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  1. Cyclonegale

    How did you do your Mono-Type run?

    I've always entertained the idea of trying a monotype run of Reborn up to whatever the current episode is, but being as how i've mostly relied on item spam and brute force to get through the majority of the game, I never found myself confident enough to start. So for those of you much braver than I, how did you do your mono type run? What type was it? What were the biggest challenges, and what strategy did you come up with to beat it? I also think i'm finally going to attempt my own Mono run, but i've no idea what type to pick first. I've been thinking of maybe Ice or Fighting, but what would be the type that might be good for 'beginners' to the challenge?
  2. Cyclonegale

    The Hardest Gym Leader

    Most gym leaders never gave me much trouble. After a few tries after I figured their strat out I would counter accordingly, I never even had to change my team up most of the time.
  3. Cyclonegale

    [EPISODE 18] In need for the starters

  4. Cyclonegale

    LF Litten, Oshawott, and Pidove

    I don't have a spare skull fossil on me. Really sorry! Although I did find the dumb bird in Onyx ward.
  5. Cyclonegale

    LF Litten, Oshawott, and Pidove

    Thanks. Now I just need to find the dang Pidove
  6. Cyclonegale

    LF Litten, Oshawott, and Pidove

    I have a Shiny Chimchar for ya for the Oshawott
  7. Cyclonegale

    LF Litten, Oshawott, and Pidove

    I've completed all the way up to Episode 18
  8. Cyclonegale

    LF Litten, Oshawott, and Pidove

    I already completed the gang sidequests so i'm locked out of Litten, and I did the Popolio sidequest where Oshawott originally was. And I cannot for the life of me find a pidove for pokedex/Type: Null
  9. Cyclonegale

    Mr. Bigglesworth bug? [EP 18]

    Game.rxdata I also found the corrupted Pokeball after repairing the railnet despite already having the Ralts that comes from it. What do i do with it?
  10. Cyclonegale

    Mr. Bigglesworth bug? [EP 18]

  11. Cyclonegale

    Ep18 Gym leader help

  12. Cyclonegale

    Mr. Bigglesworth bug? [EP 18]

    So back in the day I never got around to doing all the sidequests in the Byxbsion wasteland. I ended up going back for the some sidequests and went to go fight him. After completing the puzzle and navigating the tunnels he just wasn't there. I never even opened this area until Episode 18. Can Garbodor's learn Camouflage?
  13. Cyclonegale

    Help with Titania

    I'll get to training up the Excadrill and Hippowdon sometime today. I think I have a magical seed sitting in my inventory, so ill give that to infernape so he can KO a few things on her team before he goes down. I'm mostly looking to try and take out Sandslash, Excadrill, and Scizor hopefully. If someone could direct me to an EV/IV guide so I can optimize my mons, I would be very thankful. For now i'm gonna grind out some money for items, capsules, and shards.