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  1. Azeria

    Farewell Nations

    gg eclipse. ended on a sour note for me but guess that's just how the dice rolls. literally.
  2. Azeria

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    ...and then Noel's Clefable only has 10Ivs, a horrible moveset and no set evs at all. Noel always gets the short end of the stick, huh :^)
  3. Azeria

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    Nope. It's from Radomus onwards period. before then it's randomly allocated based on level.
  4. Azeria

    Ame Rates Every Pokemon's Cuddle-ability

    Overrated/10 more like it. Yes good. Good boi. Flies now, happy boi. Why not. Eternal nothingness seems like a pretty sweet deal, and it gets a hug out of it. Good scores from ame pt 2. Best dark type, fluffy boy. Mega evolution is even fluffier and adorably edgy.
  5. Azeria

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    The title is an accurate description of Cain, not Fern though.
  6. Eight Matchup: Dragoknight(Gazers) vs Finkletinklewinkle(Eclipse) RU Final Matchup: Azery(Gazers) vs Bibs(Eclipse) Gen 6 OU. let the games begin.
  7. Sixth MU: Intsys(LightGazers) vs Kamina (Eclipse) Anything Goes.
  8. Fourth MU: DemICE(Lightgazers) vs Hycrox(Eclipse) Doubles Ubers.
  9. Second MU: Bazaro(Light Gazers) vs Pyrrhon(Eclipse), Doubles UU.
  10. i said i was gunna do a shittpost here but idk what to meme with so. 8-2. zahk sucks. we pick the Sun Valkyries and Polaris. good luck eclipse, you'll need it.
  11. Azeria


  12. Azeria


  13. Azeria

    Episode 17 re...

    Tfw Amaria is generally considered to be an absolute joke of a fight. As for Titania, never really had -too- much trouble with Klefki. For me the only threats have always been Sandslash and Scizor, but that's by virtue of my teambuilding really hating fast stuff or strong priority. Her team is solid but there's counters available right before her gym if you feel like you need them.