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  1. I hit 5 years back in June, I think I was in the ocean at the time.

  2. Magus

    Hello Everyone; I'm new here!

    Hi there welcome to Reborn.
  3. Finally I am smart enough to dive into the mathematics behind quantum mechanics.

  4. How the hell did Pewds get a hold of this abomination. God I can't believe this is training. 


  5. That feel when you realize that your life is now a meme.

  6. Had a coworker ask me today "how the hell can I be the best and worst at my job at the same time" My response "Well I am the king bullshit"

  7. Danny don't you know is my favorite NSP song. Uh the feels are strong.

  8. Magus

    Sleeping problems

    Three words: Read a book. Also another thing you can do is try to get into the habit of going to bed earlier, and getting up earlier that helps me. Too much sleep is a bad thing, so if you find yourself getting up at 8am daily try to get up at 6 or even 5. Also try not to drink caffeine before bed and eating before bed as well.
  9. Magus

    About time i guess

    Welcome to Reborn *inserts dead meme about losing sanity*.
  10. Guam...Guam never  changes. Oh well to the beach.

  11. Magus

    Guilty Pleasures

    Letting my coworkers do all the work while I screw off looking at memes. I don't do it too often.
  12. I was able to get most people on my ships pokemon club to play Reborn. Everyone complains that it is too hard. Ohhh boy they don't know the struggle.
  13. A friendly reminder that KH3 is never coming out.

  14. Magus

    Kingdom Hearts!

    Eh at this point I really don't care about KH3. It is kind of a meme at this point. BUT I did see the trailer it was dope as hell. Gotta give it square they are good at hyping their games.
  15. Magus

    What Do You Do For a Living?

    I am a certified electrician, currently I am in the navy rated as an Electronics Technician. After I am out I am going to go get my electrical engineering degree and go work for Tesla (or Space X).