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  1. I've come to find that I have a painfully hard time out of "letting go" of how I feel about others. This doesn't just apply to relationships with people I care about. I was someone that endured a lot of flak from people growing up because I was very distant, quiet, and not very athletic as a kid - and kids can be the absolute worst at expressing their dislike for you. They don't just say it, that make an example of it at your expense. It took me a long time to let bygones be bygones, but even that still doesn't erase the fact that it happened. As for friendships and romance, well - there's lots of naturally good things in those that nobody would even WANT to let go. This sets up a spectrum of people that have influenced my life in some way or fashion that has left an impression on me. Those experiences, once they have sunk in, don't just disappear through some mental exercise. You don't really "release" those experiences. You do what you can to cope with their existence and keep pushing forward in whatever it is you choose to do. --- Even the most asocial of us have to come to grips with the reality that humans are social beings by nature. If you need to pay for something, in most instances you have to do so with a cashier or telephone representative on the other side of the aisle/call. If you want to gratify your need for entertainment you will often need to talk to people depending on whatever it is you choose to do. Communication - and thus forming relationships and putting yourself at risk of forging bonds - is a side effect of getting by each day.
  2. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a great day ^^

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    Okay, so here are the ramifications that come to mind here. It's stated that the RRocket members joined up together after accomplishing their goals - meaning a kid certainly didn't stop them in their own universes. GIOVANNI thus runs a very successful crime syndicate that spans both Kanto and Johto - if the Rocket presence in Johto is pre-established before the events of Gold and Silver. Giovanni's most marked quality is his ambitiousness, so his forming a league of super villains checks out because it would make sense if he needed still more Pokemon. ARCHIE and MAXIE are rival leaders placed in a seemingly untenable alliance under Giovanni's thumb, but if their world was destroyed by the powers of Groudon and Kyogre (or the Delta Episode's meteor strike, which could happen to either ORAS Hoenn -or- RSE Hoenn depending on if the ORAS Devon Corp. uses their portal machine or not.) it would make sense that Archie and Maxie would be looking for work - and possibly a new home. This would check out if world destruction was a part of these two gentlemens' plans. The two leaders seem to be remorseful in their original games about endangering Hoenn after the two Pokemon are revealed to be more powerful than originally thought. There isn't a reason for either of these two leaders to continue being criminals after what they experience. CYRUS would like have control of Time, Space, and ...Antimatter? Plasma?....what metaphysical substance or thing is Giratina responsible for? The point here is - Cyrus would equate to a god if his plans were to succeed in DPPt. Why turn around and pass on godhood for an admin job under Giovanni? GHETSIS' successful liberation of all Pokemon from Unova is a bit trickier to identify as a success or a failure. It's probably presumed that N becomes "king" of the region, the events of Black and White 2 never happen, and Ghetsis' status is unknown. We do know that N and Ghetsis aren't exactly on the same page, as N is tricked in to doing what he believes is good. Is it possible Ghetsis leaves N to reign over Unova in their universe and carries on his work in Alola in the USUM universe? Maybe. Lysandre and Team Flare's plan is to destroy the world to create one more beautiful. If that succeeds...welll, Lysandre and his goons are probably out of a planet to dwell in, but they do probably survive because of their bunker underground. Would it be reasonable for Lysandre to hop into the Alolan paradise to try again? With a destitute overworld, yeah, it would. UNLESS.... The second time the ultimate weapon is used utterly destroys the planet, killing Lysandre anyway. Faba seems to represent the Aether Foundation's scientist cronies from the first Sun and Moon games in this RRocket group. This checks out more than any of the above, unsurprisingly, because of the three important Aether members (Lusamine, Faba, and Wicke) only Faba seems to remain a tinge malignant with his dislike of children. He also has a mean ambitious streak, and it would make absolute sense for him to turn on Lusamine to further his status. Either the SUMO Faba -or- USUM's Faba would work here - because SuMo Faba is likely still in charge of the Aether Foundation while Lusamine is in Ultra Space and could easily become "President". USUM Faba's character is equally prone due to his inherent ambitiousness. Only about HALF of these "success" stories make sense to me - so I hope this is just some nostalgia thing - or if they have to retcon the series this way, that they figure out a sensible way to do so.
  4. Milk'n'Cookies - I'm going to second this, because Dr. Jenkel's assessment of Karen after she almost literally destroys his soul is easily one of the areas in the game where I laughed the hardest. It was beautiful. It also works thematically, as she's a magician and he's a scientist, and magic is sort of the precursory study of modern sciences with the intent to manipulate the "functions" of the universe to serve humanity (or just one's self, in Karen's case to this point.) --- I like the concept of a relationship system, and it's proven throughout the various "you explained what happened" sequences and decisions you may make in the game (most of which don't matter but hey, illusion of choice is something) identify the player as more of a "mute" protagonist than a "silent" protagonist. This DOESN'T however devalue the claims others make about the player and it doesn't change the dynamic with Melia. DEVIL'S ADVOCATE THOUGH? Melia has the potential to be a tragic heroine. If you haven't finished the end of Ep. 9.....
  5. Fashion per reigon

    An easy way to look at fashion by region is to address player character sprites and the way they dress. Kanto: Red: The Kanto region's fashion sense as depicted by Red may be the most distant from the regional fashion at large. Red is portrayed as a 10 year old boy in the 90's - with rolled up jeans and a button-up vest. He's dressed very much like a normal kid at that time going outside to play. When looking at Red's FR/LG model it looks as if he's matured and decided to wait three Pokemon years (10 real life earth years) and the fashion sense changes slightly with his jeans being baggier and shoe length. Instead of riding a bike, Red looks ready to travel on foot. He trades in the vest and black undershirt for a T-shirt when he gets to Alola. In general, Red provides a simplistic fashion sense throughout, indicating that kids probably were minimalist. This is further backed up by Youngsters and Lasses in this region. Leaf: Leaf makes her debut in Generation III, which features the Hoenn region's vast biomes and need for athletic ability to traverse said biomes. She does a wonderful job at mixing the athletic culture of the early 2000's with Kanto's signature simplicity. She appears to be wearing pumps to wick away sweat from her ankles, but pairs it with a simple top and skirt/skort. Her hat keeps the sun out of her eyes, but it's not specifically "sweat reducing" or made to be worn athletically. It's a culture blend that revolutionized "Blue's" former black dress feminine look into one that was suitable for a Pokemon journey in the region without being overly flashy. Johto: Gold/Ethan: Both Johto protagonists in generation IV seem to provide some sense of "cold" areas in the region. Ethan wears a hoodie/jacket in all of his models, and his generation IV model gives him shorts that are cuffed, which might keep the knees and upper legs warmer than his previous shorts would. His older model gives him sneakers, but he appears to trade those in for slip-ons in Gen IV, providing an aire of "comfort" in the Johto region that, while less minimalist, still provides a sense of freedom later generations don't seem to offer. Lyra: Lyra speaks to the ToJoh area's vast countryside and rural areas more than any other character in game. The overalls indicate that New Bark Town, which is essentially a border town between Johto and Kanto, is supposed to be a small village rather than a city or suburb. Of the two female protagonists offered in Johto games, Lyra opts for comfort over being fashionable or even over function. Overalls are loose, but not so much that they are comparable to Leaf's skirt, and her style is only appreciated in very specific areas. Kris: Kris seems to be before her time. Her appearance shows more skin than Ethan's, which might have been the first take of New Bark's warmer climate than say, Mahogany Town and changed to a country form in the later version. Kris tries to do the same thing Ethan does, mixing athletic functionality with turn-of-the-millennium style, and her sprite really seems like it was an inspiration for what would become May in the next generation. I don't know why it didn't carry over, but it seemed like Kris is the closest thing to a "gender-swap" of the male protagonist in the franchise, and it may have been that in Gen IV it was more important to give Lyra her own style. Hoenn: Brenden: The early 2000's was the dawn of athletic clothing becoming fashionable, stepping out of the shadows from typical casual. However, it was also reconciling the "bright multi-color" style of the time period into more solid colors. R/S Brenden wears straight-up windbreaker pants, a heavy zip up, and a beanie - and all of it doesn't seem to fit Hoenn's relatively warm, semi-tropical climate from the 3rd Gen perspective, but it -did- show that Hoenn was a monstrous region to explore and the player character needed suitable threads for the journey ahead. Emerald Brenden moves to short sleeves, and shorts over skinnier windbreaker pants, while ORAS Brenden opts for a wetsuit look. The ORAS look - to me - is Brenden's best iteration, because it best conveys the athletic challenge of making a Pokemon journey. May: May originally had what appeared to be volleyball shorts or spandex shorts in her original sprite, paired with a stylish short-sleeved zip up and a bandana. She doesn't seemingly change nearly as much in Emerald as Brenden does (except her shirt is flashier), but ORAS May tends to go for less "athletic" chic and more "cute tropic" chic. I find myself liking May's aesthetic all the time, but where Brenden visually improved in my eyes, May was in her element back in 2004. Her spandex were bicycle friendly (and biking was a pretty big deal in Hoenn) and she matched her male counterpart without looking like her male counterpart in function. May in ORAS may have more individuality, but she also seems less prepared for her journey. (can't talk about Sinnoh much, but it looks like Platinum is a visual improvement for both sprites - given as it's the first region to really incorporate winter weather. I don't really like the DP sprites much.) Unova: Hilbert: Hilbert exemplifies urban casual. He has a typical zip up hoodie like thing, a ballcap, jeans, and it just oozes "urban". The first entries into the 5th generation wanted to provide the notion of traveling a vast city saturated area, and there's not much else to say. Hilbert looks like a dude you meet on the subway. Hilda: Significally less warm than Hilbert, Hilda follows the typical trend for female protagonists to look "comfortable". The difference between Hilda and Dawn/May/Lyra, is that Hilda -also- pulls off the "owning it" aspect of fashion. The other girls dress comfortable because they are going on a Pokemon journey and it's practical. Hilda dresses comfortable because she's genuinely comfortable already. The high tops are indicative of attitude. She doesn't necessarily dress like a gang member, but of all the protagonists' likelihoods of joining a gang in Reborn, someone would probably pick Hilda out of a line up. She dresses as if Unova is "her turf." Pride is something that is...oddly enough, very fitting of Unova's American source material. Nate: It's around here that athletic clothing has become "the normal style" - and the BW2 protagonists are the best representatives of "athletic casual". Nate wears wetsuit leggings underneath comfortable shorts, but those could also argued as some sort of compression shorts - which are currently quite popular with men who live active lifestyles here in the States. The zip up shirt is more loose than Brenden's and the visor is something people often wear on golf courses and tennis courts, but can also be used just to keep the sun out of the eyes. Visors make more sense in urban settings, because the goal isn't to keep things out of your hair in city environments. Rosa: Rosa literally wears some sort of yoga pant/legging thing that is just "America, today."... at least on college campuses. I really like Rosa because she's the perfect blend of practical and absurd. Her dress is something most women around that age wear. it's comfortable, can serve athletic purposes, but is currently an "in" fashion outside of the gym too. What Game Freak does with the visor fashion is a real first for protagonists, because they are allowed to have hairstyles that are significantly more attributed to Japanese animation. Rosa's hair is basically Sailor Moon's if she were a brunette, and it's one of her most striking features, but the conservative color and appropriate dress cancel out the feeling that she's overdone. Kalos: Calem: The big city casual look returns! Calem leaves all of the super "fashionable" stuff to Serena from the outset of the journey. The only thing that really defines base Calem is the sunglasses as a head ornament. The argument can be made however, that Calem is more subdued because men don't tend to dress like a peacock in comparison to women - but thankfully, Kalos gives you the option to as a main selling point of the game if players are so inclined. I do want to point out the high top boots Calem has here. Those boots are very suitable for snowy climates, and Europe I would imagine gets more snow than the United States does. Essentially, for guys, the message seems to be that practicality is the pinnacle of male fashion. Serena: This, is the city slicker touristy look that is what Kalos is all about. If you look at a map of Kalos, all roads seem to lead to Lumiose City, which effectively relegates the region as one that is arguably the most urban-centric of them all. Serena here seems very prepared to visit the sights and rest at the cafes and shop till she's out of Pokedollars (....Yes, I know the feeling. If Reborn wants to be cruel, Ame should add boutiques to the game on top of her economic system.) Her look is the defining look of Gen VI, where "fashion is everything." Alola Sun: Probably right up there with Calem for "most basic" protagonist. There's not a lot here that is really indicative of Sun being an Alolan citizen. It's implied they are from Kanto in the story, and that makes sense as his shorts tend to resemble Gen IV Ethan's a small bit, with even....warmer...cuffs. Honestly, the Sun and Moon protagonists were probably in NEED of a trip to the clothing stores, so it's nice that Lillie makes you stop at almost all of them. The fashions in the shops have been covered in the post above, except Sun here gets a choice to dress conservatively or stylishly. Moon: At least Moon TRIES. There's a lot to like about her initial clothing set. Her simple green shorts are appropro for island adventuring, and her loose floral shirt tied up can easily fit over her water riding gear. The high top shoes are garish however, and the beanie/coral hat seems to suit a much less tropical climate. I really like both of the Alola protags here, but the message seems to be that they both have fashion faux pas, so you need to go fix it yourself. Not cool, GameFreak. Ray (The given name in the trailers for the Male protagonist of UltraSuMo): Second time's the charm. Fisherman's hat, Board shorts, tank, wetsuit, slip on shoes. There it is! Ailey (The given name in the trailers for the Female protagonist of UltraSuMo): Ailey seems to focus on being a tourist as opposed to Ray's focus on being an adventurer or an athlete. She's going boater hat, floral tank, shorts, and a really neat set of sandles. Both of these protagonists do it right this time.
  6. Can I just say...

    TEEEEECHNICALLY As someone who is uninterested in talking about emerging gender identifiers or lack there of - I would say this is cutting edge game customization and appreciate it in the Reborn region's own reality. It also takes the focus away from "gender" and more on "appearance" - which I feel is what players today "really" care about. In a Pokemon game, the gender symbol isn't a sign of emerging identity or any sort of struggle, it's just a symbol. It shouldn't be restricted to specific appearances, because that effectively pigeon-holes non-binary individuals into a specific "appearance", which probably isn't a realistic portrayal of a NB person.
  7. I forgot to mention this - but Aevis' darker greens are cool - but don't look totally familiar. He looks a completely new sprite - and perhaps that's where the "bland" comes from with him. Aevis used to have this neon green "highlight" color that at least made his old sprite have -some- pop to him. He looks rugged, like a soldier now - which to me looks a little silly when Nancy will spend several important scenes standing next to him in her high-class attire. Rugged is an "in" fashion though - I would agree Aevis needs some flash. Aevia is "the flashier" of the white folks because ...well, pink hair. That one's unavoidable. I have to admit that the black leggings are cool, and I can live with the plain blue hoodie wrapped around the waist (i hope that becomes a fashion a female protagonist in a main series game tries.) What might help Aevia is making her overshirt one of two things. 1. A baseball tee kinda like Rosa from Black and White 2 wears. The sleeves would be a powder-blue (similar to Yancy, again), and there's either a number or graphic on the front of the shirt 2. A graphic t-shirt, with a more pronounced graphic. This one may be harder to sprite though.
  8. Starting with the good, I like Aria and Axel a lot here, Jan. Axel does indeed look like his own character now and his hair doesn't look off on the over-world sprite anymore. Aria's always looked cool (I have a thing for the color red.) I like Aevis' hair style here - a lot. I just wish it wasn't. a black. hair color. A blonde for a conservative color or a light green for something a bit more out there would play better to Aevis' green highlights and his sprite wouldn't get lost in dark places. It does get rid of the issue of his hat having too much detail on the sprite - but removing his hat causes a personal problem I'll cover i a bit. It seems like only Aevia and Alain (I think?) are the only ones who are allowed to have a hair color other than black. That's four of the six player sprites that share that trait. Talk about dominant and recessive. Aevia's old short sleeved hoodie was neat - and I think would have been something that could have rolled over from her old sprite and still worked with leggings. While I'm thankful her hair is still pink, it's also kinda....."the same" as several other long-haired women in the game. Her side sprites look like "pink Venam" at the very least. Her battle sprite looks very good however, and I can live with a miniskirt becoming leggings due to Aevium's pretty expansive natural areas. --- YES. DO KEEP THE LEGACY SPRITES. This is more of a personal appeal than anything else. Aevia and Aevis had very CLEAR inspirations (from my vantage point anyway) from Curtis and Yancy and their sprites may not have been as "original" as these new takes - but they to informed these were good sprites that brought back fond memories of other games. Perhaps Aevia was changed so much because people didn't see Yancy in her sprite and instead saw....well, Nancy, and thought of her as a carbon copy of another character in the game? I will always miss Aevia's hat now, and while "tha curtis" hat looked odd in the 3rd gen sprite form, I still think a ballcap suits Aevis more than not having a hat at all. I'm someone that sees the similarities and "possible" inspirations to those sprites, where others may not though.
  9. If I'm not mistaken... the conversation (as far as I am concerned) was about the potential shortcomings of the Help Center Quest involving the Love Letter. I couldn't HOPE - nor would I bother - trying to convince people on the bigger issue of how people are treated in the LGBTQ community at large. I will apologize for breaking format - but in the event Jan takes criticism from the forum into consideration, my criticism (as well as the criticism in the worst categories of the rest of us!) is intended to help Jan make his game as awesome as his ideas for the game are. That's the interest I have pursued in this discourse.
  10. Do mind my terseness here - writing on my phone away from a keyboard. Thought your post warranted a response, Winter! 1. Nowhere in either of my posts was I trying to say LGBTQ individuals are not welcome to be in games. That is an epidemic that is much worse than the situation this quest causes in the entire video game industry. This includes unsexed characters that are present. The goal should be normalcy and not shock value. My argument is that the quest has no other value other than pointing out the male is crushing on another male. There's no fleshed out reasoning (like the letter writer being embarrassed on multiple fronts) to provide a story behind the quest. And THAT makes its presentation undermine the effect and appear heavy handed to the straight, cis individual more than any intent Jan may or may not have had. 2. I am not asserting Ame or Jan made any political statement through their respective games. I -am- pointing out that Ame's work takes the risk of interpretation (probably in memory of the people that inspire her work) flagrantly and that Rejuvenation is inspired by Reborn in general - not because it projects a specific political message. It's all in interpretation - two people don't see the same thing. That's something that's very important to recognize so we don't talk past each other! 3. Reborn - as a result of it being written out of the memory of others and not out of malice - ignores equivalence. It's been viewed by countless others as mildly progressive in some shape or form because there's not nearly as much representation of Men or Heterosexual relations or the like in the story. Ame has no need to change her narrative here! It's just the risk of interpretation that her work runs. 4. As of right now - Jan's game isn't rife with progressive imagery, so there's risk for the quest in question to stick out in a world that is not Reborn's - which does a better job of portraying the "normalcy" of LGBTQ presence by making said presence large. Without depth, the love letter quest only has a summery of "secret admirer LIKES a guy - and may be embarrassed about it?" Would have been nice to have the player character (even if it doesn't reflect the view of the player) meet the guy multiple times in a run around quest and assure them that loving a guy is okay rather than having this feeling the quest was half baked. 5. The only issue with the quest is it's length. That is what makes everything else suspect when it shouldn't be. This is not really arguable because I am one example of a person that felt like it was supposed to be a shock value quest. 6. If you are a human, you should be treated like one. Unfortunately - not everyone agrees on one list of human rights. That's an issue we as a species have to iron out. Together. 7. My assertion that it's ham-fisted is not merely within the gay couple being there. It's the lack of supporting context. When the only thing that is to be interpreted is "oh. He's gay." and there isn't much of an explanation or follow through to adaquatly close the quest - then the player is left to wonder why Jan wrote the quest in that manner. If it is an implied "Gay people are normal" meaning why is the letter writer gone and replaced by a lady representing him? Why does the recipient question the player's outlook on the couple? Is it normal or should the attention be brought to the instance by these characters? Again. The quest fails to answer the question. FWIW, I can buy Jan playing the implied card. I just think it's a bad presentation if that's the case. 8. I'm fine with LGBTQ characters in video games. Vivian from Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door is in my top 10 characters in games. And he is done some huge injustice in the English version of the game. Needless to say - such characters don't ruin a game to me.
  11. The main reason -I- was disappointed by the quest was because it had so much potential as a back and forth "messenger" quest that could feature some hilarious dialogue and maybe even more "important" facets such as NPCs in the story (kinda like Karen in the Starly quest.) The length matters because it's breifness only features the surprise that the character you were supposed to look for is also a male sprite. Bam! Here's a homosexual relationship! Yes. That's actually the point! ....and the only "gameplay" reasoning this provides is that some players may actually be looking for a clearly female sprite and walk right past the guy multiple times. I mentioned Reborn because it's a game that is much more flagrant in displaying progressive ideas and (for any reason) -is- listed as an inspiration for Rejuvenation. Not only is the player able to be non binary, there is at least one major NPC as well - which makes genderfluidity less of a subtle concept and more of a highlight of the game. Amaria and Titania's relationship is a major story point, and the only hetero relationship that comes close is the "potential" pairing of Hardy and Aya. Most major characters are women and most "allies" by FAR are women. Reborn would sell VERY well with people that champion those things or identify with them - but it may be too "ham-fisted" and direct to others. --- It may be that I just don't identify with the pair in the quest - but I would rather the point of a quest NOT be a simple "hey gay people need wingmen too" reminder. It would have been fun to have the recipient and the author of the letter communicate through you and the lady that represents the author. The quests lack of length causes the fact that the recipient is a guy to stand out. If it's NOT meant to be a political statement - it would be very helpful to involve a more natural "conversation" (or in this case a runaround between two parties) that any couple would have. As of right now it is 1. Start Quest. 2. Oh, he's gay, that's cool. 3. That's it?
  12. Man was the love letter quest a letdown. Even if Rejuvenation was going to be inspired by Reborn- having a progressive relationship be the "surprise" feels so ham-fisted. The "secret-admiree" even makes an aggressive "so what if I'm a guy?" response if you talk to him again. This doesn't get people to be more accepting of same-sex relationships - and further alienates people who are trying to accommodate them within their worldview peacefully. It comes off as picking a fight - when it was my understanding those in the LGBTQ community just want to live their lives and have people let them. Unfornately - it's not just fan games that trip over the borderline political statement tripwire. Triple-A titles are just as prone to aggressively push ideas and doctrines around. With main characters it oversells them, and with characters like Mr. Love Letter Recipient it's liable to be pointless anyway.
  13. Story Best: A Mother's Sacrifice, A [Player's] Purpose. What? You mean, the Blacksteeple Castle is actually where you would argue the best part of the game is? Yes - because of the implications. Despite being inspired by Reborn, Jan breaks from Ame's abrupt introduction of a family-less player character with no/yet-revealed background thrust into a situation beyond their control and opts to provide the character a mother who is easily recognizable, and then follow up by building said character into a progressed parent who sheds her meekness she had as a child in order to protect their kid. This mother ultimately isn't killed however, and is seen again as a slave for Team Xen that has the particular interest of some high ranking Xen officials. When the player finds themselves reunited with their mother, they are able to liberate her and make a serious effort in escape - in search of the unity and clean slate for their trip to Aevium. Unfortunately, an even higher force among Xen runs through Mom in a lunge for the player's life - and she dies in the only way that would be acceptable. She then reappears twice, as the guise of an imposter and as a shade, to prod the player on their quest through Aevium, never really letting them forget where they came from -and what they fight for. "Rejuvenation" provides -US- with more importance beyond that which we give ourselves than "Reborn" does, and it's one of the game's strongest story implications as a result. Jan wants us to know - "we matter too." Outside of our own spheres, the Blacksteeple Sacrifice also leads to positive character worth to NPCs such as Tesla, who searches for Nancy at the beginning of the game on your behalf and offers you a permanent residence and her motherly love after Nancy's death. Worst: "Pokémon: High School" - Shofu This segment of the game could alternatively be called "Finding Amber", and it's essentially supposed to be a light hearted nod to childish characters like Venam and flesh out her incident with "Dogars!" that Amber requests you find before she can even entertain the thought of battling you - which she never does. It instead turns into "Mommy Issues: the Movie" and ends with Team Xen swiping a dejected daughter away from her mother - the same person who in this mess of a goose chase offers YOU motherhood as well. This whole incident is completely contrived to set up the Valor Mountain arc even more than it already needed to be (because the player already needed to save Nim) and it ends up HARMING characters like Venam and Tesla (who serves as a petty antagonist that drives Amber's blood pressure up/damages Tesla's motherly ability she tries to offer you by having Amber undercut said motherhood viciously and then having Tesla fail to protect her daughter from Xen in negligence.) On top of this, Venam, Melia, and Saki are all aware Amber's childish behavior is roadblocking your need for a gym badge, and they all agree to sate Amber's lust for "humiliation" so the plot can progress. When VENAM is giving off "lets just get this over with" vibes - you are a terrible character and the plot isn't getting helped much. Map Design Best: Routes - literally all of them. The most seamless reminder Rejuvenation is a Pokémon game is the beautiful routes Aevium has. Golden leaves, Flora's multi-colored trees, beaches, jungles, deserts, forests. Oh my goodness. Jan, you took the most boring areas in a Pokémon game and made them worth visiting. Kudos. Gearen and Grand Dream City deserve honorable mentions as massive metropolises. I love urban areas and I like seeing them in Pokémon games. Worst: Any area with entrances and exits that don't seem very clear. Sometimes, it's hard to know where to go next, even within the boundaries of a specific room or map. The Church of Theolia seems pretty straightforward - but it's only an honorable mention because the Angie stained glass and the throwback to Virbank City's Pokémon Gym are great map areas within it. Characters: Best: Nancy (a.k.a. Mom) This is probably a little biased, but if you have played through the Yancy/Curtis sidequest in Black2/White2 you might remember "Yancy" as the incognito young girl whose X-transceiver you find in Nimbasa City if you played as the male protagonist. Yancy is incredibly shy, probably due to having to keep her secret - that she's actually the female Unovan Idol - Nancy (which is where the name comes in) and that she can't be out too long because she's always busy with work. Yancy's meekness in Black and White 2 contrasts very nicely with the quiet confidence exhibited by Rejuvenation Nancy. She's grown - she's got good Pokémon, and she's got tangible reasoning to fight and to do whatever she can for. She shows a degree of growth from between the two games you wouldn't pick up if you never played BW2 or if you never did the sidequest. If you played as Rosa instead of Nate in BW2, you get a similar character in Curtis, who is one of the BEST candidates for the role of the player's unknown father in Rejuvenation. Where Nancy's looks are clearly bestowed to Aevia, Aevis rocks a green highlighted dark set of clothing similar to Curtis' same exact fashion sense. She clearly is "Nancy" in these games - as your mother is identified by various other NPCs as "the famous superstar" that was aboard the S.S. Oceana. It's another striking display of growth, as Nancy would call herself "Yancy" to hide that fact in plain sight beforehand. Finally, she serves her purpose in the most heart-tugging way anyone in the story can - and your character stews on the fact for three days aboard Madame X's ship afterwards alone. Hallmark character in this game. Easily. Worst: Melia Melia is a horse long beaten at this point - and many of her detractors have solid points that I'm not going to repeat here - but I do think she will grow out of her "Mary Sue" nature in future episodes. She does have strong character points due to exposure being frequent, such as having a short temper and having a genuine relationship with Venam that supercedes being perfect and having powers. Venam's demise at the end of the current episode will put all of Melia's flaws on display as a formerly faultless character utterly broken - and thus - she just might become the tragic epic hero that people come to respect. On her most common "negatives" - she may have some hope at the end of the tunnel. My issue with Melia, is that she's a spotlight hog. Xen seems to think Melia is more important than you are. Venam might think you are less important than Melia even though it's you who happens to save her life multiple times. Ren is pushed over the ledge of the player's good graces by the player, while Melia's being alive or not seems to matter in whether he stays with the "good guys". Melia is the person who ends up saving the slaves at Blacksteeple, while her late entrance costs the player their own mother's life and robs their family of the credit they probably deserved in part. It's not unusual for a Pokémon game to feature another character as the protagonist -as Sun and Moon provide us with Lillie. However, Lillie is a weak character who needs the player character to prop them up until it's time for her to grow. Melia starts off without any faults, and while the player character may still prop her up, she doesn't have much to really break her early on. If it weren't for Melia seeing your value as an ally and constantly trying to get you the TMs and badges you need to help her, she would serve as a direct opponent fighting you for your title as the protagonist. Side-quests: Best so far: The Hidden Library series This series features characters ranging from Karrina to Karen, and is one of the most visually pleasing group of Help Center quests in the game. It provides access to Elgym, the Ancient Book (which provides the player with more goodies) super early, the Good Rod, and some fantastic dialogue that establishes a character that may be really important down the road. Worst: The Kecleon Shop Heist This is a trap quest - and it's reward of a Blue Moon Ice Cream is significant to Rebornians because that Ice Cream is particularly rare and helpful in the players' experience. On top of that, it's a nice reference to Pokémon: Mystery Dungeon, in which stealing from Kecleon is usually not a good idea. The reason this quest is bad is that it could cost the player some serious money if they try to do the quest early and fail repeatedly. It almost punishes players who acknowledge the Help Center's existence and try to complete every mission as they find it - which often results in the quest getting skipped. Kecleon also doesn't actually take the money they request you pay for it out of good faith - which actually feels really bad if the player tries to do the quest, and opts to wait until they can pay up. It's unfortunate.

    Ultra Megopolis is actually a city. Whoa. "Adhesive" not only is a smol, it's also the first UB to be monotype. Mind Blown is a silly name for a move. I love it.

    What. A hype. Trailer. Theme: Light vs. Dark The emphasis on "Light" here is interesting. In the maiden voyage through Alola, we saw Solgaleo and Lunala juxtapose Light and Dark through the classic celestial body imagery that corresponded to the title of the game you played. Here, Solgaleo and Lunala BOTH represent light - literally as those celestial bodies. Both potential evolutions for Nebby are opposed to Necrozma. The Japanese seems to indicate that Necrozma absorbs light - and that this spacesuit crew wants to take away the light of Alola. Dynamic Kahunas: We see Hala reprise his role as Koko's assistant against the Ultra Beasts - but we also see Nanu find himself face to face with Guzzlord in an cutscene not previously seen. Those of you that played through the UB missions know that Nanu once was on the UB task force and has history with Guzzlord - so this cutscene - even if it happens during Lusamine's forcing Nebby to open the Ultra Wormholes - appears to be an Easter egg to the first game. It also would prepare the player for the post game. Speculation: The New UBs land on Akala Island. Continuing the theme of more involved Kahunas would be to involve the lone remaining one (at that point in the story!) in Olivia. The location Assembly and the disco ball thing land in is sunny and green, which seems more lush than Poni would be. There also isn't a Kahuna on Poni when the Ultra Wormholes are opened, leaving Tapu Fini to either join Nanu and Bulu or without aid in that case. Here, Olivia and Tapu Lele could be the bookend to that cutscene. Drawn: There is FINALLY an evil team in Alola. One that appears to genuinely WANT to cause destruction unlike Aether and Skull. One that SPECIFICALLY wants the light to disappear. They dress in spacesuits. Their skin is very pale. They will survive an earth's demise. Not everyone else. And Necrozma makes the perfect tool to shut the earth down. Flip the Script: Guzma seems to be carrying Lusamine away in the trailer, perhaps indicating that Skull has a different or competing benefactor this time around. Gladion: "If Mom dies as well" Gladion particularly has a disconnect from Lusamine in Sun and Moon. Here, he refers to her as Mom. Also. DEATH? Speculation: Skull betrays Aether and kidnaps Lusamine. Skull is being footed by Team Spacesuit. Location: Mount Lanakila Pokemon League. The League's champion room seems to be housing Dusk Mane Necrozma. Gameplay: Travelling through Ultra Space Perhaps the legendaries allow us to drive stick in pursuit of Team Spacesuit. They seen to be opposite of Nebby, who gets captured by Necrozma. MAYBE it's a post game feature that allows us visit "mirage spots" where non Alolan legendaries are located. New: Kukui and Alola's darkness