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  1. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp [Topic/Friend IDs]

    Yeah, for what it is, it's pretty fun, but I just don't see it holding people's attention for too long. oh, and I forgot to mention this detail- the quest cap is per animal. So you go talk to Apollo and do quests for him until he's got nothing left for you, then you can go talk to a different character and do the same thing for them.
  2. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp [Topic/Friend IDs]

    Yeah, I got it and tried it out yesterday. It's a barely passable little time waster, tbh. The main core of the game is picking fruit, catching bugs and fish and talking to villagers. Which is kinda fun at first. Simple touch screen controls and waiting to start tapping the screen at the right time while still following the basic animal crossing formula for those activities. But you can't sell that stuff (except to other players who would rather just catch their own stuff), all you can do is collect it and wander around to find animals who just happen to need it. They give you a hundred or so bells for each little fetch quest and some amount of materials. The good thing is you don't have to talk to 'em to initiate it or even see what they want, they'll have a convenient little bubble over their head of what they want, how much of it they want, and how much you have. As a campsite manager, you're supposed to make friends with the animals by talking to them and doing their fetch quests and then invite them to your campsite. But they won't just come hang out even if you have a high enough friendship level with them (which isn't high at all), you have to own and set up specific pieces of furniture for them to be able to come by and visit it. As far as setting it up goes, the game will give you the option to set up their furniture automatically- if you do that, the animal will automatically show up to visit. Right after which, it will give you the option to keep the auto set-up. If you don't save it, it will revert back to that sweet layout that you spent time setting up. That animal will now be able to hang out at your campsite, even if you put away and sell all the furniture you needed to invite him or her in the first place (cuz you know they probably had bad taste anyways) Why do you want to do any of that stuff? So you can meet more animals and be able to make more furniture. As you befriend animals and your overall level goes up, the game will allow you to be able to craft more and more furniture, and the number of animals you can run into and eventually invite to hang out increases. At the start, there are only the 5 starter animals wandering around for you to meet, but of course early friendship levels and overall levels are pretty quick and easy to gain at the beginning. Also, beginning furniture literally only takes a minute to craft. Eventually shit takes longer and you can spent tickets to speed up the process, but of course those are limited items the game gives you and you'll eventually run out and the game will want you to buy them with real money. And that's kinda it. That's the whole point of the game, to eventually get to the point where you have tons of animals friends and decorate your campsite with whatever you want. Not really exciting or compelling in my book. Other Limitations you can only do so many quests or talk to animals to increase friendship before you aren't allowed to do more. You're kinda capped after a few quests and one or two pure dialogue options unless you spend request tickets to make them give you quests so you can farm and be friends more. yeah, forced friendship baby. Those are limited too and i'm pretty sure they're purchasable with real money. However, every 3 hours the animals will move around and appear at different places on the map. That's basically the quest reset time and you can talk to and do quests for animals again. There are a few fruit trees scattered about and you can harvest them every 3 hours as well. You can't plant more or do anything with them except turn them in during quests. bug and fish pool is severely limited, which isn't unexpected. And I don't think there is anything special associated with having caught all the bugs or all the fish or anything like that either. All the quests ask you for specific bugs, fruit, and fish.... and that's pretty much it. Again, you can't just sell fish to nook or any other npc for precious bells. If you're lucky, you can sell it to other players. You set it in your personal store thing and set the price for it (the game actually limits individually how much you can charge for it, but you can charge less if you wanna feel market competitive or whatever). The thing is, once you set it in there, you'll never get that item or fish back, even if you don't sell it. It will not allow you to take it back if it sits there, hasn't been sold, and you need that one fish back to finish an animal's current quest. You just have to hope some player runs into your avatar and shop somewhere and chooses to buy whatever you've put up instead of catch or make it themselves. Pretty sure the most you can do is just get rid of the item so you can sell something else in that slot instead. Piss poor system really. Oh and you can spend way too many bells repainting your pedo van or making it bigger inside. Don't know why though. I guess you can decorate the inside but there's no reason to venture inside your own van, much less anyone else's. Idk, just feel that the game content is just very, very shallow when it comes to gameplay and rewarding you for playing the game. What it DOES do well is bring the funny, quirky personalities and conversations from the handheld and console games. That is still quite enjoyable and entertaining. I guess you could say that the good thing about this game losing its fun and luster so quickly is that you'll never be tempted to buy tickets with real money. Rating: 2/10 It will get stale for most players very quickly but until the true extent of the repetitive and limited nature of the game really hits the player, it's actually pretty good, classic AC collecting fun. And then you'll feel the urge to go back to New Leaf and finish your collections from who knows how long ago.
  3. This would make grinding exp a bit more tolerable and even a tad bit cathartic, tbh.
  4. Yo, where's the poll? I still remember my reaction when I was first looking at that line. Dratini. lil sea serpent dragon. cool. Dragonaire, elegant sky dragon. awesome. Dragonite. where the hell did this come from? What the hell happened? Who thought this was good idea?! haha, gamefreak. you pranked us. good one. now where's the real one? To this day, I have been waiting for that answer.
  5. Pokemon Reborn 30000 Members

    Do I want to? No. Not as far as Ame knows...
  6. Pokemon Reborn 30000 Members

    Well, this place and the people who hang around it have been a larger part of my life than I ever could have imagined going into it. It's been one hell of a ride.
  7. SSB5 character ideas

    I wouldn't mind bomberman if they came up with a decent moveset for him. He mostly just puts down bombs and that's it. He doesn't attack directly, but he can kick, throw, punch and lay down a line of bombs. His big thing in the games were collecting power ups to help you catch opponents off guard. Maybe he'll be able to knock power ups out of opponents he damages and he'll have to to pick them up in order to boost the power and range on his special. So unlike Lucario, he'll be able to scale up as he does more damage rather than taking it, but without putting it all into one attack like lil mac or cloud. You know what would be a really cool crossover? Godzilla. Like, not as a character, but as a stage with hazards and transitions. Kaiju fighting in the background with the occasional blast or attack flying out to hit players and alter the stage. Plus, Godzilla's got quite a few tracks it could draw on for excellent battle music, especially if they make metal version or remixes like they did for Golden Sun. I'd really hope for an updated version of Bagan's theme from an SNES Godzilla game.
  8. Rediscovering Log Horizon's second ending is quite nice.

  9. Sup spring chicken. Happy birthday and shit. I'll drink one for you since you're still that young.
  10. SSB5 character ideas

    As far as silver goes, he sounds and looks like he'd play very similarly to mewtwo. King boo might be an interesting addition to the game, if he can fight anything like Gengar from pokken and/or summon the smaller boos for attacks (think pikmin or Rosalina 2.0). I'd like to see a trio of koopa troopa, para troopa, and dry bones in a single character slot similar to pokemon trainer, but that's just wishful thinking rather than anything with any sort of concept as to how that would work out or be explained. Oh yeah, I'd be quite alright with Hector/Ephraim joining in. Oh hey, Godot reminded me about Impa. Let Zelda stay Zelda and let Impa take over the ninja-style sheikah with a bit of an altered moveset to let her make use of her sword and magic. Cool but not likely- Sub-Zero and Scorpion. Sub Zero would make the transition the easiest. Freezing projectile (dealing a lbit less damage to frozen enemies in combos is how NRS balances this out and should work here too), ice slide attack that would behave like Ike's quickdraw, ice clone and ice clone pick up and toss shenanigans (a bit similar to Snakes grenade in Brawl or ice clone is a freezing counter when done right), Ice sword or Ice hammer for smash attacks, etc. A big part of scorpion's kit in MK is his teleport punch. That one would be a bit tricky to put in, but it could happen. It work similarly to greninja's shadow sneak, or as a set distance teleport attack like Zelda/Shiek's up special. Again, he's got his own weapons and moves to use, like his flaming flip kick, flamthrower, etc.
  11. Yeah man, it's IKARU'S BIRTHDAY

    Happy Birthday Ika, only a few more decades and you'll have reached full-size for a Kraken class unit. Go out on a limb today and have fun, sink some ships (but maybe save some for later, k?).
  12. Reborn's Top 5 Least Favorite Pokemon

    1. Pikachu and pikachu clones. also mimikyu. why won't they stop? 2. bidoof/bibarel- need i explain? 3. Arceus- that deer-dog thing dragging around the fence it couldn't squeeze through 4. the lake sprites- the floating fetuses (feti?) of feelings and doom 5. Volcanion- the teething ring pokemon
  13. fun words to say

    snickerdoodle mahogany
  14. I mean, this is on netflix, so if you wanna watch the whole episode like I did and not be a bit triggered by the skewed video titles by whoever uploaded these. and this is just silly but it has a few things on point.
  15. SSB5 character ideas

    I still demand Isaac be put in the game as a playable character. Definitely a bunch of different types of moves to pull from to make him an interesting fighter- psynergy, djin, summons. I could see djinn giving him buffs similar to shulk's runes (Granite for def, Forge for atk, Zephyr for speed, tonic or dew to regain a bit of health), or even a directional special or two. Psynergy like Ragnarok and Odyssey could be the super, while others can be smash attacks and other specials. That earth beetle from rivals of aether uses a bunch of earth moves that he can steal. maybe he could have a meter that builds up similar to lil mac and cloud to unleash a weapon howl, like Meggido or Gaia blade. Meggido would probably be a much stronger version of his third jump, which would be the typical jump up and slam down type attack (maybe even launch of a clod of earth with it like with the Geode djinn). Or Punji Strike. he''d have that hand looking synergy for a tether grab. Down smash could be the pound synergy landing right in front... as a rep, they might allow him to use an example of each of the elements, would be easier to handle similar to Robin. I forget what character did stuff that were actually moves that their companions in the original game used and not them, so a similar case. So much potential, really. That's my main hope. Other than that, I can't think of anyone else atm, but I already know I'd prefer characters with weapons that aren't swords and possibly use projectiles in a different way to change up the gameplay.