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  1. Smoke

    Gauntlet is a pain

    Thanks for the tip. Most of the pokemon i was told earlier can beat the gauntlet are either unavailable or too slow to level up.
  2. Smoke

    Gauntlet is a pain

    This gauntlet is relentless. The Mismagius is just too much. None of my Pokemon are gonna beat it. Their either ko'd before I really need them, or not high enough level (So I keep them in my PC). My team: Vulcan(Metagross) lvl 89: Meteor Mash Strength Brick Break Zen Headbutt Chomp(Sharpedo) lvl 89: Waterfall Dive Crunch Surf Sir Aaron(Lucario) lvl 90: Aura Sphere Brick Break Metal Claw Rock Climb Blaze(Charizard) lvl 89: Flamethrower Fly Flare Blitz Roost Ares(Gallade) lvl 85: Zen Headbutt Double Team Close Combat Low Sweep Zeus(Manectric) lvl 89: Thunder Wild Charge Rain Dance Flamethrower
  3. Smoke


    I couldn't find where Dewpider was located in the Pokemon Location chart. So, does anyone know where I can catch a Dewpider?
  4. Smoke

    [Not a bug]Charizard not Flying type

    That would be weird. Considering the terrain is the same as the underground railnet, the Pokemon can't learn Gravity(because their all the Aron line), and none of them can have the no gaurd ability(According to Bulbapedia). But, are there other factors?
  5. I went to the Pokemon refugee battle. In it, my Charizard was affected by Ground type moves. Now, I've been out of the Pokemon loop for a while now, but last time I checked that shouldn't have happened because of Charizard's Fire/Flying typing, and Flying-type Pokemon being immune to Ground-type attacks. Was it bug or am I missing something about that battle?
  6. Smoke

    Looking for Heracross

    There lies the problem. I need the Heracross to get to Hardy's gym. I'm stuck at the damn gauntlet battle!
  7. Smoke

    Looking for Heracross

    Yo. Either the guides are faulty or I'm looking in the wrong places. I saw that Heracross can be found in the Azurine island, but I'm not finding squat. Were they not put there?
  8. Smoke


    I think I hit another snag. I don''t have access to the needed pokemon with high enough levels.
  9. Smoke

    GDC help center

    It is. Thank you very much
  10. Smoke

    GDC help center

    Simple question. Where is the Grand Dream City Help Center? I've looked all over the city and I can't seem to find it.
  11. The guide said that the second orphan was on a little island right outside Akuwa Town. I'm just chocking it up to an outdated guide because I'm in V10 and I can't find that little island anywhere. Has the location changed in V10?