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  1. "Right, we didn't have the time to explain about the technicalities of the EVAs yet. You'll have a more detailed explanation later on, but for now I can answer that, without an external power source, they can only operate by 5 minutes. As for weaponry, we'll be using the standard equipment - rifle and progressive knife - at first, and our dev team will analyze your training footage and work on weapons optimized for you fighting style." Admiral Sauer explained. This time Dr. Hashimoto was the one to answer. "Our contact with the ship will be pretty limited actually, since she'll be in orbit and we don't have a sattelite network here. It'll depend on our position relative to the planet, so communication will only work on certain times of the day. We can also ask for supplies, parts and extra medical aid to be delivered by shuttle, but that would spend even more fuel and should only be done in extreme cases." He said with a neutral voice. "Now that I'm personally in charge of our probes we'll have around 90% chance of detecting Angels over an hour before they appear, so enough time to either change course or prepare the EVAs for combat. The mission will be over when we have enough fuel for another landing." While the two men talked, Alma noticed Kyou's reaction and, being right beside her, gently held her hand. That was a lot to take in for everyone, but she seemed to be specially fragile compared to the others. Adalard grinned. "It's good to know you've got that much fighting spirit, Miss Beverly. Asuka will show you all to the training area after we're done here, so please be patient until them."
  2. Adalard was honestly surprised by how focused on the mission Ahmed was. He expected him and Kyou to be more shaken after what happened to their family, so the boy's rational approach to piloting the EVA again was a relief. "Good questions mr.Ahmed. You'll be riding in the EVA transport to allow for quick deployement in case of need, as piloting them all the way to the extraction area would put too much of a strain on you. We do have all the apparatus to carry the Evangelion units along with us but, that said, going back to the ship is another story. We do have the means to do it, but should keep that to a minimum so that the tenders have enough fuel to carry the fuel - and us - aboard later." "As for our departure, that would be tomorrow just after dawn. Today you'll begin your training and then I suggest you spend some time with your families. Tell them you volunteered to help in the research or medical teams and try to make them at ease. I promise I'll give my best to ensure that you return to them safe, sound and soon."
  3. Hello everyone! So, I'm going to Europe tomorrow for a backpacking trip and I'd like to ask you guys from the Old Continent for suggestions of places I should visit! I'll also try to update this thread with some pictures and impressions of the places I end up visiting. First up is Lisbon!
  4. "Yes, yes and also yes." Admiral Sauer answered Ahmed promptly. "There's no time to look for other sync compatible people for the EVAs, so we need you to pilot for us in this mission; we already have a rough idea of were to look for the components we need thanks to the data sent by the probes and, finally, we will have a well equiped maintenance team for the EVAs in the expedition as well, but since our resources will be a bit more limited than usual I advise you to avoid taking unnecessary risks." The man then gestured towards Asuka with his right hand. "That said, you'll all be regularly attending to pilot training with Asuka. It will consist in physical training, martial arts, shooting, tactics and simulated battles. Are you all following until now?"
  5. Alma´s Battleground Apartment Asuka was taken by surprise - not by Beverly trying to pull her towel, she expected that - but by the girl´s speed in doing so. Uh, she might not be all that bad in a fight after all. That would have to wait for later though. Asuka calmly let Beverly take the towel, glancing over her shoulder for a bit. "Well if you´re all that eager to prove my point, be my guest." She said, entering the bathroom without even flinching. "Ah, you can leave the towel hanging in the doorknob after you´re done, thanks." The sound of the door closing behind Asuka was a relief to Alma, as she didn´t want to start the day pulling two fighting teens apart from each other in the middle of her apartment. The woman sighed, and then answered the question directed towards her. "Yes, Kyou dear. Though maybe you´d need to do something about that grease... Dr. Hashimoto will probably disapprove if we stain his precious panels and screens in the command center, don´t you think?" ... Evangelion Command Center Despite Daisuke's worries, Neummann and the children arrived right in time for the meeting. Once everyone took their seats in the wide room, their forming a crescent shape facing Adalard, the Admiral started speaking. "Thank you all for coming. First of all I'd like to offer my condolences to miss Kyou and mister Ahmed here. I heard of what happened with your parents and I'm deeply sorry for your loss." The big man stared earnestly into the kids eyes while he delivered those words, but soon afterwards he assumed a stern expression. "Unfortunately, as of now we don't have the luxury of time to grieve over our losses. I called this meeting to inform you of our colony's current situation and future plans." He then took a step sideways and pointed towards Satomi's father. "Daisuke will talk about the first part." Dr Hashimoto stood up and moved to the center of the semi-circle, not wasting any time. "Well, after our staff finished counting the casualties we suffered in the Angel's attack, it is pretty clear we can't risk many more deaths. Nearly a fifth of the settlement's population was wiped out by the Angel, which means we're not too far from a number that would likely generate genetic diseases due to inbreeding in the future." He paused for a moment and then kept going. "Our probe drones have been patrolling to the extremes of their range and we've confirmed that this world is indeed inhabited by more Angels, which would pose an obvious threat to our survival here." Admiral Sauer assumed again from there. "Due to that it is clear that we cannot settle in Canaan without a huge probability of facing extinction. We will retreat from the planet, put the Noah on the move again and look for a new home... Or so we'd like to say." "The thing is, the ship has no fuel for another landing - that's why we took so long probing the surface before bringing her down here. So even if we put everyone back into cryosleep and manage to find another suitable planet we wouldn't be able to land on it." He let the information sink in before continuing. Honestly, he had needed some time to process that when Daisuke told him about it - it seemed that they had hit a dead end, but they still had some cards to play. "So the new plan is: we'll put the Noah back in Canaan's orbit to keep it away from the Angels. While the ship waits there, an exploration team will remain on the surface and look for the components to make more fuel for her. Once they're done we'll use the ship's tenders to bring it aboard and then leave." "Daisuke and Alma, you'll provide me with part of your staff for the mission. I'll need the best within your teams, please bear in mind our survival depends on that. I'll command the ground troops personally to escort them and..." he turned towards the children "...we will bring the Evangelions along too, since there is a good chance that we might encounter Angels along the way."
  6. Alma´s Apartment Asuka heard that from inside the room. When she was younger she would be really pissed off about that, but now that she had grown into a mature, centered version of herself... Well, some things never change. "Ha, as if you had anything on me in that department." The red head answered loud and clear from behind the door, regaining her composure and grabbing her clothes "Besides..." she added, while opening the door and gaining the corridor wearing a smirk and a towel, either forgetting or not caring at all about Ahmed´s presence in the place. "It´s quality over quantity, dear." She finished, stopping for a bit to put a hand on her hips and stare into Beverly´s eyes with a triumphant look. Alma watched with an amused smile as Asuka moved past Beverly towards the bathroom. These two sure are a handful to deal with. she thought just as Ranga asked her about what they should wear. "Yes sweetheart, your normal clothes are fine." Adalard had decided that the kids didn´t need formal clothing for their reunions - they were trying to keep their identity as pilots a secret, after all. "Uniforms are really unconfortable and, besides, you look sooo cute in your own clothing! It would be a shame to spoil that."
  7. Alma´s Apartment And there it is Asuka thought to herself, containing a smirk. Provoking Beverly about that would be fun, but they had more pressing matters to attend to. Alma caught up to that before she could, though; the shrink giggled a bit at the situation before speaking. "Well, despite all that I agree with Beverly, it´s probably nothing. For starters I honestly doubt Angels could really infiltrate the human mind, and even if they could this would be too weak of an attack, don´t you think?" She then looked at her wrist watch and raised an eyebrow. "We can talk more about that later if you want to, but now I think it´s time we get ready for our meeting." Asuka rolled her eyes at the shrink´s first statement but didn´t bother to correct her about the Angel´s capabilities - the less Alma knew, the better for her. It was enough that Asuka herself was aware of the situation and, more than that, she didn´t think it was an Angel attack nor a regular dream but something else entirely. How did they dream about Rei if they don´t know her? If that girl - that thing - was really involved, then she´d have to take it seriously. "Right then, now I´m gonna take a bath and get changed, since someone is finally done with it. I´m blaming 'Sir Kay' if we´re late." She then got up and left the room without waiting for a reply. Satomi "Not really, I never had the time to." Daisuke answered, finishing his plate. There was a bit of awkward silence and he looked at the time in his computer´s screen. "Uhmn, I´d better change for the meeting. I wish Adalard heard me and changed to video calls, they waste far less time." He said, leaving the table straight to his room without any other words.
  8. Alma's Apartment "...Yeah, right." Asuka answered the other girl. Sometimes Beverly could get on her nerves, but she had to admit that "Sir Kay" reminded her of herself, years ago - and that's why she could get what probably was a lie. "So all of us had the same dream and only you wad left out? Well, that might mean it was nothing after all... If it was everybody, maybe we could consider it a useful piece of information." She hoped her words would sink in Beverly's head. Meanwhile, Alma - who had gently returned Ahmed's hug - returned from the kitchen with the cup of coffee the boy had asked for. "I don't think you have to worry about that anyway, Asuka dear." She said, picking up in their conversation. " Shared dreams are a bit rare, but they do happen to people since way before any Angel was spotted. There are lots of theories that try to explain why it happens - from some kind of brain state sinc to it being an access to an subconcious information network - but what is for sure is that they don't have any confirmed prophetic properties." She said calmly. "Actually my graduation work was on that subject. It's a really interesting phenomenom, and more common than most people think. I can still check you guys out for any abnormalities if you want me to." Satomi "Indeed." Daisuke answered simply, not sure if he wanted to keep that awkward line of conversation. He then took a bite of his breakfast and added. "You cook better than her, though. We used to eat out so much for a reason."
  9. Alma's Apartment Asuka turned in her chair to face Beverly as she entered the room. "Hey Beverly, Ahmed, you two had nightmares too, right?" She asked, waiting to see how they responded. "What was it about?" Satomi Busted. Great... Sometimes Daisuke was genuinelly surprised by Satomi's ability to read him. He stopped working for a moment and looked at his daughter preparing the breakfast. "You know, sometimes you sound just like your mother, Satomi." He said, not knowing exactly why he did so. It was pretty rare for the two of them to talk about his wife.
  10. Alma's Apartment Asuka froze for a moment, a shiver running down her spine while she carefully considered her answer. She could lie in order to keep the girls from getting too scared, but if Satomi and Ahmed also dreamed the same thing then it would be for naught. "Y-yeah. My dream was exactly the same thing." Based on her previous experience with Angels, it was pretty likely that Ranga was right about the cause of her shared dream... But the presence of that girl in it might mean something more than that. "And yes, this could be some sort of mind attack by an Angel. I've s-" She stopped herself in time. "read about them being able to do that kind of stuff, but I think if that was the case they'd be more aggresive." Alma was done with the eggs by them, and brought the food to the table. Asuka thought for a moment if it was a bad thing that the shrink heard them talk about all of that but, before she could go down that train of thought, they heard someone knocking on the door and the woman went to answer it. "Ahmed! Good to see you! Will you join us for breakfast as well?" She asked upon seeing the boy. Satomi Daisuke's face assumed a guilty expression as Satomi asked him that. "I... No, not really." He answered the second question, hoping she would be happy with that and wouldn't make him assume that he hadn't slept at all. Better to change the subject "Could you make sure the other children are ready for the meeting? I'm afraid Dr. Neummann might be a bit... too kind to them. It would be bad if they overslept today."
  11. Alma's apartment "Great! Then you can sit at the table with Ranga and Asuka. Beverly is taking a bath and should join us soon." Alma told her with a smile. The psychologist then headed into the kitchen and started preparing their meal. "Would you girls like scrambled eggs?" "It's fine by me." Asuka answered. She waited for Kyou to get closer and then greeted the girl with a wave.
  12. "Yeah I´m fine, thanks." Asuka answered the younger girl while gently putting her hand aside. She wasn´t a fan of physical contact from people she barely knew, but it was getting harder and harder for her to get mad at Ranga, whatever the reason. Maybe it was because she was the youngest and more child like of the whole group, without all the teenager drama the others always brought into any conversation. "So you had a bad dream too uh? Well, if something like that Angel didn't scare us, nothing else would." She had a long story with Angel related nightmares (although not many as vivid as this) and so it wasn't a surprise for her that her roomate started to have her own. It didn´t even cross her mind it could be the same dream. The other people that Asuka spoke to in the last few days were, basically, Beverly and Ahmed. Although the former only brought to the table some verbal (and in that one case with Kyou, physical) altercations, the latter seemed to be focusing his grief in something useful, at least. He bothered her a whole day, but at least she discovered a way he could be useful for the team, if all that talk about fencing was true. And Kyou somewhat showed she wasn´t half bad in a fist fight too, so that wasn't a complete waste of time either. Now since Beverly beat her to the shower today (she was caught off guard this time), she headed for the dining room with Ranga and the shrink. After asking the same as Ranga for breakfast, she heard someone knocking on the door. It was Dr. Neummann who opened it. "Oh, Kyou! How are you doing, sweetie? Please come in, the girls are already up." Alma greeted the girl gently, closing the door after her. "Did you have breakfast already? Would you like to join us?" Satomi Daisuke was, as one might expect, already up and working furiously in his terminal. At least he had a cup of coffee in his hand and a pack of crackers on the desk near him, so Satomi wouldn´t have to worry about him passing out from malnutrition. "Good morning Satomi. We have a meeting with the Admiral in about two hours." He said, looking up from the screen for once. "Did you sleep well?"
  13. There was a desert, as far as the eye could see. They were inside their Evangelions, but even though the cockpit should be a carefully controlled environment, it seemed that they could actually feel the heat outside. And they weren't alone - now they noticed hundreds of carcasses of Angels lying in the sand around them, some still twitching slightly - although clearly at Death's door - and a bigger number already rotting in the sun, all with their cores missing. Did they do that? They didn't know. Aside from the Angels' corpses, another thing now got their attention. A lone tree on fire, right in the middle of nowhere. Although they just had noticed it's presence, it somehow felt like it had been there forever. They walked their EVAs towards the tree, drawn by it's strangeness. As they got closer, they started seeing something in the fire, and listening to something other than the sound of the flames consuming the wood. They got closer and closer. They saw the end of the desert and a narrow sea, or a big river, beyond it. Somehow they knew they had to cross those greenish blue waters to get to the other side, but they didn't know how - where would they find an EVA sized boat to begin with? And then, as they were looking for a solution, the sea got darker and darker, and suddenly a huge mass of dark blue jumped out of the water, showing jaws so huge that they could swallow them all whole, as if the sea itself took form to get rid of them. Right before they got helplessly impaled by those huge teeth, the image in the fire changed and they saw the face of a girl with light blue hair and blood red eyes. She looked straight at them and said something, something they knew was important, but that they couldn't hear over the sound of the flames. Asuka woke up with a scream, jumping up so hard that she hit her head in the bottom of Beverly's bed. "Verdammt" she cursed as she came to her senses, still breathing heavily. Calm down - the red head thought to herself - She's dead ok? And this was just a dream. Even so, it had been way too vivid - and she had been way too loud about it, apparently, as the shrink didn't take long after that to appearat their door with worried expression. "Asuka? Is everything alright?" Alma asked, her blue eyes scanning the room for the source of trouble. "Yeah, yeah, just a nightmare. Nothing for you to worry about." The girl answered. It had already been three days since their fight with the Angel. Kyou and Ahmed were living in the apartments right across theirs, though they hadn't heard much from them since they were still adjusting to their familiar losses. The shrink tried to convince her, Beverly and Ranga that it would be good for their 'friends' to have company to distract them and pass the time, but Asuka disagreed. Sometimes being alone could be the best terapy for this kind of situation. "Ah, at least it was just that." Alma answered, then changed the subject. "It seems we have a meeting with Admiral Sauer and Dr. Hashimoto this afternoon, so I was going to call you all soon anyway... You girls want some breakfast?"
  14. Outside Alma's Apartment The soldier listened to what was going on in Dr.Neummann's apartment just a few steps away, but still unseen. He though for a second that it was pretty amazing how easily he could hide, provided other people didn't expect to see him and were distracted by something else. He resumed walking, his mind drifting to the children he just met, feeling sad for the pain and sorrow they were experiencing. He knew it was necessary for the "greater good", but still couldn't accept that reality could be so cruel. On top of that, there were forces in motion who'd try and use the four children to further their own agendas - and even he couldn't completely deny that he was one of those. It was easy for him to find a blind spot in the video surveillance system to take of the helmet that hid his face. In fact, the soldier looked much younger than one would expect, most likely around the EVA pilots' age - a guess that was at the same time completely accurate and totally wrong. He looked determined, for had finally decided what to do given the situation they were in. If these were the children were to choose and shoulder the fate of mankind, like he himself once did, he would make sure they chose the right one. With that thought firmly in his mind, Shinji Ikari made his way outside to the new world. END OF ACT 1
  15. Kyou & Ahmed Ahmed's mother flinched when he mentioned his father. "Son, your father..." she started saying, though the words seemed to be painfully stuck in her chest for a moment. "He went outside to look for me but... I wasn't there." She started to visibly cry at this point. "I fell down a stair, he didn't find me and went to look outside... And now he's gone." Arash Verethragna had nothing he could tell his daughter to ease her pain, so he embraced her once again in an one armed hug, holding her as tight as he could. "We'll need to be strong, Kyou. We'll do that for her, ok?" The man tried to sound calm, but was clearly in the verge of tears. "I'm sure she would be proud of you having survived and also helped in the rescue effort. You were always her treasure, Kyou." Satomi "Yes, that would be all." Daisuke Hashimoto told Satomi. He then focused on his work until his daughter left the room... and then sighed, resting his head in his hands. This wasn't what he had planned at all. Satomi's Evangelion was supposed to be his last resort and ,now that Alma Neummann got the custody of the other kids, he'd have to watch out for the shrink's influence over them. At least he'd raised his daughter well: she would do just as he said when he needed her to.