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  1. I imagine it would come down to a few individuals to sift through scripts in order to create a game with foolproof English, though as to whether or not the development team is interested in enlisting the help of those willing to aid, we're in the dark. All things considered, Reborn has splendid syntax, grammar, and spelling (shout-out to correct use of it's/its) when compared to other fan games. If those interested in polishing the game show the skill set of understanding proper English and the dedication to perfect the game's English, I think the devs may extend an invitation to aid on that front.
  2. What? REBORN is evolving!

    Ya boi evolved into something worth the grind. Good shit, Azery! And Alex, them's good moderating experience, keep up that moderator magic.

    Happy birthdude. If you end up younger today, we have linear algebra to thank for that.
  4. I'll try to make it. Battlenet ID is Arkhi#11147
  5. Meet the vets!

    1) I watched Shofu playing Reborn and was all "aw yeah, that's rad," so I found my way here and joined up. I've finished Reborn up to episode 16 and intend to eventually finish the game when the final episode is released, hopefully keeping up with each episode along the way. 2) These days, it's the community that keeps me tethered rather than the game. 3) The community was just a neat side thing to keep me occupied in the mornings before school, but when I met my now closest and most treasured friend through Reborn, I felt compulsion to give back to the community what it gave me. Eventually, I was promoted to the role of moderator and I took that as an opportunity to make a positive contribution to Reborn however I could. Though I since stepped down because real life is catching up with me, I still feel the need to make a positive influence and that drives me to continue interacting with the community in what I hope is a benevolent manner.
  6. Meet the vets!

    Hello! Known as: Arkhidon Age: 20 Gender: Male Birthday: July 3rd Location: Sonoma County, California Height: 5'9" Hair Color: Dirty blonde Eye Color: Green Lives with: Mother, father, and brother (for another two months, then with mysterious roommates) Pets: Rest in peace Peanut, may you forever be remembered Relationship status: Single Favourite Food: Onion bagel Favourite Drink: Orange juice Favourite Color: Gray Favourite kind of Music: Currently Rock, but I bounce around Favourite Band: Adam Tell Favourite Album: Mylo Xyloto (from Coldplay) Favourite Song: I legit cannot decide Favourite Game: STALKER: Call of Pripyat (along with the MISERY Mod) Favourite Genre of Game: RPG Favourite Hobbies: Listening to music, conversing with amigos Favourite Movies: Hacksaw Ridge was pretty good Favourite Shows: Last Week Tonight So, who are you?: I'm Arkhidon, the guy who likes scarves, good music, and AtokNiiro, the artist who designs every avatar I ever use ever. I'm a college student soon entering my third year at UC Santa Cruz pursuing a B.S. in computer science, probably with a minor in applied mathematics. I hope to be an approachable guy around whom most people would like to be. Anything you're responsible for?: I was previously responsible for a Site Suggestions & Maintenance thread where users could suggest changes to bring to the community, whether technical and site/server-related or policy/auth-related both before and while I was a member of the auth team. It's probably more known that I would update SotD on Discord and Showdown when they needed updating, but I hope I also acted as a member of the auth team users may turn to to discuss changes they felt were necessary in Reborn. For now, I'm responsible for hosting some small things on side channels from Reborn. If you had to choose one of your posts as your way to introduce yourself, which would it be? Probably my introduction thread. I don't mean to make this a scavenger hunt. What can I talk to you about? I guess it would be easiest and most enjoyable for me to talk about cool math wiz, but that's actually excessively nerdy since we're all already part of a Pokemon community. So we could talk about music or cool artist who draw cool things? AtokNiiro is a great artist, but I do appreciate many other artists out there. Talk with me to raise the flag to continue this conversation! Closing statements? Have a nice day.
  7. Hello Reborn!

    Welcome! There are loads of us from different locations around the world, so you may find some native speakers if you poke around. Enjoy your time here!
  8. Many people are depending upon you to see this through.
  9. weather update: it a zephyr

    Holy whew, she's back. Hello again, we've missed you! You already know we'll be keeping in contact during your time here, but it is awesome to see an introduction from an old friend. Of course, it wouldn't be complete without Enjoy your time here! \o
  10. Suggest an Avatar!

    @President Felix
  11. Happy Birthday, Arkhi

    Thanks everydudes, was a relaxing day. Once my rep well refills, I'll be making rounds again o7
  12. This profile Image is really better than the earlier one :D ^^

    1. Arkhi


      I've got plenty of avatars from the artist, AtokNiiro. There's never a dull moment with his artwork. 

    2. Animefan666


      Reminds me of Dr Oobleck from Rwby :P

  13. Happy birthday :) 

    1. Arkhi


      Thank you! 

  14. Triple Triad

    Happy birthday to each of you. And Shiri.