welcome to the Forums! Hope you enjoy your stay here
  12. Frederick follows the rest of the group. He decides to check out the menu first before ordering and find out what kind of Ice Cream is suited for his tastes. As he does this, he also observes what the other cadets have ordered, noticing that each has chosen different flavors of Ice Cream. After a bit of scanning the menu, he finally moves to the Ice Cream vendor and prepares to gives his order. "I would like two Special Vanilluxe Ice Cream Cones, please. One of which will be the standard Vanilla Flavor while the other one will be the White Chocolate Flavor. As for the toppings, I would like Chocolate Sprinkles and Marshmallows on both of them." He takes out his wallet and pays the Ice Cream vendor using the allowance money given by his foster father. Before the Ice Cream he ordered arrives, he releases Theodore from his Aether Ball, so as to not have difficulties later. When it does arrive, he joins the rest of the group in their table, giving the standard Vanilla Flavor Special Vanilluxe Ice Cream to Theodore. Frederick then proceeds to enjoy his White Chocolate Flavor Special Vanilluxe Ice Cream.
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  14. Welcome to Reborn! Enjoy your stay here
  15. Welcome back to the Forums! Hope you enjoy your stay here And I see Kosei Arima from Your Lie in April as your profile pic... I enjoyed the manga version of it, especially how it gave so much life to playing instruments, even if the ending was tragic.