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    So I was bored yesterday... And face-swap time happened.
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    Hi! Read your first few bits of Chroma, I won't be using forum format quotes, I'll just be copypasting things and giving critique based on whatever I copy-paste. "Curious, I slowly ascended from my lying position to a weak, unbalanced stand. My back felt damp, as if I was sleeping on dew-coated leaves on a cold autumn’s morning. Below me I could see ripples along the ground, as if I were standing in a shallow puddle that stretched as far as the darkness would let me see." I think you're using the phrase "as if" too often in this case, it kind of breaks the flow. Unless you're going for a specific effect of literary parallelism, it would be better to employ metaphorical comparisons, or a different choice of phrases. For instance, I would write it as "Below I could see ripples along the ground, like it were a shallow puddle, stretching out as far as the boundary of darkness allowed." "too faint to make out at my current position" Grammatical issue here, it should be "From my current position", not "at". "After roughly ten minutes of wandering," Unnecessary and breaks the immersion. In a world described as such, you should have no way of being able to tell the time, so you probably don't want to allude to any form of specific timekeeping. "After a bout of wandering" is how I would begin this segment. "filling the area with a wickedly twisted and growing red aura." My problem here is choice of words. "Aura" is usually not a concrete concept and is generally thought to be unable to be perceived. Perhaps "Tint" or "shade" or even "light" would be better here. "though not by men, but of the beasts whose roars continued to ring around my head." Again, Grammar. It should be "not by men, but by beasts". Also, a comma placed after "beasts" would make the sentence flow slightly better. "I flinched back, slamming my eyes shut and ineffectively blocking my face with my arms." Personal opinion, but I think "ineffectually" would be a better choice of words here than "ineffectively".
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    >tfw not mentioned amongst ex-auth.
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    Speaking of themes for characters, here's Slade's battle theme: (Azery, your comments have been shunned)
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    People are free to play the game however they like. This is for those of us who like to play the game without hacking in ungettable mons, not for those who like to play around with their files.
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    This is quite the conundrum for me. On one hand I really do not want to show my fiance that I am more of a Pokemon nerd than I already let on. But on the other hand...Dratini and Goomy. So...Fiance's respect...or Dratini/Goomy...dang that's hard.
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    The real catch: Upon first attempting to grind, you find that they are both just transformed dittos. Edit: Also thank you seribii
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