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    I'm willing to bet we're getting more than just Ultra Beasts. What we are most likely going to get are also more Alolan forms, especially since this is an alternate story of the games. Who knows, maybe we'll get regular Ninetales, and Alolan Arcanine finally. By that logic, I'm thinking that we are likely going to be able to get the regular forms as well, along with getting even more Alolan Pokemon that may have previously been regular Pokemon in Sun and Moon. It's hard to say for sure.
  2. #PrayForIrmaVictims

  3. Happy Birthday, Jan

    Happy Birthday, Jan! I hope you having an amazing day!
  4. Mythos League

    Wowsy wubsy, it's finally here! I can answer a few of those questions. From what I know, Doubles and Triples will both be used. Moves are also locked, naturally.
  5. Mapping Questions

    I think tables either go on level 2 or level 3. Most likely level 2. There also should be a menu where there are a bunch of Xs and Os on each tileset. I think Os mean that they're walkable, Xs mean they're not. But I could be wrong on that.
  6. What do you think happened to Geara?

    I kinda thought Sirius would change his executive name to Geara because after the fire, he became far too obsessed with Giratina. Obsession would make me think he's a likely candidate for one of the four shadows of the Dark Prophecy, but that's a different story entirely.
  7. What do you think happened to Geara?

    This was always on my mind, but who exactly was Narcissa's husband? I know Geara was madly obsessed with Giratina, which was why he changed it to Geara, but still. There's quite a few things that need explanation. This might be a little off topic about Geara's fate, but let's look into who he was before we ruined his life. He tells us about this story of a man named Sirius, a man who built the Radio Tower by manipulating his wife. Sirius married the leader of Goldenleaf Town, who happens to be Narcissa. He built the tower as a way to pursue Giratina in secret. Now, we can't really say that Geara was recruited into Team Xen after the tower burned down, as the Forsaken Laboratory was already seemingly a Xen Laboratory (Just look at the decor!). However, when he tells us this story, Narcissa calls him Gregory, as heard in the previous versions. So is he Gregory, or Sirius? Perhaps like Geara, Sirius is just his code name BEFORE the tower burned down, and Gregory is his real name. Or maybe Gregory is the alias, and Sirius is his real name, who knows. I honestly thought Geara wrote the journals before, but it seems like he was the big shot Sirius, so maybe a Xen grunt wrote the journals lying about. As got his fate, I really want to say he's still alive, but he's too insane to do anything. Kinda like how Ghetsis became mentally insane after we beat him in Black and White 2. First, Geara was tricked with Zoroark. Then, Jenner tries to save Nim, which is the start of what triggers Geara. Jenner's fate? Gets pushed into lava by Giratina on Geara's orders. Then, he loses so badly to Melia and the protagonist. He starts to go kill crazy, as he just goes ahead and knocks the protagonist into lava while running off with Melia anyways, after dropping Nim into lava too. After we make it back fromthe dead, this is where he really loses his shit. He goes into mental shock upon seeing us, alive and unscathed, but then what REALLY sets him off is finding out that Zetta is a Solosis, and when Crescent frees Giratina from his control. She then force pushes Geara into the teleporter and destroys it. From what Madame X says about it, I can picture all of that trauma really getting to Geara, and he's probably too damaged to do anything. Having things go south back to back to back can really make one lose their mind, after all.
  8. Welcome back, Jan! It's good to have you back. Don't worry about status threads or anything like that. Games take time, and the wait is what makes it more fun! We'll all be here for you every step of the way. And work takes time. don't overwork yourself. Health before all else, after all.
  9. Pokemon Insurgence Discussion Thread

    After a whole day of waiting, I finally managed to get the mac version downloaded. I'm going to be gone for a good portion of today, so I might have to upload it tomorrow or something.
  10. Pokemon Insurgence Discussion Thread

    I am currently downloading the mac version to put up a mirror link or two for that, since the file size is much bigger than the windows version. My internet seems to be quite a bit slower than it was yesterday, so this may take a bit of time to do.
  11. Pokemon Insurgence Discussion Thread

    I'm so sorry for not realizing this sooner, but the sharing setting was set to private before. It is fixed now, and it should work. Here is the link again just to be sure: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_mSVb3Gfn0PdnNZQkdNUUZ5a1k/view?usp=sharing
  12. Pokemon Insurgence Discussion Thread

    Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I bring to you, Pokemon Insurgence. Fresh off the official download, here is the Google Drive mirror link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_mSVb3Gfn0PdnNZQkdNUUZ5a1k/view Special thanks to @seki108 for uploading the Mega mirror, and special thanks to you all for your patience. It was much harder uploading than it was downloading, but now I can finally rest. As for MAC, help would appreciated, but I might start that later today. Let me know if the link works, if not, I might have to fix permissions. Also, give it up for post 1,100!
  13. Pokemon Insurgence Discussion Thread

    Save the reps for me until after I get the job done. 46 minutes left of uploading, and it should be safe to upload. Should be. I'll admit, the download time was much faster on mega than it was downloading it from the site. Might be even faster than the google drive, no doubt. Regardless, that one is still going to go up. There is still the matter of MAC, but we'll cross that road soon enough.
  14. Two hours and thirteen minutes left, according to my page.  To let you all know where I'm uploading it, I'll be uploading it to google drive first, as I currently do not have a mega account yet.  Currently, this will be the Windows one, but I'll download the MAC one too, if need be.

    1. seki108


      On the off chance that Google Drive doesn't work, I started uploading it to Mega, since I already created an account.  Somehow, it's at 54% right now, so it might get done first.  I'm not trying to steal your thunder or anything, but this thing is causing enough trouble that something might happen to yours.

    2. Trevore


      It's all good, man, helps get the job done faster.  It's at an hour and twenty three minutes now, but I'll still pull through and stay awake for then.  Plus, if all goes well both sides, then everyone gets the chance for two mirror links instead of one as originally expected.

    3. seki108


      Well, it says less than 15 minutes on mine.......last time I uploaded on Mega it was NOT this fast (and it was annoying).  At least if one site doesn't work the other should.

  15. Pokemon Insurgence Discussion Thread

    Well, the good news is that it shouldn't take much longer, I'd estimate maybe two or three more hours. That, and with the account that I still need sleep, so yeah. I'll keep my computer on so that it can upload, but because I still need sleep, it might take a little bit longer for me to upload (I'll try to get up early enough for it though!).