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  1. Chapter LVI: Reliving Memories Of Stickers And Training, The Perfect Child! After setting out to find memories for Goddard, I realize that I still need stickers! I fly to Apophyll, and a girl is in need of a TV. I go and steal the community TV in the main hall, but then another girl is upset, and battles me for the TV back. I beat her, and she's forced into doing work, but I tell her I'm doing this for a girl in her dorm. It turns out that they are roomates, meaning that the TV would still go to her anyways. She then goes to where she was before, denying she saw me, and that we never battled, and I was never here. She tells me to take the TV and go quickly, so I haul the huge TV down to the girl in her room. Even she is shocked, as I actually brought her a TV. Yup, just picked up the whole fucking TV and just carried it down here... She is extremely happy as I quickly set it down and she hopes she doesn't get in trouble. She gives me a Department Store sticker, but SINCE I am here, I'll study a bit. I talk to each of the people reading books from the shelves, and they each read me something interesting... "The Value of Loss and the Danger of Victory": "For Trainers, many emotions can be attached to the outcome of a battle: Joy, disappointment, excitement, relief, embarrassment... Truly, the tumult of combat is a sculpted roller-coaster of emotions. However, in that chaos, many people lose sight of what it is that really matters. The moment a battle concludes, it ceases to be meaningful in itself. For combat itself, what is important is the coming wars. As such the purposes of the previous fight's result are often distorted by emotion. To win many fights may be exciting, but it also spells the impending loss. On the other hand, to lose is a blessing. A loss becomes an opportunity for growth. And of course, personal growth will propel you further and higher into life than you could ever imagine. Remember, always learn from your losses. If you are able to do so, then you have secured an even greater victory." "Balance of the Mind and Body": "The body and the mind are two very powerful tools. Yet, so often do many people focus too much on one or the other, they neglect to keep the balance. Remember that everything in the internal world is reflected on the external world. To lose balance within yourself is to lose the balance of life. The mind and the body are two halves of the same coin. They must work together, and be strengthened together. Too often do people flip the coin hoping that it may land on the side of their choosing. However, this is a needless gamble. When you strengthen both the body and mind, no matter which side the coin may land on, you will still be strong." "A Brief Review of Energy": "Energy exists in many forms, but it is seldom adequately appreciated. One form of energy that is often neglected is that that exists not as power or potential, but the very spirit of being. When you form a fist and strike, you are transferring energy. The energy transfers through your body. If you strike a target, it transfers into the target, damaging it. This is commonly understood. But consider the transfer of energy if you do not strike a target. What happens to it? In answer, the energy still transfers even if no target is struck. The very action of punching itself carries a force which is understood universally. Even if you do not punch someone so much as punch at them, some part of them will still feel the impact of the punch's energy. It may not manifest as physical pain or damage, but the energy will continue to flow, as always it does." "How to Meditate": "Meditation is simply the art of clearing your head of thoughts. Although this sounds simple, it can be very difficult for the unpracticed. To begin, play calming music, or find a quiet place, or place with some other natural rhythm (for instance, the rhythm of waves dancing on the beach). Find a comfortable seated position, and close your eyes. Then simply think about nothing. When you first try this, you will quickly realize how difficult it is for you to stop thinking. Thoughts will drift in and out despite your efforts. This is normal. But each time you find yourself thinking again, force yourself to return to a blank slate. For beginners, it is also sometimes helpful to instead think only about the rhythm of one's breath. Continue in this way to practice clearing your head and keeping it free of distraction for as long as you wish to meditate." With all of this knowledge, I speak to the girl on the balcony, who came back after being gone for a while. She gives me a Meditite, and since I'm already here, I head off to explore Apophyll to find memories for Goddard. I head into the cave I previously explored, and I find TM41 Torment and the Dragon Memory, while also finding some rocks I can blow up. I then leave and fly to Spinel Town. When I head to Spinel Town, I apparently get the Department Sticker right away, even though I am SUPPOSED to save the person after she warps away, and I have to get her medicine after she injures herself. Maybe I did this one before, I don't remember. Since I am here anyways, let's re-explore Chrysolia! First thing's first, I visit Serra in her estate. However, she is nowhere to be seen, so I go upstairs and check every room again. I find the Bug Memory in Bennett's room. I wonder how that loser's doing... If I know anything, it's that we'll most likely be seeing him next episode, complete makeover. Calling it now. I leave and head to the museum, where I find an Eevium-Z in a room on the second floor of another building in front of the museum. I head to the Chrysolia Springs, which were completely revamped since way back when, since I'm doing Episode XVI's content. I get confused at first, but then realize I'm supposed to push rocks into holes and over water springs to spring myself to higher places. I find several items as I explore, such as the Red Card, the Razor Fang, I also get the Flame Plate, then find a way around to get to a room with thick steam. I make my way through, and find the Fire Gem and a Magmarizer. Eventually, I get TM43 Flame Charge. In another part of the sauna, I find a Flame Orb, and when I make it to the last sauna room, I find a Cameruptite! I re-explore Mysidia Railcave, and this time I follow the path with two rocks rather than the path that the rails don't face. Instead, I am taken into a room where I find TM100 Confide, and a Field Effect I already had. I also find a hidden Ability Capsule and a few rocks to mine and blow up. After that, I leave. I head to the depths of Tanzan Mountain to find more rocks to mine, as well as a Seviper who's just drinking acid. I catch it, then leave and fly to the still dark Vanhanen Castle, where I find the Psychic Memory in the room that Elias was in when he was teaching chess. I then head to Iolia Valley, and explore. On the way, I find a Protector, which is useful for evolving a Rhydon later on. I mine a few rocks I missed, and punch some more walls. I find an unstable room, and find the Dark Memory in it. Just over the waterfall, I find some Dark Material... I'll come back later to see if I can find some more. I fly to the Beryl Ward and head to Rhodochrine Jungle. I find the Dread Plate in the cage I was trapped in ages ago, and head into a cave where I find a Hyper Potion and the Rock Memory. In addition, I also find TM01 Work Up on a bridge, and a Meadow Plate hidden in a bush. I head back in the city, and I find a girl's parents, who tell me all about her. Her mother tells me that they've been so lonely after their daughter took off to join her place in the world. She thinks that it's normal for parents after their kid leaves the nest, and she's happy her daughter's off living her life. However... she's changed drastically over a short period of time. She says she would be lying if she said she hadn't thought drugs were involved, but she always came up totally clean. Strange, children can be. I talk to the girl's father, and he asks if I'm challenging the gym league. He adds that their daughter is a gym leader too, and she's actually a lot of things. From computer technician, to even being a lion tamer at Agate Circus! He says that they are SO proud of her, and that she's a real peach; I'd absolutely love her. Yup, I sure do, considering how crazy and rawrsome she is. Probably even more so in bed. I talk to him again, and he says that for a while, they were really worried about her. He notes that she would always lock herself in her room, and she was so shy she wouldn't talk to anyone. She wasn't the type to make friends at school, but she never went anywhere else, so she just stayed in her room and played video games all day. They always asked, "what kind of a future would someone like that have?" Then just one day, all of a sudden, she told them she was going off to pursue her life's secret dream of joining the circus. And she did great! He concludes by saying sometimes you just gotta let kids do their thing until they're ready. I talk to the mother again, and she says that maybe their daughter changed as a result of meeting that girl... She says the timing makes sense, but wonders how a kid like that could have such an impact on her. She would say that one never knows what might become a formative experience, but it doesn't quite add up. She rationalizes that maybe if she went into social work after they tried adopting that orphan girl, would make sense, but the circus? Where would that come from? She says it's almost like she became a completely different person overnight! She shrugs, and says that as long as she's happy. After meeting such a delightful family, I leave. HOLD UP! I KNOW that they are Terra's parents! Now, I don't want to get too much into this shit right now, but that orphan girl they tried to adopt?! That's gotta be somebody close to Terra, and I think you all know what that means... I'll be analyzing this shit soon, but that's some DEEP stuff right there! I fly to Agate Circus, and find a construction worker blocking off to the path of the Ferris Wheel. He says that it's still not running, and he says that Terra put a number on it. Again. He wonders why Terra would go and put Alolan Exeggutors in every cart of the ride, but he should have learned to stop asking questions after the Wailord incident. He also says that they were cleaning when they found something in the junk. He was asked to dispose of it, but he thought it was still useful. He gives me the Fighting Memory, and says that they've got to get her under control. They've prohibited her from being around the Ferris Wheel ever since the time opened and found the entire structure perfectly intact, but upside down. In retrospect, she might have just taken that as a challenge. I fly to Calcenon City, and head out to where I fixed the stairs to the shortcut entrance. I head into the room I found the Electrizer and Magmarizer, and find the Ghost Memory.
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    PokéNations 3 Signup thread

    It's time. Forum Name: Trevore Showdown Alt: Trevore Discord: Trevore#6470 Availability: Best time I can do is Monday's through Wednesdays EDT. I work pretty much all day on the weekends, but I might be able to squeeze some time in the mornings on Thursday through Saturday. Favorite Types: Dark, Fire, Steel Least Favorite Types: Bug, Fairy, Grass
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    Mew available according to pokedex

    I have a feeling that in Episode XIX, we'll find some way to get to that patch of grass without cheating. That, or Mew will probably get relocated via truck or something.
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    X% Hype!!! [E18 Dev Discussion Thread]

    Oh look, 62%. If Lin gets her hands on all of the four keys, she is basically Thanos. That said, I wonder if this episode is where everything ties in together, and everyone chooses a side.
  5. Trevore

    X% Hype!!! [E18 Dev Discussion Thread]

    We'll even see the dead ones again? If that's the case, then Corey's coming BACK in the house.
  6. I don't even know if it's the first written Reborn playthrough out there, but what I DO know that since it is an old playthrough, things might look off or so. That's because it was around since before the site changed its look. When that happened, it seemed to compact everything together, making paragraphs and spacing seem really tedious to have to do all over again. Once I finish up with the new stuff I haven't gone through yet, I'll most likely go back and polish it so it looks like what it was before. Maybe I might make one on Hardcore once I'm done with this and Rejuv's (Which might be coming back soon as well)
  7. Chapter LV: The New And Improved Land of Reborn, Making Reborn Great Again! ...No? Sorry, just wanted to make a fun, creative title... But we are finally into the contents of Episode XVI in this story, even though I jumped from Episode XV to Episode XVII, but still! On with the story! Now I originally was going to do a chapter of tiny stuff I still needed to do BEFORE doing the story for Episode XVI, but I guess it's turning out to be much more than I thought! As I exit from the Big Top's computer room, I am overwhelmed with the flow of cheery, happier music of the city. However, that's not all I get, as I receive content of the PULSE Dex, and Field App Notes! First, I teach Charles Fly, then fly to Calcenon City. Turns out Charlotte is watching out for Meteor instead of Saphira, who is sleeping. I see Cain and Hardy, who are out looking for Anna and Noel. Cain says that that they went missing all of a sudden, but has a lead on what happened. Anna said that Nostra had something to show her, and that they'd be right back. However, things aren't looking good, as they've been gone for a long while... Hardy says that both of them are MIA. He says that they rolled out of the east exit from Calcenon, but there is no trace. He suspects Meteor got them, just like Aya, and is determined to bring them down. I then head back to Eclipse's house, and I am FINALLY able to go to her room. I then grab the mysterious item... the SHINY GEM. As if I haven't already found shinies. Seriously, just today, I found a shiny Donphan, and I was trying to AVOID wild Pokemon. I take one look at Eclipse's lifeless body, and leave. Eclipse... I know you were a Meteor, but if there is any way to revive you, I would. I would even use Arceus' power to save everyone and make Reborn great again myself. #MRGA With that said, I finally fly to Reborn City. Holy shit, the city looks BEAUTIFUL!!! The flowers, the trees, the buildings, the people! EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!! Make Reborn Great Again has launched with a successful start! But there is still more work to be done before Reborn can truly be great again! Starting with 7th Street... Out of curiosity, I head down to the spot in 7th Street where there is a healing machine and a PC. However, I find a ladder, and it takes me all the way down to a new part of the Water Treatment Center. I find TM58 Skydrop, then head through the door, unlocking the door to the room Taka was in. With nothing else at the moment, I leave. I go to the PC, drop most of my team in there, and talk to a new face near the black market. He remembers me from when I saved him in Beryl when he was trapped. He's in a place like 7th street because he's still on official business with the police. He reveals that they've known about this place for quite a while, and there was some debate on whether or not they should step in during the city's restoration, which may yet happen. However, for the time being, the chief's orders were to just monitor and leave it alone. It is understandable, because if the people here think that the police don't know about this place, they'll keep their business here. This way, the police can keep watching them, collect evidence, and be able to nail them when it really counts. If they were able to pull a bust here, then after a while, the people would find some other cranny the police don't know about to do their shady business, and the police would lose control that way. He tells me to leave this to them, and they'll make sure this place doesn't fester too much. He tells me to take care, as Reborn's got a lot riding on me. With that nice reunion, I head on over to the black market in the corner. Yeah, I've got a bust of my own to settle! All the Pokemon are up for sale, using shards. The trader's got a strict policy: He doesn't say where he gets them, and he doesn't say where he sells them. Umm... Isn't he selling them right in front of me? He also obviously got them from Team Meteor, these were all in Blackstream Factory! Well, except for that perfect Shiny Ditto I saved... So for sale, we have Cyndaquil, Jigglypuff, Makuhita, Lickitung, Loudred, Vanillite, Roggenrola, and Abra. Yup, all from Blackstream Factory! I start off by buying Cyndaquil, who comes from Sanford. I name him Cinder, then I get Jigglypuff, who comes from Santiago. I name her Jiggles, then proceed with the next. I buy Makuhita next, who comes from Felicia. I name him Mako, and buy Lickitung, who comes from Myles. I name her Felicia, and move on to the next one. I buy Loudred next, who comes from Lillin. I name her Mary, then move on to the Vanillite, who comes from Eustace. I name him Cream, and buy Roggenrola next, who comes from Mr. McKrezzy. I name her Roxy, and finally buy Abra, who comes from Arzelle. I name her A Bra. Seriously, the pun is already there. After I buy out the whole black market, I leave. Just then, Arc shows up, and asks if I remember him from the nightclub. He says that he's been keeping his eye on this place for a while, and there's something fishy about it. He's seen me buy from the guy a few times, but I don't seem like his typical customer. Arc is sure that the Pokemon this guy is selling are stolen, and he isn't ABOUT that life. Most of the trader's customers don't care a thing about Pokemon, and they usually end up abusing them. Arc informs that if these Pokemon really are stolen, it might not be practical to find their original owners, but at least we can get them to a good place, which is where I come in. He gives me the mission of buying up the rest of the Pokemon. Which I already did... He won't sell them to Arc because he's raised hell here in the past. Once we clean his stock, Arc is going to bust in and clean his clock and make sure this guy gets shut down for good. However, he sees that I already did it, and says that he owes me one for sure. He can rest a bit easier knowing the Pokemon will be taken care of no matter what. As for the guy, he won't do anything out in the open, but putting it shortly... Next time I'm around 7th Street, I won't be expecting to see him again. Arc gives me a Lucky Egg as a little thank you, and tells me to do what I will. He also says that if I ever get into the nightclub, I should hit him up for sure. While I'm still down in 7th Street, I stumble upon a facility with three scientists. The first scientist says that they can pull something off with the help of the Aether Foundation's data, but he can't help but feel nervous. One miscalculation could cost not only the whole project, but all of their lives, too. He feels like he should just double-check their measurements again. The second scientist says that they've been tremendously lucky so far, and if they can just secure a few more components, they should be able to create a perfect match. I then talk to the lead scientist, who appears to be talking to the subject in question, promising that they won't leave it in its state for long. She then turns to me, and sees that street trash blew in. She wants me to leave, so she battles me with Mimikyu, Tsareena, and Mismagius. After I beat Nadira's Pokemon, she still thinks I'm here to steal their research, and she won't allow it. What do you take me for, a thief? She says that she's worked too hard to bring this to life just to let it go again. She shows me the creature, and says that it's taken months to get this far and even now, all they have is the main body, control system and framework. She asks if I know what it is, and knowing DAMN WELL what the Aether Foundation is knowledgeable of, I would assume that is a Type: Null that they have in their possession. She thinks I'm still there to take it, but it's no use like it is now. She sees I could be a blessing to them, for they've had some setbacks in development, and their funding has really run dry. She'll do anything she can to finish him, but if they can't get the right parts, then they're at an impasse. All they need now are the organic components to bring him to life. She sees that I'm clearly a competent trainer, and asks if I would be willing to help her finish her baby. I say yes, and she considers herself lucky. She knew I would understand, and thinks that the tasks that she has for me will be perfectly in line with my skill set. First, she asks me to find her a Carvanha. Any will do, and she'll take it from there. Even hacked ones? Even if not, I can always breed one from Archer. Don't worry, it's completely safe... Right? I give her a Carvanha, and she can feel it coming to life already. She says that she'll handle it from here, but there is another Pokemon they need. Nadira needs Unfezant this time, either gender will do. I talk to the scientist walking out the door, and he says that even though he signed onto the project, he can't help but question the ethics of it. Especially when we bring the live material in, he wonders. I bring her back an Unfezant, and she says it's gorgeous, and how even more gorgeous it will become. Nadira says that I'm a treasure, and there is just one more thing she needs. This time, she needs a Luxray. I go and find her Luxray, and bring it back. She gets shivers from all the excitement, and says that she'll get right to work. She'll need time, but if I come back a bit later, then our precious will surely be ready. She also adds that this is much less painful than what most women go through, and maybe she's lucky after all. I can't help but notice both of the other scientists slowly leaving as I go and catch her the Pokemon for her. Maybe it IS dangerous... I feel even more bad for Nadira... She wasn't able to have her own child, so she had to make a creature and call IT her child... It's gonna come back and bite her in the ass, I'm sure. I come back a little while after, and see her by the machine's door, which is now open. Nadira welcomes me back, and says that she's missed me. Okay... So much for the outsider treatment from earlier... Now I'm legit concerned for your safety. Then again, what do I know? I'm just a soulless, blank, silent protagonist. She says that everything is finished now, and he's inside, looking perfect. She asks me if I want to meet him, and she can't wait. We head inside the machine, and it gives a roar. Nadira says that he's so beautiful, and says that we really did it, her and I. She states that everyone else disappeared, but I'm still here. No shit everyone left, this thing seems dangerous! And now she says that we have this perfect baby to call our own. She thinks I'll make a wonderful father, saying that we'll take good care of him together... ...Before getting viciously mauled by it, blood everywhere, music coming to a complete stop. YUP! THAT WAS WHAT I WAS WAITING FOR! THAT RIGHT THERE! She realizes that her "perfect baby" still had the memories from those Pokemon after all. I mean, those Pokemon were literally made by my own hands, I technically am the father of it. I should probably be the one murdered for making fake Pokemon solely for this purpose, BUT HEY... at least I'm not trading them to people or battling with them, right? ...Right? I mean, I'm only doing this JUST to make it a little faster for me. It's been AGES since I've done this playthrough, after all, and grinding is not how I want to start where I left off... ...Hate me if you want, I'm just gonna keep going. Shutting up now. She understands, but tries to defend by saying that what she did to them was... she only wanted to love him, because she could never have a child of her own, so... She tells me to please take good care of it... ...and then she dies. It then goes to attack me, and I send out Charles. It's probably a good thing I still have Dragon Rage on him, or I would fear trying to take out Type: Null. I whittle its health down to red, then throw a bunch of Luxury Balls at it because I'm rich as hell. I eventually catch it, and name him Goddard because I'm fucking Jimmy Neutron over here. With one solemn look at the facility, I leave in silence as I say my goodbye. You know, Nadira, one thing you might have not known was that you did create the perfect child. You created a Shiny Type: Null... One that I am sure will evolve into a god with many different forms... And I must find these memories for it to obtain. I will create new memories for it, and make it the Perfect Child it was meant to be. Thank you... Nadira. I head outside, and Archer, my good boss from the Aqua Gang. I talk to him, and he says that they haven't seen me around in a while. He was starting to get worried that something had happened to me. Even if I'm here now, a lot has been going on. He says that everything has changed, except 7th Street. But that just goes to show that this place isn't as safe as they thought it was. He informs that the Aqua Gang has been kept busy, but not with our usual method of business. From the beginning, the whole operation was just an underhanded way to fix the city. When the city started fixing itself, Archer had the gang get involved. However, somewhere between purses and picks, and mortars and bricks, he realized that even if they fix the city, nothing will fix them because they are a crime rate. The Aqua Gang is a pattern of habits that pull each other into backwards lifestyles with shallow justifications. And so, he's decided to disband the Aqua Gang. He knows that it's not simple, as studies show that recidivism among gang members is particularly high unless they have adequate alternative social and economic structures. In other words, nothing is going to change unless they all have somewhere else to go instead. For instance, if they had new jobs, which would cover both halves of their needs fairly cleanly. He's already talked about all of this with them, and they aren't taking it seriously. He'll continue to try to get through to them, but he has a task for me: They don't really have the motivation for normal work, but if I can find something that would interest each of them, that might change. He wants me to talk to everyone, figure out what kind of place they might want to work, and bring them an application from that place. It's not like they'll ask for an application though, so I will have to be direct about it by using it from my inventory. Then once that's done, just to come talk to him. I talk to Pierce first, and he doesn't like it one bit. He just wants to find a place that's quiet, to leave him in peace. I then talk to DeFacto, who completely ignores the job-seeking ideals Archer now has. However, he does add that a slightly more intellectual line of work would be a boon for him. Knowledge is the seat of personal growth, but aside from which downcast countenances are the most likely customers, there's little to be learned here. I then talk to Razzy, who is actually positive about getting a job. He wants to work at a place that is upbeat and nearby. He still lives with his parents, so the closer the better. I finally talk to Mannie, who doesn't know what to do. He's only good at doing what he's told, and he needs specific instructions. I know just the places! Pierce: Apophyll Academy DeFacto: Beryl Library (I mean, he's a pretty smart guy, right?) Razzy: Sweet Co. (Which replaced Yuryu's building) Mannie: Construction (Might have to do this one later Archer (Because why not?): Silph Co. (Painfully obvious, might have to do this one later too) I first fly to Apophyll, and learn that Victoria's been doing great as Sensei. She was one of the first volunteers for the city's reconstruction project, and I hear that they're always accepting new students. I get an application for Pierce, then fly to the Beryl Ward. I head to the Abandoned Power Plant and find a scientist there. He's figuring out how to re appropriate this plant for the city restoration project. However, the back room seems to be locked. Which I unlocked ages ago. He's already called down to the Grand Hall, and nobody has the key. The plant belonged to the Yureyu company, so they would have the key, but they no longer exist. However, I show him the key, and he gives me the Zap Plate. I visit the library, and talk to the receptionist. She has applications on the desk. I take several, then talk to Gothitelle, who says I can take the Gothita that wants to see the world. She also asks if I remember what she said... "You will meet the void. It will embrace you. That much is inevitable. What happens after that, however... That, not even Arceus must know." Will I die at some point in the story? I then go ahead and grab a bunch of applications all over the city because why not. It'll make Adrienn happy. However, I find a scientist who is able to fix the corrupted Pokeball I found ages ago. He explains the process of Pokeballs, and says that the Pokemon can be corrupted as well if the ball is corrupted. The data corruption is already at 96%, and he says that a Magnet Powder will help save it. I give him the powder, and the data corruption is already at 98%. Then as we try opening it, the corruption is at 99%. However in just the nick of time, we save it. We save a Ralts that was inside. With less than 1% it could have survived. With no trainer, it is safe to say Ralts is mine now. I name him Justice, and leave, searching for more job applications. I fly to the Jasper Ward, and a woman lost her engagement ring. She threw it in the lake over a misunderstanding, but don't worry, I got this. I fly over to Apophyll and start surfing on Lips, who I named from Seaking for humor. I start surfing throughout Azurine Lake, and find a few caves where I find some neat items. I then keep surfing until I find some dive spots. Bingo, now I can really explore what's under Reborn! I dive underwater, and find out something shocking... Several buildings have been buried down here, and I find several rare items in them. I find keys to other houses down here, shards, relic artifacts, etc. I also find TM16 Light Screen in a separate dive spot. When I get to the next set of sunken houses, I find TM 44 Rest and move onto the next set of houses since I can't unlock anymore houses for now. The next set of houses I find are between the Peridot Ward and Apophyll, in Azurine Lake. I find a Pokemon in a drawer who is sick. I heal it with an antidote, and a Mudkip comes out! Since I already have one, I take it with me anyway. I even see it has two 31 IV stats! I explore deeper, and find more. I find a Splash Plate, and I eventually do find the diamond ring that was thrown to the lake! AND the Oval Charm! WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP THROWING GOOD SHIT LIKE THAT INTO THE LAKE?! I head back up since I found all the stuff I needed to find, including one more key for another spot on the island. I head back up, and make my way to the cave in the middle of Azurine Lake, Azurine Cave. As soon as I walk in, I start to get a chill. Realizing what I can do, I go and grab a Vanillite from the PC, and train it until it learns Blizzard. I have it use Blizzard, and it freezes all of the water, with the exception of the waterfall. However, I slide to the left and I find a mound with a TM and three Pyukumuku guarding it. I fight the one at the center, and... it's level 100. THIS PYUKUMUKU IS MINE! After a while (because it KEPT KILLING ITSELF IF I DIDN'T HAVE GENGAR AND A TAUNT USER WITH ME), I finally catch him, naming him Pyukumuk, King of the Pyukumuku. It is fitting, because he is a SHINY Pyukumuku that is level 100. I then grab TM40 Aerial Ace. I climb up the waterfall on Lips, and find a Razor Claw and an Icicle Plate as I climb the second waterfall. Freezing the water gives me access to a new cave, where I find the Alolaraichunium-Z, and an Audinite! I leave the cave, and surf to Azurine Island, where I find TM88 Sleep Talk, seeing as I missed it before and accidentally slaughter an Amoongus. (I thought it wasn't the only one!). As I surf between Apophyll and the Coral Ward, I also find the Fist Plate on one of the beaches. I eventually find my way to perhaps the last set of sunken civilization. I go key hunting, and find an Eviolite in one of the houses. I also find TM28 Leech Life in another. I even go back to one of the locations that was previously locked to find a Glalitite. I surf between the Coral Ward and Apophyll again, and actually find a dive spot I missed, where I find a house containing a Primarium-Z, and a field effect note for the Underwater Field! Last but not least, I find a Weakness Policy on the beach. With all of that said and done, I think it is time to fly back to the Jasper Ward. I fly back to the Jasper Ward, and she is shocked I found the diamond ring. She says I am a true savior, and says that she chanced upon something interesting... in which she considered doing something drastic in order to pay for a custom replacement. She gives me some "Classified Information" and says that at least she won't have to be responsible for it. Well it's a good thing you gave it to me... From the sounds of it, you were probably gonna do some things... I mean, "Don't tell anyone?" I know for a FACT that Kinsoku Jikou is a reference to The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya! ...What? I saw the coding, ya sneaky dogs... I'm so proud... I know EXACTLY what to do with it... I stroll through the Peridot Ward, and find a suspicious house. I find a bookcase blocking a doorway, and I THINK it has to do with the Beryl Wall. So I head to the Beryl Wall down in 7th Street, and a passageway is opened up. I head through it, and I'm back in the house. However, while exploring the Beryl Wall, I also find a 'Rare Candy.' Remembering that somebody down there wanted their fix, I head over there and give it to the guy, but then all of a sudden, my candy is stolen! I find him in the corner of 7th Street, and battle him for it. I get it back, and give it to the rightful customer, who gives me a SHINY Piplup! I name him Emperor, and head back to Peridot from the secret passage. I stroll some more when all of a sudden I find two men in the shady looking building I found the two Meteor grunts in when they were stealing the baby Pokemon. I knew I should have taken Igglybuff instead... The officer stops me, and states that this is a private space, asking how I got here. The man behind him says that the door was left unlocked, telling him to be more careful in the future too. The officer says that he'll just deal with me. He searches me, and finds the confidential information I was previously given. He assumes I was the thief, and says that it was a good thing the door was open. The mysterious detective sees that one mistake solves another, and the officer tries to arrest me on the charge of theft of confidential documents. After battling me, I end up winning but not after a loss, since I didn't want to go ALL the way back to Azurine Cave where I last saved. After I beat him, the detective commends Officer Seer for acting without hesitation. However, he must also learn to fully understand a situation before rushing into it. He walks over to me and tells me to pardon his junior's hastiness. He reveals that they are with the International Police. He is about to introduce himself, but then just goes by his code name, Looker. He says that they've come to Reborn after hearing about a certain organization that might be harming Pokemon. His partner is still in training, so they might not be much help in the end. Seer apologizes, but Looker says that if he thinks like a detective, then there will be no need for apologies. He goes onto business, but not before asking me for my name. I tell him my name, and then tell them how I came about the confidential information. He is intrigued, and Seer asks if they should believe something like that. Looker commends him for being alert on any red herrings, but does not believe I am lying, as I remind him of many other trainers he's met. He believes I can be trusted, as I am returning the information. He sees that it's still sealed, and sees there is nothing to worry about. He thanks me for my assistance, and Seer says that it was his responsibility for losing the information. He rewards me with a Pink Pearl, and during his search for the files, he found that. He's not sure if it is valuable, but he hopes it can serve as his apology. Looks like a Spoink's pearl... I'll probably just give it to its owner. Looker sees that it's all settled, and they must head back to work. There is also much to be learned, so progress may be slow. He says that it was a pleasure to meet me, but they must bid farewell and that maybe we will see each other again. They leave, and I pick up the item in there, which is a Mind Plate! I fly over to the Coral Ward and head to a warehouse, where I find a girl with a Spoink. She says that her Spoink lost its pearl, and without their pearls, Spoinks usually get really, really tired. I feel so bad for this Pokemon... If it stops bouncing, too, it dies. She gave it a crystal ball to replace the pearl for a while until they find it, which to her surprise, I have it. We give it to Spoink, and it goes back to normal. She gives me the crystal ball, and I leave. I learn that one of the lighthouses is inaccessible, and the other has a sealed door. Nothing is impossible, as I somehow dive behind the inaccessible lighthouse, and find a way in. I climb to the top, and I get a key to the other one and an Electrizer. I unlock the door to the other house, and dive. I find a Popplio being attacked by a Huntail and a Gorebyss. I battle them, and Popplio wants to join me, which I accept. I fly over to the Jasper Ward, and I get stopped by two "guardians" as I try entering a building. They jump down from the building and say that a great fortune was stolen from there, so they're here to protect the place from future harm. They battle me, and one of them looks like they're floating. I beat them after two attempts (I didn't want to lose the Popplio!) They were hoping to guarantee themselves a cut of the reward for finding whoever stole the fortune. They realize that the fortune the old broad spoke of probably wasn't worth that much anyway. They leave, and I head inside. I go in one of the rooms, and I find TM51 Steel Wing. I then head upstairs, and find a woman who is surprised at the unexpected visitor. She means no disrespect, but she is at a loss. She asks if we met, and sees that we have not. She introduces herself as the Miracle Eye Medium, Miss Direction. She says that where other people are born with the ability to know things that happened in the past, she is born with the ability to know things that will happen in the future. But for those of them who can see the future, the past and present are a mystery. However, she appears to be in a crisis. Her fortune has gone missing, and without it, she cannot see the future, nor the past. Until she gets it back, she is stuck in the present. However, she knows I have the Crystal Ball she seeks, and so I give it to her. With it, she feels like herself again, as it is the fortune she sought. I tell her of the two "guardians", and she reveals they were nothing but goons trying to get her treasure. She says she will give them a warm welcome, and she gives me an "R Key". She says that if I need a reading, I can always come to her. As thanks for my help, it will come at no cost. However, I may already not like the outcome. Curious, I ask her for my fortune. She hopes that what she sees is different this time, as it sometimes is. However, it is not. What she sees in my future... is hard for her to understand. "It is a future where you do not exist. It is a future where there were never any traces of me existing. This is strange, because you are the only one I will ever see such a thing for. But let me tell you about this world you are not in. During a time that this ward is still garnished with a deadly flora, a boy with a beaded tooth necklace steps forward to destroy the chaos. He earns friends to fight alongside him. A man with spiked bracelets... Another with azure hair... A girl blessed with a sleeping star... And a taciturn woman in a black and red suit. Together they cut the tainted roots away from this city, purge poison from the lake, and chase fire from the mountain peaks. And then... The city streets crack, spiked bracelets splinter in the fissure below. Shining armor strikes. Azure hair is re-dyed red. An enemy of his own blood stands before him, and beaded hope breaks apart upon the tattered stones of a city forced to live up to its name once again. The sleeping star invokes a wish. From there, the suited girl disappears. And that future follows shortly after." "...From looking through your time, that is all I can see. I hope that you come to understand it better than I will." What... the... FUCK. FERN is the hero of Reborn if I didn't exist? And although it is a tragic future, he actually is a hero. Maybe if I didn't exist, the world would be better off... OF COURSE IT WOULDN'T, DIDN'T YOU ALL HEAR THIS WOMAN?! EVERYBODY FUCKING DIES. If there is one thing I do feel, is that I feel even more sad for Fern. If we weren't around, he actually could help change Reborn in a good way rather than side with Team Meteor. And the people who are with him? Let me guess... Arc, spiked bracelets. Cal, blue/red hair. Anna, girl with sleeping star. And black and red suit woman? I don't really think it's Charlotte. Maybe it's the ringmaster from Agate? Doubtful. Maybe its someone we've never seen before? What I got from this is that these five heroes went on to do what WE do. Stopping the PULSES, saving Reborn, but then something went wrong. Something went wrong to the point where Arc dies, Cal betrays and joins Team Meteor with Blake (Or at least that's what I got out of that), and Fern is defeated. Anna makes a wish on Jirachi, and the mystery woman disappears before everything else does. Strange, but I feel like this sort of thing might either happen in an alternate dimension, or in our own future. And I was actually thinking this was the past, and we were a second chance to save Reborn or something, who knows for sure. With that said, I leave in hopes of finding the owner of the R key. I head to the Peridot Ward and see that Blacksteam Factory has become a shelter now. While I'm there, I actually find a familiar face... Randall! He's glad I made it out of that creepy cult place, he escaped too. He fell back on some habits, but here he is, doing better than ever. He says that this place is a blessing compared to Arceus. The staff was nice, and he got to collect all sorts of books. He's got books back home, too. He wants to actually go back home, but he lost his house key. Which I have. The ID people thought he was bamboozling them, and fate doesn't want him home. But that's also why he picked up Klefki, who is a magnet for lost keys. He checks every now and then, but then he sees the key on me. He says I'm a better Klefki than Klefki is, which means he can now go home. He says that Klefki might get bored now since he's not traveling around anymore, and says I might get more use of her. I name her Boo Boo Keys, and she is SHINY! Level 60, and she is holding a key from the Sanctum! After that, I talk to the old main on the third floor, and he explains how Blacksteam changed into a shelter. I then leave for Chrysolia. Since we are on the theme of water for this chapter, it seems appropriate that I fly to Tanzan Cove. I find the fisherman there who gave me the Old Rod from way back when, and he says that he's traveled far and wide until he found the perfect place to fish. There's nobody home, so he'd make himself comfortable for a while until they get back. Good luck with the big, gaping hole, buddy. I dive in the water, and I see bodies. I see five of them, as Simon told me in the past, and they each have an ID... Winter Green... or Billiard Irving Grossbury (Make up your mind, kid!) Chad Fournier... Minta Alkaev... Michaela Hermann... (Who also gives me a Spooky Plate from her corpse...) I then find Tara's body, but her ID is missing. I head back up to talk to the fisherman, and he is shocked that I'm looking for bodies. He sternly tells me that he's not going to ask questions no matter what he fishes up, so I don't need to kill him off as a witness or anything. He knows I didn't kill anyone either, and he says he'll cooperate. He says that there are a bunch of Whiscash down in the lake, and one of them was pulling something around under the surface. He didn't think of it much at the time, but whatever I am looking for might have been grabbed by one of the Whiscash, meaning that it must have eaten the evidence I'm looking for. He says it's not going to be a stroll in the lake to recover it. He gives me a Super Rod, saying that if I fish one of them up, I should bring it to him, and he'll do the dirty work of searching for me. He warns me that there are a LOT of Whiscash in the lake, so there is no guarantee we will even find it. I go and catch a Whiscash, and bring it to him. Unfortunately, it wasn't the one. However, I find one that actually has it, and he gives me Tara's ID Tag. He's glad he could help me out, and he asks if I'll let him live. I mean, I wasn't going to kill you, so yeah? I fly back to the Peridot Ward, and talk to Simon. He just wants to forget everything, but then I flash the ID Card, and he's shocked I was actually able to retrieve it. He reads "Tara Copperman", and he pauses. He says that's his last name, and says he has much to reconsider. He thanks me for being as good of a friend to him as I was an adversary. He's sure it wasn't easy to get this, considering the circumstances, so he gives me TM06 Toxic in return. He says it was being passed around the other Meteors as he left, but he imagines I'll get more use out of it now. He then says that if it's all the same to me, he's going to go think about his life choices. He leaves, and off I go. I know what I can do before I do anything else! I have a Type: Null, I'm gonna go memory searching! Current Pokemon Stats: Some of my Pokemon leveled up, and some learned new moves. Quite a few new Pokemon joined the team, too! Although it seems that this chapter was more aquatic themed than I was expecting, we're coming back with an amazing start! Honchkrow Name: Falcone Level: 74 Moves: Sucker Punch, Brave Bird, Taunt, Roost Charizard Name: Charles Level: 75 Moves: Fly, Dragon Rage, Flamethrower, Heat Wave Piplup Name: Pierce Level: 15 Moves: Water Sport, Peck, Icy Wind, Agility Persian Name: Persian Level: 64 Moves: Taunt, Cut, Bite, Fake Out Gyarados Name: Hydra Level: 77 Moves: Dragon Dance, Ice Fang, Aqua Tail, Bite Gardevoir Name: Amelia Level: 73 Moves: Calm Mind, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Teleport Klefki Name: Boo Boo Keys Level: 60 Moves: Play Rough, Magic Room, Heal Block, Switcheroo Sharpedo Name: Archer Level: 65 Moves: Swagger, Crunch, Ice Fang, Slash Toxicroak Name: Corey Level: 72 Moves: Rock Smash, Poison Jab, Strength, Sucker Punch Kadabra Name: Henry Level: 31 Moves: Teleport, Disable, Psybeam, Charge Beam Porygon Name: Zero Level: 60 Moves: Discharge, Lock-On, Tri-Attack, Magic Coat Lucario Name: Auriol Level: 71 Moves: Close Combat, Swords Dance, Extreme Speed, Ice Punch Eevee Name: Eevee Level: 5 Moves: Growl, Tackle, Tail Whip, Sand-Attack Gengar Name: Gengar Level: 73 Moves: Hypnosis, Confuse Ray, Dark Pulse, Mean Look Metagross Name: Megaman X Level: 74 Moves: Meteor Mash, Zen Headbutt, Grass Knot, Hammer Arm Seaking Name: Seaking Level: 74 Moves: Soak, Dive, Surf, Drill Run Type: Null Name: Goddard Level: 50 Moves: X-Scissor, Take Down, Metal Sound, Iron Head Ditto Name: Ditto Level: 5 Moves: Transform Bulbasaur Name: Bulbasaur Level: 5 Moves: Tackle, Growl Mudkip Name: Mudkip Level: 5 Moves: Tackle, Growl Tepig Name: Tepig Level: 5 Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip
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    the finer parts of chaos, chipped away

    PULSE-CLARICE confirmed? Could be wrong, since there's no PULSE icon, but it does give us a good contender as to what's happening in Agate. Serra looks much better, too! Although I always kept thinking that she already changed over the course of the episodes, buuuuut I realize that those are all the same. Kinda like Charlotte, Laura, and Saphira's sprites and Heather (I think)? Because of this new change, I gotta ask: Will other characters get the same treatment as we go into these last two episodes?
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    Pokemon Reborn Redux [Mod][E4 Released]

    For some reason, I can't seem to extract the file after I download it. Is it password protected? I downloaded the file twice, too. Still wouldn't extract.
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    Pokemon Reborn Redux [Mod][E4 Released]

    Oh? Then yeah, please disregard all that I've said, I have certainly lost my marbles when it comes to Reborn. Lol
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    Pokemon Reborn Redux [Mod][E4 Released]

    You are completely accurate on everything you just said. Times are changing, and so is the community. As people like us are getting older, there's not a lot of time to do anything. Remember when I said I was gonna play Pokemon again? I find it really, really, really hard to these days. Sure, Pokemon is one of the things I think about on an everyday basis, but when there's so much to do, there's not a lot of time to actually sit down and do something productive with it, whether it's playing the games, making your own, etc. Both school and work have been beating me down, beating me down, never letting up, to the point where if I even try to do anything Pokemon related, I just lose all motivation and just play something else. I keep thinking to myself, "Yeah, I'll make my game", or "Yeah, I'll sit down and beat Ultra Moon and the rest of the games I own", or "Yeah, I'll make that playthrough of Reborn and Rejuv", but then I just don't. Like you, I just don't have any motivation anymore. Gen VIII is going to have to be really great if I want to be motivated again, but I just cannot see how that will be possible when everything is going to be changed, depending on how it is going to be. I am worried for not only the community we have here, but for the Pokemon Community as a whole. The demographic is changing, the game is changing (Seriously, there is just too much of Gen VII in Reborn now. 7.7/10) Everything is changing, and I feel like if it keeps up that way, then Pokemon as we know it will never be the same as it once was. Now I might get a little sentimental when I say this (And perhaps a suck-up, but who cares?), but I just want to say that you are one of the most inspiring, passionate, and greatest people that I have ever met in Reborn. I am just so glad to have the chance to work with you, from the old days of Revolution to Reborn Hardcore. Because of you, I got to learn quite a bit of new information about RPG Maker XP, what it takes to make a good story (Although I'm still working on how I can make a good story for my game without going overboard), and because of that, I'll be able to take it all to heart. You actually care about RPGs like Pokemon, and its community (Even though the community is declining). Reborn might not be the same as it was years ago, but I just want you to know that you made a legacy. You made a legacy that is just so... Hardcore, in a sense. Even if there's never going to be a fully-fledged hard mode for Reborn (Tried twice, might I add), that legacy is going to be around for quite a long time. Perhaps even inspired others to try and fulfill that legacy, too... In all seriousness though, take all the time you need and rest easy. You have done a great job, and when you do find that motivation, we'll all be here for you. Whether Reborn makes it to the end, or it gets CnD'd, just know that it's been one wild, crazy, hell of a ride.
  12. This looks pretty interesting! I might come up with one, but I think the two pictures from your recent post aren't working correctly. Maybe repost them?
  13. This is for a statistics project, but... 1. Do you believe in ghosts or spirits? Yes/No, and 2.  Are you male or female?  Nobody has to answer the last question if they don't want to, I just want the first question, mostly.

    1. IntSys
    2. King Murdoc

      King Murdoc

      No, and I'm a guy.

  14. OKAY, soooooo back in Episode 15, I decided to take the path of battling Taka, thinking that would lead to the extra story. It did, until it changed in Episode 17. With me wanting to complete all of the Anna and Shade stuff, I decided to go back and NOT battle Taka this time. Don't worry, I'll still be doing both paths. Basically what Taka does is get upset that I didn't help him, so he just leaves. As for the attacks up in Fiore Manse, it was a liiiitle harder this time since I didn't get that exp from Taka, but I managed (I almost lost against Fern and Blake if Florinia's Ferrothorn hadn't beaten Fern's Serperior). Seaking was still a trooper, even working hard against Solaris' team. It deserves a spot in my team. As for Ciel, I haven't battled her yet, but I'm probably gonna win anyway, so it's whatever. From what I heard, Episode 17 is a HUGE gamechanger, and I'm excited to actually start playing again.