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    [IC] TTG Chapter 5: Wrath

    Tai The room at the end of the hall was rather large and, once again, empty. It seemed to be an inspection of sorts, as it had several curtains heading off in other directions. Most were unmarked, but one had the danger symbol on it. The one directly across had the curtain pushed aside to reveal a short hallway with another door at the end. (ooc: the plot is in one of the danger rooms, but I'm fine with letting Tai explore the rest of the place first. If you want to move things along, I do have a way to railroad. Lemme know which you prefer) Swag Swag laughed. Not a joyous laugh, nor another mocking one, but the kind of laugh that came from someone who had lost all hope. "Arcturus. You mean the legend that some people say was born out of Wrath's sun? The one that Lord's been begging to help us because he's so ridiculously powerful? The one whose capabilities we know almost nothing about because he somehow erases the memories of everyone who encounters him?" Swag obviously didn't expect an answer, "And here I thought we had a chance." The door edged open and a certain unpopular young man entered. "We already didn't stand a chance." Adam said, surprisingly lacking in his usual prideful confidence, "Blink and Faerie just showed up, a coup took Envy shortly after Seeker left. We're pretty sure Aries backed it, but it's not really clear." Adam shifted uncomfortably and didn't sit down, it was apparent that he didn't think he was welcome. Swag considered offering a seat, but knew that his presence wasn't the one causing Adam his discomfort. It would be up to his fellow competitors to decide if they'd accept his presence.
  5. Clownmeme Alter Santa Lexi

    [IC] TTG Chapter 5: Wrath

    Swag "Thank you." Swag said with a polite nod. He'd already acknowledged her hard work, so he disregarded her response. He had no patience for people who demanded more than they deserved. Nonetheless, his presence receded and the space in the room started to feel more open again. "So as you're all aware, Aries has switched sides. He sent messages to Blink and myself asking us to join him, which is how the rest of the gods are aware of his actions. According to the message I got, he doesn't think we can beat Cardinal, but thinks we can still stop her destruction if we work with her." Swag explained, "Honestly, I'd be on board for trying to help her out again. I think Lord gave up on her way too easily. But she herself isn't on board with that, she's going forward with her current course of action, and Aries doesn't seem to have an actual plan to help her before she destroys us. Doing the right thing isn't worth that risk. "So now we're fighting Aries. We don't know how big of a force he can muster, but the only major threats we can expect will be Aries himself, Slumbering Giant who joined him, and Cardinal." Hiroki and Morgan would recall Arcturus being another foe, although for some reason they would find it difficult to remember anything more than his name and the challenge he had issued to Hiroki. It was like the memories were locked away from them somehow. "Unfortunately, if we have to fight him in Wrath, our own force won't be able to be very large either, only six people can go. Aries will have locked down the train station by now, so we won't be able to get there by train. There are only two other methods of traveling between Planes that we're aware of. Some being have powers that allow such transportation. We don't currently have access to any, so that's off the table for now. Which means we have to use a boat. And, unfortunately, it's not a very big boat. "Stacy here is our trump card against Aries, and Blink will be along to help her. If we can get her close enough, she'll be able to take him out in one go. That's two already, just to handle one threat. Lord, Seeker, Queen, and Gryffin are discussing who will be the other four right now." Swag's face looked grim as he finished his explanation. It was apparent that he was unhappy with this whole scenario, and that he wasn't sure they could win. He looked to Nastasia for her input, hoping that something she'd heard from Seeker would be new information that gave them a better chance of success.
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    Reborn is just meh tbh

    Hello and welcome to Reborn! ^^// I'm Lexi, here to invite you to check out the roleplay subforum. If you like writing, storytelling, or roleplaying, please pay us a visit. I've got a handy little guide here to help get you started. If you have any questions feel free to ask. With Hope, Lexi
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    [IC] TTG Chapter 5: Wrath

    Tai Behind the curtain, Tai encountered a hallway. It was just as barren as the room behind him, but seemed to be devoid of that odd presence. There were two danger curtains on either side, and another normal curtain at the end of the hall. Considering the distance, it wasn't totally impossible that one or both of the curtains were connected to the same rooms as the previous two he'd seen, but he couldn't know for certain without looking. Grima The woman took a sip of her iced tea and sighed, the entire volume of her hair sighing with her. "I've told them all before, if they wish to label themselves as gods, then they don't need to ask the help of a mere woman." she said with a sorrowful shake of her head. "You know, my daughter hasn't visited me in years." she abruptly changed the subject, "Not even to ask for my help. Sometimes I think she's forgotten me. It's sad, really, to her I used to be more than a woman. Even when she knew she would become the strongest, she refused to believe it because no one could surpass her beloved mom. "Of course, I knew she'd surpass me from the day she was born. That's why I named her Victoria." the woman paused and threw back her glass, downing the rest of the tea in one gulp. "But she never challenged me, isn't that curious? I was an idol to her. If she defeated me, the illusion would be shattered, and if I won, she would no longer be on the path of destiny. "So I stepped aside and let her take her path to victory. My time as a beloved Princess was over, it was time for a mighty Lord to rule the land." A gust of wind blew and suddenly on of the swords was impaled in the table. It was a short, straight sword with little ornamentation aside from the inscription in the blade, which was written in symbols Grima couldn't interpret. The woman was still sitting, she hadn't moved. "I don't know if Queen mentioned it, but I'm pretty dangerous when you get on my bad side." She said, her tone a clear threat, "Being Queen's envoy is a good way to get on my bad side. So you should make absolutely certain that this is what you want and choose your next words very carefully." Swag Although Nastasia spoke his name with the same biting tone as Sarah, Swag didn't so much as flinch. He let her go on her little tirade, and showed no reaction aside from perhaps a hint of bemusement. Nastasia was too self-absorbed to notice, but Hiroki and Morgan would pick up on the familiar sensation of the god's presence growing to an overwhelming degree. Hiroki might notice that it felt a little lighter than last time, perhaps because she was growing used to such forces after meeting Lord and Arcturus. When she finished by asking the two girls for their names, Swag finally made his move. His hand rose to cover his mouth just so, and he let out an unmistakable laugh. "Oohohohohoho!" The look in his eyes turned the jovial guffaws into a sinister cackle. As it finished, his hand flashed from his face and slammed down on the table, unleashing a wave of pressure so potent that not even Nastasia could ignore it. Yet when he spoke again, his voice held no hint of malice, instead taking a perfectly polite tone. "You talk of etiquette, but have no idea to its meaning." he said, "Allow me to educate you." though nothing about him changed, Nastasia would suddenly find that he seemed to tower over her, his very presence filling the room and threatening to squash her. "Etiquette is not just action, it is a way of showing respect. In your demand for me to increase my standard of etiquette you have several misjudged your place in this room." Swag pointed dramatically to Hiroki, "Hiroki has seen Nil with her own eyes and managed to hold her own against Lord in a fight. She's probably our best chance of actually winning this and she deserves the most respect of us all." Were it up to him, Hiroki wouldn't have even been in this room, but Swag decided against saying that aloud just yet. He moved his hand to direct attention to Morgan, "Morgan has fought and won several battles in the grand tournament that had taken center stage in our world these past weeks. She is among the strongest combatants in the world. She deserves great respect." Instead of pointing to himself, Swag took a dramatic bow to draw attention, "I am Sain Derrek, also known as Swagalicious, God of the Plane of Lust. I destroyed a once bountiful land and ruined many lives including my own. I deserve about as much respect as a worm." Finally, Swag pointed at Nastasia. Yet instead of a dramatic wave, it was an accusatory stab, "You are a selfish brat that my nephew invited to this party because he thinks you're pretty. You happen to have a useful gimmick that might come in handy if we manage to fight Aries on out own terms. You perhaps deserved a little respect simply for the hard work you've put in to reach the position you have, but your greedy demand for more shows that you won't be satisfied with what toy deserve, and thus you no longer deserve anything. So take a seat and let me explain the situation to the uninformed. If you have something to add from your discussions with my sister, feel free to chime in once I've finished. Understood?" Although Swag claimed he didn't deserve any respect, his very presence itself demanded it. Even someone as proud as Nastasia would struggle to withstand his verbal onslaught. This was more than simply the unbearable gaudiness of a god who partied too much, no, it was the divine thunder of an enraged deity.
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    [IC] TTG Chapter 5: Wrath

    Tai The second room Tai entered was larger than the first, but equally empty. It held two further exits, both on the wall to the right of the way he entered from, with the further yet again displaying the dangerous-looking symbol on its curtain. Although the room was totally empty, Tai felt like he could see something in the corner of his vision. He couldn't get his eyes to focus on it, but neither would it leave. No matter where he looked, the peripheral presence remained.
  9. Clownmeme Alter Santa Lexi

    [IC] TTG Chapter 5: Wrath

    Tai The instant Tai crossed the building's threshold, he felt a surge of warmth. It wasn't just protection from the cold winds, the building was being heated somehow. The first room he entered after the entryway lead to another revelation. Something was lighting this place. The ambient light from outside couldn't have reached this far into an enclosed space. He couldn't see any light fixtures, but it seemed to somehow be coming from the walls. Other than the light and warmth, this first room was empty. It did have two further doorways, each with a surprisingly well-preserved curtain serving as the door, leading out of it. They seemed largely indistinguishable, save for the one leading towards the center of the building having a symbol he didn't recognize on it. Something about the design of the symbol told him it was cautionary, even if he had no way to discern why.
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    [IC] TTG Chapter 5: Wrath

    Grima The woman left the room to fetch the iced tea, returning quickly with two glasses. She set one in front of Grima and sat at another chair with the other. She didn't say anything at first, sipping her tea in silence for a solid minute. When she did finally speak, her tone was no longer cheerful. "I guess you didn't seek me out just to visit, did you." She sighed, "I doubt I can actually do much for you, but go ahead and ask." Nastasia "We'll figure out the nitty gritty when we have a better idea of our forces." Seeker said, "Having you on board to take out Aries will be a big help. As for Lain, he will probably be helping me coordinate. So yes, he'll be there." They spent a little longer discussing, but the important part of the meeting was over and Nastasia soon left Envy with Seeker on a train to Greed. (OOC: I apologize for the upcoming jumpiness) Hiroki and Morgan (and Nastasia later) Leaving Arcturus behind, Hiroki and Morgan headed back to the train they'd arrived on. It took a little while to explain what was going on to a confused Black Idol and Diviner, but they eventually got going to head back to Greed to tell Queen what was going on. Upon arrival, they were greeted by one of Queen's servants, who informed them that the gods were already aware of Aries's treachery, apologized for sending them to such a dangerous place, and ushered them to Queen's mansion of a home for more information. "Sorry you guys got caught up in this." Of all people, it was Swagalicious who had been sent to brief Hiroki and Morgan on what the gods knew. It seemed that this somehow wasn't important enough to warrant a visit from one of the big shots. His presence was still pretty overbearing, but his depressed attitude and apology made him feel a little more human and easier to be around. The door to the dining hall they were in opened, and Seeker entered with Nastasia. "Sain." She greeted Swag curtly. She didn't wait for a response before turning her attention to the competitors, "This is Nastasia, she'll be traveling with you if you decide to fight Aries with us, I thought you'd best get to know her." she then turned to leave. "Sar-" Swag's attempt to stop Seeker was cut off by the door slamming shut. "Guess nothing changed there..." he muttered dejectedly. "Anyways, pull up a seat and have some food, Nastasia, I was just about to explain the situation to these two, since apparently Lord doesn't want any of us at the big kids' table."
  12. Clownmeme Alter Santa Lexi

    [IC] TTG Chapter 5: Wrath

    Tai The moss was tasteless at first, but turned sweet as Tai reluctantly ate it. As it traveled to his stomach, he felt a tingling sensation, and then a chill even stronger than the cold around him ran up his spine. The frigid feeling stung the back of his skull for a moment and then vanished, leaving only an odd numbness and a feeling of clarity. The clarity soon manifested in a physical form, as the indistinct stone building that had only been at the edge of his awareness now appeared fully within his mind's reach. Though he barely stumbled towards it, it seemed to get closer at a rapid pace, and after only a few moments he was upon it. Up close it became apparent that the stone was cracked and crumbling, yet the building as a whole still stood. It was a largely square building with a rounded roof. There was an opening that seemed to be the entrance nearby, giving Tai a view inside. The structure was partially recessed into the ground and Tai could see several more doorways leading out of the entry room directly ahead. If nothing else, the inner rooms would probably protect him from the wind. Grima The door was answered surprisingly quickly, cracking open half and inch to reveal the emerald green right eye of a woman. Grima couldn't see much of the inhabitant, but the woman's salt and pepper hair was so long that it partially spilled out of the door at the bottom. What Grima could see of the woman's face was soft, almost childlike, yet held a hint of the weariness of age. After looking Grima over for a second, the woman swung the door open fully. "Welcome!" she said cheerfully, waving Grima in with a genuine smile, "Please come in! It's nice to have a visitor, though I must say I'm surprised one so young even knows my address." Now that the woman was fully revealed, Grima got a good look at her. Most notably, her left eye did not match her right, being a deep ocean blue. But that wasn't the only contrast. The woman's body and outfit seemed to belong to a very young woman, yet Grima's mind perceived her as being middle-aged. The woman was slim and clearly very fit, with her slightly short stature giving the impression of nimbleness. She wore a purple t-shirt and black jean shorts, leaving little question about her physique, which was strong and limber like a gymnast. We're it not for the woman's fading hair and slightly weary face, Grima wouldn't think she was a day over 20. The woman led Grima through the house. it's walls were decorated with a floral wallpaper and several photos of the woman, her hair still pure black, and young blonde girl that seemed oddly familiar to Grima. The house was surprisingly cool, and Grima noticed vents indicating an air conditioning system, further cementing that this woman was extremely well off. Eventually they arrived at the parlor, which had a small wooden table and three matching chairs in it. In one of the corners opposite the entrance there was a small shelf with a variety of items and flowers on it. In the center of the shelf was a picture of a blonde man and a couple candles. Another picture of the woman and girl was hung on the wall nearby, but in this one they were accompanied by the man as well. On the wall opposite the photo there was a rack holding a variety of swords, each with something engraved in the blade in a different language. The woman ushered Grima to sit at the table. "It's quite ot out there, would you like me to get you some iced tea? Or maybe a glass of orange juice? I just squeezed some this morning." She offered. Arcturus Arcturus was a little surprised that Blink, of all the gods, was the one that the Hellfire Knight chose to trust. He was also disappointed, Blink was by far the worst of them. Her chaotic nature reminded him of Leviathan, but without the latter's selflessness. Arcturus felt strongly that Blink's maverick behaviors would speed them all into oblivion if someone didn't rein her in. Arcturus shook his head. "If that's where your faith lies, nothing I say will sway you." he said, a hint of sadness in his voice, "My challenge remains open, but it really would be best for you to leave."
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    Despair is Fun. A Madoka RP(IC). Paradaisu.

    Yoshirou Yoshirou followed Tsukihashi's direction, taking the lead for the first time since they'd reentered the park. He walked back out of the area and led the way around the back of the park towards their alternate entrance. He took care as they got closer to watch for potential police presence. When they arrived at the back entrance, he took the keys he'd been given and attempted to find the right one to open the door. He was still wary that the cops might be nearby and could potentially hear him fiddling with the keys, so he did his best to keep quiet, even though it slowed him down a bit.
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