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  1. Suggest an Avatar!

  2. Name the game/ yt video my avy is from, if you can.

    1. Eviora


      Chrono Trigger? I have no idea about the video.

    2. Maelstrom
  3. Unpopular Character Opinions

    @Josef How was he supposed to see through it? The men under him, under the Lannisters, and under the Freys all look the same.
  4. What do you look like?

    I miss the old me.
  5. Once upon a time...

    1. IntSys


      Twice upon a time.

    2. Maelstrom


      Lightning needs a reason to strike once, much less twice.

    3. IntSys


      And that's what makes it all the more special.

  6. Quotes 2.0

    Altered Carbon is pretty good.
  7. Dear research monkey,
    Make my cane a gun. Oh, and put another gun inside my gun. Also, it needs to be gold to match my .01%ness.
    ~ Marquis

  8. Recommend me a fighting game, please?

    Smash Bros and Pokken Tournament I mean, DBFZ is the one getting all the hype. You might be like godot and get salty about all the people simply mashing the autocombos to win but there are definitely combos and stuff you can learn to really do a lot more damage and pull off some cool things. I've played some of the early naruto fighters, including several that were direct japanese imports before naruto took off in the US (2005, 2006 or so). I remember enjoying those games when they were mostly 2D. I didn't like what I saw of later games like ult ninja storm stuff that changed it up. Plus, I'd gotten bored of Naruto long before then so... idk, go with DBFZ. SC6 is unlikely to come out any time soon so you have time to save up for that.
  9. "Colige" starter pack

    Really? Walmart is sure to have 'em, Walgreens is likely to have 'em. You could always substitute the disposable gloves with the big ones people use for washing dishes (or handle fish with behind the seafood counter- tilapia and catfish are spiny). I imagine you could find either of 'em in the cleaning product isle or in stock at the local pharmacy. When in doubt, ask a bio/chem professor/TA where to get some, cuz you're certain to need some for labs.
  10. Unpopular Character Opinions

    Is it just me, or did Fate gender bend 99% of the guys? These people need to be stopped. On a separate note, I know that they like to take creative liberties to make them more anime, but there's usually something in their 'lore' or description that rubs me the wrong way for the characters I've uncovered so far.
  11. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a great day ^^

    1. Psychic Bean Sheep

      Psychic Bean Sheep

      Happy Birthday dyddy.

    2. Zarc


      Happy birthday :) 

    3. Maelstrom


      Thanks guys. I was sick in bed for my birthday, so that was fun.

  12. Favorite Flash Game

    I don't play any flash games but the people here probably made a few suggestions:
  13. Does anyone know anybody who knows a thing or two about being in the peace corps?

  14. My Own Personal Demons.

    It makes sense, but it's rather vague. For a change of perspective, consider that some people enjoy moderate to heavy drinking because it stops them from being their usual self. It can make people more relaxed or energetic, and more outgoing by loosening inhibitions, etc. You also have to consider that there are things that are naturally 'you' that causes the conditions that result in you being prescribed these medications in the first place. To change your cognition and behavior patterns is precisely what these drugs are meant to do. So you have to stop and take an objective inventory (preferably with the help of trusted friends and family) of of how you feel and what you can and cannot do while on or off the medication. You should take steps to try to further explore and understand the reasons for your dislike of using the medication and try to find out what are things you can do and take advantage of while on them. Does it change your mood? Does it affect your behavior in a positive way from an outside point of view? Do you feel that the medications change your values? What are the noticeable effects in your decision making? You have to open up and be honest with your feelings in order to understand and conquer what you need to conquer, accept what you need to accept, and change what needs to change. It could be that zoloft doesn't particularly fit you and there could be a better alternative. It's a sad fact that pharmaceutical companies wine and dine medical professionals all the time and make deals to promote different procedures, drugs, equipment and devices, etc, to give them a commercial edge over their competition. It would behoove you and your parents/guardians to demand information about alternative drugs and treatments if you've taken the time to really explore what you have now and decide that it isn't working for you. And/or get a second opinion.