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  1. chuckles

    ~The Reborn Quotebook~

    [18:32:02] ~Blιnd gυardιan: > [18:30:53] WhimsicalChuckles: Juu x Inno x Dan [18:32:03] ~Blιnd gυardιan: why this [18:32:10] Christmas Juu: Dan is bae? [18:32:13] WhimsicalChuckles: ^ [18:32:13] Meteor Ace Ama: cuz everyone needs more Dan in their life [18:32:15] Christmas Juu: What is Bae? [18:32:18] WhimsicalChuckles: Dan is love, Dan is life
  2. chuckles

    ~The Reborn Quotebook~

    [21:54:08] ~Blιnd gυardιan: > [21:53:26] WhimsicalChuckles: I'm sure Dan gets all the ladies [21:54:11] ~Blιnd gυardιan: hahahahahahahaha ~Blιnd gυardιan left [21:54:13] • ~Blιnd gυardιan gave Cave Johnson lemons.
  3. chuckles

    Anime/Manga Recommendations

    Well, I like action, mystery, and horror anime. I don't really like hardcore drama (a la clannad) or pure comedy (lucky star?) so I wouldn't want similar reccommendations. That said, I'm no longer aware of many action/mystery/horror anime series I haven't seen yet. So, I'd hope that some of you know some really unknown gems. Favorites are Baccano and Hunter X Hunter; they are probably tied at this point, for me.
  4. chuckles

    ~The Reborn Quotebook~

    What did you say? Sorry, I wasn't listening.
  5. chuckles

    ~The Reborn Quotebook~

    It's okay Rosesong, because someday, if you're really good and honest, you can become a real girl!
  6. chuckles

    ~The Reborn Quotebook~

    If Ame were an item, what would she do? pun-ish her enemies?
  7. chuckles

    The 'That Feel When' topic

    That feel when you remember seeing Robin Williams' fantastic comedy show in Salt Lake City last year, and you know now that nobody will ever see such a thing again.
  8. chuckles

    ~The Reborn Quotebook~

    (02:42:48) Tempest: I tried to setup my server as a DNS server. (02:42:50) Chuckles: >>you sound relieved that your internet is working instead of expliding (02:42:55) Chuckles: exploding* (02:42:57) Tempest: Realized it was pointless. (02:43:01) Chuckles: hm (02:43:04) Tempest: And then had to restart the router, (02:43:06) Chuckles: why was it pointless...? (02:43:08) [╬ Ħ ξ Ł Ł ╬] Knight left the channel. (02:43:08) nbyung09 joined the channel. (02:43:15) Tempest: Which took far longer than it should of (02:43:18) nbyung09 left the channel. (02:43:21) Samford left the channel. (02:43:21) Chuckles: i mean why did ya want to do it in the first place i guess (02:43:21) Kritical Mass forfeited against [╬ Ħ ξ Ł Ł ╬] ZERO. (02:43:25) 2tousent: well i'm going to eat breakfast (02:43:26) 2tousent: brb (02:43:37) Kritical Mass left the channel. (02:43:38) Tempest: So I could match names to IP address (02:43:51) Chuckles: sounds like a lot of effort for something you just give up on.....why not try again or something? (02:43:53) Tempest: Instead of having only four that are matched (02:43:57) Chuckles: i see (02:44:00) Chuckles: that makes sense (02:44:19) Chuckles: but it didnt work? (02:44:21) Tempest: And considering I have a 48 IP's on my network at all times (02:44:23) 6G OverUsed battle between cao and [╬ Ħ ξ Ł Ł ╬] ZERO started. (02:44:27) Chuckles: (02:44:28) Tempest: I don't know. (02:44:36) Chuckles: that's....how even does that happen? (02:44:44) Tempest: Lots... and lots of devices. (02:44:47) Chuckles: those are all different devices, right? (02:44:55) Chuckles: that's...i don't.... (02:45:00) *** Chuckles has been mindfucked *** (02:45:03) Tempest: Router, four access points. (02:45:08) [Apophyll]Shadow T.: *findmucked (02:45:11) Chuckles: are they all...yours? (02:45:13) Tempest: Yeah (02:45:19) Tempest: Well to be fair (02:45:22) Ice joined the channel. (02:45:25) Tempest: The server has three IPs right now (02:45:33) Chuckles: how do you even have space for all that stuff XD (02:45:33) cao forfeited against [╬ Ħ ξ Ł Ł ╬] ZERO. (02:45:35) Tempest: ...even though it only has two NICs (02:45:42) Tempest: I have a 48 port switch (02:45:49) Chuckles: i mean i have two laptops right now but not 40+ (02:45:57) Tempest: Well... (02:45:57) Chuckles: geez, at least you're prepared XD (02:46:00) Tdswwdww forfeited against Julien. (02:46:05) rnaldo left the channel. (02:46:05) rnaldo joined the channel. (02:46:09) Tempest: We have three laptops (02:46:13) 6G OverUsed battle between Julien and [╬ Ħ ξ Ł Ł ╬] ZERO started. (02:46:17) Tempest: A desktop (02:46:19) Tempest: A server. (02:46:24) Chuckles: i mean okay, i have lots of devices if you count my game boy color and other such things, but most of them are unused or have no internet anyway (02:46:31) rnaldo left the channel. (02:46:33) rnaldo joined the channel. (02:46:36) Tempest: ANd phones (02:46:39) Tempest: And iPads (02:46:42) Chuckles: omg (02:46:43) Tempest: And TVs (02:46:50) Chuckles: i gotta be honest, that seems...redundant (02:46:51) Tempest: And printers (02:47:09) Tempest: And some other network stuff. (02:47:11) Tempest: What? (02:47:17) Tempest: A phone being on my wifi? (02:47:24) [╬ Ħ ξ Ł Ł ╬] Knight joined the channel. (02:47:24) [╬ Ħ ξ Ł Ł ╬] Knight left the channel. (02:47:26) Chuckles: i'd understand a couple computers and TVs and some a printer....but the ipads too? (02:47:27) 6G OverUsed battle between New Beeze and cao started. (02:47:30) cao forfeited against New Beeze. (02:47:34) Chuckles: and shouldnt phones be independent with internet? (02:47:39) Tempest: It's all on the network (02:47:44) Chuckles: mine always is, anyway. not an iphone though. is it slow? (02:47:48) Tempest: So the DHCP assigns it an IP (02:47:53) Tempest: Easy as that Tempest has angered BreloomBot and was put to sleep! (02:47:57) Chuckles: (02:47:59) Chuckles: Sorry (02:47:59) You have been muted. Chuckles has angered BreloomBot and was put to sleep! (02:47:59) Zetaark: rekt (02:48:01) Zetaark: . (02:48:04) Rewer: LOL (02:48:08) Zetaark: double kill (02:48:29) [Apophyll]Shadow T.: rekt (02:48:43) Blind Guardian: rekt (02:48:54) [Apophyll]Shadow T.: I blame tempest.
  9. chuckles

    ~The Reborn Quotebook~

    I actually stayed technically alive and twitching for those 25 seconds, that was why.
  10. chuckles

    ~The Reborn Quotebook~

    Much sadness.
  11. chuckles

    Pokemon Movie Nights

    I totally failed to join this week, damn I like that one. 3rd might be my favorite though honestly. Haven't seen the past few but i tend to like them more than the regular anime (maybe they are more serious...like the anime was originally...) I didn't see anything about where you are streaming them though or how one would, erm, participate and with this, we have achieved cult status, whatnot. I really need to pay closer attention to the forums huh, because this was a quick announcement and I didn't see it in time.
  12. chuckles

    PO Server, Reborn

    Ame of course you would tease us by saying there's a new feature and not telling us what it is... Congrats to Fezzdog though, this will be interesting. fingers crossed for smell-related auth activities
  13. chuckles

    The 'That Feel When' topic

    What channel would even show that and why. I've never heard of such a thing.
  14. chuckles

    The 'That Feel When' topic

    That feel when your friend is obviously too drunk to operate a bow and arrow, and you know it's a bad idea, but you say nothing because it's hilarious when he completely misses the tree.
  15. chuckles

    Reborn XII: Demarcation

    Hey wait why did samson's badge not raise the cap? i mean, there wasn't all that much, but i am surprised, especially since we got to see several pokemon at lv70+... Also, if anybody had any trouble with Samson, get an Archeops and teach it Acrobatics. Instantly killed Mienshao and Chesnaught, had little trouble with others. It outspeeds his whole team, although conkeldurr survived a hit, but all my pokemon are only around lv61-62...maybe i don't grind enough, i fought every trainer i ever found and haven't swapped anything in my team since they were in the low 40s. I'm pretty worried about Terra though, i hope she is the gym leader of episode 13, but she will be tough, i'm sure. Maybe i just want my Granbull to have earthquake finally...i have no ground moves on my team yet, so i cannot supereffectively hit pure electric type pokemon. That would be quite useful. If we get to fight Terra and she gives us Dig, i might give up on the idea of getting good TMs in Reborn. This episode gave us Swagger...meh.