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    So, in the lovely spoiler, I've got an image of the USUM promotional poster, and everyone's flipping out over the mysterious people. But there are a set of eyes imposed on the image, and they appear to be the same eyes on the case art. Possible third Necrozma form of pure light/energy?

    Speculation is afoot in this post. You have been warned. So, we all know that two new UBs have been introduced, which is fairly awesome because Pokémon have never been introduced mid-generation before. If we look at the trends that Pokémon has set forth since the franchise started, the national dex has always left off on a mythical/ event Pokémon, not on a regular obtainable Pokémon. So, it appears to be all but guaranteed that for USUM we'll see at least 3 new Pokémon. In the early rumors about Pokémon Stars, it was said that this game would function as a third version, add ~20 new Pokémon to the dex, and that it would be on the Switch. Given the information set forth, USUM, while being on the 3DS, appear to be functioning as third versions, due to some of the gameplay footage that was recently shown. Could it be that the system is the only thing that the rumors got wrong, and we'll see approximately 20 new Pokémon in this game? Personally, I would like to see more Pokémon in addition to the new UBs. Maybe a fifth Tapu as a way to round out the national dex this time around (a leader Tapu of sorts, one that leads the others), as the Strange Souvenir is supposed to represent one of the Alolan guardian deities, yet doesn't look like Koko, Lele, Bulu, or Fini. Thoughts are welcome

    No Eagle, it hasn't been confirmed if these are third versions or sequels yet

    While I cannot speak for others, I'm not going to be disappointed. This is no different than GameFreak has done in the past, and I've played since gen 1 first came out. Regardless of what the game introduces (or does not), I'll still play and enjoy it
  5. What? REBORN is evolving!

    Way to go Alex and Azery! We all know you're both fabulous people and will do an awesome job!
  6. Meet the vets!

    Kudos Kuro, this was such an excellent idea! Known as: Rosesong, LidaRose, Rosie... some people who know me well tend to drop my irl nickname too Age: 23 Gender: female Birthday: December 15, 1993 Location: Louisiana, USA Height: 5ft 3in Hair Color: Red brown Eye Color: Green Lives with: My mom and sister Pets: A jet black cat named Midnight <3 Relationship status: In a committed relationship for a year and 2 months Favourite Food: Homemade chicken noodle soup Favourite Drink: Tea Favourite Color: Blue Favourite kind of Music: Alternative Favourite Band: Third Eye Blind or Coldplay Favourite Album: I can't honestly pick Favourite Song: Everglow--Coldplay, Sound of Silence--Disturbed, Fix You--Coldplay, Jumper--Third Eye Blind Favourite Game: Don't have one Favourite Genre of Game: Again, don't have one Favourite Hobbies: Reading, occasionally writing, teaching, playing any instrument (and I do mean any), listening to music, singing (badly) Favourite Movies: Mr. Holland's Opus, Dead Poet's Society, August Rush Favourite Shows: American Ninja Warrior, Face Off, Big Brother, This is Us Community questions: So, who are you?: I call myself Rosesong, a name based on my all time favorite book series, Warriors by Erin Hunter. You can shorten it to just Rose, or even make it LidaRose (from the Music Man). I don't often appear here anymore, but that's what happens when you're a 23 year old middle school band teacher gearing up for a second year in teaching! I'm an avid musician, capable of playing almost any instrument you can name with varying levels of proficiency. The instruments that I'm most comfortable on are clarinet, which I've played for ~13 years, and bass clarinet for ~11 years (I've earned many accolades on this instrument). Anything you're responsible for? I used to be a server mod here awhile back, but had to retire due to the start of my career. I was also responsible for massive shipping fests back in 2014, when I had ~15-20 ships that people made up about me and others in the community. If you had to choose one of your posts as your way to introduce yourself, which would it be? Yikes. I never exactly wrote an intro post (at least, not that I can remember). I encourage anyone curious about me to just pop up in my PMs and ask me questions though! What can I talk to you about? Anything at all! I'm more than comfortable just lending an ear and listening to what's going on. I also don't mind giving advice or playing the devil's advocate if needed. I'm not necessarily the best conversationalist around, but no matter the topic, I look forward to learning new things and interesting discussions. Closing Remarks... peace!
  7. Happy Birthday, Arkhi

    May your birthday be filled with scarves, music, and gazelles; happy birthday Arki
  8. What do you look like?

    Vacation in Tennessee!
  9. Congrats ICSW! And well done Arki, congrats on the great things you did and welcome to retirement from authing!

    I wasn't aware of that; guess I need to go back and catch that tidbit in SM. It could also lend credence to the idea that maybe a new style of gym could be developed, one where Totem Pokémon play a larger role in the running of the gym/a challenge to beat before you get to face the gym leader. I would prefer that gyms aren't added, as that would cause Alola to lose some of its uniqueness and appeal as being a fresh take on Pokémon. But at the same time, gyms would be a reasonable step to take, given that we just established a League in SM

    Be warned: the following post is complete speculation and a break down of even the smallest hints in the new USUM mini trailer. This is solely observation and could be considered ramblings of the insane.
  12. I spy you in the user registry, hope you doin' ok o/

    1. Rosesong


      Aww, thanks Felix! Even though life has called me away, I like to make sure things are still running smoothly here! Life is crazy busy; my band students has performances coming up and we have standardized testing here, which means that life will get more crazy in the upcoming month. How've you been?

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      uni, living life independently is easier to adjust to than i expected and thass cool, working on sporadic assignments and getting a degree, is fun!