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    Today, Ame made a puzzle. She wasn't sure if it was solvable. Being the maths nerd that I am, she asked if I would help figure out if and how it could be solved. I couldn't figure it out, so I wrote a program to do it instead. It took the program 3 minutes and 5 million 'moves' to solve the puzzle. We decided to put the puzzle in game. I hope you're all looking forward to E18.
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    you know for a while my todo list got up to like 5000 lines. but that's what i get, i suppose my side of the function code crawl is done, which is basically just writing out the logic for our 120 function codes that we've selected as this episode's lucky winners. for the most part these are common moves like status, set up, recover, etc... plus certain things i know gym leaders use. so i'm hoping for high mileage with these. they've all been written out and now marcello is just finishing up putting them into the script properly. meanwhile it's up to me to tie up loose ends in the misc update category, which is nearly entirely limited to bug fixing by now. historically that does not take very long, but i also have not gone through the forum for bugs basically all episode, so i will be doing that over the next week. we'll then start testing. we're doing it a bit different than we have in the past, so i'll go over how it's structured this time to inform newcomers and illustrate changes. in the past our test sequence has been ...where the supervised test is one where one person (hi ikaru) plays through the episode and all with me watching so i can closely see any problems with how it plays or things that need to be tweaked. this has just been called alpha in the past. the beta has been done by ace members, community is a release available to all forum members, and the public release is open to everyone finally. unfortunately many bugs have still passed to the community and public releases despite this. that's because we would find bugs in beta or community, and then take a pass at fixing them, but sometimes that fix fails or breaks something else, and we dont find out until the public release because all the testers had already played the originally broken version. for this reason starting this time, we'll have more waves than before: i just mentioned the supervised testing was considered alpha before, but we're now calling it that. instead the alpha testing will be done by the supporter group here on the forums privately. internal testing likewise will be done by the dev team as a whole amongst ourselves. we didnt do this before due to having a smaller, more inconsistent group, although it somewhat happened less formally anyway. my hope is that taking it through these different waves will give us plenty of time to fix as many bugs as possible. of course there are some things that just won't statistically present themselves until swarmed with a certain number of new players, so it's not as if we can promise a bug-free release. i ask for your understanding as always. in order to compensate for the increased number of waves, i'll be shortening the time of each one as well. in the past the beta and community tests have not had a fixed timeframe, but usually ended up being around two weeks each. with more waves now, i'll be limiting each one to a single week so that we can move through it in a similar amount of time. the supervised test should not require a week anyway... anyway, this all means that if there are no especially time-consuming problems, the episode will publicly release four weeks after the internal testing begins. since we are reaching this stage, it also means this will be my final post here for this episode. from here on out, i hope you can wait for it patiently. although the story content of the episode will be somewhat light, there is plenty to explore, and especially with 7th gen being added there are many new pokemon to catch too. in fact, as of the end of E17 only six non-legendary lines are still unavailable. and as for legendaries... maybe you'll even get some action with them too. until next time ≮̕3҉
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    hello! check that out! bi-weekly! what a concept! so my mapping is done, y'all. a glance to the right will show you that mapping on the whole is only at 85% but that remaining 15% is being taken care of by the generous mappers i introduced last time. they're so sweet. in my last post i mentioned i still had one more area to do-- and it is done. it was done in a 24 hour frenzy of motivation while listening to Melodrama on loop probably about fifty gabillion times. and it is great. its also gonna have a few hundred passability errors details. on the whole i really like how the new areas in E17 have come out. i hope you will all have as much fun exploring them as i did making them!* *this does not include the desert. although it had its moments, it was often not very fun to make. please have more fun exploring it than i did making it. please. also i would like to never see a sand tile again, js. anyway! we move into eventing next, but first we're making a pit-stop in the past. now that the desert map is done, i'll be redoing the intro. from day 1, i had wanted to show the player riding in through the desert on the train to grandview station, but as it turns out it's a little bit difficult to do that when you don't have a desert map to ride in on. therefore i'd planned for a long time to add that in when i did finally get tourmaline mapped. while i'm at it, i'm actually changing the intro completely (up to the point of station explosion). since it's literally the first part of the game and wouldn't be a spoiler, i will probably make and post a video of it when it is finished. the intro is not being accounted for in the eventing % though; it will be in the Misc Updates section, and is in fact the main item there. more soon. <3
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    History has a habit of letting little girls wander past the forest's edge, only to be swallowed up by any number of enchantments beyond. She awakens in a tower. A dragon guards her, its fangs bared to the world, Brimstone breath faithfully reserved for whatever metal-clad ignoramus thinks himself so mighty that even fire may not char his miserable flesh. Rev up those fantasy cores. It's the Fairy Tale Field. By the way, I did add a teaser at the end of the previous field reveal but some of the discussion around that led me to realize I had been a little unclear in the matter, so I'd like to clarify. I did say that we would be saying goodbye to a certain character. But if I were going to be a little more precise, I should say... It's not just one.
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    sad reacts only but not really, because this is one of those like, six lines i mentioned on the right. basically it's the AI section. cuttin' into it like a rotom-c. so a few things that have generally been done recently: tv dialogue for new epsiode is , furfrou forms are and the groomer is in glamazonia salon-- actually i guess i can post those here. and uh. weather is ! we fixed the bugs with E16's systems. it turned out to be super simple. it'll rain less now. rain is fake news anyway. wait i'm-- well ok. have some frous. i refuse to accept that that 'frou' is pronounced like 'true' though. that's the real fake news. okay so stepping forward i train my laser sights on AI specifically function codes because that stuff is incomplete and also largely never existed in the first place. its basically the thing that tells it when specific move effects are a good idea. it doesn't have no idea-- but it has bad ideas most of the time, and no idea the rest of the time. there are ~350 function codes in the game, and for E17 we will be choosing to focus on 118 of them. the rest will be finished in E18. so basically i have my work cut out for me if i want this to happen soon. guess i had better get started ^^
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    You get no context. You get no screenshot. But I will deliver what I have promised. You can take it from there. The obtainable list has been updated for E16. Older members will know what that implies.
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    Hello and welcome to the new site! E16's community release is now available, but per the name, it is only accessible to registered forum members! If you happen to be a registered forum member, please sign in and head over here to get it! If you are not a registered forum member, it is not too late to change that. However please be aware that the reason we do Community Releases is not just a plot for registration, but because there may still be fatal bugs in the download and we want to make sure that anyone who encounters such bugs will be around for the updates to fix it. Please feel free to register and play the episode, but also consider sticking around for further updates! Thank you all for being patient with us through development and the site update! Enjoy!
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    Hm, the list might be quite long. I apologize in advance if I miss someone, but it won’t prevent me to try. So, let’s begin :^) @J-Awesome_One: You're among the first people I’ve met on the forum. I enjoy most of your runs, especially James and Matthew ones. It motivated me to do the same with Flannery. Keep up the good work! @Candy: You’re a good person with a fertilize imagination. As the creator of Vanilla, you deserve some praise. Keep up your written run, your work is flawless! @seki108: You were the first to notice my spriting attempts, and a pleasant member of the community. It might be a detail for you, but it means a lot for me. @Zumi: As the developer of Pokemon Xenogene, you’re an exceptional spriter as well as a model for me. Seriously, never give up, I love what you did! @Amethyst & @Jan: The two respective and respectable creators of Reborn and Rejuvenation. I would like to get your creativity, because I want to create my own games as well. Without you, this forum would have never existed, and I would probably not had the opportunity to do my first footsteps in the spriting discipline. I really appreciate what you did, never change! @CodeCass & @Celeby: That’s always fun to be with you in the prediction topic, and I’m always glad to help you with some Reborn tips. You’re cool! @SoraBell: I owe you the development of my interest with Pokemon Rejuvenation as your request was a Rejuvenation sprite. Also, I liked exchanging my opinions about this work with you. I hope you’re still in shape! Honorable mentions: @Wolfox, @Zarc, @Corso, @Trufa, @PESH1, @Sayia, @Caimie, @Sirius, @Commander, @FairFamily, @Archeric, @Maqqy, @Alistair, @CrimsonDragon21, @Dragoknight, @SilverHelio As I said above, I apologize if I forgot mentioning someone. You’re all nice, and I appreciate all of you. Just stay true to yourself
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    @Wolfox- Probably the person I talk to the most on here now. RWBY, Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter, Code Geass, the bugs in Insurgence. Seriously, thank you for talking with me about all this stuff, even if I can't always give good responses or feedback at times. Plus, you love Gardevoir and fairies in general too, so that automatically makes you top-tier. @SilverHelio- I was more than happy to provide those, and see the game updates you gave to me for a while. Also, thank you reading all my stuff, even when I went on a semi-detailed explanation of a game you never played before. @Candy/ @J-Awesome_One Thank you both for provided excellent written adventures that helped see the same tale in different ways even if I'm a bit behind on Candy's atm....sorry. Seriously, I love your innovations to the story and how you capture the characters even during the changes. While I haven't read your's yet @Q-Jei, I'll get to it eventually. @Zarc- Another Code Geass fan, with a side of meme (and a trader on the side-side). May the Risitas ever provide you with laughs. @Morshu (Bibs)- The main memer I've talked with here, you provide the dankest stuff sometimes. Still hard to keep up with the name changes sometimes. You also got me into Duel Links and comment when I complain about it, so thank you for that. It's a good reminder of the Yugioh I remember, but still different enough to feel new. @The Grinch (Isa)- Well, I can't talk about one memer without talking about their stalker observer fan. While you haven't been as active on the forums lately and I'm rarely on Discord, seeing you talking about your cats and such was always fun. You'll always be the cat-loving memer who's posts could make me laugh. And thanks for applying to be a member of the 2hu club when I wasn't sure if I would get enough members. @LykosHand- The ever-present birthday card that reminds us all of each other's birthdays. While it may be small, it always feels good to be remembered. @KosherLexi- Thanks for being an active the most active member of the mostly-dead Touhou club. You still have good tastes in remixes/arrangements. @CodeCass- While more recent, you did remind me of the new FLCL, so that deserves a personal thank you. Also, you like Gunpla, so that's another plus. @Avria- First, thanks for all the early trades you did while trying to fill out your shiny dex all that time ago. More recently, thanks for helping me found the Touhou club and talking with me about Touhou when I first got back into the franchise. Hopefully, like the first time you disappeared from the forums, you will come back again. @Arkiel- Thank you for making my Gardevoir/Granzon avatar that I used for quite a while. Good luck with whatever you are doing now. @luis @HUEnd @Greninja Thank you for all the trades with the Guild, and thanks for all the great shinies you've traded me at those times Luis. @Jess- While we don't talk as much now, it was fun to complain about Insurgence with you and Wolfy. @Corso- My fellow number counter, though I don't pop in as much. We almost made it to Alola numbers that one time before Njab derailed things. @Bam the 25th- While we haven't talked much lately, thanks for making my watching of Little Witch Academia that much more exciting. Also, unless I'm wrong, you were the first person on here to wish me happy birthday, just a month after I actually became active, so thank you for that as well. @Paul25- While we haven't talked at all lately, you were a big part of why I stayed active the first year here, so thank you for that. Even if I'm not as into battling as I was a year ago (and I'm not playing much Pokemon at the moment), our battles were always fun.......even with the connection issues at times. @Plok (Njab)- You singlehandedly saved my only Reborn run that was far in from getting deleted thanks to not deleting my save off the file-fixing thread after more than a month or two, so thanks again. @Amethyst @Jan @Ice Cream Sand Witch @Caz And of course, thanks for the great fangames that you've provided for us and to Ame for starting this whole thing in the first place. I probably forgot some people, but I tried to get everyone. Sorry for the atrocious formatting, like usual.