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  1. Rebornian Mentions: Ikaru Welcome back to another season of Rebornian Mentions! To help us kick off the season, I bring to us our classic squid; the one, the only Ikaru! Nominated by me and chosen just so I can poke a squid. And of course it would make sense that our local squid comes from Florida! And yes, he made it through the last few storms fairly okay. The only downside for him was losing power for about a day or two. When Ikaru’s not battling hurricanes, his hobbies are playing Final Fantasy XIV and Fire Emblem and watching his favorite anime, Oregairu-- a really long anime title that translates to “My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong, as I Expected.” At the moment, Ikaru has a lot of spare time on his hands, but plans to get back into college for Astronomy, maybe. He hasn’t decided what his major will be yet. 10 Rupees to the person who has the best meme for this photo of Ikaru. One of Ikaru’s favorite memories of Reborn was back in the day when Titania was around for the league, and him and Titania had very memorable discussions. “I have to give it to the time where (I thought) she was outright ignoring me, and our favorite Teddiursa, Tink, was still new and tried to tell me how to go about communicating with (Titania). (Titania) didn’t say a word to me, of course, but after the battle she told him off in so many words (and) referred to me as her “friend” in doing so.” Ikaru also enjoys relishing the moment when he first tried talking to Titania, a conversation that is likely buried in the deepest depths of Reborn’s basement. When it comes to success here in Reborn, he was our second ever champion of the League! When it comes to crushes, Ikaru’s crush is a celebrity crush at the moment. He’s hooked on Lights, and her new album. He’s excited to get the comic that she’s also creating with the new album. As for a favorite Rebornian, Ikaru had to think about it. “Mentioning Inuki or Dan would be cheating so let’s see… I have to give it to our boy Sardines, honestly. (He’s got) good music and an FFXIV buddy <3.” Cod friends stick together. Ikaru’s been on top of Reborn, the Game and highly enjoys playing it. His favorite part about the game is the soundtrack, and that all Pokemon will eventually make its way into the game as the series goes. He also enjoys the “branching parts of the plot that also offer decent replayability.” The most challenging part of the game for him is the boss battles. They require a specific strategy to beat the bosses to win. However, Ikaru’s offered some advice to the boss battles: “there are hidden focus sashes - at least one for each of those two - at points before the battles. It gives you the chance to throw out a guaranteed Destiny Bond/Perish Song/Status move of choice.” We’ve had the pleasure of having Ikaru with us for a very long time, and he’s not ready to throw in the towel anytime soon~ His current goals for Reborn is to start testing on E17 and getting it ready for us all to enjoy dearly. Testing could start as early as this month! Be prepared, Reborn, be very prepared. If any of you happen to see our local squid around, be sure to say hi and poke the squid! Squids aren’t dangerous… Right? Ikaru’s final words of wisdom for Reborn: “It’s never too late to try and do something with yourself as long as you can take the first step. Maybe it’s not the case for everyone, but for me I think the hardest part is getting started.” And now it’s time to play, Rebornian Questions! where our viewers ask our stars questions that they are interested in knowing~ Kitty: “What’s your favorite color and draw a picture of why it’s your favorite color.” Ikaru: “Back in the day, my favorite color used to be red. But at some point it became purple/black, and here’s most of why:” A big thank you for Ikaru for doing the interview with me! All pictures do not belong to me. If you have a nomination and/or some questions, post them below!!!
  2. Meet the vets!

    General Info: Known as: Miss Kitty Age: 24 years old Gender: Female Birthday: November Location: Colorado Height: At least 5 feet, but no taller than 6 feet Hair Color: Bleh Brown Eye Color: Bleh Brown Lives with: El Husband Pets: A German Shepherd and a husky, and two bratty cats Relationship status: Married Favourite Food: The rare deep fried sushi roll Favourite Drink: Arizona Raspberry Tea Favourite Color: Grey Favourite kind of Music: Anything good Favourite Band: Phantogram Favourite Album: N/A Favourite Song: The Wavves - Nine is God Favourite Game: Sims 4 Favourite Genre of Game: Games like Elder Scrolls/Fallout Favourite Hobbies: Building houses in Sims 4 (I am simple to entertain) Favourite Movies: I will always be happy to watch Howl's Moving Castle Favourite Shows: It's a tie between Black Butler and Shameless Community questions: So, who are you?: I am Kitty. Formally known as Mrs. Kitty, but popularly known as Miss Kitty. I am simple. Anything you're responsible for? Hm... I've recently been responsible with making Rebornian Mentions (season II coming soon!!!). Other than that, I've just been responsible for all the cats running amok in Showdown and keeping Reborn catified for it's entire lifetime. If you had to choose one of your posts as your way to introduce yourself, which would it be? Do we really want to see how crazy I was back in like, 2009 or whenever we came to this forum host? No. No we don't. What can I talk to you about? I'm pretty chill to talk about whatever. I'm generally really good for being a supportive shoulder when one needs it. How did you find Reborn? I don't exactly remember how I came across Reborn. I think Ame invited me back in like, 2008-2009, when it was Poke-Place, when we met in a separate gaming forum. Closing statements? Well.. I've been around for a very, very long time. It really doesn't show half of the time, but I've a lot of experience here in the community and know the ropes pretty okay (at least in the chatrooms, I haven't been very active with the forums for years, but it's about to change with RM's coming back). But I'm really super chill, again, even if it doesn't seem that way, so it's cool to chat with me. Mao.
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  5. What do you look like?

    So, it's been like, 5-6 years since I posted an updated photo for ya'll to snicker at. Anyways, here's the picture! O: By the way, this picture I took earlier this year in March. It's pretty much the only picture I took of myself this year xD That is Mister Kitty on the left, and me, Miss (Mrs) Kitty on the right! I told you I was funny. Funny looking. Bwaahahaha!

  6. Meow, kek

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      Miss Kitty

      MAO! MAO MAO MAO!!! LOL This video was great for some really strange reason. It seems to fit the cat persona purrfectly c:

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  8. Friend Codes and Friend Safari Thread

    Hey guys, my friend code is: 2595-1405-6414 Add me!
  9. Sooo. Who wants to donate to the "Give Kitty Tons And Tons of Candies" charity?

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  10. Today's the big dayyyy~ Lovin' every second of it.

  11. And they said dreams can't come true...