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  1. So a week has gone by since the last comment... that means that under normal conditions, about 5-6 people would be dead by now. Don't you think that stopping the game to avoid modkilling one character is quite counterproductive at this point? Can't we just pretend that Alistair was lynched? Because he could even be mafia (which is what I suspect, cause unless he had an interesting role, I don't think the game would have been stopped for so long...). What do you think?
  2. Second post: [Eliminate] Amber
  3. I'm not sure I understand it either. I'd say yes, Amine died. When I saw I had been pinged I thought it was me who had been murdered tonight... whew
  4. You could also provide arguments for us to reconsider our vote on you instead of self-voting... Right now I'm between voting you or ????, so you could actually change my mind at least.
  5. I find your comments pretty empty in terms of content, especially the one quoted above. For that, and following the reasoning exposed in my previous post, I'll provisionally place a vote on you: [Eliminate] nhannguyen2141
  6. Tbh I think targeting Nicki was a weird move for the mafia. She's usually mafia (I want that too...) or precieved as such, so I think it'd be easy to let town get rid of her eventually. Or if not, then kill her whenever it feels more appropriate. But a N0 kill on Nicki seems odd to me. Maybe some of the new players are mafia?
  7. Alaris

    Lots of regrets regarding my study choices.

    I think that you should finish your degree, and then maybe take a Master's on something you like better. I have always sucked at maths (and physics, chemistry, etc. --number thingies). Since it was not mandatory at my school, I even skipped those subjects in my last year of high school. Then I took a science degree with a great deal of maths and chemistry, especially in the first year. Many days I went home crying after a maths class, since nothing seemed to sink in. However, there was a classmate who was a genious at those subjects, and we decided to stay every afternoon at the library working on the problems, helping me when I didn't understand something (and it served as training for him). The exams arrived eventually and, although my marks were far from brilliant, I passed without much trouble. I still don't like maths or chemistry, but at least I understood those concepts and I can now use them in my job. Tl;dr: 4x effort and you'll be good
  8. Alaris

    E18 double battle help

    Yeah. I smokescreened that U. until it would miss all its offensive attacks, and proceed to revive my entire party. Then you begin fully healed. Although I'm not entirely sure how that healing works, cause I suspect that the moves that had run out of pp got those fully restored as well, whereas the other moves stayed with some pp used. Again, I'm not 100% sure it happened, but I got that feeling.
  9. Alaris

    Ame Rates Every Pokemon's Cuddle-ability

    ame got possessed by bean on the whole 2nd gen part anyway, this was hilarious xD umbreonthebesteeveelution gets kicked out from the forums also poor chikorita 0.8/10 it's a dumb thing that doesn't deserve to live but at least is soft
  10. Alaris

    [E18] Minor Errors

    I can confirm that, not a bug. Go down the waterfall, activate the crystal, come back here and use rock smash.
  11. Alaris

    Sending to Storage

    I can confirm it. I healed my whole team with the PC in the area with Glaceon and Espeon because I was lazy to go back to the room at the other side of the map
  12. Alaris

    [E18] Minor Errors

    [E18 Spoilers] obviously I still haven't finished the episode, but I like it very much so far. Congrats, Ame and dev team!!