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  1. The most-agreed upon most difficult starter to use is Chikorita. However, when weather is taken into account, some fire starters will have it very rough: Fennekin or Cyndaquil might be rough starters to use.
  2. Hey dudes! We've got a couple of changes coming to Reborn. Let's start with the more vital alteration to our Community Guidelines. Rule 2, concerning the use of chatspeak (you know the way Terra talks? That's chatspeak), has been removed and Rule 8, permitting just the use of English in public settings, has replaced the now-removed Rule 2. Warnings will no longer be issued for use of chatspeak on the Reborn Forums, Showdown Server, or Discord Server. The mention of our Showdown Server leads into the second change, which regards the new policy for Song of the Day. Since the removal of rupees with the December site update, SotD policy has changed and we've established a simple system. SotD may be determined with a CC 1v1 tournament. This allows anyone on the server to nab SotD quickly and finally gives some love to our server friends (we see you!). Over time, we'd like to hear user input to fine-tune this system. That's all for now. Take care, Reborn!
  3. I believe this must have taken place during the mention of catmedians- I love it. I also nominate @Ojama Brown, he's an interesting guy.
  4. Roger dodger, we'll see what we can do. Maybe one day it'll be an avatar suggestion thread rather than an avatar request database, and the posts will come flooding in again.
  5. [18:20:11] Miss Kittу: I broke Marcello :c [18:20:15] Miss Kittу: someone halp [18:20:45] %Arkhi: How do you fix someone who fixes things? [18:20:57] Miss Kittу: idk, that's why I came to ya'll. [18:21:19] +Mаrcello: catmedian [18:21:26] Miss Kittу: I said, "I like being a funny cat, but I'm a horrible catmedian" [18:21:31] Miss Kittу: And now Marcello broke. [18:21:39] +Mаrcello: catmedian [18:21:47] %Arkhi: Is this her average behavior? [18:21:52] +Mаrcello: Dude [18:21:56] +Mаrcello: That's exactly what I was thinking [18:22:03] %Arkhi: Aw sweet, up top [18:22:08] +Mаrcello: I was thinking of a cat doing statistical analysis
  6. Welcome! All users with names pertaining to boats are absolutely welcome- I feel like I've said this before? Enjoy your time here!
  7. Knowing our friend @Amethyst, we may get an answer along the lines of "between now and the calculated collapse of modern society."
  8. I used to play Risk, Stratego, and Chess a lot as a kid. I've since stopped, since school has taken priority.
  9. He said he adores me I am glad to be a sassy ray of sunshine, and particularly around you since you're a fun guy to be around. I recall that deeper conversation we had several months ago about someone, and seeing you in a state of solemnity was very impactful: you're a dedicated thinker. After that discussion, I notice that you really do have rhyme and reason to your actions. And if you're seeking time and place to reach out, I like to think anytime is a good time, even if I'm full of confidence. There doesn't need to be an occasion to talk- hell, I want to be the one to reach out sometime soon. Anyway, I'll make time and place to talk with you, I think you're wonderful. Thanks for being a positive influence on the community.
  10. Welcome- I can't help but notice the convenience between your profession and appreciation for Arcanine. Keep that Arcanine close and it'll keep you going through Reborn. Enjoy your time here!
  11. @Felix-
  12. Thank youuuuu Bandit Tunes.
  13. Check the Field Effects page for a list of all the details regarding all the current Field Effects. In-game, you may check your Field Notes in your PokeGear.
  14. That is unfortunate... I've let Ame know, and I'll report back on the results when I hear them. Thank you for testing this! EDIT: Permissions have irreversibly changed, and aces are now no longer to lock their own threads. A member of the Staff would be the next solution for locking threads, then.