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  1. Battling tournaments are seemingly decreasing in number as users seem to be shifting to Discord. So many large tournaments do require attentive planning, maintenance, and most of all, participation. The most certainty we have with recurring tournaments is seasonal party's tournaments. It's a viable idea, but many details would be needed.
  2. studying physics??? Best of luck to you my dude, I hope it's more enjoyable than it sounds. Keep up the """"""fun"""""" math work.
  3. All Pokemon, generations 1-7, will be obtainable in the final episode release.
  4. I think you're the first to mention this, so no problen. That does seem like a rather unique issue with the site. I do not know that the entire site domain may be switched to a secure protocol, even if we request that from IPS. That may be outside the scope of our control over the site.
  5. Cereal comes first. -2
  6. Yeah, it seems the only way to change text color on the forums on mobile is with the HTML. I haven't seen any way to access the more advanced text operations on mobile and it seems like what we've currently got is the extent of IPS' mobile capabilities.
  7. Did someone say Shurima Welcome! Enjoy your time here!
  8. I like this idea, the game is certainly popular enough that it's earned a Showdown backchannel before. What do you mean by this? Are you referring to changing name colors on the Discord server? The Showdown server? Or maybe someplace else?
  9. That feels like something I swear I've seen somewhere before on the forums. It would be built into the IPS forum theme that we're using, maybe in a newer update, if one exists. I can look into this, but I don't know that we'll get one anytime soon.
  10. @Big Kitty Dan You've been a kitty for at least a year now. Here's an owl that won't load, nnngh. Direct link here:
  11. I found this and was reminded of your banner:


  12. Now that there are two generations' worth of fairies, I think there's enough E4 viable Pokemon to justify the creation of an E4 fairy trainer. And that's held true for all the other types, too. The only oddball I would understand not creating an E4 member for would be Normal, just because it's so simple. It doesn't really contribute to the sense of awe to which you would hold these four elite trainers. But if Bug-type can do it, any type can.
  13. [This post has been redacted and left to the interpretation of the reader.]
  14. I think I was caught between popping and not popping it for satisfaction's sake. That was at least two years ago, I'm unsure what happened with it. Because we like talking about positive issues, and the continual existence of gazelles is an elephant in the room that ought be unanimously discouraged.