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  1. Your question is inherently flawed, as it is an opinion unto itself. Anyone who answers this without matching the presented opinion has to disagree with the question itself, which will quickly devolve into nothing but argument. I highly suggest you revise your question to be less opinionated before someone else with opinions shows up
  2. Ozoi is cute 'n' all, but I think it's time for me to look cheerful again. Also this is a great picture of Waifu Grand Supreme

  3. If you've been around a while you probably already knew this
  4. I live in central Ohio which is in the us, but Tue location is significant because we have one of the best networks in the country (not the best mind you, but were up there) Also most of it is automated here as well. I highly suspect that a CSA (or the Denmark equivalent) checks the items when they are returned to the pool, even if the actual scanning is performed by the borrower
  5. Those scanners don't check whether it's been checked out. They're looking for a metal tag of some kind that is presumably deactivated when you check out the item. Ours are strapped to plastic casings which we place around the disc's case and has to be removed at the checkout station (which are right across from the customer service desk at the branch I'm at) using a magnetic unlocking mechanism. I'd be curious as to where these strips are located on your disks (particularly considering the ones we have and the ones I've seen at clothing stores are far too thick to put directly onto a disk without causing issues when you'd attempt to play it) Also, if checkout is tied to the disk, how do you handle multi-disk sets? Or blu-rays that come with a DVD copy as well? Etc? Does each disk have to be checked individually? From the standpoint of the library, it sounds as though it would be extremely tedious to track that someone had returned an entire set if you checked out the set using the individual disks. As in, someone finishes disk one of a set and returns it, but now you don't have the rest of the set and it can't circulate again until the rest is returned Out of curiosity, do you mean to state your library does not check each item as it is returned? But what would be done if an item was returned in poor condition? Here returns are placed into a returns slot and retrieved by a CSA (circulation services associate, I think, I can't remember all the acronyms) on check in duty who will immediately scan them back into the system and check for any obvious issues (missing disks, torn/marked/dirtied pages, resident bugs, the smell of smoke). If they notice anything wrong then they put a note into the system, mark the item with a piece of paper indicating the issue, check the card number of the last person to borrow the item, and then we try to contact that person to resolve the issue. If someone proves to be a repeat offender then they may lose their ability to check out items Also, on the original topic: The outliers/repeats are the fault of whoever put them into the system not knowing how to categorize them properly or them being from a different system in the network that simply does things different. This is 926 total available items in the network (that doesn't add up from the above because there's overlap in tags), although I'm sure a good chunk are missing and another good chunk are actually circulating right now. As best I can recall, PS3 and PS4 games circulate the most, followed by Xbox 360. And we've got most (if not all) of the mainstream AAA games available. Also the Xbox in the teen room at the branch I'm at has Rocket League on it, so that's cool As best I know, video games are only available by request and none of the branches in our system actually shelve them. A couple in the network probably do, but I've only been to Bexley outside of the main system And I don't actually work here, I'm just a volunteer. I'm basically an extra LSA (library services aide, that one I do know) that they don't have to pay but have for less time. Working on actually getting an LSA position, but Brett isn't leaving any time soon so it'll have to be at a different branch, which results in transportation issues for me
  6. I thought I'd already replied to this, whoops First off, who says they'd return anything at all? Or even check it out in the first place? Here we have way too much stuff circulating at once to check each return individually. We do keep track of when a case returns empty and we will contact whoever checked the item out to try to get it back I recently got to witness the security footage of a thief in action. A kid made a show of checking something out, but he didn't actually check anything out, just ran the case through the scanner so it beeped. He then swapped the disk into a case he'd brought with him and placed it in his backpack to smuggle it out. All while wearing a hoodie to hide his face from the cameras. It was an expert heist. So expert, in fact, that he returned an empty case while someone was in the back, allowing us to discern the general time period we needed to seek on the recording. Then we simply traced back his actions until we saw that he had been using one of the computers which gave us a good look at his face and the ability to figure out what his card number was
  7. Loan is a word that people will use in reference to libraries, but the more common term is borrow. Rent 100% involves an exchange of money Your intent mostly carried, but I wasn't entirely certain since video games are valued much higher than books and are much more likely to be stolen (although I'd put money on DVDs still holding the top spot), so asking people to pay a fee for them wouldn't be unreasonable even for an otherwise publicly funded entity
  8. The library system here in central Ohio carries most of the current games, but proper rental services are better. Most of our circulation is in movies I don't like not owning games tho, so borrowing them from a library or renting them from a rental service is a nope
  9. It bugs me when people judge things before knowing what they're talking about. But it bugs me more when they do so when they know exactly what they're talking about and simply turn a blind eye

  10. (Ima do this the lazy way for this update. I'll write non-holding things out more as the turns go on and there's actually things to write about. Also Chronos will make its move after the rest of y'all. If you've got an opinion of what it should do feel free to let me know) Blink: Hold Leon: Hold Tesla: Hold Flamer1: Hold Waddle Dee2: Move to B4 Waddle Dee3: Move to C3 Eon: Hold Flamer2: Hold Sword Knight2: Hold Waddle Dee6: Move to F3 Waddle Dee1: Move to A3 Dimitri: Move to A6 Prei: Nothing Waddle Dee8: Move to H3 Merlin: Attack H4. No target. Waddle Dee4: Hold Laser Ball1: Move to A2 Chronos: Hold Atton: Hold Waddle Dee5: Attack D3. No Target Victoria: Oops Sword Knight1: Hold Laser Ball2: Move to H2 Argent: Move to H6 Waddle Dee7: Move to G4 Hiroki: Hold Wine: Hold Victoria sits on the sidelines alongside a Sparky and a Waddle Doo who also got left out of the game. They don't seem hostile. A tub of popcorn drops out of the empty space in front of her face, landing in her lap. It was far too impossible an occurrence to be a coincidence, but there was absolutely no evidence of what caused it. With her only path now blocked off by Argent, Merlin finds she has nothing useful to do. Merlin holds.
  11. But he has 11 more assists owo
  12. Yo, like, happy birthday Murdoc. I'd say more but I'm half asleep and don't want to get you in trouble <3
  13. I would very much like to own whatever house is closest to the Bexley library Or really any library of similar quality
  14. So I finally got a Zed to faceroll but five minutes into the game the power goes our. FML