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  1. Guys I did it, I finally fucking updated it again holy shit.


    1. NullCat


      Oh good job!!! 😘

  2. Holy shit, fucking finally, amirite? ?????????????? Below Part 12 will feature ZEL 3, Cal and Victoria 4. Until next time, bye.
  3. Guzam

    Who could be the champion? [Theory]

    Amaria says after beating her in the Reshiram path, and I quote "Now go. I set you free. Both you and her. And if anything happens to me, Know that I will finally be at peace." No implication of ever wanting to see you again or get stronger at all. Bennett and Laura were a couple back when Reborn league was going on which is one of the few reasons why some believe the two will both be Elite 4 members. Not only that, a current popular theory going around is that, now that all the gemstones are back in their rightful owners hands, and those rightful owners all happen to be Elite 4 members (Anna definitely is, let's not kid ourselves here) those 5 will be in the elite. I say 5 because as we know, the Sapphire Bracelets plural means you've got two, and it just so happens they're in the possession of a couple. These factors have lead some people to believe the E4 will actually be the E5 and consist of El presumably after a change of heart upon seeing Solaris fall from grace, Anna, Heather and more likely than not, a double battle against Laura and Bennett together. As for the champ, still too fuzzy for me to say if there will even be one at all. We're sure as hell going to have a climatic final showdown with Lin, but I somehow doubt it'll be anywhere near the Elite 4/5's whereabouts. That said, I am inclined to believe we'll have champion battles akin to Sun and Moon where friends and foes from all throughout our journey come to try and take the spot from us. That or no one even tries and we just get to sit on our throne and look cool all day after completing the postgame.
  4. Yikes Short description this time Part 11 will feature Shade. cool and edgy.
  5. The highlight of the entire run thus far:


  6. Here it is, the highlight of the entire run thus far: You really should give this description a read if you have the time. Part 10 will feature Fern 3 and Cain 3. Until then, take care and stay tuned.
  7. Snap yep. This one is in: 


  8. When a gamer ????????????????????????? A thing Part 9 will be featuring one of the highlights of this run. Look forward to it.
  9. Alright alright alright


  10. solid oof Sample Text Part 8 soon(?) Idk, I've started up College so uploading schedule will be volatile. Next part will feature Aster+Eclipse 2 and Victoria 3, until then stay tuned and take care.
  11. A thing:


  12. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz PULSEgrowth stuff. Next part will feature Corey and maybe commentary if I think it turns out ok, since there's a few things that should be said about that battle that I don't want to pack into the description. Until then, stay tuned and take care.
  13. Florinia b like:


  14. Star Wars in Reborn :OOOO I don't like sand. Part 6 will feature the first Taka battle, and the double battle with Taka and ZEL. Until then, stay tuned and take care.