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  1. OKAY, soooooo back in Episode 15, I decided to take the path of battling Taka, thinking that would lead to the extra story. It did, until it changed in Episode 17. With me wanting to complete all of the Anna and Shade stuff, I decided to go back and NOT battle Taka this time. Don't worry, I'll still be doing both paths. Basically what Taka does is get upset that I didn't help him, so he just leaves. As for the attacks up in Fiore Manse, it was a liiiitle harder this time since I didn't get that exp from Taka, but I managed (I almost lost against Fern and Blake if Florinia's Ferrothorn hadn't beaten Fern's Serperior). Seaking was still a trooper, even working hard against Solaris' team. It deserves a spot in my team. As for Ciel, I haven't battled her yet, but I'm probably gonna win anyway, so it's whatever. From what I heard, Episode 17 is a HUGE gamechanger, and I'm excited to actually start playing again.
  2. Age of the Community

    Back in 2012, I was the age of 16. Now I am 21, and almost five years or so has passed since I have been a member of the community. I have not been as active as I used to be, not even with Pokemon in general.
  3. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a great day ^^

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      Happy birthday :) 

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    LOL it is ACTUALLY called Team Rainbow Rocket. And the leaders appear to be just admins of this group, with Giovanni making an official return! I wish that it was the Black and White 2 Ghetsis, but I'll settle for the original too. And they BETTER have legendaries if we're expected to catch Mewtwo and with Giovanni also having one. Although maybe he might release it, who knows.
  5. Closing Chapters

    I think I have enough votes to determine what I should do. With a majority of the votes, I should... I just know I can NEVER pass up doing a playthrough for Reborn, so that stays. Rejuvenation, like I said, also has a special place in my heart. And if Shofu was able to get back to it, so can I! But the original games? I think I'll just enjoy them, because well, they're the official games. I don't have the time anymore to make playthroughs of every single game I play, and lord knows I'd be INSANE if I ever did a playthrough of an open world game like Skyrim or Breath of the Wild. I just have way too many Pokemon games now to even count, and with that said, I can continue playing Moon at my own pace. Thank you so much to everyone who voted! Reborn and Rejuvenation will be back, whenever I get the chance for them. I might need to find a balance between original and fangames, but until then, I'll also be honing my battling skills in both aspects. Keep on dazzling and gleaming, everyone!
  6. It's that time, folks.  It's the moment you've all been waiting for... Mythos League is now available!  Message DW on Showdown for more details!

  7. Closing Chapters

    Now calm down, I am not leaving Reborn, that would be ludicrous. Simply madness if I did that! I want to point out that I am NOT leaving. This discussion is for a different thought on my mind, one that has been making me think as of late. Did I grab your attention though? If so, good! Let's get started. Now, with Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon looming right around the corner, I have been hit with a major reality bomb that I have NOT gotten my Moon playthrough done. In addition, I have not gotten done with the post stories for any of my games since Black 2. I feel like ever since Black 2, I have lost the time to do playthroughs. One thing that makes it hard to finish Pokemon Moon's is the fact that there are too many cutscenes. And with Ultra Moon when I get that, well... RIP. On the other hand, I feel absolutely compelled to finish Moon's playthrough and write Ultra Moon as well, because Ultra Moon is an alternate story that is more in depth. What am I talking about? I am talking about my playthroughs, of course. Some or even most of you might know me as Trevore, the man who writes out his playthroughs in detail, rather than go mainstream and upload playthroughs on Youtube like all the cool kids. Now, why would I write out my playthroughs in the first place? Well for one, my computer is not built to make videos. Loud fan, no mic, and honestly, it has been a HOT minute since I have last made a Youtube video! Besides, video playthroughs are overrated. At the time, I thought "Why not do something different?" After reading a fellow Rebornian's Black 2 written playthrough, I was inspired. I wanted to do these too, but flesh them out, give them detail, and bring LIFE! And I did. Eventually, I decided "Hmm, there is a fangame? Reborn, is it? I think I will actually do a playthrough for this game!" And so, I did that too. Of course, I was still learning the ropes at how I could possibly make it look great, but sure enough, it got the official SEEL of approval from Amethyst, and I decided I would keep going. Some of you might have heard me talk about this subject before, but I am actually thinking of just giving up on written playthroughs, and just playing the games the way they were meant to be played, much like how I played them when I was younger. For the heart and fun of it. That would not, however, stop me from at least showing you all my teams under my signature, because if I really want to, I can do that. I want to experience the story again, but taking hours and hours to write out each chapter gets tedious sometimes, especially when each day, I lose more and more time to reality. Both school and work have been kicking my ass, and it has been very hard to get back to what I loved to do when at the end of both school and work, I either want to play a different game, or just go to sleep. Like I said, very hard to keep up. If there is at least one or two games I still want to continue, however, it is Reborn and Rejuvenation. Reborn was what really kicked me off in those written playthroughs, and may be my longest playthrough yet, and honestly, it is my personal favorite. Reborn was what inspired me to do these playthroughs, honestly, rather than Black 2. I was so inspired back then, and it really showed. Hell, I might have been one of the first people that actually made one for Reborn and kicked it off for everyone else to make their own as well (To this day, it is probably still one of my most important and relevant playthroughs out there anyways). Yes, there is much more story to it than Moon, but I am absolutely willing to keep going with Reborn, I CANNOT just let that one go. Especially with Episode XVII coming out, and the fact I still have yet to catch up. That is honestly why I want to beat Moon as fast as possible at this point. As for Rejuvenation, it also has a spot in my heart, and I would be willing to even reset my file just so I can play it through again, just to see all the new stuff. As for Insurgence for those of you asking, I had honestly just played the game for what it is. I will show my team, yeah, but for me, it was more fun to experience Insurgence myself. Of course, it will take time for me to continue with both Reborn and Rejuvenation, but at this point, time is what I am trying to grasp for other games as well. In a way, this would also give me time to actually build competitive teams, and complete the post stories for the previous games I have already completed in terms of story. In addition, I had also acquired more Pokemon games, such as Red, Yellow (VC), Gold (VC), Emerald, Diamond (I think I have that one, I do not remember), Platinum (That, I definitely do have), Black (I got another copy, but I am not even sure if I would play THAT one again), and X (VC). I would finally have a little bit of time to actually play those games as well. Which puts me at a dilemma. Should I keep on writing my playthroughs, or should I just play the games for as they are and just keep writing Reborn and Rejuvenation's playthroughs? Let me know what you think, and what I should do with these. Current Team Status: Yup, of course I would put this at the end. Wanted to have a LITTLE bit of fun with this topic, even though it is a little sirius. ? Name: ??? Level: ??? Moves: ??? ? Name: ??? Level: ??? Moves: ??? ? Name: ??? Level: ??? Moves: ??? ? Name: ??? Level: ??? Moves: ??? ? Name: ??? Level: ??? Moves: ??? ? Name: ??? Level: ??? Moves: ???
  8. Post-games

    When I was a young boy, yes, I would beat the post-games of any Pokemon game I could play. But ever since Black 2, I just could not be able to do that. I think it is because at that point, I started doing written playthroughs, and just could not find the time to do them. And I LOVED doing them. I still have yet to battle Colress one last time, and do Looker's story, and the Delta Episode and catching legendaries in general. To be honest, it almost makes me kinda want to stop doing written playthroughs, and only do those for fangames, such as Reborn and Rejuvenation, but even then, I still feel behind. Of course, since Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are the last Pokemon games for 3DS, it kinda makes me compelled to give up on the written stories. I might make a thread about my thoughts later on, but it's just something I've noticed. Now games like Elder Scrolls (Skyrim and Oblivion in particular), I could just play the post-games for HOURS ON END. I raged SO BADLY when Sheogorath said I hadn't spoken to both priests, even though I did. And he kept saying that until I decided to pretty much restart my save file, and do Oblivion all over again (Well, I restarted to when I was level 9, but still). And even playing Skyrim to this day is still fun. Elder Scrolls Online, on the other hand, I just beat it and didn't bother with the rest of the story. Just did PvP until I got Emperor, and now I'm currently just focusing on my builds for my characters. With games like GTA V, I didn't even bother with the story, just went straight to Online. Same with Call of Duty.

    Speaking of Team Rocket HQ, it looks like it's a corrupted version of Lusamine's house. This could show that Team Rocket did indeed take over Aether Foundation as the leaks imply.

    Team Rocket also ditches the red R in favor of a rainbow R, which confirms the Rainbow Rocket rumor. And if that rumor was confirmed... then Alola is in trouble for sure.

    According to Serebii... Woot
  12. S3 Redemption Sign-Up Thread.

    OH SHIZ, I PROCRASTINATED BADLY. HERE'S MAH TEAM! Trainer Card: Dark Theme Trainer Sprite: Team:
  13. COGA: Picture Perfect

    I'll keep it hush-hush, but is the project what I think it was? Man, how time flies.