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  1. Kurotsune

    Get off my Lawn

    I don't really like wine. Wine tastes like rotten fruit. And the brazillian drink of choice is caipirinha. We like lemons, not grapes. I'm also only really replying because I logged in as a coincidence so hey what is up my dude good to hear you're back even though I'm not really around so hey toodleroo budderino see you in the skillet side flip ta ta smell ya later alley grater and whatnot have yous
  2. Aight, let's address this. A game needs a tutorial. Any game needs a tutorial. And to illustrate that point, I'm going to clear a misconception: Every Dark Souls game has a tutorial. At the start of EVERY dark souls games you're put in a zone with a very small amount of enemies, with most of them being passive. The zone is littered with messages about button presses and conveniently placed enemies near those that you can use these mechanics in to understand how they function. Not only that, dark soul's tutorials stretch far into the game. In Dark Souls 1, in Sen's Fortress, you always have a lizardman walking into the boulder's path and getting killed so that you: A. Learn that the trap is there B. Learn that enemies can activate and be damaged by traps C. Learn that not all traps are button presses on the floor To further show this, you also have a lizardman pressing a floor panel and getting shot to death by the trap it activates. Even before that path - Dark Souls makes it a point to make you know well ahead of time what's coming. The whole premise of the game is "watch and learn" (which brings a whooole new discussion about how Dark Souls's passive gameplay creates a world where the player reacts to the world as opposed to most other games where the world reacts to the players and how this design philosophy effectively molds the entirety of Dark Souls) Before the drake shows up, the bridge is burnt. Before the minotaur shows up, there's a fog wall and a long stretch of land that makes it obvious that a boss is coming. You fight the Demon Firesage three times in three different forms with increasing difficulty as a way to prepare you not only for its final form but for Dark Souls's bosses as a whole The very first NPC you meet tells you exactly what you need to do and serves as a way to show you that not all NPCs in the game are enemies - A notion that the game will later on subvert with Patches. In Dark Souls 3 even further develops it by making the first boss fight something the player has to manually trigger, as a way to show new and old players that "hey, this time around sometimes the fog won't be directly before the boss arena and you'll have to do something to start it." In Dark Souls 2 tones this down a bit in exchange for a more developed tutorial, but then it wasn't made by the original author so its design principles are slightly different. Even in Dark Souls 3 you have, time and again, all the way up to the end game, messages and in-game displays of what enemies can do and how to fight them (You're shown directly in the cutscene for the Abyss Watchers fight that they can fight each other, and the walk-up to the boss arena is filled with sounds of swords clashing, to further drive home the point that they are fighting each other as much as they're fighting you.) So let's clarify things: Dark Souls has a tutorial. It has, in fact, one of the longest tutorials that you'll find in most modern games. The difference is that Dark Souls uses its design philosophies to seamlessly incorportate its tutorial elements within regular play, using the age-old "show, don't tell" adage. This allows Dark Souls to teach you exactly what to expect in a million different ways, and then punish you for not learning. That's what the game *is* about. Dark Souls isn't about expecting the unexpected. It's about observation. Thus returning to my initial point: Every game needs a tutorial. The lesson learned from Dark Souls is not that games should not have tutorials, but that tutorials should be incorporated in a more seamless way as to avoid dissonance between regular gameplay and "tutorial" gameplay. Games like Nioh and the Witcher learn and show this application of concept, but older games like Super Metroid, Megaman and Megaman X and the Castlevania series, have been doing this for years. There are several documentaries about how tutorials were designed back when games didn't have the space for a dedicated tutorial - If you want a dilluted version of this, you can see this video:
  3. Kurotsune

    What're YOU listening to?~

  4. Kurotsune

    Meet the vets!

    Well I'm glad to see this post still gets some modicum of activity, but it's purpose was more or less an attempt to bridge the gap between the new users and then-veterans at the start of 2017. Most of the people described in the first few pages of this thread aren't really active anymore, so maybe it'd be smarter to just make a new one or abandon the idea altogether. Or maybe just keep it here for people to introduce themselves whenever the old-new member thing happens I don't know i'm not the boss of you start looking at me like that It's time you started making your own decisions I can't take care of you forever Why do you still pee on your bed you're 35 jesus christ
  5. Kurotsune

    Meet the vets!

    I was bored one day and started looking for new games. Then I was like "I enjoyed Pokémon when I was a kid I should look it up" And then I came across an article commenting the 10 pokémon games you have to try and went "wait there's more than 10 pokémon games????" Reborn was on the list. I looked at the site, downloaded it, ran it, saw the intro scene and said in amazement: "this some weeb shit" And then didn't touch the game for a solid six months. After those six months though I stumbled upon reborn on my hard drive and decided I'd give it a chance so I started playing it and it wasn't half-bad. So I figured I'd check out the community, joined in, and then approached Amethyst to talk to her about the game and mentioned I was a developer and she was like "do you know Ruby???" and I was like "this bitch about to ask me for help?" and said no. However a day later I got my vacation laid out and I discovered I'd have two weeks of absolutely nothing to do and figured what the hell les do dis so I hit Ame up again and decided to learn Ruby. I ended up learning Ruby in like three days, coded over 50 moves in the next two weeks and my general adorable attitude made Amethyst immediately fall in love with me and we proceeded to become the ultimate dev couple to grace this planet. Except not. I did impress her and it did lead on to us working together more and to great extent, and we developed a very, very strong bond of fraternal friendship that by itself makes joining Reborn having been worth it (even if she ignores me half the time). And that's the story of how I joined Reborn. What happened afterwards is another tale, for another time.
  6. Kurotsune

    Meet the vets!

    Hey there! I know what you're all thinking - Who the hell is this fox-shaped person writing posts about getting to know veterinarians? Well my friend, you just got something very, very wrong - I'm actually not fox shaped at all! I'm a 100% human person who uses a fox-like name as a username. Silly, silly reader. So it came to my attention that there's currently a kind of rift between older and newer members; One caused by the fact that, in an introduction thread, a person exposes themselves bare to a basic level wheras the veterans remain guarded, having done their respective introductions years ago and them being buried away (or, like in my case, outright deleted) That makes it hard to know the veterans at a basic level. The rift between old and new ends up widening each year while the old slowly fade away and the new become the old, just so they can alienate themselves from the new-new and so on. So in an attempt to break this cycle and bridge this gap, I've decided to create this thread as a way to get the vets to open up a bit and expose ourselves for what we really are - Grouchy old bastards who hate change. And who better to begin than yours truly, AKA semi-relevant former developer who went away and then sorta came back but only on discord except now they're writing a post so on the forums too I guess? - Or Kuro for short. The way I'll write my own expose below is not in any way a format to be strictly followed, but it can serve as a suggestion to those who aren't feeling particularly creative: General Info: Known as: Kurotsune / Kuro Age: 28 years old Gender: On the internet I prefer to be seen as non-binary, using "they" pronouns. Birthday: June 30, 1989 Location: Brazil Height: 173cm Hair Color: Jet black Eye Color: Brown Lives with: A giant ego (AKA alone) Pets: None! Relationship status: Single! Favourite Food: My favorite food right now is this chicken salad recipe I've invented a week ago Favourite Drink: Boring ol' water Favourite Color: Blaaaaaaack! Favourite kind of Music: Electro swing, as of recently Favourite Band: Avantasia Favourite Album: Avantasia - The Mystery of Time Favourite Song: The Killers - A Dustland Fairytale Favourite Game: Fallout 4 as of right now Favourite Genre of Game: Metroidvania! Favourite Hobbies: Reading, writing, psychology, philosophy, coding Favourite Movies: The Last Samurai's been my favourite movie for a long time. Don't watch a lot of 'em Favourite Shows: Whose Line is it Anyway? Community questions: So, who are you?: I'm Kuro! I joined the community to some fanfare at the end of 2014 and have been up to no good deed ever since. I'm the brains behind some of the implementations in Reborn, as I was a part of and led the development team for a year and a half before my departure. I'm the person who unofficialy trained both Marcello and Jericho as developers for Pokémon Reborn, and acted as Amethyst's right-hand on the development front during my tenure - In fact, for most of my stay it was just me and her, and the others slowly started popping up along the ride. Anything you're responsible for? As aforementioned, I'm responsible for a lot of implementations in pokémon reborn - Including the weather system and over 50 moves, the backup save system and some other implementations along the way. I'm also responsible for training Marcello until he could take on the challenges of heading development by himself. I'm also responsible for the Dragon Tours, though I figure only the oldies will remember those, and last but not least, I'm responsible for a lot of general mischief around the community. If you had to choose one of your posts as your way to introduce yourself, which would it be? I kinda wrote my whole life story here, for better or worse What can I talk to you about? In a certain way, anything. I greatly appreciate wit and I'm a very sarcastic (and, I hear, outwardly intimidating) person who is capable and willing to discuss any and all matters under the sun including the sun itself as long as my partner is willing to make the conversation interesting. I'm a firm believer in brutal honesty and don't shy away from it, but I can take it as much as I can dish it; If you feel you can handle the fox-heat, don't shy away from the foxfire! Closing statements? I sincerely hope this takes off enough to assist the community to grow together as one. Throught my time here, directly or not, I've worked towards that goal and I feel no effort to achieve it is wasted. Hopefully through this we'll all be able to know each other a bit better and find some more common ground - If nothing else, it could serve as a conversation starter. And with that, lovelies, I'm done. Thank you for your time and your patience reading through this, and I hope I'll see plenty of you old farts sharing here with me!
  7. Happy Birthday :D, i hope you will have a fun day ^^

  8. I didn't think I'd be here again. It's been a while since we've spoken.

    We start talking, and I remember all the times we've spent together. It always tasted the same for the first few words.

    You're bitter, dark, and cruel. You remind me of the worst in me. You make me wish you were never there.


    And then you take it away.


    A few words in and I remember why I always came to you. A few words in and the buzzing in my head tells me I'm losing myself once again.


    Mayhaps, losing yourself is not so bad after all - You reassure me. True. Maybe it isn't so bad after all.


    We continue our exchange and I feel the numbness. Like always - From the top of my head to the tips of my fingers. A familiar sensation if there ever was one - I'm filled with you, complete by your essence - And empty just the same.


    At the end of the day, you give me nothing, and you take everything away from me, but I keep coming back. It's been a while since we spoke. I wonder how much until I decide to talk to you again.



    1. Felix~


      Did, uh, did you do some drugs buddy? I'm reading significant drugged vibes here, not to poop on your eloquent parade here.

  9. I am bothering you now via the best obscure form of social media, i hope you are doing vell

  10. u liek foxes JA?


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      holy shit that's glorious

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    Putting the Z back in Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Couldn't be more disappointed if I tried.
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    I'm still looking for one and taking a page from Cool Girl's Cool Girl Book I'd like a cover photo to go with it. Hit me with your series memes things y'all
  13. You can't help but constantly bite back when you feel the world's against you.

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    Don't they always? that said i'm not huge on text bubbles being in the way oops
  15. TIL there was a magician whose act was basically stabbing himself with a sword

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      Magical Martyr