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  1. smeargletail

    Nation E

    I don't know anyone particular well on the list but since weapon seems to have been her for a long time at least by looking at the joined date I'll trust his judgement also pick swampellow
  2. smeargletail

    New pokemon in Reborn

    you could go into the battle folder and replace sunfloras sprite number 192 front and back with weaviles sprite number 461 front and back. Then you'd just need a weavile.
  3. smeargletail

    Graphical Settings Reborn

    I dont know if this will even help but set battle scene to off in the options menu. I think that helped some I could be remembering wrong though
  4. smeargletail

    PokéNations 3 Signup thread

    Forum name: smeargletail Showdown alt(s): smearglesbrush Discord: Smeargletail#4368 Availability*: most nights after 4 CST except for Thursdays Also July 24th is a nogo Favorite type(s): Water, Ghost, Dark Least favorite type(s): FIghting
  5. smeargletail

    Hoopa Unbound transformation

    my guess is that things involving legendarys wont be tackled till ep 19 when they are made available. I don't tackle coding so can't say for sure but very glad that you brought it up just in case
  6. smeargletail

    So does anyone feel like the combat is too static?

    oh that is a nice thought but veriatey is the spice of life . One thing I'd like to add is movement gets kinda picky sometimes in certain moves and will result in a separate move being made for the opponent. I'm glad mde was more articulate with his answer going back over mine I understand it didn't really address your concerns thats a possibility I dont know if mods could be made for that. by messing with the animation editor. If someone does its advised to be once the game is 100% done as it might mess with peoples games every animation has a slot and that could get messy otherwise
  7. smeargletail

    Charmander cry

    you could record it or post the save file
  8. Is it just me or does anxiety like just tell your mind to shut off for a prolonged amount of time?

    Been feeling this way for weeks and it makes it impossible to do anything 😞

    1. Elvenlore


      That's exactly what anxiety does. Have you tried mindfulness meditation?

    2. smeargletail


      I'm on 3 meds that are a combo depression and anxiety pills but when anxiety comes it likes to stay for a while without paying for rent. It gets kinda sad it tends to also hurt those around me. Thanks for your concern.

  9. smeargletail

    So does anyone feel like the combat is too static?

    Depending on the moves gen like say past gen 6 moves had to be improvised as we have to make a 3d move a 2d move along with some other cases if we looked at various gens and took bits and pieces from them at least that's what I did sometimes. Crunch was a very early gen move so the simplicity is understandable. Also over the course of 3 years now at least 4 people have done them so that's something to take into account to every animator has their own way of doing things.
  10. I think everyone has that one that you hate. To design, in game expirience ect. For me this pokemon is bruxish this thing can go to hell and burn in the inferno for eternity and beyond,why you may ask. I have a condition called bruxism it means If I don't have a mouthgaurd in my mouth at night I run the risk of grinding my teeth down knowing its happened before just makes me sad so for this reason I want nothing to do with psychotic psychic punk since its based on the condition.
  11. smeargletail

    4-5th Gen Graphics For Reborn

    I cant see amethyst going 4th gen especially after all the work shes done with gen 3 style also as far as I know there are only 19 eps planned
  12. smeargletail

    Thank you!

    thanks for being so kind as to show your thanks I think its the right place. Though I cant speak for all devs this did make my day so thank you.
  13. smeargletail

    What do you look like?

    Okay this is a 6 year old photo but I think it still looks like me if I would bother to shave. Also for some reason I had a filter on this one.
  14. smeargletail

    Predict the Next Person to Post

    Nope sorry Mde2001?
  15. smeargletail

    loss of trust for a family member

    thanks for sharing we have suggested she get help but she doesn't go even way back when she did drugs she left the facility which resulted in loosing my nephew to the other side of his family. At this point my main concern is her kids she's had 2 since loosing my nephew and she treats them like everyone else hiding behind a phone not talking much unless she needs something. I will no longer give her things but after texting her that she used me, I did tell her my concern for her was now for her to improve for her kids sake. Hoping she gets the picture and treats those around her with care. I don't want her to lose anymore children due to action weather or not they be intentional nor do I want those around her to feel used by her making a hard delima of morality. Thanks for taking the time to response.