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  1. Reborn Support Group™

    "There's a young boy who walks along a beach, and on this beach, hundreds of starfish wash up onshore doomed to dry out and die, but this boy walks along and every time he sees one, he picks it up and throws it back in the ocean, giving it another chance at life. He can't get to all of them but every morning, this child, on his way to wherever he's going, picks up another starfish and tosses it back into the ocean, and he does this everyday for a while. Day by day, walking along the beach, tossing another starfish back in... and one day, an old man - who's been seeing the boy do this - comes up to the boy and asks 'why are you doing this? hundreds and hundreds of starfish wash up on the shore every day, and you can never save them all, why even bother? You're not making a difference'. The boy looked at the man, then look down at the ground to a starfish at his feet, picked it up and tossed it back in the ocean... then said 'it mattered to that one.'"
  2. whats happening highly suspicious of Venus, walpurgis, Amber and Jace rn, as well as Ali, Lykos and kinda Newt too, u better watch ur mouths;) am i being too honest? or just fine? I CAN'T TELL WHAT'S RIGHT ANYMORE I see Venus is playing a fun lil game, but this is a democracy so unfortunately [UNVOTE] AMBER, [ELIMINATE] VENUS I gotta contribute to the popular vote
  3. If you've ever wanted a Time Gear necklace like Grovyle in PMD, I'm about to make your day a hell of a lot better: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/115214342/timedarknesssky-gear-pendants-from-the:D 

  4. well this escalated quickly, rip bean and alaris aite reviewin tiem Alistair: "This could help the mafia optimize their killing sequence." ...Hmm. You think so? no i will not react to anything without suitable giffing Ali's also been very (or overly) helpful in thinking from both sides perspectives so far aswell. noted. maybe thats a bad thing or maybe thats just a good thing. That's two strikes against Amber now though. While that would be enough to condemn Amber, I'm still not entirely convinced he's not innocent. idk. Amber just doesn't seem out of character enough to me atm. I'll hold onto my vote for now. If Amber turns out to be maf, then okay, this'll make me look bad and I guess I'll have to take that or maybe im just overthinking. i tend to do that n-not because im g-guilty or anything... lol Mind you, all you other players who aren't very active posters/completely silent, that doesn't look good for you either. So that makes for Paul25, Anti, Jace, Martin and Lykos...? if I've got that all right? Townies would be the first to react to the night shift just checking if ive got this right in my mind: so we've no idea how many maf, cops, and docs there are out of all 13 of us? (save for townies Bean and Alaris) there isnt a starting max of each? this game is basically town of salem lol EDIT: Actually, no, I change my mind. I'm still learning the game sorry lol. I'm gonna go with you guys on this one, at least unless something changes my suspicion. [ELIMINATE] AMBER Think I've said everything i wanted to say. Also can N1 cop pls raise their hand
  5. It's annoying me how quoting posts doesn't always work -.-

  6. Suggest an Avatar!

    being the next poster I feel obligated to suggest something for you now ;D Want another Groudon? idk what you're looking for specifically but @Newt Loving the Jeff avi, lemme suggest some more: blood? what blood? i think you mean uhhh... food colouring!
  7. also if you guys can convince me enough to play league of legends despite the toxicity then I'll commit ;) 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. splargle


      I'm up for adding people? I gotta find a way to change my old cringy account name -.-

    3. Zarc


      What do you mean " i'm up for adding people ? " , you can add people ofc. If you want to add me , my nickname is on my profile 

    4. Yonomori Benio

      Yonomori Benio

      Why would I torture you like that?


      But if you do end up giving in, maybe we can play together sometime

  8. Possibly gonna try getting into yu-gi-oh again, just downloading duel links on my phone now

    anyone wanna help re-initiate me?;D

    1. Wolfox


      what do you need to know about the summoning methots?

    2. splargle


      Imagine I'm pretty much a newbie getting into the series, it'll be best to go from the ground up tbh, from duel phases to summon methods to... well basically all the generations of cards I've missed since I was a kid

  9. Official Gamer Tag and Friend Code Thread

    Came back to this thread thinking are FC's even a thing anymore? ;D but might as well add all my tags: Steam: splargle 3DS: 2766-9711-0162 Xbox Live: EngageSmile9 still got default gametag name cuz im a pleb lul thats it for now
  11. (Please come vote!) New club ideas?

    @Wolfox playing the recent Fire Emblem's still counts?
  12. 5jS0vk4.png

    I'm scared to open it at this point. x'D