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  1. You're a Green Unit

  2. discords newest update has given me unlimited meme power

  3. n o i d o n t w a n t t h a t



    1. seki108


      This thing's time as a meme was so brief............I'm surprised to see someone made a video about it in 2018






    1. seki108


      ..........damn.  I never finished the Christmas Comeback Crisis either.  R.I.P. all you great great rips (especially all the mecha and Touhou ones for me).

  5. name rater is apparently bugged. he only allows your nicknames to be 10 characters max, even though the official limit of names is currently 12. even pokemon like fletchinder and crabominable have more characters. you can still give pokemon you catch in the wild a nickname of max 12 characters, but for some reason name rater is contrary.
  6. after completing the goldenwood forest restoration quest, if you enter goldenwood forest from the goldenleaf gate, the forest will be reverted to how it looked like when adrienn wanted the poliwag etc. leaving the area fixes this error.
  7. bit of a long thing about the wimpod event with a lotta images, so bear with me
  8. im pivorus, didnt ya know?

  9. one of the greatest gifts ever brought to mankind



  10. "Right, let's ruffle some feathers!"

  11. Pivorus

    Getting Suspended from School for Dumb reasons

    common sense should also amount to "not doing shit just for the sake of provoking people and then complaining about getting punished for being an asshat", which is honestly the only reason I can think of to bring a water gun to school. im assuming this is america, and from what ive heard, they cant really be careful enough.
  12. you people dont think big enough. pokemon fangames are too mainstream. ill kill piranha plant, and I know what we need. more sword users. and who better than the greatest character ever introduced in fe hacks- the man, the myth, the kelik. edit: actually like piranha plants moves and realized daisy is still there so we taking her out instead.
  13. Pivorus

    A theory about Lin

    is this lin
  14. #rakeamericagreatagain