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  1. Thanks for the upbeat wishes, everyone. And you'll do great things, ICSW. You're an excellent role model o7
  2. @Ice Cream Sand Witch The other auth and I talked about this and decided to relocate PMD Reborn and Pokemon Aegis (still moving) to Fan Game Expose. Thanks for bringing it to our attention! \o Also as of now, I am no longer in a position to relay these suggestions to auth. This thread may be picked up and continued or another one may be created, but I leave this to the community's hands.
  3. Thread closed by request.
  4. There's no hard cap on song length, but it would be safe to call 10 minutes for a song a little too long. That way, others can float suggestions in.
  5. Hey everyone! We are back at it again with a Summer Party featuring member-favorite notorious events along with some new ones we hope you'll enjoy. For this party, a majority of events will take place starting on our Discord server, but that's not to say we won't continue to host an event or two on our Showdown server. Let's break it down. When The party will begin on Saturday, June 24th starting at 12PM EST. The early start time is to give a window of opportunity for many users wanting to join in. Where The party will be held on the Discord and Showdown servers. All events excluding the Theme Tournament and Auth VS (for Pokemon battles) will be hosted on Discord. Some particular events will be hosted on third-party sites or software, such as the movie showing or Auth VS. Party Events Now you're at the fun part: these events are planned to take place during the party. We're introducing new events, such as the previously mentioned movie showing and Auth VS, an especially retributive event. Whatever your preferences, we hope you enjoy the selection! - Theme Tournament This party's theme tournament is a five-type- Gen 7 OU, of types Water, Fire, Ground, Grass, Bug with the following bans: - the Tapu family - Ultra Beasts - Jukebot music channel We will be using a Discord bot to play music in a voice channel, where all other users are muted. Feel free to listen in or DM a DJ with your song suggestions! - Queen's Game Think of this like the "truth" part of Truth or Dare. One randomly-selected user will ask another randomly-selected user a question and the recipient of the question must answer honestly. Please keep in mind that almost any questions are permitted to be asked. If you are uncomfortable being asked a particular question, please make very clear to the one asking that you do not wish to be asked about a particular subject or avoid attending. The Vegas Rule is in effect: what occurs in Queen's Game stays in Queen's Game. Please respect the honesty of the event. - King's Game And on this side of the spectrum is the "dare" part of Truth or Dare. One randomly-selected user will issue a command to multiple other randomly-selected users that the receiving users must act out. Please keep in mind that almost any commands are permitted. If you are uncomfortable being issued a command to act out, steer clear of this event. Like with QG, the Vegas Rule is in effect: what occurs in King's Game stays in King's Game. - MadLibs The first new event is MadLibs! MadLibs is a fill-in-the-blank text script that users will contribute to in order to create a story. The host will request users provide particular words (nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, places, people, etc.) so that a script may be created and shared with everyone. - Never Have I Ever Never Have I Ever is a classic event, highlighting particular circumstances have lived through. One user will say "Never have I ever done x", and those who have done x will be deducted a point. Lose 5 (or 10) and you're out! - Movie Showing We will also be showcasing a movie during the party! The movie to be shown is Summer Wars through the hosting site A link to the room will be supplied shortly before the movie begins and will be shared through Discord and updated here. - Auth VS We're saving the best for last; Auth VS is an attempt at giving the users the opportunity to battle the Reborn Staff in various games. Popular options for battling the auth include Overwatch, Smash, or Pokemon. Feel free to face the auth one-on-one or assemble a team to defeat us with a fluid strategy. Below is a list of auth who have pledged to accept challengers and the games they will fight through. More may appear in time. Note that auth partaking in League for VS will be on the NA server. Overwatch will be hosted first on the European server, then the American during the second round of VS. Schedule As is the norm, we've got a tentative schedule for the party. Please keep in mind that this is a framework and times may see adjustments before the party or during the party. We'll do our best to keep it up-to-date. We hope you may attend the party and contribute to what makes Reborn such an awesome place!
  6. You're that guy I've heard many great things about, but never once spoken to directly. It seems safe to say that Reborn has seen beneficial change while you've been around and your friends with whom I associate speak highly of you, so I thank you for that and hope you have a kickass birthday \o
  7. This seems to be worthwhile enough a concern that I should not decide upon a course of action alone. I will bring this up to the other auth and get back to you with our decision. We can get an answer back to you in a week and two days.
  8. Thread locked by request.
  9. I'd like to see anyone dance to this. Also, this and this.
  10. Alriiiiight! Let's get straight to it. Telos @Vinny @Ikaru @Cowtao @SHIA @President Felix @sardines @Tempest @Godot @DJ Mewdeon ft Dan Punk @Shadow Roxas @Zumi @Jericho
  11. I might have just gotten laid off without having even begun work.

    1. Hycrox


      Like this?





    2. Arkhi


      Yeah, except I hadn't even gotten the chance to enter the building :V

    3. Hycrox


      Don't worry fren, that building wasn't cool enough :]

  12. Thank you all for the positive support! I'm feeling much better rested and rejuvenated- while I didn't get around to all these suggested activities, they're now a list to turn to over the summer.
  13. I've just played around with this and wowowow, the voting system is silly. Moderators can even change voting results, but individual votes cannot be deleted or reversed. They seem to be permanent. As it stands, it would seem that poll voting cannot be changed- I will do some digging around IPSFocus to see if a new update is available or if any add-ons may improve the voting system we currently have.
  14. Thread locked on request.
  15. Hi comrades, My health has been kinda terrible these past 25 hours with four hospital visits, unnatural blood loss, and the symptoms of the latter over this duration. I'll probably be in bed for the majority of the next two days as I attempt to recover, but I prefer to be optimistic. So! I'm looking for suggestions for passing the time with only an android phone, an iPod touch, and earbuds. If there's anything you think I can do to pass the time that you are willing to share, I would be grateful for suggestions. Over and out!