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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

    1. smeargletail


      thank you I'm guessing your in another time zone my birthdays not till tomarrow here 🙂

    2. LykosHand


      Yup that's right, for me it's 1 am atm 🙂 and you're welcome 😄 

    3. Zarc


      Happy birthday !

  2. smeargletail

    What foods do you like that are unusual

    I love the hell out of crab ragoone pizza. That stuff makes me happy on the saddest of days. Most people I know think it's weird so I think it counts
  3. smeargletail

    Favorite Pokemon Gens?

    pokemon design 1. gen 2 2. gen 3 3. gen 1 4. gen 6 5. gen 7 6. gen 4 7. gen 5 actual enjoyment 1. gen 5 2. gen 3 3. gen 2 4. gen 4 5. gen 1 haven't played gen6,7
  4. smeargletail

    Sad Songs You love to Listen to

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWEsrQx6A2U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76WJJ57YoG0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYDn8whLF1k https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-dN4Yvec6c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GLkb-6TULk I dont know how to embed but these songs mean alot to me
  5. smeargletail


    banned for not posting on the 24th of june
  6. is there any background to these characters (specificly yours of course) I looked in the "character artworks" but dont really know these characters. I think that would help people a bit of how these characters should act. Some look happy some look serious but that could be happy=silly and serious could be= angry. Just a curiosity sorry for it if there is none. Love the character art.
  7. smeargletail

    Hidden Item in Tourmaline

    looks like it might of accidently been placed there(or a tease . Its a rare candy I checked the editor
  8. smeargletail

    New Shiny Icons for Gens 1-6

    @Maqqy yeah a few were missing but they said that they would probbobly be made with gen 7 I noticed mega alakazam, zygaurde forms and hoopa unbound missing too maybe a few more but doing all those its completley understandable to miss some I mean theres like close to a 1000 shinies (with gen 7) I've counted them before ^.^
  9. smeargletail

    How to fix move animations

    well changing the name would remove the graphics so there would be nothing. File names are linked to the move and cant be changed
  10. smeargletail

    New Shiny Icons for Gens 1-6

    sorry when I said isnt I meant it should be like when I said something wasnt shiny I meant say it doesnt match the reborn shiny or wasnt shiny at all in your files like the second kricketot 401 isnt the same shiny as reborn like it should be. Also for diggerby I meant to say his belt center should be gray and thundoras eye should be blue and treavant should be yellow. I did see you fixed absol I love it sorry for the confusion. Again your work is amazing One more thing check for missing mons I dont think furfrou is in there
  11. smeargletail

    New Shiny Icons for Gens 1-6

    absol isnt shiny 359s and no mega shiny thunderous's 1st form doesnt have blue eyes 642s nosepasses muchstache should be darker 476s krikatunes second sprite isnt colored shiny 401s icon417s and icon418fs not shiny female floatzel isnt shiny 419fs (dont know if needed or if just uses the male one for both) female abomasnow isnt shiny 460fs (dont know if needed or if just uses the male one for both) diggerbys middle belt part is more gray than purple 660s doublade isnt shiny 680s treavanents eye is yellow not blue 709 thats what ive noticed so far please dont take this as it nit picking I just thought you missed a few maybe go back over just incase there were a few I missed. I love them all your time and effort shows
  12. smeargletail

    [Resolved]What a nice looking battlefield

    go to the reborn file>Graphics>Pictures and see if you are missing these images look at the names
  13. smeargletail

    Unusual things you've done

    rode a sheep but theres a story to it I got scared of the sheep after a few minuates pf being on it (this was at a bull rodio) I told my father I would of rode that bull but I didn't like the looks of that sheep.
  14. smeargletail

    *New* Shiny Icons Project

    question are using gen 6 icons or gen 1-6 icons but anyway thats cool either way I have 100 or so egg icons on the backburner so its good that both can add more detail to reborns design
  15. smeargletail

    how do you deal with anxiety

    I've been anxious lately it's happened a few times in my life before where one thing/subject just makes me mentally paralyzed which leads into depression and it goes away for bits when I distract myself but the anxiety comes back and it hurts those around me. My medications stopped working and talking about it doesnt help. Please if anyone has suggestions of dealing with anxiety beyond just medication. Its turning into full blown depression I want it to end. Things I usually enjoy now I don't and daily tasks are a chore. but I'm not suicidal I'm too scared to do anything like that. Sorry for the rambling I'm typing this under stress. I sincerely thank anyones suggestions in advance