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  1. Asuka opened a locker that had her name on it and grabbed a yellow dress, knee high, simple but pretty - the other girls would probably find jeans or something provided by the ship´s staff, but she had more time to prepare. " Did she have blue hair and look like she was bored of everything? If so I might have seen her before... Well, I bet more than one aquaintance of mine was caught on that anyway." She tried to sound as neutral as possible but, if that was true, then she would have to look into it - that girl probably meant trouble.
  2. Asuka fell silent for a moment and then answered in a (surprisingly) calm tone. "I was pretty much useless out there this time, I know that. And I think I already thanked you girls, but that doesn´t mean I need to take whatever you say without complaining." Then she seemed to realize something and turned her head to look at Beverly. "Wait a minute. Red eyed? What do you mean?"
  3. " Well thank you, I wouldn´t settle for 'cute' anyway." Asuka answered Beverly, not letting her voice show signs of annoyance. " You seem like just another kid who thinks having a rough childhood is a free pass for doing whatever you want... But at least you learned how to make witty comebacks from those 'issues' of yours, so I guess you´re not entirely hopeless."
  4. Asuka broke off her silence to go in Kyou´s aid - if only to try and throw Beverly a bit off, since all that noise was irritating her. "Oh, so we´re getting cute animal nicknames now? Interesting way of bonding with your friends Beverly... I can actually think of one or two for you as well." She said, turning off the shower and grabbing a towel for herself.
  5. "You must lose a lot then if you don't like luck." Asuka plainly ignored Beverly's statement -which wasn't entirely wrong- and started to turn back into her shower when the little girl (Ranga, was it?), much to her surprise, yelled at her. "Don't swear!" "Well, of course. Kids shouldn't swear, my bad." She answered with a hint of irony on her voice. That was when Beverly managed to change the subject... Quite a lot. It was quickly becoming apparent to Asuka that she wasn't used to talking with people "her age" anymore. It had been quite a while since the last time, and after all that happened, this kind of subject seemed futile and devoid of any importan- damn, she's bigger than me. The redhead pilot couldn't hold a whistle when she noticed the... objects of the girls' talk. Then she realized she did that aloud and, after awkwardly facing Satomi for a moment, slowly turned her back to the girl and put extra focus into grabbing the soap and starting to wash herself.
  6. "[...]Besides, it's over now! We've beaten the Angel and we can live here peacefully from now on!" "Is it, now?" Asuka answered without looking back. "Humanity thought it was over once... until an hour ago. And we are in another planet for f#@'s sake. How can we be sure it is over?" "They didn't really ask. They mostly just shoved us into the robots." "Ok then. So if you were given a choice in the matter would it have played differently?" Asuka stood silent for a moment, turned on the shower and then finally faced them. "Look, I'm not trying to sound ungrateful here. If you didn't come, I might be dead by now - and one fifth of what's left of humanity with me. I'm just mad at how improvised the whole thing was, with no warning, no training, not even plugsuits. You did well, considering everything, but luck played a big part in that last strike... And winning by luck is close to losing in my book."
  7. Asuka was the last to enter the locker room - she had to go through some extra check ups - and she stood by the door for a bit, measuring the other pilots with her sky-blue eyes. The red head, now for the first time seeing the others face to face, was about 1.6 meters tall, her long hair locked in twin tails that cascadaded down her back. Her clothing was a red full body suit, matching the colour of her EVA, that clung to her body tightly enough to show her lean, athletic figure even before she finally crossed the room and started undressing. "So you are the new kids who were dumb enough to get in EVAs to try and save the world, eh? Welcome to the club." she threw her red suit aside and walked towards a shower. "Did you think it would be cool? Fighting monsters in your giant robots and stuff?"
  8. When the six Evangelions arrived in the hangar the maintenance staff guided them to their respctive holding bays (Asuka's and Ahmed's needed cranes to do the job) and soon they were all locked in position again by multiple restraints. The entry plugs were taken out and replaced by signal-cutting ones, and the pilots were greeted by nurses who took them past the control room and into a small medbay that was right beside it. There was a rush of people moving towards the EVAs, presumably the maintenance crew already starting the repairs, and all of those who passed by the kids looked at them with curiosity, said thanked and congratulated them. Dr. Hashimoto was still inside the control room, for those who bothered to look for him, apparently being yelled at by an angry looking Dr. Alma Neummann. Once in the medbay, they went through a number of health check-ups (for the second time in the day) before the doctors assured them they had no injuries at all - although some had some fading symptoms of shock - and the pain they felt earlier was not related to their bodies at all. The doctors themselves were confused about that but, with nothing else they could do, the children were told to go take a shower in the locker rooms behind the bay and then go back to the control room for a debriefing.
  9. "Fath- Doctor Hashimoto, Admiral, the Angel l-looks dead. W-We got it." There was an uproar at the control room following Satomi's words. The officers and staff jumped from their chairs, laughed, and some hugged their colleagues, celebrating the kid's triumph - and being allowed to live another day, of course. Admiral Sauer let out a relieved sigh, and Dr. Hashimoto laid back in his chair with his eyes closed for a moment before answering. "...Alright Satomi, we're opening the main hatch. Please bring the damaged units back to the hangar if you can, it will save much time." He paused for a bit before adding "And good job." to the sentence. Out on the field again, the Angel (thankfully) didn't react to Ranga's question and kept immobile where once was the camp. The ship's main hatch opened slowly and teams of soldiers and medical staff rushed out to aid the survivors in front of it and look for more of them in the battlefield, for unlikely that it could be. Most of the personnel flinched when they saw the EVAs and wasted some moments staring at them dumbfounded. Some of the soldiers that came along seemed to know what was going on though, as those people were quickly called out by them and hurried to do their duties. "You alive in there or do i have to drag a corpse back to the ship?" "Huh, as if something like this would be enough to kill me." Asuka answered through the radio. Even though she said that in a defiant tone, the pain was apparent in her voice. Lying in the cockpit with her eyes closed and her teeth gritting, the first pilot fought to control the pain in her leg - which, unlike the EVA's was still in place, thankfully. She had cut off communications earlier when her unit shut down so the other pilots wouldn't hear her screaming and lose focus, and after some time it appeared that the control staff managed to cut off her neural connection with the EVA so she wouldn't feel all of the pain. Took them too long though, and a lot of it still lingered. "Now, if you have time to joke about an injured colleague, how about you grab that leg for me and help me up?" Asuka regretted the suggestion as soon as she looked around and found her EVA's leg. Far different from what a robot leg should look like, it had surprisingly few metallic components beneath the thick layer of armour, and all too much stuff that was, unmistakably, biologic. Muscle, bone, veins and a lot of blood. No doubt Beverly would have seen it by now and Asuka wondered how she would react.
  10. All For a moment, everything seemed to be slowed down - the Angel's immense form travelling mid-air, the EVAs jumping towards it or preparing to. In the control room all the personnel held their breath, with the exception of Daisuke Hashimoto, who yelled his daughter's name. The civilians behind Satomi cowered in fear or started to run at the sight of the behemoth flying towards them, with only the now small looking robot betweem them and certain death. For a moment everything came to a halt in the pilots' perception - And then all Hell broke loose at once. The Angel opened it's white mouth, but Satomi managed to avoid being swallowed whole and jumped with amazing power, leaving a cloud of dust and debris where she stood a second before. Her EVA crashed with the Angel, the yellow light of an AT Field visible for a moment. Ahmed hit the angel in the side, more specifically, his foot hit the wall of bones that once again came to life to defend the Angel's main body. Those sliced through the EVA's foot and tore it to pieces, leaving what looked disturbingly similar to a bloody stump in the end of it's leg. Beverly was the next to hit their foe, after sinking a multitude of projectiles in the beast's body while covering the distance that separated them. The blood like liquid still spilled from the wound on her EVA's belly, soaking the ground beneath her as she ran. Then she added her almost hundred-meter tall Evangelion's weight to Satomi's and Ahmed's, managing to avoid the area protected by the Angel's bones. The Angel was thrown off course by those three actions, and ended up crashing on the ground to Satomi's left, throwing the girl's EVA away with the impact, but still not hitting the civilians nor Noah . Beverly was similarly sent flying when it's other side shook EVA 02 and ripped off it's left leg, sending the red unit flying, spraying that same blood like fluid all over the place, until it crashed with EVA 16. Kyou, for a strike of luck or great instinctive reaction, was the first to sink her knife into the remaining core. It resisted for a bit, extremely hard and tough to break, until Ranga showed up and completed the strike with her own knife. The red orb parted in two. And the black and white Angel stopped moving.
  11. All Asuka's jumping tactic was a sucess - or so it seemed when her EVA, in a movement that seemed way too nimble for a machine of that size, leapt above the barrage of sharpened white bone and started falling right above the core. Asuka just needed to position EVA 02 for the landing and drive the progressive knife down in the crimson orb beneath her and all would be over, and she could go treat that ever increasing pain in her chest and arm. What happened next was nowhere near that, though. "Critical synchronization levels." an automated voice sounded inside her cockpit. "Evangelion Unit 02 will now shut down." What the other pilots heard was only a series of what sounded like a lot of cursing in german and the words "NOT NOW!" as the red Evangelion landed face first, like a bag of trash on the monster's forehead. The Angel reacted by closing it's jaws around the EVA's left leg and, apparently reacting to the multiple EVAs swarming it, disappeared back in the hole where it came from. At the same time the white Angel acted, but in the opposite way - it started to speed up out of the hole on the ground beneath it, with more and more of it's white body showing, until at some point it turned black. A moment later the mouth of the "other angel" appeared, still dragging Asuka's EVA, and then the whole thing was in the air. The two Angels were actually only one gargantuan being, with a mouth and core in each extremity. And it was jumping towards Satomi.
  12. All As Ranga´s Evangelion stood still on the ground, the white Angel turned towards her with it´s gargantuan mouth wide open, as if it would swallow her whole. It was a moment that seemed to last forever, but the monster suddenly halted as it noticed Satomi preparing to shoot. It then abandoned Ranga and moved quickly to block the bullets´path with it´s own body, the car sized projectiles sinking in it´s white flash or bouncing from it´s black ribs as it intensely threw an eyeless stare at Satomi. On the other battle front, the black Angel responded Ahmed´s attack with another lightining fast movement from it´s ribs. Asuka, who was running towards and predicted it would try that again, prepared to jump over the wall of moving, sharp bones, planning to strike the core from above.
  13. All The black Angel quickly recognized the danger of Kyou's approach and, opening it's huge mouth, flung the damaged EVA 16 towards Kyou's Unit. Meanwhile, Asuka had already recovered enough from the wound in her EVA's chest to start thinking. As I thought, two cores. She thought, smirking. "Ok, now we found our target! Aim for the red orb!" Then EVA 02 dashed forward, it's pilot in hopes of finishing the fight fast.
  14. All Asuka got in solid hits with her Progressive Knife, but failed to find the core once again. Ahmed's jump kick landed but, although the angel did take a good impact from that, so did Ranga on the other side of the monster. It ended up with her EVA falling butt first on the ground. The Angel then reacted differently; then before; it's "ribs" opened with a sickening noise and started slashing at the EVAs near it an impressive speed. "Shit-" Asuka started saying before one of the bone blades hit EVA 02's chest, it's edge tearing through the thick armour. She stumbled backwards to get away from the Angel's range, letting out a groan of pain. Some kind of liquid in high pressure sprayed out from the injure, in a manner disturbingly alike to blood. Some of the other Evangelions nearest to the Angel also got hit by the surprise attack, but everyone's attention was quickly turned towards Beverly - for, with a roaring sound, the ground beneath her EVA gave way and what appeared to be another identical Angel arose from it, closing it's mouth around Unit 16's belly. This Angel had it's colours swapped compared to the other one, with black flesh, white ribs - and another blood red core on it's forehead.
  15. All That's exactly why I said that the idea was stupid. Asuka mentally complained, but she lost no time before she redirected her EVA to go to Ranga's aid. The Angel had started to turn it's attention - and more importantly, it's mouth - towards the younger girl's unit. "It's just like the rest of piloting - focus in yourself doing it. Just think really hard of a force field - " she instructed the others while quickly approaching the AT field, along with Beverly. Then her EVA lowered it's head and prepared for impact with it's shoulder. "- like THIS!". The light around EVA 02 seemed to get slightly distorted just before it collided with the Angel's AT Field, and then - well, it didn't. The air right before Asuka's unit shone in a bright yellow light, octagonal in shape, as the two AT Fields collided. Her Evangelion halted for a moment that seemed too long before cracks started appearing in the octagon and it finally shattered, letting all three EVAs - and the bullets - through. "Right, now avoid the mouth and slash it up!" Asuka commanded, bringing her progressive knife forward.