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  1. Kino and Enma "This is fun, Nee-san!" Enma exclaimed excitedly, as their combined efforts managed to bring down two monsters, who leave behind malevolent skulls brimming with morbid energy. Enma collects the items with interest and presents them to her sister, "Can I keep them? Pleeeease?" "No. Whatever such things may be, they rest better still in the hands of that researcher." Kino points to the researcher behind her before she extends her hands, gesturing for her sister to hand the skulls over. She had examined the actions of her colleagues along as she fought, realizing the common act of handing such collectibles to the researcher holding on the back line. Curious as she was of the contents of the skulls of her own, it was the best course of action she could take. Reluctantly and childishly, Enma pouted in disapproval as she tossed the skulls over to her sister, before Kino gave her consent to play alone without her supervision, with her band of spiritual friends in tow. That seemed enough to make up for taking the skulls away, though, and thus Enma continued to revel in the jubilee of her freedom. Kino returns to the researcher, and, as per what the others have done, hands over the Metal Skulls to report her findings -- she takes note, however, to keep a certain leash on Enma despite giving her such freedom, relieved that she and her army of spirits were only attacking the hostilities, which was a welcome deed from her usual mischievous tendencies.
  2. Venus Even after a series of attacks, the Helicopter still maintains its functionality; Venus reprimanded himself into the arrogant thought that destroying the motors would be an easy task, but glances in intrigue at the essence of the weapon Ana was using in particular, while preparing his next attack. It was not damaged enough to his liking to prepare his coup de grace yet. Venus fires his second Artful Flourish at the Helicopter. (chance to crit (INT/2),Quartenary Art bonus damage = T x [1 + B] damage, T= 2, B: = 2) *T = Turns Elapsed B = SYN Bonus damage (1 per 4 SYN)
  3. Venus The active, airborne craft before Venus was a first for his eyes, exciting him as easily as it startled his attention. It's mechanism, at a glance, seemed simple enough, however -- two sets of rotating blades, on top and on the rear end, were what kept the mass of metal aloft. It was a practical invention for flight, no doubt -- yet with such a conspicuous weak spot, too. An enticed smile emerged, hidden from the hem of his mask, as he withdrew Whisper and allowed the vorfruede of the performance to spread within him. No longer was the novaturient artist subject to the bored, dull days of acquiescent silence when the group was in panning of the mission; images of the beauty that would come from his art on the imminent destruction of the helicopter inspired his action -- action that he would see to only being perfect, no more and no less. Venus fires a Basic Attack at the helicopter's main Rotor Mast.
  4. Kino chants an ancient incantation before a ghastly figure of her very close liking, shrouded with heavy amounts of souls behind her, conjures before her -- Kino, knowing that they now needed to fight, releases Enma and her kindred of souls bound to her. "Go -- do what you will." "At last -- come, brothers and sisters! Revel in our time for adventure!" Ecstatic with her rare moment of freedom, Enma baltered as she floated about swiftly, enjoying the sensation of being able to move, and have fun, and to take all that she desired, albeit knowing that her sister would keep a close watch in case she went overboard. Kino and Enma command their kindred souls to search for adversaries and attack them in unison with their respective basic attacks -- Kino and Enma consistently coordinate on the same target. ((OOC: You might want to put a separate health bar for Enma, lawl))
  5. Kino Kino, having been distracted to appease to Enma's sensing of various lost souls in the vicinity -- partially out of need for the two siblings to spend some alone time -- wanders around and rejoins Mitsu; with the aid of her brethren of souls she barely manages to endure the obstacle course (her souls can meld with her grant her a relatively powerful resistance/amnesia-esque reaction to pain, but does not protect against physical injury; consider her having sprained a limb or two in the process), sensing the increased heat in the room as she arrives. "What's going on, Mitsurugi-san?" She asked. Nee-san, is it me, or is it really hot here? That's what I'm trying to find out.
  6. I'll take one of either Karrablast, Jellicent or Zangoose. Zangoose as priority, particularly, but listing these just in case its already taken
  7. With online play and high IV mons all the rage, and with battles getting (in my humble opinion) increasingly popular. Besides, what's a high IV mon good for if not for real battles against other human trainers? The main question for all of you is, though -- would it be proper for a competitive Reborn metagame to be established? If your answer is yes, please give input on the following questions below, or add some other insightful questions of your own; my personal answers for these will be addressed in spoilers.
  8. Repost of old TPOS character Speed: 2 [Debronee prefers to settle matters as quickly as possible, personal capabilities notwithstanding. Alas, he can only run and move on par of that of a normal human though his wings provide enhanced manuverability in the air.] Melee: 6 (Doubled from 3) [Debronee’s most distinct trait is his strength; the boy is as skilled a swordsman as he is a hand-to-hand combatant. Preferring close-up, hard hitting offense as a means for a quick finishing, Debronee’s mech provides him with enhanced physical strength, enabling his strikes and attacks to dent through durable matter such as refined steel, and cause mild tremors with powerful punches and kicks. He has enough strength in his feet to propel him into high altitudes into the air and kick projectiles towards substantial distances, and the force attained through his limbs also allows him to travel at relatively high speeds as well as having strong stamina before being worn out.] Firepower: 0 [Debronee incorporates no use of any firearms resembling of complex, technological weapons, deeming them rudimentary and unbefitting of his style.] Armor: 1 [Prioritizing free movement and as less drag as possible, Debronee prefers practical, light armor as opposed to more powerful defensive armor to optimize his speed in tandem with his superior strength. This, of course, results in compromise of his overall durability, which is somewhat offset courtesy of his special ability.] Signature Attack: Fate Altered [Debronee attempts to roundhouse kick his opponent from below them, knocking the target up into the air before leaping into the air at a higher distance than his aloft target with his sword in hand, impaling and crushing them as they descend together to the ground, causing a massive tremor in their wake. This requires Debronee to flick the target's forehead with his right index finger, however.] Special Ability: Warpath [Debronee is at his best in the heat of battle, where his Body mech reacts to increased adrenaline, endorphin and heart rate at peak levels to further amplify his abilities, granting him further increased strength and speed. It also reacts to damage and pain to enchance his durability, albeit only at critical levels. However, exhaustion and calmness nullify these abilities, and Debronee cannot sustain these bonuses for an extended period of time.] Personal Trait: Infighter: Debronee is not limited to attacking with his sword, and is resourceful enough to fight with his fists, or, if available, knifes, other swords, or pole arms. Character Specialization: Learning Other: Despite being heavily trained in battle, Debronee is a pacifist and tries to avoid as much fighting as possible. He attained his scar through an accident when he was five years old, one that to this day stays a reminder that inspires him to become strong.
  9. Venus Bang. Bang. Bang. The sound of three trainers firing at targets befuddled Venus’ mind like a disorientated orchestra. It took practice to shoot well, but Venus could not resist the umpteenth tinge of contempt he had throughout his journey between these mysterious realms. Perhaps his fame had garnered arrogance with what it was due – he knew and cared not. Beside those who trained, a young man near his age of silver hair trained with an instructor in tow. Wyvis, he presumed, if he have had the inclination to remember that name, was practicing with an eye-patched woman donned in grey armor. Bang. Bang. Bang. Eyeing each shot from the leather of his mask, he found each dull, gauche, unappealing shot, launching themselves one after the other. Those present in the room then did not notice his presence, or at least were too focused on training to pay notice even to Venus’ juxtaposed appearance. Having remained disinterestedly tight-lipped throughout the intel briefing session before the group of participants diverged to their own ways (albeit taking note of everything he deemed significant to the mission), Venus had idled time away with his back on a wall before he decided to head to the training room. Venus had spoken his first words in the dimension to several of the facilities’ familiars as he was directed there -- partially out of boredom, but primarily out of the fact that he recognized that the given mission was not one of which he could partake in alone. This was no matter of private assassination or infiltration, of which even the artistic assassin’s outre tastes would find suitable. Venus had arrived here with the hunch that someone would at least be here, knowing that Hikari and the others had ventured elsewhere -- and it seemed that his presumptions had not gone to waste. The best form of strategy now, even he had to wait, was to act as a group, even when preparing. Venus preferred to work alone, but he certainly wasn't one to disrespect his own limits. Yet the boredom and uninviting scene before him grew increasingly painful to watch. They needed to bear witness to the shooting of a real star. “Is your training system against firearms that are not of that of your own realm? I guess it wouldn’t hurt that I’d have a little practice.” Venus said, approaching Ana and unfolding the long drapes of his cloak to reveal Whisper intricately hanging at the side of a jewel-inlaid belt. “…Oh. I’m with him – one of the few newcomers that is to help with your mission. Venus Tireur. And don’t worry, you needn’t demonstrate to me the art of shooting a gun – unless, of course, your answer to my foremost question would be no.”
  10. Kino Kino assumed that the activation of the pressure plate triggered the sudden rise of green matter in the pool -- yet it seemed that there was little to attend to that Jade and Mitsu had not, and, mildly lamenting on her being late, quickly but carefully crossed over the pool with the aid of her spirits, and followed the two near the other diverged path. A series of conveyor belts and a pit with an unseen end presented itself before her -- a prospect of which piqued Kino's curiosity somewhat, not knowing what laid there. Even for Kino, it all seemed so ominous. Afraid of the unknown, Kino justified that sometimes sacrifice was necessary. With that, she released a spirit from her vessel, but a ghastly, humanoid form of a faint, blue-grayish glow, devoid of lower limbs -- almost that of a young child, silent and acquiescent. "See what lies there -- but don't tread too far." She said, ironically, enough for the other two girls to hear. Kino was accustomed to talking with her spirits, her sisters and brothers, telepathically, but perhaps he wanted to present her communication to spirits to Mitsu, perhaps finally finding some comfort in her to demonstrate how. Following Kino's request, the wraith treaded into the dark pit, its faint glow giving the smallest source of light as it traveled alone in the darkness. Perhaps I could've sent a companion, she wondered. You could've sent me, you know. Enma pouted. You only gave me three minutes to be free. I keep my sister close, Kino answered, feigning an embarrassed, bashful tone. I don't want you hurt and lost now, do I? How sweet of you, Kino-nee. but you should learn to trust in me more. In time, dear Enma. In time.
  11. Kino Kino, having been distracted momentarily to appease her sister's hunt for friends, catches up as she reaches and halts upon reaching an intoxicated pool. Seeing her subordinates on the other side, Kino leaps over, wanting to join them.
  12. Kino As Mitsurugi decides to return to the temple to regroup with Kino's yet-to-be-seen future acquaintances and colleges, Kino was about to follow suit when Enma pestered her slightly. Kino-nee, you're getting attached to this girl, aren't you? It's been a while since I've had interaction with a real person. A pout of jealousy escaped Enma's disembodied figure. Nee-san, you're not telling me you prefer taking to live people over us? Of course not. Don't you miss our olden days when we were all still alive? I do, but the past as it is -- dead and gone. What's important is now. For you and I to be together.... We have nothing but time, sister. It matters not if some of it is wasted idly. You have me. You have us. Don't you remember that? You always come first in my heart, dear sister. Hush now -- I must follow. With that answer, Kino follows her companion to the temple, countless souls hidden within her in tow.
  13. Kino Noticing Mitsu's actions, Kino follows suit by seating herself in the pillar near the temple, then pointing the lens to the nearest tower, before searching for other towers, perhaps hidden somewhere. Kino notices several others, hidden beneath the veil of lush green forestry, and points toward their location.
  14. Kino Kino watched as Mitsurugi operated the machinery that was presented before them, with several other pillars within a stone's throw away that presumably possessed the same function. Watching what the goddess (whom she lacked full certainty of addressing her as such) was doing, she raised a brow in curiosity. "Mitsurugi-san? What are you doing? Are you watching something?" She asked. Part of Kino itched to put the one pillar nearby the the Temple to use.
  15. Kino Her people? The revelation surprised the nun slightly, wondering what an amount her people actually pertained to. So there are a lot of friends in this thing! Enma chanted excitedly, I'll go inside and try to talk them out- No, she corrected. If you go in there, you might have no way out. These souls willingly bind themselves to it, remember? It's likely that they aren't welcome to intruders, nor have reason to negotiate, either. The hasty Enma quickly turned silent, agreeing with her sister's discernment. Such bound souls were not worth risking her freedom for. Kino let out a sigh in response to Mitsurugi's reservedness, before returning to address her again as she continued collecting items from the crates nearby. "There's not a lot I can do for the moment, then. I apologize," Kino said, mildly regretful that she could not be of significant use at the moment, returning the piece of metal to Mitsurugi. "It is as you say; the souls within this sheathe willingly bind themselves to it. If a soul willingly clings itself to an object and sticks with it. I could send my sister in to communicate, but I fear she would have no way out....and it is against my nature to forcibly take lost souls with me. Those who follow me follow me with the promise of freedom; those who don't stay for reasons akin to my own, having personal missions to fulfill." Staring into the distance, Kino notices the wooden pillars within certain walking distance from them, extending in an almost parallel arrangement eastward. The structures piqued her curiosity, "Mitsurugi-san, look at those towering pillars extending there -- what do you think they are? Do you think we should go have a look?"