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  1. This was brought up in discord so I guess it'd be fun to bring it here too. Bit overacted imo but
  2. How does it "know"/sense where the food source is in the first place?:o That's really cool though
  3. I just had an awesome dream about an Avatar fan game omg

    Maybe this is topic-worthy for the club but it was a kinda pixelated dungeon crawler(?)/gauntlet bullet hell, like, imagine Enter The Gungeon or Binding of Isaac. And you play as Aang (or Korra I guess) and learn the elements and improve their abilities as you progress and the difficulty increases as you go and you fight against Fire Nation soldiers... Azula... Zuko... and Ozai was the final boss, I guess its the sorta thing where you could also unlock playing as other characters and their bending abilities (so like, Katara, Toph, Zuko etc, even though I guess playing as the Avatar kinda nullifies that but... customization, yknow? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) It just sounds like a genuinely cool fan game idea, kinda inspired by the original Avatar gba titles in terms of graphics I guess?

    1. ArcherEric


      why do you guys have such interesting dreams

      all ive been dreaming are yume nikki shit but less surreal

    2. Sirius


      This was a one off, but I love it when I have dreams like this. It makes for less of a waste of time :P I don't like sitting around not doing anything

  4. If I wasn't a pretentious asshole that loved sinnoh too much, I'd stick muh ugly mug on as my avatar to start spreading appearance self-confidence to other members of the community >.> \(^-^)/

  5. actually, the status feed is filling up with too many quotes nowadays so imma ease off the supportive/motivational quotes. Leave it to the pros. Save my statuses for sharing actual tweets lol

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    2. ArcherEric



      Since u said u dont want quotes anymore I turn ur passage into a quote 

    3. Sirius


      WOW lol I'm a dumbass

      quotes as in those inspirational quotes

    4. ArcherEric


      Thats the joke

  6. somethingtitlesomething

    yw^ There's numerous FE discord channels but forums should really reflect discord so I'm making an effort to bring more action to forums atm Damn I don't have enough phone storage for FEH rip nevermind
  7. why haven't i already sent you this  dodie's actually kinda hot in this video 

    1. Candy


      dunno her but she gots pretty eyes which is pretty much all yaw need to be hot xD

    2. Sirius
  8. There used to be a thread like this so wynaut why not bring it back now we have a science-dedicated part of the forum? I'll start this off scientific research has found that people will believe anything you tell them if you say it was found in scientific research 87% of statistics are made up on the spot jk
  9. Jonathan Pie

    Ladies and gentlemen and non-binary friends, I give you, Jonathan Pie. In case you haven't already seen him, brace yourselves for a lot of passionate swearing.
  10. @Wolfox should this be moved to the Avatar club? also jfc this is a hard question. Most people would say water. I'll hold on to my answer for now but wow this is a good question
  11. Name The Song!

    This already exist? k. Name the song from its lyrics or an excerpt, then post another to keep the game going. Googling is forbidden, but obviously no one's stopping you though if you do I feel bad that you feel so obligated to be socially accepted that you'll ruin the fun of such a simple game. :eyes: I'll start with an p easy one. we're no strangers to love~ You know the rules, and so do I~ A full commitment's what I'm thinking of... You wouldn't get this from any other guy I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling Gotta make you understand-
  12. I keep holding myself back from starting a locked thread to dump all of my depressed and insecure thoughts in. Obviously that's a horrific idea. But I hope I'm not the only person that wants to. Because to be fucking honest, I'm sick of censoring my thoughts because I'm anxious that anyone will accuse me of "attention seeking" and being whiney, pathetic, immature, lazy, conceited and pretentious, two-faced, hypocritical, untrustworthy, manipulative, toxic, an asshole, whatever.

    in fact I'm just sick of being anxious.

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    2. BandorKitty


      There's no need to lock it. Everyone helped me when I was feeling horrible. Why would they shun you? 

    3. Sirius


      I already have been

      Miscommunication, misunderstandings and messages taken out of context, thoughtless silly remarks blown out of proportion, actual personal insults and attacks, prejudging, I'm getting tired even just thinking of everything to list. While I really fucking appreciate your actual encouragement for me to make such a thread, when I say it would be a obviously be a horrible idea what I mean is it would add more fuel to any fires for me to speak my current state of mind, everyone's opinions of me would be ruined and people would have even more reason to prejudge and shit all over me, the thread would have a Trigger warning and be 18+ obviously but if not for the social repercussions I'd probably be frequently warned and soon banned so it'd be incredibly short lived. Like, there's been several iterations of an attempted op at this point... idfk. Whenever I start thinking I can be helped I'm reminded no one is a qualified therapist and everyone is just as fucked up and insecure as I am, and when I don't, people still offer to help when really I've long since learned that anything would just be too much for them at this point

      Everyone else has the choice to distance themselves and look after themselves for any shit involving me, but I still have to live with it

    4. Sirius


      note to self after all the talk that's just gone on in discord: make that fucking thread ffs

  13. Suggest an Avatar!

    oh, okay, well that's how it started at least ;D @TheLuca its turned more into a "recommend anything for people to use as avatars" kinda thread, except I guess I keep kinda deviating cuz I keep finding such nice art >.> Here's another: