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  1. Northen

    A wild fanart appeared!

    OH, jasmiinininja you do have really nice skillz. - Ok I don't have any new artwork to show; BUT, remember the Radomus fan art I did some time ago ? No ? ok nevermind I've done a Timelapse if some of you are interested :
  2. Northen


    I hope this is still the right place to post, the topic is not too old hm ? *otherwise, I'm sorryyyyy* With the new game announcement, I couldn't resist, I had to draw something... *A*
  3. Northen

    A wild fanart appeared!

    Omg Thank you. You're all so kind I can't even ;A; Awwwww *animeblush* I'm so happy you like my drawings, really, I'll try to draw more reborn-related things ! *But... As a lot of people here, y'know, school & work, all that sort of thing... Dunno when I will be able to draw again xD* Aw nice colouring skills, rly. (And good luck for your exams D: ) Now that you mention YuGiOh... Radomus suddenly reminds me of Arakna, another YGO character xD *sorry*
  4. Northen

    What're YOU listening to?~

    Yep, this is a nice song :3 Et oui je parle français héhé Listening to icon for fire - make a move
  5. Northen

    What're YOU listening to?~

    Omg CoolGirl this is epic xD Now listening to a One Punch Man opening cover *Q*
  6. Northen

    A wild fanart appeared!

    Aw thanks a lot ! >u< Actually, a new one 8D *yes it was quick* Coloured one this time. Because Radomus is one of my favourite characters omg <3 Hope u like /o/ *If I could, I would draw all the characters in this game omg*
  7. Northen

    A wild fanart appeared!

    Amagad, some amazing fan arts here. This is very interesting to see how everyone has their own interpretations of the characters *-* That would takes ages to quote everyone but wow there are really beautiful things to see here ! Actually I follow this forum since a long time now, but I never dared posting my fanarts... but whyyyy not. Just some sketches : Vero & Cain, 'cuz I see Cain as an always overexcited child and playable character like "omg why do I even follow him" Stupid comic featuring Vero & Cain, again, because I laughed so hard at this point of the game (Srsly I love this character) And another stupid comic because omg Radomus was just so hard to beat (But finally I beat him) (After hours) (many hours) (*sobs* ) (Srsly I did the same face as Vero each time I was defeated) (Sorry I don't even know if it's grammatically ok ) And i'll stop here; that's enough for today I guess ;w;