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  1. Maybe its time we delegate "Spam-remover" auths 1.0

  2. Why isn't there Demakes/Remasters of each Pokemon game but in the styles of every generation?

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    2. Plok


      because editing roms takes a lot of time and it is limited with options + people like to show their creativity when writing their own story or look at pokemon games

    3. seki108


      I think there are romhacks of Red that puts in Gen 2-6 mons, though it might just be a randomizer..........it's something.

    4. Ojama Yellow

      Ojama Yellow

      theyre quite frankly boring to play compared to a regular hack, and overall really not worth putting the time in to create.

  3. so uhhhhhhh how do artists even live

  4. Fuck the stigma around it, meditation is actually so fucking good and it should be prescribed by medical professionals as reliable, effective treatment for many mental disorders. 🙌

    1. LemonJones


      Right on, it can be amazing. Even better when you master it. Never heard of any stigma around it though.

  5. Major Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo https://t.co/5frZDtn51B

  6. Sirius

    Reborn Support Group™

    concept is cheap. ideas are not in demand. the only thing that is, is the resolve to enact them (Ame)
  7. does anyone else sometimes get this feeling too ?

    the world is so


    fucking boring

    1. CodeCass


      More than I care to admit. It's at that point I usually turn to my games or anime in order to find something more fantastic! 🙂 

  8. This list of panic attack & anxiety advice is going viral https://twitter.com/kelseydarragh/status/995045375420567552/photo/1

  9. The game of thrones is real

  10. You really like using Pokemon licking the screen as your profile don't you? Haha.

  11. Universal Basic Income.

    Free money, everybody?


  12. Sometimes everything is suddenly really simple, You step out and you see where you are really clearly. You see yourself, and you think,




    (Alyssa, End of the F***ing World)

  13. 0 views and 2 replies? seems legit forums 1.0

    1. J-Awesome_One


      It's been like that since the forums have been updated.

  14. We're in a dystopian world and we're its writers.

  15. Sirius

    Developer ideas

    Have any game ideas you don't mind sharing or don't [yet] have the means to actualize yourself? Talk about 'em here to inspire plagiarism fellow developers!