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  1. E17 new pokemon guesses

    I remember a certain debate about Talonflame's effectiveness a ....(has it been at least a year, geez, I'm old.)....while back.... Talonflame is a pretty good example of some mons that have been horrifically nerfed that should probably be easily available somewhat early in the game at this point due to Gen 7 mechanics. Talonflame's biggest niche back then was going for priority Acrobatics (a very strong move when not holding an item) and Roost (healing) all the time with Gale Wings in Gen 6. In Gen 7, Talonflame can only get help from Gale Wings if it's at full HP. As it has happened in the meta game, Talonflame now can't roost up with priority because if it needs to roost it assuredly is NOT at full HP. Acrobatics can still work, but it will need to OHKO everything you use it on or you will likely lose the ability with the AI's retaliation. Not only have several Pokemon been nerfed. We've reached the total level threshold where Gym Leaders are starting to become unable to hold an inherit advantage over challengers based on Pokemon availability. Pokemon like Magikarp easily can be argued to be released somewhere in the later-mid game because it would officially become a slight hassle to train them if made available at a low level and require some serious backtracking - and it also would find adversarial match-up issues with Electric type coverage. Yes, Gyarados breaks the early game and remains a fantastic sweeper with Dragon Dance, but it's reverence is literally overblown by this point in the story. I think everything that isn't a psuedo legendary (i.e. supposed to be hard to find even in the main series games to some extent) is fair game. Amethyst will need to release Pokemon (in my humble opinion) based on sensible habitats and themes as opposed to protecting the difficulty of her upcoming benchmark trainers. The challenge is still going to be there based on fields anyway, and like I said, the level cap is officially so high that it is starting not to matter.
  2. Your occupation in Reborn City?

    I would be a Meteor grunt. I would have a crobat and a chesnaught and a gallade and my token rock type pokemon for the team representation would be carracosta. I could easily see "me" as a reluctant orderly working for Dr. Connell. I personally think the orphanage is the closest "known" childcare provider and that's where most of my real world experience lies. The other thing would be one of the more insignificant roles at the Onyx Trainer's School. Which works for me, because if my boss was Florinia I would be employee of the month all year.
  3. Let's Rank the Champions!

    Alright. My parameters and then my ranks. Fun thread. Red doesn't count because Ethan/Kris battling Red isn't actually canon. If it was, Red wouldn't live up to his status as a legendary trainer and we'd have had Brenden battling Ethan in Gen 3 and have a silly protagonist v former protagonist precedent. Kukui doesn't count - and he's not even a representation of Alolan power. Kukui's battle with you is explicitly stated as an honor of your journey and celebratory. It also sets you up for title defense. Consider the Prof your first challenger, Champ! Lol Oak doesn't count. Alder loses his title as Champion to N..if I recall... even if not. He's not on my list. I could be wrong here. 1. IRIS This is the Lance champion echo done right. Credit Gen 5 for using various Dragons. Play the gen 5 sequels again. Haters. 2. Cynthia Cynthia has a reasonable shot at number one, and I might have a significant crush on her. But the real reason she's below Iris is because I've never battled Cynthia in Sinnoh. That's how impressive she is. Placing without even a personal experience. 3. Steven Great build up. Steel and Rock types are a bit easy to KO if Fighting is your favorite type, but I love Hoenn. 4. Diantha I think people really forget how intimidating having someone go mega against you without warning was. Her team wasn't too difficult, but it was arguably more diverse than Steven's. 5. Asshat Blue beating me up the league was cool, but I'd seen his team in pieces before.
  4. Who Is/Was: [Player]?

    As silly as having the player character Houdini their way back into the material world of Reborn City, it's certainly feasible. 1. @Commander is absolutely correct in asserting that the player's longevity is at least assured with regards to being able to have a somewhat normal Pokémon Post-game experience. In order to do that, we as players will likely have to survive/succeed in the League push, and there's a solid chance Meteor will stand in our way unless the game's Pokémon experience takes center stage from this point forward rather than the game's story. 2. If the prophecies are open-ended and there is meant to be time afterwards (and Commander asserting the player's need to exist in order to complete the PokeDex.) There isn't room for death or removal from the plane of existence to be temporary. The Gothitelle fortune very clearly is an open ended fortune, because she is only able to see you "joining the void" before her vision can provide any more details. It seems possible that people may be reading a bit too far into the Gothitelle fortune because the end may simply be the Pokémon version of the turn of phrase "after that, God knows what will happen..", however, it can't just mean that the player is gone for good, because there is indeed a planned post game at this point in time. The New Jasper Fortune Teller doesn't provide any direct insight about the player to definitively say they are the one wished for - but being summoned via a wish from Jirachi would give us the leeway we need to operate in the future Reborn City has and right the wrongs that have transpired since we disappeared. I picture it happening like this. The player gets hit by some sort of massive threat under Meteor's control. A "Pulse-Arceus" seems quite literal, but Pulse-powered Judgement sending us to some alternative dimension that represents Non-existence would fulfill the Gothitelle prophecy. It happens much in the way Harry Potter ends up in the Deathly Hollows, presumably defeated in the previous world. Arceus in the non-existence world - or Giratina - or something - is the only other thing in the plane besides the player, and after a long existential exposition dump or some sort of strange stumbling around in the dark sequence the wish takes place (either via a cutscene or something else) and we arrive back in a newly destroyed Reborn City alongside the person who called for us. I guess we should stop treating the theme of Rebirth as a joke. Right?? Ame leads the interest vote by 1....out of 1 votes.
  5. Who Is/Was: [Player]?

    Hey guys. I hope to make another series of discussions on this board throughout the coming weeks to talk about some of our favorite (or not) Reborn personalities. Before I get into the first one (or.....like...six...or like however many of us play this game) - I'd like to get a few things in the clear beforehand. I am aware that many of Reborn's personalities are inspired by the developer's past and personalities on the original "Reborn League." Don't waste a post explaining to everyone in the discussion things like "Corey is someone Amethyst knew that died in said manner", "Sigmund was like that in the League", or "Ame is Amethyst's self insert." - No duh, right? I humbly come before you all understanding that I don't know everything and verily state as such. The purpose of this thread is to exchange what we know and what is widely believed so that we can profile each character as thoroughly as possible and engage in thoughtful discussion. This series will not go EXACTLY in order of appearance, but the cast will be covered -roughly- as such. This is to allow newer players who may not have progressed as far to at least know who we're talking about. We square? Great. --- Today, we're going to talk about ourselves first, because interestingly enough, there's a few juicy tidbits about ...well.....us... enough to where we actually start such a series talking about the player character. --- Are you a boy? or are you a girl? (Or are you neither?) Pokemon Reborn starts off much like any other adventure in the world of Pokemon does, with someone who you just met providing expository information about why Pokemon is great...well, in Reborn's case, specifically the idea of challenging the Pokemon League. The player meets the mysterious "Ame", who seems like a League administrator in this opening character creation screen, hears about Reborn a bit, is asked if they would like to know how to be controlled (because that's normal.), and finally, is asked to state their gender identity. --- What are Saturdays for? THE BOYS! If the player selects 'BOY', they are given a choice between the sporty, pale, jet-black haired guy, and the guy with the white hair and threads wearing sunshades and holding claim to a darker skin complexion. The white guy is Vero - and his signature clothing is accented with a gold chain and some really sick fingerless gloves. Sunglasses McGee is known as Kuro - which I would have to assume means "black"...in like ...Japanese or something. Real on the nose, but it's a really cool name and rhymes with the white guys name, so it works in a side-by-side comparison. Vero and Kuro would make for a super neat buddy-cop movie. Selecting a male protagonist lends the player absolutely nothing....at least to my knowledge.... in the "relationship point" department. "Points" are earned and lost for making various choices/as consequence for certain actions. These points effect the ending of the completed game in some way. This will matter in the other two genders. --- Girls just want to have fun. If the player selects 'GIRL' they are given the choice between the beautiful Alice, a blonde who notably looks the most like a Pokemon Trainer out of all the protagonists. She reminds me of those "Cool Trainer" sprites from the older games.....and the lovely Lucia, who wins the award for 'best hair' in the protagonist department (in my opinion.) Alice serves as the lighter skinned protagonist choice while Lucia services those who are looking for more of an ebony skin color. If I were to think of a movie for Alice and Lucia, I would think the duo would fit best in a teen spy drama where one serves as an undercover spy/student and the other is her "BFF". Selecting a female protagonist lends the player with an easy relationship point with Samson, the replacement Fighting-type Gym Leader. Samson will start his gym battle with the courtly-courteous phrase "Ladies First." - at which point the player will (not) notice their relationship with Samson had improved. Samson will balance out his available relationship points by only offering the girl protag ONE point for beating Ciel (the flying gym leader) on their first try where he would award two to a male or nonbinary protagonist, making the count at this point in time, 2 points for everyone. --- Something something Apache Helicopter. if the player selects neither option, they are given the choice between Ari, a sporty type who has the punk rock hairdo and looks like someone you don't want to make angry, and Decibel, who looks like they are the flagship mascot character of this game with xyr's color scheme. The thing that comes to mind with these two in terms of media? Anime. For sure. Deci serves as the pale alternative to Ari, and Ari the tanned alternative to Deci. Selecting a non-binary protagonist lends the player a relationship point with Adrienn, the Fairy-type Gym Leader, who also identifies as non-binary. The identifier for this within the game is your rival, Cain, who will say something along the lines of "So that's why you're both so cute!" --- You either die a Hero... Starting with the positive opinion of the player, we have Anna, a young girl living in Reborn City's Orphanage with her twin brother Noel and who is in care of a Jirachi doll that apparently has the ability to communicate with her. The game seems to imply that Anna has the ability to "see" or "not see" things that are not there/there to others, usually seen through her brother's protesting. Regarding the player character, Anna claims that they appear to be "glowy". This is followed by a genuinely friendly reception of the protagonist following her first encounter with them. The expansive official League cast will regard the player with approval depending on the player's progress through the story. Being allowed to assist in the Obsidia Ward clean up, being called a wrecking ball, being told your perception of the Ditto Arceus was sharp, and so on and so forth generate various minor praise lines from allies in the fight against Team Meteor, the orderlies at the Orphanage, and the Arceus cult. At the end of the current episode (16 for past reference) Ame, the mysterious League official from the start of the game, is now dead. The player learns in quite possibly the last conversation they have with her that she was the Reborn League Champion, and her death has left the post vacant. Adrienn approaches you with a personal plan of xyr own for you - to have you earn Ame's former post. (because, you weren't here to do that anyway - but you know...details) Adrienn personally beseeching you to rise up to the challenge is positive praise. --- ...or live long enough to see yourself become the Villain. There are some pretty interesting contrasts to the high regard the player character has, or at least some very interesting observations. The most obvious is your ever deteriorating image according to your rival Fern. Fern grows to absolutely hate your guts as you progress through the story, eventually joining Team Meteor in opposition to you. Shade, the Ghost-type Gym Leader, and mysterious entity that doesn't even appear to be human in the slightest, utters a neutral quote to the player after being defeated and showing the player the Orphanage children being kidnapped through a TV screen. The quote insinuates that the souls in the video monitor (and possibly elsewhere in the region) are dying, and that those same souls hold the "keys" to the players' gain. He then admonishes the player to not let their inevitable deaths be in vain. It's a rather dark request, which doesn't paint the player character in the greatest light because it leaves open the possibility that we are shameless opportunists in a world that is struggling for survival. The Gothitelle residing in the Beryl Library can offer you a fortune sometime in the game. She will say that you will enter "the void"- followed by something like a turn of phrase equivalent to "God must not know" featuring Pokemon Creator God Arceus - which may or may not be important to the plot of the game. It reads - to me - simply like the player will cease to exist in the future. Spoilers! You die! And you thought you were special? However, a human fortune teller in New Jasper will give another fortune for the player character. This fortune however seems to be more concerned with Reborn City than it does with you, because again, you seem to be absent from the future. Here, the woman talks about a boy with a beaded tooth necklace, another with spiked braces, yet another with azure hair, and a girl with a sleeping star, and a woman in a red and black suit. The group seems to tackle the same tasks the player did, as the fortune teller mentions the plants yet again ravaging the area. The effort seems to falter, as the man with the bracelets falls into a fissure, the azure hair is RE-dyed red and the man is facing off against his kin, and the beaded necklace bearer "breaks apart". The fortune not only erases the player from it, but also indicates that Reborn City "lives up to it's name" through the destruction. Ultimately, these foresights by the Pokemon and the Seer lead us to believe we DON'T actually save the region. --- So. What do you guys think? What did I miss? Which thread would you guys like to see next? - The mysterious League official, Ame -OR- the spurned rival, Fern?
  6. "Favorite" Pokemon by Region

    Just a heads up - I made this thread with REGIONS in mind, as opposed to GENERATIONS of the game. The reason for this is to offer Pokémon that would be FOUND in said region should someone who wants to restart their journey want to know what kinds of Pokémon their peers like and try to use them. While you can definitely use Mega Lopunny in the sixth generation (merely an example), you probably wont find Lopunny as readily available -and- it's Mega stone in Kalos. That being said, if you want to keep citing it by Generations (and if there isn't a thread for that) it's cool. I just wanted to help out those who might look to this thread for playthrough reference. --- Today I'm going to talk about my favorite Pokémon from the most underrated region of all time, Unova. The Unova region is based off of the metropolitan area of New York City, found in the United States. Many of the Pokémon are designed by this concept. Unova also is home to actual seasons, which impact which Pokémon appear during the time of year in game and the way some of the appear. 5. I used Beartic in my first White run because I thought Cubchoo was a very well designed Pokémon. It struggles due to being slow and having a poor defensive typing, but Swift Swim allows Beartic to fix such deficiency in the rain and allows it to take advantage of it's decent coverage. As of Generation 7, it also picked up Slush Rush, which increased its viability due to now being able to fit on more teams. On Rain teams you can use Beartic as a way to take out problematic Grass types. On Hail squads you can now use Beartic to sweep while opponents are taking passive damage Beartic is immune to. Once it gets going, it plays right into the way I like to play, hitting very hard and going very fast. Appearance-wise, Cubchoo's frozen snot works very well with it's name - and reminds me of the many many times I had the sniffles growing up. Beartic's icicle beard reminds me again, of me. This time adult me dealing with facial that feels as ridiculous as this icicle beard looks. 4. AMEERICAAAAA~ ....*ahem*. Yeah, Braviary. I intentionally suffered through training up Rufflet just to use this Pokémon on my team. It's a good Physical attacker that fits it's American-based setting on TWO aesthetic points. The Red-White-Blue appearance reflects the American flag, paying homage to Unova's New York roots. However, the headdress on it's head goes deeper than that, reflecting Native American culture. It's not only 'Murica bird. It's a Native 'Murican bird. Hail to the Chief. It gets two really neat non-hiddens in Defiant and Sheer Force. Defiant is the more commonly run competitive ability because it takes advantage of Intimidate users while Braviary will want to just click Brave Bird and Return over using secondary effect moves boosted by Sheer Force. 3. Serperior was simply the sleekest starter of the three, and one could argue that Grass (in my opinion) has been in contention for having the best designed starter from this generation on to Rowlett and Gen 7. The aesthetic for the Pokémon suits my attitude. See, Smugleaf here is a bit of a snob. It's hidden ability Contrary not only makes it incredibly scary after a couple of Leaf Storm clicks or opponent misplays, but that also suits me, an avid contrarian. It suffers a lot due to not being available to be starting out with Contrary in the main games, making Snivy much less able to deal with certain threats in game (Burgh) by itself. However, my first Gen 5 bounce-back memory was selecting this Pokémon after having been burned out by the franchise, and in a lot of ways, it's thanks to Serperior for pulling me back in. 2. The Sandile line has a particularly opportunistic placement in Unova. It can be found reliably often in the sandstorm desert routes just to the south of Nimbasa City, which plays host to the beautiful Elesa and her Electric type Gym. That probably means you might have chanced Sandile on your team to prepare for the battle ahead, particularly if you were one of the six people that picked Tepig as a starter (I was not.) Krookodile takes it's design from the crocodile, which is a common reptile in some areas of the United States, and a cartoon burglar. The more interesting Pokedex entries of this Pokémon state that it can see very far due to the lenses of it's eyes, which just makes me jealous having poor eyesight of my own. It's...it's got a great level up movepool and it's field abilities are better than it's hiddens. Intimidate is a good ability because it kneecaps the opponents attack on the switch in. Moxie is a good ability because it boosts Krookodile's attack every time it faints a Pokémon, which will be great for Elesa once you take out her pesky Emolga. 1. At the end of the day - sometimes the coolest Dragon type Pokémon isn't the Psuedo legendary. Druddigon is much inferior to Hydreigon, but it also takes a lot less effort to train up. My Unova team happened to consist of monsters that required a lot of effort (Chandelure, Beartic, Serperior, Krookodile, and Jellicent) and it needed something that was more plug and play. I was able to put some good TMs on this behemoth and get rolling. Finally, it was Druddigon that made me fall in love with the RarelyUsed competitive tier in Smogon, with it's access to Sheer Force as an ability, and things like Gunk Shot for dealing with Fairies coming in on the switch and Sucker Punch to nullify it's poor speed. It gets Fire Punch to deal with incoming Ice types, and does get Outrage by level up. Putting a Life Orb on this thing hurts. UNOVA LEGENDARY OF MERIT The Three Swordsman pretty much all could go here, but I can only pick one Pokémon. Virizion has my two favorite types all in one Pokémon, it looks fierce, it comes with my favorite battle theme for a non-box legendary ever, and you can run it special or physical. Not only can you use it both ways, but it gets both Calm Mind and Swords Dance access, meaning that you can set it up both ways to sweep. This thing is good. Honorable Mentions: Galvantula, Conkeldurr, Eelektross, Samurott, Unfeazant, Darmanitan
  7. 1. Stay safe Florida. Prayers abound and let me know much I can do to help!


    2. Boomer Sooner.

  8. "Favorite" Pokemon by Region

    With regards to region - NO! - I wanted this thread to take off because...well, personally I like to be verbose. So, I am going to -personally- do one post for each region so I can share images and talk about each Pokémon without having to spoiler lock each and every generation and cause myself carpal tunnel writing more about Pokémon than what I -should- be writing essays over in one sitting. You can talk about any region you want, just so long as it's all Pokémon within one region - unless... --- With regards to formatting/template - NO! - you don't have to be like me. Some people know all of their favorite Pokémon in the franchise and can put it all into a nice succinct list by generation. You can do that if you want to. I thought I said you could do whatever you wanted here in the original post, but if I didn't - well, sorry about that! --- With regards to quotation marks, I quoted the word because there is already a "favorite pokemon" thread for general intents and purposes - and I don't want to step on THAT posters toes by having an incredibly similar thread without giving a distinct purpose. I also like to make fun of myself to break the ice, so I figured I would quote it as if it were to be read in a sarcastic manner. --- So, in order to make sure we're not just talking about Kanto, I'm going to draw a random region from the remaining list....and we're going to Kalos! 5. Avalugg is actually a Pokémon I haven't used in Generation 6 yet - but it always seems to be an incredibly memorable Pokémon to me. It's probably because Ice types are so rare in general that whenever you see them they actually stand out to one's eye. I think this Pokémon has a very neat and clean aesthetic. It sort of evokes that Mamoswine feeling of monstrously powerful, where the only other ice type to do so is Glalie. It may be slow, but it also has gargantuan defense -and- just enough raw attack power to not be pure set-up fodder for everything competitively (making it a very good Rapid Spin user on Ice monotypes.) It's only real problems are that it doesn't have the same bulk on the special side, and that Avalanche, a move that is dependent on taking damage in the turn, is it's best STAB move available to it. 4. Poison and Steel became the new ways to deal with the - as much as I really loathe saying - strongest type in the game offensively, and there are two of such Pokémon on this list. The first of which is Dragalge, which is one of the version exclusive Pokémon (I believe for Pokémon Y). Its a very unique Pokémon in that it's Dragon/Poison, meaning that it only takes Normal damage from the Fairy type while dishing out super effective moves in return. It's also extremely powerful in it's own right, with Adaptability and a great special attacking stat. Water coverage is available (thanks to it's habitat) to deal with problematic Ground types. It's just really cool. I like both this thing and Clawitzer a lot. 3. Heliolisk is a very cool Pokémon. I love that its literally what happens when a lizard and a solar panel have children. As a Pokémon, it has some pretty cool selling points. Dry Skin allows it to soak up water type attacks on the switch in, giving it an immunity and switch advantage when paired with it's own typing, while also being an interesting option on Rain teams because of it's passive healing in the rain while holding an item such as Life Orb or Choice Specs for the extra oomph. It's very fast, making Volt Switch a fantastic momentum option (that it gets by level up!), and it's also a Normal type, giving it another immunity, this time to Ghost. It gets access to Hyper Voice to accompany this type excellently. The only issue with Heliolisk is that if you want it to learn Thunderbolt you will need to train up a Helioptile to level 49 without evolving it. Hassle does end up paying off though. 2. Alright, I don't like that THIS thing is too good for the Overused tier and Greninja apparently isn't in Gen 7....but whatever. Aegislash is the other Fairyslayer in my list, giving it some pretty high regard. Running into this thing against Wikstrom....was awesome. It actually gave me some trouble with King's Shield, and I really, really, really wanted one in my next playthrough. It's a Pokémon that is good offensively -and- defensively, with the added effect of forcing your opponent to guess if you are switching stances or not. King's Shield effectively causes hesitance to attack it with contact moves such as Fire Fang, and even if you attack it, it being in shield forme would cause it to take very little damage, only for it to swap stances and hurt with Shadow Sneak. With moves like Autotomize and Sword's Dance, this thing can set up as well. It -is- very dangerous, and you probably shouldn't run down the hallway with one in your hands. 1. When the starters' images were released, I knew in my heart that I was probably picking Chespin. I did, and I was not disappointed. Grass and Fighting are my two favorite types in all of Pokémon. This Pokémon has the ability to be run defensively or offensively (mostly the former though.) and has a very cool RPG concept that it shares with the other two starter Pokémon in Kalos. Where Greninja is the speedy Rogue, and Delphox is the powerful Mage, Chesnaught represents the Armored Knight/Paladin. It's signature move is Spikey Shield, which causes some damage due to would-be contact attackers while preventing damage taken itself. It's hidden ability Bulletproof makes it actually win a few one-v-ones with Gengar (depending on if it's opting on Shadow Ball/Sludge Bomb for stabs or not and if Chesnaught has a coverage move to deal damage with.) Chesnaught is the only Pokémon in the franchise I have a set nickname for. It's Sloane - which means "strong protector." Kalos Legendary of Merit Zygarde was a very "meh" legendary in it's own generation - with it's need to set up and it's quad-weakness to Ice. However, In came Generation 7 and this thing has more functions than a Swiss Army knife. It also turns into a dog, a serpentine dragon, and a MegaZord. I love MegaZords! Honorable Mentions: Clawitzer, Pangoro, Delphox, Tyrantrum, Talonflame
  9. "BUT PROOOTO HUNTER, THERE'S ALREADY A FAVORITE POKEMON THREA-" stop it. The point of this thread is to share your favorite Pokemon by region. Why by region? Easy, because the region dictates what kind of Pokemon other people might use the next time they start a journey there. Let's kick it off with Kanto, because that seems like the most fitting spot to start. 151 Monsters who hold the title of "the OG", but in my eyes, only 5 of them make a top five list, while I do have a favorite legendary. So - that's going to be the format I use, a top five of regular(-ish) Pokemon, and one Pokemon from that region that is one of a kind and special. You guys can do what you want with your list though! Let's do it. 5. So, everyone knows that the premier powerhouse Fighting type in Kanto... is NOT Primeape. That title would belong to Machamp, with the Hitmon duo and Poliwrath making for strong special consideration - but Mankey's availability in Kanto is very nice if you wanted to get started training a brawler right away. It's also faster than Machamp. Also, it's one of the first fighting types you can get in Pokemon Reborn (Obsidia Slums) alongside Makuhita (which does outclass the poor guy) and Pancham (who also outclasses Mankey because it is immune to Psychic type moves, nullifying a weakness completely.) No matter which game you play in, this Pokemon finds itself in others' shadows, and I find that pretty "samey". It's a good reason to be perpetually angry anyway. 4. Sabrina. was pretty difficult for kid Hunter to take down - and it wasn't until later that I found out Alakazam DID have a Pokemon other than overleveled Bug Pokemon that it was weak to. Gengar, along with Alakazam, remains very competitive Pokemon and is highly respected. It gained the Poison typing, which gained a ton of value with the release of the Fairy type, and it used to have the ability Levitate to add to a considerable list of immunities. 3. Fearow is a Pokemon that has a painfully low BST and is outclassed entirely by the likes of Dodrio. That being said, It's an absolute early game gem in Pokemon Reborn, able to hold it's own until about Aya, by then assuring you have access to several more flying type Pokemon, such as another one of my favorites for a later list. It can learn the super satisfying move Mirror Move, which, if it survives a Dragon type attack and it throw that same attack right back at the drake who fired it. It also picks up a very unique coverage move in Drill Run, which allows this flying type to finish off ALL of it's biggest problems, Rock and Electric types. Another Pokemon that runs Drill Run is Beedrill. Can this indicate that Fearow gets a Mega Evolution? I'd dig it. 2. I often find that Ground types are usually a staple on my team. Electric types are fairly uncommon, and when they show up in any of my Pokemon playthroughs it always causes me to panic a little. Playing through FireRed, I used Golem for the first time. Kanto is a wonderful "trade evolution" region (that was the best feature in the game, using the Link Cable to get super good pokemon like Golem, Machamp, Gengar, and Alakazam.) It was very efficient. As an offensive Pokemon it can hit hard and hit surprisingly fast for a Rock type, and while it seems to be lacking in defense (especially with it's dual weakness to Water and Grass type moves) it can delay issues with the ability Sturdy. My Golem in FR ended up wielding the deadly EdgeQuake combo, which hits virtually everything for at least neutral damage. 1. I had this thought as a kid, that if you wanted to win the game, you wanted to pick the Pokemon on the box. Since I got Red, I had to pick Charmander as my starter...and lose to Brock and Misty a heck of a lot before Charizard became virtually unstoppable. I guess, what I like about Charizard is that for the longest time, it was a humble draconic appearing lizard. In Generation 4, Stealth Rocks obliterated this things "meh" status by making half of it's HP get lost on the switch in. However, it gained some serious boost in Generation 6 by getting not only one, but TWO Mega Evolutions. It's an early game paragon in Reborn with Dragon Rage in it's moveset, allowing it to get off 40 damage for free in the part of the game where most Pokemon have 40 or less hp to work with. This is, the true original gangster. I don't buy people claiming it to be overrated at all - even if Bulbasaur has it's uses and Squirtle is the preferred starter for Speed-Runners. Kanto Legendary of Merit What's cooler than a dragon that's partially perpetually on fire? a bird that is COMPLETELY perpetually on fire. The bird trio is a super awesome hunt-and-find set of legendary Pokemon, and my favorite is Moltres, a Pokemon I like even more than Mew and Mewtwo. Honorable Mentions: Lapras, Nidoqueen, Victreebel, Electrode, Clefable
  10. People seem to get pretty hung up on why "x" Pokémon isn't available and love to throw around the effectiveness card. BB Greninja is indeed ridiculous, so I would assume it's raw power makes it a late game Pokémon if not post game for sure. --- HOWEVER. Have you stopped to consider that some things in Reborn aren't just axed "just because it's too good?" Gyarados is an interesting example. It's late enough in the game that gym leaders have surpassed Red's total level average, meaning that in normal titles Magikarp should have been a Pokémon you should catch 80 levels ago. Is the argument for not having non-mega pain-to-train gonna-be-4x-weak-to-Tbolt Magikarp in the game AT ALL still sensible? No. In New Reborn City it should be feasible to fish for Magikarp. It's almost purely descended to the status of memehood, and around these points, it's a good reason because Gyarados tore through Reborn, however, that doesn't mean releasing at around the time you fight ADRIENN to be nearly as broken as releasing him at the start of the game. Not releasing him is more akin to reverence and respect of a meme than it is preventing powercreep. I would hope Amethyst incorporates a better reason than "it's too good" to keep Ash-Greninja out of the final product. It should absolutely be treated with Uber lengendary status and not be a story available Pokémon with only a regard to power, but even legendaries are slated to be in the game. Ash not being in the world Reborn is in is a fantastic rational. There's no reason for Battle Bond greninja to exist if the inspiration for it's form doesn't exist. Things are axed/relocated for many more reasons than powercreep. Perhaps, Ame would rather players not use a broken Greninja over a Pokémon you can obtain EARLIER in the story.
  11. I don't want to get your hopes up, but Reborn has a tendency of being lock step with the main series on mechanics unless the mechanics are truly a detriment to the game's experience - such as having Hidden Machines stay are they were rather than being Technical Machines with overworld use enabled. So, what this means is that if Sun and Moon ushered in a staple mechanic in PokeRide, Reborn might just adopt it. Not positive, not a promise, but just might. --- There is a matter such as Ash-Greninja, where Ash doesn't make a canon appearance in Reborn and thus there wouldn't be a good explanation for having Battle Bond Greninja in the game, forcing the the devs to make the decision not to try and shoehorn it in. However, HMs are a good example of areas Reborn might be flexible, as nobody really likes having to back track to a move delete person or have to rotate in an HM slave.
  12. Proactive-er protagonist?

    The narrative thing about the player holding a grudge against Meteor blowing up the train station could make sense - but it would have to be after changing their motive from simply wanting to go on a Pokémon journey. Unlike the player, who gets access to Amethyst overseeing a somewhat inhumane interrogation involving a Torkoal, the protagonist doesn't know who bombed Grandview Station until Julia informs the player of Meteor's plan to blow up her Gym and is asked to come along. This already comes after the player has decided they are going to take on the League for other reasons - so the vendetta against Meteor seems to be a drop in the bucket. I would LOVE to see the player act as a proactive protagonist. It's the main reason I've been watching this thread, because after a certain while, some of the narrative events feel like player intervention would be DUE, let alone cool to see. Overworld traps would be fair - particularly in antagonist domains if the player finds the things needed to set them via exploration. The first Aster/Eclipse fight is probably the first gut check in the game (unless you didn't pick up the Normal gem and the potion before picking a Pokémon, then Victoria has a chance of making you sweat.) and it would be cool to have a particular edge in the fight. Tampering with some of the machinery to turn the sprinkler system on, for example, would cause the rain effect in the factory, shutting down Magby and Solrock a bit and helping out Fern (you know, before we lose all desire to narrative-wise) in being a better partner. Overworld Quick Time Events - styled somewhat after games like 'Until Dawn' could be pretty neat. For example, you can deflect the blow Amaria would receive from Garchomp by sending out the first Pokémon in your party with a single keystroke to take the attack (resulting in a fainted Pokémon in your party, and an unharmed Amaria.) Opportunities for the player to persuade other characters and win verbal arguments with characters. Using Pokémon as our overworld tools ourselves (moving Meteor grunts/Orderlies/Cultists out of the way with a large Pokémon like Cain does.) --- I have to say I am completely opposed to the notion the trainer needs to focus their attention on the opponent's Pokémon in any way. If you want to Pokémon battle, most of your items are covered by Pokémon learnsets already. The Trainer is a bridge between the overworld and the battle screen - and we already have TMs that get us places in the overworld. That should be the basis for allowing our protagonist to act - with our Pokémon partners - who function as our partners and are most effective weapons against the world around us - as our main go to. Sidearming should only be done when other humans are involved. I do respect your wish to avoid making the Protagonist a murderer, and I agree that it doesn't have to go quite that far - but we can talk pain, coercion, and other methods of making our Protagonist not so much of a reactionary mute and more of an active member of the protagonist alliance.
  13. Have him eat an apple in the shot, it will make him look more like an asshole.

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      CinemaSins' "Everything Wrong With [Movie Title]" series. One of the sins is having an antagonist eat an apple in a scene. It happens so much the channel has considered it a trope that apples make bad guys look more evil, so Jeremy, the voice over the videos, calls it a sin to have your antagonist eat an apple, and says something along the lines of what my status reads out to be. This is also seen in spin-offs regarding other forms of media.

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      I thought it was something about Ryuk or Ligh Yagami

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      Thanks for your answer! I thought of DN at first too but your sentence sounded specific so I guessed there was something else

  14. Proactive-er protagonist?

    From an "ending" perspective, we have yet to see what the possibilities are - but it's been divulged that the players choices and actions at the very least affect their relationship at the end of the road with other characters in what is known as "the relationship point system." IceCreamSandWitch has a pretty good detailed thread about it somewhere around here. What this means for the endgame regarding the player is unknown, but the player's actions shape the endings for the rest of the cast at the very least -without- adding a Renegade mode. It also means that the players actions -already- are quite tangible. These endings have been speculated to have the highest point valued character interact with the player in a special way (a waifu system) to having characters with low scores suffer bad endings and makes for loads of replayability if only to find out what the deal is with all of these endings. There - as I'm sure has already been pointed out - is also personal decisions to be made that make the story compelling, such as giving the Ruby Ring to Blake, or finding all of the police officers before you find Corey in order to have him exposed as the Meteor Agent you encountered in the overgrown Beryl Ward. Some of these decisions cause split routes, such as choosing to fight Dr. Connal or Sirius at the Yureyu building causes different allies to be kidnapped by the Meteors at the Belrose mansion. --- Finally @Akui, I don't think people would have any disagreements with how an anti-hero can also be inspirational - but I don't think your League members are going to reward someone who doesn't conduct themselves in a monolithic manner. Shepherd has ALWAYS been adaptable and flexible in their game. You could go renegade much faster in ME than you can in Reborn, where 15 minutes in you're storming a Meteor building and playing hero. Pokémon has a notoriously linear design for an RPG. It's the nature of the beast. I find the player acting like a scoundrel problematic with the overacting theme of Pokémon. The point of a League challenge is to adhere to the established rules (unless you're Lance...then you can teach Dragonite Barrier and evolve it earlier than you should be able to..) The Reborn protagonist doesn't embark on a journey to save any world at all at the start. They find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, with many of the wrong people, and in order to successfully chart a path to glory that they set out for, they have to do so by interacting with a very dependent cast of characters that have different strengths and weaknesses and by helping said cast with whatever needs doing. Once x task is done, the player's REWARD is an official League match. Given the way things happen in Reborn, having someone fight you in order to help your own personal journey is a blessing. When you get a gift, you respond in kind. If you don't - it's a little confusing how you can expect the ends to justify the means here. Here's the interesting truth bomb though. It's very likely that even though Adrienn recently fired up the player worship train again - that the real "protagonist" of the game is the group of allies you are helping try to restore and bring their home peace. This is something akin to what the main series did - where there's a stronger argument for Lillie being the game's protagonist than the player in Sun and Moon. If you act like a punk, I disagree that upstarts would want your advice. They -might- want your title as Champion (which doesn't seem rightfully earned if your doing it by abusing the Pokémon on the other side of the field personally.) - but their heroes will be your friends, the people you screwed over on your way to the top.
  15. Proactive-er protagonist?

    Commander - you see where I'm coming from - or at least where from the opposite side. In every Pokémon game, the player can use any strategy they want to take on their league challenge because nothing is really seen as "cheating" (and as we've grown up, there's been less and less of a need to because the game feels more and more easy.) The characters we defeat along the way tend to be in awe of our skill. NPC's begin to lean on us because of it, and there's just always a certain respect we earn from the characters in the story. Reborn isn't so different, even if there are very clearly characters that warm up to us slowly (Titania) or not at all (Fern). As the player goes on a tear through the league, you start catching compliments like you would in your travels in main game regions. A Hotshot calls you skilled, a badge after another Hotshot disses you and doesn't let you use the Opal Bridge. Charlotte calls you "a wrecking ball." - despite being better than you at the time. Saphira, who is more than capable of doing things herself, is not afraid of entrusting you with precious objects. The player follows the same cycle. They climb up the ladder, and they earn respect. The only difference between Reborn and Alola or something is really that nobody gives it to you when you get off your train (in an especially unceremonious manner.) Honestly, In-game Ame is like the only "significant" exception to this, as she doesn't seem to hold the player in any particular regard like the likes of Prof. Sycamore or Kukui do. She just hands you a 'mon and sends you on your way, encountering you a few times as you need information from her or her to contact replacement leaders, and even in her final hour she understates that she's the Champion of Reborn and that it was a necessary holding of the title. Her praise (and maybe even her hope) for you as the player character is conveyed by her Fairy gym leader post mortem. It's probably the most striking non acknowledgement by any character "on your team" in the game. The protagonist is said to "glow" by a certain little girl with a Jirachi doll who claims to see a lot of things others don't. Perhaps the "canon" for Vero, Alice, Kuro, Lucia, Deci, or Ari is that they - solely - are the heart transplant Reborn desperately needs. As much as the player does some silly things and as much as the player's allies toe the line between good and chaotic, there is the feeling that, from the "hero" perspective, that's the ONLY option. Imagine trying to hold that narrative while pulling some shady stuff like Caltrops and running up to a Pokémon and tazing it. There's definitely story elements that make an anti-hero protagonist idea seem intriguing, and there are times where a challenge in the League would be made easier if we could make like Solaris and pull some crazy stunt. However, the narrative has plans for the character - even if it's the same old putting a silent protagonist on a pedestal. It's probably because - the major pursuit of a Pokémon game seems to be becoming some sort of champion. Go figure.