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  1. Korrina: 9 Valerie: 11 Wulfric: 11
  2. Lycanroc is similar to a rock: Lycaroc. Lycanroc uses Thief: Lycanrob. Lycanroc has Lightningrod: Lycanrod. Lycanroc can't rock: Lycantroc.

    1. Isa.phoria


      Lycanroc is sobbing: Lycansob

  3. Re-uploaded episode 3 with the following fixes/changes: -You can now see how many Marbles you have from your bag -Tsareena learns Trop Kick at level 29 -Charcoal costs 100 now like the other type-increasing items instead of 9800 -Fixed typo in Pandora's speech where "anything" was spelled "anytihng" -Fixed bug where if you lost to Pandora and went back to battle her again, the game would freeze -TM location list is now complete -Can no longer walk through the PC in the Pokemon Research Institute -Gave Felicia's Delcatty max friendship since it has Return (meant to do this originally but forgot) -Fixed typo in Barker's speech at the Battle Mall where "And who might you be?" was "And who you might be?" -Added rocks to the water west of Virima City and in some parts of Bolaii Coastline and Bolaii Beach to prevent the player from surfing in areas that weren't meant to be surfed Also added episode 4 progress below the download link for episode 3.
  4. Finish Shiv, heal Mana Aurora: 20 Ava: 23 Emily: 18 Garret: 37 Jarred: 18 Mana: 55 Nova: 34 Scarlett: 18 Sena: 20 Tristan: 23
  5. Considering Caz is now working two jobs and going to university just to be able to eat as of February and said he would be disappearing from the forums for a while, I doubt there'll be news anytime soon.
  6. Tony Stark is a skeleton: Bony Stark.

    1. EternalJinn


      Tony Stark loves My Little Pony: Brony Stark

  7. What's the weather like today?

    1. Wolfox Glace

      Wolfox Glace

      It was very very nice, thanks for asking.

    2. HongaarseBeer97


      It was beautiful in the Netherlands today, 20 degrees and sunny. That's kind of unheard of here. How about you?

  8. On the second floor of the school, there should be a kid staring at a wall next to a plant. Talk to him from the opposite side of the plant and this will cause him to bump into the plant and knock it over. A door will open and a teacher will come out saying he'll go get a janitor. Go through the door that was opened, and from there go to the northwest door. The person to give it to is at the end of that room (although she can't accept it and the Sweet Heart is actually used for a different quest, going there is still worth it for the pun and field effect read-out).
  9. There are no release dates. Episodes are just done whenever they're done. You can follow its progress in the Development Blog.
  10. The move deleter is in a house at Route 3 IIRC
  11. Tsareena is the female XY player: Tsereena. Tsareena uses Glare: Stareena. Tsareena before it evolved: Tsateena. Tsareena is Grass/Fighting: Tsarcena.

  12. Have we taken Kalos's Rock leader for granted? Korrina: 14 Valerie: 12 Wulfric: 13
  13. I had meant to add rocks in the water to the west of Virima City to prevent players from surfing there, but forgot. I'll do so now. The "Virimaspace" map was made very early in Spork's development and its only purpose was to prevent the player from seeing black space above the beach. Before I knew you could change the size of a map after making it, I used maps like that just to fill in the black space. It wasn't until 1.6 that I realized I didn't need to do that.
  14. The music in Norall City and Norall Mountain is GlitchxCity's Christmas Medley 2016. I watch your videos and saw it wasn't working for you, but I'm not sure why. I went to Norall to check yesterday and it was working for me.
  15. The Shiny Key is one of two keys needed to unlock a door in a house in Blackview City that leads to one of the pieces. The other key needed to unlock that door is the Dull Key. The Mysterious Key is the one for the Gligar event, I think. I don't remember for the Odd Key, since Desolation has a lot of keys and it can be easy to forget which one is for where.