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Heyooo Reborn!

Well, I'm Notus, and I´m from Brazil, I currently live in Rio de Janeiro in a military school for Officers of the Merchant Navy (yeah, think Captain Phillips - hopefully without pirates XD), and I made it in there one year after I started here.

In 2010-2012 I travelled with my family in a sailboat, and it was even better than expected. We went from Brazil to Europe via Caribbean, met a lot of people and yeah, had a greeeat time!

Actually I liked it so much that my life plan now is try to get a job in navigation and get myself a boat instead of a house. ^_^

Now, I'm not very good in games, the ones I actually enjoy are turn based strategy RPG, mostly Pokémon (which I grew up with) and Final Fantasy (specially Tactics Advance). My favorite game overall is Pokémon Reborn, even though I found about it only in the end of 2013. After that I began reading the Forums and that's mostly why I'm here! School routine is crazy, so I´m not around as much as I would like anymore, but every now and then I will show up here or in the server. I miss this place and the people here too much to get away.

Well that's pretty much it. Hope I'll have much fun with you guys!