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    you know that feeling when you finally pay of your mortgage and you finally know that not only is your home your own from then on but you don't have to worry about making the house payments each month anymore? of course you fucking don't because most baby boomers aren't even to that point yet and millennials barely even stand a goddamn chance at step 1 or for that matter affording their own apartment nor will we ever in our lifetimes the way things are currently going but that's the kind of feeling i have right now. sort of. i think about certain aspects of making games as taking on a "development debt". I could make the game from start to finish much quicker if i disregarded everything like animations or adding new gens or rebuilding the AI, but I choose to do those things to make the game better. in return, I accept a certain amount of development debt that must be worked out of before the game can be considered finished. and that's pretty stressful. it feels bad to not be able to put time towards making the kind of progress that i care about the most-- which is of course the main gameplay and story. so, although i still have a significant amount of debt to pay off in the form of finishing animations and the new gen, I'm happy to say that I can at least put the AI behind me. mostly. i mean i know it'll still take forever to test and debug and amend and yaddayadda but making fixes to something is much easier making something from scratch (or from the ashes of a previously ineffective AI system) and also i know that the AI is only planned and not actually implemented as of now buuuuuuuut thanks to the beautiful soul known as the cellist, that's all that i really have to worry about. which means i am freeeeeeeee from AI. except fixes and updates to E17's parts but again, who caressss about that i'll do it later. so! what's next? normally i would now turn my attention to the USUM sprites so that we can get our final new-gen debt all safely tucked away too. would feel good. i prioritized that last episode as well and there are really only a handful of sprites to handle this time, so that's nice too. alas, i am not going to do that yet. first, i will get started on the mapping. the first main area of E18 will take a bit of time on the other mapper's parts again, so I'd like to hurry and get it set, so I can pass it off to them and then, while everyone is occupied, I can take out the sprites. as you can see on the scoreboard i've already started that in fact, sooooooooooo really i just get to do part of the funner stuff a bit early... sweet stuff imo.
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    Good whatever time of day it is for you, viewers! I'm here to bring you an update about our auth team! Please welcome Alistair to the team! Some of you may have noticed that he's had the blue Staff rank for a few days, but now he's a red Global Mod! Alistair has been very helpful in the community and we felt he deserved a spot on the auth team! Farewell to Njab, who's retiring today! Thank you for the time you spent on the team and for fixing so many peoples' save files! Here's a welcoming gift for Alistair and a parting gift for Njab
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    Hello everybody, it’s been a bit after ya know… the incident but I took time back. I am returning sooner than I intended to, to be honest; however, I feel that I am good enough to be back. I needed time to really reflect on not just what happened here but my life in general as it was taking a large toll on my mental state and I wasn’t in a great place that possibly playing Mafia wasn’t the best decision. I do admit I took Alisae’s words a bit more personally than I probably would have, say I was not in this mental state. That doesn’t mean some words e stated were unnecessary I still stand by that. Things escalated to a point of just absolute terror and I myself am ashamed to have put on such a dramatic scene. I do apologize to Alisae as the fault isn’t 100% in e; all conflicts take two or more to create and there is fault in all parties in most scenarios. We both could have gone about this in different ways and it’s important to make sure such does not happen again going forward in the community. We did talk privately about the matter not long ago and I believe there’s not really any animosity between us but more just kinda we’ll avoid each other if necessary. Things are a bit better for me in regards to my personal life and I feel a bit more at peace with myself. After all, without pain, how would they know pleasure? (This is a quote from Evelynn pls don’t smite me) I feel I am okay to return to things as usual now and move forward with an optimistic and happier view. I will be coming down harder on people who create chaos in the community however. I've heard a bit about what's been going on in the Discord and I'm just going to say I don't like much of what I've been hearing. That being said, I am making the decision to no longer participate in Mafia games. Instead, I will continue my role as the head Discord moderator and now start to dedicate what time I have to monitoring ongoing games to make sure any potential conflict does not blow way out of proportion like before. As well as those, I will host Mafia games that I create on my own time. I will aim to create unique games for fresh experiences to give players sporadic breaks from the usual stressful games of Mafia and be in a newer setting with newer opportunities. I hope you respect my decisions and I wish to create more memories with you all as we are nut just a Mafia community, we are a family. *I have returned to the club on the forums and will follow on Discord once I get in contact with Dive about some things beforehand.
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    So, older users may be familiar with our warning and punishment system. For a refresher, here's what that looked like previously: Perhaps you see the inherent problem already-- most of these are still geared towards Showdown and Ace Membership, which have respectively fallen out of use and fallen out of existence. Therefore, effective as of the post, we have decided to update the warning point thresholds and consequences. The new list is as follows: These may seem quite a bit stricter, but it is worth noting that very few users ever get to even 3 warning points at a time even on the old system, so it is not likely to affect many people. In addition, we haven't been satisfied with some of the persistent negativity that has lingered in the community lately, and it is our hope that these changes will enable us to address those problems much more quickly and efficiently. In addition to this, we are also cutting the Advertising warning penalty from 4 points to 1. Previously that warning was intended to handle not only spambots, but users who would advertise other showdown servers on our own. Since showdown is no longer such a concern and that doesn't tend to happen on Discord, we no longer need such a steep toll on this warning, and will just handle spambots separately. This warning then becomes reserved for any users who links to a site with intent to require the user to pay, register or subscribe to their services, such as other forums, twitch streams, etc. In order to post these links users should check in with and get approval from a staff member first. That approval should be given to any user who shows a genuine intention or effort to contribute positively to the community, which in most cases means it will be allowed without much question. Checking in still important though. okay that's it for icky business and discipline stuff. please all have a nice day~
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    Good evening, everyone. As the Game Moderator of the game and the President of the Reborn Mafia Club, I would like to express my thoughts on the matter. Please bear with me as I'm far from perfect, but I'll try my best to resolve this. I believe that we shouldn't pin the blame on anyone. It does us no good to do so at all. Instead, I would like to tell this story first in relation to my message. As you've all known in the backstory I told you several times, I found Mafia in the late ends of May 2017 as I was browsing Pokecommunity. The game was fun and interesting, and this encouraged me to create my own game in Reborn Forums because I wanted to share this fun with the community I've grown fond of. A few games later, the playerbase increased and I became interested in creating a Discord to provide a safe and enjoyable haven for those who play the game and are part of the community. Nearly 8 months from the start of it all, we've now grown to be a large enough community and we've made a lot of progress through the months along with our mistakes. What I wish to tell you from that story is that I started this all because I wanted to give an avenue for people to find enjoyment and entertainment in the midst of their busy schedules or to simply offer the best of fun to those who play it. I also created the Discord in the hopes of creating an environment for those players to find a place where they could express their feelings outside of their hometown and a place where they could be a part of a loving family. I didn't set out to start everything to create animosity and hate between others. As much as Mafia may be a game where people can accuse each other and find problems with one another, I didn't and don't want this community to be toxic and divided like other communities. I wish this place to remain healthy and vibrant with life, where everyone can learn to find friendship with other players through the competition of Mafia. Thus, in the midst of everything and for the future of all Mafia games, I want to tell you to remember the greatest rule in this community, more important than the other rules like no nightposting: RESPECT. This is the value I want to emphasize and the value that symbolizes our community. Respect means being considerate of other people's feelings and not trespassing them to the point that you begin hurting them. That doesn't mean that I oppose scumhunting and accusations; instead, I tell you to think before you post first of whether your post embodies the spirit of respect. Steer clear of personal insults and hurting remarks because they're not part of the game. People like me may not be so much affected of strong accusations, but people have a varying degree of tolerance, so please be sensitive as you post. This not only applies to this mafia game, but also in real life. On the other hand, respect also means that you try to understand others before you judge them. They may just have a certain incident that influenced them to have this type of personality or they simply have that innate characteristic. After all, to really understand someone, you must learn to see every side of someone and be able to accept what is it them. I hope you can all accept this. On the notion of the game's resume, after much thought, I have decided to continue the game because it would be unfair to both parties - to me as I have given a lot to create this game and want to see it continue and to you, players, who joined this game to have fun and experience. I also believe that not continuing the game doesn't benefit anyone and I don't want to simply leave this game as part of a dark history of our community. Instead, I implore you all to give the game a second chance starting from N2. I want you to make this a turning point for us to improve as a community. If you do wish to leave, I won't hold you to that, but I'll be very happy if you stay in the game. Although the problem has already occurred, it's not too late. I hope that you can help Quinn and Alisae in any way. I value them both as members of our community and I don't wish this incident to be a very bad memory for them to keep in Reborn Mafia. Thank you, Divergent.
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    “If someone like me could do that, go around helping people who are in trouble, then I think that would be... truly wonderful.” - Madoka Kaname Apparently someone heard you, Madoka! Due to her remarkable work in the Pokémon Reborn and Rejuvenation-related subforums as well as her general involvement with the community, walpurgis has been noticed by senpai the auth team, and it is now my great honor to formally introduce her as our newest staff member! Please give her a warm welcome~ Congratulations walpurgis! As Papyrus would say...
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    New version out V2.9.0. A Buttload of tile fixes. (Probably...) A Buttload of typo fixes. Major Bug Fixed. For some reason a psychic lamb-bean has been telepathically fixing its own writing. This is under investigation. Welcome to the world of Postscriptum. Follow the steps of the protagonist, a melancholic young adult stricken by unemployment and paralyzed by a chronic care-free and lethargic attitude. Seeking to redeem himself for his past mistakes and overcome his guilt, he, again, applies for a job, expecting to fail miserably once more. To his surprise, he actually gets a call for an interview, at none other than the Pokemon Couriers, a prestigious, esteemed, and highly regarded organization. Setting his sights on the future, he attempts for the last time to begin anew. ~Plot: ~The Characters: ~Setting: ~Features: Important Points: SPOILERS!!! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! YOU DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS! PLEASE DO SO AFTER FINISHING THE DEMO! Developer’s Details: END OF SPOILERS Currently Known Bugs: Credits: Screenshots: (kinda outdated now) Download:
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    i suppose i shy to post updates like this when i don't actually have anything new finished , but i really must not neglect, ne? so while i don't have any super spectacular news, here's a general update of what's going on USUM content is fully implemented except sprites, and i've done about half of those by now. the harder half, in fact. i've been spacing that out week by week so i don't go crazy. it hasn't worked. the first of four map areas for the episode is structured out and currently being completed bit by bit by kanaya. cliff hell is the real hell tbh. i'll have to do some finishing work on it but nothing i couldn't do in an evening. meanwhile i'm also working on the second of the the four areas. i really love the puzzle concept for this, but i'm a little bit concerned how it'll turn out in-game because how godfuck many events i have to use (as usual). the groundwork is laid for the puzzle (and that's always the hardest part) so i'm currently making graphics for this area and filling in the map. marcello has graduated from USUM content and is now picking up where i left off with the AI. we're starting with making some utility methods so that enemy trainers generally know when it'll be a good idea to change a field or player's ability for the sake of just getting rid of a good one. animations are a bit of a slow burn right now but they do, nonetheless, burn. about 60 animations remain to be completed for gens 1-6. more than 50 of those are already in some kind of progress. although gen 7 remains, and these last few animations may take a solid amount of time, there is a light at the end of the tunnel~ although you know what (hey ame, maybe actually mention the important thing here, duh-doy), now that i mention the animators we are actually looking to bring one more person to help out with finishing out the work. sooo this is absolutely not planned at all but if you are a person who might be interested in helping out then please shoot me one (1) PM and tell me some things: do you have any experience with: animating in general specifically pokemon essentials' animation editor graphics gale (just the program is fine, even if you're not a great spriter) sound editing what kind of time commitment can you make the project, per week? what other responsibilities do you have that might interfere? how are you with handling criticism and feedback? why do you want to work on the project? other details: experience is not necessary but will be strongly preferred since we're on the tail end of this. the actual time required is not set but varies based on the volume of animations being handled at a time. i'll typically expect something around five hours per week. the most important things for this are reliability and responsiveness to feedback. creativity and vision is never a bad thing either. even if you don't have RMXP or are not familiar with its animation editor, it's cool. we can teach you if selected. only one person will be chosen but i'll eventually respond to everyone who applies. also my base speed is like, 2 so pls under the stand if i'm a slow sweet i hope there's no flaws in this plan i just made, how about a cut off date? yeah, cut off date sounds good. cut off date is saturday. whatever date that is. 2/17. i'll take applications until then this has been yet another incredibly deliberate post by yours truly, thank you for reading and for anyone who may offer to help~
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    pr@1$3 d b1d00f owo 0r f33l d wr@7h 0f P@ul d 1ll3g@l b1d00f ~(°O°)/
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    So like....what about a new Pause Menu? Wait what's that? Oh yes it is. Thanks to the wonderful help of one of the new members of the dev team that is not I, we've ended up being able to implement achievements into the game. Cool little nifty function isn't it? I'm glad you asked! Yes I know no one did but screw it I wanna exposition away. You can obtain achievements by doing just about everything you can, ranging from mundane every minute things such as walking around and battling a wild Pokemon, to more thrilling opportunities such as buying items and building a monopoly in the Aevium region! God bless the player's financial genius, right? No? OK, tough crowd... Doing these tasks will result in you completing a stage of said achievement; there's often a few of each, so completing them all might take a while. By completing a stage you'll end up earning AP: Ability PowerAchievement Points! You can check these by heading over to the Chrisola Casino, and obtaining an Achievement Card from one of the lovely people there: Now you say, what do I get for working my butt off for these things? Well my friend, that brings me to my last point: By talking to this lady over here, you can exchange your AP for various prizes. Could be little nice stuff like this: Could even be some of those remaining EV rooms cards! As for your Grand Prizes...well, I'm not here to give you everything. But believe me, the grand prizes are well worth the time put in. So get out there and hunt for those achievements! Maybe even more might be added in the future!
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    It's passed a year since i joined. wow. Time flies too fast sometimes. Honestly when i signed up here, i didn't think that i'd been here for so long, i'm glad that i was wrong btw . Surely i will never leave this place, because i really like stay here with you all
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    Next session: March 3 and 4 9:30~10:00 AM EST and 6:00~6:30 PM EST Howdy everyone o/ Based off on a Wonder Special we, from MALKCOSH Guild used to do, I would like to suggest the following: We set a day to wonder trade either breedjects (cuz y'all know you have tons of those), some spare perfect mons we bred and even unused trained mons you once used and now it's just sitting there. Due the really low playerbase that hangs around the Online Play (and that includes Wonder Trade too. Sometimes I can't just find someone to do some trades), I think this is a good way to distribute some cool mons to each other. Sooooo I would like to heart out if you guys agree and, if you do, please suggest a time for it. Thanks in advance =3 #EDIT: Seems like we got a okay amount of people that would like to do this, sooooo we gotta choose a day for it. I'll leave some suggestions (with time based on EST time zone. If you wanna check if the time window is fine for you, use this website). Also, let me mention the most active big bois (that haven't commented yet) of the club to check on their opinions: @Ainz Ooal Gown, @Zarc, @Candy and @LykosHand. #EDIT 2: Let me mention everyone that showed interest in participating to vote the day/time/frequency: @Hooligan, @seki108, @Paul25, @Darvin, @Anti_Hero and @Amine Chankey3ft7 #EDIT 3: Based on the comments and the votes, I settled the following: Frequency: Once in a month Days: Saturdays and Sundays Time: 9:30~10:00 AM EST and 6:00~6:30 PM EST I decided to do two sessions per day with a shorter period, so everyone can join, so make sure to save some mons for each session if you can join all of them! With that being said, I hope we have a great time wonder trading this weekend: February 3 and 4
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    I had this weird dream last night that Reborn was finally finished, abruptly and with loads of plotholes and questions and stuff left unfinished and nobody was expecting it... but it was great, and Ame kinda announced that everything was gonna be wrapped up in one final miscellaneous update next and everyone was celebrating on the forums, like, old members who've since gone inactive came back and stuff. and it was an emotional ending and everyone was looking back on the last however-long-it's-been since Reborn started and everything that's happened in that time, and everyone was excited about Starlight Divide and whatever came next ^u^ and then I woke up and I was like awww bummer but I was weirdly tearful because it just kinda made me realise how much Reborn means to me personally and how much I appreciate it and it's always sorta been there since I've basically grown up with it at this point and when it is finally complete idk what it's gonna be like having that missing from my life guess ill just make my own fangame to fill the void or something lol but I just kinda wanted to give a random and sincere heart-felt thank you to Ame and everyone who has ever contributed to making Reborn because man it has really fucking resonated with me (and... well the entire community, I'm by no means the only one) it is a masterpiece in so many ways and its brought so many people together and even inspired several other fangames and... yeah, I guess that's all I wanted to say ^w^ I, personally, really cannot say thankyou enough. @Amethyst @Marcello @Inuki @mde2001 @smeargletail @Jan @Fantastic Mr. Fox @Kanaya @Ikaru @Kurotsune @Jericho @Will @Bazaro @Kyoyoyoyoyoyoyo @fr4ppe @Vinny @Sheep @Arkhi @Tacos @Flux @Cowtao @Pyrolusite @Azeria @Nova @Noivy guess I'll share this on discord idk everyone's users, and I'd tag literally everyone who has ever supported Reborn in any way but I think statuses have a character limit:p okaiii sorry to bother y'all you can get back to whatever you're doing now xD :'3
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    So happy with how this turned out. First time drawing on a computer. Are you proud of me, Lord Granbull? Have I pleased you?
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    It's no secret that life has been a bit shitty for me. Failing to find an education I wanted to follow and even failing to find one later with help specifically with that. Note that most friends of mine at my age already have either a job, an education or both. I've been sitting at home with about 0 things to focus on for around a year (for some, 2016 was a better year than 2017. Believe it or not). Today, however, things changed. Thanks to some things I've been allowed to work 2 afternoons a week at a company focused on renting out party equipment (tents specifically). For the first time in over a year, I actually have something again. It will last 3 months and the days are Tuesday and Wednesday (This is actually how it's spelled? and I thought the Dutch had weirdly written words) from 13:30 (1:30 PM) till 17:00 (5 PM). Not exactly times to be bragging about but considering my situation I'm not allowed to complain. Just thought I'd share this for those interested.
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    So I'm still not sure about the whole Status thread thing, but I'm going to post one anyway. I don't really like leaving people out of the dark when it comes to Rejuvenation. So while I think I prefer to work in the shadows, I don't think that's the best way to do this. Plus I have a brand new Dev Team under my belt now. So it doesn't seem as pressuring as before. Let's break out of this shell, shall we? Beta Testing: 🎊🎊🎊🎊APPLICATIONS ARE HERE 🎊🎊🎊🎊 Status Going to post something here whenever there's something noteworthy to post! (I'll have archives here so that people don't have to go digging for past posts either!) ==Archive==
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    I understand why people may not like the HMs and why they gripe about them, but I'm just looking and simply say "What the hell is Reborn supposed to do about it?" The game was literally built around HMs and they are key parts to the exploration aspect. You'll literally go to Apophyll just for an HM kind of important. HMs are also heavily implemented into the field effects to make them actually useful and helpful moves. Strength is actually really good in the Chess field, the Apophyll field, and Big Top for example. You can also overwrite them which was the biggest hindrance in the main games. Key items I suppose could be implemented but that's something more recent fan-games should consider. I think people forget Reborn is a Gen V game which implemented future features. The groundwork from that can only be changed so much before it becomes a hassle. I know a handful of dialogue and new animations would also need to be implemented to make this work...but then it goes back to why even have those HMs in the first place since most are situational. If it's really such a problem, there's a mod that makes sure you don't need the HM slave in your party.
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    From Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 14 My luck was running low, for I found an eyesore at the Opal Grand Hall. Fern was talking with Ame, and from what I could hear of the conversation, I didn’t really need to come all the way here after all. I was about to change directions to go towards the exit before Fern could realize I was there, but it was too late. “Loser is too scared to fight me?” I heard him say to my back. I stopped midway and turned. “If you already told Ame about what happened with the poison guy, I don’t have a reason to stay any longer.” “I can tell you some good information, ya know,” Fern said. “About the new poison-type Gym leader. You’ll need her badge, so I’d suggest listening to the top dog.” “Hurry up and speak or slow down and I’ll leave.” Fern fixed his glasses and smirked. “You see, Reborn has a system in place for cases like this. Since Corey retired in a sense, now the back-up girl, Aya, is the leader. Apparently she’s some chick in the middle of nowhere aka the wastelands.” “Alright. I’ll go find her,” I said, ready to leave, but Fern stopped me. “How even are you going to do that?” he asked, but his intent was obvious from his ridiculing tone. “The wastelands aren’t accessible without a key, and guess what? I’ve got one.” I sent an incredulous look to him, and he waved the key in the air for me to see. “I don’t really want to go to the wastelands with you,” I said. “What an idiot. Do you think I’d let you follow me? That’d be a disgrace on my name.” I stared at him, perhaps with killing intent. Fern read my face, but placed the keys back into his shirt’s pocket. “I can tell you where to get another, if you happen to win against me in a battle.” We didn’t waste a second. Fern’s team was pretty easy to beat, except for his roserade, which I had to defeat with my two frail vulpixes. However like with Victoria, I managed to win thanks to my team outnumbering his. “Talk about cheap,” Fern sighed. “Whatever, man. You can get a key from her brother. This purple-haired guy who looks more like a girl with fishnets. Totally freaky. He wouldn’t stop singing, either. Good luck finding him. Later, loser.” Fern purposely bumped his shoulder into mine as he passed me to exit the building. Pikachu saw this, and sent a sharp and rather unpleasant squeal. “Don’t even get mad, Pikachu. He isn’t worth our time.” Finding Cain was an ordeal in itself. I looked everywhere for him. I even went into some caves in Beryl, which wasn’t all that bad because I found myself some handy items, including a fire stone for Anna, and I also found Corey’s nidorina in an especially dark cave near the Beryl cemetery. I wouldn’t add her to my team, but still, I felt somehow responsible for her loss of trainer. When I exited the dark cave, though, I heard some singing nearby. I walked over to the cemetery, from where the singing was heard. “Cain?” I called, and e stopped singing. “Hello Vanilla, how’s it going~” e said with a wide smile. “I came here because I heard what happened with the poison-type Gym leader.” “There’s nothing to do up here. He’s dead.” Cain batted his eyes, his eyelashes looking too long to be natural. “I know I can’t do anything for the poor guy, but I heard he left a 10-year-old daughter behind.” “I don’t know where you could find Heather. She flew away on a dragon.” “Even then, I want to find her. That’s a big thing, not having anyone to care for you when you’re so young.” “If that’s what you want to do,” I shrugged. “Give me the wasteland key and you’re free to go.” “Oh, you want it too?” Cain suddenly seemed low on spirits. “I wouldn’t advise you to go, but if you’re set on it, I’ll give it to you if you win me over~ Not my heart, but in a battle, of course.” In the battle, I led with Elsa against brionne, which Freeze-Dry fainted the blue seal in two turns. Seeing that Cain was sending out his nidoking, I switched into Prince. It would’ve taken two Earth Powers, but Cain healed the pokemon in one turn, so it took three turns instead. Against a-grimer, I thought I could one shot it with Earth Power, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough and Prince got revenge-killed with Knock-off. Aladdin took over, and was able to finish the colorful blob with Fake Out and High Jump Kick. Cain sent out his final pokemon, a-marowak, but the poor thing went down to a single Rock Slide from Wolfie, which attack had been powered up by the field (though I don’t know what this field is, yet). “You won over my heart~” Cain grinned and tried to hug me but I pushed im away. “Fine, I’ll give you the key.” Just as he was looking into is pockets, though, e noticed that we were being watched from above. “When did you get here?” Cain asked the pink-haired brat. “Heather, right?” “What if I am?” Heather replied. “I heard some stuff happened, and I was looking for you because I was worried.” “What, so you can place a bunch of stupid rules on me too?” The late Team Meteor agent Corey’s words regarding ‘stupid rules’ popped on my mind, but I refrained from saying them out loud. “Hey, no, I just wanted to be friends. You see, I-” “Just shut up,” Heather said with a voice that hurt my ears. “I don’t need friends. I have a friend.” “Who is it?” “Why do I have to tell you? She’s a Gym leader, okay? I’ll go see her now if only to get away from you!” Heather called her dragon, and jumped on top of it. Seriously, Corey let her have a huge dragon to her disposal? The dragon took flight and surfed the skies with incredible speed. Cain watched her direction a while after she was gone. “She’s headed to Lapis Ward,” Cain commented. “Sorry, Vanilla. I have to get going now before she gets lost again. I’ll give you the key later.” Then Cain rode away on a bicycle. I headed to the Lapis Gym upon arrival to the ward, but I made a wrong turn and ended up witnessing the Aqua gang dismounting their bikes to head into an apartment building. They left the guy I’d punched back in their base looking after the bikes. “How convenient,” I said to Pikachu, and walked over to the bikes. “Hey, you,” the guy, whose name I believe was Razzy, exclaimed as he saw me. He tried to hide the tremor in his voice; however, his body language absolutely communicated fear. “Which is Archer’s bike?” “W-why would I tell you?” “You know the answer,” I said, raising a fist. Razzy’s hand jerked immediately to his nose bridge, which had been carefully bandaged. “It's that one,” he said, looking away from me. The way he shrunk his shoulders reminded me of Shelly. In any case, free bike so I’m not going to complain. “Don’t look at me like that,” I told Pikachu, who was staring at me with knitted eyebrows. “One must get by, and I don’t care about stealing from enemies. Now hang on tight, I’ll speed through to the Gym.” Inside Shelly’s room, I found both Cain and Heather. They were arguing about rules and freedom, which apparently is Heather’s favorite conversation topic. I don’t know what Heather wants, but I’d be willing to let her be if only she’d shut up for a moment while I receive the wasteland key from Cain. “Ugh, you’re just ganging up on me,” Heather shouted. “I’m leaving! Don’t try to stop me.” Heather pushed me to the side and ran down the stairs. Cain was almost on the verge of pulling out all his purple hair in frustration. “Quickly, Shelly, Vanilla. She’s only going to keep hurting herself like this.” Cain went down the stairs, and I followed him together with Shelly, though in my mind I was confused as to what he meant by ‘hurting herself’. I don’t see her with a razor blade or anything. We ran after her, but stopped abruptly when she bumped into an old guy with a lab coat. “Dr Connal,” I muttered, recognizing his face. “Would you just get out of my way?” Heather said loudly enough to erase my comment. “That is absolutely no way to speak to your elders,” Dr Connal said as he straightened his shirt and lab coat. “I don’t care. Just shut up and move,” Heather said, trying to move past him but the doctor purposefully moved sideways to block her way. The doctor then slapped Heather on the cheek. “Haven’t your parents taught you any manners?” “Hey, woah there, geezer. Lay off the girl,” Cain interjected. “Excuse me. I’m not a geezer,” Dr Connal clarified. “I am a doctor. I’ve worked many years for that title, and in turn I expect to be addressed accordingly.” Cain looked at him and raised an eyebrow. “Fine then. Back off, Dr Geezer.” I smirked at the remark, but we all heard Heather outright let out a small burst of laughter. However, when inquired upon it, Heather denied the act. “While I do hate to interrupt your giddy humor, I’m afraid I must. Little girl, where are your parents?” I widened my eyes. Dr Connal’s intentions were clear: he wanted to take Heather into his orphanage. I remembered how that little girl Anna had reacted at the mere thought of bringing Shelly to the orphanage to have her trauma eased. She had alluded to certain ‘painful’ events, which though I didn’t know the specifics of, were obviously undesirable for anyone. “Her parents,” I spoke up without knowing why. Unfortunately I didn’t have a wit quick enough to think of a believable lie right at that moment. “Um, doctor, her parents are… Um, her parents aren’t h-here anymore,” Shelly said, and a chill went down my spine. It was too late. “Is that so?” Dr Connal commented. “In that case, I will have to escort you to my orphanage. It is a nice little place for children like you who have been orphaned.” “I don’t want anything from you! Go away,” Heather barked. However, Dr Connal would not flinch. He listed a couple of laws or something legal like that to support his actions, and then ordered his staff to seize the pink-haired girl. “Heyy, not cool. Back off, Dr Old Guy,” Cain tried to pull an orderly’s arm, but was shaken off. “I suggest you not to interfere, for there may be legal consequences if you do,” Dr Connal stated and went back with his staff and Heather. We stayed standing there for a while as we tried to recollect what had just happened. One moment, Cain was trying to deal with a headstrong brat, and the next, the brat is taken away by an infamous fascist. “Oh my god… I-I just,” Shelly said with a shivering voice. I glanced backward, and saw that her large eyes were filling up with tears. We met eyes, and she instantly broke eye contact with me to leave towards her Gym. “Shelly!” Cain called her, but she didn’t stop running. “Come, Vanilla. We have to form a plan.” He also left for the Gym. I stayed where I was for a couple more minutes. Pikachu hopped off my shoulder, ran a little bit toward the Gym and squeaked turning its head back at me. “Think for a second,” I told him. “This is not in the deal I struck with Florinia. The old folk who is also a doctor isn’t Team Meteor and hence not a threat I have to take care of. True, what Anna told me doesn’t give me the good vibes, but keep in mind that they’re the orphans. They’re obviously going to exaggerate how badly they’re treated by staff, like how Heather exaggerates her father’s mistreatment. Perhaps Dr Connal can straighten up that punk’s twisted character once and for all.” Pikachu furrowed its brows again, and ran towards me once more only to move its body around my ankles in an ‘8’ shape. His intermittent squeaks were most likely saying ‘please’ over and over. “What’s gone into you? We barely know Heather, and the parts we know about her are all against her favor.” Right then, though, I heard a scream so sharp and loud that it could be heard even through the walls. There was no mistaking that voice - it was Heather’s. Pikachu and I looked at each other for a couple of seconds. “Fine, you win. Let’s go,” I sighed and ran towards the Lapis Gym. VANILLA RATES: REBORN CHARACTERS BONUS PIC Hello~ :3 On behalf of Vanilla, I'd like to thank you all for the continued support! 2,000 views and going strong! QUICK LINK TO NEXT EPISODE
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    That's the thing though, Wolfox. Every post had the advice they needed somewhere in it. It's the extra haughtiness and frankly unrequired defense that Reborn gets in these posts that have a tendency to prevent the advice from being taken due to ensuing shame and continued frustration. Reborn can be a very irritating game by design and by accident - even if the solution is there on the player's end and what suggestion there is from the newer folks seems not totally thought out. Just because we as a community take our lumps and "git gud" doesn't mean that's something that will be easy or quick for everyone. The forums used to be more keen to help others who were struggling. Not belittling them for being upset at their struggle. There's no reason to be a "forum warrior". If we're all playing the game - we're all on the same side. It won't hurt Ame and the development team's feelings if their work is criticized. The game isn't finished. It's the time to be critical.
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    Just want some opinions i think its pretty cool i like red and black and didn't really like regular shiny so :I i messed with stuff hope you guys like it its my first project
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    I think the status bar says it all. Correct!
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    Oh cool. Just hit 100 rep. Thought I might as well add a cool new profile pic to celebrate. (I literally just added a background to the old one) Dragonite has never looked cooler.....
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    Thanks, everyone <3 I'll give my best to be helpful to this community more than ever.
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    Oh, wow. I forgot what day of the year it is. My absolute favourite. Yay. Guess it's time to do my annual post of this image. See you guys on the other side XD
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    From Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 12 “You know this is a trap, right?” I confirmed with Victoria before going down the large rabbit hole. “Perhaps, but we’re prepared to fight. Let’s go.” Victoria started descending the ladder, and I followed closely behind. Even before we reached the bottom, we could see that Team Meteor had somehow turned the lights on. I could see the walls were lined with colorful gems, though I wasn’t sure if any would be valuable enough to collect and sell. Right when we touched bottom, though, a net sprung out of the ground to tie our feet. We both jumped - as I’d expected, Victoria had pretty sharp reflexes. However, unfortunately for her, she bumped into me as she jumped, causing me to completely escape the net’s reach but enclosing herself in the process. “Too bad we missed one,” commented Aster, who had been hiding with Eclipse behind a protruded wall. “It doesn’t matter. We’ve got one girl as the hostage. If you want to free your friend, Vanilla, I suggest you don’t try silly moves and come down.” Aster and Eclipse sent out two lycanrocs - one day form like Wolfie and one night form, who took care of quickly pulling Victoria. They opened a hidden passage on the ground and disappeared, but when I ran over to check it out, I realized it was made so that it only opened when enough pressure was applied. Since I’m only a rather petite girl, well, not even with Pikachu’s weight was I able to push it open. Hence my only options were to either ignore the kidnap or go through the long way. I sighed, for the course of action was already predetermined. Victoria had, after all, helped her win the fight between her and the street rats that were bullying Pikachu. That, too, when they had barely known each other at all. “Can’t ignore that I’ve got to return the favor,” I told Pikachu, who showed me its even squirrel teeth. We walked through the walls lined with glittering gems, occasionally fighting wild pokemon in the way. For some reason, when some wild gravelers used Rock Tomb, sometimes it would deal more damage or less damage than the average, though I wasn’t sure why this was the case. The cave was pretty much a maze. Not to draw parallels with my ancestors’ story again, but I can’t really ignore that when I get lost in a maze. Sometimes I would walk far, only to realize that I wasn’t advancing at all and instead returning to the starting point. I had to try many routes, and finally found the correct one by the process of elimination. On the way to where I assumed Aster and Eclipse were waiting, I stumbled upon a small opening in the wall. I went in and fought a diglett who broke the gems in the tiny room by magnitude. When I finished the battle, I noticed that there was something sitting on a little elevation. “It’s a Pokegear,” I said, inspecting the gadget. “But it’s broken, except for the Field Effects app.” I had all the fields listed on it, except for the Rainbow Field and the Crystal Cavern field. The Pokegear had an export function, so I easily transferred the data to my own. It can’t hurt to have more data. “I’m guessing when I fight the two Meteor grunts, I’ll be doing so in a Crystal Cavern too,” I pondered. Of course, it was a strategic idea to check out the field notes. “I see. So rock type attacks gain additional typing on this field,” I thought aloud. “I guess that’s why those gravelers did random damage on my teammates.” The battle was going to be determined by luck, I supposed, since although Wolfie had an advantage in a field that increased the damage done by rock type moves, they would be hampered if I got the short end of the stick. Besides, Aster and Eclipse already gave me a preview of their team - they obviously had enough time to train those rockruffs from the Peridot factory up to lycanrocs. That means they’ll also do random damage, and so I might lose depending on my luck. “Great. I hope my luck’s shown improvement because if it’s how it’s always been, then I’m going to be screwed.” These were the thoughts that plagued my mind, when I found some surprisingly neat stairs and went down them. “What is this place?” I asked myself, when I reached an opening that had a rather high ceiling and proper tiles on the floor. Bewildered, I walked some more, until I met a random old dude with a fashionable trench coat. “Greetings, trainer,” he said upon seeing me. I’d just been thinking of passing behind him without being noticed, but I guessed that would be impossible now. “Hi,” I said, deliberately making facial expressions of someone who has no time for chit-chat. However, the stranger did not care. “Tell me. As a citizen of this city, did you have any inkling of this place beneath it?” “I’m new to Reborn City, so I can’t answer that,” I replied, still looking anxious to go. “Not surprisingly, most people do not,” the stranger carried on. “These are the same people who live ignorant to centuries of history. Look at this magnificent gate.” I reluctantly obliged. “Do you know what is beyond it?” “No, I do not, and no I’m not curious to find out.” The stranger smirked at me but shook his head slowly. “You seem to be in a great hurry,” he finally noticed. “However, there really is nothing to be in a hurry for. If you’re looking for your friend, she has only been kidnapped and both her and her kidnappers are on the end of this path waiting for you. I still think that you should listen to what I have to say, for it will inevitably be of use to you, in understanding what the purpose of one entity is.” “Alright. Speak away, stranger, but keep it succinct or I’ll not remember a word of it,” I said, giving up. “This is a sacred place,” the stranger started. “It is the very core of Reborn.” From there, this formally-attired stranger rambled on about how this was where the world begun, and went on to complain quite a lot about the city that was built on top. In particular, the mention of 4 gems that are represented in the design of the portal briefly caught my attention, since one of those gems was Ruby. It invariably reminded me of a certain stubborn pink-haired brat. “Now you can go,” he concluded. “Share this place with the world above. Remind them: this world which they have undone will itself be their undoing.” The man went up the stairs without looking back even once. I did not waste time and walked further to where Aster and Eclipse held Victoria captive. “What, the boss let you get away?” Aster asked. “So that excessively talkative man was your boss?” “Yes, but it matters not. We’ll finish our work and capture you too.” We all grabbed our pokeballs at once. Aster and Eclipse sent out solrock and lunatone, and later on the lycanrocs that they’d showed us in the beginning of the cave. Victoria, fortunately, joined me in the battles and was of great help to beat the grunts, although I might have been able to take care of them by myself, since my luck (surprisingly) was pretty solid. My pokemon got either neutral or not-very-effective damage by the lycanrocs’ rock-type attacks, while my Wolfie took down the day-form one with a single super-effective rock tomb. All in all, Aster and Eclipse aren’t really a threat compared to ZEL or Taka. “Thanks for coming for me,” Victoria said, once the two grunts were out of our sight. “Though I didn’t doubt you’d help me out.” “I had to return the favor,” I shrugged. Though I couldn’t understand the language, Pikachu seemed to be saying ‘thank you’ with loud squeaks. The little one jumped off my shoulder to land on Victoria’s shoulder, circled around her back and returned back to me. “I was wondering about him, but I didn’t quite have time to be asking these questions in Obsidia Ward,” she laughed. “So you caught a pachirisu. Is it the same one that was on the Opal Bridge?” “Yeah. His name is Pikachu. I think he’s giving you the thanks for helping him back then.” “It’s been a while now. With all the weird stuff happening, it’s incredible how time flies,” Victoria pondered. “Let’s go back to Lapis Ward. I’m worried about Shelly.” I didn’t disagree to the offer. On our way back, though, an overly excited hiker bumped into me. “Oh, excuse me, young lady,” the hiker said. “I’m just very happy to find a new cave to explore and climb, even! Team Meteor might not be completely bad after all.” “They’re scum, but enjoy the secondary effects of their destructive character, if you want,” I said. “My my. I think you just don’t feel the excitement that I do. Let me give you something to brighten your sour mood!” The hiker gave me the HM for rock smash, which was totally useless since I still didn’t have Shelly’s badge and hence my pokemon were not strong enough for it yet. Even then, the hiker pushed the disk into my arms and laughed so loudly I could hear him long after he was gone from my sight. “I’m glad there still are optimistic citizens,” Victoria smiled. I was at a loss as to how to react, so I refrained from commenting. When we returned to Shelly’s room, we found her in the same position and location we’d left her in. “It seems Shelly isn’t feeling well yet,” Victoria said with concern in her voice. “I don’t think I can help her myself, but if I remember correctly, there is a certain Dr. Connal who has a psychiatric hospital in town.” “Ok, I’ll go look for the bloke,” I said and left. That depressing atmosphere radiating from Shelly was threatening to choke me. Besides, I’d be either a neutral or negative influence in the little girl’s recovery, so my absence would be a win-win. I asked around Lapis about the hospital, but most of the people told me either to get lost or didn’t even know about the place. I actually made a wrong turn and managed to enter an alleyway with blue-uniformed guys. Obviously, this was not the way to the hospital. “What’s this? An intruder?” “Are you from Magma gang or something?” “What’re you even talking about? I’m only looking for this psychiatric hospital.” The two guys looked each other and laughed. “The only hospital you’re going to go to is the Pokemon Center when we beat you real good.” I did expect these two sweaty boys not to let me go easily, but I didn’t expect their pokemon to be so weak. The battle was over in less time than our conversation had lasted. “Wow, this lil’ girl’s got some skills.” “Come in, princess. Ya gotta meet our chief. If yer lucky, you can join us Aqua gang.” “I’m not interested,” I said and turned around, but before leaving, I punched the second guy right on the nose bridge. The guy fell back to the ground, covering his face, while the other one grabbed my wrist. “What’s your problem now, eh?” he barked and twisted my arm. “That’ll teach him to never call me ‘princess’. Watch out, or you’ll get the same treatment,” I said and tugged on my arm to get it out of the guy’s grasp. He didn’t bulge, though, and instead pushed me into the alleyway. “I said I’m not interested in joining your Magma gang or whatever,” I repeated. “And I don’t have time to deal with humans who can’t even deal with a tiny slap on the forehead.” “What’s all the commotion?” asked a black haired man, taller than the others and much more muscular. “Chief, this streetrat’s punched Razzy in the nose.” The team’s chief looked at me, at Razzy still on the floor, and back at me again. “A girl with attitude, huh?” the man chuckled. “I like that. What’s your name?” “Why should I tell you my name? I have no business here.” “I’m Archer, the chief of Aqua. How would you like to join our gang?” the Archer person asked, but before I opened my mouth to refuse once more, he added, “From the looks of it, this wouldn’t be your first gang.” I widened my eyes, and changed my stance to defensive mode. “What would you know,” I spat on the ground. “I’m not looking to join any gangs.” “I guessed you wouldn’t. Why join a gang, when you’d been the leader of one? Isn’t that what you’re thinking, Vanilla Eterna?” I choked on air. “How… Who are you?” “You wouldn’t recognize me. My days in Everland are long past, after all.” “Chief, you know this girl?” the Aqua gang boy that wasn’t on the ground asked. “Unfortunately, I do,” Archer sighed. “If you don’t plan on going us, you can leave.” “You haven’t answered my question. Who are you?” “Simple. I used to be in the Everland Police three years ago. By unlucky chance, I found out about your involvement in the Underworld’s Defiance.” I looked at Archer for a little while, to locate him somewhere in my memory. Eventually, his hairy eyebrows matched with someone I had limited acquaintance with. “I might remember of a young police officer who threatened me, did not hear my advice and got himself banished from Everland. Would that happen to be you?” “You didn’t have to put it that way, but it is correct.” I laughed from my nose. “You should’ve known better than to accuse a top-ranking noble of betrayal. Even more, when there were no witnesses.” “If I’d had my gunball with me back then, you might not be standing here today,” Archer smirked. I smiled too, for I didn’t dislike a morbid sense of humor. “I’ll do you a favor and see myself out,” I held a hand up without waving. “Enjoy your new gang life.” “Thanks, but I actually do,” Archer said and made signs for the now-standing Razzy and the other to make way. When I exited the alleyway, I let my body relax. “What a curse that the nightmares follow me,” I said to Pikachu, while stretching my arms and rolling my shoulders. “Where were we? Oh, the hospital.” I carefully avoided Aqua gang’s hideout as I looked for the hospital. I was starting to doubt Victoria gave me the right information, when I happened to stumble upon a girl with, well, rather dope hair. “Today’s your birthday. You can finally escape,” the girl was saying, when I approached her. Upon meeting my gaze, though, she made a hostile frown. I kept a serious expression, too, but just when were were inside each other’s defensive zone, the building’s door flung open and out came a tall girl with bright pink hair. “Let’s go, sister,” she said to the girl with cool hair. The older sister still eyed me with a look of disapproval but we exchanged no words as they passed right by my side. “What was that bitter girl?” I wrinkled my nose at her distancing back. “Wonder what this building is.” I checked on the building’s sign, since it was rather large, white and somber, befitting of the image of a psychiatric hospital. “Dr Connal's Orphanage and Psychiatric Treatment Center. Hah we hit the jackpot, though I'm not sure how an orphanage and a psychiatric treatment center fit together,” I told Pikachu. I'm developing a bad habit of talking aloud to a Pokemon that doesn't understand my language. If I'm not careful, Dr Connal might want to diagnose me with a speech disorder. Whether with understanding or not, Pikachu rubbed it's yellow cheek against my unpigmented cheek. VANILLA RATES: REBORN CHARACTERS QUICK LINK TO NEXT EPISODE
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    Forgot to post this on here but it was for Ice's birthday heh
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    Free Will is a myth. Religion is a Joke. We are all pawns, controlled by something greater. Memes. The DNA of the Soul. They shape our will. They are the culture. They are everything we pass on. Expose someone to anger long enough, they will learn to hate. They become a carrier. Envy, Greed, Despair. All Memes. All passed along.
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    Have you tried holding your PC upside down?
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    Does anyone agree with me that insulting autistic people, calling them brainfucked or such things, is the same thing as being a idiot? Well, today I was insulted by one person, which said that I'm autistic and that I'm brainfucked. I don't care about what other people say about me being autistic, because I'm proud of being autistic and to have a better capacity than most of the people. But if that person have no respect with me, I won't respect that person, and that's typical of me. There is a dictate that says: "To be respected, you need to respect." I really hate how the society think negative about autistic people without knowing them better. The same works for LGBT, religions, games a person plays and skin colors, despite many other factors. I hate how the society judge people by these aspects and not for their character. Want to know a example? I play Minecraft and I don't get why people hate me because of this. This game is what helped me building my creativity by building houses in a city. It's a good thing. I don't get why a person tells that Minecraft is bad, because it's a game of blocks, or that a person tells that Pokemon is a game of kids, or that a game is made for things that they consider negative. I don't get it. Enough! If you want to know, I have no friends in real life, except my girlfriend and her friends. I don't have any last resort if my girlfriend breaks with me, but I think it would rarely happen, since my girl is so good with me. If I somehow need to get away from Reborn, I can't deal with it, because this is the only place I have to go, despite the things I have. I have Depression, Asperger's Syndrome, OCD, Attention Deficit, Anxiety and some other things I might have forgotten, despite being autistic. If you insult me, I will remember about that for all of my life, because I have a nice memory and I can't forget anything. So, as I said above, please, I beg you. Don't insult me, because it's the worst thing to do. Also, I feel very sad when someone picks on my bad side. As I always say, I never have intention to offend someone, but if you offend me, it might happen without want to do that. I'm sorry for the long text, but that's what I've had to do after a fight, explaining about myself. Thank you. I hope you are with me.
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    i have zero regrets EDIT: After I saw this masterpiece on Reborn wiki I decided to do a little introduction... ... ... ... FULLVIEW welcome to team meteor
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    here's another sneak peek, progress is being made again :^) I have a solid 2 1/2 weeks off still, so hopefully i'll be able to get all of the mapping done in that time!
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    This is one of the best Poke gifs to have ever been made, and sums up the Alola starters well:
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    Howdy everyone, So, I'm making this post to show a little love to that Knight in Shining Armor. Escavalier. On my way through the desert I happened upon Titania's castle and was so unprepared it wasn't funny, cause I still had a lvl 57 Typhlosion on my team trying to level and prepare for her, along with most of my mons at 79 bordering 81. I somehow managed to get through to her castle, and had to fight Zekrom. Now THAT totally caught me offguard, but I only had to reset once. What I did, was let it outrage like 3 of my mons then get confused, then I sent out Gardevoir with a focus sash. His first attack on gardevoir missed luckily, so I got off a moonblast. Didn't kill him... CRAP. But then I was like.... Aha! I still have my sash! So I managed to KO him without much hassle. Moving on, I end up fighting Titania and I'm like "Holy crap I'm not ready for this." So after a few tries and fails (Damn Excadrill...) I decided to head back to Opal Ward and grind some. Got Typhlosion up to 83, Mamoswine up to 81, Donphan up to 75, Roserade up to 85 and Blaziken up to 84. So I'm damn ready to go toe to toe with Titania now after some preparations (Giving some mons quick claws etc) So I got to thinking... "Hmm, her first mon is Sandslash, a phys attacker..." So I got the bright idea to send in Escavalier first. Man, that Sandslash barely left in dent in my spectacular Knight. Managed to get off 3x Iron Defense and 2x Swords Dance..... AND LET THE SWEEP BEGIN. Oh man, Every single pokemon she sent out I managed to one shot, with the exception of Scizor (stupid Excadrill and making my attack drop). So with a bit of healing up to not die from a crit (Cause those seem to love me apparently), Big Boy Bugsington managed to sweep Titania, all on his own. I felt like I over prepared afterwards considering how much longer I spent in Opal Ward training up. So, I would just like to send out a huge thank you to this amazing Knight here!
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    And it finally is bloody done. Well there was one area left to do, but I just blocked it for the time being. I'll explain in a moment but this is what you all have been waiting for: Download link And here's the change log: Here's some disclaimers or what's missing from E2: It might not seem much for 3 months of work, but I really underestimated the workload. Thankfully, E3 has a very light workload so I can pave out all of the missed stuff. I know some things are missing, but the big debate in my head was "Do I release it now with some missing content or hold off another month trying to get it out?"
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    You know when you really don't feel like explaining the full thing like you normally do but kind of have to because of the response you get, that's kind of my mood right now. People are having a very big misconception of Reborn right now: I'm not saying HMs are not a problem. They have their faults and weaknesses. I was making a point that Reborn despite making updates and such is a very dated game being made DURING the Gen V era. Implementing all the Gen VI stuff and more was actually not that hard on top of new ideas such as field effects was due to the fact Reborn was around the 35% mark roughly. 30% if you factor all of the changes and additions in. Yes, E11 was more like the 30% mark. We're now looking at a game that's 80-85% done. Most of the polishing has been completed and most of the big goals have been reached with the new AI being one of the last major goals of polishing. I'd say there was probably a good 2 years worth of time fixing the older parts of the game alone. In fact, there was a lot of small text polishing iirc for E15 alone. You're probably wondering why on earth I'm bringing this up. We actually already have seen the effects of what removing HMs would do from a story perspective with changes of E17. A lot of Reborn leaders (I mean all 32 who served in the league like Sigmund, Cain, etc) recieved team revamps breaking the monotype tradition. This actually hurt a few sections of dialogue such as with Cain and Popplio (he doesn't use poison types so he just says he doesn't want it over...not being something he'd usually use) or Fern in Aya's gym (he whines about it being a doubles instead of getting his ass whooped for using Poison Types). Likely, trying to get rid of them or pushing to the side would end up with a lot of jarring dialogue. And Reborn is not one to lazily put in feature like Insurgence/Zeta/Omnicron did as those Key Items would need animations and some sense to make it work. I'll only mention this one more time as it is A LOT more work than you people think it is. Simple solutions are very unpolished and clunky looking. Now we get to my favorite part. HMs are made for side exploration and help lock out strong mons for a wider Pokemon variety. In fact, there's only one area in the entire main story where you need more than 2 HMs to move on to the next segment. That is Amaria's gym which has a PC nearby and you don't even need an HM to face Amaria. Luna is the only other issue leader but you technically could face her without HMs, but it's inconvenient. Thankfully it's only rock smash which actually isn't a bad move against her given she's dark type. Not great, but handy. I consider those a blessing compared to the Route 1 puzzles and the field effect changing puzzles. For Telkinite (or however you spell it) you needed a move that is only learned by a handful of Pokemon. I guess Ametrine cave would be a little annoying, but thankfully a water slave would resolve that (I run 2 HMs on Lanturn and I have no gripes tbh). And I wouldn't even complain about Ametrine needed so many HMs because it has some of the best stuff in it including a life orb which will be available in E18. And now we go back to Gen V talk. When Reborn was being worked on, Ame kept a lot of the traditional Pokemon frame work. A lot of things from it actually bit her in the back in the long run which she has admitted for a few things she wish she did them differently now that she's older and wiser. There are things in HC/Redux that I could change or go back on, but I can't. You just have to accept the faults or the gripes with it and move on. That's a very long explanation which I'm willing to go into if you guys REALLY want to hear that, but the short version is this: we hear and know of these complaints, but opt not to deal with them to put effort into more important parts of the game.
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    So, progress goes as well as progress goes when you have 3 jobs, plus full-time college this semester and as of right now I have finally finished the Draco Sanctuary which is where you get Ashera on your team and where the hardest superboss in the game is located: Celia Magnus from Symphonic Horizon 2. This screenshot is of the highest point of the Draco Sanctuary: Don't worry about seeing the bottom of the map, since... you kind of can't which is why it looks like the tower just sort of... stops at a point on the map. You won't be able to see the bottom anyways, so it's no big deal. So, after you have beaten the game and come back to this location you will be greeted with foreshadowing of the 2nd game's main antagonist: Celia Magnus who travels to this era of time by a rift in spacetime. She is the hardest boss in the entire game and will kick your ass. Symphonic Horizon 2: Verdant Form of Celia.
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    Sorry for not finding the time to update my Gundham Tanaka rejuvenation run this weekend! I will update it today probably, I just got too busy with my PhD life and hobbies, and neglected it... But rest assured, it's not on hiatus!
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    So...I didn't get invited into the Beta testing. While my internet connection is bad and fails have the time, I have concrete proof that it was submitted so don't tell me I never sent one. That means this beta test was stacked. Stacked so that people who'd make them look bad didn't get in. I demand a recast of participants to deal with this fake news. #Commander2k20 #FakeNews #Janisacrook #MakeRejuvGreatAgain #Ididntactuallyturninanapplicationbutdidthistomakepeoplewhodidntgetinfeelbetter #MoselyDaBest #BadXenbre
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    Calls you a super perv, procedes to invite you into her room for netflix and chill.
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    "Sometimes a family can be two old guys, a priest, a chimera, a doctor, a 12 year old gremlin, and some cute kid with depression"
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    Football taught me a simple rule: respect others, and you will be respected. So I am asking you - follow this principle. Then everyone will live better. At least I hope so.
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    I smell a new Onyx Arcade topic coming up for this.
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