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    If Toby Fox made ORAS, the Delta Episode would be the Deltarune Episode.
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    Hey everyone! So not much to say here other than this is where I'll be posting my videos of my playthrough of Pokemon Empyrean. Hope you all enjoy them!
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    Part 20: Rivals and stuff
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    Part 19: The pink wall of fuck you
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    I've done over 800 resets aiming for a shiny version of the Lotad event Pokemon in the Coral Ward and knowing the shiny rate in Reborn it has me wondering if all event Pokemon can be shiny. I know that they're randomized but I know from some of the other event Pokemon that I've encountered that some are completely randomized, such as the Smoochum and Pichu having 31 IVs in a few of their stats no matter how they're otherwise randomized. IF that could happen I figured that some event Pokemon could be shiny. I'm not sure why somebody would go out of their way to implement that and just make a headache for themselves but it seems to be that or I'm just very unlucky and I figured that I would ask before continuing to SR for a shiny.
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    Part 18: Miniboss Central
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    So, the Artemis Fowl 2019 trailer dropped two days ago and... yeah, Racebending. I don't know, I thought Artemis himself would be intimidating, with skin as pale as a Vampires. He's also supposed to look smart. This comes up like a 12 year old trying to cosplay as Artemis Fowl. He's got the age, but not the aura. They made a bunch of Black actors play Eurasian characters. They also turned Root into a girl. But the other casting choices... Racebending. Plain old Racebending. This is gonna be Death Note all over again. The Death Note movie turned two Smart People (Light and L) into idiots. This movie will again turn two Smart beings (Foaly and Artemis Fowl the Second himself) into Idiots. However, Racebending here is not exactly as big a problem as it was in Death Note or The Last Airbender, since Artemis Fowl is a book series. Nevertheless, this trailer gives me Percy Jackson Movie vibes. That is not a good sign. The Books aren't exactly masterpieces, but they tell a good, entertaining story and feature good character development. And like Final Fantasy VII before it, an environmentalist message that isn't ham handed.
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    Well unless ya plan on using them for online battles i doubt you will get in trouble, that said it's likely one was caught and then modified to have those ivs and pkrs, as long as all looks normal it probably wouldn't be picked up on by WT