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  1. Venox

    Your first shiny

    My first shiny was a shiny cascoon in pokemon pearl on the honey trees. i was actually was looking for aipom so it came out as a surprise to me.
  2. Venox

    Favorite Pokemon.

    My favorite pokemon is Infernape. one of the reasons i love him is because chimchar is my favorite starter. Infernape is pretty good in competitive battles and he based of Sun Wukong from journey to the west (like Goku from Dragon Ball Z....huh that may explain some thing ).and he is a monkey that knows kung fu and breath fire. whats not to love? (...my profile pic his a drawing of my infernape gijinka from reborn. so thats a thing i geuss.)
  3. Venox

    A wild fanart appeared!

    Yea i know i will work on that.
  4. Venox

    A wild fanart appeared!

    thanks a lot. i really appreciate it. if you have any other requests i would like to know.
  5. Venox

    A wild fanart appeared!

    well..i did my best
  6. Venox

    If you wish to slay a dragon...

    Well,that is going to be fun. I cant wait! im so exited
  7. Venox

    The 'That Feel When' topic

    tfw you accidentally come across a show you watched 10 years ago and forgot about his existance