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  1. Pokemon Spork Blind

    My inspiration for the first dream sequence with Gina was this thread I made: http://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/17305-what-if-a-reptilian-ghost-girl-who-doesnt-trust-dr-phil-asked-you-for-a-cheeseburger/ The second dream sequence was done from scratch as I was making the scene, with the exception of Litwick's appearance which was always planned. The inspiration for the third dream sequence was another post I made on the forums, but I don't remember which thread it was in. What I remember about the story is that I was making a cup of coffee that came to life in an elevator, then I either fell asleep or lost consciousness and woke up in a rock paper scissors tournament where I lost in the last round because someone cheated. The coffee cup, a kangaroo, and some other being that I don't remember who I substituted Rayquaza for in the game proved I cheated, so we went again and I won. We would go on to have many more adventures together. I could've sworn I swapped Clefable for Aromatisse on Pandora's team...I changed it to Aromatisse because it fits Pandora more, since Palletite gave her a perfume theme. Maybe I switched it in the second battle but forgot to do so in the first?
  2. And i love sylveon!

  3. Pokemon Spork Episode 4

    I haven't heard from Palletite since May 14. SPB (Legend Mode) was the one having internet issues, while Palletite (sprites) was having IRL issues.
  4. Pokemon Spork Blind

    Thanks for mentioning that the Emily battle in Weather Wonderland is skippable. I didn't know it was. I accidentally left some openings to walk through between the trees and I've fixed that now. About the vitamin situation: someone on Youtube (whose channel was taken down) said something similar, that it was anticlimactic. Personally, them facing no punishment is the way I prefer it to end, since that part of the story was basically formed from a "wow, vitamins are really expensive" thought I've had since Gen 3. I don't really consider what they were doing to be bad, just probably not the best way to be going about it. It was only really borderline illegal to begin with since selling products isn't against the law, otherwise there wouldn't be any vendors at all in the region and you could only buy from Pokemarts. The only real issue is that only the Department Store sells them (for money; the Battle Frontier offers them for BP), while the cheaper vitamins were also being sold in the same city, so it could hurt the Department Store's business. If this was happening in a city that wasn't Olidroll, there probably wouldn't even be an issue. I do have a different criticism of it, though: there was originally going to be more to it. I was going to show the court scene. I don't remember why I ended up not doing it, and I don't think I really have an excuse. On one hand I don't actually know from an eventing perspective how to have the game show a scene that doesn't involve the player (like the Grand Hall interrogation of the Meteor grunt in Reborn), but on the other, all it would take is just looking at an event like that in RPG Maker to figure it out. On one hand I don't know how court trials actually work, but on the other, I shouldn't need to worry about making it seem "realistic" in a world where creatures like Pokemon exist, and going even further, Spork is a world where death doesn't exist and the aging process stops physically around the 30s-40s, so it follows different rules than what players are familiar with. I could have a rule that in Spork, everyone has to wear a purple mask to court if I wanted to. The court scene is something I really should go back and add. My opinion of that part of the story is that I had a neat idea but the execution could've been a lot better.
  5. Pokemon Spork Episode 4

    I checked and it happened to me too. Then I downloaded 3 and a Half and the same happens there. I'm not sure why it would be happening, since I don't believe I've touched any of the moves since the issue with Baneful Bunker back in April. From what I can tell in the moves.txt file and the MoveEffects script section, everything is coded correctly, and I know Purify was working at some point. In the meantime I'd recommend not using it because I don't know what will happen if you do. There's a character in ep 4 with a Pyukumuku that has Purify, so I re-uploaded replacing Purify with Recover on his team in case that would cause issues. EDIT: I tried giving myself a level 20 Pyukumuku and training it to level 21 and Purify seems to work there. Strange.
  6. Cat in the hat

    Dog in the log

    Fox in the box

    Canary in the aviary

    Bear in the chair

    Pig in the wig

    Owl in the towel

    1. Filthy Casual

      Filthy Casual

      You forgot:


      Mouse in the house

      Giraffe in the graph

      Whale in the mail

      Snake in the rake


      And, my personal favorite (as well as the darkest):


      Seal in the meal

    2. seki108


      Fennec in the clinic

      Raccoon in the spoon


      (second wasn't that good, but I'm glad I thought of the first one)

  7. Pokemon Spork Blind

    The Toy Robot is for a sidequest in Aliora City (in one of the houses, specifically). The species are Sea Stars. Ceolis is the former Champion, but he retired. About the BCC: Team Portal didn't take it over; rather the BCC was a front for Team Portal from the beginning.
  8. Pokemon Spork Episode 4

    I tried my hand at updating the overworld sprites for Tomas and Blueberry to match the color schemes for their trainer sprites, and I think it went decently! These are still temporary until Palletite returns, but I'm okay with considering this an official release. If you've already gotten the 12th badge in the unofficial release, this does not add any new content. Additionally, the Scale Badge now has cybershell12's design.
  9. Pokemon Spork Blind

    Spork has been updated!

    I believe the ruin is the rock formation that NPC is standing in front of. It reminds me of the Regi ruins in Hoenn. We're unable to get that TM right now, but from using RPG Maker I found out it's Energy Ball (which also happens to be the TM given for defeating Flora/Florin, so that might need to be changed when we do have access to that cave).
  11. So I was filling something out online today and



    1. Wolfox


      So... Ame'plan to take over Earth has begun.

    2. seki108


      Prepare for Ame-geddon

    3. Amethyst


      hmph.... so you've discovered my master plan this soon... so be it. 

      ...is what i'd like to say but honestly as much as i don't want to lead this backward-ass country people would probably see it as an improvement


  12. Pokemon Spork Blind

    The "Interesting coincidence that you have a sister too!" line was being said to the player.
  13. Pokemon Spork Episode 4

    You'll be able to do all of them!
  14. E17 new pokemon guesses

    @Nagisa_Hideyoshi @Zander@Alistair my reason for mentioning Gible was because in the video Ame did of E17's redone intro, the save file shown before going to "New Game" has Garchomp on the team and 14 badges. Nobody who's said Gible wouldn't be obtainable has mentioned that in their explanations for why it won't be obtainable.