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  1. E17 Obtainable Pokemon List Changes [Potential Spoilers?]

    If you're referring to the Quote button, then I was having problems since summer getting it to work. I always thought that it was a known site bug until it started working for me again for that recent post. Wasn't Breloom available after the restoration of the swamp (Can't remember it now due to a flu-riddled brain) ?
  2. E17 Obtainable Pokemon List Changes [Potential Spoilers?]

    It really depends all on whether we get Rock Climb. Based on EP16's maps, if we have RC AND the maps don't change, we can have access to Hydreigon and Tyranitar. If one of those things change, then it's anybody's guess.
  3. E17 Obtainable Pokemon List Changes [Potential Spoilers?]

    I believe I saw Larvitar in the Tanzan Cove Cave map. It needed Surf and Rock Climb to get to and it was just a pokemon tile in the map, with no code related to it. We could still get it if we get Rock Climb this episode and the map doesn't change. BTW the Quote button ACTUALLY WORKS NOW!!! Thanks Amethyst!
  4. E17 Obtainable Pokemon List Changes [Potential Spoilers?]

    @Amethyst Bummer... At least a slight sprite and name change to not infer to Ash would have been great though. That would have solved that problem.
  5. E17 Obtainable Pokemon List Changes [Potential Spoilers?]

    @Amethyst So is Ash-Greninja never going to show up in Reborn? Isn't its Ability just a Mega-Evolution upon killing an enemy?
  6. E17 Obtainable Pokemon List Changes [Potential Spoilers?]

    I bet we won't be getting Talonflame before Titania, though. Or the Field Effect would neuter Talonflame down to uselessness.
  7. E17 Obtainable Pokemon List Changes [Potential Spoilers?]

    +12 gen1-6 lines. From those 26, we'll be getting 20 So at least 10 more days unless Ame ups the rate Amethyst doesn't necessarily need to add new pokemon from those 26 lines. She can just update existing pokemon lines (hundreds of those). BTW, it seems like the Quote system is really broken. I needed to manually copy-paste this thing in order to quote the post above.
  8. Evolve crabrawler

    I evolved mine by levelling it up in Angie's dimension where you fight her.
  9. It's not the classes that I'm worried about, since they are thankfully done, but the main paper is killing me slowly...
  10. I have taken a brief pause from the guide until the 12th of July in order to do my university degree. If any of you have anymore corrections to make or point out future events to take into consideration, then do it, but the guide will not be updated until then due to my real-life issues.
  11. You can find it at Route 1 and in Goldenwood Cave. It is there, believe me, it just has a small chance of showing up.
  12. V9 - Bug Reporting Thread

    Fell Stinger should have its power modified from 30 to 50, and btw the Phase Dial, doesn't work.
  13. V9 - Bug Reporting Thread

    The Phase Dial doesn't work at all. There isn't an option to use them on a Solrock or Lunatone, whether or not they are in the main party. Also the Phase Dial can't be given to any pokemon.
  14. Phase Dial Use?

    So I have just got the Phase Dial, but how exactly do I use it to combine both my Solrock and Lunatone? I have them both in my current team and I tried to use it from the key items bag and tried giving it to Solrock or Lunatone. So far I had no success. Help will be much appreciated!