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    you know that feeling when you finally pay of your mortgage and you finally know that not only is your home your own from then on but you don't have to worry about making the house payments each month anymore? of course you fucking don't because most baby boomers aren't even to that point yet and millennials barely even stand a goddamn chance at step 1 or for that matter affording their own apartment nor will we ever in our lifetimes the way things are currently going but that's the kind of feeling i have right now. sort of. i think about certain aspects of making games as taking on a "development debt". I could make the game from start to finish much quicker if i disregarded everything like animations or adding new gens or rebuilding the AI, but I choose to do those things to make the game better. in return, I accept a certain amount of development debt that must be worked out of before the game can be considered finished. and that's pretty stressful. it feels bad to not be able to put time towards making the kind of progress that i care about the most-- which is of course the main gameplay and story. so, although i still have a significant amount of debt to pay off in the form of finishing animations and the new gen, I'm happy to say that I can at least put the AI behind me. mostly. i mean i know it'll still take forever to test and debug and amend and yaddayadda but making fixes to something is much easier making something from scratch (or from the ashes of a previously ineffective AI system) and also i know that the AI is only planned and not actually implemented as of now buuuuuuuut thanks to the beautiful soul known as the cellist, that's all that i really have to worry about. which means i am freeeeeeeee from AI. except fixes and updates to E17's parts but again, who caressss about that i'll do it later. so! what's next? normally i would now turn my attention to the USUM sprites so that we can get our final new-gen debt all safely tucked away too. would feel good. i prioritized that last episode as well and there are really only a handful of sprites to handle this time, so that's nice too. alas, i am not going to do that yet. first, i will get started on the mapping. the first main area of E18 will take a bit of time on the other mapper's parts again, so I'd like to hurry and get it set, so I can pass it off to them and then, while everyone is occupied, I can take out the sprites. as you can see on the scoreboard i've already started that in fact, sooooooooooo really i just get to do part of the funner stuff a bit early... sweet stuff imo.
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    Good whatever time of day it is for you, viewers! I'm here to bring you an update about our auth team! Please welcome Alistair to the team! Some of you may have noticed that he's had the blue Staff rank for a few days, but now he's a red Global Mod! Alistair has been very helpful in the community and we felt he deserved a spot on the auth team! Farewell to Njab, who's retiring today! Thank you for the time you spent on the team and for fixing so many peoples' save files! Here's a welcoming gift for Alistair and a parting gift for Njab
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    So, older users may be familiar with our warning and punishment system. For a refresher, here's what that looked like previously: Perhaps you see the inherent problem already-- most of these are still geared towards Showdown and Ace Membership, which have respectively fallen out of use and fallen out of existence. Therefore, effective as of the post, we have decided to update the warning point thresholds and consequences. The new list is as follows: These may seem quite a bit stricter, but it is worth noting that very few users ever get to even 3 warning points at a time even on the old system, so it is not likely to affect many people. In addition, we haven't been satisfied with some of the persistent negativity that has lingered in the community lately, and it is our hope that these changes will enable us to address those problems much more quickly and efficiently. In addition to this, we are also cutting the Advertising warning penalty from 4 points to 1. Previously that warning was intended to handle not only spambots, but users who would advertise other showdown servers on our own. Since showdown is no longer such a concern and that doesn't tend to happen on Discord, we no longer need such a steep toll on this warning, and will just handle spambots separately. This warning then becomes reserved for any users who links to a site with intent to require the user to pay, register or subscribe to their services, such as other forums, twitch streams, etc. In order to post these links users should check in with and get approval from a staff member first. That approval should be given to any user who shows a genuine intention or effort to contribute positively to the community, which in most cases means it will be allowed without much question. Checking in still important though. okay that's it for icky business and discipline stuff. please all have a nice day~
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    Good evening, everyone. As the Game Moderator of the game and the President of the Reborn Mafia Club, I would like to express my thoughts on the matter. Please bear with me as I'm far from perfect, but I'll try my best to resolve this. I believe that we shouldn't pin the blame on anyone. It does us no good to do so at all. Instead, I would like to tell this story first in relation to my message. As you've all known in the backstory I told you several times, I found Mafia in the late ends of May 2017 as I was browsing Pokecommunity. The game was fun and interesting, and this encouraged me to create my own game in Reborn Forums because I wanted to share this fun with the community I've grown fond of. A few games later, the playerbase increased and I became interested in creating a Discord to provide a safe and enjoyable haven for those who play the game and are part of the community. Nearly 8 months from the start of it all, we've now grown to be a large enough community and we've made a lot of progress through the months along with our mistakes. What I wish to tell you from that story is that I started this all because I wanted to give an avenue for people to find enjoyment and entertainment in the midst of their busy schedules or to simply offer the best of fun to those who play it. I also created the Discord in the hopes of creating an environment for those players to find a place where they could express their feelings outside of their hometown and a place where they could be a part of a loving family. I didn't set out to start everything to create animosity and hate between others. As much as Mafia may be a game where people can accuse each other and find problems with one another, I didn't and don't want this community to be toxic and divided like other communities. I wish this place to remain healthy and vibrant with life, where everyone can learn to find friendship with other players through the competition of Mafia. Thus, in the midst of everything and for the future of all Mafia games, I want to tell you to remember the greatest rule in this community, more important than the other rules like no nightposting: RESPECT. This is the value I want to emphasize and the value that symbolizes our community. Respect means being considerate of other people's feelings and not trespassing them to the point that you begin hurting them. That doesn't mean that I oppose scumhunting and accusations; instead, I tell you to think before you post first of whether your post embodies the spirit of respect. Steer clear of personal insults and hurting remarks because they're not part of the game. People like me may not be so much affected of strong accusations, but people have a varying degree of tolerance, so please be sensitive as you post. This not only applies to this mafia game, but also in real life. On the other hand, respect also means that you try to understand others before you judge them. They may just have a certain incident that influenced them to have this type of personality or they simply have that innate characteristic. After all, to really understand someone, you must learn to see every side of someone and be able to accept what is it them. I hope you can all accept this. On the notion of the game's resume, after much thought, I have decided to continue the game because it would be unfair to both parties - to me as I have given a lot to create this game and want to see it continue and to you, players, who joined this game to have fun and experience. I also believe that not continuing the game doesn't benefit anyone and I don't want to simply leave this game as part of a dark history of our community. Instead, I implore you all to give the game a second chance starting from N2. I want you to make this a turning point for us to improve as a community. If you do wish to leave, I won't hold you to that, but I'll be very happy if you stay in the game. Although the problem has already occurred, it's not too late. I hope that you can help Quinn and Alisae in any way. I value them both as members of our community and I don't wish this incident to be a very bad memory for them to keep in Reborn Mafia. Thank you, Divergent.
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    New version out V2.9.0. A Buttload of tile fixes. (Probably...) A Buttload of typo fixes. Major Bug Fixed. For some reason a psychic lamb-bean has been telepathically fixing its own writing. This is under investigation. Welcome to the world of Postscriptum. Follow the steps of the protagonist, a melancholic young adult stricken by unemployment and paralyzed by a chronic care-free and lethargic attitude. Seeking to redeem himself for his past mistakes and overcome his guilt, he, again, applies for a job, expecting to fail miserably once more. To his surprise, he actually gets a call for an interview, at none other than the Pokemon Couriers, a prestigious, esteemed, and highly regarded organization. Setting his sights on the future, he attempts for the last time to begin anew. ~Plot: ~The Characters: ~Setting: ~Features: Important Points: SPOILERS!!! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! YOU DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS! PLEASE DO SO AFTER FINISHING THE DEMO! Developer’s Details: END OF SPOILERS Currently Known Bugs: Credits: Screenshots: (kinda outdated now) Download:
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    “If someone like me could do that, go around helping people who are in trouble, then I think that would be... truly wonderful.” - Madoka Kaname Apparently someone heard you, Madoka! Due to her remarkable work in the Pokémon Reborn and Rejuvenation-related subforums as well as her general involvement with the community, walpurgis has been noticed by senpai the auth team, and it is now my great honor to formally introduce her as our newest staff member! Please give her a warm welcome~ Congratulations walpurgis! As Papyrus would say...
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    i suppose i shy to post updates like this when i don't actually have anything new finished , but i really must not neglect, ne? so while i don't have any super spectacular news, here's a general update of what's going on USUM content is fully implemented except sprites, and i've done about half of those by now. the harder half, in fact. i've been spacing that out week by week so i don't go crazy. it hasn't worked. the first of four map areas for the episode is structured out and currently being completed bit by bit by kanaya. cliff hell is the real hell tbh. i'll have to do some finishing work on it but nothing i couldn't do in an evening. meanwhile i'm also working on the second of the the four areas. i really love the puzzle concept for this, but i'm a little bit concerned how it'll turn out in-game because how godfuck many events i have to use (as usual). the groundwork is laid for the puzzle (and that's always the hardest part) so i'm currently making graphics for this area and filling in the map. marcello has graduated from USUM content and is now picking up where i left off with the AI. we're starting with making some utility methods so that enemy trainers generally know when it'll be a good idea to change a field or player's ability for the sake of just getting rid of a good one. animations are a bit of a slow burn right now but they do, nonetheless, burn. about 60 animations remain to be completed for gens 1-6. more than 50 of those are already in some kind of progress. although gen 7 remains, and these last few animations may take a solid amount of time, there is a light at the end of the tunnel~ although you know what (hey ame, maybe actually mention the important thing here, duh-doy), now that i mention the animators we are actually looking to bring one more person to help out with finishing out the work. sooo this is absolutely not planned at all but if you are a person who might be interested in helping out then please shoot me one (1) PM and tell me some things: do you have any experience with: animating in general specifically pokemon essentials' animation editor graphics gale (just the program is fine, even if you're not a great spriter) sound editing what kind of time commitment can you make the project, per week? what other responsibilities do you have that might interfere? how are you with handling criticism and feedback? why do you want to work on the project? other details: experience is not necessary but will be strongly preferred since we're on the tail end of this. the actual time required is not set but varies based on the volume of animations being handled at a time. i'll typically expect something around five hours per week. the most important things for this are reliability and responsiveness to feedback. creativity and vision is never a bad thing either. even if you don't have RMXP or are not familiar with its animation editor, it's cool. we can teach you if selected. only one person will be chosen but i'll eventually respond to everyone who applies. also my base speed is like, 2 so pls under the stand if i'm a slow sweet i hope there's no flaws in this plan i just made, how about a cut off date? yeah, cut off date sounds good. cut off date is saturday. whatever date that is. 2/17. i'll take applications until then this has been yet another incredibly deliberate post by yours truly, thank you for reading and for anyone who may offer to help~
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    pr@1$3 d b1d00f owo 0r f33l d wr@7h 0f P@ul d 1ll3g@l b1d00f ~(°O°)/
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    So like....what about a new Pause Menu? Wait what's that? Oh yes it is. Thanks to the wonderful help of one of the new members of the dev team that is not I, we've ended up being able to implement achievements into the game. Cool little nifty function isn't it? I'm glad you asked! Yes I know no one did but screw it I wanna exposition away. You can obtain achievements by doing just about everything you can, ranging from mundane every minute things such as walking around and battling a wild Pokemon, to more thrilling opportunities such as buying items and building a monopoly in the Aevium region! God bless the player's financial genius, right? No? OK, tough crowd... Doing these tasks will result in you completing a stage of said achievement; there's often a few of each, so completing them all might take a while. By completing a stage you'll end up earning AP: Ability PowerAchievement Points! You can check these by heading over to the Chrisola Casino, and obtaining an Achievement Card from one of the lovely people there: Now you say, what do I get for working my butt off for these things? Well my friend, that brings me to my last point: By talking to this lady over here, you can exchange your AP for various prizes. Could be little nice stuff like this: Could even be some of those remaining EV rooms cards! As for your Grand Prizes...well, I'm not here to give you everything. But believe me, the grand prizes are well worth the time put in. So get out there and hunt for those achievements! Maybe even more might be added in the future!
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    So I'm still not sure about the whole Status thread thing, but I'm going to post one anyway. I don't really like leaving people out of the dark when it comes to Rejuvenation. So while I think I prefer to work in the shadows, I don't think that's the best way to do this. Plus I have a brand new Dev Team under my belt now. So it doesn't seem as pressuring as before. Let's break out of this shell, shall we? Beta Testing: 🎊🎊🎊🎊APPLICATIONS ARE HERE 🎊🎊🎊🎊 Status Going to post something here whenever there's something noteworthy to post! (I'll have archives here so that people don't have to go digging for past posts either!) ==Archive==
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    It's passed a year since i joined. wow. Time flies too fast sometimes. Honestly when i signed up here, i didn't think that i'd been here for so long, i'm glad that i was wrong btw . Surely i will never leave this place, because i really like stay here with you all
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    Next session: March 3 and 4 9:30~10:00 AM EST and 6:00~6:30 PM EST Howdy everyone o/ Based off on a Wonder Special we, from MALKCOSH Guild used to do, I would like to suggest the following: We set a day to wonder trade either breedjects (cuz y'all know you have tons of those), some spare perfect mons we bred and even unused trained mons you once used and now it's just sitting there. Due the really low playerbase that hangs around the Online Play (and that includes Wonder Trade too. Sometimes I can't just find someone to do some trades), I think this is a good way to distribute some cool mons to each other. Sooooo I would like to heart out if you guys agree and, if you do, please suggest a time for it. Thanks in advance =3 #EDIT: Seems like we got a okay amount of people that would like to do this, sooooo we gotta choose a day for it. I'll leave some suggestions (with time based on EST time zone. If you wanna check if the time window is fine for you, use this website). Also, let me mention the most active big bois (that haven't commented yet) of the club to check on their opinions: @Ainz Ooal Gown, @Zarc, @Candy and @LykosHand. #EDIT 2: Let me mention everyone that showed interest in participating to vote the day/time/frequency: @Hooligan, @seki108, @Paul25, @Darvin, @Anti_Hero and @Amine Chankey3ft7 #EDIT 3: Based on the comments and the votes, I settled the following: Frequency: Once in a month Days: Saturdays and Sundays Time: 9:30~10:00 AM EST and 6:00~6:30 PM EST I decided to do two sessions per day with a shorter period, so everyone can join, so make sure to save some mons for each session if you can join all of them! With that being said, I hope we have a great time wonder trading this weekend: February 3 and 4
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    I had this weird dream last night that Reborn was finally finished, abruptly and with loads of plotholes and questions and stuff left unfinished and nobody was expecting it... but it was great, and Ame kinda announced that everything was gonna be wrapped up in one final miscellaneous update next and everyone was celebrating on the forums, like, old members who've since gone inactive came back and stuff. and it was an emotional ending and everyone was looking back on the last however-long-it's-been since Reborn started and everything that's happened in that time, and everyone was excited about Starlight Divide and whatever came next ^u^ and then I woke up and I was like awww bummer but I was weirdly tearful because it just kinda made me realise how much Reborn means to me personally and how much I appreciate it and it's always sorta been there since I've basically grown up with it at this point and when it is finally complete idk what it's gonna be like having that missing from my life guess ill just make my own fangame to fill the void or something lol but I just kinda wanted to give a random and sincere heart-felt thank you to Ame and everyone who has ever contributed to making Reborn because man it has really fucking resonated with me (and... well the entire community, I'm by no means the only one) it is a masterpiece in so many ways and its brought so many people together and even inspired several other fangames and... yeah, I guess that's all I wanted to say ^w^ I, personally, really cannot say thankyou enough. @Amethyst @Marcello @Inuki @mde2001 @smeargletail @Jan @Fantastic Mr. Fox @Kanaya @Ikaru @Kurotsune @Jericho @Will @Bazaro @Kyoyoyoyoyoyoyo @fr4ppe @Vinny @Sheep @Arkhi @Tacos @Flux @Cowtao @Pyrolusite @Azeria @Nova @Noivy guess I'll share this on discord idk everyone's users, and I'd tag literally everyone who has ever supported Reborn in any way but I think statuses have a character limit:p okaiii sorry to bother y'all you can get back to whatever you're doing now xD :'3
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    I think the title is pretty self-explanatory: inspired by all of the posts of people confused because they didn't get the egg moves they wanted or they couldn't teach tutor moves to their alolan Pokemon and specially this thread I decided to make a mod to add all the moveset changes from USUM that wouldn't be implemented in Reborn until the release of E18, so I hope that someone finds this useful. This is the first time I make anything like this, so even if it's simple stuff it's very probable that it has some errors and it's not humanly possible for me to check every single change to make sure everything is in place, so feedback is appreciated. This mod includes: -All the changes in the level up movesets- -All the new egg moves- -Compatibility with move tutors for gen 7 Pokemon- - This mod does NOT include: -New Pokemon- -New forms- -New moves or z-moves- -Move tutors other than the ones already in the game- - FAQ (not really because nobody has asked, just some things I thought you might want to know) Download. Special thanks to @Aironfaar for creating the module that allows this mod to be used in the way that the weather mod works, making the compatibility cleaner and simpler.
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    So happy with how this turned out. First time drawing on a computer. Are you proud of me, Lord Granbull? Have I pleased you?
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    It's no secret that life has been a bit shitty for me. Failing to find an education I wanted to follow and even failing to find one later with help specifically with that. Note that most friends of mine at my age already have either a job, an education or both. I've been sitting at home with about 0 things to focus on for around a year (for some, 2016 was a better year than 2017. Believe it or not). Today, however, things changed. Thanks to some things I've been allowed to work 2 afternoons a week at a company focused on renting out party equipment (tents specifically). For the first time in over a year, I actually have something again. It will last 3 months and the days are Tuesday and Wednesday (This is actually how it's spelled? and I thought the Dutch had weirdly written words) from 13:30 (1:30 PM) till 17:00 (5 PM). Not exactly times to be bragging about but considering my situation I'm not allowed to complain. Just thought I'd share this for those interested.
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    That's the thing though, Wolfox. Every post had the advice they needed somewhere in it. It's the extra haughtiness and frankly unrequired defense that Reborn gets in these posts that have a tendency to prevent the advice from being taken due to ensuing shame and continued frustration. Reborn can be a very irritating game by design and by accident - even if the solution is there on the player's end and what suggestion there is from the newer folks seems not totally thought out. Just because we as a community take our lumps and "git gud" doesn't mean that's something that will be easy or quick for everyone. The forums used to be more keen to help others who were struggling. Not belittling them for being upset at their struggle. There's no reason to be a "forum warrior". If we're all playing the game - we're all on the same side. It won't hurt Ame and the development team's feelings if their work is criticized. The game isn't finished. It's the time to be critical.
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    Just want some opinions i think its pretty cool i like red and black and didn't really like regular shiny so :I i messed with stuff hope you guys like it its my first project
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    I think the status bar says it all. Correct!
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    From Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 14 My luck was running low, for I found an eyesore at the Opal Grand Hall. Fern was talking with Ame, and from what I could hear of the conversation, I didn’t really need to come all the way here after all. I was about to change directions to go towards the exit before Fern could realize I was there, but it was too late. “Loser is too scared to fight me?” I heard him say to my back. I stopped midway and turned. “If you already told Ame about what happened with the poison guy, I don’t have a reason to stay any longer.” “I can tell you some good information, ya know,” Fern said. “About the new poison-type Gym leader. You’ll need her badge, so I’d suggest listening to the top dog.” “Hurry up and speak or slow down and I’ll leave.” Fern fixed his glasses and smirked. “You see, Reborn has a system in place for cases like this. Since Corey retired in a sense, now the back-up girl, Aya, is the leader. Apparently she’s some chick in the middle of nowhere aka the wastelands.” “Alright. I’ll go find her,” I said, ready to leave, but Fern stopped me. “How even are you going to do that?” he asked, but his intent was obvious from his ridiculing tone. “The wastelands aren’t accessible without a key, and guess what? I’ve got one.” I sent an incredulous look to him, and he waved the key in the air for me to see. “I don’t really want to go to the wastelands with you,” I said. “What an idiot. Do you think I’d let you follow me? That’d be a disgrace on my name.” I stared at him, perhaps with killing intent. Fern read my face, but placed the keys back into his shirt’s pocket. “I can tell you where to get another, if you happen to win against me in a battle.” We didn’t waste a second. Fern’s team was pretty easy to beat, except for his roserade, which I had to defeat with my two frail vulpixes. However like with Victoria, I managed to win thanks to my team outnumbering his. “Talk about cheap,” Fern sighed. “Whatever, man. You can get a key from her brother. This purple-haired guy who looks more like a girl with fishnets. Totally freaky. He wouldn’t stop singing, either. Good luck finding him. Later, loser.” Fern purposely bumped his shoulder into mine as he passed me to exit the building. Pikachu saw this, and sent a sharp and rather unpleasant squeal. “Don’t even get mad, Pikachu. He isn’t worth our time.” Finding Cain was an ordeal in itself. I looked everywhere for him. I even went into some caves in Beryl, which wasn’t all that bad because I found myself some handy items, including a fire stone for Anna, and I also found Corey’s nidorina in an especially dark cave near the Beryl cemetery. I wouldn’t add her to my team, but still, I felt somehow responsible for her loss of trainer. When I exited the dark cave, though, I heard some singing nearby. I walked over to the cemetery, from where the singing was heard. “Cain?” I called, and e stopped singing. “Hello Vanilla, how’s it going~” e said with a wide smile. “I came here because I heard what happened with the poison-type Gym leader.” “There’s nothing to do up here. He’s dead.” Cain batted his eyes, his eyelashes looking too long to be natural. “I know I can’t do anything for the poor guy, but I heard he left a 10-year-old daughter behind.” “I don’t know where you could find Heather. She flew away on a dragon.” “Even then, I want to find her. That’s a big thing, not having anyone to care for you when you’re so young.” “If that’s what you want to do,” I shrugged. “Give me the wasteland key and you’re free to go.” “Oh, you want it too?” Cain suddenly seemed low on spirits. “I wouldn’t advise you to go, but if you’re set on it, I’ll give it to you if you win me over~ Not my heart, but in a battle, of course.” In the battle, I led with Elsa against brionne, which Freeze-Dry fainted the blue seal in two turns. Seeing that Cain was sending out his nidoking, I switched into Prince. It would’ve taken two Earth Powers, but Cain healed the pokemon in one turn, so it took three turns instead. Against a-grimer, I thought I could one shot it with Earth Power, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough and Prince got revenge-killed with Knock-off. Aladdin took over, and was able to finish the colorful blob with Fake Out and High Jump Kick. Cain sent out his final pokemon, a-marowak, but the poor thing went down to a single Rock Slide from Wolfie, which attack had been powered up by the field (though I don’t know what this field is, yet). “You won over my heart~” Cain grinned and tried to hug me but I pushed im away. “Fine, I’ll give you the key.” Just as he was looking into is pockets, though, e noticed that we were being watched from above. “When did you get here?” Cain asked the pink-haired brat. “Heather, right?” “What if I am?” Heather replied. “I heard some stuff happened, and I was looking for you because I was worried.” “What, so you can place a bunch of stupid rules on me too?” The late Team Meteor agent Corey’s words regarding ‘stupid rules’ popped on my mind, but I refrained from saying them out loud. “Hey, no, I just wanted to be friends. You see, I-” “Just shut up,” Heather said with a voice that hurt my ears. “I don’t need friends. I have a friend.” “Who is it?” “Why do I have to tell you? She’s a Gym leader, okay? I’ll go see her now if only to get away from you!” Heather called her dragon, and jumped on top of it. Seriously, Corey let her have a huge dragon to her disposal? The dragon took flight and surfed the skies with incredible speed. Cain watched her direction a while after she was gone. “She’s headed to Lapis Ward,” Cain commented. “Sorry, Vanilla. I have to get going now before she gets lost again. I’ll give you the key later.” Then Cain rode away on a bicycle. I headed to the Lapis Gym upon arrival to the ward, but I made a wrong turn and ended up witnessing the Aqua gang dismounting their bikes to head into an apartment building. They left the guy I’d punched back in their base looking after the bikes. “How convenient,” I said to Pikachu, and walked over to the bikes. “Hey, you,” the guy, whose name I believe was Razzy, exclaimed as he saw me. He tried to hide the tremor in his voice; however, his body language absolutely communicated fear. “Which is Archer’s bike?” “W-why would I tell you?” “You know the answer,” I said, raising a fist. Razzy’s hand jerked immediately to his nose bridge, which had been carefully bandaged. “It's that one,” he said, looking away from me. The way he shrunk his shoulders reminded me of Shelly. In any case, free bike so I’m not going to complain. “Don’t look at me like that,” I told Pikachu, who was staring at me with knitted eyebrows. “One must get by, and I don’t care about stealing from enemies. Now hang on tight, I’ll speed through to the Gym.” Inside Shelly’s room, I found both Cain and Heather. They were arguing about rules and freedom, which apparently is Heather’s favorite conversation topic. I don’t know what Heather wants, but I’d be willing to let her be if only she’d shut up for a moment while I receive the wasteland key from Cain. “Ugh, you’re just ganging up on me,” Heather shouted. “I’m leaving! Don’t try to stop me.” Heather pushed me to the side and ran down the stairs. Cain was almost on the verge of pulling out all his purple hair in frustration. “Quickly, Shelly, Vanilla. She’s only going to keep hurting herself like this.” Cain went down the stairs, and I followed him together with Shelly, though in my mind I was confused as to what he meant by ‘hurting herself’. I don’t see her with a razor blade or anything. We ran after her, but stopped abruptly when she bumped into an old guy with a lab coat. “Dr Connal,” I muttered, recognizing his face. “Would you just get out of my way?” Heather said loudly enough to erase my comment. “That is absolutely no way to speak to your elders,” Dr Connal said as he straightened his shirt and lab coat. “I don’t care. Just shut up and move,” Heather said, trying to move past him but the doctor purposefully moved sideways to block her way. The doctor then slapped Heather on the cheek. “Haven’t your parents taught you any manners?” “Hey, woah there, geezer. Lay off the girl,” Cain interjected. “Excuse me. I’m not a geezer,” Dr Connal clarified. “I am a doctor. I’ve worked many years for that title, and in turn I expect to be addressed accordingly.” Cain looked at him and raised an eyebrow. “Fine then. Back off, Dr Geezer.” I smirked at the remark, but we all heard Heather outright let out a small burst of laughter. However, when inquired upon it, Heather denied the act. “While I do hate to interrupt your giddy humor, I’m afraid I must. Little girl, where are your parents?” I widened my eyes. Dr Connal’s intentions were clear: he wanted to take Heather into his orphanage. I remembered how that little girl Anna had reacted at the mere thought of bringing Shelly to the orphanage to have her trauma eased. She had alluded to certain ‘painful’ events, which though I didn’t know the specifics of, were obviously undesirable for anyone. “Her parents,” I spoke up without knowing why. Unfortunately I didn’t have a wit quick enough to think of a believable lie right at that moment. “Um, doctor, her parents are… Um, her parents aren’t h-here anymore,” Shelly said, and a chill went down my spine. It was too late. “Is that so?” Dr Connal commented. “In that case, I will have to escort you to my orphanage. It is a nice little place for children like you who have been orphaned.” “I don’t want anything from you! Go away,” Heather barked. However, Dr Connal would not flinch. He listed a couple of laws or something legal like that to support his actions, and then ordered his staff to seize the pink-haired girl. “Heyy, not cool. Back off, Dr Old Guy,” Cain tried to pull an orderly’s arm, but was shaken off. “I suggest you not to interfere, for there may be legal consequences if you do,” Dr Connal stated and went back with his staff and Heather. We stayed standing there for a while as we tried to recollect what had just happened. One moment, Cain was trying to deal with a headstrong brat, and the next, the brat is taken away by an infamous fascist. “Oh my god… I-I just,” Shelly said with a shivering voice. I glanced backward, and saw that her large eyes were filling up with tears. We met eyes, and she instantly broke eye contact with me to leave towards her Gym. “Shelly!” Cain called her, but she didn’t stop running. “Come, Vanilla. We have to form a plan.” He also left for the Gym. I stayed where I was for a couple more minutes. Pikachu hopped off my shoulder, ran a little bit toward the Gym and squeaked turning its head back at me. “Think for a second,” I told him. “This is not in the deal I struck with Florinia. The old folk who is also a doctor isn’t Team Meteor and hence not a threat I have to take care of. True, what Anna told me doesn’t give me the good vibes, but keep in mind that they’re the orphans. They’re obviously going to exaggerate how badly they’re treated by staff, like how Heather exaggerates her father’s mistreatment. Perhaps Dr Connal can straighten up that punk’s twisted character once and for all.” Pikachu furrowed its brows again, and ran towards me once more only to move its body around my ankles in an ‘8’ shape. His intermittent squeaks were most likely saying ‘please’ over and over. “What’s gone into you? We barely know Heather, and the parts we know about her are all against her favor.” Right then, though, I heard a scream so sharp and loud that it could be heard even through the walls. There was no mistaking that voice - it was Heather’s. Pikachu and I looked at each other for a couple of seconds. “Fine, you win. Let’s go,” I sighed and ran towards the Lapis Gym. VANILLA RATES: REBORN CHARACTERS BONUS PIC Hello~ :3 On behalf of Vanilla, I'd like to thank you all for the continued support! 2,000 views and going strong! QUICK LINK TO NEXT EPISODE
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    Oh, wow. I forgot what day of the year it is. My absolute favourite. Yay. Guess it's time to do my annual post of this image. See you guys on the other side XD
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    Forgot to post this on here but it was for Ice's birthday heh
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    Free Will is a myth. Religion is a Joke. We are all pawns, controlled by something greater. Memes. The DNA of the Soul. They shape our will. They are the culture. They are everything we pass on. Expose someone to anger long enough, they will learn to hate. They become a carrier. Envy, Greed, Despair. All Memes. All passed along.
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    Have you tried holding your PC upside down?
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    Hello everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster here. I didn't get very far in previous versions of rejuvenation due to lack of time, but have now started over in v9 and just finished the west gearen garbodor fight. I had a couple of thoughts that I just had to get out of my chest, so please bear with me, and sorry for any formatting mistakes I might make on the post or if other posters have already said the same things (which they very well might have). First off, let me say I absolutely love this game. It's challenging but manageable in normal mode (I did need some cheese strategies against the yveltal and a couple others, but all's well that ends well), the region is huge, the selection of pokemon is so big that I'll probably still change my team around a bit (whereas I never bothered to train more than 6 pokemon in regular games), the increased shiny chance is much appreciated, the story sucks you in and keeps you wondering (I'm not even sure who the real bad guys are here, I don't trust anyone as far as I can throw them), and the side quests are incredibly fun. Seriously, the first thing I do every time I get to a new town is eagerly look for the help center. But there's just one tiny thing that makes me curse at my computer, and that's everyone's reactions to me, the player character, and specifically their underwhelming response to my achievements. I'm here planning strategies and training my pokemon to beat the bad guys and running around solving everyone's problems (looking at you, Venam, Melia & co.) while they do the bare minimum, and nobody gives me any credit! Let's start with Melia, since she's the worst offender. The last drop was right after the second battle with the garbodor. I had the weird diary, and what can I do with it? Give it to Melia. She gets to make the big reveal and acts as if she's the one who discovered it. Oh no you didn't! You were nowhere to be seen! I was the one who ran around snooping through every nook and cranny until I stumbled upon this thing! I seriously considered not showing her the damn thing just because I knew she was going to hog the spotlight once again, but I felt sorry for the garbodor after everyone kept calling it ugly and stinky all through the sewers. As you can tell, this makes me so mad, and it's the only thing that kind of sours her character for me. I can deal with not being the "chosen one" since apparently she is. That's fine, we can make a "moral of the story" out of it once I beat everyone and become the Aevium champion. Hard work beats god-given gifts and all that. She finds shiny pokemon everywhere she goes? Fine by me, shiny or not mine still beat yours every time. She gets trained by superheroes in Goku's time chamber? Well my pokemon were trained in regular ol' patches of grass, and that's fine because we don't need no magic shenanigans to help us get strong. All that is perfectly fine, but I will NOT stand for her stealing my rightful credit! It's like she's an addict! She can't let me do a single thing without butting her nose in! Amber wants me to fight two gym leaders at once? Bring them on! But oh wait, here's little miss I-stick-my-nose-in-other-people's-business, ready to help! Kindly piss off and let me do my thing, Melia! I don't want you sending your stupid fairy types against the steel and poison gym leaders! Of course, she was out of pokemon by round three, and left me to pick up the pieces at a disadvantage. "You both did so well!" says Tesla. Uh, were we watching the same match? I did just fine, thank you very much, but that was despite Melia's uncalled for "halping". Another time that grinds my gears is at the top of that volcano, where she insists on rescuing Nim herself. "She's my responsibility, so I'm the one who pulls the chain to save Nim!" It's not your responsibility, it's mine! I'm the one who's been battling these people all over the mountain while you came up with a perfect plan to send your poor zorua off with two dangerous, evil freaks while you hide behind a rock. I'm Nim's "best friend". I'm the only one she knows from our merry gang. I'm the one who's been chasing her around every route playing hide and seek. You don't get the credit for saving her! Aaaand of course she bungled up the chain-yanking and I get thrown into lava. Hooray for Melia! There's so much more I could say (don't get me started on her oh-so-clever ruse at Blacksteeple castle), but I think I've made my point clear by now, so I'll end it here. Next up is Venam. Let's go back to our stinky friend garbodor for a sec. To add insult to injury, after I (with no outside help, may I add! All on my lonesome!) once again defeat the garbodor, Venam keeps saying "WE" did it! Excuse me? You did fuck all! I did all the work here while you thought it was a great idea to keep insulting the rabid, demon-ified pokemon and Melia played big brother from the clean, safe security room. "We" did jack shit. "I" saved the city by myself and now you want me to share the credit? Hell no! Good job making me feel like a third-wheel on my own adventure too, by the way, Venam. Even though I'm the one actually being useful, she acts like it's all about Melia and her. What am I, spare change? They tell me to go away from her room back at Crawli's so they can jump up and down to her music, they commandeer MY room at Tesla's so princess Melia can rest when there's a perfectly good hotel right next door (Venam even calls it "Melia's room". I confess it hurt that no one even acknowledge that it was ME who was graciously giving up her bed here. Not that I had any choice, since no one bothered to ask me, but still!), and on the boat ride to west gearen Venam goes on about how she wants to have a day for "just the two of them". Well if prior events have been any indication, you'll both be dead by noon without me, so good luck with your super-exclusive "day of fun"! I'll be hanging out with your dad, since he actually appreciates my efforts. There are many more people who act this way towards Aevium's number-one boy scout (me!), but since this is so long it's probably already making me look like a lunatic I'll just finish off with a quick comment on Adam (the gym leader with the blue hair that tags along with Valerie & co.). Just to show that it's not only our so-called "friends" who constantly undervalue us, but everyone else too. When we need another badge to surf, he says I'm not on his level yet? Well if I'm not on your level, then who is? No one, apparently, since I'm the one who not even a day ago beat a level 100 yveltal with a fuck-you custom move while everyone else was quaking in their boots. And if you're so tough, where the hell were you in that fight? Beating up meat-shield mooks around the castle? Running off like Scooby Doo towards the boat like everyone else? Certainly not helping, he was nowhere to be seen! I can't wait to beat his smug ass too. Anyway, sorry for the essay, although I'll admit it's felt wonderful to get that off my chest. I will say though, I just went snooping around Akuwa town since I didn't feel like continuing with the main story just yet, and I had a wonderful surprise! Every single person in that town actually recognized me and thanked me for saving their lives! It almost made me tear up, that's how good it felt to finally be acknowledged! So to anyone who has the same thoughts as me about our ungrateful main-character friends, do yourselves a favour and take a trip to Akuwa town. Shame I didn't find the old man who let us fall into the trap in the first place, since I would have loved to give him a piece of my mind. Still, 10/10 would recommend Akuwa town for a moral pick-me-up. To finish! To Jan and the rest of the team, if you actually read this, please don't take it the wrong way. I love the game, and it's quickly becoming my favourite fan game ever, along with insurgence, so, really, thank you for all your hard work, and know that everyone appreciates it very much! I just get too passionate when I start writing and can never seem to stop. As for my plea, pretty please with a cherry on top, could you give us the option in future updates to just say no when people offer help? It doesn't have to be for past events, either, I wouldn't want you to have to rewrite an already great story, but, as the storyline progresses, please let our poor character assert a bit of independence from time to time. Just something like "Do you want my help against Madame X?" "No thanks, I got this.". I don't even care if I end up with negative karma points and all the gang thinks I'm a loner. Just give credit where credit is due! Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's! Let me have my moment in the spotlight! Thank you for reading, and have a great day!
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    Does anyone agree with me that insulting autistic people, calling them brainfucked or such things, is the same thing as being a idiot? Well, today I was insulted by one person, which said that I'm autistic and that I'm brainfucked. I don't care about what other people say about me being autistic, because I'm proud of being autistic and to have a better capacity than most of the people. But if that person have no respect with me, I won't respect that person, and that's typical of me. There is a dictate that says: "To be respected, you need to respect." I really hate how the society think negative about autistic people without knowing them better. The same works for LGBT, religions, games a person plays and skin colors, despite many other factors. I hate how the society judge people by these aspects and not for their character. Want to know a example? I play Minecraft and I don't get why people hate me because of this. This game is what helped me building my creativity by building houses in a city. It's a good thing. I don't get why a person tells that Minecraft is bad, because it's a game of blocks, or that a person tells that Pokemon is a game of kids, or that a game is made for things that they consider negative. I don't get it. Enough! If you want to know, I have no friends in real life, except my girlfriend and her friends. I don't have any last resort if my girlfriend breaks with me, but I think it would rarely happen, since my girl is so good with me. If I somehow need to get away from Reborn, I can't deal with it, because this is the only place I have to go, despite the things I have. I have Depression, Asperger's Syndrome, OCD, Attention Deficit, Anxiety and some other things I might have forgotten, despite being autistic. If you insult me, I will remember about that for all of my life, because I have a nice memory and I can't forget anything. So, as I said above, please, I beg you. Don't insult me, because it's the worst thing to do. Also, I feel very sad when someone picks on my bad side. As I always say, I never have intention to offend someone, but if you offend me, it might happen without want to do that. I'm sorry for the long text, but that's what I've had to do after a fight, explaining about myself. Thank you. I hope you are with me.
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    i have zero regrets EDIT: After I saw this masterpiece on Reborn wiki I decided to do a little introduction... ... ... ... FULLVIEW welcome to team meteor
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    here's another sneak peek, progress is being made again :^) I have a solid 2 1/2 weeks off still, so hopefully i'll be able to get all of the mapping done in that time!
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    This is one of the best Poke gifs to have ever been made, and sums up the Alola starters well:
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    Howdy everyone, So, I'm making this post to show a little love to that Knight in Shining Armor. Escavalier. On my way through the desert I happened upon Titania's castle and was so unprepared it wasn't funny, cause I still had a lvl 57 Typhlosion on my team trying to level and prepare for her, along with most of my mons at 79 bordering 81. I somehow managed to get through to her castle, and had to fight Zekrom. Now THAT totally caught me offguard, but I only had to reset once. What I did, was let it outrage like 3 of my mons then get confused, then I sent out Gardevoir with a focus sash. His first attack on gardevoir missed luckily, so I got off a moonblast. Didn't kill him... CRAP. But then I was like.... Aha! I still have my sash! So I managed to KO him without much hassle. Moving on, I end up fighting Titania and I'm like "Holy crap I'm not ready for this." So after a few tries and fails (Damn Excadrill...) I decided to head back to Opal Ward and grind some. Got Typhlosion up to 83, Mamoswine up to 81, Donphan up to 75, Roserade up to 85 and Blaziken up to 84. So I'm damn ready to go toe to toe with Titania now after some preparations (Giving some mons quick claws etc) So I got to thinking... "Hmm, her first mon is Sandslash, a phys attacker..." So I got the bright idea to send in Escavalier first. Man, that Sandslash barely left in dent in my spectacular Knight. Managed to get off 3x Iron Defense and 2x Swords Dance..... AND LET THE SWEEP BEGIN. Oh man, Every single pokemon she sent out I managed to one shot, with the exception of Scizor (stupid Excadrill and making my attack drop). So with a bit of healing up to not die from a crit (Cause those seem to love me apparently), Big Boy Bugsington managed to sweep Titania, all on his own. I felt like I over prepared afterwards considering how much longer I spent in Opal Ward training up. So, I would just like to send out a huge thank you to this amazing Knight here!
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    Oh wow starting a public run on the forums has earned me a winning of le day yesterday xD
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    that'll teach me to say 'this is the last post for the cycle' ever again. fuck AI. anyway hi, check it out, it's E18, comin' at you now so here's the rundown on things this time around: USUM Updates As expected... and for that matter, promised! Fortunately: unlike E17, there's not all that much to do-- only a handful of pokemon/forms/moves, etc, and Marcello is already hardlining on that to get it sorted. bless Marcello. The biggest issue here is the sprites, but I mean -flips hair- I can handle those. Also unlike E17, I'm not starting with this personally, so it'll be a bit longer before it's checked off. Instead, I'm starting with... AI It's always such a pleasure. Remember when I tried to make the game better, but actually introduced like a dozen inaction bugs that ruined the experience for multiple waves of testing? twice? ...this is the second time. So this time I now know to expect that testing will take several months while we pick out those inaction bugs (they're really hard to pin down!!!). Anyway I talked last time about how there are ~350 function codes for all moves, and for E17 I did 120 of them. That leaves 230 for E18. I am currently cutting my way through a l l of those, as you can see on the status widget on the right. despite the low percentage, i'm about halfway done. So, a couple more weeks and I'll be set. Aside from that our other focus for this episode is potion usage, which we will rewrite entirely like we did for the switch algorithm last time. Maps normally this section is graphics/maps because i do them together, and to an extent that is still true here, however i don't really foresee the areas i'm mapping this episode even really needing that much in the way of graphics (and i'm sure i'll start taking some Liberties™ and promptly ruin that but) so I'm going to just simplify this down to le mappo's for this episod. in E17 there were seven areas i had to map. for E18, there are four. and one of them is not a giant fucking desert. so you know, that helps. Eventing as usual: this is the part of stuff that makes things on map do stuff blablahbalhabljdhfbdjf so i don't really foresee this being even a significant drain on this episode because i don't have any particularly troublesome (to make) puzzles planned yet but any issues or slowness that arises in this section is usually because of puzzles. if you suffer, i suffered first. that's what true love is. <3 Story here we are. the bulk. normally story is pretty quick-- so it's a good place for the bulk to be. but everyone knows i kind of dicked myself in terms story workload for the rest of the game after E17, so everything is effectively doubled. also, looking back at past episodes, E16 was sidequest-focused, and E17 was focused on exploration... E18's focus is the story itself. the last one it's similar to in that regard is probably E15. so we gonna kick some stuff into gear here. Sidequests exist. but i don't have much planned for them this time. there's a handful of events i need to do and maybe one or two or three small areas and other than that this should be ez to the pz like a blue moon fresh lemon squeezy. a good amount of other stuff was done for this in prior episodes. thanks, past-ame. Misc Updates as usual, the throw-away category. this is used for any changes to the existing game, which i have a small handful planned for but due to deliberately shifting focus and limiting revisions for the sake of forward progress, should not be very much. the rest of this goes to bug fixing. AKA fixing the AI we broke six parts earlier. whee. so there's what you can expect and understand from our scoreboard this time around. can i call it that? scoreboard? i dont know if it has a better name but i'm calling it that from now on cuz it sounds cool. like it's a game, or a war against nothingness in a place that has yet to be created so call up atreyu or whatever.
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    Sooo I'm back. For those of you who remember me, sup. For those of you who don't, I had a grass-monotype going on until my laptop broke down and all my save files just... yeah, it's depressing, so I don't want to talk about it. I want to show it. All my edgy post-teenage angst. With a team of darkness. Terrible jokes and introductions aside, I hate leaving anything incomplete. The grassmono left quite the hole in my heart... Aaand the only way to fill such voids is to do the same thing all over again. However, there will be a freshness about this for me since I haven't gotten to play Reborn from the start with the Gen VII mons, so it'll be interesting to see all the new changes. And yeah, this time I'm picking my favorite type - Dark. (Could you even see that?) So... bring on the hate let's mono! CHAPTER 1: Darkness... dawns? Oh boy is this taking me back, so friggin' excited. NOW we’re talking. Oh wow, it's changed quite a bit since I last played. NICE. This is beautiful. So who is the ultimate edgelord we know LOL Just kidding though no way I’m having him as my main character, edgy though he might be So origininal amirite Favorite color: Blue, Forum name: Red, Game name: Black ‘coz logic Buut at least it’s still edgy and better than Sasuke. OH BOY THIS TRANSITION HAS ME HARD Nice, Ame! So we've had fairly the same bit of dialogue from the past episode up till now. This guy makes quite the early appearance. Which means… Ohhh this is gonna lead up to how the game started in E16 Oh damn the memories... I know it hasn’t even been a year since I last played it but still the game is really nostalgic to play. NOOOO the start of this game. *skip skip* I'm gonna go right to the starter part, it seems like everything went exactly like before. So the two options for me are: Hell no. That’s more like it. I know Froakie is probably one of the most overused pokes but I just can't stand Incineroar's design. I should really stop with the Naruto nicknames. STOP JUDGING ME I’M NOT GOOD WITH NICKNAMES OK So this is what I got after a multitude of soft resets. The best nature + IV set I could hope for. Welcome aboard, buddy! So right after Ame leaves us downstairs, we meet up with good ol' pansexual Cain Establishing our clear superiority here... This guy must be quite the stud in the gay community. Time to my assert my dominion a second time, yay Well hello my starter from a parallel universe! Away with you! Oh boy, this game is fun when you’re destroying your enemies left and right. Anyways, beating Victoria entitled us to the Pokedex. Now off to start my grand and gruesome journey! I really wonder if all the kids who sign up for the Reborn league have to go through such a dark and troublesome adventure like we do. Same old, same old Doesn’t look anything’s changed here from E16. Moving outside... (and yikes again at that Torkoal torture scene) Huh, it’s a Stufful this time instead. Pretty good Pokemon, but I can’t use it in this run, unfortunately :/ So what will I find here? Fucking hell. So checking the monotype guide, doesn’t look I have a lot of options for the first gym area. Strangely thought I'd get an Alolan Meowth or Rattatta here. Unfortunately, I’ve got to just prod through all of that. Me trying to avoid trainers... This game of stealth isn’t too hard tbh oh fuck A master of darkness is no master of stealth, it seems Hrnnnh I swear trainers stopping you is equivalent to harassment, really “Yo lemme stop you real quick to fuck your already tired mons up with my fully healed ones" 5 pokemon battles in totality and 6 levels increased… whoo, finally! Not surprisingly, this is where all the dark types hang around, according to the guide ... and bags of trash They’re pretty high levelled, has it changed from the last episode? I didn’t really explore this area the first time I played this, so I’m not sure. I am getting better at this. These aren't too bad imo, although Rattled ability would have been nice Holy hell these pokes are high levelled I think could probably beat Fern now with these levels. Can't think of anything more apt. KNEEL BEFORE YOUR QUEEN I'm not a huge fan of the speed loss but those stats look really good, and I've gotten a pretty useful ability for the first gym. So, that's it for this episode! I’ll probably defeat all the trainers in our area (while making doubly sure we don't go past the level cap), get one last mon and get to the story part of the game asap before we get on to the next episode. Thank you guys for following! Suggestions, thoughts, criticism, fanmail all accepted! You will die alone if you don't send me fanmail
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    So, progress goes as well as progress goes when you have 3 jobs, plus full-time college this semester and as of right now I have finally finished the Draco Sanctuary which is where you get Ashera on your team and where the hardest superboss in the game is located: Celia Magnus from Symphonic Horizon 2. This screenshot is of the highest point of the Draco Sanctuary: Don't worry about seeing the bottom of the map, since... you kind of can't which is why it looks like the tower just sort of... stops at a point on the map. You won't be able to see the bottom anyways, so it's no big deal. So, after you have beaten the game and come back to this location you will be greeted with foreshadowing of the 2nd game's main antagonist: Celia Magnus who travels to this era of time by a rift in spacetime. She is the hardest boss in the entire game and will kick your ass. Symphonic Horizon 2: Verdant Form of Celia.
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    So...I didn't get invited into the Beta testing. While my internet connection is bad and fails have the time, I have concrete proof that it was submitted so don't tell me I never sent one. That means this beta test was stacked. Stacked so that people who'd make them look bad didn't get in. I demand a recast of participants to deal with this fake news. #Commander2k20 #FakeNews #Janisacrook #MakeRejuvGreatAgain #Ididntactuallyturninanapplicationbutdidthistomakepeoplewhodidntgetinfeelbetter #MoselyDaBest #BadXenbre
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    Agreed. I have a hatred for Pokemon Insurgence because of that. Had some redeeming qualities, but was obviously rushed due to part 2 of the game being much less fleshed out than part one. Oh, and not to mention the massive amounts of bugs and glitches at launch, a lot that still haven't been fixed. Among these were bugs that actually impeded story progression. So yeah, let rejuv get its bug testing in, so it doesn't end up like insurgence.
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    Football taught me a simple rule: respect others, and you will be respected. So I am asking you - follow this principle. Then everyone will live better. At least I hope so.
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    Hey, just in case anyone is interested I'm letting you know that I've just updated the USUM moveset mod to make it compatible with the weather mod.
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    rest assured, no matter how awful my memory may be... this will not be forgotten.
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    New Pokemon confirmed for the Gen 8, a hybrid Pokemon called Littekin. And you thought it was really a new Pokemon?
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    From Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 6 I healed my team up, and was walking around the many warehouses, when I heard repetitive knocks. The sound was coming from one of the warehouses, but it stopped before I reached it. “Anyone in there?” I asked inches from the gate, but i heard no response. “Weird. I'm sure I heard something.” I knocked on the gate, and a few moments later I heard louder bangs reciprocating mine. There definitely was someone inside. “Candy, is that you?” I shouted and tried to force the gate open. I sent out my Elsa and Anna, but their attacks were insufficient to break it. Guess they've made it resistant to Pokémon attacks so thieves cannot steal stored merchandise. “I'll have to find the key,” I said while knocking. “Hang in there, cousin.” So I left the warehouse and Coral Ward, for the only way I had left to take: north, toward Obsidia Park. In front of the park, I found Florine's and Amaria apparently waiting for me. “This is the collaborator I have spoken of,” Florinia said. “So you're the brave league challenger Rini told me about,” Amaria marveled and briefed Florinia about our meeting in Coral Ward. “If you are ready, Vanilla, use this to cut the tree in our way.” Florinia handed me a disk, much like the one Julia had gifted me. The problem was that i couldn't decide on who to teach the move to, since it was a rather weak one. Then, Pikachu squeaked in my ear. “Right, I can teach it to you, buddy.” I did just that, and Pikachu cut the tree for us to pass. Florinia and Amaria passed before me, but soon I heard their cries from nearby. I ran over, only to find them tied by tentacles of thick vines. There was a large machine with some green mossy creature tied to it, and a person wearing black clothes in front of it. “So only three came to deal with us,” the person commented. “Three are nothing. Easy to deal with.” “Are you behind this mess of plantlife?” I inquired to the person. “But of course. Um, I think it would be more polite if we introduced ourselves first. I’m Lumi. To be polite? Who cares about politeness? But if you must know, I’m Zero. And I’m Eve. We’re collectively known as ZEL.” “Ugh, I’ve dealt with ominous characters in the past, but your type is a first. Are you three people in one?” “That’s right, but it’s really a long story. Yes, and a story we have no need to tell right now. You are a threat to our operation right now, and hence we’ll eliminate you now.” “So I just have to knock you out and damage that machine of yours, huh?” “Do you think you’ll be able to get past us? Naive little girl! I think it would be wiser if you came back with more support, in my opinion. I don’t think you could beat us right now with this strong machine. Indeed, this Link System I made is a simple hybridization-amplification mechanic that takes a pokemon’s power and amplifies it to levels unachievable in normal circumstances. That is how, using Tangrowth’s power, we’ve manipulated the smallest root into a massive arbor wrecking ball. Forget about going to get help, for we’ll finish you before you can even move!” I led the battle with Elsa, who managed to cut one-third of the mutated tangrowth’s HP before going down to its acid spray attack. My next best bet was Anna, who was a fire type, but I wasn’t sure her fire attacks would be as effective in this rainy weather. Even then, the others, Kame (a water type), Cinderella (a grass/ghost type with her only ghost attacking move being astonish which is very weak) and Wolfie (a rock type) looked more helpless against the grass-type monster. So I sent out the hesitant Anna to the field, but to my surprise the sun rays she brought out stopped the rain and completely changed the field. I didn’t know how to play this field, but at least the problem of the rain weakening fire-type attacks was dealt with. Luckily, too, Anna’s first Heat Wave burned the tangrowth, so although she fainted before taking him out, I had little trouble taking him down with Kame’s Fake Out. When our battle was done, the tangrowth was ejected from the machine and fell, unconscious. “Zero, next time, let’s fight with our own pokemon, rather than with the mission keystone. I’m sorry, tangrowth… Stop yelling at me! You said this machine was supposed to make it stronger! Your misjudgement was the key factor. Regardless, with tangrowth incapacitated, the malignant growth will now regress. Let’s recover the model and begone.” The person with multiple personality disorder used some teleportation magic and disappeared instantaneously. If there’s a pokemon that can do that, I hope it’s one of my dozen team members. With the vines turning lifeless, Amaria and Florinia were released and fell to the ground, practically blue in the face. “Ah I can breathe,” Amaria said, after gasping for air a few times. “I’m sorry I wasn’t much help.” “It’s fine.” “But it’s impressive you were able to defeat ZEL all by yourself!” The two Gym leaders discussed about how much bigger a threat Team Meteor was resulting to be, since, they could only extrapolate that the mutant plant life that destroyed Jasper and Beryl were also their doing. Even though both Amaria and Florinia feigned health, with one smiling more than usual and the other looking more like a robot, I could tell they were still not well recovered from the choking attack, so I suggested they go home to rest. “Thanks for your concern, Vanilla. I sure will, and again thanks for the help today,” Amaria said and went away. “I will be returning to my Gym in Onyx Ward. Not to rest, but to pursue my duties as a Gym leader. Vanilla, your attendance will be expected at your leisure.” So Florinia said, and left towards the north of the park. I was about to follow her, when Pikachu squeaked and jumped off my shoulder. “What is it, bud?” I followed Pikachu instead to a nearby tree in the park. There was something glittery, though it was hard to see well with the rain. I checked where the squirrel stopped, and found a key hidden behind a root of the tree. “Could this be…?” I instantly thought of the warehouse Candy was trapped in. With this conviction, I wasted no time in returning to Coral Ward, to where the rain was starting to reach. “Candy, I’m back. Let me try this key I found,” I shouted while inserting the key into the keyhole. The gate opened, to my relief. Inside, I found the real Candy with someone I wasn’t acquainted with. “Oh dear cousin,” Candy exclaimed and ran full speed to embrace me in a tight hug. “I am glad you’ve found us. I thought we would starve to death in here!” “I’m glad you didn’t,” I replied with the little air she was letting me breathe. “Come now, you wouldn’t want to asphyxiate our savior, do you hun?” said the man, and Candy finally let me go. “Thanks for saving us. However, I’m really hungry, so I’ll head back to the daycare now.” “Wait, I’ll go too,” Candy agreed. “Come with us, Vanilla. There’s some catching up to do.” Since Gym battle with Florinia could wait, I followed the pair to the daycare. At the daycare, Candy started with the biggest surprise. “I’m married!” she exclaimed, showing me her glittery ring on her left hand. I was dumbstruck by the confession. Candy teased at me for my blank expression. “It’s just that I didn’t expect to find you married,” I explained. “Why didn’t you tell me? And who is this man anyway? I’ve never seen him in my life!” “Come on now, that’s not entirely true, you know,” Candy pointed out. “How so?” “He’s a distant relative of ours. All of us are descendants of Hansel and Gretel. We are from Hansel’s side, and Cookie is on Gretel’s side, which is why we’ve occasionally met during major family gatherings in our childhood.” “I don’t seem to recall you, but if your name is Cookie, there is little doubt that you’re indeed from Everland and descended from Hansel or Gretel.” “I’m glad I’ve passed your background check,” Cookie laughed. “We met in Hoenn during my League challenge, and came over to Reborn when I had to step down from the Champion’s seat. We’ve been operating this shop ever since.” “You should’ve told me about this,” I frowned. “If you had, I would’ve counceled you against marriage.” “That’s precisely why, my beloved cousin, I didn’t request your counsel,” Candy winked. “I am happily married for over two years. Besides, I can divorce anytime I want, you know?” “Do as you wish, for it is your life and not mine to live.” “If you have any pokemon you’d like to breed, let me know and I’ll gladly help you,” Candy said, because she saw me moving toward the exit. “Ah, right. Here, I found this little thing you might like,” I remembered and gave Candy the blue pokemon egg. “Also, thanks for the dozen of pokemon you gave me. They’re my only team now, and we’re going strong.” “Oh, what a lovely oval egg! Thanks Vanilla, I’ll certainly take good care of it. I’m also happy you liked my choice of pokemon, but you seem to have forgotten to introduce me to your furry shoulder buddy.” I looked at Pikachu, and it squeaked with joy. “Oh, this is Pikachu,” I said, and Candy laughed but approved my choice of nickname. “I kind of rescued it from some insolent brats, and has stuck with me ever since. It doesn’t battle though, it just tags along.” “Lovely,” Candy said. Pikachu jumped from my shoulder to the counter where Candy was reclining, and demanded she pet it. Candy stroked the white fur with visible delicacy and plain love for all pokemon. “I wish you luck in your journey, Vanilla. I’m sure there will be hard times, but I’m sure the good memories will be worth it in the end.” I waved to Candy but not to Cookie, though he did wave at me. “See you later,” I smirked and went out of the daycare. VANILLA RATES: REBORN CHARACTERS You might be wondering why I didn't include Florinia's gym battle in this episode. Well, truth is, I totally wanted to, but it was realistically impossible. If you've had to stay in a science lab until 7pm when almost everyone has left doing your experiments, AND on top of that haven't eaten nothing but 3 cookies since breakfast which was 1 slice of breakfast pizza, you'll understand that I was psychologically drained. There was no way I could center myself on the story, and that would be a shame because the events at Florinia's gym aka OTS are pretty important in Vanilla's character development. It'd be a shame if I neglected it because of my exhaustion... so sorry my fellow frens, you'll have to wait until (hopefully) tomorrow or if not just Soon as hecc! QUICK LINK TO NEXT EPISODE
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    So, in terms of the manga's progress, we have come a very long way since we started out, last May. This summer we're hoping to get Volume 1 finished and ready to sell by either the end of summer of fall. Below is all the pages we have done/are doing at the moment. The ones that look clearly like storyboards are in-progress pages: Overall, I am supremely happy with my manga-artist and all that she has done with me over the past 4 years. We have worked together on various mangas, and we're hoping to continue working together for... who knows how long. She has been able to nail my character's personalities, characteristics, mannerisms and subtle qualities better than I ever could. Same goes for a lot of the locales in the manga, as they were designed with absolute care and delicacy that puts the biggest, dumbest smile on my face. I seriously couldn't be happier with how this turned out, as it managed to be even better than the game as it has everything corrected from plot-holes to even subtle aspects about character backgrounds and their motives which were... a little off in the actual game, and I still need to get around to fixing sometime. For those of you still waiting on my game, I sincerely apologize, as I mentioned before in previous posts, as school has become ultra sluggish, harsh and the fact that I need to hammer through this last semester before I can readily get stuff done for the game. Currently though I have found time during the weekends to get work done, as I've went and made many changes to several of the game's core components to make things a little better overall. However, don't expect another video from me, about my game, until I decide it's necessary or if I have anything relevant to show off.
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    Bulbasaur: 24 Cyndaquil: 19 Totodile: 22 Mudkip: 22 Turtwig: 13 Chimchar: 9 Piplup: 18 Snivy: 11 Oshawott: 9 Chespin: 22 Fennekin: 9 Froakie: 4 Rowlet: 16 Popplio: 14 Too lazy to change colours...