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    oKAy hi so what's up all my fresh fellas lovely ladies and enchanting enbies we're here with another episode of not Pokemon Reborn cuz that shit ain' ready to release yet BUT the story is pmuch done "but ame if story is so done why come it not full hunder persent on right tab???" an excellent question, hypothetical asker who's typing style belies the validity of their question. that's because although i've gone through and done all the story parts that i can so far, there's still a few minor holes i need to go back and fill in. i couldn't do that before due to things like the maps not being completed, or some script issues we're just now getting sorted out. there's also a bit more eventing stuff that i'll need to do when all the maps are finished too. then there's sundry things like the tv dialogue, bug fixes... oh, also i'm making sprites for all of the furfrou forms after deciding to care noticing that we didn't have anything for that yet. plus AI... so- there's still a significant handful of things to do before release. however, once those few things are knocked out, we're going to have a grand old time. do not hype yourselves yet though; the time for that will come yet.
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    sad reacts only but not really, because this is one of those like, six lines i mentioned on the right. basically it's the AI section. cuttin' into it like a rotom-c. so a few things that have generally been done recently: tv dialogue for new epsiode is , furfrou forms are and the groomer is in glamazonia salon-- actually i guess i can post those here. and uh. weather is ! we fixed the bugs with E16's systems. it turned out to be super simple. it'll rain less now. rain is fake news anyway. wait i'm-- well ok. have some frous. i refuse to accept that that 'frou' is pronounced like 'true' though. that's the real fake news. okay so stepping forward i train my laser sights on AI specifically function codes because that stuff is incomplete and also largely never existed in the first place. its basically the thing that tells it when specific move effects are a good idea. it doesn't have no idea-- but it has bad ideas most of the time, and no idea the rest of the time. there are ~350 function codes in the game, and for E17 we will be choosing to focus on 118 of them. the rest will be finished in E18. so basically i have my work cut out for me if i want this to happen soon. guess i had better get started ^^
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    Surprise, surprise. I'm not actually dead, and neither is Desolation. The support this game has got in my verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry long absence is actually amazing, no less than inspiring. Here's a nice update for everyone in the meantime. Thing's have been intense since I left and I haven't had any time to work on the game whatsoever beyond story design. It's a shame, I know. However, I haveeee planned ahead to make sure the game can make a (not so swift) return. I will spell it that out in big bold letters: POKEMON DESOLATION WILL BE RETURNING WITH EPISODE 5 FEBRUARY 2018 Umm... yeah. I'm not any less busy than I was before and I've missed a heap of the thread. I'll attempt to catch up over the next day or so before I disappear again. Once again, thanks for the huge amount of support. It's amazing that the game remained at the top of the expose.
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    This is probably gonna be one of the longest posts I've ever written on this forum, so bear with me. Since there's quite a lot I want to fit in here, I'll just cut straight to the main topic. In less than a week time, it will be the first of September. That's the day school starts again for the elementary schoolers, high schoolers, etc. in Belgium. For me, since I'm in college, it'll be the 19th of September. I've mentioned it here and there already, but as soon as college starts again for me, my activity here is gonna drop hard. More on that later. But since it's gonna be hard to just jump from activity to inactivity in one day, I've decided to use the first of September as the point where I'll start lowering my activity. Goal is to be decently inactive already when college starts. Now for why exactly I'll be doing this. As some of you know, I've been in college for two years now. I've studied journalism for the past two years. Some of you may even remember that I made a post alike to this one back when I first started journalism. About me leaving, yada yada, you know the drill. Point is that in the first semester, I was actually quite inactive around here. My grades were rather good then, too. I managed to build a circle of friends around me, and life was generally much better than I ever expected it to be after high school jackassery. Fastforward to the second semester. My grades were less good than in the first, but no disasters. I managed to get around. Sometimes I 'forgot' about assignments and handed them in too late, a bad habit that I picked up in high school and that curiously enough hadn't been around in the first semester. Either way, no disasters happened, it was all still okay. It was also around the second semester (technically the second half of the first but w/e) that I started getting more active around here again. Second year of journalism was godawful. First sem something went wrong with my application, and I barely attended any classes at all due to that. I failed all my exams. Second semester started, this time with everything in order. Small problem- I still barely ever attended my classes. I'd sit in the school library and boot up one of the pcs to scroll through whatever or to be here. I was literally more often on the Reborn Showdown server during my classes than I was actually in my classes. Surprise of surprises, I failed nearly everything again. My parents and I came to an agreement. I basically threw away all the chances I had in journalism, so this summer I started searching for something new to study. I found it, I applied yesterday, I'm in and everything. That's not really important to the topic at hand. The more time I spent on the internet, the worse my grades got. And it didn't just end with that. In the second year, I became nearly fully estranged of the circle of friends I had built up in the first year. It's been more than six months since I've talked to them now, and I'm not inclined to change that anytime soon. I kinda just poofed around there, without prior warning or anything, and barely even responded to texts or Facebook messages they sent me. And of course, at a certain point the messages just stop. People started ignoring me, even at the rare occasion that I attended class. I don't blame them for that at all- I pulled shit that isn't okay to pull on friends ever. And all of that was because I wanted to spend more time on the internet and do dumb shit. That was so much more fun than attending classes. If you haven't noticed yet, I'm about as disciplined as a Mankey that just had his rice ball donut taken. And combined with this being my favorite place to be around...yeah. That was a thing. My activity was absolutely stupid here, which my studies and my real life social circle suffered around really badly. And while I know that Reborn wasn't the only culprit (actually the only culprit was me but shh), I've gotta start somewhere. Though that's not the only reason I'm deleting some of my activity. Reason number two. Are you ready for a history class, kids? Just kidding, I haven't been around that long compared to some people. Though, for me, being in a community for nearly four years is a huge feat. Especially considering that most of those four years were solid daily activity. Those four years also happened to be at the ages 17-20 for me. I was used to being the outcast at school for not liking to party and whatever else, so when I first came here, the first thing I tried to do was try really really fucking hard to look cool. In hindsight, that wasn't a really good idea, because I was more of a douchewad than anything else, but it was a start. I started hanging out with some people on the server (back then it was still Pokémon Online), and generally had a good time with said people. Keep in mind that it had been years since I had some decent social activity. I won't go into the details, but at some point, a few people started expressing their dislike of me here too. Some openly, some behind my back. Shame it wasn't really behind my back as much as it would have been if I hadn't been in that exact backchannel. In hindsight, I probably should thank these people for generally being assholes towards me. Made me review what the actual fuck I was doing. And I actually put my first step towards maturing, or at least as close to maturing as it got for me. That was about a good explanation of my first year here. Second year (and after) I got more involved in the general community. Before, I more often than not didn't pay attention to anything forum-related than the Roleplaying subforum and the status feed, and I spent a good amount of time in backchannels rather than in main chat. I had some pals I often talked to in Reborn Showdown's lobby (at this point we had moved from Pokémon Online), but I also started having private conversations with some people. I generally got more involved everyone in Reborn, as well as creating better friendships than I ever thought I'd have ever. I grew around here as a person, from an edgy little boy that was like "fuck life fuck people" and Mewtwo voice "I am alone" to someone that actually cares quite a lot about other people. Now, before I start on this, do not think for a moment that I blame the 'newer' people for just about anything, nor do I want to say that the 'newer' people aren't as cool as the people I used to hang out with here. Heck, I've even found good buddies around the newbies. But, around when the site got updated, activity in the forum kind of changed. Topics I valued rather highly such as the Reborn Quotebook in General Discussion just started dying. In the meantime, activity rose in the forum parts that I literally never visited ever, by which I mean Reborn, Rejuv and other fangames. I started posting less and less. All the while, Showdown was slowly being taken over by Discord, and while I was in the latter for a while, I'm not anymore. Initially I left because I was salty Showdown was dying. I spent some of my best years in my life on there and really couldn't bring myself to leave it behind. Now? I've got other reasons to not return to Discord, but more on that later. At this point, the only places where I'm still active are the status feed, Reborn Showdown (when it lives) and... That's about it. Discord (not the server) to talk to some people, if you can count that too, but other than that, that's just it. Heavy realization- I don't come here anymore because I enjoy it from the bottom of my heart, I come here because I'm used to coming here every day. That's not to say that I dislike Reborn currently, or the people out there. Reborn just constantly evolves as a community, and either you evolve with it, or you get left behind. My favorite topics die. I don't get to meet new people, since they either use Discord as a chat service or chat through forum PMs, something that I barely use as well. And, y'know what? That's not even bad. Communities that don't evolve on the World Wide Web, that's bad. It isn't in any form, way or shape Reborn's fault that I am not as interested anymore. It's moreso me, who hasn't evolved with Reborn. I've remained stale. And it was entirely my own choice as well. Even heavier realization- while Reborn used to be an absolute necessity for me in the past, it isn't that anymore. I used to come here because it was my only way to talk to the people I valued as friends, to get advice, to rant, to do whatever. None of those things really still apply. My activity in Reborn has become more toxic than helpful to me at this point in my life. So what are my plans for the future, if I indeed lower my activity here? First off, not completely suck shit at college. If I fuck this course up, there's a good chance that I won't be able to get a degree in higher education at all. And I'd rather not have that happen. Secondly, become social in real life. Don't get me wrong, I still value my online friends highly, and I will not cut contact with them. But having a social circle around you felt fun when I experienced it. And having a lot of contacts can also be helpful in your future. Those are two things I'm aiming for. And then a third thing. If everything goes right in my life, my activity around here, as it has been the past few years, will never return. Yeah. I can't just instantly leave behind a place that has been my home for, what, four years time. But everyone's gotta leave 'home' eventually. 'Course I'll still pop in from time to time. But my long-term goal is to eventually not need this place in my life anymore. To make it something fun to pop in from time to time, like maybe once every two weeks or something, but nothing more than that. Worst case scenario, I'll end up becoming just as active as the past few years around here in the following months, and go down the rabbit hole once more. Go figure. What does this actually mean for my future activity? Well, I'll tell you! - The forum is probably the place I'm going to be the most active in in the coming months. It's easy to access, it's easy to post a random status, but not much more than that should be expected, either. Maybe an occasional post, I dunno. - Showdown. I'm going to be quite honest here, I don't expect Showdown to still exist two months from now. It's been made pretty clear that restarting the server is a hassle that is not worth it for Dan at this point, and considering Lost and I are pretty much the only people that are only on the Showdown server and not on the Discord server, I don't think it's going to be around much longer now. - Discord. I'm not returning to the server. Not now, not ever. Yeah, it used to be because of frustration that Showdown was dying, but not so much anymore. I'm going to try to use Discord as a Skype replacement, meaning I'll use it to talk to the friends I met online, but for nothing more than that. I know that short attention spans exist for me, and I really don't want to come on Discord, talk to someone for a bit, then get sidetracked by a message on a server and be talking about random shit for the next two hours. Also, by deleting pretty much the only other online groupchat service I'll have access to (since rip Showdown), I'll be forced to resort to talking to real life people over Facebook. It may not be an optimal way, but in a way I hope this is also gonna help my social awkwardness irl. Also important- I'm going to try to make Discord (not Reborn server) the only place I'll semi-frequently show up to talk to the friends I made here. I will not abandon that place. So, if you wish to try and stay in contact with me for I don't know what reason, my Discord tag is on my profile. Reborn's been a home for me. A place that took me in while nobody else really wanted to bother with me. A place that offered help. A place that generally made my life better, and me a better person. A place where I met the best people I have met in my entire life. And I sincerely hope it will continue to be that place for other people. Thank you. I expected to be sad while writing this, but I'm feeling awfully neutral. Huh. Anyway, I'll still be around for the next few days, and I'll likely be decently active for a few more weeks too. So hey, all's good. And now I'm gonna cut this post short cuz I gotta go munf munf l8r m8
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    Ok i've been putting this off for a REALLY long time but something happened recently and someone told me what i needed to hear and make this topic so the first life announcement is i'm transgender and i've already started transitioning so yeah i hope you can accept for who i am and who i want to be, and the second announcement is that i'm making a fan game, ( and yes you can ask all the questions you want so please tell your reborn forum friends to stop by and ask what they want to know about my fan game especially if they're ame, jan, caz, icsw, or any staff/mod/developer and you may receive a in game surprise like a shiny 6iv quiver dance gardevoir or any special attacker, or a dragon dance metagross or any physical attacker), so yeah that's all i really have to say so feedback would be nice also please tag or quote me cuz the likelihood of me seeing your reply when other people have already responded and you haven't tagged or quoted me is slim to none. allright that's enough i'm tired good night or day wherever you are bye
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    Shh, no words now. Only videos. After all, it's the start of the game so it's not like it's a spoiler or anything.
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    So hello and welcome! You are probably wondering what this is. In my Pokemon Rejuvenation playthrough I played the game very differently than most people as instead of a focus on beating up and showing off my skills against the leaders, I actually focus more on the game as a whole having screencaps of huge sections of the plot. One of the most famed things is my rants where I go off on some incident or writing sin I see in Rejuv and occasionally talk about other fan-games, but usually other games outside of Pokemon. This is a little bit different as I want to take on something in a more positive tone focusing on stuff that normally doesn't get talked about or often gets glanced over. I'm never going to do something generic such as "How to make a good character" as that's just written instructions and not something for people to think or talk about. And as a warning, I say opinionated as not everything I will always say is right or the go to answer but is a collection of thoughts. If you disagree with anything I say, I strongly encourage to speak out as it helps people broaden their horizons. Now let's kick this thing off with a bang! Commander's Opinionated Gaming Articles Pokemon's 1st Generation - The Forgotten Foundation I remember when I was around four of five just discovering video games, but I didn't really enjoy them. I actually knew when I was five that I was a jrpg gamer as the only game in my five game collection that I connected to was Pokemon Blue on the Game Boy Color. I actually only got to Brock until a year later when I finally beat the game. I know I say Gen V is my favorite generation but now that I think back deeply on it, I honestly have to say Gen I is my favorite and while some of it is nostalgia talking, it's actually those experiences that keep me as a Pokemon fan. I understand why people could say Gen I is terrible to today's standards or that it's the worst generation, but maybe after reading this article many of you will have a different perspective on the origins of Pokemon. I'll start out by explaining what games were like back then. Video games were viewed by parents as being like a sin or evil contraption so parents were very limited on buying them for kids and most games were designed for short sessions. I know around the N64 and PS era they were getting quite popular with Nintendo being the kid friendly console and the one parents jumped to. Most game I had were action or platformers based off popular shows and such which...actually weren't that bad. Most of them were a game over and start from the beginning. I can't remember too much about the games as we had very little play time when I was little. I do remember when I got Pokemon Blue Version. Part of me loved it since I didn't have to worry about dodging hazards and stuff to live. My fondest memory of my first journey wasn't getting my first mon, wasn't meeting and fighting gary, nor was it catching that Pidgey. We have to forward a little bit to a little place called Viridian Forest. As a 4 year old, I was overwhelmed when I saw I could go three different ways and just couldn't believe it and struggled which way to go first. I went right and somehow made a loop back to the beginning. Over time I figured it out and on repeated playthroughs I love figuring out the best way to get all the stuff and fight all the trainers (and to this day I still believe the isolated area of grass directly to the left of the field is the only place to catch Pikachus). Nobody told me anything about it or gave me directions through and boy was I relieved to get out of there. When I reached Pewter City, I didn't know much about so I walked around a bit until a guy told me about a gym leader and showed me the gym. It was then and there my journey as trainer stopped as a man named Brock destroyed me time and time again until I gave up. I could see why people wouldn't like Gen I due to it's story, but it's a game designed around the fact it doesn't have a story. It actually works quite well. The game actually only forces unto two tutorials: how to catch a Pokemon and battle a gym leader. The rest of the game pretty much is you going on an adventure and exploring new places. Viridian Forest is actually a tutorial of how the game works. You have many different paths that eventually lead to the same destination. You can choose to go to a linear path by the number routes, or you can simply and see if any new places opened up. If you removed Pokemon Reborn's plot, I feel it recaptured this sense of Gen I perfectly even if you do not enjoy bits an pieces of it (who actually likes riding upwards through cycling road). This is a really old RPG mechanic that dates back way, way, way before video games were a thing and was I think from DnD as your adventure changed based on your choices and no session was ever the same. Now we jump into modern day where I want to talk about Gen VII for a minute. I just barely got past the first island in Pokemon Sun before I just stopped playing. The game had some charm, but honestly I felt it was just not very good if I could get that far into the game and not enjoy it. You probably go through I'd say 5 hours of tutorials and on the second island they still find ways to block you off. I want to say the first island had 10 or so road blocks stopping you from progressing. Gen I had two road blocks from the start all the way to Misty. If I actually counted all the roadblocks on the first island of Gen VII, I'd probably be undershooting it. Now I want to talk about gym leaders. I want you to take a moment and think of as many of the original Kanto leaders you can think of. Now I want you to think of as many of the Unovan leader. This is an assumption, but you probably though of the first three Kanto leaders before you thought of the names of the first gym leader(s). The real kicker is that the Unovan leaders are more fleshed out characters than the Kanto ones. Heck, all but one gym leader in Kanto are even relevant to the game's plot which you don't meet any of them outside the gym...except one. Something Gen I did was rarely have gym leaders drive progression forward. I believe you could even do events out of order. Misty was a tough gym leader and you were supposed to go through Nugget bridge to be strong enough to face her. There was no man outside her gym stopping you so you could defeat her before even meeting Bill. I also believe you could fight the rival twice before being forced to challenge her in order to reach Surge. And even explore Rock Tunnel without flash. I don't even think you had to face Koga until Victory Road. So why on earth are gyms that could be easily skipped so remembered? Their characters didn't need development nor much screentime to give insight to their character. Surge was an army veteran which we haven't seen anything regarding this since. Brock was a shirtless guy with that Onix. These small little things left such an impact onto us it's why you can recall these people. Outside of Gen I, I feel the leaders who have small quirks or little things to them that really stick out and are remembered, but it won't work as well on post-gen I since we were expecting it or take it for granite. It's the more relatable ones like Flannery or Norman who are remembered. Now you're probably thinking: what does this stuff relate to fan-games? And I'm about to give you your answer. I understand linear pathing and design and it's a necessary evil as non-linear designs take much, much more time to develop. My issue is regarding the increased importance of gym leaders ever since Gen V came out. Pokemon, at its core, is about the player going on an adventure and immerse themselves in the world. Reborn styled games do the complete opposite. Actually, I could group a large amount of Pokemon games for doing this. Leaders in these games are anything but just someone who was given a job to test and train trainers. Many of them are involved in the plot even on numerous occasions. They sometimes even team up with you to stop the big bad. Most are also regarded in high authority and take action when issues arise. I definitely could understand why a writer may think it is important for gym leaders to be relevant and incorporated into the plot, but we go back to the Gen V vs Gen I argument before you realize that this does not necessarily make them better characters. Making gym leader active in the game's plot may actually be hurting more than helping. This goes back to the repeated cycle that Pokemon is about "A player going on a journey." I feel this process is lost as there's always a character around driving you one way or another or telling you what you need to do. And often the segment your in is about them leading into a gym battle with them in order to progress and learn about another leader. I sometimes have wondered if the protag was even relevant at points as all they were there for was to beat someone in a Pokemon battle before another character and the villain act upon each other trying to defeat each other sometimes in a battle of wits. This brings up the blame that this is the fact that it's a silent protagonist why they are irrelevant. I want to remove this from the equation as a silent protagonist in a group could be very relevant, but it requires tactical writing. Some games like Persona do it by giving you choices to be able to use your voice throughout the game without forcing a certain personality onto the protag. Others like the Paper Mario series have Mario use expressions and emotions (which Golden Sun you get to choose them) to feel more alive. The best method would be to move the perspective back to the player and not the conflict. In other words, make it so the player has to act in a scene instead of a focus on building the characters. The best way to do this is to remove gym leaders from the plot. I am not saying that gym leaders can't be active in the plot, but I'm merely saying don't include them there because they are a gym leader. I can think of numerous side characters who were memorable and fleshed out who never appeared in the main plot scenarios. That reduces the amount of characters you need to use and focus on. You also open up a window for more freedom and design of how the fan-game will work. Actually, could you just picture a Pokemon game where you never had to face a single gym leader until the very end of the game? Having the first gym leader use level 40s when your team is level 20s could just add a layer of exploration and discussion. The game also wouldn't be about defeating a gym leader to get past a segment but like most RPGs defeating a boss to progress forward. Maybe when you get to a town, Ho-oh has gone crazy and is attacking and burned down a couple houses arrived. With gym leader relevance: you gotta beat a guy to even climb the mountain to face it or have to face it, then defeat the gym leader to get to the next town. Without their relevance: you'd be climbing up the mountain ASAP due to the urgency to help these people. The gym could be locked, but it wouldn't stop you from adventuring forward after defeating the Ho-oh since that event is what progresses the story. Actually no, that's not a good enough example to understand this. I need to give a scenario. Scenario: An evil time has an Ice Artifact that they plan to use freeze a temple which many call their home Case 1: You make contact with a girl outside who tells you that they need to stop this group in order to save her home and her people. You continue forward in which you have another conversation mid-way through where the girl wonders what has happened to the civilians where she thrusts a guy up to a wall to tell her. The man responds that they were ordered to escort all civilians outside the temple from harm's way by her bosses orders and begs for her to let go. She does but threatens she would not be so friendly to his co-workers if a single wound had been caused by one of them. The two of you then make it to the top in which the leader and girl get into an argument. The leader tries to explain that what they're trying to do is for the good of all man-kind, but the girl interrupts calling them out on their lies forcing you into a battle. Afterwards, they retreat in which the leader drop a contact card which the girl picks up. The girl then tanks you saying that she'll be ready to battle you on the first floor for a gym battle. Case 2: The player has heard from the village elder outside that her people have been booted out of the temple. The player then explores and battles grunts of the evil team one of which is having an argument with a civilian. The player can intervene in which the civilian thanks them and serves as a healing spot for protecting him. When the player reaches the top, they meet the evil team leader who sees that you may be reasoned with unlike everyone else. She explains that what they're trying to do is create a special field in order to draw out Kyurem who has been terrorizing and freezing people to death in their nearby village. She then asks if you still wish to stop them. If you answer yes, you are forced to battle her in which she flees dropping a key card. If you choose no, she thanks you for understanding, but when she attempts it, it's a dud. While the plan failed, she is glad you understand their goal and gives you a card and how to find their base if they ever need anything from them or wish to join their group. The player then can go downstairs and talk to the residents and even challenge their gym leader or just move ahead. No matter which option you pick as a favorite, the same exact scene occurs with the same exact outcome with the only difference being adding one more person to the scene. The biggest difference is that the player makes the decision and not a different character. Now you can't always have the player alone as sometimes characters are needed to drive the plot or make things interesting but they should be well thought out. And I guarantee that one person is going to try this and then say "These scenes aren't very good or work well since no extra character is there to respond" in which I will simply respond "Then why did you use a silent protagonist?" But you can make a silent protagonist in a very good story, but it requires you to make them all the more active. So Gen I had some ideas that GF stopped using or backed away from for valid reasons, but can a modern day game really used the concept of freedom and exploration and have a very solid plot? Yes it can and its name is Xenoblade Chronicles. I could name other games, but this is the most easy to recognize game (if you don't and have a Wii/Wii U, it's become really cheap on Amazon). The game does go a certain direction but their are so many paths and secrets to find. Many of the side characters also don't overstay their welcome. Many modern games have taken inspiration from from Xenoblade as they opened up their worlds and made them with the focus of exploring and many ways to get to one destination. The Solo silent protagonist isn't as easy to think up of an example though. I can think of solo protagonist in RPGs who were successful, but silent is harder. Drakenguard isn't an RPG...Metroid aren't RPGs either...Dragon Quest IV might count. Someone let me know on this on a game that isn't Pokemon as most of the ones I've come up with have party members with them. I could name plenty with the gym leader concept serving as a side thing such as Paper Mario, Tales of Symphonia, and who could forget Pokemon Colosseum. As time passes, the quality of game will ever increase and do things would could not imagine, but sometimes it's important to journey back to the origins so that what made a series great isn't truly lost forever. I feel that games are pushing to make characters relevant and active to make them memorable, but Gen I showed us that you can make a memorable character even if they appear only for 10 seconds. And it's not about how good or strong the plot is when it comes to Pokemon, but the journey getting there to the end. As a very famous Pokemon Professor once said: "Your journey is about to unfold. A world of dreams and adventures with Pokemon awaits. Let's go!"
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    As radiance and kinetic energy smite and rebound across the battlefield, Magnum shovels handfuls of Cracker Jack into his gullet. "I never get tired of this stuff you know," he says wiping molasses coated caramel off of the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand. "They say it was the first junk food ever invented, and could've been the last! Perfect for every event: football game, parade, 4th of July, coronation, or just going out to the movies. Hey bus, do we got any more of this stuff?" Magnum enthusiastically rattles the nearly empty bag. "Darlin'...I'd redirect your attention to the wrasslin'." Magnum turns his gaze back to the external battle. Edmond fires a searing band of molten metal into Cú Chulainn's center, the steaming metal warping around his ribcage and embedding itself into his flesh. Almost simultaneously a barrage of glowing bullets splashes the Dog's chest, popping off like firecrackers and uniting into one conflagration across his breasts. As Cú is lit alight, tremendous texts rain down from the sky above to pelt him like stone. Copies of Venmarasu and Min Kamp impact his figure along with tales of unknown tongue. Navin darts through the open space and extends his fingers, swirling with intense tangible energy, until they come into direct contact with this perversion of Irish lore. The result is an explosion that sends him back several feet through a cloud of smoke. Silef bursts through the smoke blade-first, impaling Cú straight through the chest with a follow-through of a solid wall of blinding light that encases him and propels him further backwards, off of his feet. Cú hits the ground with his spear lying several yards away, blood streaming from the cavities in his torso, the iconic malevolent armor coming apart at the scenes. Yet, he is able to stand once more, beleaguered but alive. "Cú Chulainn has suffered tremendous but non-lethal trauma. Given enough time he could recuperate, or unfurl an all-out desperation maneuver. Your allies have expended themselves for the moment and are temporarily vulnerable." "So what you're telling me is that I need to stop all the hooping and hollering and get in there with some proactive tactics? Get back in on the action? Hah, you know how to beat around the bush. Reminds me of my wife." "It's only my protocol, I can only advise after all." Magnum chucks the empty snack bag to the ground. "Let's get it done with then. Release top gear." "Affirmative." "Remove safety parameters." "Parameters offline." "Fightin' music." "Yee-haw." Boomtown slams his foot down on the accelerator, sending the BOOMTOWN EXPRESS whirling by at speeds unprecedented by anything Recreational Vehicles had seen previously; sonic clouds form on its exterior as all 8 wheels crack the earth like rotating jackhammers. The impact catches Cú dead center with the engine, culminating with a sound like thunder. And yet he stands. The legend presses his head against the front of the bus, resisting it with a forehead teeming with a deep open cut. His feet grind into the ground until his heels dig craters. His fingers claw into the EXPRESS's cab corners, puncturing the metallic exterior of the bus like nails into flesh, establishing a grip, creating sumo match of brawn against industry. The interior of the bus rattles. "You're a tough one, kid!" Magnum explains as he pushes the acceleration pedal to the floor, one hand jammed on the steering wheel as his other palm strains the gear stick to its limitations, nearly ripping it out of place. Cú and the bus both groan in exhausted agony, two rams locking horns in a final dance. The lights inside the bus begin to flicker. "Systems failing. Blowout imminent." "Damnit!" Sweat pours from Magnum's brow as he pushes his automobile past its edge. "Now you've made me do it you Scottish bastard! No one breaks my bus!!!" Magnum opens up a hidden panel right above the radio containing three knobs and a single button. "So what, you're all the legends of the big bad Coo-Koo Lane come to life? What's that make you think, you're a half-God? Savior of Ulster?" He presses the first knob. The headlights begin to flash erratically. "And that gives you some sort of right to do what you want, because you're the big kid on the playground? You're nothing but a phony, a big fat phony. You can't be born or created as a God. Godhood is earned." Second knob. A pair of metal wings spring from convert openings on the bus's side. "I've coached plenty of guys who had talents from the Gods and nothing else, and you know how many of their names I remember? Not a damn one. The Raiders are built from sweat and tears. So is my country." Third knob. The exhaust spews long streams of bright blue fire that sear the air like a metal dragon. "This move right here? It's Pittsburgh Steel and Green Bay Nitrus combined with Seattle Aerodynamics and San Diego Physics. This right here..." Magnum slams the button. "Liftoff achieved." "...this is America." The bus begins to orientate itself vertically with Chulainn still attached to the hood. The cone of blue flame from the exhaust expands, throwing dirt and debris into a spreading cloud of smoke. The bus shoots upwards into the sky, rattling the surrounding area like an earthquake as it blasts off at hundreds of miles an hour. It climbs through the atmosphere until it is only visible as a speck of flame in the sky. Then an explosion, a concoction of bright firework colors that paints the twilight. Chulainn's seared, limp body hits the ground a minute later. He clings to life, barely. Promptly, the BOOMTOWN EXPRESS falls out of the sky, its rear tires landing directly on the Scottish Dog's legs. Outside of some obvious burns, it looks no worse for wear. A bruised, soot-faced Boomtown Magnum stumbles out of the bus. He coughs. "The academics call that a 'Coop De Grass'."
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    Let's talk about the categories in the Status Update block, since some of them have changed a bit from before. Gen VII Updates: (we didn't even have a dev blog last time there was a generation update!) Sprites We can't use the Smogon set, so we've gotta scrounge up our own. Fortunately many pixel artists list theirs as free use and so I've been able to gather a solid chunk. We'll polish them and make the rest. This progress bar also includes Shiny and Egg spriting. Scripting Marcello is a peach and this will be almost (if not) entirely his domain. It includes updates to old battle stuff, most of which have already been done as of this writing, and the implementation of all moves and abilities. It is a long road! Data This is basically everything in the PBS files, such as data, movesets and TM availability, plus details on the new items/moves/abilities. Marcello is actually a peach and a half and is fronting most of this work as well. Field Updates Although I had hoped we would be done with them before, Psychic Terrain will be added. This section will also include adding new attributes to all field for any relevant moves and abilities. Gameplay The most generic name possible. This is a catch-all for adding new Pokemon into events/encounters and trainer battles, and distributing new items. Tbh this is the fun part. New Content: Misc Updates So I lied and this isn't actually new content at all but whatever. In the past we had separate categories for graphic/event/etc updates but there's few enough this time that I'm lumping them all in here. AI Updates A planned renovation to get down and dirty with the AI. Right now most moves have little or no AI coding specifically for them. I won't get through all the moves this episode, but I'll spend some quality time with a good chunk of them. Graphics/Maps Previously these were separate but I put them together since the graphics in question are usually tilesets for new areas, and I prefer to tailor tiles to their maps. There are 7 new areas to make this episode, so this will be the bulk of the content work! Eventing Teleport events, area puzzles, encounters, items and special Pokemon. This is sort of a catch-all for everything that is not mapping, but also not part of the main story. Story All story events. This episode will have a branched story, so it will take a little longer.
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    Commander's Opinionated Gaming Articles Pokemon Games - The Cycle of Repetition Ah yes, something not very well known about me is that I'm not a big fan of Pokemon despite being part of a Pokemon Community and making a mod of a Pokemon fan-game. The best ways I can describe my feelings is by bringing up another RPG series called the Hyperdimension Neptunia series. The game is an absolute brilliant concept of taking the whole idea of the console war and turning the consoles into girls to create a very satirical adventure. That was the original idea, but it did dive a bit too much into fanservice. Seriously, the creators acknowledged the existence of R4 and pirated games. They did change the gameplay and the humor for the first three games, but after that they kind of just kept reusing the same graphics, characters, and enemies and the series really hasn't gone that far (mostly spinoff games currently). It's sad how a really cool idea and premise went down the drain so quickly and even with their new game it's more of the exact same thing. Other than losing some man points, I did bring this exact franchise up for good reason. It's still very popular, but it just is not going anywhere but mediocre. Pokemon isn't anywhere close to that levels of stale or doing the same thing as they do add some unique stuff and features. I wish they catered to the RPG fanbase more, but I understand their decisions. What I want to talk about is fan-games and hacks. They are so varied with epic gym leader battles to stop team evil from using the awesome legends. Hacks I'm willing to forgive because it is a very archaic system in which you had a limited amount of space and resources to make a game. But even then, Life of Guardians and Prism were able to do some pretty cool little things. But fan-games have an easy script system with a wide variety of uses and freedom as well the ability to change and edit graphics and tilesets in minutes. With that much potential, why have so few people really tapped into it? I think I can explain, but I'll start with the official Pokemon games. Every lasts 3 years except for Gens III, IV, and V which all lasted for 4 years each. So what exactly happens in each Gen that makes each transition so important and special. While new mons and the new region may feel like the what defies a gen, it's much more to that. It's the innovations that are brought with it that really defy the Gen. Gen II brought two new types to balance out Psychic types, Roaming Legends, Time Travel, a bit of Japanese lore, animated Pokemon sprites, the battle tower, and even the concept of a Leader refusing to give a badge. Gen III brought a full colored game, the double battle mechanic, the VS transition, a large postgame area for a greater challenge (battle frontier), wireless trading, and the contest system. I could go on and on as GF is absolutely amazing mechanics wise with what they do and it's some of the best. It's their concept of story that tires me out as even with Gen VII it's still centered around leaders being roadblocks for the plot. They are getting their slowly but surely though. I wanted to bring this up so that I can talk about Zeta and Omnicron and how that game was praised so much by its features. Back in the olden times of Reborn's forums, it was argued to be a superior game than Reborn by them, but Reborn fans thought Reborn was better than this causing a war. Now that I look back, I actually think Zeta and Omnicron was better than Reborn, but Reborn was more innovated and a fresher experience which is why I preferred it. Zeta and Omnicron did a lot of little nifty things including a mystery gift feature, but a vast majority of it was minor alterations to the game or basically ideas taken from the main game series such as a much more advanced secret base. It had a lot of nifty stuff, but Reborn was a game which parted from the big open kiddie world concept and started the player in a big, grim city with a lot of mature themes. It also took up the torch of the original hard, but fair Pokemon fan-game pushing for players to change their battle style. It really was the black sheep since it promised a grand adventure and one that'll kick your ass. Now we hop back to the modern era of Reborn. Reborn has vastly improved itself to the point it is so much better than the original design, however, it does not stick out or shine as much as it used to. This has to do with fan-games or fan-game ideas such as Rejuvenation and Desolation who pretty much copied many concepts and used many resources from the Reborn game which earned them the coin term Reborn-styled game. I'll need to get further in Desolation before I fully judge it, but they still use the Gen V concept where the section of the game heavily involves the gym leader before a gym battle for the badge along with a grimdark style making the games predictable and somewhat stale. And not to mention every game I mentioned still uses the gym badge system. Heck, they even use what I call the outdated disobedience system to promote difficulty. That's a topic for another day. So copying another game is not exactly a good thing. So you may want to create a game with a whole new batch of Pokemon for players to go on a new adventure in a new region. I cannot really recommend this approach as it really just is not innovated and more risky than it's worth. Creating new Pokemon can give a fresh experience, but Game Freak does that and they do it damn well with their iron hand on the subject. They have really well made 3d models and are ready to throw something crazy and new at you. Most people who go this route slack off in all the other areas such as story, mapping, and gameplay as the feel new Pokemon more than make up for these things. Spoiler: they don't so creating your own mons for a fan-game does add a new layer of work and commitment which could lead to an amazing turnout or a really bad one. This fangame you wish to create has some huge restrictions. You can't just copy the format or ideas from one fan-game nor can you create a fresh adventure with new Pokemon due to the amount of work. So where can you get ideas for a unique Pokemon game? It doesn't seem like anything Pokemon related will help you. That's your answer. Look for source material that isn't Pokemon. You've just expanded your small selection of ten games into thousands. The ones I'd recommend looking at first are Legend of Dragoon, Valkyria Chronicles, and Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars. Those are games you could play for an hour and get a grasp of a lot of things they do and their own innovations to the genre. The games I'm using as source material for my one example are: Atelier Rorona, Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki, and Pokemon Colosseum. First let's look at an example of a stereotypical Pokemon fan-game (I'm using Reborn styled here): "Welcome to the region of Vengena! This region made up of four islands is known to many as a place where the best of the best trainers come to show off their skills and claim the title of world champion. Some of you may think this will be a breeze with all those powerful Pokemon you trained, but there's a catch! You will be stripped of all your belongings bar the bare necessities and start off with a single Pokemon of your choice. Best of luck to you because you're going to need it!" Features: -An 18 gym badge adventure with all leaders using 6 Pokemon -All Pokemon available to capture and collect -A Dark, more mature storyline -Many uni...okay now I'm just making stuff up I just don't feel motivated to even think of labeling features for a game like that because all I can think of is stuff that shouldn't really be there. If that's what you list looks like, please just stop and reevaluate your overall game. Anyways here's what I'd write for a fan-game I'd design: "War? Peace? What difference does it make when you live in a hellhole like this? Probably shouldn't be saying it to a rookie like you, but it was too late the moment you hopped aboard this ship. Tell me kid, what's your region like? I hear that many are quiet and peaceful with a few scoundrels causin' trouble. Riven ain't like those places. You foreigners talk highly of our tech development and advancements, but few talk about the local life. Half of 'em are good and healthy, but the other half, like myself, have next to nothing. Seen some good men turn into monsters. Gotta do what you can to survive. Oi! Looks like we're pulling up to shore. Gotta get back to work. Be careful now. Wouldn't want a pretty face like yours to poof." Pokemon CO2 is a fan-game based on aspects from Pokemon Colosseum, including it's name honoring the series. With this project I wanted to focus less on the aspect of being the strongest and giving a sense and feel of survival. You can't really do such a thing with the original Pokemon design given how generous it is so I revamped the system with a focus of trainers creating their own items to be used in battle using materials. This changes up players thinking as they can't spam items in a battle, but it also makes players think about what Pokemon they want to catch as some do hold very valuable and rare materials. Creating items isn't the only thing to do as players can go shopping for materials, not battle items, but there is a special black market that sells Snag Balls. Snag Balls are to be used with a Snag Machine to capture Shadow Pokemon like in the Colosseum. Where do you find these Pokemon? Criminals around the region managed to get their hands on some so you could help the cops chase down a wanted criminal or perhaps find some goons of a tyrant. What is a tyrant? Tyrants are to be considered rulers of a city. These individuals rose up in power due to the fall of the poor structured league system in place. They run the place however they wish. Some have won the citizens over through kind deeds while others rule with an iron fist and fear. Each of these tyrants is unique and it's up to you to decide which ones are friend or foe. Features: -Random Trainers use a variety of both Double and Single battle playstyles -Defeating trainers nets no cash -New Items have been added to serve as ingredinents -Items can be synthesized at shops -Scarcity of Pokemon (only 300 possible species are obtainable) -Shadow Pokemon make a return -A new, unique adventure driving away from a league system -Enemies are much more challenging and now use team composition and strategies -Engage in the unique land of Riven, full of varied locations from a junkyard to a university The reason why the latter looks so much more fleshed out probably was because it was something I was looking into making before scrapping. It is a way I can break down since I did take ideas from certain games and put my own twist on it. Item synthesis was taken straight from Atelier Rorona as when I played that game, I noticed how main character was really weak, but she had the ability to create items to be used in battle and how centered around synthesis the game was. This would take a bit of reworking but limiting the amount of items the player could use and hold would work well as the inventory would be easier to use and players would think about what items to create, take, and use. Items aren't needed to win battles so the system wouldn't overshadow or ruin players who didn't wish to learn or use it. While this idea sounds complicated, it really would not be hard to make and we actually see an early concept of it in Reborn. I mention Zero No Kiseki which is one of the not localized Legend of Heroes Trails games. The only thing you have to know about that game is that it is centered around detectives in a police force. This series has their side quests set out as paper missions in which there are various kinds but there are two kinds I want to talk about: monster quests and people quests. Monster quests were a simple go out and kill a monster for money. I thought it would be interesting to have the players go out and search for wanted criminals in which they can earn quite a bit of prize money (there would be other ways to earn money). People quests usually ask various stuff from gathering materials to escorts to finding the real culprit. Most of these have a story to tell so it goes along well. There's a lot you could do with people in a game such as not apprehending a criminal after hearing his tale could net a much better prize near the end of the game. Pokemon Colosseum was still the backbone of this game idea. I wanted to give a much bigger and grander adventure than that, but still keep the concepts of a limited amount of options and the sense that you can't waste materials. Kind of delivering where Reborn really didn't. And increase in double battles would also happen because honestly, I don't think doubles is all that used in games despite being a very different playstyle. Tyrants are also a nod to Cipher Admins serving the role of leaders of either a city or facility. And yes, they used strats like Colosseum did. And yes, I do have a couple team layouts for a couple characters even including the first Tyrant. I didn't bring this idea up to see whether or not it'd be a good fan-game, but I brought up to show that looking into other games came bring something fresh, if not innovated, into the Pokemon fan-game work. For Hardcore, I brought up how to create the level limiter, switching character perspectives, and a gauntlet challenge all of which were easy to create. Easy does not mean quick by the way. It got me thinking as to why people aren't willing to do these little easy to implement things that would really add to the story. You could argue skill level, but most of the stuff I know and do could be learned in a day. You could also say it's the amount of work, but I'm sure a developer could spare five minutes. Creativity could be another, but if you aren't a creative person, why the hell would you be making a fan game? It grinds down to one thing: people are afraid of change. Making a game far from the norm is scary. It's not a safe or certain solution as you'll never know if a playerbase will like it compared to the stuff they already know in love. It could fail such as my party system in Reborn Hardcore. I've made stuff that fans of the mod didn't enjoy and I accept and understand that. It's just not a mentality for the fans but for the person creating the game as well. You could love something and want to design something just like that only including alterations of your preference. It's a mindset that you have to do something this way. Let me explain how true this is: The gym leader format is a horrible system for a plot and it's so much easier to work without them. Look at Pokemon XD. The Pyrite Town segment the player went to Nett, left town and got an email, and rushed back to save Nett from the hostage situation. The player is then warned about Phenac City's crisis in which they are immediately able to rush off and investiage...I think. I don't remember the plot exactly. Basically the gym leader format would be go to Nett and then have to leave, get a call about the crisis, save Nett from the crisis, but instead of telling you about the info he has, he challenges you to a gym battle because he doesn't trust you'll be strong enough despite saving his butt. That makes about as much sense as not being able to give a man, starved on the streets, half a loaf of bread simply because your friend doesn't think you know where they're at then challenges you to a battle to prove he's right. So why are people still using the badge system? Because it is ingrained into people's heads that Pokemon isn't Pokemon without badges despite some of the best games in the series not using them. Even GF is starting to push away from the original layout with the official games. I've been talking on and on about the poor use of repeated and reused elements, but even in writing repetition can be a good thing as it is a tool to get something to the readers. In games, it is giving them something they are familiar with. There's one thing and one thing people who play Pokemon usually expect from a Pokemon game: the battle system. The basic turn based concept and freedom to choose your team are a staple to any Pokemon game even if some like Super Pokemon Eevee Edition stray from it which is also a good thing. This is what we usually call the game engine which the gameplay is created from. With Essentials, the basic engine is already pre-built which is about everything you need from Pokemon to create a fan-game. This is a hard subject to explain because there's always a group of people who get upset with a franchise making changes with each game. They need to in order to keep a series from going stale as well as improve a working system. Just think about Gen I in modern times...which is horrifying. The same could be said about fan-games. While it is easier to follow in someone else's shoes, it is often much more enjoyable both for a developer and player to design something that you can really call your own style. Those are the kinds of games I'm interested in over the overused badge system one, but I'll go more into it in the next COGA.
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    So... it's been a little while, hasn't it? Truthfully, I've been putting off this thread for a while because it's not something I really like talking about, but here we are anyway! I kind of vanished into thin air after the release of Version 9, didn't I? I've never done that before. There have been breaks before, but nothing on this scale. Well, the reason why I left was because I was overwhelmed, disappointed and stressed. This kinda stems from the creation of the Version 9 status thread. In the beginning, the thread was pretty good. I had good reception and nice discussions going on, but towards the end of the development, it got pretty... tiring to deal with. Every other post was someone asking for an update or why the progress bar didn't go up in the past couple of days. But let's dial this back a bit. During this time (and still true to an extent now) I was dealing with chronic depression. I couldn't find the motivation to work on the game. Not only that, but I work a 7-5 job. So those hours of the day were dedicated to that, but after I got home, I had obligations I had to take care of and then when all that was said and done, it was 10pm and I was exhausted. Needless to say, things didn't get done around this point. Then my computer died, but we all know what happened with that. (This community is great and I will always be grateful for you all! ❤️) Now, when the beta testing was going on, I still received comments in the status thread and in emails asking me where the game was or why it was taking so long. I have to admit, it made me feel pretty guilty. I thought I wasn't doing enough. It's pretty clear to me now (and probably to a lot of people) that I rushed the release. I was tired of feeling guilty and I was mentally exhausted from my job and my depression. So I got the game out as fast as I could, and that caused the game to be released with quite a bit of bugs. I felt disappointed in myself for releasing it in the state that it was. After the community helped me so much to get where I was, this is what I had to show for it. So eventually I decided it was time for me to leave for a bit and recollect myself. I left a quick message and just vanished. I stopped replying to emails, I stopped reading comments, and I just went on day by day, and I apologize for it. If it's not common knowledge, I'm a solo dev. I primarily do all the work myself (with help from Zumi, Ame and Marcello occasionally). But besides the cover art and the VS sprites, I make all the character designs, I create all of the maps, I do some of the code myself, and I organize things myself. This worked for a while, but as the game gets bigger and bigger, I don't find it practical to keep working on things alone. It just makes things take longer and frankly there's just too much to do for one person. #----------------------# 🎉🎊So that's actually why I'm opening up spots for a development team. 🎉🎊 #----------------------# As for Version 10... If you know me, you'd know that I'm bad at taking legitimate breaks, lol. I've actually have been working on Version 10 in secret. So much that I've already finished around 90% of the story. Oops. That being said, it's -nowhere- near completion. And for the reasons explained above, I'm not sure whether or not I'm going to put up a status thread. I'm thinking of replacing it with a dev blog instead. Thoughts? Until things are settled completely, I ask that you remain patient for Version 10's release. ...Okay fine, I guess I'll show you something related to V10's story. Just a little appetizer. 😡🎉🎊💁🎉🎊🎉Development Team Applications🎉🎊🎉💁🎊🎉😡 😡🎉🎊💁🎉🎊🎉Development Team Applications🎉🎊🎉💁🎊🎉😡 😡🎉🎊💁🎉🎊🎉Development Team Applications🎉🎊🎉💁🎊🎉😡 😡🎉🎊💁🎉🎊🎉Development Team Applications🎉🎊🎉💁🎊🎉😡 😡🎉🎊💁🎉🎊🎉Development Team Applications🎉🎊🎉💁🎊🎉😡 Also, while I was gone I developed an unhealthy emoji addiction. I mean, I'm not addicted... I can stop whenever I want.........................
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    I have 69 rep nobody touches anything pls
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    I'm on vacation rn so I'm going to be taking a look at the apps + picking members at the end of this week! 👀👀
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    Yo what up it's your boy Quinn here ready to deliver some sweet leader goodness on your precious souls. You thought we were just revealing bracket 1? Nah son we're getting real as shit this time. From now until league starts on the 13th of next month I'll be revealing every leader up to the end of bracket 3. Once league starts and people start to approach bracket 4 I'll begin revealing the rest of the leaders, including the champion regardless of if anyone is close to them or not. Lets begin, shall we? Olivia Type: Grass Badge: Foliage There isn't much to say about Olivia this time around other than she's sporting a clean new look. I'm sure Epic C will be overwhelmed! Stay tuned as I'll reveal the next bracket 2 leader next week! Will it be a new face or a returning veteran? Spicy!
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    Good day everyone ! I finished to create an alignement chart based on the Episode 16 of Reborn last night. I am aware that this kind of chart might be really subjective as the game is not complete yet and that a similar topic already existed, but the picture doesn't exist anymore. Hope you'll enjoy this one and find it appropriate. Express yourself and let me know what you think about it Q-Jei
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    P-p-p-p-p p-p-p-p-p p-p-p-p-p p-p-p-p-p p-p-p-p-p p-p-p-p-p p-p-p-p-p p-p-p-p-p p-p-p-p-p p-p-p-p-p p-p-p-p-pp-p-p-p-pp-p-p-p-p p-p-p-p-p PIPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIX I-i have... restless ribbon... syndrome... piiix... c-can't sleep unless... p-p-p-p... pix someone... pixi-pix?
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    Honestly this thread is so dead rn but here have meme lord #2 Also cringing at my art back in the thread haha
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    Reborn Munna (The Foetus Pokemon) Normal/Psychic Due to the hardcore memerific nature of the reborn region, Munna has adapted into a FROCKING NORMIE. As such, its type has changed to reflect that. Being a foetus, it is a highly impressionable pokemon and may take on many wacky and zany forms depending on what MEME STONE it holds upon reaching level 32. Reborn Musharna: WWE (The Larger Foetus Pokemon) Normal/Fighting After being subjected to propaganda concerning the likes of legendary figures such as Randy Orton through exposure to the "WRASTLIN'" MEME STONE, Munna evolves into a larger foetus that somehow has the ability to slither up and RKO you out of nowhere. Think you can see Reborn Musharna: WWE? Are you sure about that? Reborn Musharna's WWE form is, for all intents and purposes other than aesthetic, invisible. Reborn Musharna: Salt (The Larger Foetus Pokemon) Normal/Rock After exposure to copious amounts of SALT from the "REAL FROCKIN SALTY ROCK, MATE" MEME STONE, Munna takes on the form of pure salt and is able to infallibly exude passive-aggressive chi. Reborn Musharna: Salt likely takes on this form because it is really just a salty piece of trash. Reborn Musharna: Kush (The Larger Foetus Pokemon) Normal/Grass When a Reborn Munna comes into contact with a "420 Blazin" MEME STONE, it adopts a unique aesthetic, donning a "thug life" hat, some sick chains and MLG sunglasses. Reborn Musharna: Kush has significantly lower speed, for unknown reasons, but a hugely amplified Special Attack stat. It has been suggested by leading experts in the field that this amplification comes about because Reborn Musharna: Kush learns a variety of fire type moves and actually lights itself on fire, releasing strange clouds with psychoactive properties. Reborn Musharna: Frogger (The Larger Foetus Pokemon) Normal/Dragon Occasionally, a Reborn Munna may absorb the powers of a rare "OSHIT, WHADDUP" MEME STONE, causing it to become a goddam frog upon evolution. This variety of Reborn Musharna is known as Reborn Musharna: Frogger and rides a unicycle. It is unknown exactly why it rides a unicycle but scientific studies have shown that this variety or Reborn Musharna is very, very sad. Researchers claim this is because it doesn't want to be a frog. It is currently unknown exactly how many varieties of Reborn Musharna are capable of existing, due to the expansive amount of possible MEME STONE evolutionary items.
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    I am a veteran, whaaaaa?! Been a year already?
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    Hi and Welcome to V9 Item Guide The guide might not be complete, and those are all the items I found myself in the game, it might include some spoilers so be warned! If you find any more items please comment bellow from where you can find them. Make sure to use the itemfinder later once you get it, it's very useful and handy while you search! Marks: - indicates the item is not hidden, a poke ball or a similar sprite is shown on its place. + indicates the item is not hidden, a similar symbol shown on its place. Have fun hunting. Items Listed by Location Items Listed by Typing Shops
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    Huge shout out to O Colosso for working with me on Reborn's new title music. Enjoy, and check out his other stuff!
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    Hi! I’m looking for people to beta read my novel, The Sapphire of Sacrifice. The novel has already been through several drafts and is the first in a trilogy. Aside from the many edits and adjustments I will doubtlessly have to make, the book is complete, so if you become a part of the process, you will eventually end up reading a full-length novel, beginning to end. Premise The story focuses on three characters living in Routley, a city that has been taken over by a demon called Pestilence, cut off from the rest of the world, and that is slowly filling from the ground up with gas that kill everyone who breathes it. The primary protagonist, Rivia, is an immortal woman who came to Routley in search of an ancient gem, the titular sapphire, seeking to use it to purge the world of all the demons she has inadvertently summoned throughout her life and, by doing so, prove her worth to herself. She bears a great burden in the form of a mysterious, intangible entity of dubious intentions whose mind has been linked to her own for the majority of her life. Her arrival in Routley was strongly related to the onset of the disaster that now has befallen it. Alex is a man in his mid-twenties who does his utmost to help the people of Routley despite his lack of supernatural abilities as self-imposed atonement for his failure to save someone very important to him on the day of Pestilence’s arrival. He struggles to cling to hope in a city that has long since been robbed of it. He is fiercely protective of his niece, Julia. Julia is a sixteen-year-old prodigy who is obsessed with relic-technology, which focuses on the process of harnessing magic. She is wild, reckless, and unreasonably optimistic despite the world crashing down around her. She constantly wears an old, cheap necklace which she believes holds the soul of her dead twin sister, Elise, and speaks to it as if it were alive. Together, these characters seek to defeat Pestilence, the behemoth who took over their city – and to understand the forces that brought about their city’s plight. Warning This novel contains a fair bit of violence without dwelling on it. You should also expect dark themes and at least one demon whose appearance could be considered grotesque. About beta readers Beta readers are readers with an interest in my book who are willing to provide honest feedback. No special credentials are required. Should you volunteer to be one, I will send you a few chapters at a time, which ought to generally be read within a week or so. (Generally, the chunks will be given in a size that would take me about 1 – 1.5 hours to read.) After you read, you should contact me to discuss your opinions regarding the chapters you read and anything else that’s relevant. That process will repeat until you finish the book; at the end, we’ll have a discussion about your opinions on the book in general. By the way, it would be ideal for me to have a diverse pool of beta readers – and I need a lot! You don’t have to agree with me on everything to be a beta reader. =p I will not explicitly ask you for demographics, but I would appreciate any you’re willing to volunteer; I would like to cater to as wide a target audience is possible, and having feedback from many different perspectives is helpful. Oh, and, um, just to be clear, I’m not paying you or anything, so only sign up for this if you’re really interested! Requirements: · I will require a name and a means to contact you. The name doesn’t have to be your real one; just something I can use to refer to you. When the book gets published, that name is likely to end up in the “Special Thanks” section. You can always start by giving me a username and change it later if you want. · You must be able to give me honest and thorough feedback. In large part, I’ll want to know how you feel about things and why. I’m also interested in knowing whether you can predict the plot twists and which parts of the book are difficult to understand. · Let me know why you want to be a beta reader if you do! Also, what are your favorite genres? · You should be able to read the chapters I give you within about a week. If you occasionally take a bit longer, that’s fine; life happens. I get that. · Respect is extremely important. While I do need your brutally honest opinions regarding my work, that’s not an invitation to use me as a punching bag. =p · My book is copyrighted. Please don’t try to plagiarize my work in any way; if you do, it will be an enormous pain for all parties involved. I also ask that you discuss the contents of my novel with no one but me until it is released. · Beta reading is a casual process. You can decide to stop at any time. If you do, I would appreciate if you clearly let me know that you’re stopping – and, better yet, why you’re stopping. · The prologue and chapters 1-3 will be sent out as preliminary reading. After you read those and we discuss them, we can both decide how good a fit this process is for you. If you read through all that, thank you for your patience! Please let me know if you have any questions; I would be shocked if I didn’t forget to include something important. If you’re interested in perhaps being a beta reader, please let me know, either via the comments or PM!
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    I agree, it was just the first Cain's quote you can read when you encounter him for the first time. This one was better and made me laugh pretty hard during my first playthrough : Luna : Hearts beat faster in the darkness. Do you know why ? Cain : Because it's better with the lights off ?
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    Hello my fellow residents of Reborn City! After completely falling in love in this game, i will now undergo the complete ludicrous task of creating the entirety of reborn city and maybe the other parts of the regions when i find some sort of to fill in massive areas of water without wasting days on a tiny stretch of ocean. (If anyone wants to help me with that, please do). I'll irregularily post my progress on this thread, but as i have very little time and this is of course a huge project, it will quite obviously take quite some time before i make anything that's presentable. (Also, as a side note, i have no idea if this is actually gonna be deemed as an acceptable thread within Pokemon Reborn/Reborn City, as it technically doesn't involve the game itself. I'm probably gonna need some clarification on that)
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    y'all are on the right track basically any move that does something like paralyze or boost stats or make electric terrain or block critical hits has a unique function code according to what it does. for instance flamethrower and ember share a function code because they both just burn, but there's a separate one for fire fang since that's burn and flinch. they tell the code how to process moves in battle, and now we're teaching the AI what they are and how to consider them properly. in base essentials most function codes have no logic for them. the AI has no clue what to do with them. so, this is true for Reborn as well. even for those moves which do have logic, it is grossly incomplete. so we are redoing all of them. out of ~350 total function codes for all moves we are doing 119 before releasing E17. we will continue to work on them during E18. the function code crawl is me writing a more complete logic flow for each individual function code and also teaching them how to consider field effects properly. so far 60 have been finished. then marcello will convert my logic into code. since i have selected some of the more common codes, my hope is that E17 AI behaviour will be much more intelligent over all. of course, we will probably have to tweak numbers for proper behaviour over time, but at least it would have half a clue what's going on, and why you shouldn't use calm mind on a contrary pokemon, fern.
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    Rebornian Magikarp Ghost/Dragon. Some think it's a myth, others know the truth. Magikarp was axed in a previous patch but some still believe it's ghost still haunts the city, seeking revenge on unwary non-believers.
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    So apparently it's your birthday today. Happy birthday! It's not much, but I got really bored, so I made this. You can consider it a birthday gift: Either way, I hope you enjoy it!
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    Rejuv needs less legendaries not more. Second Rejuv needs less bullshit illegal/custom mons not more.
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    Forgive my language but as someone who does fight designing, I'll be blunt as this look half assed. Heck even the way it is written shows no thought was shown as klefki as a final mon because you forgot. I'll remove an important part of battle design which is keeping it within a characters theme and style as this fight is supposed to display how bad synergy can ruin even strong teams. I'll also remove the idea set of Megas and Legendaries shouldn't be used or considered as well. Basically you gave 3 mons with legendary stato on both teams. What is really funny is that you kept the bad synergy themergency unintentionally. The problem with Bastiodon is while it can withstand an attack, it can't do damage...at all. Great in singles but terrible in doubles. So basically, a smart player would status, taunt, or just ignore Bastiodon and take out Venam. Lead is super important in doubles as it is the only thing that is constant. SR is to be blunt, really not good in doubles as well. Now we get back to HO talk. If anyone suggests HO for this fight, go back and study your Pokes. HO is generally the most powerful tactic as brute force is made to end things fast, however, it is a super exploitable one trick pony. It is also hard to perform well in doubles as your mons drop dead fast and it is a matter of koing them faster. Then you look at the types of poison and steel. Both types have great defensive cores but do not work too well together without good thought.
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    Good news people! I have some exciting news. Be sure to look forward to this Friday as Darklight's alpha will be released. Everything is complete and ready to go. So look forward to it. The reason I'm giving it a week is because I'm just fixing it up. Just because it's done doesn't mean that I can't try to improve a little for you guys. So with that announcement out of the way, I'll see you all Friday!
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    This pokemon was stated in the legends to be heralded by the dragons. It can be yours for only 500 poke, a really long sidequest, and approximately 5 more years of pending updates.
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    In-case you didn't have enough Tommy Wiseau, then here you go, how about a thousand of them?
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    do you want this fantastic pokemon for just 500 pokedollars?
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    after like a million years actually a new public video what's up come see one of my favorite games from my childhood
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    Have a Charlotte doodle!
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    So a very small update, but good news! Celandine city is now 100% completed in terms of mapping. This means that only a small portion of the game remains to be mapped, which would be Alcrea town, along with a handful of other areas. However, the amount of work these areas require is far less than the amount of work Celandine required, so things should be going fast from here on out! There's only a few tilesets remaining to be made as well, so it's going to take only a little more time before all of the mapping is done for V1. Soon eventing will continue.... Which means Alpha testing is coming closer by the second, as well as beta testing. A demo this year is definitely within reach! I hope you guys are all looking forward to the game this year :^)
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    Rumours of our demise were slightly exaggerated. It's Doug Dimmadome, owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome, home to our favourite(at least i hope so ;~;) user hosted event, the Redemption League! What is it you might ask? Well it's in the name my good friend, a user run league in tribute of the now ancient Reborn League. I'll say it once again, welcome to the Red Dead Redemption League's third and likely last season. Back again once again, let’s cut right to the chase. There have been a few rule changes from S2 but that’ll be further down, for now let’s get the little stuff outta the way first: The League will start up on October 13th 2017. The League will run on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It will run during 11AM EST until 2PM EST. All battles will take place on Reborn’s Showdown server in the Redemption League channel. You get to choose 6 Pokemon and their movesets at the start. You will be locked into these Pokemon and sets for your challenge. Restarts will let you change your team at the cost of starting over from scratch. Leaders Now that the essentials are outta the way, we can move on to bans and team building rules. These are the restrictions that’ll be in place during your league challenge. Bans and Battles Some new legendary Pokemon are available for both challengers and leaders alike at all levels. However, each team is only permitted a maximum of 2 of these Pokemon: Specific bans: Speed Boost Blaziken, Battle Bond and Protean Greninja Previously "unavailable" content that can be transferred from 6gen, and 7gen unreleased content will be permitted. Additionally, the type gems will also be allowed. The following battle clauses will be in effect for Gym Leader/Champion battles: Freeze Clause, Sleep Clause, Species Clause, Evasion Clause, Swagger Clause, Baton Pass Clause. To clarify these rules and clauses: Freeze Clause - Only 1 Pokémon per team can be Frozen. Sleep Clause - Only one Pokémon can be asleep per team, excluding when the move Rest is used. Species Clause - You are only allowed to have one Pokémon of the same species in your team. Evasion Clause - Double Team, Minimize, and Moody are banned. Swagger Clause - The move Swagger may not be used. Baton Pass Clause - Speed and another stat may not be passed on with the move Baton Pass Furthermore, upon starting and clearing certain brackets, you get move tokens which will allow you to change a single move on one of your Pokemon. These will be obtained upon registration, reaching Bracket 4, and upon reaching the Champion. Finally, there's the leaders themselves of course. Nick - Type: Electric Current Badge Haley - Type: Ice Tundra Badge Mira - Type: Ghost Remnant Badge That'll be all the leaders you'll be facing in Bracket 1. More to come in the next couple of weeks of course! Think you can make it to Champion with these rules? Come on and try! Go sign up over on the sign up thread coming soon!
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    EPILOGUE The Pokemon Alliance was down to three members, namely, Megagun, Jace Stormkirk, and Quinnox 2. They were backed town to a corner, but they weren't about to give up yet. Megagun [Blaziken] decided to switch Purplecicada and Sailboat in an attempt to have their chances blown out, but unfortunately, his predictions didn't work. Purplecicada [Froslass] had her eyes on other targets, one who made themselves known to the world while Sailboat [N] sought to find another follower through RNG. Thus, Purplecicada was able to approach Quinnox 2 [Cynthia] sneakily. Quinnox 2 was focused on trying to find out who Cataline was by using Milotic's Hydro Pump to reveal her identity, but Purplecicada crept behind her as she hid in the bushes. "Goodbye ~" Purplecicada whispered a second before she whacked Quinnox 2 in the head. As Purplecicada left the area to search for Megagun, she didn't notice the exchange happening afterwards... Cataline [Absol] looked on into the dark plain. Although she wasn't responsible for the kills, she felt amazed that the omens of death were still upon the land... but she felt empty despite her wish come true. She felt a certain loneliness within her heart, one she wasn't certain if it could be filled. That was when Sailboat appeared from the clearing, and offered her a hand. "I'll make sure you never feel empty again," Sailboat said with a smile on his face. "In my utopia, you'll gain the acceptance you've always wanted." At this, Cataline accepted N's warm hand and joined his party. When the day break came, N began to launch his new plan on the plain. He gathered the Pokemon in the area with the help of his forces and converted them to his cause. He approached the broken and tattered Pokemon Alliance Headquarters and said to them, "Surrender or suffer in my utopia!" Megagun and Jace Stormkirk decided to fight, but with their forces very weak, they fell immediately to his plans. Purplecicada, the last of the Soul Society, tried to join the group, but N dismissed her when he discovered the knife hidden in her back. With N having gathered enough forces, he was able to dominate the world as he recruited forces day by day. N accomplished the utopia he envisioned - this was a world where Pokemon and Humans live separately, one where Pokemon live in harmony among themselves only. Quinnox 2 is dead. She was the Mysterious Individual Cynthia. ====== Sailboat, Cataline, Roswell, Lykos Hand, and Endearing Character Trait have won the game as the Cult of N! Congratulations! General Comment: - This was a very exciting game. I loved all the drama which occurred in the past few days, especially the ones wherein people accused others of someone they were not; this included the Alistair lynching, the Venus lynching, and the superb Lykos lynching. I loved how people tried to analyze how attacks went throughout the night, but people still made wrong assumptions here and there, most likely due to the fact that people withheld information they could share or people thought another action affected them. I also enjoyed the Cult and Mafia chats, which bore some level of conspiring to trick town, and certain conspiracies were made in N's chat. All in all, for other reasons as well, this was a good round and I felt that this is a round to be remembered. MVP [Most Valuable Player]: - I felt that certain roles weren't utilized well enough. Keldeo was eliminated early due to a misstep, Blaine and Nurse Joy weren't valued enough to survive, and Ampharos was used too early into the game. Although Sailboat managed to escape being caught the whole game, he pretty much relied on RNG to help him escape Blaziken's predicted switchings and he didn't do much to keep his claim consistent, as evidenced by his avoiding the question of whom he gave weapons/vests to in the subsequent days. Also, if not for Purplecicada killing Digital Amber, Sailboat might have been caught. I felt that the most important player in this game is LykosHand. He pretty much pulled good strings into the town's hand through the game. He acted innocent at the start to avoid suspicion from going towards him, especially after he voted for Alistair purposefully, and when he tried to bandwagon without much suspicion. Later in the game, he avoided claiming, but laid low enough, so as not to receive the attention of the crowd. After which, he made himself purposefully suspicious to set himself up as bait to help the cult. Though sacrifice wasn't the best solution, it still led to people focusing on him, and losing their attention on Sailboat and Roswell, who forgot to continue their claims, and this ultimately led to the cult of N's victory. Action Record: ====== Pokemon: Choose your Own Character! Mafia Player List Monsieur Divergent as your Game Moderator 1. Paul25 as Mienshao [Modkilled D2] [LOST] 2. Quinnox as Keldeo [Killed N0] [LOST] 3. Cataline as Absol > Follower of N [WON] 4. Sailboat as N [WON] 5. Jace Stormkirk as Ampharos [LOST] 6. Psychotic Pudu > Purplecicada as Froslass [LOST] 7. Greninja as Aegislash [Killed D2] [LOST] 8. LykosHand as Steven Stone > Follower of N [Lynched D5] [WON] 9. Roswell as Caitlin > Follower of N [WON] 10. Venus as Nurse Joy [Lynched D4] [LOST] 11. Megagun as Blaziken [LOST] 12. Alistair as Blaine [Lynched D1] [LOST] 13. Endearing Character Trait as Shedinja > Follower of N [Lynched D3] [WON] 14. Snowy Amine as Togepi [Killed D2] [LOST] 15. Anti_Hero as Chandelure [Lynched D2] [LOST] 16. Digital Amber as Hydreigon [Killed N4] [LOST] 17. Refty365 > Quinnox 2 as Mysterious Individual aka Cynthia [Killed N5] [LOST] Please tune in to the next game I'll be hosting a day or two from now called "WitchHunt!"
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    Hello one and all to the new attraction for you all! Welcome to the Mythos League, a grand new challenge for any Pokémon Master, in training or otherwise. Expert and beginners alike, I welcome all of you to meet against the 15 powerful trainers that will stand in your way. So how’s the challenge going to work? To start, we have 12 Leaders skilled in a single type to start you off. Of course, we thought we’d let them have a bit of fun with their teams, and gave them four specific Pokémon outside their type. Don’t worry, they can only use one on their team, and will run at least a single move of the Leader’s type on their moveset. Once you get past them however, you’ll have the Elite Three above them, skilled in two types each, but without wild cards to use against you. As for you all, you’re given eight Pokémon to play around with against the Leaders. You’re free to rotate them however way you wish, as long as you stay with the same eight Pokémon throughout the League. Not only that, as you battle through the League, you’ll be given currency to purchase a few extra edges to help you through your run through, all of which to be revealed in time. Enjoy team building, everyone. We’ll have more information on the start of the League for you all later on. We’ll see you all then! Rules >Challengers will be allowed to choose eight Pokémon to use in battle against the Leaders >Challengers will be allowed to fight only one Leader per day. >Challengers will be restricted to two Legendaries on their team. >Challengers will be allowed to restart the League once per month, but will lose 50% of their Mythos Points (Shop Currency) and all of their badges. Their inventory of shop items will also be cleared. >Silvally and Arceus are locked to one type on a challenger’s team. Unless they are in their Normal Forme, they must be equipped with their proper Memory. >Challengers will gain access to one banned mon within the competitive OverUsed tier upon defeating all 12 single type Leaders, at the cost of one of the Pokémon in their team >Z Moves are banned. >If an illegal Pokémon, item, or move is found on a challenger’s team, that fight will be considered a loss for the challenger. Banlist Gen1 - Mew, Mewtwo, Zapdos Gen2 - Suicune, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Celery Gen3 - Luvdisc,Deoxys, Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Latias, Latios, Jirachi Gen4 - Heatran, Arceus, Manaphy, Dialga, Palkia, Shaymin-Sky, Giratina, Azelf, Darkrai Gen5 - Keldeo, Zekrom, Reshiram, Kyurem-W, Kyurem-B, Landorus, Thundurus, Tornadus, Victini, Genesect, Terrakion Gen6 - Zygarde, Volcanion, Hoopa-U, Xerneas, Yveltal Gen7 - Zydoge, Tapu Bulu, Tapu Koko, Tapu Fini, Tapu Lele, Solgaleo, Lunalla, Pheremosa, Magearna, Kartana, Buzzwole, Celesteela, Necrozma, Marshadow, Xurkitree Items - Salamencite, Kangaskhanite, Gengarite, Diancite, Lucarionite, Blazikenite, Mawilite,Metagrossite Clauses - Battle Timeout, Sleep, Species, Evasion, Swagger, Baton Pass, Freeze Abilities - Shadow Tag, Battle Bond, Speed Boost on Blaziken List of Unbanned Legends Timeframes - Early: 12:15-2pm EST (5:15-7pm GMT) Late: 5:30-8pm EST (10:30pm-1am GMT) FAQ 1. Is there doubles or triples? Yes, yes there is 2. Are moves final? Once posted in the thread, all moves are final unless you use a move token to change it. Also in addition, look out for the sign up thread soon, which is where the starting date for the Mythos League will be included in. Regardless, check the RMT here for teambuilding advice if you need it: We have several people on task to answer any questions you may need and to make topics as well as other jobs. These people are myself ( @DW~/DW#6253), Trevore ( @Trevore/Trevore#6470), and Exalted @Exalted/Exalted#0039). There will also be a FAQ made soon here if we see a question being asked frequently. Finally, I would like to give credit to @Felcatty for helping us with the spritework!
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    Also there is a way to resize pixel art without it becoming blurry. You can use "Nearest Neighbor" resampling instead of bilinear or anything else and resize exactly 2 times the pixels in each dimension. This will upscale without blurring. When I started making pixel art I also had the blurring problem, took me a heckuva long time to figure it out.
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    @Awesome_One Man I just realized this yet after I've played Reborn 3 times Victoria is a stupid chick and will it always be^^
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    Before Lightshot, I used to trim down a screenshot in Paint, which let me save it as a .jpg anyway. Just another option.
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    Chapter 17: With Ciel defeated and Fly in hand, we can return to the city. And boy, is it great. I always purposefully enter through the Grand Gate, just to take in the full spectacle of it all. It's such an amazing feeling to see how Reborn has changed. There is a TON of side content here, and I'm not going to go through all of it because I'd be here forever. Instead, let's look at the stuff pertinent to Rock. We finally have access to Aerodactyl, but honestly, he's not that great. I mean, compared to Archeops, that is. Aerodactyl lacks a strong Flying STAB, though he is super fast. Maybe if/when Megas get implemented I'll be more interested, but even then I doubt it, since Mega Aggron is unarguable the best non-legendary Mega for Rock (and there's an argument to be made that it's better than Mega-Diancie as well). We can also get Probopass at this point, but the most interesting sets all require TM moves we don't have yet, like Volt Switch. I can't see him having a place on my team, as weird as he is (and I do love weird Pokemon). Thanks to the move tutor, Shell Squire can finally learn Stealth Rock, which means I'm retiring the Boulder. I also decide to do some breeding to get a truly ferocious Aggron. Eventually I breed Head Smash and Superpower onto an Aron and grind it up (I would prefer Earthquake instead of Superpower, but Earthquake isn't an available TM yet, much to my eternal dismay). After deliberating on what Elemental Punch to add to round out the moveset, I decide on Ice Punch, since it provides greater coverage. Maybe for Titania I'll change it to Fire Punch. We'll see. Anyways, here he is: After some deliberation, I go and collect Arclight, Adrienn, and Victoria to start the Devon Corp. raid. Things go... poorly, as I'm sure you know, and we're put between a rock and a hard place. We have to battle our friends, starting with Victoria. VS VICTORIA Not really happy with how that one went. I basically wasted Rhyperior on nothing, though there's not much he could have done. Plume Knight swept pretty easily, which is to be expected since Acrobatics is great and Victoria specializes in fighting (well, except Togekiss, she never really explained that one). Victoria gets zapped, and we head upstairs to confront another puzzle. Eventually we're in another arena, face to face with Reborn's only premier DJ, Arclight! He tells us that Adrienn refused to fight, and so was punished. Welp. Lin comes in to mock us some more, and then it's battle time! In prepping for this bad boy, I switched Kusanagi out for Nero. VS ARCLIGHT Other than that one stupid switch with Dame Helix, that went really well. I didn't really expect to have trouble with that one, though. Ascending through more puzzles, we arrive to witness Ame being killed by Lin. Of course, this is the first thing I think of: Lemme tell you, I am worried about PULSE Magnezone. Levitate is gonna make that battle a huge pain. I suppose I still have Aggron's Super Power, Rhino Knight's Hammer Arm, and Root Jr.'s Mirror Coat, but that's all assuming it doesn't outspeed them. I am not very hopeful. So more puzzles, and we encounter ZEL again. They're not having a good day. Lin told them to move everything out, but they can't move Magnezone out, and on top of it: After some pleasantries, it's time for another battle! VS ZEL All in all, less difficult than I anticipated. That only took one try, which I think is pretty incredible. Sticky Web is pretty good; I can understand why its used in competitive Magnezone explodes, and when ZEL wakes up things are... different. So he is ZEL no longer. Getting rid of Magnezone seems to have exorcised the spirits of Eve and Lumi from his brain. I guess that's another character death... well, sort of, anyway. He runs off to Agate. Meanwhile, we rescure Victoria, Arclight, and Adrienn. Adrienn seems to be fine, thanks to their Pokemon, which is a little odd, and Arclight... well... they took his eye. There's some nice character moments for Victoria, and I'm real happy about the changes and growth she's had. We can now face Adrienn, but first we need to find them volunteers, which isn't too hard. Adrienn really wants for us to be Champion, which is fine, since this is a Pokemon game and becoming Champion is kinda the unspoken goal. It's finally time to take on the last boss of the game so far... VS ADRIENN That battle... was a pain. Probably the hardest one in a while. Gardevoir's Focus Blast and Togekiss' Aura Sphere were both almost guaranteed OHKOs. Mega Mawile was as terrifying as ever, and it certainly didn't help to be weak to its main Steel STAB. It took a few tries to figure out a good team (Shuckle just isn't good in Doubles and was basically dead weight), and a few more to actually win. King Cold was instrumental here, as his Ice moves hit Whimsicott (and potentially Togekiss, if it was still around) hard, allowing Root Jr. to stall out Florges. Overall, I'm fairly happy with the end result, even if it required plenty of trial and error and even though everyone was KOed except Root Jr. And that ends Episode 16! Sure, there's still some side content to do, but that isn't necessary to show off here. Honestly, this will probably be my last playthrough of Reborn for a while. During this playthrough I experienced some heavy burnout. I mean, Route 1 was always bad, but I even put off facing Ciel and taking on the Devon Corp. raid for as long as possible. Part of it is definitely stuff happening irl (which is part of the reason why my uploads have become less and less wordy), but I think a lot of it is that I've played this game a lot over the past 6 months... and I need a break. I still love Pokemon though, so I think I'll end up playing some other fan games. You might see me in the Rejuvination forums in a bit, or maybe back here with a playthrough of a different fan game. I'm not really sure. Rest assured that when Episode 17 drops, I'll be back to finish it with both this run and my Fairy run I've had a great time playing through this game, and I hope you've had a great time reading it So I guess that's goodbye for now~
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    Play however you prefer to play.
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    Yes I had to do this when I played Reborn. During the episode 15 segment with the Meteor raid on Titania's (my?) house the game kept crashing between the battles. After a little bit of diagnostic I determined it was something buggy with the helicopter sound, so I swapped it out for a different mp3 file since the game's resource files are so conveniently organized and labeled for us. As a side note, that scene is ridiculous in the best possible way if you swap names of the helicopter and jigglypuff song mp3s .
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    Ok real quick I'm making my fan game topic soon so if you have any questions or advice for me please tag and tell me ok see y'all in my next topic and thanks for all the support it really means a lot @Nice Day i know i still struggle to fully operate out these forums and properly use it correctly but as soon as i do figure the bullet points i will fix this topic @SukaiChris thank you for the words of encouragement they mean a lot