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  1. I heard you like Seakings


    1. Azeria



      bibs puts people up to some shit

    2. Tommy Wiseau

      Tommy Wiseau

      in my defense I didnt do anything but mention marcello didnt like seaking

  2. "Klaren just ran out of that dilapidated house, and it didn't seem like his normal, cheerful running, either... I suppose it can't hurt to give it a look over while I catch my breath." The mage mumbled to himself as he pulled an arrow out of his chest, dropping it to the floor as he glanced at a wound on his arm that appeared to have been healing for months with only a small scar, as opposed to the truth of the matter that he got it a mere few minutes ago. He just shrugged as he wandered over to the ruins of the house, peering inside as his arrow wound was already starting to stop bleeding while he took a few deep breaths. Move to K5, Equip Thunder, and Hold
  3. Politics happened. Not the best result, not the worst result, I'll take it, though.

    1. Sheep


      I'd say anything that keeps the seats about even so that they have to show up if they want to pass a bill is good. A minority government means that they'll actually have to work with people and compromise.

    2. Abyssreaper99


      I'm pretty freakin scared that Conservatives have decided to team up with possibly the one party that is as bad, if not worse, of a party as UKIP.

  4. We don't set release dates, but we're working on things. If you wanna keep up with development, we have a devblog you can keep up with:
  5. Yes, as I said, this system was developed for Pokemon Reborn initially and so the next release of Reborn will have Z-Moves included. But the addon is not for Reborn, it is for other fangames that want to use Z-Moves.
  6. This addon was not built for pokemon reborn, it was built for people developing their own fangame projects so they could implement Z-Moves into their own games with relative ease, and is thus based on the scripts of the current Essentials release, which are very different from Reborn's scripts, it would take a lot of work carrying over changes bit by bit to implement this into Reborn from the release, and that was not the intended purpose. I did develop the system for Reborn initially and then based this independent release off of that, so the Z-Move functionality will be included fully in Reborn as of it's next release, but the addon I made is seperate and is not intended for use with Reborn itself.
  7. Hey, I'm the one that developed the Z-Move system, I'll help how I can. I'm not understanding, why are you having problems with it? How is the script is completely screwing up your game?
  8. "I wonder where it flew off to..." Terrin murmured to himself, slowly hugging the wall with his ear to it. Soon enough, he heard the heavy breathing of an injured wyvern, smiling a bit as he put his Thunder tome into his robes and pulled out his shiny new Static tome, ready to give it a whirl. Move to I7, Static bop Wyvern Rider 4
  9. Hello all. Some of you may be aware that, in developing a system for using Z-Moves in Pokemon Reborn, I was also working on a standalone release of said system that can be added to other Pokemon Essentials fangames for people to use! I'm happy to say, with a big thanks to my Beta Testers Ice Cream Sand Witch & Zumi (And a bunch of other people that provided assistance and found bugs) that I'm now ready to release this addon for people to use. I hope you enjoy the system and using it in your fangames! This is free for anyone to use in their own projects, just be sure to give full credit! (There is a credits list in the readme).
  10. This is incorrect, all Gen 7 pokemon are being fully implemented throughout the game, distributed throughout the wild, events, and opposing trainers. Indeed, we've already done these distributions (That's what the 'Gameplay' section of Gen VII content meant). Indeed, while I can't make any promises on whether A. Marowak will be obtainable yet or not, going into E17 we're pretty far through the game, makes sense that most things will be available by now.
  11. One more exam left! And the lecturer for that exam recently passed away, so I'm gonna ace it in his memory!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Wolfox


      good luck

    3. Hycrox


      May they rest in peace, and good luck

    4. HongaarseBeer


      Do it for him! Good luck

  12. Why tf is facebook suggesting pages about homeopathic medicine to me

    1. FairFamily


      Well some homeopathic medicine company paid a bit more money compared to their competitors to show someone with your profile (aka you) their advertisement.


      So the company thinks that you are very likely to buy their product.

    2. Tommy Wiseau

      Tommy Wiseau




  13. Terrin just smirked to himself, before looking over at Hoshiko and giving her a thumbs up, striking a pose to the sound of a clearly very angry wyvern rider.
  14. Terrin curiously wandered up to the desert wall, making full use of his magical magical ability to levitate just enough to not be hindered by the desert, relatively fearless of the nearby enemy soldiers which would no doubt get caught up in the sand before being able to reach him. As he leant his back against the wall, surveying the battlefield around him- Giving a brief wave to Klaren in the distance -he could hear an audible grunt from the other side of the wall. A very distinctive wyvern grunt. He glanced over at Ecquis, verifying this mystery wyvern wasn't him, and then glanced down at his Thunder Tome, and then up at the wall. "I mean, I have about as much of a chance as being on target as I do when I can see the target..." He muttered to himself, before shrugging, and opening up his tome. Move to I9 and attack Wyvern Rider 4 with Thunder
  15. So my university is apparently on fire at the moment. That's not something I expected (I am nowhere near uni right now so perfectly safe)


    1. Wolfox


      What did you do, Roman Torchick?

    2. Busti


      Yikes I hope they get it. I remember when Delft burned down the faculty of architectural engineering. Man that was a pain for many years.