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  1. It has been a long time since I have posted about United States politics - so long in fact, that I feel like I've actually drifted a little to the left on several issues as a result of what Trumpism has done to what was once "conservatism". MAYBE I'll touch on those areas in this thread, maybe not. It just depends on where the discussion is going and what I actually end up putting in this opening post. I just ask for civility here - because it is my firm belief that people CAN discuss governance without losing their mind. It is okay to feel for people - and I expect some of the more direct responses to stem from the heart. I just ask that you don't weaponize your feelings. People voted the way they did for reasons that may or may not be antagonistic - and it's unbecoming to antagonize those people when you don't understand their position. --- Last year, Justice Neil Gorsuch was confirmed to the Supreme Court, supplying President Trump with his first notable "victory" in the political arena by fulfilling a promise to voters who may not have cared as much about his direct immigration rhetoric and were put off by his personal life decisions. For evangelicals and conservatives who did not like the President almost as much as they didn't like his opponent, the matter of filling the late Justice Anthony Scalia's seat on the bench with another conservative Justice became their boiling point - and with good reason. Supreme Court Justices are appointed to the highest court in the land for life. This means that generations of legal interpretation hinge on these appointments. These "iffy" voter blocs wanted to make sure the Court remained ideologically conservative and feared the kinds of decisions that would be made by Justices appointed by a President Hillary Clinton. For Trump, Gorsuch, and his newest appointee Judge Brett Kavanaugh as of last night, are the tokens of his legacy that will last beyond his occupation of the White House. --- Two weeks ago, Justice Anthony Kennedy announced retirement. Unlike the arch-conservative Scalia, Kennedy was the centrist member of the Supreme Court, and his swing votes were critical in decisions that protected rights such as abortion and same-sex marriage. While his presence was important to conservatives as to what one would identify the ideology of the court in general, liberals always believed they had a chance with Kennedy on the bench. If Judge Kavanaugh is to be confirmed, the new "center" of the court would belong to Chief Justice John Roberts, who dissented with Kennedy and the liberal wing of the court in Obergefell v. Hodges, the case which effectively legalized same-sex marriages nationwide. On abortion, he would be leaned on to protect the Roe v. Wade ruling as precedent - and he had written for the Bush administration that he believed the case was decided incorrectly. Early prognostication indicates that while he may not outright overturn Roe, he could be comfortable crippling it bit by bit. Chief Justice Roberts' most notorious break from the conservative wing of the court - even against Justice Kennedy - was ruling with the liberal Justices that the Affordable Care Act was constitutional in bulk and that the individual mandate was an acceptable tax. --- Kavanaugh, as a nominee, is not a likely "Trump" kinda guy, but that just may be what Trump finds impressive about him. He graduated from an Ivy League university (Yale), clerked for Justice Kennedy, and was highly involved legal matters for the Bush administration. He has decided in various cases and written many important documents. From a purely credential standpoint, Kavanaugh is just as appropriate for the Supreme Court as Gorsuch was. He wasn't the "ideal" pick for conservatives despite falling on the spectrum close to Gorsuch and Justice Samuel Alito. In an abortion case involving a Jane Doe who illegally migrated to the United States in search of an abortion, Kavanaugh's dissenting opinion loosely mentioned the "government's interest in protecting fetal life" and instead focused more on the Trump administration's claim that it was more important to find a sponsor the girl, then 17, that can help her make the decision, effectively leaving abortion on the table. He was a part of a three judge panel that ceded the decision to the full court. One of the judges ruled in favor of the Trump administration due to the belief that foreigners do not have constitutional rights, meaning that Roe didn't apply. The other ruled in favor of Jane Doe and ruled that the administration was being unconstitutional in denying her the right to an abortion. The full court ruled in favor of Jane Doe - and while Kavanaugh did dissent, conservatives felt that he was overly cautious in his ruling. Conservatives also take exception with a former interpretation that Obamacare's individual mandate was a tax - an idea Chief Justice Roberts would later use in his majority opinion saving most of the Affordable Care Act from the legal chopping block, much to conservatives' chagrin. There are two things about Kavanaugh that make his confirmation prospects dicey. The first is that Kavanaugh has a very long paper trail, which could potentially bog down Senators as they review his work very close to November, when the midterm elections take place. If Kavanaugh's documents aren't thoroughly reviewed by that time, he could cause universal "Nay" votes from Democrats on those grounds, and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would need to whip all of his Republican votes in order to confirm Kavanaugh in time before he potentially loses control of the Senate. A Democratic Senate would be pressured (and may even be willing) to vote down Kavanaugh and force President Trump to pick a much more moderate Justice, which would keep the court as it is today and would be a let-down for Republican voters. Due to Arizona Senator John McCain taking time off to treat cancer, and the Democratic Party picking up a Senate seat in deep-red Alabama, the Senate is effectively 50/50, with 50 Republicans and 49 Democrats. That is a razor thin margin of error. The other thing is a Kavanaugh writing that expresses the support for delaying criminal investigations for sitting presidents until after their term has ended. Judge Kavanaugh did ensure that he wasn't exempting Presidents from the full extent of the law, but the reality of the matter is that it is a very unfortunate thing to have on record when President Trump is the person who nominated you. If he confirms what he said and stands by it, he risks losing all Democratic support in the chamber and perhaps the more centrist or libertarian minded Republicans, and thus won't get confirmed. However, walking away from that statement also could draw ire from President Trump, who may have a personal interest in picking judges that are friendly to him as opposed to inquisitive. Presidents -do- have the right to withdraw court nominations. --- Here are the key votes in the Senate to watch. Republicans Rand Paul - Kentucky: Senator Paul is regarded as the most libertarian minded conservative in the Senate, and while he hasn't voiced opposition to Judge Kavanaugh, the nominee has a few documented authoritarian positions that may make him a target for Minority Leader Chuck Schumer in a pinch and are somewhat likely to draw questions from the Freshman Kentuckian. The aforementioned policy on sitting presidents above is one, while he also ruled in favor of the National Security Agency in a few cases regarding call logs, something which Paul has been vocal about in the past. Expected vote: Yes. Susan Collins - Maine: Senator Collins is a pro-choice Republican Senator in a state that is very moderate and has mixed opinions about various issues. She will be the center of a bunch of activist groups from both conservative and liberal circles. Following the nomination of Kavanaugh, she expressed comfort with his credentials and may be warming up to the nominee, but the pressure from the left in her state and a potentially grueling document review process makes my faith in her going along with him at this point shaky. Expected Vote: No. Lisa Murkowski - Alaska: Alaska is a bit more conservative than Maine, but Senator Murkowski is probably really good friends with Senator Collins, as yet another female pro-choice Republican who is going to see a bit more attention than she may want from the entire country. While I think it may be safer to assume Murkowski and Collins vote the same way, I do think Murkowski is more likely to vote in favor of Judge Kavanaugh because the liberal pressure would be proportionally less from her own state. Expected Vote: Yes. Democrats Doug Jones - Alabama: That.....That still feels very weird to type. Senator Jones was able to win a special election against Roy Moore, a far-right conservative that also carried sexual misconduct allegations involving minors. That's about the perfect storm a Democrat running for the U.S. Senate in Alabama could hope for. Unlike the rest of the Democrats that will be listed, Senator Jones will not have to face voters in his state until 2020, but for every Hillary Clinton voter in Alabama, there were nearly two Donald Trump voters. Trump also carried a higher percentage of votes than Mitt Romney did in 2012, meaning that the state has actually become more Republican from 2012 to 2016. Jones would provide his presumably favored Republican challenger ammunition by not voting in favor of Judge Kavanaugh, especially among the morality voters that voted Democrat in his special election. Just how much of a Democrat are you allowed to be when you have to represent mostly conservative voters? Expected Vote: Yes. Heidi Heitkamp - North Dakota: Senator Heitkamp is a moderate Democratic Senator from a largely conservative state that votes due to agricultural concerns. Trump also won this state handily, by 32 percentage points. Concerning President Trump's first Supreme Court Justice, Senator Heitkamp voted to confirm Neil Gorsuch along with Republicans - largely due to being up for re-election in November. It will be interesting to see how her challenger House Rep. Kevin Cramer pushes her during the coming months. North Dakota is another state that has drifted to the right from an already conservative position. Expect Vote: Yes. Joe Manchin - West Virginia: Every. Single. County.... in West Virginia went to Donald Trump, who won the state by 42 percentage points. However, Senator Manchin remains pretty popular. He has had no trouble working with President Trump despite being a member of the Democratic Party, and his loyalty is shaping up to potentially have him retain his seat. What that means though, is that he will likely vote for Kavanaugh as he did for Gorsuch. He has been the most "Democrat in Name Only" in the Senate because of the hands-off approach Senator Schumer has had with his red-state senators. Expected Vote: Yes. Joe Donnelly - Indiana: Indiana was one of those states that absolutely could have been lost from the Republican column. In 2008 the Hoosier State went to Barack Obama. However, the state tends to be trending to the right. Donnelly was another Democratic Senator who voted for Gorsuch last year, and is up for re-election in November. Expected Vote: Yes. Claire McCaskill - Missouri: In a shining ray of hope for Democrats, Senator McCaskill did not vote for Justice Gorsuch last year, despite being up for re-election in a Trump state. That sets her apart from the last three Senators because it means she's not really beholden to Republicans in Washington on consistancy when she casts her vote. Missouri however, has been running away from the Democrats and she is in one of the most hotly contested Senate battles this year against the GOP nominee Atty. Gen. Josh Hawley. Expected Vote: No Jon Tester - Montana: Senator Tester is in the same boat as Senator McCaskill. He is a Democrat that did not vote in favor of Justice Gorsuch while up for re-election this year. He, like McCaskill, seems to be out of touch with his state's political trajectory, but he also doesn't have to sweat as much as McCaskill as the state's senior senator and is slightly favored to win. I expect that he votes with the party again. Expected Vote: No. --- Result: Justice Kavanaugh is confirmed.
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    [Lyrics] Milk N Cookiez (and Bread) - Volume 3

  3. Today, I want to talk about five units that I think are some of the best bargain units to use with significant longevity, inspired by pulling the first one on this list in a good nature. "Bargain" units typically are pulled at 3-4 stars. While there are many who can be made effective fighters with low investment, there are some units who are worth giving up either your arm or your leg for for various reasons. Here, I'll open up by talking about the Weapon Refinery and how it has changed the game for these units. Before it had been introduced, you had units that simply were too outdated or outclassed to see any light of day in today's metagame. This was such an epidemic that it even affected Lords (or main characters) quite heavily (Marth, Alm, Roy, Chrom, and Male Corrin come to mind)... With the Refinery, many a new weapon has been introduced, and many new effects have become refineable on some of the series' most recognizable instruments of war. The Refinery also allows common weapons, such as Slaying weapons or Wo Dao effect weapons, to be refined in order to provide forgotten units (or already pretty good units) with stat boosts and customization options. Let's go. --- Lilina: Delightful Noble (Fire Emblem Binding Blade, Red Tome, Infantry, Available at 3-4 star rarity) (watch this space)
  4. Oh, we're doing User's Greatest Hits now? --- Tharja: Dark Shadow (Fire Emblem Awakening, Red Tome, Infantry, Available at 3-4* rarity) Gray: Wry Comrade (Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Sword, Infantry, 5* Exclusive) Sonya: Vengeful Mage (Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Green Tome, Infantry, 5* Exclusive)
  5. After a bit of a hiatus due to studies and house-sitting and ultimately procrastination, I'm here to talk about three unique flying colorless units in order of what I deem to be the most easy to obtain. All three of these units are new, and are unopposed in their categories. They all share the same position in that either by pegasus or through the delicious teleportation method of levitation due to high concentrated amounts of evil they are flying units and usually are weak to arrows while also receiving buffs from Flier Emblem. Flier Emblem is a very interesting offensive Arena core to run because there are lots of units that are terrifying in the offense department. --- Hinoka (Wings of Fate): Blue Sky Warrior (Fire Emblem Fates, Bow, Flier, 5* Exclusive on the Wings of Fate and subsequent banners (that means not on the Cooldown banner with Ayra or prior)) Robin: Empty Vessal Kagero: Spring Ninja (work in progress, library is closing soon)
  6. “1v1, pot up son, dm, no safe” “But that isn’t any of my business” “what’s that?” “FIRE EMBLEM! HEROES!” ... It has begun.
  7. Today, I want to talk about a couple of the new dragons as well as a few of the easier to obtain dragons already in the game, as Dragon Emblem has been both extraordinarily effective in Arena performance and has been getting blessed by Intelligent Systems as opposed to being nerfed on and off. For general reference, Dragon units are seemingly atypical of the general Heroes mantra that good offense is everything. Fully built, dragons will be able to tank hits from physical units and magic users alike with great consistency. They also will have adaptive damage that targets their opponent's less reliable defense stat. On Player Phase, they attack from 1 range, but will target the resistance stat unless specified in weapon description that they have adaptive damage or their breath has been refined. Their flexible nature makes them by themselves pretty good fits for mixed teams, but with Dragon Emblem buffs they can reach fearsome stats. Unlike dealing with the movement type buffs however, Dragons need very specific counterpicks to be taken down with regularity. Falchion users (as is the case in normal Fire Emblem games) make for decent picks against most of the field, with most dragons being Green at this point as well as the swords having natural effective damage against dragons. The other alternative is the Naga and Divine Naga tomes. Falchion users are limited to the following units: Marth (Shadow Dragon), Alm (Echoes/Gaiden), Chrom and his Exalted Cavalier alternate (Awakening), Lucina and her masked variant (Awakening) - making a total of six specific sword units with Masked Marth being the only freebie and Marth and regular Chrom being the only two easily summonable. The Naga tomes are restricted to two units from Genealogy of the Holy War, Julia, and her mother Deirdre. Both Naga wielders are 5* exclusive. Finally, to illustrate the raw power of dragons, it is not a done deal that Falchion units will prevail (with Alm's Double Lion refinement being the exception) in the case of dragons that are blue, and built correctly, Julia and Deirdre are at risk against any iteration of Tiki, both of which are red units. Thus, there are arena defense teams that are utilizing Dragon buffs and can take care of both of their effective weapon weaknesses. --- Male Kana: Dragon Spawn (Fire Emblem Fates, Blue Dragon, Infantry, Soon to be available in an upcoming Grand Hero Battle) Female Kana: Dragon Princess (Fire Emblem Fates, Green Dragon, Infantry, 5* Exclusive, currently a focus unit on the Wings of Fate banner) Adult Tiki: Naga's Voice (Fire Emblem Awakening, Red Dragon, Infantry, 3-4* availability)
  8. Hey man, Clive is great, what is wrong with you That's some good work, Commander. --- Today, I feel like talking about a few of the worth considering dagger units in the game. Daggers are low might distance attackers that have the added bonus of debuffing their targets after combat. This is pretty much essential, because these units often will not be able to outright kill whoever they are attacking, but they can swing the tide in your favor if you use them ahead of your other units. What's important with making a dagger user work is either A - finding one of the few that can possess a strong physical attack stat or specific niche target they will perform well against, or B - supporting them with heavy hitters that can clean up. Let's start with a freebie, and my favorite dagger (and easily top 5 favorite units) in the game. --- Felicia: Maid Mayhem (Fire Emblem Fates, Dagger, Infantry, Available for free via the Hero Battle rotation) Sothe: Zephyr (Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, Dagger, Infantry, Summonable at 4-5 star rarity) Saizo: Angry Ninja (Fire Emblem Fates, Dagger, Infantry, Summonable at 3-4 star rarity)
  9. New day, new group to talk about. This time, I'm going to talk about freely available units. Free units often become critical for newer players or players that are adverse to spending money on the game. One of the ways in which Heroes is rather generous for a gacha game is that there are several very usable characters that are obtainable as rewards for certain game modes or challenges. Yesterday, I pointed out that Olivia was a dancer that freemium players had easy access to through the Hero Battle rotation. The next step up from there is the Grand Hero Battle, a series of three battles that are much more difficult than Hero Battles are. The rewards however, are unique to GHBs alone. The other game mode that offers units as rewards is Tempest Trials, which follows a story in which Masked Marth follows a storm that runs through the various Fire Emblem worlds, and is a chain challenge where players must have all four units survive a set number of battles. Tempest Trials gives players less access to merges with their reward units, but does at a certain tier give the player a free unit at 5* rarity, while the best rarity GHB unit one can be rewarded with is 4*, requiring some time investment on the player's end. To specify what unit and movement type, we're going with Lance Cavaliers. There are four of them available. For Free. --- Clive: Idealistic Knight (Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Lance, Cavalier, available only during a specified Tempest Trial rerun) Finn: Lance of Legend (Fire Emblem Thracia 776, Lance, Cavalier, only available during specified Tempest Trials reruns. Or in this case, NOW.) Berkut: Prideful Prince (Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Lance, Cavalry, Available as a Grand Hero Battle unit) Camus: Sable Knight (Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon, Lance, Cavalry, Available as a Grand Hero Battle unit)
  10. Moderators: I placed this thread in Gaming General because I wanted to open discourse up to people beyond the Fire Emblem group. If that group is the only appropriate place for this thread, I would not mind if it is moved there. I just wanted to let you guys know I wasn't trying to break any forum rules or anything. Thanks for all that you do and I apologize for any inconveniences. --- One of the most active channels on the Reborn Discord server (or...the only active channel I tend to spend any meaningful amount of time in) is the Fire Emblem channel. In that channel there is always one constant matter of discussion. The mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes, a gacha game that is surprisingly generous to free players that allows them to collect and battle with various units from across the entire Fire Emblem franchise. Yes, I am plugging the discord channel and FEH... bite me. In this thread, I want to open up discussion for units that are similar in weapon type, color, and movement type so that one may get the best experience, be it as a free player or one who chooses to spend for their favorite heroes. I'll open the discussion up by starting with the games assortment of Refresher units, or perhaps more affectionately known as dancers and singers. ...because it isn't war if there isn't someone singing a war hymn or dancing furiously to raise morale....what do you mean people who actually fight are more important? --- Olivia: Blushing Beauty (Fire Emblem Awakening, Sword, Infantry, available for free via Hero Battle rotation, summoned at 3*-4*) Azura: Lady of the Lake (Fire Emblem Fates, Lance, Infantry, summoned exclusively at 5*) Ninian: Oracle of Destiny (Fire Emblem Blazing Sword, Blue Breath, Infantry (Dragon), summoned exclusively at 5*) Performing Olivia: Festival Dancer (Dagger, Infantry, only available on designated Legendary banners and Performing banner reruns) Performing Inigo: Indigo Dancer (Fire Emblem Awakening, Green Tome, Infantry, only available on designated Legendary banners and Performing banner reruns) Performing Azura: Lady of Ballads (Axe, Infantry, only available on designated Legendary banners and Performing banner reruns) Performing Shigure: Dark Sky Singer (Fire Emblem Fates, Blue Tome, Infantry, only available on designated Legendary banners and Performing banner reruns) New Year's Azura: Celebratory Spirit (Axe, Flier, only available on designated Legendary banners or New Year's reruns)
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    Reborn's favorite FE class?

    I would say “heads Mercenary, tails Soldier”
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    Favorite FE Protagonist/Deuteragonist?

    “Don’t worry Celica, I’ll crush these bastards!”
  13. It's probably the "mascot"-esque Pokemon I like.
  14. I feel as if a tutorial should be optional where it can be. It isn't bad to tell someone how to play the game. It -is- bad to have telling someone how to play the game BE the game.
  15. I'll take the target off your back by saying that Phoenix Mode isn't as bad as everyone will make it out to be. The mode broadens the player base by removing all frustration from the game. While I would never play it personally - it enables players who care about story and shipping to essentially do that and a few may even learn how to be a more efficient tactician in the interim. Dont like the Mode? Don't play it. Permadeath is always going to be an option. Theres nothing wrong with expanding the playerbase and making coin by making the game more accessible. --- Ive got no beef with Avatars, but I like them not serving as Lords. I'd rather them be customizable in primary class -and- secondary class and we spice it up by letting them start getting some Choose-your-own-adventure elements or something as a tactician. The biggest issue with MUs always seems to be wearing too big of a pair of shoes. Bring back personal skills. Personality is cool.