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  1. smeargletail

    Reborn and the Pokeverse

    talking pokemon shouldn't be surprising every pokemon movie ever has dealt with the things and the keldeo movie went out of its way to make every main pokemon ally from that movie have the ability of cognizant speech ( I hate keldeo with a burning passion even if he was voiced by Edward Elric )
  2. smeargletail

    Pokemon Ivory Reborn Redux [Mod][E7 Released]

    Thought you were joking when you said you'd change the name to Ivory reborn redux
  3. smeargletail

    Hurt and Heal: Canon Pokemon Games

    Red: 18 Blue: 20Yellow: 0Gold: 21 Silver: 22 Crystal: 13 Ruby: 21 Sapphire: 21 Emerald: 26Diamond: 21 Pearl: 18 Platinum: 23  Black: 21  White: 20Black 2: 25White 2: 17X: 3Y: 14 Sun: 20Moon: 21Ultra Sun: 19  Ultra Moon: 16
  4. smeargletail

    what do the kee berry and maranga berry trees look like

    tbh I was going to sprite them down the line if they werent in there wasn't really sure if they would be (thanks for showing )
  5. smeargletail

    what do the kee berry and maranga berry trees look like

    also maybe see if you can get second to last state as well if not its not its fine thank you so much
  6. smeargletail

    What're YOU listening to?~

    binjing Metallica music videos till nothing is left I think my favorite is one of them featuring Yuri from Rasmus
  7. I remember x and y adding new berrys being the kee and maranga berries but I cant find one image of what the trees look like in game and its buging the hell out of me can someone show me the fully grown state.
  8. smeargletail

    Book/Novel Recommendations

    Here are some of my favorite both of which are fantasy novels one being a series the other a stand alone book Stand alone: Never Ending Story (best story ever totally not biased at all) Book series: Redwall ( there are like 22 in all but almost all are stand alone with the exeption of 2 books. its like game of thrones with animals instead of people) Honorable mentions Howl's moving castle Warriors Lovely bones (warning lovely bones has some themes that can trouble others so I recommend you look into it before reading)
  9. smeargletail

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    Wonder how they' interpret the garchomp battle
  10. There are a numerous amount of mental health problems so I am sure there is one character that you personally felt represented your mental afflictions. I am very curious to see which characters hit closest to others. For example I am a mixture between Shelly and Luna I have dealt with anxiety and depression my whole life worrying so much how I'm viewed by others. Wanting to help others hoping to feel worth, this is a really damaging thing because you put your whole worth on pleasing others if you can't please that other person it makes you feel worthless and shut you down mentally. Can't tell you how many times others don't understand that feeling. The only thing to escape this feeling for me is escaping to fantasy my favorite being dark fantasy that's where I relate to Luna. I love dark fantasy finding beauty in dark themes but in a romanticizing way than viewing dark as bad. In a similar fashion people tell me that liking dark or sad things is the cause for the depression when I view those themes differently if they are placed in a fantasy style. Apologies for the overuse of "I" I know it can annoy some tried to word it in relation to others as well. So please share how you relate to the reborn characters if you feel comfortable.
  11. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

    1. smeargletail


      thank you I'm guessing your in another time zone my birthdays not till tomarrow here 🙂

    2. LykosHand


      Yup that's right, for me it's 1 am atm 🙂 and you're welcome 😄 

    3. Zarc


      Happy birthday !

  12. smeargletail

    What foods do you like that are unusual

    I love the hell out of crab ragoone pizza. That stuff makes me happy on the saddest of days. Most people I know think it's weird so I think it counts
  13. smeargletail

    Favorite Pokemon Gens?

    pokemon design 1. gen 2 2. gen 3 3. gen 1 4. gen 6 5. gen 7 6. gen 4 7. gen 5 actual enjoyment 1. gen 5 2. gen 3 3. gen 2 4. gen 4 5. gen 1 haven't played gen6,7
  14. smeargletail

    Sad Songs You love to Listen to

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWEsrQx6A2U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76WJJ57YoG0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYDn8whLF1k https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-dN4Yvec6c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GLkb-6TULk I dont know how to embed but these songs mean alot to me
  15. smeargletail


    banned for not posting on the 24th of june