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  1. Welp.
  2. The Unnoticed Girl Latens had hoped that the approaching shade would rid her of that wraith, having successfully shoved her into it -- however, despite an exchange of agony and struggle, the black only served to enrage it as the darkness now coated the angered, wild wraith as it lashed violently at her. Fear reentered her bloodstream. She wondered if the black had done anything to the wraith's senses; after proceeding slightly further away from the Wraith, she stood still, wanting to take a second or two to see if the Wraith detected her through her movement, or if the black influence had any effect. She largely hoped that it would go through her harmlessly again, knowing that she needed to time her moves carefully, like a game of chess, lest she lose her life there and then.
  3. I'm interested in trading for your shiny smeargle and a 5x31 poliwag (but id like a male one). I have 5x31 Rotom/Hippowtas (slack off)/breloom (bullet seed)/volcarona. If you're interested in a swap let me know :)

  4. Bumping the thread. Added Clamperl and Porygon to the list. Looking for DeepSeaTooth/DeepSeaScale!
  5. The Unnoticed Girl Determined to have better timing this time round, Latens awaited until the wraith approached a certain distance before she turned intangible again. When it would go through her fully, she would attempt to shove it into the creeping darkness behind her again, her heart pacing faster and faster, knowing that there was little time before she could proceed forward....
  6. My Secondary Kino Saginomiya, The Shepherdess of Lost Souls
  7. I'll be back home in a bit, I'll PM you when I am. Please reserve it for me, tyvm
  8. So you guys breed like, anything? Is it possible to discuss a trade of several 5 x 31s from me for a 6 x 31 from you? Do you guys do this?
  9. Do you have any 6 x 31s left? Is the Skiddo still there/do you have anything else?
  10. I'm interested in the 6 x 31s -- all of the available ones, (Totodile, Torchic, and Mudkip) in particular. I have 5 x 31 of all of these, and am willing to do say, a 3 for 1 trade for each: Porygon, Baltoy, Bronzor, Rotom, Togepi (Nasty Plot), Cincinno (Knock Off), Flabebe, Growlithe (Close Combat/Morning Sun), Houndour (Sucker Punch), Eevee, Klink, Ralts, Duskull, Litwick, Petilil, and Poliwag. As for as Shinies go, I have Shiny Luvdisc, Shiny Cubchoo, Shiny Darumaka, Shiny Misdreavus, Shiny Zigzagoon, and Shiny Scraggy. PM me to discuss details and for us to work out a trade.
  11. I have some 5 x 31 Poliwags. I'm only interested in Capsules though.
  12. Yay for having Satanic 666 post count


    1. Dypatome


      Next goal: 666 community reputation

  13. I'm interested in Frillish, Feebas, Cacnea, Druddigon, Marill, Hippopotas and Roost Swablu. I can offer Baltoy, Klink, Tepig (Superpower/Sucker Punch), Togepi (Nasty Plot), Flabebe, Growlithe (Close Combat/Morning Sun), Piplup (Agility/Icy Wind), Knock Off Mincinno, Heat Wave Chimchar, and Petilil. All are 5 x 31, but will only accept 2 mons for a female starter mon of mine.
  14. I don't really understand how this would work; like Murdoc said, it lacks a bit of information. My question would be that is this more of a descriptive writing RP rather that a more fluid plot one, and, from what I can currently gauge one mostly involving lamentations and stuff-ish, with a lot of "restriction" in the setting. You definitely got my interest though.
  15. Added Scraggy and Bronzor to list of available Pokes, and will be breeding Porygons soon. Also added Life Orb to the wanted list, so please keep them coming!