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  1. [IC] Fate/Reborn 2.0 Second War

    Peter I've already found her, he answered his Master, A little girl, at that. A girl with a wolf. I'm at the alley in the north. His attentions then returned to said small girl, who had politely made her acquaintance with him. "Certainly, m'dear." Courteous, this one, he thought, that line being the last of the imitation of a certain nemesis' voice. Typical of a young lady. It was apparent that she wasn't getting intimidated, however; a glance below revealed that she'd already noticed him, a pristine, beautiful face beneath the incarnadine cloak, but it wasn't as if he was trying to be inconspicuous, anyway. It would be futile to retain this charade any further, as his voice returned to his own. "Why else would someone like yourself be out here all alone so confidently? A dark alley as this is no different than the forests of which you once walked alone. Certainly the dark is of no threat in comparison." Peter's shadow shifted from the wall and returned to Peter as he flew down to meet her face to face with Tinkerbell in tow -- albeit at a certain distance away from her; around ten steps away, at that. His feet touched the ground; perhaps it was a stupid move to relinquish the advantage of higher ground, but he could afford to play nice with this one, though he wasn't going to underestimate her yet. Retrieving his hat, he bowed as politely as the Servant before him gave him her curtsy. "Peter Pan, miss Red. They'd say fate brought us together, but it was you who cast the red thread that led me to you, did you not?" His words and actions earned a pouting look from Tinkerbell; a common reaction to any girl who had Peter's attention. Kazuki "Difficult, to start." He relented, managing to straighten himself up, as he was beckoned by the other Master to follow, of which he obeyed for the moment. "Not like I decided I was gonna get far when I was getting that Berserker anyway. Our first meeting was...quite unpleasant, to say the least. Big hungry feral wolf, and all. The first thing to do after grabbing and threaten me was to run off and fight, and was -- probably is still -- fighting right now nearby the residental district up there," He then realized his familiar faded mid-way, though whether or not if they were the ones who got rid of it -- possibly even tracked him down with it -- he knew not. "Apart from being fast and very physically strong, not a lot I know about him yet. I didn't get a real chance to get to know, after all. My familiar disappeared in the middle of it all, since someone got rid of it." He didn't want to imply it was their doing; perhaps they would admit it out loud given he was no threat to him anymore. He was being...surprisingly honest, though that was the most cautious form of action, ironically, he could take at present.
  2. [IC] Fate/Reborn 2.0 Second War

    Peter Peter's search didn't take long -- trying to remain as inconspicuous as he could, he flew above the various buildings before stumbling upon a hooded figure in the alley. A closer look he saw and recognized who she was instinctively; a lass with a hood as red as an angry Tinkerbell (amusing himself with the thought), once sung in folklore of her encounter and subsequent victory over a deceptive wolf, a wolf she now seeming had control of. Such a Servant was the last he had expected to reveal herself -- he had assumed a more prideful competitor, though pride did not come always in an equally powerful warrior. However innocent in appearance, she wouldn't have come out here if she weren't prepared -- or had faith if she could survive. Better or worse yet, the conniving girl could be potentially trapping her first assailant, much like the umpteenth times a certain pirate captain had attempted on him before. What was she doing, though? He wondered, presuming it a facade to blend in as some roadside collector of sorts. No matter -- he would shadily (quite literally) introduce himself. What response would she give, he wondered, in an attempt to scare her, or deceive her, however unlikely? He hoped some fruit would come out of it. Peter's shadow split from him in a giggled silhouette of pitch black under Tinkerbell's light, before it crept up to follow the girl as it avoided detection. With an unheard giggle, Peter walked in mid-air to avoid making any sounds as his shadow crept from the light into the shadows, following her. It was the one, brief, comical opportunity where the Rider stepped into the streetlight and notice her shadow did she realize that in its place instead was the shadow of a laughing boy -- Peter's hat intentionally off his head -- Peter's jubilant, though mildly eerie laughing echoing around her as if it were from the shadow itself. It was with a voice that was not his; the best, liquid voice of a certain villain he knew, and then he spoke through the shadow to her. "All alone, m'dear?" Kazuki Gunpoint again. At least his expectation didn't disappoint, if he were to deem that a silver lining in his already miserable state. Perhaps a slightly more merciful, softer Master might've sit better with him, but there was none to expect in a War such as this. He was likely the meekest, if anything. There was nothing he could do but acquiesce, and he should be grateful that he was allowed to live for it, even if as some strongarmed errand boy. "Alright," He tried to resist any sarcastic remarks as he remained suppressed, though he defied some irritation in his tone, fearful as he was, "You win. I'll do as you say, as long as it means I get to walk away alive."
  3. [IC] Fate/Reborn 2.0 Second War

    Peter and Tink A familiar presence interrupted their conversation before Min could give his answer to Peter. One hostile. One so alerting it could only be one thing. The very thought of it perked the Lost Saber, knowing that action might start earlier than he'd anticipated. "So it seems someone wants to play," He snickered, slightly excited by the idea. "By play, it's rare for a Servant to be this conspicuous. Overconfidence perhaps? Or perhaps this one's more of a meek competitor wanting some peace in this war? Whatever it is, what do you say we go introduce ourselves? In the north just around here -- quite close, actually. Too close, in fact -- it's as if they're too inviting. Like Hook with one of his many traps planned for me back in the scuttling days. He or she's alone, though, for better or for worse. Your decision? I wouldn't mind heading on over to check it out myself," He suggested. With the ability to fly he had the upper hand in both speed and evasion, and said Servant wouldn't be hard to find. Fun awaited him, if danger were another word for it. Kazuki Nothing he could do, really -- rather than internally lament over his predicament. Being able to neither speak or do whatever -- perhaps in his current foe's best interest, he could only wait or scramble for a plan. Whether this Servant knew everything via assumption or well, just knew it, for some reason, he sat subjugated and discomforted on the ground. He wouldn't die here, apparently -- but he didn't know what was to come. Was the Master going to arrive? What kind of person would it be? He didn't know, and it frustrated him mildly, over the primary fear he now felt, and not being able to know what came next. Get over here already, damn it! There was the irony once again that the very being that threatened more menacingly earlier that night was the only thing that could have any remote chance of saving it -- or some lucky police car passerby assuming a crime.
  4. [IC] Fate/Reborn 2.0 Second War

    Kazuki After being knocked to the ground by an unexpected someone, his concern shifted from his initial cautiousness and fear to a moment's irritation. He was hit hard in the neck, and he grasped his throat as he coughed and gasped for air. "Hey....*cough* what was that for?" was all he could managed in gasps and hoarse breaths, as he tried to regain his footing slightly and turned to the peculiar figure who had stopped him. It took him a while to concentrate through the heavy discomfort in his throat and neck, as he still lay in a rather miserable state on a floor. A quick glance told him that the figure who tripped him was peculiar, he noted. And it was a bad sign -- immediately that he knew, and the fear returned again. Crap. Had he been too conspicuous? A couple of sayings were apt for a moment like this -- time waited for no man, for the fact that the war started and could end on his head before he even got a chance to do anything? Or better yet, tough luck for both picking an incompatible Servant and landing himself into something like this? Trying to maintain some semblance of composure, he wasn't sure if he could afford to withdraw his familiar just yet. He didn't want to lose sight of his Servant, notwithstanding how desperately he'd prefer his presence here for once, but also found it in his head that she could sense his use of mana -- and him withdrawing it. His discomforted state didn't really help him maintain control, but he decided to keep things as they are as his focused shifted from his hawk-view to the predicament before him. He needed to talk his way out of it, at least, or hope that something would happen to intervene. "Um*cough*...Hi?" He barely managed to slowly recover some form of voice, as his hand remained on his throat to alleviate the remaining pain. "I'm just....passing through. I'm rushing somewhere right now, so if you would please?" Peter and Tink Having retracted into spirit form and now made conversation in the car. He led -- as he did. As a certain someone did. For what purpose did he lead, however? "You asked me if I was a freedom fighter?" His voiced sounded strangely whimsical, lacking the slight bitterness it initially had with the notion of working for a man -- a man that didn't look as conspicuously "good" as he liked. "I was always free. Why do I have to fight for my own freedom, at least? Everyone's always free where I came from, and where I fought for. Well -- I have fun doing it. I have fun fighting. When I led my boys upon the pirate ships and beaches it was all in good fun -- all in good fighting. There were risks. There was danger. We loved that, and it made us feel good doing it, you know? In all? I fight for justice. Justice as a cause. Justice towards people who want to get rid of that freedom. However I came to this war, it's all in good fun to me and Tink for the most part. I could care less about how we fight it as long as it doesn't violate our principles." "Rather than ask me how I want to fight this war -- what are we fighting for? C'mon, you can trust how I fight -- you got yourself a Saber that can fly and can help you fly as an added benefit! But I fight only for the right reasons. So long as it's for your own good without making others suffer -- sans the other Servants and Masters of course -- for no reason, I'm game. Most of that earlier frustration was from using Tink's dust, really. She doesn't take well to other people using it, " He noted, and unseen in her spirit form Tinkerbell remained angry at Min's previous suggestion, which earned him a chuckle; she would hopefully calm down soon. "Like I said before, as long as it's for the good of the war I'm in -- and within my principles. Surely with your seeming competence as you wish to display you're capable of winning it a way that doesn't require me to do anything absurdly bad, such as to harm or hurt anyone who isn't a Servant or Master?"
  5. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a great day ^^

  6. [IC] Fate/Reborn 2.0 Second War

    Peter and Tink So he intends to weaponize Pixie dust. Equally disgusted of the idea for the certain memory it returned to their heads of a certain black-hearted captain who had used such weapons against him once before, they scoffed at Min's experiment. "How atypical of your kind to want to use Tink's dust as a weapon," He winced, "You seem quite paranoid of our abilities, but I suppose I'll give you the benefit of the doubt." Trust was not easy between the two still, after all. Their ideologies were far too different. "Don't expect to give you a lot more dust for this whenever you want to. Can we get to the flying now, or are we supposed to be laying low?"
  7. [IC] Fate/Reborn 2.0 Second War

    Peter and Tink Irritated that Min had ignored his supposedly obvious explanation of the qualities of Tink's dust -- Tink appearing more angered that Peter so -- Peter sighed. He was adamant on making the most of the dust -- for the war, although, but they were displeased nonetheless that he was trying to use Tink's precious dust for his own gain. "I told you, whatever you're gonna do is likely not gonna work," He snorted, "But hey, let's see for ourselves what you got up your sleeve." Begrudgingly, Tink shook herself upon Min's open palm for some semblance of dust to fall on it. It wouldn't last long. Kazuki Kazuki could feel the drain increase -- something that prompted him to run as he saw from the eyes of his avian familiar finally a glimpse of his Servant's more conspicuous actions. He needed to maintain certain distance at this rate, and the fact that he was using his familiar didn't help alleviate a lot of strain his Servant was putting on him even with his strength and his prime age. At the same time, he needed to be careful; he was as much the prey as he was the hunter, in that he was commanding one so dangerous while being vulnerable himself. He could see the werewolf snap a pole and attack something that somehow managed to evade him, even if narrowly -- no doubt someone of abnormal capability for that beast, another Servant, or perhaps a magus or Master of greater caliber. Things were happening far too quickly as he could not analyze their adversaries as clearly with his hindered movements and concentration, as he ordered the bird to distance himself slightly from the scene of the action, maintaining view on only his Servant -- his lack of subtlety was all he needed to navigate at the moment. He was running toward a distance where a bus would take three to five minutes, he estimated, as he scanned his surroundings while running, hoping that he would not get caught in another unfortunate act or deed.
  8. [IC] Fate/Reborn 2.0 Second War

    Peter Finally deciding to relent, Peter snapped his fingers as his pixie companion swirled around Min again -- this time acquiescing to not hang him upside down, but he would need to balance himself by his own will. "For your information," he began. "Pixie dust is not collectible. It is constantly produced by Tink here, and its effective duration lasts until it touches an animate object whereby it is prolonged until the bearer lands from its flight at all, so don't get any ideas about storing it or anything. Tink here will get you to fly whenever you want to -- as long as you don't piss her off or anything. Well, let's get the flying lesson done now, shall we?"
  9. [IC] Fate/Reborn 2.0 Second War

    Peter "Pixie dust is sacred," Peter answered. Tinkerbell mocked the man again, this time wrapping her arms around her body as if she were physically assaulted by him, clearly unwilling to produce the magical dust for his purposes. "And I doubt you'll be able to do much more than using it for flying. I suppose I could trust you with some of the dust...if only for the benefit for the War. I've no interest in giving you Tink's dust for anything outside of it, and I'll be watching." "If you've no interest to give me neither faith nor trust, I'm afraid you won't be able to fly -- at least not by my standards, if at all." Peter knew it was a lie; a convenient one, if anything, for the man to adhere to him. It was those beliefs toward Tinkerbell that in truth enabled Peter's unparalleled flight prowess, although having the belief of any positive value -- even towards oneself -- would be sufficient in enabling such an ability, albeit to less refined standards. At the same time, he couldn't help but wonder if such a decision would bite him in the back later on; him being able to fly would admittedly save him many a hassle, but he found his dislike over the man stronger than the need to keep him safe. Perhaps he could change his mind -- should he prove himself as honorable as the Indian chief, for example. One of very few exceptions to Peter's hate of man, if only by virtue of a sense of justice as strong as Peter's himself. Kazuki Kazuki could feel the strain the Servant put on his mana; another very dire, if unexpected, consequence of the random selection he had been given. Perhaps for all his troubles his Servant would possess a certain strength unparalleled, or at least he'd hoped. Distance from him now seemed wasteful -- he needed to keep an eye on him from afar, but given the circumstances he may not be able to maintain his familiar for as long as he'd hoped. Wanting to see from the eyes of his departed avian it was soon that the realized that the beast had now closed in on his first sight of subsequent prey...but was it a civilian or a rival of the War? He would want to know regardless. Rather than run, however, his steps were slow; fear still consumed him over getting even a yard's distance over his own Servant, as he wondered once again if his choice in the War was for the greater good...
  10. [IC] Fate/Reborn 2.0 Second War

    Peter "You still don't get it, do you?" Peter was about to conclude the conversation before Min's lattermost statement hit a nerve, "Even if I love pranks, it's not like I prank everyone, mister." He wanted to assert that it was a matter of morale, but decided against it -- he didn't know why, but he felt rather reserved about such a topic, and some part of him refused to believe that his justified self was to -- was now serving someone with the opposite sentiment. Peter hated men, but more than men Peter hated evil -- an essence he felt this man reeked of by looks foremost, if not a heart equally black. But perhaps there was Putting the thought of his mind, and with another snap of his fingers, the enchanted dust on the man wore off, leaving Min to fall on the floor face flat. This incited another giggle from Tinkerbell, who returned to Peter's side. "To get to the whole flying thing, I guess it's helpful that I don't have to waste my time to teach you the trick of the trade whenever someone attacks us," Peter soared into the air as he spoke, "You've seen the basics. You need Pixie dust, which is essentially what Tink here can give us all the time. After that, you need two more things: Faith and Trust. ...I take that's simple enough. Just have the feeling. Unless you're not capable of it." Kazuki By the instant the Berserker had left the room, Kazuki had slumped to the floor, not willing to believe fully what had transpired. The vivid ruins of where the beast once was since left with him there couldn't let him shake the fact that he was hallucinating either. Whatever it set out to do now would not be a prosperous endeavor, that premonition he knew...and regardless of whatever dumb deity decided to match him with the most irregular choice ever, it was all his fault. He had to go after him, and at the same time, he needed maintain some proper distance. Given how noisy and painfully obvious the beast was, it wouldn't be excessively difficult to search for a trail with his eyes alone, and improbable as it was, perhaps he hadn't gone far yet. Stepping out of the damaged building, he conjured with his hand -- almost stiff from the beast's grip -- his hawk, sending the avian familiar into the sky before walking home -- he could monitor the circumstances, better, and much safer, from the bird's eye view, and while he had this responsibility in mind foremost, the first thing he wanted to do was bury himself in his room and bed. The events that had transpired for him were too much at present, inevitable as they were to develop not in his favor, or perhaps they would...
  11. [IC] Fate/Reborn 2.0 Second War

    Peter After listening to Min's introduction -- admittedly a little flattered -- the response he first gave was a raise of a brow. Men are more capable of lies than youth. Besides- "Fun is a subjective word." Peter said, with a sneer, "Does your fun involve slitting throats and scuttling ships, terrorizing the innocent all the while? I know plenty who can have 'fun' from something like that, and I certainly don't fun that entertaining in the slightest. Oh, and you said something about flying?" With a snap of his fingers, Peter commanded Tinkerbell to swirl around his Master, as her teensy form spread the golden glitter upon the man. It didn't take long before the man started to float in the air, struggling in place to move; adding insult to injury Min now hung midair upside down, eliciting a laugh from the Servant-familiar duo. Bemused by the silly predicament that the Servant had put his Master through, Peter wasted no further time to cut to the chase." "Listen, mister," Peter flipped himself upside down before returning to his original stature, and from Min's heavying view he could see the fairy wave her fingers and stick her tongue out at him. "I don't like you. Not now, anyway. Rest assured, though, I will not put your safety in jeopardy and will acquiesce to whatever that is required of me only for whatever is related to the War. It is in both of our interests to obtain the Grail, whatever it is that you want it for. However, I will have nothing to do with any of your other affairs. Peter Pan is a free boy, even if I am paired with some old man as my liege. Perhaps I would've been much more welcoming if you were closer to my age," He scratched his chin and laughed, "Or not. I hope we have that clear if we're ever going to work together." Kazuki Trembling in the crushing grip of the beast, Kazuki would only manage to swallow deeply. Perhaps it was a bad idea to get involved in this after all, he thought, but he needed to escape his present predicament however possible... "...I would be of no use to you dead." He felt as if he actually lived the quote that fear was a great motivator, even if it were an attempt on a last stand. A beast would not soften on mercy; there was only one other option. "You said this is a hunting ground...? I-If hunting is what you want, hunt the bigger prey. H-Hunt the Servants and Masters in the war. You would denied of that if you were to eliminate me now."
  12. [IC] Fate/Reborn 2.0 Second War

    Peter From the corollary of shimmering light that came after the incantation, a greenish blur dashed forth and soared into the air, the echoing sound of a triumphant imitation of a rooster resounding in its wake. A shimmering, glittery line of light followed suit, taking every direction the green figure took as if arm-locked into an aerial dance. It took a moment before they stopped, revealing a boy and a fairy the side of an average person's middle finger sitting on his shoulder. Their enthusiasm emptied itself as they collected their given circumstances. "Where -- where are we?" Darting his head in all directions, Peter returned his gaze to his eternal companion with a puzzled expression, which the fairy beside her mirrored in response, followed by a shrug. "What were we doing, Tink?" They soon noticed the only other person in the area after their self-questioning; Peter dashed amidst his flight before Min, stopping in mid-air before examining the towering, lean man up close at an awkwardly close distance, one that a dog would approach to pick up scents. Tinkerbell encircled the man, curious as much as her beloved master was of the being that stood before them -- the two instinctively knowing, quite assuredly, that it was he who had summoned them. He frowned as he took in his features, realizing he resembled a certain someone he knew -- a certain someone he did not like. Peter himself was disdainful of older men to a fault, but the way this one in particular looked especially left a rather acerbic taste in his month. "An old man?" Quickly disappointed over the discovery of who this...Master of his was, he quickly repositioned himself into a leisurely, lying stance in the air, rocking himself as if he were cradled by an invisible hammock, hung impossibly high at his altitude. "Well, that's quite a bit of a shame. Where's the fun in that?" Tinkerbell nodded repeatedly in agreement of Peter's statement, feigning a mocking posture of crossed arms and an exaggerated frown. A jolly attempt at humor as it was, however, both Peter and Tinkerbell knew it would bring the man no amusement. He then returned to straighten himself before the man nonetheless, knowing that it was still obligatory for him to do what he must within this world. "Oh well, wouldn't hurt to give a...courteous introduction? Name's Peter. Peter Pan, and this here's Tinkerbell. I guess you can call us that if not Saber, Master?" His final statement came with rolling eyes. Kazuki ...What on earth....! His feet moved quicker that his mind could process anything, stumbling a few steps over the distance before cowering beneath the counter, leaving only his eyes above to -- in what was fear he had never felt more than anything in his life -- take a closer look at what was before him. Did he just summon some hellspawn? Perhaps this was a nightmare -- yet no pain or fear would wake him up from it. Trying to regain whatever bravery he could, he stood up from the counter, albeit with still undeniable trepidation. He had summoned it -- he should have at least some authority over it. Perhaps the mark of his summoning would help, he thought, while still-timidly extending his branded arm for the being before him to see -- knowing it was now or never, to fight or flight, to show authority of not get eaten alive...or whatever result far worse. "I-I am your Master...! Whatever you are, I brought you here for the War. The Holy Grail war. Y-You will do as I command -- if at least do me no harm..."
  13. [IC] Fate/Reborn 2.0 Second War

    Kazuki Kazuki hadn't expected himself to ever be inclined to head to the abandoned restaurant -- ever. After going through the routine, repetitive day of part-time work, he'd strolled from the convenience store to where he was at present, tin of coffee in hand, since emptied and now containing the blood of any animal of some such -- whatever he could collect in the butcher's department unnoticed after light's out. Finding an empty space on the ground amidst the dusty, dark room illuminated only by the light of his cellphone, he began to draw the circle utilizing the blood as he were told the other day by a certain someone. It was a gamble; one that, primarily out of boredom, if not slight desperation to change an otherwise mundane, lonely life living alone. Wasting no time after the circle's completion, not caring if the result would come to fruition or not, he began to chant: "Blood flows unhinderedStories of greatness intertwineMy body is yoursYour heart I desireBrandish your sword against my foesCome forth with me unto victory" It was a matter of time after the ritual's completion before light sprang forth from the circle-
  14. [OOC] Fate/Reborn 2.0 [Second War Active]

    Dropping my Servant here. Will add Master/appearance later, but I'm just taking this from the old thread lol. Master:
  15. Kino and Enma Kino (78/82) (shielded for 8) Enma (24/24) Enma attacks Officer C with a Basic Attack, marking them with Entente of Malice. (Deals Kino's level + INT damage, 4 + 11= 15) Kino follows up on the same Officer C with her own Basic Attack, triggering Entente of Malice and Necromantic Pact's (weapon effect's) bonus damage. {Total damage: 2d4 + INT + INT + INT/2, = 2d4 +27) Conditional: If Officer C dies, strike Officer B instead.