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  1. I have done the hard part for Rejuvenation Episode 10. Basically the Excel file (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jojxTPN7YMNRrdA0Oaq6BayT4WwAWmbkYdYk2-0IKkk/edit?usp=sharing) is how I've done every single one of my guides, however after that I write more details in the forums. You can view the file and happy hunting!

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    2. Maneeee


      I see, alrighty.

    3. Maneeee


      Here's one, isn't abra available at the valor mountain summit?

      That's after all the stuff that goes down

    4. Ross_Andrews


      You're right. You learn something new everyday.

      Corrected it!

  2. @Feng Lei You need the Surf HM to access the water surface, however you can just walk around the spider webs in order to get to the body of water. @Tarek The eggs are set at the beginning of the game.
  3. Ross_Andrews


    Nah, some Rock Climb areas are already available in Debug Mode, it just isn't activated for the release version due to a Rock Climb accessible map not being implemented (AKA the Rock Climb rocks on the western part of Route 4, I believe, leads to an unimplemented area).
  4. @Aironfaar I will update this list with all the necessary info, including further locations of non-repeatable event pokemon, however I will do it no sooner than the 9th of February. Uni exams are hard as hell.
  5. @Sammie The egg is to the south west of the forest at the end of a path hidden by trees.
  6. Ross_Andrews

    Is Starly Still Available Before Florinia?

    Staravia is available after the second fighting gym in the wild. Otherwise it is restricted to the 1/18th egg chance event in Jasper Ward.
  7. Ross_Andrews

    finding larvitar

    If you ever need questions about locations, then you can head over to my guide here:
  8. Ross_Andrews

    Wormadam-Sand Soloes Julia

    @Mechathulhu You must evolve Burmy in certain maps. Let me check... You can just evolve it after battling in any cave it seems, even alleys since they count as caves so just go to any of Peridot's Alleyways and enter in a battle with Burmy and it gets Sandy Cloak. If you want to make it permanent then level it up to level 20 while having the Sandy Cloak and being female and you get Sandy Cloak Wormadam!
  9. @Pausaunias It means you need to activate the healing star in the mirages 3 times. You need to find the mirages randomly throughout the desert. If you touched it 3 times you go to the north of the desert. If you touch another star from a mirage the tower will disappear again and have to do it 2 more times.
  10. Thanks @dragonsbeat! But I will include it later in an addition to the list where one-time event pokemon have repeatable locations. People will just have to wait a bit. I posted this list as soon as I finished completing it and that took me nearly a month since I got to playing the episode. Further locations I will plan to add during February, since I'm having a rough semester at my university right now.
  11. Ross_Andrews

    Where can I find a lotad

    Do you have Pokesnax in your inventory? Lotad seems to spawn only with Pokesnax and on rainy days.
  12. Check out my new location guide for Episode 17! Spoilers ahead!


  13. So, I have decided to create a new location guide for this episode. Hopefully this one will be just as good, if not better than the original. Here it goes: First possible locations: Julia (Electric): Florinia (Grass): Shelly (Bug) (although you will face Corey first, he doesn't actually give you his badge): Shade (Ghost): Aya (Poison) (although you will face Kiki first, she doesn't actually give you her badge): Serra (Ice): Noel (Normal): Radomus (Psychic): Luna (Dark): Samson (Fighting): Charlotte (Fire): Terra (Ground): Ciel (Flying): Adrienn (Fairy): Titania (Steel): Amaria (Water): Technically illegal pokemon (but readily available when we will have access to Rock Climb mechanics): Later locations for non-repeatable event pokemons will be added later. Any criticism is welcome, but beware of the spoilers, especially with the Illegal Pokemon section. If a mod were to pin this post, then I will be very grateful!
  14. Ross_Andrews

    Where's Wimpod

    I am talking about the old Blitzle event that has changed to randomly include a Wimpod under the same conditions. It is random as in the random egg you can get from the Police Officer in Jasper Ward, meaning that it is decided the first time you start the game.
  15. Ross_Andrews

    The slayer of trees

    No problem, Unporoto!