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  1. Venus Most of the previous irritation Venus had harbored had gradually faded as the team began to adjourn to and explore the aged, ancient castle. A man who had lived a life of prolonged luxury, Venus maintained a phlegmatic, uninterested exterior as he surveyed the rooms and venues, for the most part unimpressed by what the castle had to offer; he had been exposed enough to such grandeur and palatial places that he began to find them commonplace and dull, finding more....normal and, in the eyes of the spoiled nobles he once used to chatter with, 'substandard' residences more welcoming. He had found those places, instead, to be more idiosyncratic and refreshing to his tastes, most of such opportunities coming from his days and work as an assassin, where he would be forced into staying at modest inns or homespun alleyways instead of the comfortable rooms and five-star hotels he had been so accustomed to. He, at best, managed to entertain his curiosity to the long untouched ballroom, yet its lack of maintenance and radiance throughout the years of abandonment meant that Venus would knew of other dance halls of a much higher standard than what had been laid out before him, much like the one in his theater. Venus had always possessed a love for such places, but the ballroom displayed before him reawakened memories he had long kept -- it had admittedly been quite a while since Venus had engaged in a dance, knowing that he had not done so ever since a certain incident that happened a year ago. He reached for his sack he hid beneath his cloak close to his chest, where the ruby rose of ore laid itself, like a carmine, exposed heart. The heart had been meant for someone else -- as of why he still had it, only Venus would know. Reaching for his bag as his thoughts swayed at the reminiscence brought about by the hall before him, a hardened surface reached his fingers as he remembered the golden items he had picked up from Eon; they were useless to him as of now, unless he had a way to melt them, or at the very least, reduce them to smaller pieces; the weight of these items admittedly took a toll on him, and the current situation had no significant demand for vigilance nor preparation, leaving most of the group entitled to their own activities and engagements. Returning to the main room, Venus noticed Aurora in a corner, busy weaving...something of a sort he had little interest in knowing better. The predatory teammate likely had her insatiable hunger still unchecked. The idea of asking the spider's assistance with the gold struck him, but Venus knew he had to have some way to return the favor first, and killing a teammate for his or her flesh and feeding it to her in exchange certainly wasn't an option. The only edible Venus had with him at that moment was an exquisite, expensive glass of red wine. It was likely that one of his obsequiously loyal servants put it in his bag in case he needed a fine drink. Venus took a small sip of the bottle of wine, enjoying the fragrance of the alcohol it gave me blended with the scent of rose petals that laid within in, enhancing the flavor. Would spiders do well with wine? He had little to lose, quite frankly; monstrous as she looked with a presumable instinct to bite off any being of flesh that stood near, she had mostly partaken in aiding the injured members of the party during the previous battle. Aggressive as she was, Venus had reason to believe that she had little hostility towards the members of the group. Her arachnid lineage seemed sufficient for what Venus needed, and wondered if the drink would suffice in appeasing the spider. He had little need for the beverage, at the end of the day. Approaching Aurora, Venus held out the bottle of wine and placed it in front of her. "For you," he said; he remained unsure of whether or not it was a suitable offering. "Unsure I am if you're one to drink wine, but maybe its color might appease you. And enjoy it if you would -- a favor I must ask of you, my altruistic arachnid."
  2. I'll be back home in a bit, I'll PM you when I am. Please reserve it for me, tyvm
  3. So you guys breed like, anything? Is it possible to discuss a trade of several 5 x 31s from me for a 6 x 31 from you? Do you guys do this?
  4. Do you have any 6 x 31s left? Is the Skiddo still there/do you have anything else?
  5. Venus You imprecated imbecile.....Venus was displeased that Visrii had stolen his show, having destroyed the work of art that he had prepared so fastidiously. He had also received too much damage in the trade utilizing his final shot, which, to his mild compensation, had struck the, reminiscent of the countless, atypical heartless he had originally destroyed. He sighed in exasperation that his plans had went out terribly -- nothing in his current state went right, all because of that stupid redhead underhandedly taking away what was rightfully his. To make matters worse, he had exhausted all his current bullets in his magazine, and Whisper was an instrument that took time to prepare. Horrible, he whispered to himself. Just horrible. Perhaps it could've ended up a lot worse, but he knew he didn't deserve this. Venus, struggling with his injuries and panting for breath, begins to reload and prepare Whisper to be able to participate in the next turn. [Flaw, Preparation; Venus cannot take action this turn. Due to being able to kill any target within four turns (thanks for the dumb KS Visrii), Quaternary Art is also disabled for the rest of the fight.]
  6. I'm interested in the 6 x 31s -- all of the available ones, (Totodile, Torchic, and Mudkip) in particular. I have 5 x 31 of all of these, and am willing to do say, a 3 for 1 trade for each: Porygon, Baltoy, Bronzor, Rotom, Togepi (Nasty Plot), Cincinno (Knock Off), Flabebe, Growlithe (Close Combat/Morning Sun), Houndour (Sucker Punch), Eevee, Klink, Ralts, Duskull, Litwick, Petilil, and Poliwag. As for as Shinies go, I have Shiny Luvdisc, Shiny Cubchoo, Shiny Darumaka, Shiny Misdreavus, Shiny Zigzagoon, and Shiny Scraggy. PM me to discuss details and for us to work out a trade.
  7. I have some 5 x 31 Poliwags. I'm only interested in Capsules though.
  8. Yay for having Satanic 666 post count


    1. Dypatome


      Next goal: 666 community reputation

  9. Venus One bullet left. His previous shot had failed to hit its deadly mark, but Venus was satisfied with the bullet's reception, nonetheless. It was a precise, critical hit, alas, if not fatal. Two strikes he had spent on the same being of armor. Initially, he had not wanted to waste his resources on something so....unembellished. It wasn't until he noticed the....divine display of the violet-black essence leaking out as his work of art impaled through the armor's helmet. Like blood from a wound, except...of a more unusual, unseen, and idiosyncratic color. It was too much of a gas to associate it with blood, perhaps. Whatever it was that served as the plated sentience's sustenance, it was beautiful -- a sight to see for sore eyes, a scene alien, if magnificently so, to the artist's eyes ablaze with passion and furor, much like the magical essence that boiled in his gun as it struggled impatiently for its anticipated release. "Places, everyone, places!" He called, readying the finale. This was a target he wanted no interference in killing, and he had already spent two of his precious bullets on it. He wanted no more than the best for this, if it had withstood two streaks of art and would succumb only to one more. "This one will be one of my finest works." The unliving piece of metal would be privileged to be part of something beautiful, to transcend the boundaries of its dull ugliness as its final moments drew ever closer. If he had to spend another bullet on that, he would do so with a bang. He would want to see only the best as the art from his bullet would escalate with the current display of the armor's writhing, inspiring liberation. And this final shot would be.... Transcendent. Venus fires his fourth Basic Attack onto Armor B (always critically strikes and deals 4 + B bonus damage, Quartenary Art bonus damage = T x [1 + B] damage, T= 4, B= 1)
  10. I'm interested in Frillish, Feebas, Cacnea, Druddigon, Marill, Hippopotas and Roost Swablu. I can offer Baltoy, Klink, Tepig (Superpower/Sucker Punch), Togepi (Nasty Plot), Flabebe, Growlithe (Close Combat/Morning Sun), Piplup (Agility/Icy Wind), Knock Off Mincinno, Heat Wave Chimchar, and Petilil. All are 5 x 31, but will only accept 2 mons for a female starter mon of mine.
  11. Venus With a piece of armor destroyed and all other adversarial bodies damaged, the battle progressed further to its inevitable conclusion as the minutes ticked back, albeit with the previous exchange being rather grave, as the team had taken quite a beating from the enemy's assault. Being one of the fortunate members to be unharmed, he knew that several members needed to recuperate, and thus their firepower would be limited for this turn. Noting the damaged state of the armor he had previous targeted, it seemed vulnerable enough for Venus to land a resplendent, killing blow. He had two bullets left -- he had to spend both wisely. The situation did not favor his fastidiousness at the time of wanting to finish with a fourth, precise shot. A mix of excitement and reluctance entered him as he tinkered with the features of his weapon, reinforcing his third, coup de grace shot, counting again: Three. Venus fires Curtain Call onto Armor B ( Quartenary Art bonus damage = T x [1 + B] damage, T= 3, B= 1, chance to crit, ignores 4 + 1 + B RES, grants Venus 1 + B damage when killing a target). T: Turns Elapsed B: Current SYN bonus = 1
  12. Venus Tireur By virtue of the team's combined efforts, the armor that Venus had attacked was now substantially damaged. Venus had the choice of continue his assault until it withered and ceased to be a nuisance, but the fervent swirling of magic in his bullets made him hesitate. He had only three bullets left, each ever stronger than the other, and he had every intention of spending them wisely. Surveying the battlefield, there was the reactor, and a total of two mechanical limb-like structures and two bodies of armor -- one undamaged and the other vitiated. He had little time for entertaining the choice of which target to beautify next. The moment before the painful. Forced to make a quick decision, Venus decided that his augmented, increasingly powerful bullets of art would be better spent on the more durable targets, as he selected the unscathed piece of armor as his newest target. Venus fires his second Basic Attack onto Armour B (chance to crit, Quartenary Art bonus damage = T x [1 + B] damage, T= 2, B: = 1) *T = Turns Elapsed B = SYN Bonus damage (1 per 4 SYN)
  13. I don't really understand how this would work; like Murdoc said, it lacks a bit of information. My question would be that is this more of a descriptive writing RP rather that a more fluid plot one, and, from what I can currently gauge one mostly involving lamentations and stuff-ish, with a lot of "restriction" in the setting. You definitely got my interest though.
  14. Added Scraggy and Bronzor to list of available Pokes, and will be breeding Porygons soon. Also added Life Orb to the wanted list, so please keep them coming!
  15. I will PM you for details. I'll trade you for the Bulbasaur. I'll send you a PM.