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  1. EXLink32

    FE on the Forums: Scarlet Crown [IC]

    Argos was angry that his second attack just barely missed the mage, but his anger quickly became awe as Rhian just pinned the guy with her arrow. He starred wide eye'd at the armored archer, you could see the sparkles in his eyes. "Wow Rhian, you really are something! How did you become just a hot shot with a bow!?!?" Admiration drenched his voice as he spoke.
  2. EXLink32

    Fire Emblem On Forums: Mortal Transgressions (OOC)

    "An honor to be of service. I do not plan to be a burden however, so please do not hesitate to make a request!"
  3. EXLink32

    FE on the Forums: Scarlet Crown [IC]

    "Teh, not bad. I guess you're better than I gave you credit for." The boy tanked the fire ball keeping his stance firm. "But it'll take more than that to bring me down! En garde!" He runs forth creating a wall between the mage and his allies approaching from the east. He will protect them AND this village! Move to K8 and defeat the mage!
  4. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  5. EXLink32

    FE on the Forums: Scarlet Crown [IC]

    "Aw come on Rhian, you can't handle walking through a some trees? Can't blame you, it's a lot tougher than dealing with these weaklings!" The boy continued forward, making his own way through. "Grrrr... I can't believe they're attacking the town now. This isn't right! They have nothing do with this!" The lad growled, "Don't know why I expected they'd have a smidgen of honor." He then turned his blade to the northern treeline "I'm also referring to you mage. Don't think you can hide from my eye within those trees! Come on and show me what your puny magic can do! That is if you can even aim it properly!" Argos moves to J10 and absolutely taunts mage 3 by being Argos
  6. EXLink32

    FE on the Forums: Scarlet Crown [IC]

    "Ugh... head spinning..." Argos mumbled to himself as he laid in the dirt path coming out from the bridge. He could see a shimmering light then everything in his sight starts to stabilize. He lifted his back off the ground looking around trying to figure out what happened. Last he remembered he was ganged up on by two guys with lances. Wait that's right they were in combat! He looked frantically for his sword, luckily it was still beside him. He picked it up and used it as a sort of crutch to help him off the ground. He could see the light once more a soothing feeling afterward. Looking to his right he saw Verden taking care of his wounds. "Ah, thanks my jolly comrade! Sorry for the hassle, but this shall not happen again! ... hopefully!" He spoke to the priest before raising his sword in the air with his right hand. "Now to unleash the fury my blade on our foes! For I am, ARGOS! THE INVOKER OF MAYHEM!" With that he charged after the nearest foe and proceeded to make his assault. Argos moves to M11 and attack Merc 1
  7. EXLink32

    (OOC + Signups) Pokemon Dark White

    Reserved. UwU
  8. EXLink32

    [IC] TotM:DC "Terraria: A fresh start"

    Rending Strike on WHoard 3 and WMage 3 dealing 2d6+2d4+2+Dex Cold damage. 25% Lifesteal due to Perk Loadout
  9. EXLink32

    [IC] TotMV:G^2: Clash of Fate: beginning/end (Group A)

    Jade does the 'Ace of Spades' basic weapon attack on Tiamat dealing (3d6+25)*1.5 Damage with a 25% chance to deal Triple damage 26% Dodge Chance
  10. EXLink32

    [IC] TotM:DC "Terraria: A fresh start"

    Move 1: Toshiro creates a wall of force that throws Mage 1 & 2 back and deals 2d4+2 Fire damage to each Move 2: Toshiro stabs Mage 1 (Mage 2 if 1 is dead) with his phaseblade (Skewering Blade) dealing 2d6+1d4+2 Fire/Necrotic damage that ignores Res and attacks made with it inflict "Cauterize" for one round, reducing the effectiveness of healing by 25% on that target. Move 3: Toshiro stabs Mage 1 (Mage 2 if 1 is dead [Mage 3 if 2 is dead]) with his phaseblade (Skewering Blade) dealing 2d6+1d4+2 Fire/Necrotic damage that ignores Res and attacks made with it inflict "Cauterize" for one round, reducing the effectiveness of healing by 25% on that target. Loadout
  11. EXLink32

    [IC] TotMV:G^2: Clash of Fate: beginning/end (Group A)

    Hold action until after Soryn Jade does the 'Ace of Spades' basic weapon attack on Bel Lahmu B dealing (3d6+25)*1.5 Damage with a 25% chance to deal Triple damage 26% Dodge Chance
  12. EXLink32

    FE on the Forums: Scarlet Crown [IC]

    "Defend the bridges huh? I don't think you know you're situation right now." Argos cracks his knuckles, "Listen well, you face ARGOS, THE INVOKER OF MAYHEM!... and the Allied Guard. No bridge defense in the universe is going to stop us! Now taste my blade!" The swordsman charges forward crossing the bridge before leaping at the mage, doing a 360 degree horizontal sword slash. Move to O13 and attack Mage 2
  13. EXLink32

    Fire Emblem on the Forums: Deceitful Turnabout [IC]

    Eventually, everyone gets their chance to earn a slumber free from the fear of what hardships and grueling labor tomorrow might be. Rather they are free to relax once again. However, all of our stories heroes, no matter their current location seem to all have the same dream this night. As soon as everyone in the group arises they begin to pack everything up. Strangely enough, when everyone awoke, Zentilin had a bag filled with new weapons for the group. How he was able to acquire those in the night is a mystery of itself. Oilver and Krian too agree to keep in charge of the cart, taking turns pulling it as continues forward though the forest. They had to make it out and back onto the main road while also being wary of any soldiers who were out looking for them. However, no one could have expected what was going to happen next. Everything looked cleared so far. They haven't been caught yet and have been making good headway. It was evening and the sun was beginning to set. Zentilin had put his hood back up, why he was so eager to conceal his face no one in the group knew. "We should be able to get to the main road before nightfall, if we keep at this pace." But just as he said it the ground started to shake and a plume of dark purple and snow white energy rose out from the tops of the trees. The purple energy was definitely some sort of dark magic, not unlike what Zentilin had been uses. "What in the Goddess' name was that!?" Without a moments hesitation the group headed towards the sight of the explosion, it seemed almost like the wind itself was pushing them there as they felt a strong gust at their back urging them forward. By the time they arrived most of the dust had settled and they could clearly see the remains of a large carriage. Along with that many bodies of what seem to be a mix of soldiers and prisoners. Some were pale due to the loss of their life energy while others were half cinders. There seems to be one man that survived the attack, however, clutching a lance in his hands. Though it seems he didn't come out unscathed and there are noticeable wounds on him. Not like they others though, they seemed to be more like wounds left by blades. Rusty may now introduce his character!
  14. EXLink32

    FE on the Forums: Scarlet Crown [IC]

    "So this Warrior's Village houses great swordsmen? Heh, maybe I can convince everyone to stay there for a bit. I want to test my sword arm against everyone in there, and raise the infamy of my name!" Argos thought gleefully to himself and he couldn't help but grow a huge smile on his face. Though he has a job to do here first, he crept towards the western bridge trying to make as little noise as possible. Move to R12
  15. EXLink32

    [IC] TotM:DC "Terraria: A fresh start"

    Using the Guide's advice, Toshrio activates his Dash to to quickly and efficiently maneuver around the western front and cut through both of the goblin hoards, leaving a fiery blue trail in his wake. As a Free action Toshiro activates his Dash Tech to increase his Dex by 1.5 for 1 Turn, 3 Turn cooldown The Fishman then uses Rending Strike on the two Western hoards, 1 Turn cooldown (2d6+2d4+26 Cold Damage) [When this weapon successfully deals damage it inflicts a Frostburn effect(not to be confused with IceFire) that deals 2d3 cold damage at the start of the user's next turn.]