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  1. "Beverly guessed right." Asuka pointed out to Satomi. "The higher your sync with your EVA, the stronger and steadier your A.T Field. Synching is basically connecting your body and mind to the EVA, and depends on how confortable you are piloting it. It varies from pilot to pilot and, as weird as it may seem, reacts to your momentary emotional state too." She crossed her arms and kept going. "The only way I know to improve it steadily is by training and getting used to the EVA. Too high a sync can end up being a danger to the pilot, though, but normally the NERV guys can limit that." "Baka, don't talk about stuff you don't know about." Asuka answered bluntly, visibly irritated "I have a... condition, due to which my sync rates go up too much and too fast, so in an actual battle what I did would be a very last resort thing. Besides, it would be dumb to just go all out since I was having trouble to find the second core at that time."
  2. I'm sure she would. Asuka thought to herself. "It won't happen again. Besides, she is a bit overworked with you around already, right?" She already had enough to deal with without having Beverly's infamous comments flying around. Asuka nodded, relieved that Satomi came to her rescue. "Yep, let's go for that." She said, crossing her arms and trying to go back to a professional posture. She'd think more about that incident later. "To be honest, you guys did better than I expected. You all need to work on own your synch rates and close combat skills, but you work well together and you know how to think strategically. That's a good starting point." "Beverly, Ahmed and Kyou. You guys are pretty good in hand to hand combat already, try to polish that and practice with knives and other weapons too." "Satomi, you are good at planning and you have a bulky EVA. You should try to last more in battle and avoid engaging in solo combat if you think you're outclassed. Ranga, you were surprisingly stealthy with something the size of an EVA, but you get scared too easily when you get to close quarters. You should work on that, and also practice with a rifle in the shooting stand. I think you'd make a good sniper." After the individual comments, she spoke to them all. "Any comments or questions you guys would like to ask?"
  3. Asuka refused Ahmed's hand shaking her head, before proceeding to answer Kyou's question. "Lancelot here asked about the AT Field burst, and that was one of the things I wanted to show you." The red head started, thinking just how she should explain what happened whithout letting the truth slip - and hopefully without outright lying too. "If you get your synch rate high enough, you can enhance your EVAs' strenght, speed and even use it's AT Fields' as weapons. What happened is that, from a certain point on, it's like getting on a state of hysterical strenght, so the downside is that you can get a bit... too wild. I just lost control for a bit there."
  4. Asuka had barely registered Ahmed's OK when Kyou got out of her entry plug, not looking ok at all. As the girl lauched herself over her, the red head's first reaction was raising her fists, prepare to dodge and hit back hard - only to stop the whole motion midway through Kyou's fist met her face. Hard. She spun and fell on all fours, already feeling the burning on her cheek. This is definitely getting swollen later. Asuka thought to herself. She definitely had been through worse before, but it was quite some time since someone actually hit her in the flesh and the punch was actually pretty stronger than she antecipated. "... you have a pretty good right hook." She managed to say after a while, getting back on her feet.
  5. Kyou managed to grab Unit 02's legs again, and the red behemoth went down to the ground along with her, making the earth shake with the impact of the fall. Asuka in turn grabbed 19's arm with her free hand, while with the other she started to stab blindly at it's back in a frenzy of rage. First the base of the neck. Then around where the core. Once. Then again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. Then the simulators' screens went black. All the pain went away in an instant, and Asuka was left so disoriented that it took her a moment to notice the "simulation terminated" message on the botton of her screen. Then a video comm window popped in front of her and Admiral Sauer looked at her with an air of both surprise and disapproval. "Asuka, that' way past enough for a training session! These are pilots, not Angels, and you know what that means way better than I do. So what exactly do you think you're doing?" "SHUT UP!" Asuka yelled, shaking and sweating. "You said it all, you DON'T know what this was like AT ALL! You DON'T know what I've been through!" The Admiral's gaze changed. It now had a hint of sadness in it as well - or was it pity? "You are right in that. But that was because you never told me much about it. I wish I had been able to help you out before whatever this was about got to other people. I'm sorry." That caught Asuka out of guard, and she slowly started taking the situation in. "No, I... I mean, they... wait a minute." The ace pilot stuttered, laying down in her plug's seat and covering her face with her hand. Shit. What have I done? She hadn't planned on going berserk like this. Her teammates last attack hit all the right spots to trigger some memories she had been trying to bury for a long, long time, but that wasn't their fault at all. The frustration of losing control like this again after so long thinking she had her emotions in check started to sink in. "Verdamnt. It's not your fault, Adalard. I totally lost it." She answered after some time. "Are the kids ok?" "Their vitals are fine - it was only a simulation after all. Still, you'll have to see for yourself how they're taking that last charge of yours. Specially Ranga and Kyou." Asuka sighed. "Ok. Could you open the hatches please?" There was the sound of the plugs' airlock being disengaged, and Asuka stepped out of hers unsteadilly. "Hey. Is everybody ok?" She asked aloud in the most confident tone she could.
  6. As Satomi noticed, the tides had turned in the fight. Asuka struggled a bit to defend herself from Kyou's punching, try to kick Ranga off her legs, and hold Beverly's wrist so she wouldn't have a knife to her head. Then things went wrong. Ahmed apparently thought it would be a good idea to actually bite her - and she had no more hands to defend herself. Unit 18's titanic maw closed around Unit 02's flank, breaching it's armour and causing a spray high pressure of blood red liquid. Asuka held a scream when she felt the pain being transfered to her own body at a high sync rate - and for a moment, her grip on Beverly's wrist wavered. Unit 16's knife hit home in Unit 02's left eye, and that time around Asuka did scream from the top of her lungs. The pain from those hits was horrible and all too familiar to her. Screw this. The red head thought through the pain, letting lose her control over anger. "I'll kill you all." Unit 02's remaining eyes flashed green and the air around it lit up in yellow - suddenly everyone was flying, having received a colossal impact from apparently thin air. She freed one of her legs through sheer force, and the next kick was strong enough to wreck the side of Ranga's EVA armour and whatever passed by it's ribcage. She shook Unit 20 off and stood, pulling off the progressive knife in her eye and advancing towards Kyou like a roaring bullet.
  7. Asuka pulled her Eva's elbow back violently when she felt Beverly trying to grab it, avoiding the other girl's grasp while being put just slightly out of balance. Nothing that would prevent her from spinning and hitting said elbow right in the face of Kyou's unit... If it wasn't for Ranga appearing out of nowhere and grabbing her legs. Verdamnt. Asuka thought while Unit 02 was knocked to the ground. After that everything was a mess. Kyou's knife hit the air and her EVA ended up falling over Asuka's. Ahmed managed to avoid the progressive knife, but Beverly's flying Unit 16 hit his EVA's feet and sent him face first against the mess of EVAs on the ground. The red head felt the impact through Kyou's and Ranga's Evas, which meant she had three behemots piled up over her.
  8. Ugh, that was reckless Asuka thought when she saw Beverly's knife leave her hand. Reckless but effective. I would have done something like that if I was in her place. The thing is, she wasn't. In a fraction of a second Asuka ducked under the knife's trajectory (hoping it would now be flying towards Ahmed) and stepped towards Beverly, under the line of her punch. Unit 02 grabbed Unit 16's wrist with one hand and a leg with the other, and used the momentum from the enemie's charge to lift the other Evangelion on her shoulders - a judo movement called kata guruma. On a swift continuation of this motion, she proceeded to hurl Beverly to the opposite side, where Ahmed was coming from. Not only she was showing these fighting techniques, but it seemed like the reaction time, precision and overall the agility of Unit 02 were getting even better as the fight raged on - and that was why Asuka took a moment to look at her Sync Rate indicator and didn't see Ranga moving closer. Kyou was now on a blind spot of her EVA's cameras, but she did take note of her position before starting the throw.
  9. Finally, they are taking this more carefully. Asuka thought to herself as she took note of everyone's positions (except for Ranga, who was probably behind a building or getting some distance between them). Luckily, right now she could use some time off herself. As Ahmed's cars kept bouncing off her still active AT field her countdown timer reached two minutes. Beverly should be close to shutting down, and Ahmed too, but she still had Kyou and Ranga to deal with - so she used the space the other pilots gave her to connect Satomi's former Umbilical Cord to her own EVA. The timer froze.
  10. Although Satomi did avoid a strike to her back, that didn't help very much - her EVA was off balance and she obviously had much less practice than Asuka with knife fights - so Unit 02 effortlesly grabbed 17's wrist to stop her attempt at parrying. And then sunk her own knife deep into the opposing EVA's head from under it's chin. Sorry about that, but I don't have the time to play nice. Asuka knew full well that must have hurt but, since they were beginners with lower sync rates than her, it wouldn't be enough to shock or traumatize Satomi. Probably. She didn't have the time to apologize verbaly though, as she had train parts and a charging Beverly incoming. Asuka extended one arm and deployed her AT field against the train parts that Ahmed threw at her, and those bounced harmlessly in the barrier and fell to the ground. She fainted being distracted by this as she waited for Beverly to get close, holding Unit 17 between them by it's Umbilical Cord - only to disconect the cord and step out of the way as she approached, like a giant sized toreador.
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  12. The first part of Satomi's plan went smoothly, but her heavily armored EVA wasn't a match in speed for Asuka's 02; as she went for the tackle, the red Evangelion stepped aside, letting Unit 17 get past it and going for a knife strike to the back of it's neck.
  13. Asuka easily intercepted Kyou's knife hand by crossing her opposing arm, grabbing Unit 19's wrist and then pulling it down, pressing her arm and her EVA's full weight on the adversary's neck. She had also lowered her EVA's head, adding protection to her throath already partially guarded by her arm. She looked straight at Kyou's EVA - a old, modified Mass Production unit - and her face assumed a sour expression inside the plug. She raised her free arm and drew her progressive knife. Then again, there were Satomi and Beverly to deal with. She could easily overpower Kyou on the ground thanks to her martial arts training, but staying in the same place wasn't a good option when she was outnumbered. "You want her?" Asuka's voice sounded in the loudspeaker just as she changed options - instead of cutting Kyou down she rolled sideways, reversing their positions: Now Kyou was inside her guard, and she was laying with her back to the floor. And it was Kyou's EVA that the improvised whip found. Asuka then released the guard and kicked Unit 19 towards Beverly, doing a back roll and landing on her feet to face Satomi one on one. The timer in her cockpit reached 4 minutes.
  14. "You-" Asuka said over the loudspeakers as Unit 02 was flung sideways towards Kyou's knife, her 5 minutes countdown starting. "-lost your chance to do this painlessly." As she completed the phrase, Asuka disconnected the Umbilical Cord from her EVA. Without the cord to hold her, she also gained forward momentum getting to Kyou way faster than the other girl could have expected - and feet first, applying a tremendously fast flying kick to Unit 19's stomach, landing on top of it.
  15. Asuka felt the weight of Ahmed's pretty heavy Unit 18 pulling her down. Ah, so you're not completely clueless about close fights either. Good. She did know what he was trying to pull off though, and reacted promptly: releasing the arm around Ahmed's neck at the same as she yanked his umbilical cord with all her strenght from behind. As Unit 18 fell, it's cord snapped leaving a trail of sparks. Not only that, Asuka used the momentum from his fall and applied a kick worthy of a pro soccer player to Ahmed's ribs, cracking a bit of it's armour and sending him flying towards Satomi. Then it was her turn to fall - Unit 16 was back in the fight, apparently, and with a darn good hold of her umbilical cord. Unit 02 fell to the ground flat on it's back.