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  1. You notice there's a lot of posts on your profile today?

    1. Jericho


      What are you talking about???????????1?

  2. This dirt on Godot will come in handy for future blackmailing purposes. Maroon 5 will be your downfall. As curious as I am to see Tempest interview Tempest, I must still list who I'd like to see interviewed: Felix.
  3. It seems like your notification settings are set in a way that posting in any thread will notify you of replies. If the icon being pointed at in the screenshot above is green, then you will receive notifications when anyone posts in the thread you submitted a reply to. I would suggest going through your Notifications page ( and updating notifications so that you are only notified about what you'd like to know. In the meantime, you may also check content you follow, which will let you know what you follow. If you updated your notifications so you aren't notified when updates are made to what you follow, then the notifications should stop. If you've got any other questions, let us know and we'll continue to help.
  4. So I read the above posts about a week ago (week ago) and I think I'll just present my abridgment on Reborn's history as I lived through it. This will likely feel more like a history anecdote with focus on auth than a dive into comparing and contrasting experiences against other users. I joined Reborn on December 31st, 2013 and met some very cool users during the first three months here, including Flux, Aessance, Jericho, Murdoc, Cowtao, Tacos, Dobby, Zephyr, and Telos. Some of them frequented the server, some were active in the Pokemon Reborn scene, and some were active in the RP environment. Everyone was different enough that it was vast enough a pool of candidates from which to get to know anyone, but seemingly chill enough together that Reborn felt like a community no other had ever been. Reborn then felt like an extended family, except like cool cousins instead of racist in-laws. As 2014 went by, I suppose all I can recall were the many instances during which HostGator gave us all major issues. Like some particular forefathers, the community did have a sense of unity, maybe frustration directed at HostGator, or maybe all was well at the time. I remember a particularly nasty run-in with Mashew and Nyrias (both GMods at the time), during which I called out Mashew (I think) for creating a public apology thread. Let's skim the details there, but I had left feeling pretty bitter towards the two for seeming, in my opinion, close-minded to my opinion. This was a time when when relationships between users and auth were much more rigid. You could get /kick'd for pretty simple reasons, but the general vibe was toleration. That felt comfortable, since it's the environment I spent Reborn in during my early year. 2015 was a busy year, I can safely say that. As I recall, there were internal problems between auth resulting in some expulsions from the auth team early in the year. A lot of friends I had at the time were becoming auth then (Jericho, Tacos, Sheep, Hilda) and some old acquaintances were stepping down (Kiozo, Maelstrom, Cowtao). This is a time I spent in backchannels getting to learn the history of Reborn from more experienced members as it happened and then unfolded. Drama was pretty common each week. If you were to look at the volume of memes going around Reborn now, replace all but a quarter of that with drama and you'll have a rough idea of how I remember it being. It was at this time that I recall relations with the auth starting to sway with the months. As more familiar faces started to become auth, users would be more comfortable speaking with the auth about whatever they'd like, and things would loosen up. I attribute this with the then-surprising sinking of those previously kind relations as some nastier warnings and drama went down. I imagine the comfort between non-auth and auth was a signal for more risky behavior, since the kind, chill auth wouldn't be too harsh for their friends. That sometimes happened, unfortunately, and favoritism then became the next issue on the table. I'm really not sure if that problem has disappeared. I want to say the auth have steered away from that since. Also, 2015 was the year of the bagel. Excellent work, amigos. 2016 is where I have the clearest memory of incidents. Whether this is because I joined the auth in November 2015 and became more invested than ever before or because the events stuck out the most or simply because it wasn't as long ago, I can only wager an educated guess. This seemed to be a point at which users began to enunciate their wishes for the community. I turn to the two examples of particular, but unmentioned users who clearly communicated their ideas for improvements in Reborn and Equality & Fairness. While E&F was a headache for any auth who remembers, I do want to mention its effectiveness. I had never previously heard of a coalition of users pushing for improvements in Reborn in the way that E&F did with that success. Certainly there was associated drama, this was a butting of heads between auth and users wanting fast, effective changes in Reborn. The outcome they pushed for was not implemented as they had wanted, it was warped in ways. However, they had success in pushing that change. Anyway, those are just two mentions of ways that change was starting to progress for the end user in the community. Definitely a busy year. 2017 is now and it's been a little busy so far. Let's see where it leads.
  5. Right-o, now that it's been eight months since release, Imma play episode eight. Thanks Jan \o

    1. Arkhi


      I lasted a whole 57 seconds watching.

  7. I wish you the very best today and onward o7 Happy 20th, hope it's a blast.
  8. ICSW made accurate conjectures as to why we have this rule- we mean to promote an environment where users may understand one another and not bypass other rules with non-English. It is acceptable for users to speak other languages in back channels on Showdown, though.
  9. zz I completely missed that that's where it came from. You're likely correct, it may be unrelated to Reborn.
  10. Episode 17 will take us into the Tourmaline Desert, that is a premise that we may rather safely claim to be true. Also in the desert is the 1R253 Scrapyard. I was hoping to find any reference to that in the image itself or the file when opened as a .txt. However, I cannot find anything noteworthy beyond garbled text you'd find in text files of images.
  11. @Kurotsune
  12. I take back everything I said about Mondays, they're awesome. Thank you Kitty \o I hadn't known Baz was a bazass in the NG, so thank you for your services. Hope Redemption S2 and the future games proceed without a hitch! Please interview @Felix-, he's a very neat dude probably with many secrets worth sharing.
  13. Welcome back mde.

  14. @Tartar Here we are: This comes from the British Medical Journal, so it's relatively trustworthy.
  15. ayo, Campground friend, have a kickass day \o