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  1. That may have taken a bit too long


  2. Back Your dole dippers, madame Next part will have Solaris, and will go up tomorrow for sure too.
  3. I am unfortunately not dead. This time around I just kind of ended up forgetting about this, oops. That said, Next part will be up within the next 24 hours, though due to video issues, Solaris' battle will have to be uploaded separately as its own part, which is fine really, just annoying cause the video's gonna be so short. But hey, maybe that means I can make my description like one sentence this time lmao.
  4. Ladies and Gentlemen? We got em.


  5. H 10 days, new record amirite? Description below Next part will feature the battles with Aster and Eclipse, Taka and Solaris. See you guys then.
  6. I had to check rn just to be sure, and it turns out, I was not gaining EVs despite killing pokemon. This shouldn't have been the case as the intention was for exp gain to be done like it is for level 100's, who despite not gaining exp, do gain EV's upon killing pokemon in reborn. I've changed the script accordingly and now properly get EVs, though this does make me want to revise some of my lategame strats that did use EV's to see if I can do them without. As for Lategame team, most of the wild pokemon by lategame come at levels 80-90, and at levels that high, it doesn't matter too much if the levels rise to say 90+ or 100. By that point, level gap hardly matters at all, and what does matter is EV's, IV's, items, natures, what moves i have available etc. Very glad this remark came up so that I could fix this issue and remind me to see if I can EV proof this run.
  7. Thanks. As for what resources I'm using to find pokemon, I have the PBS files for Reborn open at all times so I can check which encounters are in which areas. If I'm ever not too sure which area is which though (for example some route 4 areas have different encounters, but share the same map name) I have RPGMakerXP on hand so I can check which map is which. I also run Cheat engine so I can run the game at 2x speed (I do know alt increases the speed, but I'm far more used to 2x speed rather than alts speed increase). Finally, after I've got everything set up and checked out, I Just run around a map until I either find what i want, or I find a high leveled pokemon. Once I find something high leveled, I use all that money I can't use to buy healing items (and money left over after buying a shit ton of balls of course) to buy repels and keep finding more and more high leveled pokemon. I do not use pokemon above the level cap though. Won't even common candy them. Reason is that if I catch a level 65 pokemon in an area where 55 is the cap, and they get moves at 65, and i lower them to 55, they've still got all those moves from being level 65. It's basically a reverse of the argument for why I don't use rare candies this run. While this can make it annoying to find pokemon, I have plenty of time, and usually have plenty of ways to tackle a situation without said pokemon. This is indeed the case, I will inevitably run into teams that have EVs where I don't. Fortunately for me though, There's no restriction set on myself for EV training (though if I'm being honest, the run probably could be beaten without it, it'd require even more luck than what's already needed though). As we approach the lategame, our options for good pokemon will stagnate, to the point where I won't need to change my team between each battle and will instead be rocking a more standard Reborn team of say, 8-12+ pokemon. Due to how high leveled everything in the late game is and how many great options I'll have available to me at that point when it comes to actually making a team that synergizes well with itself, and due to how easy Reborn makes it to EV train, this really won't be that big of an issue (at least for the lategame, the middle stretch though can get pretty weird as more and more things get EVs and my team changes from area to area). Next episode should be up soon (like, less than a day from when I post this (I'm only saying this so I'll feel obligated to do it)) Thanks for the replies.
  8. Better late than never amirite?

    Two whole months lmfao

  9. Don't ever ask me for anything again Here's your description: Kiki is up next, hopefully I don't take 2 months on this one too lmfao.
  10. Guys I did it, I finally fucking updated it again holy shit.


    1. NullCat


      Oh good job!!! 😘

  11. Holy shit, fucking finally, amirite? ?????????????? Below Part 12 will feature ZEL 2, Cal and Victoria 4. Until next time, bye.
  12. Guzam

    Who could be the champion? [Theory]

    Amaria says after beating her in the Reshiram path, and I quote "Now go. I set you free. Both you and her. And if anything happens to me, Know that I will finally be at peace." No implication of ever wanting to see you again or get stronger at all. Bennett and Laura were a couple back when Reborn league was going on which is one of the few reasons why some believe the two will both be Elite 4 members. Not only that, a current popular theory going around is that, now that all the gemstones are back in their rightful owners hands, and those rightful owners all happen to be Elite 4 members (Anna definitely is, let's not kid ourselves here) those 5 will be in the elite. I say 5 because as we know, the Sapphire Bracelets plural means you've got two, and it just so happens they're in the possession of a couple. These factors have lead some people to believe the E4 will actually be the E5 and consist of El presumably after a change of heart upon seeing Solaris fall from grace, Anna, Heather and more likely than not, a double battle against Laura and Bennett together. As for the champ, still too fuzzy for me to say if there will even be one at all. We're sure as hell going to have a climatic final showdown with Lin, but I somehow doubt it'll be anywhere near the Elite 4/5's whereabouts. That said, I am inclined to believe we'll have champion battles akin to Sun and Moon where friends and foes from all throughout our journey come to try and take the spot from us. That or no one even tries and we just get to sit on our throne and look cool all day after completing the postgame.
  13. Yikes Short description this time Part 11 will feature Shade. cool and edgy.
  14. The highlight of the entire run thus far: