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  1. Abyssreaper99

    tourmaline dessert

    You tried getting there by taking a train from the Peridot train station (Bottom left part of Peridot)? You should be able to interact with a ticket machine in the train station
  2. Abyssreaper99

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    I'm guessing he's doing this because of the following reasons: No XD episodes recorded Missed episode yesterday Lots of Reborn episodes recorded Why not
  3. Abyssreaper99

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    I'm surprised it was Twit who lost his way the longest rather than Nexus. Also, how long do you think it will take them to do the maze puzzle in the sanctum?
  4. Here's a Black Friday/Brexit meme for everyone:



  5. Abyssreaper99

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    Looks like Nexus got his wish
  6. Abyssreaper99

    crappy drawing of the twins and a certain fire girl

    I can still say something is good even if there are a few errors in the drawing. Take the compliment dang it
  7. Abyssreaper99

    crappy drawing of the twins and a certain fire girl

    Drawings are looking pretty lit tbf. There's a fanart topic of you have any other drawings
  8. Your attempt is adorable hun, not in my 2018 boi. ❤️

    1. Wolfox
    2. Abyssreaper99


      This troll on twitter made me chuckle. His attempt kinda backfired and tried to resort to slandering me in a separate topic. His 'facts' were so wrong I ended up nearly pissing myself with laughter. 

    3. Wolfox


      okay, that's funny. granted you almost pulling a Geoff is less funny (no, wait. Geoff is more on shitting himself at times)

  9. Fun times waking up at 3 in the morning (it's now 5.40 for me). At least I don't have to worry about waking up early enough to catch the bus on time and get ready for my 9am lecture.

  10. Someone managed to get Autism and Asthma mixed up. I don't get how as the only similarity is that their names both begin with the letter A.


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    2. Abyssreaper99


      I was just howling with laughter when I saw it. I guess this person that said it did get a low INT roll. 

    3. Archeric


      i guess aneurysm and arthritis is the same thing too right

    4. Abyssreaper99


      I mean they both start with A, they must be pretty gosh darn similar...

  11. Happy Thanksgiving to those across the pond! Enjoy your time eating food and spending time with loved ones I guess! 😄

  12. Abyssreaper99

    Emeral Brooch theory??

    The owners of each key does generally follow the seal's attribute not necessarily appearance. So they would follow what each seal stands for (eg Amethyst being the seal of the beyond so fits Anna perfectly). Also the Key's owners ended up being members of the E4 but this was by coincidence. Heather/Corey - She is the owner of the Ruby ring (the seal of pain). Heather has gone through a lot of suffering in her life with the loss of her mother during childbirth, her father's restrictions on her life based upon trying to protect her which only stifles her. Also with the loss of her father to suicide. This ring was originally bought by Corey as an engagement ring for his wife back in the times when he was a happy guy with his loving partner. As he says before he commits suicide, Heather and the ring were the only things keeping him going and he committed suicide as he felt unneeded after they both were gone. Laura/Amaria - For Laura, she was the original and final owner of the Sapphire bracelets (the seal of love). In her case it would probably be her love towards nature and her sisters. Also how much she cares for her friends. I could also extend this to what seems to be a budding romance between her and Bennett by what they say in E18 and I believe they dated at some point during the online league. Laura's parents initially bought the bracelets as it reminded them of their eldest daughter (Sapphira). Laura. would have been distraught at when they were lost in the fire and found by Titania. In Amaria's case, it makes sense that she was not the original owner. Her love for Titania was built upon a lot of falsehoods and whilst she may have loved her, that love was extremely destructive as really evident within the Reshiram route. Radomus/Anna/Zina - These two both have an attribute that allows them both to be prime candidates for the Amethyst Pendant (The seal of the beyond), the fact that they both have some element of power that allows them to see through the facade of people and to see some elements of the future (the methods for Zina is unknown but Anna can through Nostra). Radomus to an extent says this when he says that Zina was the only woman to have seen him for what he is. Anna obviously also manages to see through him in the Glass Workshop too. Radomus initially received the jewellery pieces after stealing them from Meteor and sold some of the other pieces to hide their whereabouts (this being the method he made his fortune). He kept the pendant for himself to give to his wife and then passed it on to his daughter when his wife died. He then put his children into Sigmund's orphanage in order to protect anyone who would hunt for the jewellery. He could be a candidate for the pendant for his ability to foresee what others may do (due to his chesslike thinking).Miss Direction could potentially be another candidate for the Amethyst pendant due to her foreseeing powers but she's not one of the main cast so. Sirius/El/Luna - Within the jewellery room in Agate city, there's a diary that points to Sirius being the creator of the jewellery that holds the keys. Like Corey, Sirius was once someone who was naive but had this illusion ripped away from him which turned him into the sadist he is today. This change also symbolises his loss of faith in people, this is ironic because he also loses the Emerald brooch (the symbol of faith) via El potentially stealing it from him. El is another candidate for the emerald brooch because of his faith to Arceus (probably due to its power). As we all know, El was initially blind until Arceus' power restored his sight and has since tried to communicate with Arceus again. However, El also has the Emerald Brooch taken from him by Luna. In Luna's case, I believe her faith is faith to her family. However, this isn't to her blood family but rather her Adoptive family (Claiming Radomus as her father and Serra as her mother). You would initially think Luna as a candidate for the Amethyst pendant due to her otherworldly nature and knowledge of the void. However, this wouldn't be the case as she cannot predict the beyond like Anna and Zina can. I want to talk about your candidate choices for the Emerald Brooch being Lin, Fern and Florinia. Lin - Even in this penultimate episode, we do not know too much about Lin and her motives. She seems to tolerate the MC meddling in her plans with ease compared to other people who have. I guess you could say she has faith that her plan will succeed but I don't think she would qualify for the key. Fern - He doesn't seem to have a lot of faith in people and seems to constantly berate them if things don't go his way. Fern is someone who is very lost at the minute to the point of falling in with the Meteor ranks. He would not qualify for the key. Florinia - Once she may have had faith in people, perhaps she still does. However, she has had to suppress this along with her emotions in order to protect herself. She does seem to have faith that she can deal with her brother but it's not the sort of faith that the key would symbolise.
  13. Abyssreaper99

    Reborn Leaders: Alternate Fields and Teams

    Some pretty interesting ideas tbf, I believe that the dev team thought up of a team for Hardy to use the murkwater field of all things.
  14. Abyssreaper99

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    I'm just gonna say to any NB people here on the forums, I would avoid the comments section on YT this time around.
  15. It's great to see Anne Hegerty from the Chase want to do really well despite it being out of her comfort zone.


    Being in such an environment with AS would be really challenging for her (can relate as have AS myself). 


    Looking forward to see how far she gets in I'm a Celeb...