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  1. Thanks for the report, this has been fixed for public.
  2. Thanks for the report, this has been fixed for public.
  3. Destiny Bond not working.

    This appears to be less of an issue with who is using the move, and more a misunderstanding on how Destiny Bond works. I had been under the impression (And indeed, it is how it was programmed in Essentials/Reborn) that the Destiny Bond Effect ended at the end of the round, whereas it is in fact on your next move yes. Despite my best efforts, it is still for some reason resetting at the end of the round, but I'll continue to look into this to see if I can fix it.
  4. Z-moves broken for me

    When did you download E17 + are you using the weather mod? This is a known issue in early downloads of E17 that has since been fixed, so redownloading should sort out the problem. That said, if you downloaded E17 recently, are you using the weather mod? It's known to cause this issue as well. (Also in future, please post what the error message actually says so we can better identify issues!)
  5. Silvally ??? Type

    It's only a graphical thing. Glitch field sets it to ??? type while it's there, and even after you leave it will look as such, but as soon as you get into a battle with it it will correct to what it should be based on the memory it's holding. It's still a bug, but luckily only graphical, so your Silvally will still work as intended.
  6. How i get the alola marowak?

  7. I need help.

    This sounds like corruption but without seeing the actual error message I can't say for sure. If you can't take screenshot, hitting ctrl+c when an error displays will copy the whole thing so you can paste it here. And posting your savefile would be ideal so we can see if we can fix anything.
  8. Ah, I found the issue, it was accidentally set to show as 'able' for Decidueyes that knew Sparkling Aria, not Primarinas, oops. This has been fixed for Public, thanks for the report!
  9. [Known/Fixed]AI problem

    This is known, AI is currently not considering whether using am ove would be better than switching or not, which results in a lot of overswitching. It's been fixed for Public.
  10. [Known/Fixed] Gardevoir Trace and Imposter Bug

    It was indeed useful, it appears I missed out Imposter from the exclusion list for all 3 of the mentioned abilities, this has been fixed for public. Thanks for the report!
  11. [Known/Fixed]AI switching out

    This is indeed a bug and known, yes. AI is overswitching a fair bit due to an error, this will be fixed for Public, thanks for the report.
  12. [Known/Fixed] Z-Move Staraptor error

    This is a known error from the initial download of E17 which we fiixed, please redownload the game and this should be fixed. (Alternatively, if you're using the weather mod I believe that also currently causes this bug)
  13. Thanks for this report, I've isolated the problem and it will be fixed for Public.