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  1. [IC] TotMV:G^2: Clash of Fate: Breaking the Siege

    Kino and Enma Despite their heavy bruises due to them attracting quite the bit of attention, there seemed to be no more, or at least delayed reinforcements to the existing horde, which was respite enough for the two siblings as they continued enduring their way against the masses. Kino: 17/64Enma: 13/23 Enma attacks Dragon Tooth Soldier Battalion A with a Basic Attack, marking them with Entente of Malice. (Deals Kino's level + INT damage, 3 + 9 = 12) Kino follows up on the same Battalion A with her own Basic Attack, triggering Entente of Malice and Necromantic Pact's (weapon effect's) bonus damage. {Total damage: 2d4 + INT + INT + INT/2, = 2d4 +22) This attack will also trigger United We Stand. (Kino's Basic Attack heals Enma for a INT health = 9).
  2. [IC] Bullet Hell

    Akemi Akemi surveyed his considerably accommodating surroundings, facilities, albeit not for their use due to the lack of currency now brought before them in comparison to the dull hall they had first gathered before. One of the members had proposed a truce or cooperation of sorts, to which Akemi took no heed at present -- it was unsure yet if they were to fight together or each other, or both, and to that Akemi wanted to minimize any acquaintanceship-esque obligations. He had to admit, however, that he was getting thirsty, and hesitated to order a drink from the bar, knowing that he lacked the required resource to pay, would likely end up in vain to swindle himself a drink, more or less know if there was anything appealing to his tastes in this unfamiliar realm to begin with. That was until what was a slightly clawed -- if her talons at her fingertips were not mere aesthetic, of which the artist himself found...unfashionable -- offered something in her gourd, of what he presumed to be wine or alcohol. A dry mouth wasn't something Akemi would settle with at the moment, nor did the woman seem any hostile at a glance. No longer able to ignore the pestering feeling of thirst waiting to the nourished at the back of this throat, he raised his gloved hand and waved at the girl in signalling to grab her attention. "I guess I wouldn't mind a drink," He shrugged, trying to hide the fact that he desired the drink in any way, appearing as though he wanted to do it merely on a whim. "There's always time for good wine, perhaps."
  3. [IC] TPoS Chapter I: Seven

    Deb "Hey -- Tesla! What's wrong?! Hey, c'mon! Get a hold of yourself -- Hey!" All he could do was yell in bewilderment, his tone rising to what was consternation, as he inched closer to her at one moment, hesitating and staggering backwards at the next. What was to him a person he respected as a consummate fighter was now huddled in a corner giving off such a vulnerable form of trepidation, as if Debronee were the manifestation of her greatest fear incarnated and poised to strike before her cowering form. Damn it, he thought. Damn it! What was he supposed to do? Her unstable state at present he undoubtedly thought back to their previous collogue, that had likely reminded her of something traumatizing that would elicit such a violent reaction. His feet moving before he could process his next move, Debronee bolted out of the room, leaving the door slightly ajar as he stormed through the innards of the train halls looking for the higher ups to aid. The search took several minutes before he finally found a room where Tobias was in, whereby he quickly announced Tesla's panicked state between breaths -- "It's Tesla...i-in her room. You... you have to help her -- now."
  4. [IC] TPoS Chapter I: Seven

    Debronee "You had the benefit of people caring for you, of course," Debronee, even despite his tutelage as a warrior and student, had been independent and self-serviced, always doing things on his own and given errands, orders. Tesla seemed to have experienced much the same, but was her superior's care for her in her dire hours out of love or pragmatism? And of course she had someone akin to a sibling, never hitting the mark, but close nonetheless. A simple existence as it was -- emotionless, if she wanted to believe that -- it certainly possessed the minimal familial zest Debronee was so alienated of. Did she find said bonds a vulnerability by virtue, or was her nonchalance in divulging it meaning to express that it wasn't of real significance to her? He felt a mix of what was confusion and slight relief; confusion of her stance on her presumed "family", and relief in that she had something he did not have, something that was perhaps...precious and homely, if he could express it best, which he justified himself as something that alleviated his previous insensitivity of asking a rather personal question. "I never really had anyone close to that, even before I was brought here," He began. His tone held no longing; no lamenting feelings were existent. He spoke rather indifferently, with the formal and stern tone he always used in conversation, even as he began to elaborate on his own in exchange for Tesla revealing her own. "All I ever did was trained. I listened, I learned, I did what I had to do. My master really never had things beyond that. It was a bond of obligation, less so than anything else. I guess you're lucky to have found people like that, as much as I myself fail to comprehend it..."
  5. [IC] Bullet Hell

    Akemi Akemi swore he was in the middle of a performance -- of which, signature to his craft, all else would call a killing -- yet how did he end up there? After being briefed by a single female head -- peculiar as it was -- he pondered on his current situation, deciding to acquiesce and make the most of it, despite his previous frustration of being interrupted. Brought here Akemi was, apparently, for combative use of weaponry again -- excessively so, if to be like gladiators, fighting to the death. If he was to fight to appease, however, he would evince it as an art, not a sport. Was there any reward that would come to this? Would he be performing for a single face or a wider audience? Pride told him he had been chosen for good reason, but the artist was not one to give service without cost or compensation. Putting the reasoning behind momentarily, he eyed from his mask the group of others -- five or six -- he estimated -- that appeared squabbling before him, a mix of chatter, noise and effort that ended in naught, for the most part. Gauche, as many a being from the vulgar, common crowd would be. Most of their attention seemed to be focused on a woman lying on the ground...dressed quite unfashionably in papery ribbons of any sort. Unfitting for a sleeping damsel, perhaps -- was she asleep or dead, or was she never alive in the first place, a doll or replica? He certainly wasn't interested in fighting his future adversaries before the appropriately allocated time. A men with a western-styled hat seemed to be attempting to wake the girl up...albeit in a manner that was quite uncivilized. He wasn't going to get an answer in the quickest way, he knew that much. "Excuse me, but there are ways to awaken a lady without being so...rough," He regarded the Sheriff as approached the white-haired girl, apparently yet to show any signs of reaction, as he reached his gloved hand towards her neck in search of a pulse, "Or to determine if she's even alive to begin with."
  6. [OOC] Bullet Hell [Always Open]

    Here you go.
  7. [IC] TPoS Chapter I: Seven

    Debronee As Tesla recounted her story, Debronee knew he'd reawakened memories she was not that fond of. At the same time, despite knowing that she did have to compensate for her wrongdoing, he found himself relating to the frustration of fixing the watch, even if imperfectly done. "...Sorry." He didn't know what spurred his inclination; was it gratitude? Empathy? Pity? Come what may it came from something he did not comprehend, and to that he felt as if he had wronged her. Curiosity, however, bit deep into him like a ravenous mosquito into flesh, the aftermath an itch, an urge to question more -- hurtful or not -- of her own origins. Debronee was taught to maintain the will of only acquiesce without questioning why he wielded his sword, why he ran across battlefields swinging his blade for triumph, but for once, Debronee was tired of not having answers. Of being ignorant. Even as he breathed in battle, having a mind only with such a purpose made him no different than the inanimate weapon firm in his grasp, rarely apart from his fingers. There was a throbbing inclination within him, telling him that he was not sent there to hone his body in exchange for the mind; perhaps it was the meditative, unproductive stance that had resulted in his curiosity becoming this insatiable. He likely wouldn't have such thoughts if he interacted with someone else -- particularly Wallace -- and even if he did, he'd likely brush them off without a second thought. He perceived Tesla's current state as what was vulnerability, recollection, that ultimately spread to him. An opening prompted a quick finish, but at that moment he felt more opened than opportunistic. "I take it you weren't here by choice." He muttered, after dwelling in silence for who knew how long, "Probably none of us were, I don't know. Do you see David as...a parent? A guardian? A superior? Anything close?"
  8. [IC] TotMV:G^2: Clash of Fate: Breaking the Siege

    Kino and Enma Kino: 25/64Enma: 23/23 Enma attacks Dragon Tooth Archer Battalion D with a Basic Attack, marking them with Entente of Malice. (Deals Kino's level + INT damage, 3 + 9 = 12) Kino follows up on the same Battalion D with her own Basic Attack, triggering Entente of Malice and Necromantic Pact's (weapon effect's) bonus damage. {Total damage: 2d4 + INT + INT + INT/2, = 2d4 +22) This attack will also trigger Last Rites. (Kino heals for 4 + INT/2 health. (Total 8) If Kino kills her target, she heals herself and Enma equal to the damage she dealt instead.)
  9. Venus Already weakened and feeble beyond recovery of one's normal assumption and comprehension, the battle was almost a close. The woman before the group however began a ritual of sorts, an act of desperation that would prove futile; withdrawing a special, enchanted bullet and replacing the current round that held in his excited paintbrush, he would at least begin -- if not end -- the coda, not a moment sooner or later. "Your final scene begins." Venus intends to orchestrate the denouement of the battle, unleashing his rare Curtain Call at Assassin (ignores 4 + 1 per 4 SYN RES = 4 +2, Basic Attack Damage + Quaternary Art and Bauble bonus damage, = 2d4 + 10 + 6 + 2 = 2d4 +18. If Venus kills the target, be gains 1 + 1 per 4 SYN bonus damage for the remainder of the match.)
  10. Venus Venus unleashes At An Arm's Length at Assassin (heals for 4 + 1 per 4 SYN health, = 4 +2, Basic Attack Damage + Quaternary Art and Bauble bonus damage, = 2d4 + 10 + 3 +2 = 2d4 +15)
  11. [IC] Fate/Reborn 2.0 First War

    Orin and Debronee Obeying as he were told, he felt the putrid stench waver from within the sewers as he shut the door behind him, jumping off and landing safely. Attempting to peer into his surroundings amidst the darkness, he discovered that the sewers possessed a path leading somewhere -- an underground tunnel-esque structure as if may, the best form of mobility that could afford thus far. His injured arm wouldn't bother his speed overall, but given his Master's impediment, and the complaint he had gave earlier in that he couldn't walk that far, how plausible would the idea be? "Can you not manage even a little movement?" He asked, rather bluntly. "Staying here won't progress. If you allow me to rest for a bit, I can carry you with my other arm and move through this...area, whatever it is you would call it." Eleonore and the Twins "What's wrong?" She asked the pair of Berserkers, finding it surprising that a trail of irritation had been made obvious in her tone, "I realize it's a threat, but obviously if a cannon went off they're already in the middle of a fight. Unless someone decided to incompetent enough to fall first," She pondered, "...Or if you're saying you're quite confident you're not match for what we're going to be up against." Eleonore had presumed the Berserkers to be at least amongst the stronger of the Servants in the war -- she would settle for that, but to think they would chicken out of a threat of such a scale...what manner of adversary would they be up against? Not wanting to doubt their instinct, she decided to cut them some slack. "Fine, then, however. If you have any better suggestions apart from that conspicuous place of clues," She surmised, "I'm all ears. We could always check that place out tommorrow morning, though I doubt we'll know as much as we will now, provided you provide a better place for us to search."
  12. Venus Having exhausted his final bullet, albeit very pleased with the reception, Venus hastened his efforts in reloading his paintbrush for his next act. There was a mild fear, however, upon examining the team's condition and that of his own, despite the decent progress they had made as he quickened his efforts moreso than usual in preparing... Venus requires time to reprepare himself from his performance, becoming under duress under the effects of Preparation, but casts Dance For Me on Nessie. (Reduces the cooldown of most recently used ability by INT/4. Excalibur Reflect's cooldown is reduced by 10/4, rounded down = 2)
  13. [IC] TotMV:G^2: Clash of Fate: Breaking the Siege

    Kino and Enma Kino: 9/64Enma: 23/23 Enma attacks Dragon Tooth Archer Battalion B with a Basic Attack, marking them with Entente of Malice. (Deals Kino's level + INT damage, 3 + 9 = 12) In response to their mistress' imminent danger and distress, Host Protection activates, healing Kino for CON/2 (2) and shielding her for CON (4) for the turn. Kino follows up on the same Battalion B with her own Basic Attack, triggering Entente of Malice and Necromantic Pact's (weapon effect's) bonus damage. {Total damage: 2d4 + INT + INT + INT/2, = 2d4 +22).
  14. Venus 25/42 HP Satisfied that he had eliminated the remains of one batch of adversaries, he would assume that the threat of attack would be neutered slightly, and that it was time to do some work on the main target. While by no means easy to hit or likely to fall immediately, the Assassin didn't appear the type to sponge a bullet or other attack without much feedback either -- and it was inspiring to spar against a figure such as hers, a assassin like he was, with the blood of many on her hands, as much if not more than his. The anticipation that came with what would come from the bullet was enticing, as he raised his paintbrush poised for attack, preparing himself for another idiosyncratic outcome. You...inspire me. Venus fires his powerful fourth shot onto Assassin. (Basic Attack Damage that critically strikes + Quaternary Art, Four Times the Charm and Bauble bonus damage, = (2d4 + 10 + 12 +2 + 12)*2 =(2d4 +36)*2)
  15. [IC] TotMV:G^2: Clash of Fate: Breaking the Siege

    Kino and Enma Nee-san! These guys are too tough! Stay close, dear sister. And be grateful of whatever strength you have left. Stick with me and our brethren, and you shall be safe. I take it our other allies will also come to aid if necessary. Kino (48/64) Enma (6/23) Enma attacks Dragon Tooth Archer Battalion C with a Basic Attack, marking them with Entente of Malice. (Deals Kino's level + INT damage, 3 + 9 = 12) Kino follows up on the same Battalion C with her own Basic Attack, triggering Entente of Malice and Necromantic Pact's (weapon effect's) bonus damage. {Total damage: 2d4 + INT + INT + INT/2, = 2d4 +22) This attack will also trigger United we Stand (Kino's Basic Attack heals Enma for a INT health = 9). Stat and Action Effects: