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  1. Mazino Divergent

    Season 2 Reborn Mafia Awards Voting Thread

    Team Category ★ Best Town Coordination [Temporal Turmoil] ★ Best Mafia Coordination [Back to the Basics I: Diffusion of Power] Individual Category ★ Best Town Performance ★ Best Mafia Performance [LykosHand from Owner's Market] ★ Best Third Party Performance [Alistair from Circus Mafia] ★ Easiest Player to read [Newt] ★ Hardest Player to read [Corso] ★ Most Tactical Player [Alaris] ★ Most Interesting Player [Venus] ★ Best Newcomer [Alaris] Host and Mafia Game Awards: ★ Most Interesting Set-up [Fire Emblem: Heroes] ★ Most Organized Game [Danganronpa: The Ultimate Killing Game] ★ Favorite Game [Fire Emblem: Heroes] ★ Most Creative Host [Venus] ★ Best Flavor Writer ★ The Judge Host Reborn Mafia Awards: ★ Jack of Clubs [LykosHand] ★ Queen of Hearts [Walpurgis] ★ King of Spades [Alistair]
  2. Mazino Divergent

    [Trial-3] WitchCourt

    @Psychic Bean Sheep Is there even a point in doing so? Do I stand a chance of removing the votes on me? If no, I'd rather not spend energy on something that will just be wasted.
  3. Mazino Divergent

    [Trial-3] WitchCourt

    Look, if I were mafia, I wouldn't have defended Jace anyway. It was a pointless battle that I was incapable of winning of it all. Why would I continue to fight even though I perfectly knew that there would be a very slim chance of Jace surviving? I would simply make myself unnecessarily suspicious and waste my life. .... I'd continue on with a wall of text and defend myself, but I'd rather not anymore because it would only fall on deaf ears and that'd just be expending energy pointlessly. [Eliminate] Alaris FWIW, believe me, I am town and even though there isn't information on the Great Witch, balance-wise, lore-wise, and strategic-wise, Alaris is never aligned with town and has a different wincon from normie townies. I urge you to lynch him the next day.
  4. Mazino Divergent

    Season 2 Reborn Mafia Awards Voting Thread

    @Roswell Fixed.
  5. Season 2 Reborn Mafia Awards Voting Thread Another 6 months of playing Mafia has passed yet again and it is now the time for this season to end. As we look back on the memories we've shared with our fellow clubmates, we may remember a specific game that stood out to us or recall players who performed excellently. We may also admire certain lovable and amazing hosts or acknowledge the coordination of a team of players. As this season closes, we recognize their efforts through the Reborn Mafia Awards! Rules for Voting: Eligible Games: There have been some changes in terms of awards after a discussion done by the moderators. Here are the changes: Award Descriptions: Voting Sheet:
  6. Mazino Divergent

    [DOOMSDAY] Mafia: What lurks below

    @Paul25 @Psychic Bean Sheep I urge you to vote for Venus. We're not gonna have any chance of winning if we keep going around the bush and not eliminate the obvious suspect.
  7. Mazino Divergent

    [DOOMSDAY] Mafia: What lurks below

    Also, I'm solid that you're mafia from your actions that only seek to provide self preservation and nothing else tbh
  8. Mazino Divergent

    [DOOMSDAY] Mafia: What lurks below

    @Paul25 Not only is that a wrong lynch, but I believe that we should actually lynch Venus today. Town loses as long as Venus is alive and we wouldn't have a day phase next time if we don't actually talk and decide to eliminate him of all targets. [Vote] Venus
  9. Mazino Divergent

    [DOOMSDAY] Mafia: What lurks below

    For what it's worth, Kiet's spy claim isn't convincing me in any way tbh. Bean not dying for days or not being touched is just... weird. [Eliminate] Crimson Dragon is the better vote out of everyone
  10. Mazino Divergent

    [DOOMSDAY] Mafia: What lurks below

  11. Mazino Divergent

    [Trial-3] WitchCourt

    Interesting. How did this happen?
  12. Mazino Divergent

    [Trial-3] WitchCourt

    1. From what? All you've been saying is that you learned that I and Jace are witches (which is bogus, as a matter of fact), but you've never stated how you came by this information, other than abstract reasoning. 2. Why not kill me then? I have to admit that the other way around would be easier. Also, explain how you "managed" to get the factional kill. 3. Why reveal Jace when you can just scumhunt normally or wait for town to find him out? Why the rush? 5. Really? If I was a co-witch, would I really fight for Jace who already has the noose up his neck? In my perspective, if I was a witch, I'd rather have him killed then find a way somehow to kill you. Unfortunately, I'm not and I find your claims to be absurd.
  13. Mazino Divergent

    [Trial-3] WitchCourt

    I ended up not sleeping yet because of the internet and its addictiveness -_- this will be my last response before tomorrow, I guess This is you making your own misinterpretation of my words. I never admitted anything in this statement? Maybe it's just you being paranoid because I've discovered your scheme. I fail to believe your role works like that. (1) Your claim makes the role appear custom made. This doesn't work because Sparks hardly ever includes unique roles without announcing them and in a game that's 100% EM roles, more or less, I fail to see variations that are hidden like yours (2) More importantly though, lore-wise, how can you explain why the Great Witch would heck be town of all alignments? It just doesn't make. Killing all the witches is plausible in a stretch, but siding with town? That's just ridiculous at a standpoint. (3) Such a perfect role and a heavily hindered mafia is just weird balance that makes it so townsided imo. It's impossible for something this good to be true to exist, really. Care to elaborate on this convenient story you made up? Is this even possible? @Venus Nah. You were merely preserving your life. Pray tell, exactly what is your wincon @Alaris? I refuse to believe you have the exact same wincon as any good townie, seeing that you're claiming to be the "Great Witch". It'd be very ironic in every single way. Confirmation? @Venus 1. Blacksmith wouldn't give a vest to someone who has been targeted (in most cases), but more importantly, Blacksmith wouldn't give a useless role a vest 2. What role do you have then? Unique-old goody-two-shoes Great Witch? 3. Still exist because you've simply covered them up with convenient bandages. Really? I don't think that's indicative of alignment. I'm just asserting my claim that you're lying and this is all your ploy. Perhaps the way you're jumping at me is even more suspicious.
  14. It took me more than three years to get to 1,500 posts (although my activity's technically been around 1 and 1/2 years). Is that good or bad?

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    2. LykosHand


      Ali pls don't smite us 👀

    3. Mazino Divergent

      Mazino Divergent

      This day is unexpectedly filled with more notifs that I expected. Reminds me of a year ago when I was more active off-club 

    4. Alistair


      yes it's legal as long as club mods allow it

  15. Mazino Divergent

    [Trial-3] WitchCourt

    Also, I wanna say this once before I sleep, smh on activity - I'm always on the less active side of the playing chart ;_; people always comment more when I'm asleep. Seriously though, please think carefully before voting. That's all I wanna say.