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  1. Thank you again. I think water types barring gym 2 are too easy but yeah she was a tad op. Lmao Johnny Bravo too awesome for the game
  2. So you're probably gonna hate me but this water mono run is... not the most fun. I'd like to do a bug mono instead since pain and misery are funner. I just need two cool mons. I shoulda stuck with my original plan. I apologize and appreciate the help. Johnny Bravo Buzzwole Cutiefly Game.rxdata
  3. Thank you. Another borderline impossible battle taken care of. You're a saint.
  4. Hey. The game locked me into a spot I can't move out of. Victoria goes to pick her mon and I phase right through Cain and the game just freezes on every startup. Not sure what to do here.
  5. Thanks! That's the hardest battle in the game. You're the best!
  6. Hey, if a company wants to focus on profits then I understand. My problem is the "Go" series kinda sucks. Like its terrible and isnt even pokemon. Its a dumb mobile game meant to draw in thumb presses. The real problems with lets go isn't its toss off of challenge and the fact that its like the 4th time doing the same game. Its that Gamefreak doesn't seem to care. The switch was seen by a few nintendo developers as a failed from the jump system. Hell even Sakurai and other creators thought it wouldn't last. So no one focused on a mainstay for it. That begs the question of why when they saw its potential did they not put more effort into their games. Seriously its like everyone forgot that the only reason they have big names is because of the fans they spent two decades appeasing. I feel like I'll end up playing Reborn and Rejuv until the heat death before genuinely wanting to play a mainstay pokemon again. P.S HOW HARD IS IT TO ADD IN A HARD MODE?! NINTENDO DO YOU EVEN VIDEO GAME?! One day we will get a game where there is no hm slaves. A good story. Actual difficulty. Online. and it wont be called Reborn... (jk itll be reborn)
  7. Gonna do a water run in the meantime until the next and final version comes out. Can anyone grant my wish?! Horsea- dont care stats/iv w/dragon scale Tapu Fini-same Tentacool-same Game.rxdata
  8. I'm gonna start the convo with the notion that everyone here has played at least one of the fan games where the QoL changes have been added. I decided not to play the let's go games because ease makes the game boring. I saw that let's go eevee was baby frolic easy since it was basically the super eevee from insurgance on crack. So i'd like to talk about it honestly. As someone who has played reborn on both normal and hard modes is Let's go enjoyable to anyone who likes challenge. I have long since tossed aside the idea that beauty makes a game good. I hate DB super due to its lack of actual good content because it isn't as good as the original in many ways. It also brings me to my hardest point that newer doesn't always look better. I'm using Super as a point of reference. Super has a nice shiny coat of paint however it is pretty ugly with its action and still frames in comparison. (Seriously check out Vegeta vs Buu ot 17 vs piccolo for beautiful fights) I can play rom hacks and fan made games because there is so much effort put into the world vs just high def art. Am I a crazy old man that can't adapt to the new stuff or is anyone on the same page as me. Closer. In all likelihood I'll be Reborn for the 13847397th time before I beat a new main series game due to the level of love put into the game. I don't think just because the game is for kids it needs to be easy. Likewise just because its for kids shows need to be simple or dumb. My hands down favorite show of all time is Gravity Falls. I put that show above GoT, Breaking Bad, Godfather, the Netflix Marvel shows, etc. I love that show because it decided to be a good show first, then a kids show. I wish Gamefreak followed the mantra. Anyway... I digest. comment your thoughts and we can do the thang.....
  9. Damage

    The not so roaring 20's

    Hey T.E, Sorry for the late reply. Things got a little crazy and have finally settled down. I'm really glad you opened an account. The people here are great to talk with and often offer a good piece of advice. I like your two step process of asking a better question and following it through. It sounds simple but that's not a bad thing in my opinion. Too often do I complicate things. I've made strides to improve on that shortcoming. Asking what "could" I be doing is exhausting. I've started just asking myself in each moment what do I want to do then and there. I figure take enough baby steps and you'll reach the goal. Slow and steady and all that right? Believe me, I fully understand having a lot of fun challenging and interesting things you want to do and trying to do them all. My advice when you can (I say often ignoring my own advice) just choose the first one that comes to mind. Its a crazy sentiment sometimes but honestly the thing that you think about first is usually the one you want the most. Its how I am with writing. Whichever idea comes to me and sticks first is the one I write about. Then I worry about where to go from there. That isn't to say throw caution and foresight to the wind. Just focus on the piece that really sticks to you. Lastly agreed. Its always easier said than done. Good times.... good times.
  10. Damage

    The not so roaring 20's

    Candy... My friend. Though our careers may differ exponentially I believe life will treat us arguably the same. Your risk may not have seemed as mighty to you but spending so much time in grad school could have backfired and you knew the risks but you chose to pursue your dreams in spite of it. I envy your forthforwardness. What I've taken away from your journey is following a dream and setting out a straightforward path. I most certainly thank you for the time you took to respond. I am not at my best point and appreciate all the time one takes to respond here, now more than ever.
  11. Damage

    The not so roaring 20's

    Soooooo, we've all or at least many of us have reached that point in our life. The one where it seems life is handing out free "fuck yous" and you always seem to be first in line. You try and try but something seems to have it out for you and take the little glories to diminish your work, time and effort. I've been a film maker for roughly ten years and have plenty of shows, commercials, short films, etc under my belt but none of them have really paid the bills all too well and my day jobs are... lackluster at best. While this rant may seem to be the idling of a depressed person I'm far from it. Just tired. I can't say I need a pick me up as much as a direction. What do you do in this scenario. I've powered through tough situations all my life and my friend told me that this method isn't sustainable. I want to take a step back and look at what I have done and can do... My question to all who are reading this. Is how do you take steps in a direction when you don't even know where to face? I'm aware I'm doing something wrong and it stems from my inability to seek help from those in the know but lord help if I know who to ask at this point and yes I have started to ask, regardless of reluctance.
  12. Damage

    Story vs Character

    I guess its hard to narrow down when to focus on character vs story and usually helps to have additional eyes. My usual focus on character means the story isn't always as fleshed out and that hurts my writing a bit. I'm trying to write with fewer characters than I used to in order to have a better balance and I think its helping me focus on whats important when there isn't too many characters involved.
  13. Damage

    Story vs Character

    Ahhh the writing section. I used to frequent here but then real life called. I'm back because I have a question for both writers and readers out there. I've been working with a small film group for a while and my writing has been praised for good character growth, world building and dialogue that keeps everything faithful to what the viewer perceives from each moving part however my story is generally... pretty bad. I can't lie , it usually isn't my focus to make the story good. This stems from my belief that every story has been told but every character type has not lived in each story that exists. (I admit this may be a lazy excuse to forgo certain writing improvement) However I want to know as I try to work on story building which is the most important? Are you like me with the sentiment that if you care about the people on the journey that the journey itself doesn't matter or do you believe that a solid focus on both aspects make for a better story regardless. Or is the journey important as you impose yourself in the character's shoes? Or I'll let the title dictate the question. Story or character? WHO WON? YOU DECIDE! EPIC RAP-sorry I've had a few tonight. Story or characters and why if you'd be so kind.
  14. Damage

    Down memory lane *spoilers*

    Marshadow was hacked in. I'm doing a 4 mon run which should be titled "why would anyone want to lose two mons ever like an idiot starring me" I've had to break the rule several times because as you can guess 4 mons makes this game hard.
  15. Damage

    Down memory lane *spoilers*

    Skarmory (stealth rock/tailwind/healing mains) Blaziken sweeper, Marshadow, Aegislash and Kommo-o. I took out Shelly first then 2v1 Cain. For Luna I had skarmory stealth rock then just fight until it died so i could safely switch. For Rad dad and Serra It was mainly attacking Serra since clefable is not very offensive. I switched Aegislash back and had him tank luna in the end so I could revive my party before fighting the doubles. It took me a fair amount of time but I eventually did it. p.s I thought the void section was great. I wont lie it did go on for a long time but this journey has been long so it felt justified... my heart weeps for when the game comes to an end.