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  1. Swalot is a berry: Qwalot. Swalot is a tank: Wallot. Swalot x Swellow: Swelot. Swalot eats wood: Swalog.

    1. Isa.phoria


      Swalot is ballin': Ballot

  2. That's fan speculation. We haven't gotten any announcement for the next games yet.
  3. I think we won't be seeing Angie for a few more episodes. A lot of events have been mentioned to be going on within GDC, so I think those would be the main priority over everything else. So far, we know there's: -Government vs Bladestar conflict -Team Xen's shadow Pokemon data -Finding out where Saki and the others went -People turning to stone -Exploring the city itself will likely be a big focus considering it's been hyped up for a few episodes. I also think we'll be spending more than one episode in GDC, since it has multiple Gym Leaders (maybe there's a leader for each district?). Although in Jan's AMA thread last year he did say one future episode would have 2 gyms, so it wouldn't surprise me if it was a GDC episode where that happens.
  4. The Paralyze Heal issue has been fixed for episode 3. Paralyze was spelled wrong in the Pokemart NPC events. I think up to Essentials v15 the item was spelled as "PARLYZHEAL", and v16 changed it to spell out the whole word paralyze. I didn't know about this until a few weeks ago. The only extra mode planned is the Legend Mode, which will be a separate download. I've never considered doing any other modes before (even the Legend Mode was SPB's idea), and I'm also not confident I would be able to implement those since I have zero coding experience. (that's why Legend Mode will be a separate download instead of having it be an option when starting a new game like Rejuvenation's difficulty modes are; I'm not sure how to set up several modes in one download. it will use the same save file though)
  5. We've done a lot of damage to Team Meteor, but I suspect they haven't gotten Sirius yet. 

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    2. Ice Cream Sand Witch

      Ice Cream Sand Witch

      My PULSE is racing thinking about what else they could have up their sleeve.

    3. BIGJRA


      these puns are making me Grunt

    4. IntSys


      I'm glad that you people are keeping the puns in an Orderly fashion.

  6. The only place encounters differ by time of day is at the Legend Dairy. During the day there you can find Skitty, Glameow, and Shinx, while during the night you can find Poochyena, Purrloin, and Stunky. There are other encounters there, but they appear both during the day and at night.
  7. I do remember reporting that in one of the bug reporting threads during beta testing, because I found it odd that in order to activate the switch "Anna Smiles" you needed to not fight Taka, but in order to get a relationship point with Anna you needed to fight him, considering every other switch needed to activate Anna Smiles involved a situation that added a point with her. I assumed the related switch in Anna Smiles was accidentally mixed up, but for some reason I never considered that it would the choice itself that was. Or maybe I just misread it and they've always corresponded correctly. Either way I fixed it in the OP just now.
  8. Brycen: 16 Burgh: 21 Cheren: 28 Clay: 4 Drayden: 17 Elesa: 28 Iris: 21 Lenora: 25 Roxie: 6 Skyla: 22
  9. Aderyn: 12 Aurora: 20 Ava: 23 Baron: 16 Connor: 9 Emily: 20 Garret: 28 Hardy: 24 Jarred: 21 Kuiki: 14 Lilith: 14 Mana: 28 Nova: 21 Rosetta: 16 Scarlett: 20 Sena: 20 Shiv: 18 Tristan: 22
  10. If you need more details about the bonus battle, it's with the backup Ghost leader, Spector. First you have to find the Odd Key, then do the Generator Problems help request in West Gearen. Then go to Goldenleaf City. In front of the Giratina statue should be a white-haired person. This is Spector. After you talk to him here, you need to find him in a few different places: Wispy Tower, near bookcases in Narcissa's gym, and the Odd House. After that you can battle him in Narcissa's arena at night. He's at those locations at certain times of day, but I don't remember which time corresponds with which place.
  11. Stantler is an actor: Standler. Stantler does cool tricks: Stuntler. Stantler is Grass: Plantler. Stantler is Bug: Antler. 

    1. FairFamily


      Stantler is angry: Rantler.

    2. Isa.phoria


      Stantler is talking: Banter

      Stantler likes sand: Sandtler 

  12. Hurt Clay, heal Elesa Brycen: 18 Burgh: 22 Cheren: 27 Clay: 8 Drayden: 19 Elesa: 27 Iris: 23 Lenora: 25 Roxie: 6 Skyla: 21
  13. Hurt Kuiki, heal Mana Aderyn: 12 Aurora: 20 Ava: 23 Baron: 18 Connor: 9 Emily: 20 Garret: 28 Hardy: 23 Jarred: 21 Kuiki: 16 Lilith: 14 Mana: 27 Nova: 22 Rosetta: 18 Scarlett: 20 Sena: 20 Shiv: 18 Tristan: 21
  14. Swanna wants to do something: Wanna. Swanna attacks flies: Swatta. Swanna uses Skill Swap: Swappa. Swanna has an Itenfinder: Scanna.

    1. WujiKyurem


      Swanna is a trainer in Kalos: Swauna

  15. Happy birthday! Here's an ice cream sandwich