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  1. Godot vs. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

    Well, I'd say it's also cuz her summon animation is rather gratuitous. My question is why are you using Tidus so much? He's got mobility and speed sure, but it seems super awkward to use and control while having not that much power to his hits.
  2. If you want to torture yourself, watch "Restaurant to Another World" when you're hungry.

  3. Happy Birthday Sheep

    Happy Birthday, Sheepy. I got you a sandwich. Hope you don't mind that it isn't ice cream.
  4. Switch game poblems

    Well, I've really only played Hyrule Warriors as a spinoff, because for me number mowing means almost nothing if those enemies didn't present any sort of challenge or a unique element to beating them. It's a one button game, really. Have you ever just stopped and stood still to see what these hordes of enemies actually do? They sit and stare at you. I've always been of two minds about hyrule warriors. It has some fun elements, and then it just stops being fun after a while or if you look closely at it. So if there are fewer enemies on the screen, it wouldn't take away anything from the game for me.
  5. Switch game poblems

    Yeah, they'll probably have different switch bundles when you get it around Christmas time. I'd suggest going for the one with the newest-released game you want and buy older games like Splatoon and Zelda individually, since they should be on sale for cheaper by then. As far as FE Warriors, I'd wait to see about the online coop situation, or if it'll be local/couch only. If there is online coop, I'd go 3DS because far more people have it than people who own a switch, including members of this here community. So, even if I did own a switch, I'd still probably opt for the 3DS version. It'll just be a bit nicer on the switch graphically. I am curious as to the control comparison though. Maybe motion controls would make for a better experience if it supports it.
  6. Just watch this video. It think kimmel is on your page when he describes why people voted for Trump.
  7. Happy Birthday, ICSW

    Happy belated birthday, ICSW. I hope that this offering gives you the same individual feeling of validation, hope, and understanding that yours has given over the entirety of the time you've been here:
  8. The best thing about Agents of Shield is probably Ghost Rider. Those Nick Cage movies have always been garbage and here we can see what he could have been...

    1. Combat


      As much as I have to agree with you that those movies are garbage, I couldn't stand the guy who played him. Ghost Rider himself was great, but when he was a human, he lacked any real character depth and only came off as arrogant. They probably didn't want to use the original Ghost Rider though, so they went with the second person to host him, since the Nick Cage ones were still fresh in the public's mind.

  9. "Duty is heavier than a mountain; Death is lighter than a feather."


    And dropping it means it lands upon the shoulders of others.

    1. Wolfox


      truth bomb

  10. Hypocrisy

    That may be true. What is definitely true is that every situation ends, one way or another. If your situation is a no-win situation, take the loss and move on. Even if all you can do for now is persevere and bide your time. Is surrender more dignified than regrouping?
  11. in_this_moment_by_yuumei-dbiyvad.jpg

    1. Maelstrom
    2. Maelstrom


      This artist is one of my favorites, haha.

  12. Strangest places you've slept?

    If i"d know the mosquitoes would be so bad, I would have done the same. Aw man, that would have been amazing...
  13. Strangest places you've slept?

    well, as a result of drinking though.
  14. Strangest places you've slept?

    Slept comfortably in a foxhole full of black ants, which didn't bite by the way but instead kept out the other bugs. Sure as hell can't do that with red ants. Those little shites will eat you. Slept less than comfortably outside in the rain, but under a poncho tied to a tree and some stakes, with a shallow moat dug around my other poncho I slept on. And then there's the mountainside in Alaska during the summer, where we got eaten up by mosquitoes so bad, we lit fires and stood choking in the smoke to get away from them for even a little while. And then there's the time I slept on top of snow and ice inside my issue sleeping bag. I learned the hard way the value of using a sleeping pad/mat to insulate one from the frozen ground. I barely slept at all and I was miserably cold. In the middle of a courtyard of dirt and white rocks, with no cover or any sort of shade from the Louisiana summer sun. And under benches we'd normally sit on after getting rigged up with a parachute. Even with all my drinking, can't say I crashed out in any sort of weird place or position.
  15. Should I buy For Honor?

    PSN has informed me that For Honor is having a free weekend, starting this thursday and ending sunday. I gave my game to my brother to play but if any of you are interested in trying out the game, I'd download the game from PSN for the weekend and join ya. And supposedly they're working on changing over to dedicated servers.