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  1. Balance: Binding Chains now applies -2 Evasion to targets while bound. Reduced level to 3 (down from 4). Another Ultimate Weapon level reduced to 3 (down from 4). Syura now has the following special effect: At 1 HP, gain +1 Attack and Evasion.
  2. Well, there went my heart. Someone got a hammer? I need to pull out the nails

  3. People: "Do you have X?"
    Me: "Does it cost money?"

    People: "It's super cheap, you should get it."
    Me: "Does it cost money?"

    1. Mr. Divergent

      Mr. Divergent

      People especially clerks often ignore that question and just continue to encourage you to buy it.

    2. Nepgear


      This has been my experience with people in general, even some I would consider friends can't seem to get it in their heads that I am literally broke

  4. Illusionists Suck Exile's first attack caused an explosion of fire, forcing her to duck back around the corner and Feardorcha to shield himself from the flames. Those Guys A chunk of the swarm broke off and intercepted Bellona's attack, as well as firing a warning barrage of lasers and bullets over her shoulder. They stayed, milling about in the air. The message was rather clear: Whoever Gypsy's help was, they didn't want interference. A small piece of plastic jettisoned itself from a launcher attached to Ansuz's wrist, flying out of the swarm. It struck the ground and there was a bright red glow followed by a blast of air, sending the swarm and Ansuz flying away from each other. Another piece of plastic, another flash of red, and Ansuz was gone. With their initial target gone, the swarm then turned and formed a circle around the group. Gypsy sighed, "He says he's coming to sort this out in person. Might be a little bit. Also don't attack the bees."
  5. Growing up? I can handle change
    Going to different schools? They'll work it out
    The waitress job? Tears of joy
    But Sasa not wearing pigtails anymore? YOU HAVE GONE TOO FAR

  6. Today is literally the worst day

  7. Dear god this team wanted to lose. Luckily Swain and Morg are a pretty deadly combo
  8. Team Illusionists Suck Cutting the floor and breaking the symbol on the floor still did nothing to deter the flaming bars. Exile began to think that maybe the symbols didn't matter now that the spell was active. Mega Star Cannon "Pfahahahahahahaha!" Blink burst into laughter, literally falling to the floor and rolling around, "Pf- You- Pfaha- That's the best fucking thing thing I've heard all month." Merlin rolled her eyes and said, "No, we are not lovers. And I would certainly not consider her my friend. Rival at best." "Heehee. Yes, riv- ha- rivals. That's a good word for it. Hahaha." Blink's legs wheeled in the air as she clutched her belly in laughter. It didn't seem like she intended to stop anytime soon. "Anyways," Merlin continued, trying to ignore Blink, "There's nothing wrong with collusion, it's mixing magic and mechs together into one that I've got an issue with. I have nothing against mechs themselves, maybe a little disdain for the fact that they're just straight up better than magic, but it's not like I have a vendetta against everyone who's ever used a mech. So when the gods started popping up, I figured it was a good idea to introduce myself and do my best to stay on good terms. If I'd stayed secret then they'd have found out eventually and I'd have to explain myself, they'd all be suspicious forever."
  9. Those Guys The cannon suddenly turned and fired past the group, blowing a trench in the terrain. "Shut up!" Ansuz screamed, "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" He clutched the left side of his face and he shook his head back and forth in anger and confusion. Tears started streaming down his face. "A-Ansuz, it's alright." Charity mumbled, "We can still forgive you. No one is above forgiveness." Ansuz's movements froze and his eyes went from dark anguish to burning anger. "You think I would do all this for you?!" He screeched, "You think you're worth this mess?! None of you are worth this mess! I don't matter! You don't matter! Only the truth matters! Where is she? Where is she... WHERE IS SHE?! I did this for her. I wanted to show her. I will show her. You'll see! You'll all see! She'll accept me, you'll see!" The cannon turned and pointed directly at the group again, it was clear that Ansuz had every intention of incinerating them all. A mass of golden and black spheres smashed into Ansuz and his cannon, knocking them backwards. The cannon still fired, but its shot flew off into the horizon. Gypsy opened his eyes and gasped, "I got help." More cannon fire shot out into the sky as Ansuz desperately tried to fend off the swarm. But it was hopeless, they easily opened gaps in their mass to let the lasers pass through and then went to work peppering him with bullets and lasers. It quickly became apparent that Ansuz hadn't invested in any form of defense, an enemy close enough and evasive enough that he couldn't blast through them was going to make short work of him. Mega Star Cannon On the machine, Anemone found records for an experiment called "Tallow." It seemed the scientists had been attempting to force feed information on magic to this boy's brain as part of an experiment to create a passable mage in as short a period of time as possible. He was listed as number thirteen, meaning there were at least twelve others like him among the various experiments being performed on children. "We'll try to do things for the kids after we've figured out how much data they have on magic." Merlin said, "There's no way that kids has anything to do with magic, it's been two weeks, there's no way you could teach an unwilling child something like that in such a short time." Merlin then turned her attention to Ice. "Is there something wrong with me knowing Blink?" She asked defensively, "I know lots of people." "She's an immortal wi-i-i... Wizard" Blink told Ice, uncharacteristically tripping over her words, "You expect her to not know the Gods of the various Planes? Also we are not friends." Amelia then raised her hands and clapped them loudly, looking around the room as the clap resounded throughout. "What's with all the bottles?" She inquired, "Are they medicine?" "Yeah, all kinds of stuff." Merlin answered, "No clue what any of this sciency gibberish means though."
  10. When you roll Lux in ARAM
  11. Exile and Fedora Exile's scribbles also did nothing to disrupt the symbols, they continued to emit fire even through her added markings. It seemed like nothing she did would cause the flames to even falter Meg Star Cannon "Hmm?" Merlin mumbled. She looked away from the cabinet followed Anemone's gaze to the boy. Anemone noticed that the boy had some sort of tag attached to his right wrist. "I really don't know." She said, "Some form of experimentation obviously, I don't know what kind. There might be a log somewhere in the machine's data if you have to know. But we should really only be looking for experiments involving magic right now." Amelia entered the room, now wearing an all-black jumpsuit and carrying no ring. It seemed she had dispelled her mech for the time being. "So, uh, what's in here?" She asked, "I've got you guys and... some kid on a desk? Anything else of importance?"
  12. Exile and Fedora Seeing no lines being emitted from the black symbols, Exile went ahead and tried to break through the lines. But although she cut into the wall, nothing changed with the lines. It seemed they wouldn't be removed so easily. The hall beyond Feardorcha's cell was short, quickly turning to point towards the center of the facility again. Mega Star Cannon "Those would be Ansuz's runes." Merlin told Anemone, "It's his Spark, it lets him infuse dormant spells into certain symbols. The symbols themselves are mundane, so I'm sure the runes barely give off any magical energy for you to see until they've activated." Merlin suddenly turned and shot open a door with a water blast. "Let's check out this room." She said, walking in. The new room had a large table against the left wall, on it slept a young boy, no older than twelve. He had a smooth, innocent face and hair so white it almost looked invisible in the white complex. He was clothed in a blue and red hospital gown. Tubes and wires ran to him from a machine next to the table. The machine had a display screen, presumably showing the boys vitals. Merlin ignored the boy, instead walking to the other side of the room and opening one of a pair of metal cabinets. It was full of various bottles of medication, all labeled with various bits of information that were likely gibberish to the group. The entire act seemed rather cold for Merlin, it was clear that discussing Ansuz's runes had upset her for some reason. Those Guys Bellona charged out with Gypsy in tow, reaching the relative safety of the outdoors. The rest of the group followed suit, Sense and Bartek taking up the rear. There was a short period of nothing, Gypsy seemed to regain his bearings at least enough to stand on his own. "I'm going to send a message to Merlin, warn her that Ansuz is here." He gasped. He sat down and shut his eyes, putting all of his energy into concentrating. But as he did that, a bright pink and blue glow emerged above the group. Looking up, they could see a large silver cylinder, easily five feet in diameter and over fifteen feet long. The end of the cylinder pointed towards the group was glowing with arcane energy. On the roof below the cylinder stood a girlish boy with brown hair and grey-blue eyes. He was in a white and blue jumpsuit, as well as a long coat of the same color scheme. He wore grey fingerless gloves on his hands and a simple black belt on his waist. Although his outfit was a bit different from normal he was clearly recognizable to everyone there. "Ansuz." Charity said aloud, the pain of betrayal evident on her face and in her voice. Up until this point there had still been a sliver of hope. Even though Gypsy seemed to think they were being shot at by Ansuz, they hadn't actually had a clear look at their aggressor. Now there was no question, the one who had been shooting at them, the one trying to kill them, had been the mild-mannered boy that Merlin had been bringing along to her lessons for the past four years. "I'll give you one chance: Surrender." He announced, "I'd rather not kill anyone else, not yet." His voice was quiet and feminine, and even held a hint of anguish, but there was a hard edge to it. That edge and the giant magical cannon made it so his threat made it through despite his otherwise soft voice.
  13. Alright to be absolutely clear: It can be shaped like a cat. But it cannot be made of flesh, behave like a cat, or otherwise resemble a cat in any way other than shape
  14. Oh yeah, definitely. You can also make cat-shaped things, just not cats
  15. No, uh, the point is that you can't summon dogs and cats