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  1. Kevin "How I met Shiori?" Kevin said, "Well, it's a bit weird, but the short of it is that she was lonely." The long of it involved a couple of tow trucks, a salad, and a sedan full of toasters, but Kevin wasn't quite up to recounting that story aloud anytime soon. "We got together and talked a lot, since neither of us had anyone else to talk to about anything. Eventually we started just kind of telling each other everything. she told me her deepest secret, I told her about the Grail." Kevin headed into the industrial district, Merlin Merlin reached into the pool of cards, being sure to go slow and dramatically. There was a flash of light as she selected her card. without even looking at it, she flipped it over. Fire was in her eyes as she declared, "2, I get to keep going." She smiled mischievously. All was going according to plan, James was nowhere near prepared to deal with her overwhelming Go Fish power. Wanting to keep up her momentum, she went ahead with her next move. "Do you have any 2s?" she asked again, of course knowing full well what the answer was. She seemed almost giddy, this strange decision seemed to be the most exciting thing in the world for her in this moment. 2, 2, 5, 7, 8, J
  2. Lord "I can't exactly talk about that group," Lord said, "Their leader would probably be annoyed that I brought her up at all." Lord closed her eyes momentarily, entering a state of deep thought. She considered as many options she could think of. It was clear what Solomon was thinking, and Lord wanted to give him what he wanted. But he was too involved elsewhere right now, it would have to wait. "We'll discuss that more after the world is a little less at risk." She stated with finality, "For now there's something else that's needed from you. There's a man who goes by the alias Arcturus, he's got a funny habit of deleting people's memories of meeting him. I was discussing this with Mr. Davidson, and he suggested that the AI you've got stuffed in your brain might be able to remember him for you. In short, I was hoping you'd help us find him. He'd be a great asset in defeating the Tenth God without risking any of the Planes."
  3. I've been signing in as Clownpiece for so long now that I can't go back to my normal username >_<

  4. Welp, I'll get as much out of playing solo as I can, I guess

  5. TFW you get to a game late and nobody plays it anymore but you really love it. And there's a sequel planned that a lot of people are excited for but your main isn't going to exist :c

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      snake and ice climbers mains of brawl

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      I feel their pain so many RN

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  6. Blink "A thumbs up." Blink giggled, "Sorry, sorry, I shouldn't be laughing. But based on what happened with her first opponent, I would have expected something kinkier." Blink could think of only one way to resolve this issue. "Alright, I've determined that her sole goal isn't to get in your pants, so it's possible she threw the match. Personally not a fan of people letting me win, but hey if the Planes don't get screwed up beyond repair you guys can have a rematch with lower stakes or something. 'Course she could just be fucking with you. Best solution: We'll go talk to her. You've convinced me to mostly trust her not to try to molest you as reimbursement for her giving you the match." Tai "Nothing is wrong." Temperance said, "The heat was very hot." She made no effort to move her hand and seemed very much like the statue Tai treated her as. "This is who she is." Cardinal told Tai, "The thing in front of you has no soul, at least not a real one. I turned off her false one." Lord "About fifteen major organizations with a couple dozen smaller groups," Lord said, "in total I'd guess around five-thousand people." She picked up on Sully's change of mood and chose to ignore Morgan for the moment. "And of course we're making an effort against these groups. But finding them isn't easy, they're almost impossible to hunt down without already knowing where they are. We have to catch members outside the research facilities and follow them back. And even then, they often manage to move before we can launch a raid." Lord explained, "We've been working with an... independent group to try to increase how often we can go out, but with the Tenth God's looming threat, that's gone to the backburner." The Diviner Leonard spotted Mommo enter and understood that Morgan was being intentionally ignored, so he decided to see if he could assist them. He walked over and asked, "What do you girls need?"
  7. Kevin "I've had pretty much no training, just what Shiori's taught me in the past few months." Kevin explained, "She says I have a lot of mana too, which from my limited understanding makes basically no sense." He shrugged it off. It probably had something to do with his connection to the Grail, so all he had to do to find out what was up was to win the war. It wouldn't be easy, even with a decently powerful servant he was still rather weak, but he would do everything in his power to achieve his goal.
  8. Tobias "Somewhere easier to breath." Tobias said. He considered this for a moment, the best place for that was probably Gluttony, although it wasn't the only option. Gluttony was probably the last place Tobias wanted to go, as he wasn't a fan of the cold, but if that's what it took... "Alright then, we should probably head to Gluttony first." He said, "You'll want to dress warm." (OOC: This is painfully short, but I didn't feel right ending the scene yet)
  9. Merlin "Cheating?" Merlin said, seemingly offended by the insinuation, "It wouldn't be any fun if I cheated." James dealt out five cards to each of them and scattered the remaining into a "pool" on the ground. Merlin accepted her cards and took a look at her hand. 5, 7, J, 2, 8 Her expression didn't change in the slightest, maintaining a slight smile throughout the ordeal. But inwardly she was ecstatic. No duplicates, a perfect starting hand. She nodded to James. "Since you dealt, I guess go first." She said calmly, "Do you have any 2s?" (Appropriate mooseekz:)
  10. Lord Lord nodded seriously. "As you say, there's in fact quite a bit of 'hanky-panky Genetic modification shit going on, you don't mean to tell me you thought that hair of his was natural, do you?'" She explained, "As for the age difference, well..." Lord sighed deeply, as what she was about to say was disturbing and uncomfortable. "The people that do these sorts of experiments don't go around abducting children, it's too high-profile, most of their human experiments are done on their own children or even themselves." Lord was prepared to continue on and describe the raid on the facility where Adam was found, but it was at this moment that Morgan entered the room. Tai "Respect..." Temperance said, continuing with her disturbing monotone, "...Yes, respect. I have very bad burns." She extended her burnt right hand and intertwined it with his, but made no attempt to move it in the slightest. "A good game... Yes. Lots of emotion."
  11. Tai Temperance saw Tai's request to enter her room. She was still seething, somewhat literally based on her wounds, but she decided to let him in anyways. He entered the room and was immediately met with a jolt of anger as Temperance's emotions pushed their way into him, but this was suddenly cut off as the room shifted colors to the negative of itself. [Music] Temperance looked confused for a moment, but this quickly left her. In fact, all emotion seemed to leave her. Her eyes appeared dull and unfocused and her entire body seemed less energized. It was hard to tell exactly what was happening with the color shift; she almost seemed dead. "Hello Tai." She muttered. She sounded dazed, like she'd just awoken and didn't fully understand what was happening. The whole thing was extremely unnerving. Blink Blink considered this information, her instincts told her that HUNTER had been doing just as Hiroki said and trying to get a sneak attack in. That whatever Hiroki saw was just a desperate wish for the world to be a little less cruel. But her instincts were known to be rather cynical, she decided to wait and try to learn more before voicing that opinion. She didn't want to bring out the harsh truths until she knew what the truth was. "What happened at the end of the fight?" She asked, hoping it would clear things up.
  12. Merlin Merlin grinned and pulled out the deck of cards from their holster on her shoulder, she then handed them to her master. He would feel a strange tingling from the cards when he took them. "You'll want to shuffle." She said mischievously. Merlin was, of course, quite confident she would win this. After all, the only one to ever beat her at Go Fish was- Wait, crap, everything else is the same. What if he manages to win as well? This could prove to be a problem, but at this point Merlin was committed. At the very least, this game would be fun. Kevin "I don't exactly trust the Grail either, it seems too good to be true." Kevin said, "But what else can I do? I don't exactly have anywhere else to go about this." Kevin looked out the window as he drove along, passing by a rather grand-looking church. Even someone as poorly versed in magic as he was could detect the powerful defenses set up there. "And you're gonna have to bear with me, because I'm really garbage at magic." He confessed, "I can only do super, super simple magic blasts and barriers. They're not going to be of much use against an even slightly knowledgeable master, let alone a servant. Shiori will help with that, but she's not entirely reliable in a fight. You'll understand when we meet her."
  13. Lord Victoria eyed Solomon suspiciously. She knew who he was of course. Mr. Davidson was playing dumb but she was sure he knew as well. "No, it is not normal." Mr. Davidson said, "Adam has become increasingly irrational as of late, I'm concerned for his well-being." "Mr. Davidson, don't." Victoria muttered. "And why not?" the Diviner asked, "Does he not have a right to know?" "No, he doesn't." Victoria insisted. Victoria kept watching Solomon, perfectly aware that they were discussing him as if he wasn't there. She tossed him an icy glare to ensure he waited to speak again until she was done. "He's probably our only shot at finding Arcturus." "Arcturus is not part of this discussion." "If you don't share information, you won't get any back." Victoria sighed. Mr. Davidson was right of course, but that didn't mean she had to like it. "Nice to meet you, Solomon." She said, "I am, as I'm sure you noticed, Lord. And after what just happened, I doubt you could forget my student Adam. To answer your question, no, he doesn't usually employ Amelia's techniques so recklessly. As of late he's become more reckless and desperate. He was expecting Ice Gryffin to take longer to inherit Gluttony and feels like he's been outdone." She paused, heavily debating whether or not to say what she would next. "Look, there's something important about him you should know." She said cautiously, "He's Tesla's brother." Blink "Oh fuck." Blink said, "I'm so sorry." She put her face in her hands. "God I'm such an insensitive fuck. Here I am asking you to do the unthinkable and you're already upset." Blink went over to Hiroki and put her hand on her shoulder, "Look, I've been cheering for you from the start. It might have started out because you were so obviously super short, what with those clunky-ass shoes you're always wearing, and I felt a sort of shorty kinship. But you're actually really fucking awesome. So straight up I'm retracting my request of attempted murder and instead asking you from the bottom of my shitty midget heart, tell me what's wrong."
  14. Blink "If Nil doesn't help, I will." Blink explained. It was no surprise that Hiroki was hesitant, this was extreme. She was about to say no when her nose caught a hint of a rather distinct smell. Were she more observant blink would have noticed it sooner, but she wasn't used to noticing things and her nose wasn't exactly her most used sense. "Wait a second." she said, "Hiroki, have you been crying?" Mommo "Alright, good luck." "I've got business to attend to." "See you soon."