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  1. Heya. I'm looking for Choice Items (Choice Band, Choice Specs), Assault Vest, and Life Orb. I'll willing to offer 5-6 x 31 mons with egg moves, or some shinies, for them. Am willing to offer multiple pokes for one item if you can pass it soon enough, the more the better. What I have at the moment: * indicates 6 x 31 available
  2. Venus One more bullet, and an almost complete canvas. The buildup for this performance was nothing short of divine; and this time, there would be no interference. "Prepare...for your finale." Venus unleashes the final shot writhing excitedly within the gun, striking the Meka with a (hopefully fatal) Basic Attack. (always critically strikes, deals 4 + B2 bonus damage, Quartenary Art bonus damage = T x [2 + B] damage, T= 4, B: = 2, B2: 4) *T = Turns Elapsed B = SYN Bonus damage (1 per 4 SYN) B2 = Four Times the Charm bonus damage (2 per 4 SYN)
  3. Venus Venus fires his third shot with an empowered At An Arm's Length towards the Meka once again, satisfied of the previous outcome. (heals for 4 +B, chance to crit (INT/2),Quartenary Art bonus damage = T x [2 + B] damage, T= 3, B: = 2) *T = Turns Elapsed B = SYN Bonus damage (1 per 4 SYN)
  4. Kino and Enma "That I agree," Kino agreed to Jade's statement. "Return we shall, then." Eeehhh? We're going back already? There isn't much time. We must return. But why must we follow the rest of them? We can work fine on our own! Following them means one step closer to our quest, sister. Come, don't be spoiled. Begrudgingly, Enma acquiesces to her sister's decision and the two return to the Castle.
  5. Debronee In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. Debronee knew not when the continuum of inhalations and exhlations would cease, though he tried his best not to question it. To the well-made young man, excellence and acceptance, even of something as boresome as this, came with repetition, much like his training. The more one did something, the more one would come to excel and learn from it, and perhaps even enjoy and relish it. The breathing exercise gave Debronee ample release from his previous battle -- he appreciated moments where he was allowed to calm down, something that the exercise seemingly managed to provide. As much as Debronee did not mind what they were doing, the stagnancy of what was occurring after the events was consuming him on the inside. Debronee still could not comprehend even the gist of the aforementioned occurrences that had been set out -- he only knew that that frail, windy flyboy had been kidnapped, and as much as the contempt for him started to surface, who was he to say that he would be able to hold his own had whoever that had tried to take Wallace away targeted him, instead? Several others, perhaps equally as impatient and tired of waiting as he was, spoke up on the matter, but Debronee remained acquiescent. Perhaps the answers would be divulged soon.
  6. Venus Having taken mortal damage by the Bastion he alone targeted without dealing anything close to significant in return, Venus in irritation backs for cover and scrambles for his second shot with an empowered At An Arm's Length towards the Meka. (heals for 4 +B, chance to crit (INT/2),Quartenary Art bonus damage = T x [2 + B] damage, T= 2, B: = 2) *T = Turns Elapsed B = SYN Bonus damage (1 per 4 SYN)
  7. Kino and Enma "A pleasure to meet you, Jade." Kino nodded in response. "It appears we both share the same goal. Perhaps we can proceed here together -- if you have any hint of which course is best to go from here, of course." I wanna explore this place some more! C'mon, let me go free for a little while! Do you really want to go ahead? What if something happens to me? I'll come running, of course. We all will. You're so sweet as always, Nee-san. I'm letting you roam only to find what's new in here. Tell me when you do -- and be safe. With her sister's approval, Enma happily and briskly hovered into the deeper regions of the cave, her spiritual form waving at Gray before floating off in search for anything particularly interesting. Kino then addressed Gary again, "Perhaps that should narrow our destination a little bit."
  8. Venus Venus initiates combat with an introductory Artful Flourish at Bastion 861. (chance to crit (INT/2),Quartenary Art bonus damage = T x [1 + B] damage, T= 1, B: = 2) *T = Turns Elapsed B = SYN Bonus damage (1 per 4 SYN)
  9. Kino and Enma Kino seemed to have presumed correctly that someone else had been inside -- noticing hints of torchlight, the two sisters followed the source to find Jade, the gunner, within the labyrinth of combs as well. This is amazing, Nee-san! Enma's previous pique immediately sprang back to fervency as she noticed the mass of corpses laid in the walls. You were right, Nee-san! We can definitely find some friends here! Kino wasn't very impressed, though. It became clear to her that this maze of combs was a trap -- a hunting ground. The festered scatter of weathered bones was proof that anyone unsuspecting or greedy enough to walk in were either eaten alive by whatever inhabitants that dwelt here, or were trapped and ended up starving as a result of lack of necessities. The strange way they were allocated into the holes in the walls reminded her of her ceremonial memorial room back at her home, where urns of beloved remains of her once benevolent clan were take care of and each remembered and arranged on a sacred set of shelves. This place, certainly, with the eerie way they tended to the dead, certainly was not a place that respected them, either. Nor would whatever soul that would remain here part in peace of their gauche form of death. She needed to be careful. They needed to be careful, rather. Predators thrived best in this darkness, giving their victims even the faintest sense of peace, that moment of vulnerability, before they attacked, much like how the accursed litter of plunderers invaded Kino's home by storm. Curious of the other man's presence here, Kino decided to introduce herself. "I see I have yet to make your acquaintance, sir." She nodded curtly in greeting. "My name is Kino. Might I ask what you are doing here?" I guess you're only interested in live people, Nee-san? And you say I'm more bloodthirsty than you are. Hush.
  10. Kino and Enma Despite Enma's initial excitement of having fun in the graveyard, it shifted into disappointment upon learning that it was infested with the same bee-like essences and Catacombs. It was more a place for a home of bees than a party of souls. ...The bees spare not even this place, so it would seem. Kino mumbled, as Enma continued whining. One of the Catacombs remained ajar, which piqued her interest. Perhaps that other person had ventured into it as well, as she did not see any other place of notable interest or proceeding, though it was also possible that they left after seeing the mess that was laid before them. Let's leave. I don't like this place. No. We go into that Catacomb. There might be something useful there. You're not getting me in there! Afraid of the dark? Of course not! You know I love the dark, don't you, Nee-san? Then come -- I doubt we're the only ones here, in a good way. Having won the exchange easily, Kino and Enma enter the open Catacomb carefully.
  11. Kino and Enma Kino and Enma had fallen back from the others due to the latter's constant whining of her experience of being exposed to a massive about of the Vespiquen's mire, which the two sisters had taken some time to wipe off. Even as they ventured on their way to group up with the others and find something to do, Enma had yet to cease her words, tinted with irritation of her unpleasant experience. As per that experience, Kino had also reluctantly acquiesced to her request of not taking any of the battle's leftovers. That was terrible! Let's get out of here. Anywhere but here. The graveyard! You promised me you'd take me to the graveyard. Perhaps I can comply with that, she answered, remembering that another had proceeded there as well. But if nothing comes to serve, we will return to the town. Kino and Enma head towards the Graveyard.