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    So, am I a Veteran now? ^^ During this year, I met many wonderful people here, and it was a pleasure for me to meet you all! Thank you guys for being with me! ~
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    @CrossImpact So I guess the first thing to straight up say is that people are inserting their opinions in to a subject in which they don't really know how to answer. I prefer playing fan-games over the core series myself, but they definitely aren't better. Now I have to pretty much "shit talk" fan-games to explain it which I didn't want to. Let me just first clear up the story which is a very subjective term as you don't compare Stephen King to Shakespear or JK Rowling to R. L. Stein. I mean you can, but that's kind of silly. The main gamer market does not care about the story. They care most about connectivity and online gaming. If you look at the top best selling single player games vs the top selling online gaming games (or whatever the proper term is called) there's quite a large gap. I know it's at least a couple million. A lot of changes for Post Gen V were done purely due to this as it cuts back resources where it doesn't matter and puts them into what they believe does. I absolutely hate the decisions made. Hate them. But it does overall improve Pokemon as a whole to the ideas that they are aiming for. They focus more on a visual experience and they really deliver on that front as it's a beautiful and enjoyable experience which ties into the story. The story is more keen on showing off the visuals and what they can do over depth. Pokemon never focused on depth and simplicity works so well for them. Depth in a Pokemon game probably would not go over too well, but we have seen small cues that they are trying stuff such as Lusamine's husband clipscene in the USUM postgame. And characters actually have storylines. What about fan-games? I think people like to forget that Full Moon and Zeta exists and there's only a small handful of true fan-games. Welcome to the world of fanfiction where there is really bad stuff and sometimes it's so bad it's good. I haven't played LotA so I won't judge it, but even Reborn doesn't really stand much ground in modern day Pokemon in terms of story. Ultimately, it's still using a system where people are usually just standing and speaking lines. Reborn goes WAY BEYOND what is expected from a fan-game and does show more character and a deeper plot, but the reception of the game has all kinds of variations. Titania, Lin, Terra, the difficulty, unfair game mechanics, bloated cast, plot points that aren't touched again for over half the game, and the list goes on. Do I even have to go into Rejuv other than mentioning Melia Sue? I don't want to dive too deeply and I absolutely enjoyed Reborn, but I could trash that game's storyline as it's very messy especially in the latter half. I'll just end it in saying complexity =/= superiority. Remember that we're talking about this: From a company that makes millions of dollars for each release Vs this: I'm not arguing which games are more enjoyable, but having the rationality of knowing who does it better. If Game Freak was aiming and designing towards a heavy single player focus for teens and young adults, they'd blow anything fan-games presented out of the water. That's not who they are aiming for though. It's just a casual designed series with a lot more emphasis on the metagame compared to the older days. How about we change the idea around? What if Game Freak presented something that looked exactly like Reborn? Would you be willing to spend $50 on it? Is a game that looks like that worth $50 to you? How many of you guys have either SM or USUM? If you look at it as a price of value, of course fan-games are going to be superior since there is no price to them. That's not what the discussion is. We're saying that fan-games are so good that they are worth more value than the official games so you'd be willing to spend $50 or maybe even $60 on them. If that sound ridiculous to you, you've proven my point. You'd be out of your mind if you think Fan-games are better than the core series.
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    this is true mainly due to EV training. each mon gives an EV value when defeated and when enough of those are gained (4 per stat usually) the stat increases by 1. thus one that you've been grinding up for 30 level will have a lot of EV points in the stats
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    Try this? I 'updated' your PULSE DEX so it's up to date with your current playthrough? If you're missing any PULSE entries before your current badge, I can add them in for you. Game.rxdata @smarwin
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    Hi Zarc! Happy Birthday to you. Just want to say thank you for always interacting with me in this forums. You’re a cool guy. Have fun! Eat a lot today.
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    Finally, the 9th and last episode of Flannery's Childhood Arc has been uploaded! It was probably the most heartbreaking chapter I've written so far. Now, this is the end of Mr. Moore and Flannery siding together. Do you want to see what exactly happened? Don't hesitate to check it out and leave a comment if you appreciated this season. I promise to come back with more stuff when the next part of the story will be written. Once again, thanks for all those who supported me
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    You have to get the Soothe Bell by showing a woman a max happiness Pokemon in the first accessible Saloon in Obsidia. Then, show her the Glameow you got from Glamazonia and prepare to fight a level 45 Tsareena. Any Glameow fits the bill to catch her eyes, I experienced it myself. She’ll give you a Bounsweet if you defeat her ~
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    Hey Guys ! it's really been a while since i've posted here ! and now i present you my newest creation : Prof.Rebirth Name : Nash Age : 27 Codename : Prof.Rebirth( duh..) Occupation : Professor/Mechanic Engineer. Backstory : Nash was raised in the Reborn Region, by the scientific division of Team Meteor..mostly because of his aptitude in reverse-engineering and mechanics. Nash created one powerful artifact that was named the "Rebirth Gauntlet" for the benefit of The Meteor Leader, infusing it with the fragments of four jewels .. (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Amethyst), the user could bend Time,Space,Reality and Matter to his/her will...potentially endangering the entire multiverse. Realizing his big mistake, Nash fled the region, taking the gauntlet and the original fragments with him, not to risk his invention to fall in the wrong..power-hungry hands of Lyn...but after some time, he returned home..intending to end Lyn's plans and Schemes once and for all. what you think of this one @Amethyst ?
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    Jan -> Janichroma -> Google Chrome -> Google -> Google is an American Company. What else is an American Company? That's right, EA. Jan works for EA confirmed.