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  1. Are these fake or real?

    These were confirmed fake a while ago by the artist who made them.
  2. Pokemon Spork Episode 4

    WEEKLY SERIES 5 - FINAL ENTRY (no picture this time because it's just covering the misc things that weren't an entry on their own) SPACE Agne's space crew was attacked two years ago. On Cerri, space travel actually isn't as advanced yet as it is on Earth. It was in 2014 that Kirbie told me the first crew recently went out to space and got attacked. So it's actually been longer than 2 years now, I just went with how long it's been since it happened when I first had Crolea explain it in the game. The space crew from Cerri is okay now, but I don't know if they've gone back. I think I remember Kirbie mentioning that there's an extraterrestrial organization that doesn't want us to go to space yet, but I'm not sure if that was the motive for the attack on the space crew. It isn't the motive for the space crew being attacked in Spork though. UNUSED TRAINER CLASSES/ARTIST AND ATHLETIC BODY TYPES There are two main kinds of artists and three main kinds of athletes on Cerri. For the artists, there's creative artists and power artists. Creative artists make art as a form of self-expression or just for the beauty of art itself, while power artists use art in combat. In combat, power artists are 100% offense-focused. From what I know, I think any kind of art can be either creative or power depending on how it's used. A creative artist can design a machine, and a power artist can make it work. They often work together for reasons like this. Artistic body types are more flexible than athletic body types. I'd say that Meloetta's Aria form is a creative artist while its Pirouette form is a power artist. For the athletes, there are epopts, infantry, and juggernauts. Epopts have the highest speed and jumping ability, while juggernauts have the highest strength and durability. Infantry are in the middle. They're faster than people who aren't athletes, but they're not as fast as epopts. They're stronger than people who aren't athletes, but they aren't as strong as juggernauts. Very early on before development in RPG Maker/Essentials started, I considered making these five body types as trainer classes, but Kirbie was against the idea so I didn't. Before we knew what we know now about artists, we thought epopts were the flexible ones. It wasn't until later that we learned artists are the ones with the highest flexibility. The reason Kirbie was against using them as trainer classes is because what we originally thought about epopts was wrong, and we didn't want to risk making trainer classes based off these body types in case we still have a misconception or two about them. It should also be noted that senses and physical ability are higher on Cerri than on Earth. For example, epopts can jump over several-story buildings. But even people who aren't athletes or artists or have some other specialization have higher stats than on Earth. PUMPKINS There's a shady businessman on Cerri who wears a pumpkin mask. I forget his name, but I remember some details about his personal life. One part of that relates to Barker, but I can't say what it is since along with one of the assumptions I made about the Data Vault, it would also spoil his reason for wanting to go there. But Barker as a whole isn't supposed to based on him, just this one detail. I think that's everything. I had fun making these entries, and I hope they were also fun to read Battle Frontier progress: After last week, I actually haven't been able to work on it until yesterday. Daylight savings time messed with my sleep schedule, and it's also been a busy week for me on the site for staff-related reasons. But I should be back to working on it regularly now. I don't really have an estimate for how long the final facility will take. I could see it being done a week from now, but I could also see it taking longer. The planning part for specific data I need to work with will take more time than the implementation. (this makes it sound like it's more complicated than it really is but I'm trying not to spoil anything)
  3. Pokemon Spork Episode 4

    Reuploaded with the following updates and fixes: -added a move tutor to the Battle Mall for the Pledge moves -Pokemon now have max happiness when hatching from eggs and when caught by a Friend Ball It's kind of funny that since Friend Balls set a Pokemon's happiness to 200, they were actually lowering it XD
  4. "Your hairstyle is the one we all depend on!"

    Hello! You're in a laboratory, but you don't work there. In fact, you're probably not even authorized to be there. But you wanted to do some exploring since you ran out of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and need to wait 15 minutes before you can buy some more. When you wait at least 15 minutes, you sleep very well at night. You reach a room with a cute gelatinous creature meditating in the middle. As you approach, he stands up and says ":)" which isn't really a word but you hear it in your head somehow. He takes out a small container of cream cheese and rubs some on your nose. From this point forward, you have to run (you run by reflex, not walk) through the mazes of the lab until you reach a room where a secret agent is snowboarding. He talks about some stuff you already learned in some of your science classes and asks you what your favorite song is. Before you can answer, both of you are turned into birds. The bookcases begin to yawn and will continue to do so for 5 hours. A few days later, no one seems to remember what swimming pools are, but they just went for a vacation and they'll return with vanilla wafers. I have to cut this short because I feel like taking a nap, but if you want, reply with what your favorite plant is. I'll take your answers into consideration when I post the second part later on in the year.
  5. Pokemon Spork Episode 4

    Your Eevee's happiness was 136. I raised it to 255. I wasn't sure whether you wanted Espeon or Umbreon so I didn't evolve it, but since it's level 1 it shouldn't take long to evolve. I checked pokemon.txt and I didn't forget to change Eevee's happiness to 255, so this is strange...do Pokemon that hatch from eggs start with a different amount of happiness than Pokemon caught in the wild or obtained from events? EDIT: I just noticed you had two Eevee in your party. The second one's happiness was 132 so I raised that one to 255 also. Game.rxdata
  6. Pokemon Spork Episode 4

    It should still be max happiness in day/night. Unless your Eevee is from before mid-June 2017, all Pokemon should have max happiness by default too. If you send me your save file, I can evolve it for you into whichever one you want and try to figure out why it hasn't evolved.
  7. I need no introduction, but my name is Icy
    I'm so stylish my sand castles are pricy
    Cold rhymes and fire breath, you can call it freezerburn
    One verse will end this, you don't even get a turn 
    I attack my foes with intensity and grace
    My skill's astronomical, it goes beyond space 
    If you're on my team then you're living the dream
    Otherwise you're buying us all ice cream
    I've got people everywhere, you can't escape our vision
    And we can all roast with utmost precision 
    I think that's enough to make my point clear
    So that's all for now, I hope you have a good year

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      where's my :fire: react?

  8. Pokemon Spork Episode 4

    I thought maybe if some worked and others didn't that I might have consistently misspelled their names when adding them under the TMs, but their spelling under Smack Down and all others seems to match their internal names. And that they're working now is even stranger.
  9. Pokemon Spork Episode 4

    I'm not sure why that happens, since they're listed to learn their TMs and tutor moves in the tms.txt file...but I tried with Thief and Hidden Power and the same happened to me. EDIT @FairFamily I forgot to ask but were there any TM moves they could learn at all, or could they not learn a single one? Also, where are the party screen icons you have for Naganadel and Stakataka from?
  10. Is there also a Watermaze, Firemaze, and Windmaze? 

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      Wabou Earthmaze (no one remembers the earth benders sad)

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      @Candy I said earthmaze.......


      I see how it is.

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      Oops didn't scroll up muh badsies~

  11. Pokemon Spork Episode 4

    WEEKLY SERIES 4 - DATA VAULT I had a dream about the Data Vault before I knew what it was. In the dream, I was accompanying someone there. The person I was accompanying had an orange glow and was wearing a fairy costume complete with wings. Someone stood aside to let her go through. The outside of the Data Vault and the surrounding area was beautiful. There were light patterns similar to the Aurora Borealis surrounding us. The Data Vault isn't in any specific city, region, planet, etc. It's its own place in the universe. I don't know how accurate the way I portrayed it in Spork is compared to the real thing, but I have at least two* assumptions about how the real one works: 1) (mentioned by Pandora at Norall Mountain) that those who go there aren't allowed to share the information they learned, unless there are people it absolutely needs to be shared with (for example, trying to find where someone went who seems to have disappeared without notice, and passing along the whereabouts of the person to their family and friends) 2) that you're only allowed to go for the information you came for, and can't go looking around in other places And the second isn't at all how it'll work in Spork from the player's perspective. You're encouraged to explore and interact with all of the files. The Data Vault in Spork has five sections, but one that needs to be unlocked through a sidequest (this sidequest also unlocks two other files in other sections). The one shown in the picture above has information on every character in the game that isn't revealed elsewhere, which can include things like how they met their first Pokemon, their favorite food, how they got into their career, etc. *I actually have three, but the third assumption sort of spoils Barker's reason for wanting to go there, so I'll hold off on mentioning that one The next entry will be the last one. It'll include other small details that on their own weren't big enough to make an entire entry about, but are long enough for an entry together. Battle Frontier progress: I finished the Battle Factory less than half an hour before I started typing this entry. Only one facility left to go! I saved my favorite one for last.
  12. Pokemon Spork Episode 4

    I have no idea how this happened, since I didn't give that move to Pyukumuku O . O I checked the pokemon.txt file to make sure, and Pyukumuku can't learn it according to what's listed there. Pix is a move meant for my ingame character's Sylveon, Cynesthesia. Cynesthesia, who the Sylveon is named after, came up with the move herself.
  13. Pokemon Spork Episode 4

    For the first one, I'm unfortunately not sure where I would go in order to fix that. I didn't know that egg group was tied to IV distribution and I don't know where I could find that in the scripts. But if you'd like the IVs of the Pokemon changed, I can change them if you send me your save file. Reuploaded with the second one fixed. I forgot to add the "Defeated Elite Four" control switch to the event tiles on the stairs. Out of curiosity, how did you beat the There are a few legendary sidequests that are a lot sillier than that one
  14. Rejuvenation | Dev Blog [Status Thread]

    If Gardevoir and Madame X have a connection, it would be that they're enemies. Madame X sent Kanon to stop them, saying that their cult would cause the future destruction of the world.