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  1. HUEnd

    Zeta tr_back ?

    Probably not, considering there's only back sprites for characters that are either the main one (duh) and the ones that partner up with you at some point of the game.
  2. HUEnd

    Volume 6

    E3 was quite an episode, but
  3. HUEnd

    LF: HP Fire Snivy

    @Supreme Cool, sorry to keep you waiting, had to leave for a moment. Sending a request right now...
  4. HUEnd

    LF: HP Fire Snivy

    @Supreme I'll send you a request in ~5 minutes, if you're currently avaiable.
  5. HUEnd

    LF: HP Fire Snivy

    @Supreme Ummmmm I already got one so just don't worry about the pokemon you're sending. I'm personally more interested into items like Big Nuggets or Heart Scales.
  6. HUEnd

    LF: HP Fire Snivy

    I can still do it, though I don't know when I'll be able to trade it. Assuming you're not in a hurry, I can probably trade it tomorrow. #EDIT: Well nevermind, I got a slack here and just bred yer HP Fire Snivy (Egg moves = Glare, Leech Seed and Grassy Terrain)
  7. HUEnd

    Rematch Mod Request

    We're probably getting our coveted rematches in E19 on the Nightclub, so I'd say modding rematches shouldn't be a concern.
  8. HUEnd

    Volume 6

    So I just watched E2 and...
  9. HUEnd

    HUEnd's Trading Post (Updated 09/23/18)

    Good ol' bump.
  10. HUEnd

    Choice Scarf?

    You get either Specs or Band from the hiker, so Choice Scarf is not avaiable "legally".
  11. HUEnd

    (E18) The 4 Stones

    In that case, I guess the four jewels are in possession of the ones that were supposed to take care of them.
  12. HUEnd

    (E18) The 4 Stones

    I'm probably wrong, but: - Titania/Amaria has the Sapphire Bracelets; - Elias has the Emerald thingy that I can't remember what it is right now; - Anna has the Amethyst Pendant; - And I forgot who got the Ruby Ring right now. Saphira I guess?
  13. HUEnd

    Happy Halloween

    Here's a suggestion: why don't we do a thanksgiving/black friday WT event to start out the xmas season with the right foot?
  14. HUEnd

    Mythos League S2 Reveals

    Thank god y'all got a replacement for Skala. Shame she's not B4 tho.