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  1. Thanks Aironfaar! I have modified and added all the necessary locations for the pokemon. I have also looked into where you can get Barboach first as an Aqua Gang Member and the answer is: Chrysolia Spring with a Good Rod, which you can get in Spinel Town. You can only access the Springs after beating Serra (Badge 6) and the Pulse-Abra, while to move the Aqua Gang leader in order not to block the access to the water in his alleyway you need to advance in the 7th Street Quest-Line, which comes only after Radomus (8th Badge). As for Tanzan Cove, that location refers only to the underwater part of the Cove, which comes after the City Restoration (after Badge 15). I hope this answers your questions! As a side-note: I will not necessarily add weather conditions for 3 reasons: 1) E16 weather is bugged, so it will probably confuse some people. 2) Some Spoilers as to how to get certain pokemon are, in my opinion, welcome. Some people would like to know when they are able to get Beldum (for example), without being spoiled as to how to get it! Or some other pokemon like Manectric with its weather conditions. Let them use their imagination first and then ask for help around the forum if they are stuck (that's where the Lostelle's Location Guide comes in handy [this isn't meant as a replacement for her location guide, just think of my guide as a "time-stamp" guide]). 3) The game is still not finished and with E17 comes the next generation of pokemon in this game. If I were to add further instructions on how to get the Event Pokemon, I would rather wait until after all the Rebalancing of the Game. By the time E17 comes out, this guide will probably be out of date anyway and I'll start another one then.
  2. I really wasn't aware of that. Thank you for bringing it to my attention! The Spearow location is correct in my guide: "Opal: Headbutt". As for the other 2 pokemon, this guide intends to only show the first location of the pokemon, otherwise it would be too convoluted for my liking. There are exceptions to that rule regarding event pokemon, for which I created another spoiler at the bottom where I show the second location for those event pokemon.
  3. In my guide, in the last spoiler, there is a way to catch Bulbasaur: It involves renovating the Azurine Island after beating Adrienn.
  4. Thanks @Stryker Gryphus! I wasn't sure about that since the Wasteland is a labyrinth and getting to the fountain was never my strong suit.
  5. Thanks guys! I will continue to update the guide in the future with later locations of event pokemon and hopefully it will help new-comers even more then. EDIT: This pokemon location guide now features a new tab, which will include the second place where you can find the event pokemon in the Reborn world. Some of these new places will still be events, though, and marked as such.
  6. Hey! I am wondering whether or not my location guide can be pinned to the "On the Hunt" sub-forum. Here is the link: 

    Hopefully it is ok!

  7. You can check my list to see which pokemon are obtainable by which gym leader you are about to face:
  8. I can run your previous save file (the working one) through a debugger if you want. Just tell me what you want in the new one.

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    2. Ven Enfield

      Ven Enfield

      I'll send the pictures of what shinies I used to have in pm

    3. Ross_Andrews


      You can just list the pokemon you want here, for example:

      Shiny Pikachu, all 31 IVs, 252 EVs in speed, has Volt Switch etc.

    4. Ven Enfield

      Ven Enfield

      check the pm, I've already put all the pokemons that matters to me, the rest is I can bring back, just all of those since those are time consuming to get and breeding them gets me like 2 boxes of normal ones 

  9. Ok I will move Deino to currently unavailable pokemon. EDIT: I've made another category. Feel free to list other such cases as the Deino I found.
  10. I was looking at the requirements to get the Litwick in Subseven Sanctum and the code for Deino was there. I had only 1 DM in my inventory so I spawned another 2 (however you may also trade from other people, I think). EDIT: Looking through the forums, I found possible locations for the dark matter: Iolia Valley, somewhere in the Underwater City, Subseven Sanctum. I am not sure of the validity of the last 2 places, though, and I can't remember where I got my DM.
  11. So I am creating this guide in order to show all the available pokemon in Pokemon Reborn and at which badge you can get them. This is an additional guide to Lostelle's and I would definitely recommend it here: In this guide I will first mention the first location possible of the pokemon and after that I will complete the guide with other locations. So the first leader is Julia (Electric): The second leader is Florinia (Grass): The third leader is Corey (Poison), however the next badge is actually given by the next leader Shelly (Bug): The fourth badge is given by Shade (Ghost): The sixth leader is Kiki (Fighting), however the fifth badge is given by Aya (Poison): The sixth badge is given by Serra (Ice): The seventh badge is given by Noel (Normal): The eight badge is given by Radomus (Psychic): The ninth badge is given by Luna (Dark): The tenth badge is given by Samson (Fighting): The eleventh badge is given by Charlotte (Fire): The twelfth badge is given by Terra (Ground): The thirteenth badge is given by Ciel (Flying): The fourteenth badge is given by Adrienn (Fairy): The fifteenth badge will be given by Titania (Steel): Here is a list of confirmed pokemon you can't get legally: Here I will list all the event pokemon which are available later on (this will include starters):
  12. I believe I also experienced this bug a long time ago (E14). It may be a Pokemon Essentials bug and not necessarily a Reborn bug.
  13. If you want you can tag my youtube videos on finding all pokemons available in the game, including which pokemon are randomized at the beginning of the game. My youtube channel link is: Right now it is before Julia, but I plan on catching every pokemon as soon as the game lets me.