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  1. Azeria

    Pokenations Sets n' Trick by Reignited'Light

    Rachi (Jirachi) @ Leftovers Ability: Serene Grace EVs: 240 HP / 204 SpD / 64 Spe Careful Nature - Iron Head - Wish - King's Shield - Heart Swap This is the Jirachi set used in the Yinyang vs Dragoknight game. Me, Skitty and Drago came up with it as a result of Drago's team struggling hard to check sweepers like Celesteela and Magearna, especially Magearna. With Heart Swap, it could easily shut down any Magearna variant that did not carry Z-Shadow Ball. 64 speed evs were used to outspeed Timid Magearna, incidentally also outspeed Jolly Band Scizor. High special defense investment allowed it to check most special threats bar Specs Primarina's Steam Eruption. It would also provide Wish support for the main cleaner in Keldeo alongside allowing Zygarde to come in more frequently. In practise it did exactly what it needed to, though unfortunately it's efforts fell short due to Drago misplaying with it during the most crucial bit of the game. Set was cool enough that I thought it was worth posting tho.
  2. Azeria

    PokeNations 3: Week 3- STABBYMONS

    I. ECLIPSE v/s ZION - Zion 2/3 or 1/4 Singles OU Kamina vs Void - Void Hycrox vs FraRPetO - Frarpeto Bibs vs Swampellow - Could go either way Krim vs Trevore - Krim Zahk vs EternalLight_95 - Eternal Light Subs: Lowkey, Jericho/Sir Merpalot, CrimsonDragon III. POLARIS v/s ZODIAC - 3/2 for Polaris or 3/2 for Zodiac. Singles OU IntSys vs NDG - Could go either way Redwood vs Bagel Anstane vs Huend Blackpoi vs Sceptilepsy DigitalAmber vs LeonVermillion
  3. Azeria

    Reborn User Puns 2

    Hit me up.
  4. Those who I've known for quite some time already know how I feel towards them, so I'll use my post here to talk moreso about people I've recently come to know/talk to. @ZEL So for the longest time you were kind of that person a lot of my friends knew and talked to a lot but we never really interacted much. Glad to see that's changed. You're a wonderful person to talk to with knowledge in quite an amount of areas, something I I wish I had. Best of luck in any endeavours in the future. @Marcello Look at this nerd man. Doing a Maths masters degree and still can't count up to 16 correctly. smh Honestly by far one of the coolest people I've come to know period. Your work both in the Reborn Game and the community as a whole is massively appreciated, you have a great sense of humour - thank god for that - are a genuinely inspiring person and are all around amazing to talk to. I feel like a lot of the things I've just said blend together and seem samey but I really look up to you tbh. Keep going Willy. @Ikaru Man I actually used to be terrified of talking to you. Crazy since you're so chill it's genuinely surreal. Probably the admin position. That's in the past now though, great to have banter with, conversations are usually pretty fun. r8/8 m8. @Walpurgis i needed one more person on this list and ur nice i guess. D-don't get the wrong idea, it's not like I think you are cool or anything... that's pretty much it. oops. I'm horrible at this sort of stuff. feelsbadman. edit: forgot a nerd. @The Grinch denko was a mistake. been nice getting to know you over the past few months thanks to @Morshu and @Hycrox. memes are usually on point, wonderful person, we should meet up and go beat up marc at some point tbh js.
  5. A reminder that sign ups for Poke Nations are still open! Please do join!


    1. Hycrox


      idk, maybe i'll join

  6. Azeria

    Pokenations Sets n' Trick by Reignited'Light

    Wave (Noivern) @ Leftovers Ability: Infiltrator EVs: 104 HP / 252 SpA / 152 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Hurricane - Taunt - Roost - Toxic Ended up losing vs Bagel because I wasn't expecting offense. That being said this Noivern set was aimed to handle their expected fat balance/stall cores with Pokemon such as Cofagrigus, Spiritomb and Mega Audino provided it didn't have heal bell, by taunt/toxic stalling them before they could heal. Taunt shut their Golbats down completely, preventing it from defogging the rocks we needed to wear them down. 152 speed evs along with Timid nature outsped positive natured max invest base 110's, such as Dodrio and Heliolisk, which is what they often used. In particular it could chip Heliolisk with one hurricane into the point where Toxicroak's Sucker Punch could take it out, massively helpful given that Helio was the biggest threat they had IMO. In the end it ended up not really being too helpful given that the matchup it was brought into ended up being offense on Bagel's end, something specs Noivern was much more suited for. Oh well.
  7. Azeria

    PokéNations 3 - Week 1 Matchups: BL Wars

    http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/reborn-gen7ru-109492 Lost vs Bagel in an absolute Clown Fiesta of a game. GGWP. 3-2 for Lightgazers.
  8. Azeria

    What changed to speed up development?

    ohey @Walpurgisputting in the work. Clean :]
  9. Azeria

    PokéNations 3 - Week 1 Matchups: BL Wars

    https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/reborn-gen7ru-109456 Lord of Cold takes the third win for the Light Gazers. That's 3-1 now, so week 1's win is ours!
  10. Azeria

    PokéNations 3 - Week 1 Matchups: BL Wars

    SUN VALKYRIES v/s ECLIPSE - 3/2 vs 2/3, Could go either way. in UU-BL1 Bazaro vs Kamina - Could go either way IMO. Epic C vs DMBY - Epic C Yinyang vs Bibs - Bibs DemICE vs Ody - Ody Ghost vs DMZ - DMZ SUBS: F1lthy, Xiri / Hycrox, Commander - ZION v/s POLARIS 3/4 - 2/1 for Zion in RU-BL2 FraRPetO vs Personthing - Could go either way Pyrro vs Shinyrio - Pyrromanis Swampellow vs Anstane - Swampellow Wendel vs Chimchain - Chimchain mar_mar vs zanshouken - Mar Mar
  11. Azeria

    Light Gazers

    Nations name is Light Gazers.
  12. Azeria

    Pokenations 3: Type Draft

    (15:51:56) Azery: ( ´‿ゝ`)we are men( ´‿ゝ`) We are men. We will stand and we will fight. Brains and Brawn. Just try and stop us from: F I G H T I N G
  13. Azeria

    Pokenations 3: Type Draft

    Only intellectuals like me could have seen all this coming. A truly stunning, jaw dropping turn of events. Who could have predicted the first nation to pick water? Who could have seen Steel, Flying and Normal being taken all in round one? Truly my brain is unrivalled. We can only have those that are worthy of rivalling us in our mental prowess. Therefore our one and only choice is: P S Y C H I C
  14. Remember to sign up for Pokenations for those who haven't. It's a fun team based competition run by members of this very forum, should be a nice thing to participate in over the summer!


    1. Morshu


      the focus is moreso on the "fun" aspect rather than the "competitive" aspect as well, so come one come all


      I have fresh memes waiting for all of you

    2. Hycrox


      Join for the memes

  15. Azeria

    PokéNations 3 Questioning thread

    @impulse The formats are going to be announced on a week by week basis and will be a variety of formats, some even ranging to different generations.