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  1. @DreamblitzX yeah you're definitely right on that one, oops. Lol I just noticed that this says 'sewing the seeds,' like a sewing needle, rather than 'sowing the seeds'
  2. Awesome; items like these were something that Reborn really needed. Outside of the Amplifield Rock (as far as I know), the only way we could interact with the field was with moves. I'm super hype but scared at the same time. Icy Field + Elemental Seeds are gonna make taking on Blake a nightmare. And I can only imagine how much fun these could be in Online Battles. @YinYang9705 I'm guessing that 'telluric' refers to the metallic element, Tellurium. So I suppose means that it'll boost Pokemon that hold it while on each of the 4 different cave fields and the 2 factory fields? Possibly on Mountain and Rocky Field too?
  3. Oml I'm so done with these Reborn puns! I laughed very audibly when I read this, and I was on a crowded train.   A N G E R Y




  4. Oh boy, here comes Elesa. I know how this goes; Skyla will begin to follow suit at any minute. ...not that there's anything wrong with that! <3 Heal Drayden, hurt DUNCAN AND 'IS KREWKUHDOIL Clay Brycen: 18 Burgh: 22 Cheren: 27 Clay: 10 Drayden: 19 Elesa: 26 Iris: 23 Lenora: 25 Roxie: 6 Skyla: 21
  5. @Amethyst oh lord, lmao. That epic sarcasm shows you have at least a tinge of Charlotte in you somewhere. As for me, I'll list a few off that I currently ID with: • Cal and/or Bennett; because while I've made questionable choices in the past (and probably still a bit now), I scarcely even recognize myself as the same human being I was two years ago. My outlook and priorities have done a 180 -- rather than immersing myself in feelings, I focus instead on what is tangible, real, and actually able to be controlled. • Florinia; because I similarly managed to purge my emotional attachments to people after letting myself get hurt one too many times. Ofc it's to a lesser extent (I don't talk like a robot), but the parallel is still there. • Noel; because of his pragmatism and general composure. • Corey; because of his pragmatism and relative cynicism. • Charlotte; because of her pragmatism, incurable snark, and the fact that she has a tough personality that was built upon loss. If I had to pick an individual character, I'm more similar to her than I am to the rest. • Taka; because he's indecisive, lazy, and almost indifferent. Oh, and his dad is a bad influence.
  6. Brycen: 20Burgh: 23Cheren: 27Clay: 16Drayden: 20Elesa: 22Iris: 21Lenora: 25Marlon: 5Roxie: 8Skyla: 21Triplets: 4
  7. Brycen: 20 Burgh: 23 Cheren: 25 Clay: 18 Drayden: 21 Elesa: 21 Iris: 20 Lenora: 24 Marlon: 12 Roxie: 11 Skyla: 20 Triplets: 10
  8. Brycen: 20 Burgh: 21 Cheren: 21 Clay: 20 Drayden: 20 Elesa: 20 Iris: 20 Lenora: 22 Marlon: 18 Roxie: 18 Skyla: 20 Triplets: 16
  9. @GS BALL even though it lost its resistances to Ghost and Dark, Steel is arguably better than ever now because of its advantage over the super-overcentralizing Fairy type. As far as Reborn is concerned, a number of people on these forums said that they couldn't even touch Adrienn until they added Steel mons to their teams. But yeah, besides those two changes to Steel and the addition of Fairies, nothing has changed since Gen II.
  10. @XII is it slowed down or a few notes lower compared to Dark Crystal? If so, then the speed and pitch must have been altered. Try installing the YouTube Pitch Changer app for Google Chrome. I actually managed to recreate the theme that plays when you're inside the Devonyx building (the one with PULSE Magnezone) by fiddling with that app on Glitch's Pokemon Tower Remix video -- which is on her channel but was uploaded there by a different user for some reason.
  11. 1.) N's Castle [BW] 2.) Vs. Maxie/Archie [ORAS] 3.) Galactic Grunt Battle [DPPt] 4.) Ghetsis Encounter [BW] 5.) Final Battle with N [BW] The music in the original Black & White was sooooo good! I had to leave off a bunch of other themes that I like. Honorable mentions: • Rocket Hideout [RBY] • Vs. Cyrus [DPPt] • Rocket Grunt Battle [HGSS] • Plasma Grunt Battle [BW] • N's Castle Bridge [BW]
  12. Happy birthday!!
  13. @Kim I was a 9 year-old who didn't know any better, lol. Crasher Wake probably gave me trouble too (I chose Chimchar), but at least I could soothe the pain with Pastoria's music or a Safari Zone adventure. Fantina's gym puzzle took me much longer than it should have, and when I finally reached her, she kept haxing the hell out of me with Minimize and Confuse Ray. I lost more than once and got bored of Hearthome so quickly; and I wasn't about to start doing Contests. I suppose its all a matter of perspective, tbh. Sinnoh's leaders aren't at all cooler than Unova's per se -- I just remember being blown away by landscapes like Chargestone Cave, Celestial Tower, and Castelia City, and getting some just aight leaders. I do really like Unova's Elite Four though. @Ice Cream Sand Witch oh yeah, I totally forgot about that scene! I really need to pick up my DS again someday because it's been too long since I've played some Pokemon outside of Reborn or Showdown. You've probably played more main series games than me and have a wider scope. That being said, I think it speaks volumes to how amazing Gen V was that I can hold such an opinion and still rank it as tied with Gen IV (HG/SS!!!) for best gen. But the leaders in Unova did at least have a sweet battle theme IIRC.
  14. Candice: 16Fantina: 20 Battling Fantina was the absolute worst ._. Getting back to the topic of Unova -- although it's the most unique and memorable region to me, it definitely had the least memorable cast of gym leaders. Besides Skyla and Elesa, are any of them memorable in a good way? Iris Drayden is probably the only other example. Cheren is cool, but I enjoyed him more as a rival. I like Brycen too, but Icirrus City itself is more memorable to me than he is. Iris' old role is overshadowed when we see that she has become the champion. And then Roxie is... I'm not even sure. N would destroy nearly every last one of them if he were in the HnH.