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    2 years ago I remade Floaroma Town to fit my fangame, where the player will start their journey. Here's the remake of the remake~
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    Lopunny is cute and it's mega is insane
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    Try using this video as a guide.The solution to this puzzle starts at 11:43
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    Lostelle is the man you're looking for
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    Finally, the 9th and last episode of Flannery's Childhood Arc has been uploaded! It was probably the most heartbreaking chapter I've written so far. Now, this is the end of Mr. Moore and Flannery siding together. Do you want to see what exactly happened? Don't hesitate to check it out and leave a comment if you appreciated this season. I promise to come back with more stuff when the next part of the story will be written. Once again, thanks for all those who supported me
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    Thank you very much for the help.
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    You're awesome! I can't believe I got totdile and lavitar my two best from II generation. Thank you thank you you made this guy very happy.
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    You can send the same pokemon out in double battles (assuming it wasn't already out). I knew about this happening i you get roared/whirlwinded in doubles, but I did this by switching manually.
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    So i for one am tired of these (as terra eloquently put it) TM78 field effects always costing me games. E17 has made these terrains much more of a hassle with the addition of seeds and other miscellaneous buffs that i do not care to look at nor comprehend. I initially started a new game to have FUN playing new e17 content but often blacked out based on match up or the field itself (also the ai is a lot better than i remembered). For some reason I forgot what game I was playing haha. Needless to say i quit after facing corey after who knows how many attempts since everything dropped to boosted max power venoshock lol. I decided to restart a new game again but this time plan out my team. Instead of trying to win at their own game, I figured it was better if I battled on my own terms. I looked through the field notes from my main version and most of the field effects were set in place depending on the terrain of where the battle took place and couldn't be created, but a few could. The Rainbow Field seemed the most promising so i decided to build around that. Rainbow Field "What does it mean?" (this opening scares me already) Created by water pledge+fire pledge or rain+sun (field AND weather control? sign me up) Secondary effects x2 (Serene grace? i'll take that hax ty pls) Special normal moves x1.5 and have a RANDOM type added to it (smells like bs to me but i'll take it i guess) Certain attacks x1.5 aurora beam, dragon pulse, pledge moves, hidden power, moonblast, secret power, tri attack, weather ball, zen headbutt (all the important ones at least) Certain attacks x0.5 lowers ghost and dark type moves (yay i don't have to run a dark type) Enables aurora veil (neato!) Nature power becomes aurora beam (worth it after beating flobot) Magical seed applies healing wish and boosts sp atk 1 stage (one of the few fields that doesn't have a bad seed side effect nice) and MOST IMPORTANTLY overrides existing field effect that is in place (FUCK YES!!!) The pokemon that immediately caught my attention was Silvally, since it was the only pokemon with access to both fire and water pledge (pledge moves work differently in this game in singles interestingly enough), AND access to tri attack which is boosted x2 by rainbow which means this pokemon is ultra fucking op and busted. Unfortunately, gen 7 mons can't be taught move tutor moves currently but man I can't wait to abuse my shiny silvally omygod. Since pledge moves can't be extended through amplified rock, weather is a more dependable and longer lasting alternative through their respective hold item. Pelipper and Ninetales seemed obligatory and are pretty solid options in game if you ask me. Also because I can just reset the weather turns by switching in one or the other, it also resets the turns for rainbow field which is awesome. Since i had weather, a weather abuser seemed like a must, so chlorophyll venusaur looked like a perfect fit. Aurora Veil seemed pretty dope, but has limited distribution and not much good users, but I could make do with froslass. Obviously needed a steel type and the one that fit best for this field and came somewhat early was no doubt magnezone. And why not just slap a garchomp last for overall team synergy yeah? Seems like a perfect solid team on paper all right! Except, 5 out of the 6 mons i listed are obtained really late and won't get me through the majority of the game *cue internal scream*. SO LETS TRY THIS ONE MORE TIME. I decided that was the end team i would want by the end of the episode, but there was no way I could make it all the way past Ciel with just bulbasaur... So gotta make do with manual sun and rain for now i guess. Castform is no doubt the MVP of my early game run. Seriously this cloud-formed testicle carried me through soooo much gym battles, moreso than any other pokemon. Obtainable after julia, access to rain dance and sunny day at level 20 and weather ball spam which is boosted by STAB, rainbow, and weather lets it one shot EVEN RESISTANCES and sweep so much it's not even funny. This ball of sunshine annihilated florinia with no sandstorm and terrain, corey because he's dumb af and spammed toxic spikes turn 1 letting me set up, shelly cuz she relies on rain so easy abuse, shade since invalidating his terrain nerfed him a lot, and luna because her tyranitar has fucking unnerve thank god and sunny day changes her field to a crystal cavern. After that it stuck around for weather utility, but was outclassed as time went on because poor bst. Another member i also lucked upon was axew via the police mystery egg, and i figured i can replace garchomp with haxorus seeing as it was a better abuser of aurora veil with dragon dance and it can actually carry me through early to endgame so that's nice. Also having magneton before shade came really fucking clutch later on cuz steel be op and it hits like a mother. I needed a proper water type since wingull is only available after the renovation, so i invested in raising a swanna which is a slightly inferior breed of burd, but still got the job done, especially for samson, charlotte, and terra. those 5 mons got me through preagate rather easily which im thankful for. After reaching agate circus, I decided to ditch castform (sorry lumpy) for ninetales and froslass as my last. Getting the weather TMs from the gang members meant i didn't really need it anymore (you will be missed ;_;). Also bought a ton of ev reducing berries and power items beforehand so took a little bit of time to grind all my members and bring them up to speed. After I finished ev training and getting everyone up to at least level 60-65, it was pretty much smooth sailing from there. I just needed to replace swanna with pelipper, evolve magneton, have some moveset and item changes, and then it would be perfect. Heh, who knew getting rid of their fucking terrain and having weather control would make them SO godamn useless, seriously it was almost too easy after that. With all that out of the way, here's my final team for E17, i think i enjoyed this run more than my first honestly. Ninetales @ Heat Rock Timid Drought 128 hp 128 sp atk 252 spe Nasty Plot - tried both versions of ninetales and fire is much more scary offensively no doubt Will-O-Wisp - eases set up neuters threat Fire Blast - never mind ninetales is pretty freaking weak and needs all the power it can get, so fire blast>flamethrower sorry charlotte Solar Beam - this was flamethrower until i got solar beam but that didn't last long *shrug* Venusaur @ Life Orb Modest Chlorophyll 128 hp 252 sp atk 128 spe Growth - one boost in sun means a 6-0 usually unless they have a fire type, but it probably has done enough damage already Giga Drain - was solar beam with black sludge for some while, but after move tutor giga drain was more reliable and heals life orb recoil Nature Power - becomes 97.5 bp aurora beam in rainbow Hidden Power [Fire] - took me a couple of soft resets to get 68 base power with good ivs but was worth it. becomes 153 bp in sun and rainbow, crazy Froslass @ Light Clay Timid Cursed Body 252 hp 4 sp atk 252 spe Hail - for individual use if can't switch in pelipper and ninetales beforehand Aurora Veil - very important for frail set up sweepers and lets team take hits it normally couldn't Blizzard - obligatory stab Destiny Bond - get a safe switch or to eliminate a would be threat Haxorus @ Dragonium Z Adamant Mold Breaker 252 atk 4 def 252 spe Dragon Dance - is somewhat frail and needs veil support to set up, so usually use this to nuke something before it goes down Outrage - goodbye LOL Poison Jab - was iron tail since it came earlier, but fuck missing Bulldoze - waiting for earthquake, will settle with bullshit for now Magnezone @ Assault Vest Modest Analytic 252 hp 252 sp atk 4 spdef Discharge - waiting for thunder to abuse with rain, but discharge isn't bad. 60% paralysis in rainbow is delicious Flash Cannon - had mirror shot for 60% chance to drop accuracy but this set has enough bullshit Tri Attack - boosted by rainbow x2, gets a random type and a 40% chance to status. i have to admit, i do get giddy when i figure out what happens when i click it SonicBoom - huh??? its a sonic rainbow! forgot to add this within the other traits of wtf, it deals a consistent 140 hp in rainbow Pelipper @ Magical Seed Modest Drizzle 128 hp 252 sp atk 128 spe Agility - i use this as a late game set up sweeper in case venusaur has trouble with fire. seed gives it +1 sp atk and healing wish in case this gets weakened early on Roost - longevity since it is my main defensive pivot and i don't use healing items cuz i think they are cheap Hurricane - 60% to confuse in rainbow, not sure on the math but i think it has a higher chance for them to hit themselves and not attack than a 30% air slash flinch Scald - 60% to burn in rainbow, this would be banned in competitive play I have to say, there's a somewhat big learning curve when i first started to play this game. It didn't really make much difference when i replayed it after a while, but i don't regret it in the slightest. Took me a whole week, but I thoroughly enjoyed this and am glad i got to play it in its entirety. This is just me trying to be humble, but i'm definitely satisfied at the end of this run. Thanks to Amethyst for the early (?) Christmas release and can't wait for E18! (p.s. don't sleep on castform and happy new year to all)