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  1. Cyclonegale

    [EPISODE 18] In need for the starters

  2. Cyclonegale

    LF Litten, Oshawott, and Pidove

    I don't have a spare skull fossil on me. Really sorry! Although I did find the dumb bird in Onyx ward.
  3. Cyclonegale

    LF Litten, Oshawott, and Pidove

    Thanks. Now I just need to find the dang Pidove
  4. Cyclonegale

    LF Litten, Oshawott, and Pidove

    I have a Shiny Chimchar for ya for the Oshawott
  5. Cyclonegale

    LF Litten, Oshawott, and Pidove

    I've completed all the way up to Episode 18
  6. Cyclonegale

    LF Litten, Oshawott, and Pidove

    I already completed the gang sidequests so i'm locked out of Litten, and I did the Popolio sidequest where Oshawott originally was. And I cannot for the life of me find a pidove for pokedex/Type: Null
  7. Cyclonegale

    Mr. Bigglesworth bug? [EP 18]

    Game.rxdata I also found the corrupted Pokeball after repairing the railnet despite already having the Ralts that comes from it. What do i do with it?
  8. Cyclonegale

    Mr. Bigglesworth bug? [EP 18]

  9. Cyclonegale

    Ep18 Gym leader help

  10. Cyclonegale

    Mr. Bigglesworth bug? [EP 18]

    So back in the day I never got around to doing all the sidequests in the Byxbsion wasteland. I ended up going back for the some sidequests and went to go fight him. After completing the puzzle and navigating the tunnels he just wasn't there. I never even opened this area until Episode 18. Can Garbodor's learn Camouflage?
  11. Cyclonegale

    Help with Titania

    I'll get to training up the Excadrill and Hippowdon sometime today. I think I have a magical seed sitting in my inventory, so ill give that to infernape so he can KO a few things on her team before he goes down. I'm mostly looking to try and take out Sandslash, Excadrill, and Scizor hopefully. If someone could direct me to an EV/IV guide so I can optimize my mons, I would be very thankful. For now i'm gonna grind out some money for items, capsules, and shards.
  12. Cyclonegale

    Help with Titania

    Yes, but how would I deal with it if they have a free protect and buff coming out of the gate? Use the turn to buff with an item or something?
  13. Cyclonegale

    Help with Titania

    Caught a HIppowdon and Excadrill. Excadrill had Sand Force, Hippowdon had Sand Stream. I'll train them up tomorrow, although I only have 1 ability capsule so I can't make Sand Force into Sand Rush. How do I get more? It was from 7th street right, so how do I get back to 7th street Post-Restoration? I never got the mudkip because I didn't go looking for it I suppose, although it would probably be a good addition to the reserve. Another question. How do I deal with Excadrill and Aegislash getting a free Attack Boost+King's Shield via their items?