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  1. "Didn't they teach you basic thunder magic in training?" Terrin asked, curiously, before shrugging. "Well, regardless, I'm probably better off taking it. At a glance it looks easier to aim than this old thing, so maybe I won't be quite so spacially challenged while using it." Terrin smirked as we waved his thunder tome at Serene, before taking the static tome and opening it up, flicking through some pages. He smiled and looked up at Rosa. "Oooh, I remember these. This is the stuff they give to mages in training. Not the strongest in the world, but really easy to handle. Thanks for grabbing this!"
  2. Telluric is a real word that just means 'Of the earth' and things akin, just fyi.
  3. Of all the fun field updates that were done for the Gen VII release, this one was certainly one of my favourites, and the variety of effects is brilliant, I'm sure eveyone, myself included, will have some fun with these! And then the leaders will use them to ruin your fun.
  4. "Hit my target? What are you talking about?" He asked, looking over his shoulder. He quickly noticed the char marks in the tree around the lance. "...Huh. I really just...?" He asked with raised eyebrows, looking at Hoshiko for confirmation.
  5. Terrin just sighed and shook his head. "I don't think it's that easy, Hoshiko." He muttered, closing his eyes a briefly while the ringing in his ears from her shouting died out. He smiled at her once he opened his eyes again, however. "Although that does remind me of something my teacher once told me..." Terrin cleared his throat before doing an impression of what sounded like an old man. "Terrin, m'boy! That skill won't get you anywhere without PASSION. Magic is built on it. On Love. On Rage. On Fear. But not on this bullshit indifference of yours." Terrin just laughed once he finished the impression, shaking his head. "I just wish it was that simple, however." He sighed, dejected, as he turned to face Hoshiko, his back to the tree that was the target of this training excercise. "If it was easy as just letting go of everything- My frustration at Ashley's refusal to even aknowledge me, or my resentment of how father treated Terra over me, or my fear of what Lindl has gotten up to after everything we saw with Ignexius... And that can't be anything good..." As Terrin began his rant about people that Hoshiko had no knowledge whatsoever of, he thrust his hands down by his sides while getting worked up. Unbeknownst to the thunder mage, but entirely in view of the archer, a bolt of thunder shot out from his hand as he did so, heading straight for the tree, and striking with such precision that it hit the lance he had thrown in there previously, causing char marks to crackle out from the tip where said lance was embedded into the trunk.
  6. "I'm not sure my pose is the problem but... Sure, I'll try." He said with a shrug, it could hardly make things work. He carefully mimicked Hoshiko's actions- albeit mirrored -right foot forward, left arm arced out, tome held by the leg, the works. A bolt of thunder shot straight out of his fingers. It seemed more focused as it approached the tree. In the end it still swerved to the side and hit the ground, but got far closer to its target than his past two attempts had. "Huh, that IS an improvement." He remarked, surprised as he stood back up straight, thinking for a moment. "You're onto something- I'm still not convinced it's posing, but something is displeasing the spirits. The problem certainly isn't my aim..." He muttered, trying to form a theory.
  7. you were right, it really is not ame


    1. Marcello


      Suuure, that's what it meant

    2. ZEL


      Tbh I was expecting a screenshot of it defeating a Budew

  8. "I... you think the issue is my pose?" He asked, sceptically, before performing a halfhearted heroic pose and casting another bolt of thunder towards the tree, this one arced in the opposite direction to the previous, still hitting the ground a similar distance away. "If that tree was a madman on a wyvern, we would both be in serious trouble right now." The mage sighed, dejected.
  9. Thanks for the report, will look into this
  10. Well, whether or not it was hacked because common candies exist in game, it is something that is entirely feasible legal, so shouldn't cause any harm to your savefile. The illegal mon system should catch anything blatantly impossible or unavailable, so you're good!
  11. I will take Njab's word that this is working normally offline, and I'll look into why this is happening online. The double faint thing may happen online or offline, I'm unsure, I'll note it down and look into both possibilities.
  12. I know very little about Wine so I can't really say on whether it would cause problems or not, it's not unreasonable to suggest it may. That said, on Windows, it will primarily be caused by one side clicking out of the window, VERY occasionally there may be a serverside issue that causes it but it shouldn't happen with any regularity. Nothing else I can really say/do here because wine may well be the problem.
  13. Thanks for the report that I told you to make
  14. If I'm not mistaken, Wild pokemon are assumed stupid and sorta randomly choose their moves, so I don't believe this is a bug, but I will take a look to confirm.
  15. We're working on improving the AI for the next release, so thanks for the report!