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  1. Give a shoutout to @Etesian for his birthday, he's a kickass dude- I hope your birthday goes outstandingly. Here's some material to jazz up your day. I will not be the one to incorporate puns into this festivity.
  2. I feel like one of those Bidoofs in your banner is slightly different and harbors malicious intent.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Maelstrom


      Isn't that the bidoof flood I posted in TFW thread for you?

    3. Kiteruguma


      nope, made this myself


      also im afraid I have no idea which flood you mean

    4. Felix-


      Beware the red eyed one.

  3. I'm sure if crabs had internet access, this would be a very possible situation.
  4. Worst Support NA

    1. Arkhi


      It's not kill STEALING, it's kill SECURING.

  5. Did you know:

    Posting statuses on people's profiles is a great way to earn friend tokens.

  6. Has calculus been enjoyable so far?
  7. Congratulations, CG. Expect questions soon to come!
  8. We got a runner-on sentence, engaging in pursuit.

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      Avatar of Grima


  9. Most users will communicate their intentions to trade in a thread or ask for trades on our Pokemon Showdown server, located here, so if you're looking for others with whom to trade, I suggest making a thread in Online Play or visiting the server.
  10. His body may be gone, but his SotDs will live on. Have fun and learn lots.
  11. @Tacos Made me predict this shit again ;_;

  12. [2:41:38 PM] Arkhi: SHSL Princess and Supreme Ruler would be a neat theme thing [2:42:11 PM] Tacos: I can get it in terms of their talents but from what i’ve seen their personalities would clash horribly [2:42:15 PM] Arkhi: yikes [2:42:21 PM] Arkhi: At least they would both have the chance to [2:42:29 PM] Arkhi: (I'm about to say it) [2:42:39 PM] Arkhi: work together once this is over [2:42:46 PM] Tacos: HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH [2:42:50 PM] Tacos: my sweet summer child
  13. Liquid DnB is good for my soul.
  14. DE says a cure will be out sometime this week- and the cure is to get stabbed by Helminth. Ain't that swell?
  15. If you had to choose between having two right hands and two left hands, which would you choose?

    1. Felix-


      Three right feet

    2. Kiteruguma


      I dont know what I expected but this is the quality content I signed up for

    3. Felix-


      I provide the finest non-content in all the land.