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  1. Microtransactions

    So, this is a big deal RN. It always is but 2k18 fucked it up so it got bigger for a bit. Curious what people's opinions are. In my opinion microtransactions are usually bad but can work well in some cases, even in games with an entry price. They should be viewed on a case by case basis rather than judged as a whole.
  2. [IC] TFW Chapter 2: Wrath

    Caliber Caliber seemed to think for a while before nodding. "Alright." She started walking towards Cheryn inside the shield bubble with the expectation that it would either dissipate or follow. Cheryn herself was beginning to feel the strain of maintaining her barriers. It was only the slightest sensation, but the feedback told her just how dangerous this fire was. If Caliber was wrong about the damage potential, it could prove disastrous.
  3. [IC] TFW Chapter 2: Wrath

    Loki Loki perked up happily. "I like this name, it sounds cool." she said, "Miss Scary-Eyes said it had something to do with an ancient trickster or whatever." She was well aware of and genuinely took pride in her nature as a prankster, so the name was more than welcome. It was at this point that Genie reentered the room, she waved off any attention and headed over into a curtained off area of the room separate from Ice and Loki. Caliber "The fire wouldn't spread far enough to harm anyone, it would only have a chance to burn this room and the one attached." Caliber told Cheryn, her voice hollow, "I couldn't let this horrible place and all these torturous machines stay intact so that they could be used again, no matter how low that chance. I couldn't risk it. You say what about Tallow. This is about Tallow. So just leave me alone." Wendy Wendy and the eye both froze along with Anemone.
  4. [IC] Bullet Hell

    Suguri was slightly confused by the strange taste of the food, but she was hungry so it didn't matter all that much to her. She scarfed it down rapidly, taking the cook's warning about their possible summons to heart. Unfortunately, it seemed only one of the other was interested in working together, that didn't bode well. Still, at least one was more than none. She would make an effort to communicate with them further once they were done with their own food, for the moment she needed some more information. "So, where can we find this Saki?" She asked. Mokou "She has a bakery a little further down." Mokou told the silver-haired girl, "I can lead you there." She removed herself from behind the counter and headed towards the door, next to which she stopped and waited to see if anyone would follow.
  5. [IC] TTG Interlude: Virtue

    Queen Queen nodded and granted Morgan a soft smile. "Thank you for sharing as much as you did. Allow me to return the favor." He said, "Being from here, I'm sure you know of my late father, Jeremiah King, who ruled before me. I had great respect for him and throughout my young life have worked to be like him in the hopes of one day following in his footsteps. I took up mech combat in the hopes of securing that position by becoming the God of Greed, which as you know is what occurred. Though it is unfortunate that it had to occur so soon." Queen paused and his face darkened. "With Nil's emergence I can't help but fear for my people. There seems to be nothing I can do but wait and hope that one of you, the tournament competitors, will be able to stop her before she brings about catastrophe. I've put a lot into becoming a strong ruler like my father, but I feel so powerless now. Regardless of whether or not tomorrow's fights help reinstill faith in we gods,on this matter our hands will remain tied. I almost hope to lose. Because if I can do nothing, how can someone weaker than me hope to do anything?"
  6. If I can get my sister to let me borrow her PC for a few hours tomorrow I'll redo Tuesday's TTG post. Otherwise I'll pop it out Monday (one of y'all please make sure this gets on the server please)

  7. Shadows O'er Valtoria [IC]

    Unlike the rest, Groove stayed silent as the group entered battle. Though hardly visible, his face was set in a solemn grimace. Determining that the crossbow's time of use was not now, he cast it aside as he leapt out to attack the armored crusader. His acrobatic movements were almost like a dance as he moved deftly around his foe. Just as he began to swing his weapon, he silently called a single word of prayer, causing it to glow a dull white. Since the knife was by no means sharp enough to pierce through the man's chintzy armor, Groove's attack was aimed towards the templar's armpit in the hopes of circumventing it. If one listened closely, they might hear faint notes of music following in the blade's wake. Groove attempts to minstrelly shank Reynauld in the armpit with the Carved Rib of the Bonerdagon. Basic attack
  8. People don't kill memes. Memes kill memes.

  9. Shovel Knight makes me sad

  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mqs-KU7CKEg&t=619s

    It's all so cute (also accidentally got link with time, too lazy to fix)

    1. Wolfox


      does "Dawwww"ing count as a smile?

  11. [IC] Bullet Hell

    Mokou Plates of skewered chicken were placed in front of everyone by their host. It had a purely salty flavor, yet also managed to somehow burn as though it were spicy. Mokou also grabbed a couple ceramic cups and placed them in front of Shinobu. The sake suffered a similar fate. Though it still tasted exactly like itself, there was an underlying sense of burning as though it had been spicy. Mokou herself seemed unperturbed by this as she ate her own chicken. "Abyss may call at any time. You should find housing before then. Saki will help." She said when she finished.
  12. Meet the vets!

    *Follows a wandering cow into the room* I kinda guess I'm a vet by now Known as: KosherKitten, Alexus, Tachibana Sylphynford, Clownpiece Age: 19 I think? Gender: Broomstick Birthday: August 21st, 1998 Location: Central Ohio Height: 6'1" Ish Hair color: Brown Eye color: Chocolate Lives with: Family, for now Pets: Dog Relationship status: Recovered (as in my heart, from the last one ending) Favorite food: Ravioli Favorite drink: Orange soda Favorite color: Sky blue Favorite music: Eurobeat, happy hardcore Favorite artist: S3RL Favorite song: I've got a short list of songs I really like, ATM my favorite is probably Viktoria (attached to the AMV Parallel Convergence on the list) Favorite game(s): CrossCode, Bayonetta 2, 100% Orange Juice, Acceleration of Suguri X-Edition, Crypt of the Necrodancer, FTL, Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, Hyperdimension Neptunia Favorite game genre(s): Roguelike/lite, platformers, bullet hell, fighters, eroge Favorite hobbies: Gaming, animu & cartoons, roleplaying, beyblade Favorite shows: Baccano!, Hourou Musuko, Star vs. Evil, Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru, Transformers Prime, Assassination Classroom, Stargate, Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya, The World God Only Knows, Haiyore! Nyaruko-san, Shimoneta, probably like thirty more if I don't force myself to stop now So, who are you? I am Vergere, what are you? I'm Lexi. I do some stuff but mostly don't do stuff and instead waste away playing video games and writing for RPs. Sometimes I say things and piss people off Anything you're responsible for? The Tenth God series of RPs Single-handedly causing Xatu to enter the Reborn Pokemon meta for like two weeks Lolis Calling Bibs Pinelope Taking out the trash, doing my laundry, etc Lolis v2 Defeating the god-emperor in a childrens' card game Several other minor controversies Post to intro me Probably the OOC thread for Bullet Hell (I'd say TTG but that's actually a huge mess) I'll add a link later maybe What can I talk to you about? Animu & cartoons, various games as per the items listed above, roleplaying, lolis, disturbing fetishes, less disturbing fetishes Closing statements With Hope, Lexi
  13. Whenever someone insults me IRL I have to repeatedly remind myself not to fight back for fear of scarring them horribly. The internet has helped me to hone my naturally sharp tongue to inhuman levels


    Also because one of these days the whole dangerously sharp wit thing is going to get me punched in the face <_<

    1. Wolfox


      I usually just try to think "If they're trying to insult you that bad they're not worth your time, seeing as they spend too much of theirs thinking up what they were gonna say". a funny moment that made me realize that is when a few kids wanted to make fun of me for liking Pokémon games, one said: "You know I used to play Pokémon as well, but I got stuck on Ash.". I think I don't need to explain how I got to my mentality from that moment

    2. Alistair
    3. KosherKoneko


      Eh, I don't value my time highly enough for that. But I do value my image as a mild-mannered and kindhearted person.


      And on the subject I used to deal with a kid who wouldn't shut up about Pokemon being for kids (he was a pubescent boy trying to show off how adult he was). He was clearly trying to piss me off. I generally tried to not let him get to me, but after like a year and a half I finally snapped. He never spoke to me again.

  14. I made Rogue from Nuclear Throne in Smash and I'm extremely proud of myself