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  1. Reignited'Light

    Balm Mushroom?

    Well, I looked in the PBS files for E18 (idk about community release), and it doesn't seem to be holding Balm Mushrooms anymore. sorry friend
  2. Reignited'Light

    Favorite Pokemon Gens?

    1. 4th gen (Sinnoh) 2. 3rd gen (Hoenn) 3. 6th gen (Kalos) 4. 2nd gen (Johto) 5. 5th gen (Unova) 6. 7th gen (Alola) 7. 1st gen (Kanto) only 1-2 really matter for me on this list. the rest are just honestly how I'd rank them, but they're still pretty cool!
  3. Reignited'Light

    The Truth about PokeNations Week 3

    ... so this week, we, light gazers, have lost vs the Sun Valkyries. GG my friends. HOWEVER! we did not lose bc we had a bad matchup or anything crazy like that. we, the light gazers, have decided to throw our games last min. why? earlier this week, a certain member from Eclipse, has said, and I quote, 'if lightgazers win this week i will video myself eating a rock'. Now, we don't back down from challenges, however, due to the certain risk(s) that could happen if our precious friend from Eclipse had eaten that rock, they might have had to get another member to replace them. We decided that we would take the L this week to spare said user. that way when we face Eclipse once more, he will be cannon fodder, bop. like i said once in the nation discord Reignited'Light vs all of Eclipse = 5-0
  4. Reignited'Light

    Pokenations Sets n' Trick by Reignited'Light

    Guess I should explain my use of Gravity for Week 3, STABmons. Ideally, it was supposed to support my team's attacks like Garchomp's Precipice Blades, Alakazam's Focus Blast and Latios' Earthquake. Normally threats like Celesteela wall Garchomp and Latios, but with Gravity, I would have been able to use my ground type attacks freely, albeit only for a certain amount of turns. It also was supposed to improve Alakazam's accuracy with Focus Blast so I could have hit the expected Ferrothorn / Heatran combination that was a threat. Dragon Dance Latios was supposed to catch people off guard if Heatran or Magearna was there go-to check for Latios. Latios was supposed to be my late game sweeper, but that didn't turn out well like I'd hope, resulting in my loss for the week. If anybody has questions, feel free to ask on discord.
  5. Reignited'Light

    Pokenations Sets n' Trick by Reignited'Light

    Since the nation I faced didn't really have any notable stealth rock users, I thought this was really good vs them. Sawk gets a free focus sash with sturdy so it's really hard to take down. I had dual healing wish to support my setup sweepers in case I fucked up somewhere. So with this, it's like Sawk has Focus Sash three times! When Mr. Mime is done with his job, off he goes to support his friends! GG, Zodiacs!
  6. Reignited'Light

    how do you deal with anxiety

    check your discord buddy, i got some suggestions
  7. ok so if anybody was around from pokenations #2, i made a topic about this too. you can find that here pokenations with their limited type (only 3 for each nation) has made me think outside the box and allowed me to use things I'd never think of using. I'm only posting my own sets that I used in my matches, so yeah, I'll start! prison break (Scrafty) (M) @ Roseli Berry Ability: Moxie EVs: 16 HP / 248 Atk / 244 Spe Jolly Nature - Dragon Dance - High Jump Kick - Knock Off - Head Smash I decided that scrafty breaks through most of the Normal / Poison / Ghost types with just HJK and Knock Off alone. the set is pretty standard for the most part. Head Smash literally smashes Golbat (it faints after SR damage+ 1 boosted HeadSmash+Brave Bird Recoil). It has a chance to OHKO after rocks too, but it's not a high chance. While somebody may wonder why I would risk a roll, it's an easy answer. If Golbat uses Brave Bird, they miss an oppurtunity to get rid of my hazards with Defog and if they used Defog, well I can finish it with Knock Off and snowball through the team thanks to Moxie boosting my attack for every kill. The idea of the set is to use Dragon Dance on something, say, non Will-O-Wisp Spiritomb, as they switch in their Mega Audino or something to check Scrafty, use Dragon Dance again as I eat Roseli Berry to weaken fairy attack, then do massive damage with High Jump Kick or coverage moves. Anyway guys feel free to post your own sets if you guys want to! Matchup by type alone does not determine the outcome of the game. It helps, but teambuilding is just as important, no matter how badly in a position you're in!
  8. Reignited'Light

    PokéNations 3 - Week 1 Matchups: BL Wars

    https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/reborn-gen7ru-109411 won vs NDG
  9. Reignited'Light

    Member Appreciation Thread: 2018 Edition

    @Kamina I know I haven't really been the best of friends, but you are somebody who is really underappreciated in this community. You were my first friend here and that will always be important for me. I know that I'd taunt you by saying how terrible your Pokemon 'skills' are, but you are really good and you've obviously grown a lot from ORAS, being much better than I am (real tea). If you're still going to play mons in the next couple years, I know you're going to go far and it's not going to be because of luck. Besides your pokemon skills, you're aware and smart, even if your grammar and meme posts don't often showcase that. Everyone should check out Kamina because he's been a great member of Reborn for a long time and he is pretty active @ all of the AO Members @Moony @Lil' Baby Rupe @Void @99 Losses @Lobos @Jelly @Dark Desire @DAVIDpwns @finkeltinklewinkle @Rewer @Lord Bagel @Pixl @slant @Rukia. @Xiri @DJWongTong @Kurusu are all very friendly members of this community as well! I wish I talked to you most of you guys more. I do have specific reasons for everyone of you guys, but that would be a very long text post, so only Kamina gets his own text wall. Sorry! Lots of love, though!
  10. Reignited'Light

    PokéNations 3 Signup thread

    Forum name: Juilliard / Reignited'Light Showdown alt(s): Juilliard / Reignited'Light (Are my main alts. I do have tons of other showdown accounts that I love to use) Discord: Reignited'Light#6148 Availability: GMT -6 (Availability changes weekly) Favorite type(s): Psychic / Dragon / Water / Fire / Normal Least favorite type(s): Rock (LOOKING AT YOU HELEN)
  11. Try this? I 'updated' your PULSE DEX so it's up to date with your current playthrough? If you're missing any PULSE entries before your current badge, I can add them in for you. Game.rxdata @smarwin
  12. Reignited'Light

    Summer Party 2016!

    won the NA Summer Party 2016 tour. ggs!
  13. I will find you. I will always find you.

  14. Is the tour OU or Ubers? It just specifies Ice/Grass/Fire/Water+Delibird. I'm guessing OU since it's like the main tier, but confirm please.