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  1. narcian is nice for if i ever wanna give someone emerald axe and idk lancebreaker Anti-blue is nice (even if most of the prominent blues are dargons n mages it seems.)
  2. my school love triangle involved myself, a water fountain and a lunch table.

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    2. President Felix

      President Felix

      oh god no, the plumbing didn't work at that school anywhere outside the kitchens or the toilets.

    3. Hycrox
    4. ProjectIceman


      "There is only the Harem Plan."

                             -Momo (To-Love Ru)

  3. The takumi one was annoying, waht with Tacodancing but otherwise dealable with. All the other were irrelevant difficullty wise.
  4. "Maybe it's easier to maintain." Polly suggested to Rocky. "Magic parts might be more durable, who knows, we'll find out on the magic course." She was certainly looking forward to the class, though a small part dreaded losing that sense of wonder that came with just not knowing how it worked.
  5. Est Brave Lance+/Killer Lance from cordelia/Peri reposition from Barst Iceberg from Niles Iotes Shield/Fury from Michalis/Hinata Seal Speed innate Threaten Defense/Spur attack from Peri/Barst Hp+3 seal if the game wants it the game fucking gets it it doesnt look like her defenses are good enough to survive the high damage nukes but idc, when she does she'll hit back witha fucking vengeance. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE GAME KEEPS THROWING HER AT ME, I'M MAD NOW

    1. 5hift


      Lol sounds like somebody got crappy pulls in FEH.

    2. President Felix

      President Felix

      this is my 6th est? I think? Like i just want any other blue unit, i dont even care if its not 5*. Just no more ests or sullys.

  7. Make a choice and stick to it. You can't dance around her trying to mess with the distance between you, it could hurt her more than just ditching her. Decide if you can be there as a friend or if you have to leave her be, be consistent and reliable.
  8. I seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yoooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuu

  9. You seem to be missing the fact that blarowl is perfect for the new defence maps and the new tiles. Slap Mae and co down on those tiles and let the enemy come to you. The issue obvs is you won't always get those defence tiles maps but Int seems intent on doing more with the mechanic. Maybe one day they'll let you choose your defense team and map, maybe let you fiddle with the AI tactics. They do that, Mae n co are perfect for a defence team.
  10. this devastated me like holy hot damn i didn't expect i'd be dead after watching it
  11. Go with the flow, explore. No one knows what you're really capable of, maybe you have an affinity for the fucking didgeridoo that would land you in musical history as a genius. It's fine not to know that kind of thing right now, you can take your time and figure it out. Life, despite the saying, is not short. All it takes is one good day in a good month of a half-decent year to set you on a path you like. Faith isn't something reserved for religion, if you catch my drift. Try not to compare yourself to the progress of others either. Those marriages could go tits up, careers can live and die on the whims of so many things. Friends, sad as it is to say, fade out of life. A happier note to hear though is that new friends can come into your life. You'll be fine. Trust.
  12. im listening to two songs at once because i absentmindedly clicked a link and they work and they dont and im scared of sound