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      A community-wide Spoiler Lock is in effect for Reborn's Episode 17 until 1/1/18.   Please make sure any content/discussion regarding a new episode is enclosed in spoiler tags until that time. Also be mindful of your topic titles, since they show up on the forum index. For instance instead of "Help beating Adrienn" title it "Help beating new leader"   Thank you for being courteous to your other users!


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  1. ASD Pokemon Fan new to Reborn!

    Welcome aboard. Enjoy your time here.
  2. What hiatus? It's my damn birthday time for an AMA

    Happy birthday and also If you knew that, in ten days' time you were going to be dumped on a deserted island on your lonesome with only the materials you had ten days in advance to pack, what would you bring and why?
  3. I Spelt My Username Wrong

    I was thinking the same. Anyway, welcome to Reborn. That Kaede avatar is graedet... graedt... you know, great pronounced like Kaede... okay yeah I'll stop. Enjoy your time here.
  4. Rate the avatar above you!

    I remember this place, but returned because I saw a familiar name. 6.5/10, yellow fellow looks like a more horizontal Kirby.
  5. (Spoilers): Talking cactus in desert

    In a world with Pokemon, talking cacti don't seem so weird.
  6. 12/3 Community Update

    Actually, there's a handy dandy public development section of the site. Meander there through here. Edit: ninja'd by Ama.
  7. [E17] Minor Errors

    Moving one tile down here places the player in the train carriage located immediately below. Players can freely walk through the rock the player is facing:
  8. How do you this title thing?

    Welcome aboard. You'll find others of us struggling through our majors, I wish you the best working through it. Enjoy your time here.
  9. I don't mean you, my post is a general address to the same audience as the OP.
  10. If you feel the need to reply with a Best of Epic Pranks Vine Compilation 2017 answer to a question, just don't.
  11. Pirate Captain Names

  12. Been a long time, huh?

    Hey there. Thanks for keeping those of us not in the loop with League updated (and also for helping out with last Winter's party), I appreciate it.
  13. Pokemon Reborn 30000 Members

    You could create an army with those numbers...
  14. did you HEAR the news today? Damn skippy, it's @Ikaru's birthday (and you should really wish him a happy birthday because he's instrumental to the happiness of Reborn). Happy birthday, dude! Do whatever may entail making it that in that hella unique way that sets you apart. Have a blast \o
  15. Where you found Reborn from

    Shofu squad represent