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  1. Today I Learned

    TIL the KT meteor had force of five billion times stronger than that of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.
  2. Pixxxxx~ ^.^

  3. [E16] Minor Errors

    Needs a change to "my sisters and me", "me and my sisters", or something else. Part of the overworld sprite for Absol seems to have lower layer priority than the terrain upon which is stands. This scene occurs before entering the gym. Missing a space between the period after "here" and before "But". Before arriving at Tanzan Cove, Charlotte says she will follow the player, staying in Tanzan Cave. When the player proceeds forward to the first floral octuplet, Charlotte is already there, as if she teleported there. It's a minor discontinuity that may warrant a fix. Noivern is unable to learn Roost via TM.
  4. That is one nice Yang avatar :D

    1. Arkhi


      Thanks! As soon as a friend sent it to me, I knew I had to use it. She's way badass.

    2. Alistair


      She sure is. Yang has been a favorite of mine ever since I started to watch RWBY. I even had a Yang avatar here at some point (pre-Adam though =p)

  5. Quoting is still borked, but I agree with Skeleton's suggestion. The leap to create the Rant & Rapport subforum has already been made, so extending that to the more-active Discord server seems like a good idea. Keeping #despair-academy and a #serious channel separate would be preferable though, since #despair-academy sees enough activity on its own.
  6. Sometimes, users are unable to quote posts made in threads for mysterious reasons I can't figure out. The issue seems very particular, so replicating it may be difficult. For example, I am currently unable to quote anything anyone posted in this thread, but I may still quote posts made in this Suggestions thread and many other threads. @Ice Cream Sand Witchhas mentioned also having this issue and I'm sure there are other users who are unable to quote particular threads, but if we can gather all users and threads that are incompatible, it may be possible to derive a pattern and see what is wrong.
    1. Bibs


      it has been enjoyed.

      thank you very much.

  7. what a story bibs

    Thank you for your positive contributions to the community and the individuals whom treasure you. I wish you the very best moving forward and support your efforts to improve, you've got this.
  8. Happy Birthday Sheep

    ayo, Sheep's birthday! Have a kickass one, dude!
  9. Friendly reminder to not ask public safety officials what the worst thing they've ever experienced is.

    1. OraCLesofFire


      What's a "Public Safety Official"?


      Am I one? I mean, technically I work in public safety.

    2. Arkhi


      Firefighters, EMTs, policemen, those sorts of professions. It can bring up some rough memories.

  10. I imagine it would come down to a few individuals to sift through scripts in order to create a game with foolproof English, though as to whether or not the development team is interested in enlisting the help of those willing to aid, we're in the dark. All things considered, Reborn has splendid syntax, grammar, and spelling (shout-out to correct use of it's/its) when compared to other fan games. If those interested in polishing the game show the skill set of understanding proper English and the dedication to perfect the game's English, I think the devs may extend an invitation to aid on that front.
  11. What? REBORN is evolving!

    Ya boi evolved into something worth the grind. Good shit, Azery! And Alex, them's good moderating experience, keep up that moderator magic.
  12. JERIICHOO :)

    Happy birthdude. If you end up younger today, we have linear algebra to thank for that.
  13. I'll try to make it. Battlenet ID is Arkhi#11147