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  1. Ah, people are not going to like this one... but choosing "I'm not going to sacrifice a Fire Emblem character and I'll just die instead" is lame. After much deliberation, I PERSONALLY would sacrifice Marth, and replace him with Gallade. --- BUT HUNTER. YOU CAN'T KILL MARTH. KILL LUCINA. SHE'S THE ECHO FIGHTER- Hey, you know what that means? We aren't losing too much of anything anyway! I get it. Marth's the original Fire Emblem Lord. The OG. The face of the franchise. Whatever... However, I personally like Lucina's story (which I have experienced personally, something that can't be said for me regarding Marth's games) more than Marth's, and I've mained Marth most of my Smash experience - well before I even knew what the heck Fire Emblem was. Roy? I like that he was added retrospectively as a DLC character in Sm4sh. Ike? Who's going to kill Ike? Huh? Robin? One of the more unique Fire Emblem reps. Corrin? That's MY first lord of the franchise - and this is MY vote. Chrom? The man just got here and he's not letting his memes be dreams. I'm not THAT heartless. It's nothing personal Marth. You're a cool dude, but just dying is almost an non-answer and it's not that fun. --- Gallade is about the only potential "smash rep" Pokemon that I think would be interesting - and I think some of Marth can live on in spirit through said Pokemon.
  2. Chase

    LGP/LGE changes

    Will LGPE have some kind of representation? Probably not in the traditional sense - and due to the nearing of the game's "completion" Ame may not even update the game for gen 8 next year unless the game is somehow still in development when the games are released. The project being finished may result in Ame moving on to a different project before we have updated moves and tutors - and LGPE, as pointed out, updates moves and tutors for lots of Pokemon, I'm not sure that any Pikachu or Eevee is able to learn the LGPE special moves - because they seem like a compensation for target audience skill -AND- for the fact that the titular Pikachu and Eevee are unable to evolve. If Reborn were to allow any Pikachu or Eevee the ability to learn those moves, you would the only instance in any Pokemon medium where Raichu, Alolan Raichu, and the Eeveelutions have these LGPE moves. HOWEVER - having an instanced Pikachu or Eevee is not totally out of the question. Reborn isn't above generation references and meme culture, so as long as being referential is something Ame likes to do, there's always a chance these event Pokemon show up somehow, somewhere. It may be anything from having an actual Pikachu/Eevee that can't evolve, to an opponent having the two Pokemon with those moves or something.
  3. Look. I’ve been playing Smash my entire life as a casual, but I owned the game for the N64.... ...and it’s objectively Jigglypuff. Pichu’s being a clone is salvaged by two things. The hilarious harming itself, and Ultimate’s alternate skins with the Team Aqua and Skull representation. The Puff isn’t as iconic to Smash to me as Pichu is, and I think the other fighters are unique enough to stand out as roster spots in a fighting game. — As for the FE Rep? I’d like to posit Azura - from Fates - partially for the same reason Ephraim/Cordelia might be appealing but also because of how she differs from them. Not counting the female skins for Corrin and Robin, the Fire Emblem Smash roster truly is a boy’s club. Roy, to me, is a good enough GBA male rep who I thought wouldn’t even come back, and even if we wanted a girl from that era, Lyn and Eirika are swords. Azura, like Lucina, is always female, and like Ephraim is an infantry lance user that is well known. Ridley aside, a full Pegasus Knight in Cordelia seems absurd size-wise and making her a footlancer cheapens her representation a bit for convenience. Therefore, Azura seems the most tailor-made if I were conducting this ritual. She’d be the first female melee weapon weilder that isn’t an echo fighter. (Unless Sheik counts. I’ve thought she was more a brawler than a swordswoman.)
  4. I'm pretty sure I've made a thread about this character sometime in the past, but if I remember correctly, that characterization focused primarily on Fire Emblem: Conquest's version of the character, and why she (going by the gender-split indicated by the box art - as there is some story significance to it found in the DLC 'Heirs of Fate') was getting a bad rap. The reality is that while the antagonism has died down a little bit, Corrin in general is still a heavily criticized main character who is seen as more flawed than acceptable by the fandom. Today, I want to focus on Birthright's Corrin. A character that has a better head on his shoulders than his female counterpart who makes the opposite choice as he does, but is not challenged enough along the route for it to be significant to the character's perception. In Revelation he is probably the better fit over Female Corrin for that storyline due to the first piece I want to discuss... --- ---
  5. Chase

    To be fair, I did like Litten.

    Again. Pokemon reps are going to be made likelier depending on recency. It’s the only trend with the franchise to stick. This means that Hawlucha would be more likely to replace Greninja than Incineroar because at the time Sm4sh was released X and Y were the most recent Pokemon games. Series like Pokemon and Fire Emblem that have significant continuity and differing lists of characters from one game to the next are likely to prioritize recency. Of all the Alolan Pokemon, Incineroar could be argued as more unique than Decidueye/Primarina or other Pokemon that might be considered a grappler from Gen 7. Previous generations don’t get considered because they likely already have a rep. (Greninja) You seem to dislike Corrin too. Maybe it’s the “last game/next game rep” methodology that is the real root of the problem? I think having a preference for Geno (a legacy Nintendo character) or Shadow (a recurring Sega entity that is timeless) is resultant of wishful thinking and buying into leakers over searching for patterns. When you trust patterns over leaks and high hopes, you may not get all that you want - but you certainly avoid disappointment.
  6. It Is Election Day If you are registered to vote - go do so. Make sure you know where your precinct is. (it should be found on your registration card) If you - for whatever reason - get turned away at the polls, make sure you try a few things. Offer to sign an affidavit confirming your eligibility. Ask for a provisional ballot. Bring any form of ID you do have on you. Even if it’s not the kind your state wants.
  7. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

    If you want to have a shiny as a gift, you can visit this thread 😉


  8. No problem, Candy. Glad to know this is at least somewhat educational. I haven't really brought up House races yet have I? Now that Early Voting is beginning to close in most states today, I figured I try to get that and the importance of statehouse races (or Governor's races) --- So, there are a total of 535 seats in Congress. 100 of those are Senate seats (with each state in the union getting 2 seats, equally representing both small and largely populated states in the higher chamber) and there can be no more than 435 seats in the House of Representatives (with the number of seats per state being proportional to the states' populations, making larger states more influential in the lower chamber.) The majority party in the House of Representatives needs to win 218 seats in order to be the majority party. Currently, the Republicans hold onto 235 seats to the Democrats' 193. What the means is that Democrats need to win about 23 more seats to become the majority party in the House when the 116th Congress meets next year. --- Unlike the Senate, the map favors Democrats here, and all that needs to be said is where the "toss-up" "congressional districts", or the divided areas of states that are represented by one congressman that do not have an apparent Republican or Democratic advantage going into Election Day, line up with the current Congress. There are 36 toss-up congressional districts. 31 of those seats are held by Republicans as opposed to merely 5 Democratic seats that are competitive. What this means is that Democrats are poised to make gains because they are largely playing offense without the risk of losing too many seats they currently hold. Putting this into perspective, if the Democrats lose those five seats they would sit at 188 (assuming they win all of their races where they have an advantage) and would only need to win 30 seats (possible mathematically) in the Republicans' toss-up tally (or upset a few Republicans) to become the majority party. If the Republicans lost all 31 of their currently held competitive seats, they would be sitting at 204 seats and would need to win 14 seats from the Democrats' toss-up count and upset some Democrats in likelier races. The Republicans don't have 14 Democratic toss-ups to win mathematically - only 5. That means that they would need to steal 9 seats from the Democrats in races they have the advantage in. TL:DR? Democrats only need to win the jump-ball districts to obtain the majority. The Republicans have to fight an uphill battle in Democratic districts to retain their majority. --- The Democrats are also in great shape to pick up some Governor's mansions, as most of them were decisively won by Republicans the last few cycles. Governors are important figures in state politics, particularly when it comes to what congressional districts look like. In a sense, Governors determine the state's electoral maps and have an outsized influence on elections. It's why things like "gerrymandering" (drawing congressional districts that lessen the impact of certain voters to the advantage of one political party over the other) is such a big problem, and its also why winning at the state level is important.
  9. In all fairness, I think ShadeStrider may have been referring to how Inineroar was the most generic Pokemon starter in Alola, and not prospective Smash character. If that's the case, I'd be willing to agree there, only because I do think Primarina and Decidueye are fairly creative and Incineroar has a bad case of the "literally was almost yet another Fire/Fighting type" syndrome. That being said, I'm pretty excited for Incineroar in Smash, because I tend to enjoy playing SuMo better with Litten as my starter than I do with Rowlett.
  10. C’mon man. I don’t even follow Smash leaks or the game much at all and I know how the ‘Mons roster tends to shake up. Both Fire Emblem and Pokémon tend to stick to recent relevance. We also knew it was going to be an Alolan starter if anything because lately the starters have been more iconic Smash reps and somewhat unique in movesets or easily implemented as characters. (Yeah, amalgamations like Ridley are fair game now - and the earlier ‘Mons reps are not necessarily starters even up to Lucario.) That narrows your alternatives to Primarina and your wanted Decidueye. I tend to like grass types and Decidueye is cool - but I think the bigger outrage is how many people drank the Grinch’s Kool-Aid.
  11. I have three more Senate races I want to call attention to. These are -supposedly- more easy to call, but they do have some interesting sub-stories behind them that may lead to political upsets. TEXAS MICHIGAN NEW JERSEY
  12. Chase

    Who is your favourite Champion?

    Professor Kukui ties with Cynthia for me. --- I feel like this is an answer that changes for me all the time. 1. Blue makes for an interesting story of how that punk you grew up next to in your little village town competes with you throughout the entire game - but his team is something that evolves throughout the game very subtly. It leads to a satisfactory takeover from a rival that may have been a bit annoying, but a someone expected final battle. In my older age, I find that anticlimactic. 2. Lance is probably my least favorite Champion. This won't make sense later, but I feel like part of it is that Johto simply didn't introduce enough Pokemon to make Lance feel special. 3. Steven is usually in the top 3. I love the guy's personality and his team gave me some trouble as a kid. 4. Cynthia wins the aesthetic award (I've never played a Sinnoh game anywhere close to completion) - but in subsequent games when I could battle her, I definitely understand the hype. Her team measures balance and quality of the Pokemon evenly. 5. Alder is rather forgettable, but I like his presence and his unique choices in Pokemon, which sets him apart from Lance. 6. IRIS is one of my favorite champions. She's essentially Lance but with a better situation in regards to Pokemon selection. 7. Diantha's team is notable because of Mega Gardevoir, which is definitely one of my favorite Megas. However, the rest of her team seems too nuanced around the sights of Kalos. She's not difficult at all. 8. Professor Kukui is Professor Oak but ACTUALLY making the final cut. Kukui's personality and being a professor that specializes in battling and moves made him a very interesting and somewhat underrated champion. However, he may not actually be a champion at all, as the story in SuMo has the player become the first official trainer to claim that title. 9. Hau suffers from Blue syndrome, and while he's a better Rival in USUM, he's not necessarily a better Pokemon Trainer. Not playing Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee, but if Blue's not the champion in that game i'm down for some spoilers.
  13. When I started following Reborn Shofu legitimately had a great time playing the game. He was always really bad at puzzles, but he seemed to take failure better when he was younger because he was actually enjoying the Pokemon battles. Shofu wasn't a Smash-tuber, and Reborn, if I remember correctly, would be a hit among viewers when Pokemon was having slow news periods and games were getting stale. Evolving a Pokemon in Reborn was an event worth watching an episode for, as he would freestyle over the evolution music, and would follow it up with laughter and hype. I always thought when the grind started to hit Shofu in his later years that it would be really good for this game if another PokeTuber began playing it without any additional rules, on top of Shofu playing the game. I grew up watching people like Shadypengun (who certainly -at least recently- had a falling out with Pokemon) and Haydunn (who I think still likes Mons and was just as entertaining a nuzlocke player and spotlight on fangames as he was a competitive battler in lower Smogon tiers. I think it's a testament to how well off Reborn actually does that someone like King Nappy and his crew are doing a ......(what the heck is a penta-op)........thing with Reborn themselves. It's still marketable as a free experience, and we have people that are more recently picking up the story, so that their playthroughs can march on even longer than they normally would.
  14. I believe Grima's role in the story was beautifully retconned in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (#EchoesPariahStrikesAgain, #JustPlayGaidenBro), and I also believe that Grima's "long game" is better understood in Awakening after understanding why Grima is as powerful as they are. When you get to the part where Chrom and Robin in the Future Past timeline encounter Validar (the flashback at the beginning of Awakening) Grima has already encountered a foe like Chrom and recognizes just how much of a threat Chrom is. They has the foresight to have Robin, their Vessel, forge a strong bond with the Exalt so that when the time comes, Grima can eradicate the only known enemy they had. You have to give a lot of credit to Lucina and Naga in the Future Past. Without them, Grima had done everything they needed to do, evolved in their strategy in the long millennium that they were sealed, and adapted so much that they were not only extremely powerful, but extremely smart and cunning. Jumping back into the future introduced a second Robin and opened the door for all of that power that backed up that long-harbored adaptation to be lost. Without Robin of Earth-Two, Grima wins and Lucina, her friends, and her world are all but toast more likely than Lucina is able to muster the courage alone to land the killing blow, simply because this isn't Grima's first tango with someone wielding a Kingsfang and trying to play hero. This is where playing Awakening as a stand alone title falls for me. The game hinges so much on the understanding that Grima as a villain is formidable, but the only thing we really get a sense of is that they are immensely powerful and have a fetish for destruction. You wouldn't know how much it meant for Grima to topple Ylisse unless you played a completely different game and were maybe paying attention to an exposition dump during the game at some point.