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  1. Sheep

    [E17 Spoilers]Relationship Variable Guide

    There's a discrepancy in the first and second posts. In the first one not giving Adrienn the Ruby Ring only results in gaining a point with Cain. Whereas listed under Adrienn in the second post it says you can lose a point with him by not giving him the Ruby Ring.
  2. Shellos and Gastrodon are first obtainable on Azurine Island, and thus before Aya. Also it's possible to do the Plume/Cover Fossil event before battling Serra. I just did. I'm not quite sure what the trigger for it is, but it's the last thing I've done before challenging Serra. Therefore Archeops and Carracosta are both obtainable before Serra.
  3. Sheep

    What do you want the next starters type to be?

    Specially offensive Water/Bug with Water Bubble and Thunderbolt please.
  4. Sheep

    Assorted bugs

    Here's an update with a few more things. The Forest Field Read-Out doesn't say anything about boosting the power of special bug type attacks, even though the field itself works that way. The Download ability doesn't show the boosting animation when it gives you a stat boost, it only gives you the text. A few of the boss battles aren't saving their aces until last. Cain's Nidoking tends to come out early (unless that's not supposed to be his ace) same with Fern's Roserade. There's also the pokemon gang battles where the Scrafty and Scolipede will come out before the extra smaller variants. And the Aqua Gang boss went straight to his Sharpedo after losing his Pelipper, leaving a rather anticlimactic showdown with his Wartortle to clean up. And the AI has a few issues left over in general as well. The double battles with Shelly in the Orphanage would frequently see the opponents switching out at low health, only to bring them back out after something died, and then immediately switch them out for a second time. Not sure what it thinks it's doing, but it gives away a lot of free hits. There's also ZEL's Glaceon, which thought it was a good idea to click Mirror Coat 3 times in a row vs a fully physical Serperior. I had Nature Power if that matters, but in the Factory Field that's Gear Grind anyway. It let me set up 3 Coils and then sweep the entire team.
  5. Sheep

    [E17] Minor Errors

  6. Sheep

    [E17] Minor Errors

    I'd imagine there's supposed to be something in front of can. Edit: There's also a linebreak here. Dunno if anyone else has already reported it. The whole conversation with Cain is odd if I'm honest. He starts referring to Aya as her even though Aya has never come up in the conversation before that point. Dunno if it's intentional because of his dislike of her or unintentional given that I think the dialogue has been edited? Either way it struck me as weird so I thought I'd bring it up. Also also I just fought a Golett and it used the fearsome move Stomp Tantrum. Is that because of a character limit? Or a mistake?
  7. Sheep

    Assorted bugs

    Firstly, just a few notes I've jotted down while playing the game. Some of this probably belongs in the minor bugs thread but I'm making a thread here anyway for some more major stuff so I may as well include them. Mirage Tower, Suigaline (Sugaline?) Cave, and Azurine Lake don't have any location labels (the things that drop down when you enter a new area). The music cuts out after a battle with a Foongus on the new Azurine Island. Not sure about the first time you visit. You can get the music back by changing tile sets or finding a wild encounter. This also happens after some wild encounters in the Crysolia Springs (might be a floor related thing). Some of the transitions from overworld to battle screen don't look too great on larger screen sizes. Not sure how easy it would be to rectify that. Now for the more important stuff. It's possible to get trapped here: https://imgur.com/iEqXxx5 if you save the game behind there and then load it up at night time. The main issue is that the event only triggers by approaching it from one side and not the other. Obviously you could get out if you could trigger the event from both sides. This one was really weird: https://prnt.sc/i3dgki My man's taunting these Garchomps with no fear. What happened was that I went in and fought a whole bunch of Garchomps because I thought you had to and my entire team ended up wiped after killing 5 or 6 of them. When I came back the ones I'd beaten were gone and the others would still make the noises that trigger the event, but they wouldn't move off their starting tiles no matter what I did. Guess they were all shook. Seriously though it looks like blacking out and then coming back breaks the event.
  8. Sheep

    [E17] Minor Errors

    Some minor bugs that I've found so far. Some of them might have been posted already (particularly the E17 content) but I did try to omit any that I saw earlier in the thread. There's also a whole bunch of older screenshots I found on my computer that I don't think I ever uploaded. From the looks of them they date back to the end of 2016 but given the long time frame between updates they may still be relevant.
  9. Heal Ho-Oh, hurt Zygarde. Mewtwo: 21 Lugia: 24 Ho-Oh: 13 Kyogre: 15 Groudon: 20 Rayquaza: 15 Palkia: 12 Dialga: 23 Giratina: 27 Reshiram: 21 Zekrom: 24 Kyurem: 23 Xerneas: 3 Yveltal: 23 Zygarde: 17 Solgaleo: 17 Lunala: 10 Necrozma: 15
  10. If you use Sunny Day on a Snowy Mountain field the sun will last for 8 turns as intended, but the last few (I'm assuming once it exceeds Sunny Day's original duration) have no text indicator to go with them. It's still pretty obvious that it's happening because it plays the animation, but the text that usually goes with it is blank. Same thing probably happens with Hail as well, and it might even carry over onto the regular Mountain field as well as weather extending items. Not sure, didn't test it. Just something I noticed.
  11. Speedwagon is the real MVP.

  12. I just played the imperial march on a frog on youtube. What the hell?

    1. Combat


      I found that video about a year ago, and adore it. For anyone wondering, I'll include it. You need to go to the source to get the right notes though.


  13. My current state of mind, having just submitted my last assignment for a few weeks: 


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      sounds about right

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      this makes me wanna watch Jojo Part one and two again

  14. you know your avatar shill has a xmas hat, right?

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      Sure I do.

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      Hukuna the Undying

      I'd have made a Christmas in July joke but it ain't July yet... soooooooooo...

  15. When you look at the recently browsing list, see Vanitas next to Zumi, misread it and think Vinny's come back again.

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      Hukuna the Undying

      Ripper roo my dude. They say he's still out there somewhere.

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