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    Hiya! As stated in the main party post, this is the Super™ Secret Santa signup thread. Unlike the Cyber Secret Santa, this one is held in Real Life™! Each participant will be seeeeeecretly assigned another participant to give a gift to- but unlike the cyber event, these gifts will actually physically exist and will literally be sent to you and your giftee! There will be two "rings", if you will- one in Europe and one in North America, each capped at 15 people. It'll be limited to those two regions to reduce shipping costs and to avoid the inherent logistical headaches in shipping things across an ocean. Requirements: You have to be willing to spend real money. Like, actual money. Dolla dolla bills, yo. You must be willing to provide your address. The only people who will see it will be myself and your giftee, and I swear I'm not scary. You must be a veteran on the forums. A maximum of 15 people will be accepted per region. Sign up by sending a private message to me (hi) with your region, address, and wishlist. You are free to give whatever you wish, however it's recommended that you keep costs limited at $25 or £/€20. Sign up will be open until either 11/29 or until each ring hits 15 people, which ever comes first. Please have gifts shipped by 12/7 in order to guarantee that the gift arrives by the date of the party. It would be highly appreciated if you could also pass your receipts along to myself simply to ensure that something was sent- if you sent a receipt to me and (due to some unforeseen circumstance) do not receive a gift, we'll make sure that you still get a gift. Feel free to post any questions you have here, or simply dm me. Hope you all have fun with this~
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    Hey everyone! So not much to say here other than this is where I'll be posting my videos of my playthrough of Pokemon Empyrean. Hope you all enjoy them!
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    I've done over 800 resets aiming for a shiny version of the Lotad event Pokemon in the Coral Ward and knowing the shiny rate in Reborn it has me wondering if all event Pokemon can be shiny. I know that they're randomized but I know from some of the other event Pokemon that I've encountered that some are completely randomized, such as the Smoochum and Pichu having 31 IVs in a few of their stats no matter how they're otherwise randomized. IF that could happen I figured that some event Pokemon could be shiny. I'm not sure why somebody would go out of their way to implement that and just make a headache for themselves but it seems to be that or I'm just very unlucky and I figured that I would ask before continuing to SR for a shiny.
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    Well unless ya plan on using them for online battles i doubt you will get in trouble, that said it's likely one was caught and then modified to have those ivs and pkrs, as long as all looks normal it probably wouldn't be picked up on by WT
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    I think that is OK to keep them in fact you didn't raised them, the weird part is that, the dittos were wondertraded, normally they can't be wondertraded because in that case you get a message saying that a illegal pokemon is found in your party, the same happens when a pokemon is not released yet.
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    Just europe or america, though frankly if I have your address I can probably figure that out myself.
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    Oooook so Let's begin fixing a couple things First of all, Naganadel is the most solid lead of the game. Any good player must have a precise game plan to face a leading Naganadel or they will lose 2-3 pokemons in very little time and Naganadel will start snowballing, as choice scarf isn't a thing, TM ice beam and earthquake are not here yet, and so on. Naganadel is the absolute best pokemon of the game, seriously His major threats are however AV Tyranitar and Metagross, quite common to check Naganadel, as well as Weavile and MegaMawile. The last one is especially good, but cannot safely switch in as you can (and should) Nasty Plot on his switch-in and Mawile is usually a pokemon you don't want to lead with. So yeah that's the thing: you send in Naganadel, you scout his check, you kill it, ggwp everyone Charizard X is one of the best megas to cover Naganadel's weaknesses and can safely get into the random eqs people will try to shoot in the face of Naga. However, I would really teach him dragon dance instead of crunch to threaten some checks in switch-in. You'll never use crunch so much, seriously. Eq is not in the game so you can't teach it at all Flygon is a very interesting pick but I don't appreciate dragon rush. Claw is just better. However, I would reeeally teach him defog and roost, as you must keep it alive to continuously get rid of hazards that are pretty hurtful for your team Goodra is simply good... ra. Assault vest is the best set for him but you have enough fire moves so you may want to run power whip instead of flamethrower for Swampert Jellycent and Gastrodon (while Swampert will be reeeeally uncommon, Gastrodon is fairly good for this metagame ans Jellycent is not a metagame staple but does its job) As for Dragonite, wing attack is just so sad. Probably, it's just better to use roost as the only good fairies of the metagame are Mimikyu, Mawile, Silvally and Clefable and Dragonite just wants to escape in front of them as the same. However, remember that Fire Blast ohkoes 252hp Mawile while you have +2 satk even with a negative nature and no evs at all Tyrantrum is just a bit... bad imo? Ok if you like it play it. But... many other dragons are a bit better. What about Silvally? Is a very good defogger (so you could give Flygon stealth rock) and is the only freakin dragon pokemon in the game that grants momentum with parting shot as you know we have no u-turn nor volt switch for now Hope I've been useful!
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    I would've had Shelly coming with Vanilla and Aya, but I felt they needed time alone and heck I can just use raw screenshots? Sign me up I'm glad you liked it, because I liked it too :3 It's fairly easy once you have the sprites- you just combine them together using an image editor that supports layers. Pikachu using his disguise as a parachute is quite likely to make a comeback in the future (prolly in Season 4 when Vanini makes a brief return to Ametrine, but the specifics shall be kept secret)
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    Hey Hey Hey Very nice to meet you all! As its written in the title Ive decided that this could possibly be my new resting place! Im always on the look out for pokemon games I can enjoy! Name is EerieGrimm but im neither eerie or grimm xD I just have a love for all lore/mythology/supernatural/etc. While I like 97% of all Pokemon my guilty pleasures are the otherworldly ones Ghost, Psychic, Dark, Dragon, Fairy, etc. (exactly in this order) I always do my utmost to try and have a team with a mix or a few of these types. This is my first post ever in the forum, so I need to take a look at everything to learn the ropes of this game and community. Any tips always welcome! Go Beyond!