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  1. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a great day ^^

  2. Guzam

    Unpopular Character Opinions

    I can't actually get a good grip on what the opinion on Fern is here since I get the feeling everyone hates him, but from most of the people I talk to, they all seem to enjoy him, or rather at least think he's a good character (good character =/= good person). So idk if this is unpopular or not (it probably is) but I like Fern.
  3. I'm supposed to be using the internet freely, but this one guy keeps slowing it down...

















    Is it AjitPai27?

    1. Psychic Sheep

      Psychic Sheep

      Nah it be Mr Ashit Pie

  4. M-muh internet. Ajit Pai is going to singlehandedly kill off the internet in its entirety on his own and congress is totally going to let this slide just because!!! What will I do without the internet?!? Nobody will ever be able to use the internet ever again!!!!!!!!!!










    Yes, I hate Ajit Pai as much as the next guy, but overreaction to nn is really getting on my nerves too.

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    2. Alistair


      These days I'm seeing more people complaining about overreaction than people actually overreacting though

    3. Kuro von Einzbern

      Kuro von Einzbern

      IDK where you've been hiding, Alistair, but there's definitely been tons more overreacting. It's been getting on my nerves as well.

    4. Alistair


      Been hiding in a country that still has net neutrality :P

      ... well for now at least. Never know how long it's gonna last.

  5. Mega Mega Mewtwo XYZ & Knuckles HP: 106 -> 106 Attack: 110 -> 210 Defense: 90 -> 135 Special Attack: 154 -> 214 Special Defense: 90 -> 155 Speed: 130 -> 160 Ability: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles (Makes the user impervious to all damage. Also allows the user to use 8 moves. Boosts stats by +2 each turn. The best video game to ever exist. Knuckles and Knuckles knuckle their knuckles they don't knuckle they'd flex their knuckles). bst: 680 -> 980 Evidently, Mewtwo wasn't strong enough, so I decided the best course of action was to give its mega evolutions a mega evolution i.e. Mega Mega Mewtwo XY. However, 880 bst isn't enough so I went further beyond and turned it into Mega Mega Mewtwo XYZ & Knuckles to truly show off how powerful it has become. Not only this, combined with its ability and its new signature moves I'm about to reveal, Mega Mega Mewtwo XYZ & Knuckles will create a fair and balanced metagame for the ubers tier. New Signature Moves: PsyKickInTheDick Base Power: 250 Hits whatever defense is lower OMAR WAY MOE SHINYRIO Base Power: - Makes the opposing pokemon say Nani, killing them instantly PSYCHIC net: Base Power: 10 Summons Khonjin to use gen 1 Wrap on the opponent. Knuckles: Base Power: 999 Here I come, rougher than Knuckles The best of them, tougher than Knuckles You can call me Knuckles, unlike Knuckles I don't chuckle I'd rather flex my Knuckles I'm hard as Knuckles, it ain't hard to chuckle I break 'em down whether they're Knuckles or Knuckles Unlike Knuckles I'm independent since my first chuckle First Knuckles, feel the Knuckles, than the Knuckle chuckle Hi, Welcome to Reborn Base Power: OHKO You will hear this phrase and die instantaneously.
  6. Persona 5 has hit 2 million units sold. woooooo. great job Atlus.

    1. Godot


      That game deserves more love.  GotY not BotW.  BotW is over hyped.

  7. So...











    When is E18 coming out?

  8. 30k profile views, how did that happen :thinking:

  9. Guzam

    Mythos League Sign Up Thread

    This guy right here can be my sprite. Resize as is needed. Team of favorites:
  10. Rick and Morty fans be like: Wow, that's deep.

  11. Ah, activity, my old friend. How I've longed to see you again.

  12. E17 Download.

    1. Guzam


      Wait, this isn't the search bar.

    2. Kuro von Einzbern

      Kuro von Einzbern

      TFW this is nostalgic AF

    3. Wolfox


      You better not have had Ame add a month with this...