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  1. they need a patch that brings back 1v1 matches. Other than that, haven't really played the game since around launch as well. It's a lot of repetitive grinding for not much in return. Ofc, I could go on for days about all the things that were dropped from the previous dissidia games but I'll save that for another time.
  2. Maelstrom

    Suggest an Avatar!

  3. Maelstrom

    Monster Hunter World

    actually, I'm 55. 100 is way up there and I haven't gotten that yet.
  4. Maelstrom

    Monster Hunter World

    I think I hit 155 but that save is on another system and it didn't upload the save to the cloud, so I can't play with it atm. Although I guess I could just go with an old file that's still at least 145.
  5. Maelstrom

    Monster Hunter World

    Which system? What is your hunter rank/story progression at?
  6. Maelstrom

    Get off my Lawn

    I don't feel old. Everybody else just seem pretty young. And unfocused and undisciplined. They be trekking in figure 8's across my lawn instead of walking by on the sidewalk. Uncultured swine!
  7. Maelstrom

    Guilty Pleasures

    Changing avatars.
  8. Maelstrom

    Quotes 2.0

    "What is a legacy? It's planting seeds in a garden you never get to see." - the Alexander Hamilton play by Lin Manuel Miranda.
  9. A villain to you is a hero of the other side.

  10. "This hand of mine glows with an awesome power. Its loud roar tells me to defeat you! Take this- my love, my anger, and all my sorrow!"

    1. seki108


      forgot which theme it was for this scene, so have both








      I think this was the theme for God Finger, but just in case



    2. Maelstrom


      Definitely the first one. it's funny cuz I shared both of these with someone a bit earlier on discord. Good shite.

    3. Maelstrom


      Seriously, my most favorite gundam series.

  11. Maelstrom

    People used to marry Pokemon? Is that true?

    All ya'll furries are ages late.
  12. overworld/map music is pretty specific though. Edit: this is how to use spoilers https://prnt.sc/j8bfpy and some games don't have overworlds like
  13. Maelstrom

    Unusual things you've done

    As the title says, what are some of the uncommon things you've done so far? For example, my list: Jumped out of an airplane at 1000 feet. Different from skydiving, which jumps from from much higher and isn't using a static line parachute. On that note, jumped out of a helicopter too. survived a partial parachute malfunction Ridden in a blackhawk and a shinook- the ones with two rotors and elongated body. Eaten alligator, but it was in the form of a spicy sausage, so I couldn't tell what the flavor was. Been to the west coast and east coast of the US, as well as to Hawaii and Alaska. Wish I could say I've really been to Ireland, Germany, and Russia, but transfers and layovers on the way to Afghanistan don't really count, imo. Gone rappelling down a 100m tower Hiked 22 miles up and down a mountain (it was miserable) Swam with a bunch of wild stingrays and near a small shark Fired a bunch of different weapons- m4, m16, SAW, m240B, noob tube, grenade launcher, 2 types of rocket launchers, m2 grenade, compound bow, shotgun (skeet shooting) Encountered a herd of wild horses been on a cruise been inside a few native american casino's (didn't gamble though) caught a fish (trout) with my bare hands worked as a fish monger at an asian market eaten a thresher shark steak been in the back of a police car. no, I wasn't arrested. been horseback riding met toby maguire in person seen holly holmes in person, at a gym where she was training fallen off my bike into a patch of cactus Geez, military gave me a variety of experiences, but I'm still glad I'm out.
  14. Maelstrom

    Quotes 2.0