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  1. It's Yanny

    1. Felix~



    2. Felix~


      idek what this is about

    3. DreamblitzX


      It's both. just at different frequencies

  2. Arkhi

    Get off my Lawn

    is that a triple post I can't really say "welcome back" since I still see you infrequently enough, but I'm certainly still around enough that we're still tight. Enjoy your time which will likely be more active server-side. I'm still around, just more so on Discord . . .
  3. Everything looks more glossy than before, this is really nice.
  4. Arkhi

    Meet the vets!

    We're still relevant, Discord side channels are just more cozy.
  5. Arkhi

    Of Witches and Staff

    Excellent work, here's to hoping you can keep working your magic.
  6. Arkhi

    Suggest an Avatar!

    @Maelstrom, but anyone can nab it.
  7. Arkhi

    "Colige" starter pack

    I had to do it to 'em, I can't trust my roommates to not unplug & defrost the refrigerator over break so that the ice inside doesn't leak out onto my clothes (because the fridge is atop my wardrobe). But they're great for leaving more benevolent messages too, like that time I found a roomie's ID on the floor while he was asleep. I figure it's better to put the note on his desk where it's bright pink and very noticeable. And thank you, I reciprocate that feeling.
  8. The Reborn Experience is kind of like a rad house party that the dedicated & interested members will have to be dragged out from. It'll have to end, sure, but focusing on that takes away from the moment, I don't think anyone has an answer for how long the community will last.
  9. Arkhi

    Modernizing the Warning System

    I like the handy ergonomic grip that the new modern warning system has. This is nice.
  10. Arkhi

    Alistair in Wonderland

    A promotion?? It's been so long. Congratulations Alistair, keep up the good work that got you this far. As is per tradition, please enjoy: And to Njab, thanks for being an all-star. Yours was more technical work, so you were a valuable contribution to the staff team and Reborn. Go enjoy a stay in Cancún or somewhere nice (but only after your exams).
  11. Arkhi

    Suggest an Avatar!

    @Maelstromor @Jericho
  12. Arkhi

    "Colige" starter pack

    - Sticky notes They're great for leaving reminders for myself and leaving passive aggressive notes for my roommates. - Ear plugs Because I have no interest in my roommates' 3AM discussion about "what if our elbows had teeth on them". - Napkins Excellent for keeping a clean desk by creating a small placemat if you intend to eat at your desk. Also doubles as a cleaning supply. - Whiteboard This is a boon for school in general. Even when I'm not working out problems, I use my whiteboard to leave reminders for myself. It's like sticky notes, but more economic, perfect for us college types. - Tissues Don't make it weird. - Tupperware containers These can be useful for keeping food, but also holding more fragile items. I keep a spare light bulb for my lamp in one, for example, in the case that the current one ever goes out. - Multiple flash drives Sometimes the dorm wifi can crap out and you won't be able to save your work to the cloud. If you need to print something and you don't own a printer, AND the dorm wifi is out, then at least you won't be at the mercy of something outside of your control. Save it to handheld storage and print it at a library or somewhere else. - A fan If your dorm is also a cage, this can make the heat (and stench) more tolerable by cooling down the room and bringing in fresh air. - Flip-flops, sandals, etc. If you're not off-campus, then you'll likely share individual shower stalls with several others. Don't trust anyone's hygiene but your own and definitely don't catch athlete's foot (or worse).
  13. Arkhi

    in real life

    If irl means in-person, yeah. And if you really get to know others here more personally, you may as well know them in-person.
  14. That comes down to user participation. Without us, the community can't really be called that- so long as users stay active and give one another reasons to stick around, I don't think it is worth worrying about the end of the community.