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  1. TL;DL Without net neutrality, the interwebz are likely to turn into cable television. (There were signs of this already before NN was put into law a couple years back.) Unfortunately, this time, it's out. The FCC is going to take it down. There's a small chance we can convince Congress to overrule their decision, but it's not looking good. In addition to the potential for other countries to follow suit. It's possible that running a website in the US will become significantly more expensive, which could effect foreign users of US-based websites depending on how precisely that added expense manifests. Whenever NN comes up, it's usually worthwhile to poke your nose in https://www.battleforthenet.com/
  2. It seems like every time net neutrality rolls around there's a greater number of people legitimately arguing against it.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. KosherKitten


      Question? I didn't have a question, I made a statement. More people seem to be against it every time the issue comes up.

    3. Ainz Ooal Gown

      Ainz Ooal Gown

      Well, i thought you just like GS Ball, don't know what it is. So... i just linked that thread here to explain. And from my answerin that thread, you know why it's a big issue.

    4. KosherKitten


      No. I've been following the NN issue pretty religiously. That's why I've noticed an increase in anti-NN arguments.

  3. FML. No one told me Wind Waker had the Water Temple in it.

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    2. Ice Cream Sand Witch

      Ice Cream Sand Witch

      Tower of the Gods?

    3. DreamblitzX


      This made me remember Temple of the Ocean King in Phantom Hourglass. while I kind of liked the temple overall, having to keep going back through the same areas and then some more each time got a bit annoying, and the timer made it fairly stressful too, though the safe spots made that not too bad.

    4. Wolfox


      yeah, TToToK can be really annoying.

      And the water temple... that's a demon in and of itself.

  4. Anyone else just get really nervous and confused whenever someone reps their stuff? Like, I just sit around trying to figure out why (unless it was something humorous).

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    2. Wolfox


      It confuses me that people actually like what this fool of a Dutchman has to say

    3. Alistair


      reps you and studies your reaction

      Jokes aside, rep is a mysterious thing. I got a good amount just for existing. Okay, granted, there was this time I wrote a repbait status update. But I did it only once. I swear.

    4. Hooligan


      It confuses me that people want to make the reputation of this Hooligan rise up, even if he did nothing to help the others. It confuses me that people raised 50 reputation points on this old Hooligan in less than two months. I want to have some reputation points, but I don't need to reach the number of points Zarc or Wolfox gained in a month.

    1. Wolfox


      I think it's safe to say that Egg-scum got scrambled again

  5. Moral panics are fascinating.

    1. SilverHelio


      What makes you say that?

    2. KosherKitten


      Similarities between the current slew of sexual assault accusations and the Salem Witch Trials reigniting my interest in the latter.

    3. Alistair


      America uses Outrage! It's super effective!

      Oh no! America is confused!

  6. [IC] TTG Interlude: Virtue

    Swag As it happened, the strange pose the God of Lust had taken up was of practical use... sort of. Since he was in such a vertical stance with little balance, the shockwave generated by Ragnarok's launch caused him to fall backwards. The attack flew over him as he used the jets on the back of his shoulders to push himself back up, all the while maintaining his absurd combat stance. "Jeez, lighten up." Sain told Sully, "One attack and I can already tell you've got some serious emotional baggage." Swag's left pinky detached and launched towards the Revenant as a missile. Though small, Swagalicious's Finger Blasters packed a serious punch if they managed to land a hit, and if they didn't he could use his ability to make his opponent regret dodging. "Angry, impulsive, probably abandonment issues, and you think you can solve your problems by crushing them in battle." He continued, "That about sum it up?" Lord Hiroki's more focused attack was met by an acceleration in Lord's pace. Not any sort of gradual acceleration, Lord broke into a flat-out run. She continued moving straight towards Hiroki, relentlessly tearing through the stream of plasma. When she got within a decently close range, she jumped into the air, pulling back her left fist as she went. The boosters in her mech activated, granting her an extra burst of speed. If Hiroki didn't prevent it somehow, Lord would deliver a massively powerful punch that would send the Hellfire Knight reeling. Bear The bees' assault didn't let up, still focusing their fire on the wrists and eye covering. Bear noticed the lack of action on Giant's part, but made no change in his strategy. He wanted to see what she would do.
  7. This fall is proving to be quite entertaining for me

  8. [IC] TTG Interlude: Virtue

    Bear Mommo severely underestimated Bear's reaction time. The swarm of drones smoothly moved around the Giant's laser without breaking their assault. Bear noticed the cannon drop and the bees backed away to avoid the explosion, though he had anticipated an exploding ground launched up by a laser and not a proper explosion, causing some of his bees to still be caught by the attack and fall from the sky. The swarm continued to pepper her with attacks from afar, focusing its attacks on the Giant's wrists and eye covering.
  9. Welp. I've apparently contracted the flu.

    1. Wolfox


      get well soon friend

    2. SilverHelio


      Feel better Kitten

  10. [IC] TTG Interlude: Virtue

    Seeker Turn left. Seeker tugged the chain to the left and, despite the chain being attached at the back of its handle, the javelin's path changed accordingly. Having flown past the HUNTER when she dodged, the projectile was now flying behind her with the chain poised to wrap around her.
  11. [IC] TTG Interlude: Virtue

    Gryffin Gryffin spun around immediately, reaching with one of his legs to grab his opponent were Supernova somehow still intact. This precaution proved unnecessary, as Supernova was clearly down for the count. Lain dismissed his mech and ripped off Blink's stupid tape. He considered saying something, but rapidly discarded the idea. There was no point, Supernova had barely even put a scratch on him, the weakest of the Gods. The best Tai had mustered was an obvious bait-and-switch to get behind Gryffin and melt his wings a little. If he was among the best Tempest had to offer, then Tempest was screwed. With those despairing thoughts to occupy his mind, Gryffin silently left the arena. Seeker Seeker didn't budge, she waited. The two fighters stared each other down, each waiting for the other to make a move. Or so it seemed from without. Seeker had no qualms with taking the first strike her opponent had so graciously offered her, she was simply taking a moment to size up her opponent. After a few long moments of nothing, she finally made her move. Javelin, launch. Though Seeker remained seemingly motionless, the javelin she held by her side flew forward, rapidly approaching HUNTER while trailing a chain. Bear "That's good to hear." Bear answered, sounding genuinely pleased by Mommo's confidence. He then cut his comms and began to meditate. He blocked out everything around him, save for the two combatants. He became acutely aware of every tiny sound or movement between them. His eyes and ears numbered in the hundreds, yet he perceived each with perfect clarity. Giant's grenades were of no concern, he had no need to cross the arena. And though her cannon did char and weaken his heavy golden-brown armor, one shot wasn't yet enough to be a threat to the integrity of his hull. With everything in place, he began his assault. The massive swarm of miniscule drones Bear called his bees quickly closed the distance between Bear and Giant, surrounding her in a cloud of yellow and black that peppered her with tiny lasers and bullets. Individually and spread out they were essentially harmless to her armored frame. But they did not act individually, they moved with perfect cohesion and teamwork. Thousands of drones firing thousands of attacks, and each on was focused extremely precisely on one spot: The Giant's eyes. (OOC: Just to be clear, you said she had a screen to see what's happening, so I'm assuming she has cameras of some kind in the mech's helmet (based on your description of its design) and Bear is targeting those)
  12. My ship is slowly dying. And the worst part is that it feels totally natural