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    I categorically did NOT make this topic purely for the terrible pun in the title. So, I've been slowly but surely fighting the AI to make it work, but this isn't about that. AI, of course, is not the only responsibility I have on Reborn. Sometimes it's important to pay attention to quality of life features. And Gen VII added a few of these which we have yet to catch up to. Well, E18 will come with one of my favourites of those features included: (Get it? BOXING with my responsibilities? Because you can send your pokemon to the box upon getting a new one? :]]]]) It should also be noted this doesn't just work with wild pokemon. You're given this same option with Event pokemon and, on top of that, even eggs! (And yes, that also means if you so wish, you can either add eggs straight to your party, or send them to the pc, no trips back to a pokemon centre necesarry anymore!) Well, that's been this small update, and so I have to go slink back into my AI hole, I hope you're all excited for E18. But seriously, I have no regrets about the pun.
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    so i finally stopped dying and got around finishing the sprites. i mean, they weren't all that much work, i just spaced it out a bit and then got sick, like, right after my last post here, so oops (don't worry, i'm mostly better now!) anyway like with the original Gen 7 sprites, here's a downloadable pack for you to use in your own Essentials' projects... and a few of the new sprites to show you what they look like. unlike the original pack, this one does not include shiny sprites, but like... that's the easy part, y'all can take it from there. buuuuuuut the shinies for reborn are done. here's some of the new ones. well, most of the new ones i guess, since there's only nine new forms and mons or whatever. but shhhh. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. there is no need for words now, only lightly sugared strawberries. give me all of those.
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    Tadaaaaa~ put this together with RPGM about a year ago I'll give the rest of the region a go if anyone wants ;3
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    I legit have no caption other than hi!! lmao im sorry
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    in anticipation for the release of V10, here's a small preview of the cover art!! :3c
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    Hello everyone, Due to the significant gap in severity between the already existing Disrespect (minor) and Disrespect (major) warnings, worth 1 point (90 days) and 3 points (180 days) respectively, an additional Disrespect (moderate) warning worth 2 points (135 days) has been created. This warning is meant to bridge the aforementioned gap, and be used in case of infractions to community rule n°1 that exhibit one or several of the following traits: - Extended over time and/or throughout conversation(s) and topic(s). - Repeatedly inappropriate behavior despite previous warnings for similar infractions. - Harmful words/remarks used to target one or several member(s) of our community. Disrespect (moderate) is already in effect as of this announcement, and aims to help us maintain a healthy and welcoming environment, by improving the balance between the severity of R1 infractions and their consequences. Thank you for your time, and have a nice day!
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    Hello everybody, it’s been a bit after ya know… the incident but I took time back. I am returning sooner than I intended to, to be honest; however, I feel that I am good enough to be back. I needed time to really reflect on not just what happened here but my life in general as it was taking a large toll on my mental state and I wasn’t in a great place that possibly playing Mafia wasn’t the best decision. I do admit I took Alisae’s words a bit more personally than I probably would have, say I was not in this mental state. That doesn’t mean some words e stated were unnecessary I still stand by that. Things escalated to a point of just absolute terror and I myself am ashamed to have put on such a dramatic scene. I do apologize to Alisae as the fault isn’t 100% in e; all conflicts take two or more to create and there is fault in all parties in most scenarios. We both could have gone about this in different ways and it’s important to make sure such does not happen again going forward in the community. We did talk privately about the matter not long ago and I believe there’s not really any animosity between us but more just kinda we’ll avoid each other if necessary. Things are a bit better for me in regards to my personal life and I feel a bit more at peace with myself. After all, without pain, how would they know pleasure? (This is a quote from Evelynn pls don’t smite me) I feel I am okay to return to things as usual now and move forward with an optimistic and happier view. I will be coming down harder on people who create chaos in the community however. I've heard a bit about what's been going on in the Discord and I'm just going to say I don't like much of what I've been hearing. That being said, I am making the decision to no longer participate in Mafia games. Instead, I will continue my role as the head Discord moderator and now start to dedicate what time I have to monitoring ongoing games to make sure any potential conflict does not blow way out of proportion like before. As well as those, I will host Mafia games that I create on my own time. I will aim to create unique games for fresh experiences to give players sporadic breaks from the usual stressful games of Mafia and be in a newer setting with newer opportunities. I hope you respect my decisions and I wish to create more memories with you all as we are nut just a Mafia community, we are a family. *I have returned to the club on the forums and will follow on Discord once I get in contact with Dive about some things beforehand.
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    I'd like to berate this behaviour but I know it's just feeding into attention seeking habits. Also mods probably wouldn't like it.To count I think this is the third "farewell topic", the second being last month.Is this going to be a monthly melodrama? I'd make a period joke if it wasn't horribly crass and broke R7. Instead I'll address other posters. Please do try not to buy into shameless plays for sympathy. It'll attract more incidents, from more people, and attract more of this into the community. Personally, I don't want that, in point of fact I wish I had a more immediately obvious way to show my disdain without having to post in the topic itself. So please think twice when you see something like this, especially so brazenly soon after another similar topic.
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    Normally, I keep my mouth shut on these topics, but I suppose I've been through this song and dance I can at least talk about it. No community is perfect and there will always be someone who dislikes you or talks crap about you anywhere. Me and the other veterans have plenty of stories we could share. I've also dealt with drama before and it passed. It always does with time. I've been in the phase where I thought this place was a paradise and perfect, but over time I've come to realize it's faults and ugly bits. You could say I view it as crusty and stale nowadays. And I'm okay with that and I still find enjoyment. Why am I bringing this this up? This is the third time you've said you'd leave Reborn. I'm not here to condemn you nor say you did nothing wrong. Comforting you also would do nothing because at this point I don't know if you're really gone or not. Stop beating yourself up and/or trying to make us feel bad for you. In the full view of this place, it's pretty much a collection of anonymous people discussing their interests in video game (and sometimes other subjects). Most people who may have said things to hurt you probably won't even be around in a year. Sometimes you just gotta take a deep breath and try to not take it personal. Is it easy? Oh hell no. But on the flip side if you're really that miserable around here on the community, nobody will hold it against you if you leave. I highly doubt anyone wants to see you be miserable or torture yourself sticking around in the community. The tl;dr version is this: It's your life. Do what you gotta do to be happy.
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    “If someone like me could do that, go around helping people who are in trouble, then I think that would be... truly wonderful.” - Madoka Kaname Apparently someone heard you, Madoka! Due to her remarkable work in the Pokémon Reborn and Rejuvenation-related subforums as well as her general involvement with the community, walpurgis has been noticed by senpai the auth team, and it is now my great honor to formally introduce her as our newest staff member! Please give her a warm welcome~ Congratulations walpurgis! As Papyrus would say...
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    If you didn't read part 1, click here. Hello dear readers, here I am for part 2 of my Sneak Peek Theory. Last time, we established that the message could be from someone in love, almost obsessed with the particular person. "I will always love you more than she, or anyone else, ever could". Last time, I tried to establish that it was a message from beyond the graaave! I had a theory in mind, which I was suppose to write it today, continuing from the one I posted yesterday. However... In the last post, as I was reading the comments, and some of you reminded me of someone. And I had a revelation. For me, the message now gives me emotional vibe, as it truly represents the love for one to another. But you can also feel some sadness. Now, let's step back and think. Who is one character who displays no emotion in the entire game. Any other characters displays fear, anger, sadness, fury. And no, I don't mean Lin. Even she displays emotional superiority. I mean Florina [ or Flobot, as Jacka$$ ( my nickname for Fern ) likes to call her, or Rini as Julia likes to]. Let's step back and remember Onyx School. You make your way through the school ( after Jacka$$ locks the faster route ) and you arrive to Floor 2 ( or 1, depends where you live ). There are 3 rooms open in which you can enter. In the first, you get the Coin Case for the Onyx Arcade, in the second you find the glitched PC from where you get Porygon. The third, however, is the largest, consisting of 3 rooms: 2 dorm and a small living. You find 4 journals in this room : Julia's, Florina's, Titania's, and Amaria's journals, all in the bookcases. Reading Titania's gives you nothing ( as she expected someone to read it and left a mean comment ), Julia's just speaks of how she was made Captain Cheerleader and how Amaria quited, and Amaria's talks about her depression and loneliness, even after being made Captain ( Julia's entry is more recent, as Amaria's is older ). Florina's however says the following "Dear Diary, This will be my final entry. The retention of emotions has proven veritably counter-productive. Irrational thoughts and feelings remain a sever detriment of work efficiency. Moreover, they appear to invariably breed scorn in those with whom they are shared. This writer has lost much on behalf of there turbulent confounding variables. Emotional excision has thereby been deemed necessary, beginning with the termination of archiving. Farewell." We can see she already started speaking in technical therms, displaying little to no emotion. It's clear that she is sad, as the diary contains the last time she displays emotion ( to my knowledge and memory, at least ). Julia said in her entry that Florina used to be shy. Now, she abandoned all emotion. But why? My theory? Florina made this message, she was ( and still is ) in love with Titania or Amaria. Put it this way. Florina, a shy girl, shared the dorm with Julia, Amaria and Titania. She began to develop feelings for Titania/Amaria, which continued. But Titania formed a couple with Amaria ( out of pity, we found out later ). This made Florina sad, sadder than she ever was. She decided to cope with this feeling by blocking out all emotion. We can see it in the way she talks. Even her walking animation displays mechanical-like movement. Most of the NPC "bounce" a little when moving. Florina just...slides. Moreover, near the start of the game, in older versions, after the raid on the first Meteor Base ( where you're teamed up with Jacka$$ ), Julia says Florina "hasn't been the same since..." "Since Titania"- completes Fern ( that's how I remember it at least ). This shows us that Florina had some degree of emotion, completely removing them after seeing Titania and Amaria together, not knowing the circumstances of them coming together. Now that we have this theory, let's break the message down, once again : "I ( Florina ) will always love you ( Titania ) more than she ( Amaria ), or anyone else, ever could". or better yet: "I ( Florina ) will always love you ( Amaria ) more than she ( Titania ), or anyone else, ever could". Now, the message could've been recorded in the past. This could be Florina's confession before blocking her emotions. The title of EP18 "Void-kissed" suggests this. In the last topic we established what the Void is : The nothingness manifested. Florina surely felt great sadness, blocking out all emotion to stop the dreadful feeling. Her words, her actions display cold mechanical structure. No emotion. They feel empty. Nothingness manifested. So, this is my theory, and you accepted or not, there are some arguments you have to agree to, and I have no doubt you, my dear readers, have your own theories as well. We will find our answer when Ame releases the episode. In the meantime, always remember: It's our job to Reborn Theory! ( I should to stop with the lame GameTheory ripoff.....But I won't ) Thank you all for taking your time reading this and my last theory. I know it's not good structured, but hey, what can you do. I'd like to thank walpurgis , Lord Drakyle and Maqqy for reminding me of Florina, but also GS BALL for giving me another theory idea ( that is, if you want to hear more theories from your buddy MadHappy. I'll post a sometime to see if you guys like my theories, and if I should continue making them ) If you could, comment if you like my theories. And as a side note : Me and leo_the_greatest have teamed up to give you a new group: Reborn Theory A group dedicated to theories of this game and maybe others. Only theories, coming from all the community members. As for now, the request is still pending. But once it's accepted and the group is created, I will invite you to join and make theories. Let's make MatPat jealous, together!
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    You guys have inspired me to post my own pic! I'm not kawaii or cool but ya know. Also my hair is a complete mess, I took that before going to bed one night so excuse the lazy bum. ANYWAY!!! Much better photo coming soon. When I actually get a hold of it.... Professional photos take forever to get here lol
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    Hello! New member here~ I've always enjoyed sprite-splicing, so when I started playing Reborn a few months ago, I quickly got the urge to try my hand at "cleaning up" some of the original character sprites. Now don't get me wrong: Amethyst's originals are perfectly fine! This isn't me throwing shade: I just feel as though many are a little too over-detailed to look like the sprites from the canon games. So since I've been sick the last few days, I decided to edit a few of the ones that look more awkward to me, and figured that I might as well post them on here for feedback. Let me know if y'all want to see more~ also, feel free to use them too
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    I understand why people may not like the HMs and why they gripe about them, but I'm just looking and simply say "What the hell is Reborn supposed to do about it?" The game was literally built around HMs and they are key parts to the exploration aspect. You'll literally go to Apophyll just for an HM kind of important. HMs are also heavily implemented into the field effects to make them actually useful and helpful moves. Strength is actually really good in the Chess field, the Apophyll field, and Big Top for example. You can also overwrite them which was the biggest hindrance in the main games. Key items I suppose could be implemented but that's something more recent fan-games should consider. I think people forget Reborn is a Gen V game which implemented future features. The groundwork from that can only be changed so much before it becomes a hassle. I know a handful of dialogue and new animations would also need to be implemented to make this work...but then it goes back to why even have those HMs in the first place since most are situational. If it's really such a problem, there's a mod that makes sure you don't need the HM slave in your party.
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    Secret inside 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 Status 👀👀👀👀 ==Archive==
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    This is officially the best part of the development cycle. people freaking out (and joking around) about the creators shitposting just before release
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    "See you next week with V1!!" "What if its not V1 but V10 next week omg" "He'll release it on April Fools" "Jan will actually restart the whole project." "Jan is a she." "😊😊😊"
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    A bonus quote today in honour of all the people protesting for change in gun control laws in the US. Be a nuisance when it counts. Do your part to inform and stimulate the public to join your action. Be depressed, discouraged, & disappointed at failure & the disheartening effects of ignorance, greed, corruption & bad politics — but never give up. - Marjory Stoneman Douglas
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    "There's a young boy who walks along a beach, and on this beach, hundreds of starfish wash up onshore doomed to dry out and die, but this boy walks along and every time he sees one, he picks it up and throws it back in the ocean, giving it another chance at life. He can't get to all of them but every morning, this child, on his way to wherever he's going, picks up another starfish and tosses it back into the ocean, and he does this everyday for a while. Day by day, walking along the beach, tossing another starfish back in... and one day, an old man - who's been seeing the boy do this - comes up to the boy and asks 'why are you doing this? hundreds and hundreds of starfish wash up on the shore every day, and you can never save them all, why even bother? You're not making a difference'. The boy looked at the man, then look down at the ground to a starfish at his feet, picked it up and tossed it back in the ocean... then said 'it mattered to that one.'"
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    From Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 31 Another filler-ish chapter? Well I think there's something a lil satisfying about this one at least “So, all you want me to do is ask her that question? Alright~ Leave it all to me~” The conversation was already over when a petite blond girl came out of the castle. “Gardevoir, what are you doing there? You should’ve taken an umbrella if you were going to come outside,” she said, offering Gardevoir a pink umbrella with laces. “Don’t worry about me, dear Luna~” Gardevoir smiled. “I’m still a pokemon and I love rain! I love the sun! I love all weathers~” Even then, the tall pokemon accepted the umbrella to please little Luna. “I thought you were talking to someone,” Luna said, looking around but finding no one. “Who was it, Gardevoir?” “Well~ it was a little shy friend, but he’s already ran away.” “Oh poor thing. You should have invited him in. I’m sure master wouldn’t have minded.” “He said he will come in when no one is watching,” Gardevoir chuckled. “So let us remove ourselves from here so the little guy can be comfortable coming in and avoiding the rain~” The two ladies went into the castle, leaving the rain and moist ground behind. *** Outside of Tanzan mountain was Adventurine Forest - the largest forest in the Reborn Region, according to the guide book. The type of grass that you could find here was different - among patches of the regular tall grass that seems to be abundant in this region, there were also patches of pointy and higher tall grass, which just seemed like green walls from afar. I thought biking would be the easiest way out of the forest, but I was wrong because of this reason: this type of grass appeared to have a knack for getting tangled onto a bike’s wheels. Forests were my least favorite places to be in, for the reason that I could never get out of them swiftly. Even with a compass and years living close to Red Riding Hood Forest back home, I was never able to navigate the place. Wolfie, on the other hand, perhaps had a sixth sense or just had remarkable sense of direction. She knew every small path and every corner of that forest. “Well, she also lived in the forest, while I lived close to it,” I commented. Nilla buzzed at me with curiosity, since she evidently had not been following my train of thought. Eventually, however, I made it out of an opening onto a grassland. From where I stood, I could see several bull pokemon pushing head to head against each other. “Interesting sight,” I shrugged. However, another thing caught my eye as I inspected my surroundings. A green figure was walking towards me, but when he also noticed me, he started walking with long strides and excessive movement of his shoulders. “I thought I heard a bug or something crawling around over here,” Fern said, and lowered his glasses a little to look at me with his bare eyes. “Guess I was right.” “What do you want,” I asked, but I already had an idea of the answer. “You came to challenge the Gym?” Fern asked, beating the bushes needlessly. “I already got that badge and I’m on my way to battle some kid that is the normal-type leader.” “I already beat him, but I’m not inclined to give you advice.” “Ha, like I’d need advice from someone who’s falling behind, despite starting the league challenge before me,” Fern laughed. “You know, you’d be more likeable if you’d only keep your mouth shut,” I said, taking out a pokeball. “I can return the same exact words to you,” Fern smirked and moved to make space for the battle. Fern sent out a fraxure, the apparent final addition to his team. I’d heard dragon types tend to be strong, but this one, perhaps because it was just in its second evolution, wasn’t that hard to beat. In fact, all it took was two Play Roughs from Golden Key, who doesn’t even have stellar attacking stats. Later on, though, I can sense that it could become a threat. The rest of Fern’s team was roughly the same as the last time I met him at Aya’s Gym. After the fraxure, he sent out his roserade, which, thanks to the boost from grassy terrain, almost knocked out Aladdin with a single Giga Drain. However, Aladdin managed to stay awake, and revenge killed with Psycho Cut. The next foe was scyther, who had time to set up swords dance thanks to the rain weakening Anna’s heat waves, but still the damage Wing Attack did was much less than expected. It still went down to Heat Wave though. I guess I should consider changing Anna’s ability back to Drought so I can prevent the rain’s shenanigans. Against his rhydon, I sent out Kame, but Muddy Water just had to miss, and the foe’s stone edge had to crit. Even then, Kame hung in there, knocking out the foe with a single Muddy Water, which had the rain cancel the debuff from Grassy Terrain. Fern then sent out his starter, decidueye, before his last pokemon. I thought I could take care of it with Heat Wave, but I miscalculated how strong its Spirit Shackle attack would be, and Anna fainted. Well perhaps it was naive to think that an already tired Anna could compete with a fresh pokemon, regardless of type advantage. Since ghost type attacks are ineffective against normal type, and the other typing of decidueye is grass, I sent out Bambi. He fainted the ghastly owl with two Megahorns. The last pokemon, Krookodile, didn’t even get to do anything against a field-boosted Horn Leech from Bambi. With a clear victory on my side, I wondered again why this sassy kid kept challenging me to battles he was sure to lose. I didn’t voice my thoughts, but Nilla buzzed and made silly faces at Fern, which in a sense said everything I would’ve wanted to say. “Whatever, not like this matters,” Fern muttered. “We all know who the real top dog is. You’re just a cheap and lucky noob.” Then he stormed out with his fainted team towards Tanzan mountain, but before he did, I stuck my leg out for him to trip. The grass was wet and the ground softened by the rain, so he got his clothes all muddy. Too bad he didn’t get some on his face too. “What was that for, ya wanna fight?” Fern said, standing back up. “Everyone else might be scared of you for no reason, but I am not,” I said, cracking my knuckles. “Stop acting like a douche and learn to be a human being, for f*ck sake.” Fern tightened his lips and sent a punch flying to my face, but I saw him hesitate for a second, which was enough for me to predict what he was about to do. I jolted my head to the side, making him miss his attack. “If you want me to destroy you every time we meet, that’s up to you,” I spat. “But if you are disrespectful, don’t expect me not to act upon it.” Fern glared at me with contempt. “It’s not called being disrespectful. It’s called stating the facts. What a coward, scared to accept the facts? Sorry to burst your bubble.” I didn’t reply to that, because I realized that no matter what I said, it would just be a waste of time. As long as he believed I was the one rejecting the facts. “Well then. I’ll leave you with a useful piece of information,” I sighed. Then with a quick switch, I punched him from the right side of the face, knocking him over once again. Fern looked up at me with displaced glasses. “If you’re going to punch someone, don’t hesitate even for a moment.” Then, I turned my back on him and biked away. Nilla, though, took a moment to laugh at his face before taking a U-turn and following me. After biking for some time, actually in the wrong direction without knowing, I ended up in a different part of the forest. A few thick spider webs hit me on the whole face, but the result was I think worth it. Though it was not the Gym that I was looking for, it was an icy cave full items and with an especially useful thing: an ice stone. “Finally my Elsa will be able to join the team not as a sub-member, but as a main input,” I told Nilla, who buzzed with excitement. On another side of the cave, I also ran into a magenta ball, which color just was too bright to miss in the background of white ice. I grabbed the orb, though I had little idea of what its use could be. After collecting everything that looked like could be useful or sold for money, I exited the cave. Since this was clearly not the place I was searching for, I walked the way back out of the forest. The rain was already nearing its end when Nilla pulled my sleeve and pointed to the continuing grassland path. “Let’s see,” I nodded and biked away again. There were quite a few trainers here and there, with whom I battled to gain experience and money. They also told me that I was biking in the correct direction this time, but also told me something similar to what Charlotte said. “So you’re going to battle Radomus?” one trainer said, scratching his cheek. “Just try to be patient with him, alright? I don’t think he’s a bad person.” “He’s certainly an interesting guy, but that’s probably because his brain operates differently to ours,” another trainer commented. I really could not imagine what sort of person this Radomus would turn out to be, other than that he was probably going to be a pain in the neck. The castle was located in the easternmost side of Route 1, after a large labyrinth. I know making the gardens look like mazes is a popular decoration technique among nobles and the wealthy, since my residence also had one. Perhaps back in the day, when there was a chance of getting attacked by a cavalry, they might have served the purpose of protecting the castle; however, now I couldn’t tell the reason people needed them. It took me a while to get through the bends and dead ends, but I eventually found myself standing in front of Vanhanen castle. Radomus must be a noble to have a large castle for a house. I knocked on the door, thinking it prudent in case they thought I could be an enemy to be killed on the spot. You never knew if there could be a guard watching my every move from above. The gates opened, and a girl of about fifteen peeked out of them. “Hello, might you be a challenger to master Radomus?” she asked. I assumed from her mannerisms and her black dress that she was a housemaid of this castle. “Yes,” I answered. “Please follow me.” I walked inside, and the gates closed behind me. VANILLA RATES: REBORN CHARACTERS 5,000 views and counting frens~ Thx for taking interest in this
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    I need no introduction, but my name is Icy I'm so stylish my sand castles are pricy Cold rhymes and fire breath, you can call it freezerburn One verse will end this, you don't even get a turn I attack my foes with intensity and grace My skill's astronomical, it goes beyond space If you're on my team then you're living the dream Otherwise you're buying us all ice cream I've got people everywhere, you can't escape our vision And we can all roast with utmost precision I think that's enough to make my point clear So that's all for now, I hope you have a good year
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    Mission is complete~ I bred every possible Shiny Pokemon in Reborn as of E17(They all have decent IV's,not all of tem 6IV tho), It was tiring and frustrating but now it's gonna be rewarding, I got just one each of them and i will start the thread to give them away(Kappa) later today, But it won't be a simple give-away, I will ask you a question about the wanted pokemon and there will be a time-limit to answer(No google help pls),first one the answer will get the pokemon(Like an auction), Remember you can have any pokemon you want Gen1 to Gen 7 that available in Reborn. My body is ready!
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    Mining Overhaul an ease of life & content update mod by AiedailEclipsed Let's dive right in! This mod does a few different things, but its primary purpose was to add the evolution stones (from Gen IV forward) and the fossils (from Gen V forward) to the mining system in Reborn. However, while I was doing that, I added in three other valuable (in terms of selling value) items as well! I also went a step further and overhauled the probability values of the mining system, making it a smidge easier to acquire fossils and other useful items. The last thing I did for the purposes of this mod was to create two new "delimiters" for two particular categories of items which will ensure that you can only get one of those per mining round. I have also set this up using the new modular approach made popular by Waynolt's Modpack and Aironfaar's Additional Options mod, which makes this mod super easy to install and also fairly compatible with other mods. But enough of the overview, let's get into the nitty gritty! New Items Available via Mining Mining Probabilities & Delimitation Installation Frequently Asked Questions Change Log Downloads Download #1 - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GXE5aD3hSC4ssM8Gfia8mVXl86HyHNFV Download #2 - http://ariastud.io/mods/MiningOverhaul-v1.zip Credits
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    fresh dittos for sale
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    I will put a pic me too, even if i have already did it, but i deleted them, soooo here is a recent one ^^
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    Okay my turn~ My avatar ofc(Thank you Captain Obvious) I am not abusing my cat i swear But i think he has some plans about killing me~ Probably the only time i put makeup on, And the photo was taken with a Calculator...sigh...
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    Tutorial 2 Example Summoners: Main: @Newt Secondary: @Jace Stormkirk, @Mafioso Divergent Example Warriors: @Corso, @Bok Choi, @L'Belle, @Alaris
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    This was a great suggestion and thanks for submitting it; we had a nice little discussion about it. Bronze colored badges are a great idea to add a greater sense of realism to the game, but we for now have decided to stick with the silver. Your points are perfect. We just decided that because the badge is so small, and the badges being made of an alloy and not actual silver, that they won’t make a big difference to the economy. Along with this, the war resulted in less challengers to gyms so there are also less badges needed for production. Thanks again for the great suggestion!
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    From Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 24 Upon entering the wastelands, two things struck me simultaneously: the first was the pungent smell of something like vinegar, and the other, the amount of trash that made up all of the town. Some trash, such as the old machines, had remained practically intact with some wear and oxidation, but much more of it had degraded to the point that I could not tell what every piece was from anymore. I tried biking, but soon realized that the goo was going to end up destroying the wheels, so I stopped pedalling. The long way to wherever this Gym was, I would have to go by foot. I started walking over the trash, which was gooey at some parts and brittle at some others. I chose to walk over the places where I could see distinctive shapes of trash, finely crushed into small pebbles, rather than over the sticky pulp that threatened to steal my shoes. “It was incredible to see trees and vegetation in Azurine Island,” I recalled. “But the fact that there are trees in this junkyard is even more astonishing.” I saw almost no houses, as expected, and the few that I passed by had been morphed into disorganized storage rooms. On the south of the town, if the place could be called that, I found some buildings that looked like apartments. They were all in terrible shape, but one was especially bad because it had broken and fallen on its side. If I thought Jasper looked like Satan’s abode, this place was Satan’s cat’s sandbox. “Perhaps it would have been interesting to know how the place looked like in the past,” I commented. On the far northwestern edge of the wasteland, I found the only house that had people living in. “Yeah, just come right in, will you?” said a middle-aged woman with purple hair that was starting to turn gray. She was visibly unhappy with the intrusion. “Excuse me?” I asked, and the woman sighed. “Sorry, I guess I should start getting used to this,” the woman rolled her eyes. “After all, the living room’s now a Gym now. Goodness!” I spoke a little more with the woman, who apparently could not speak without irony. She told me she was the Gym leader, Aya’s mother, and went on rambling on about how the house had been full of noise and strangers while the Gym’s field was set up. Finally, when she noticed she wasn’t getting appropriate response from my part, she called Aya, who was in the living room. “I’m a little busy right now,” the girl shouted back. “I guess she hasn’t finished the Gym battle with that rude green-haired guy.” So I wasn’t wrong to assume that the trash would call more trash. Fern must’ve moved at snail’s speed, if he is only now battling the Gym leader after rubbing the wasteland key on my face just before all that storming the orphanage happened. Talk about pathetic. “I’ll be back,” I told Aya’s mother, and went out to the wasteland to train my pokemon. Of course, my main players for this battle would be pretty much the same ones I sent in the battle against Corey: Aladdin, Prince and to a lesser extent, Golden Key. I wondered if Aya would also have a crobat, in which case Wolfie would also be great help. When I came back, I downloaded the Field Effect read-out for the wasteland field. Ame told me about how this Gym was new, and was telling me some advice about Aya’s team (for instance that she was also a double-battler), but her mother interjected. “I didn’t know the machine had been installed to tell trainers how to beat my daughter,” she said in her usual sarcastic tone. Ame apologized and shut the communication. I didn’t need much advice, anyway. Looking at the Field Effect read-out, I found out that Wolfie and Golden Key could become more handy than I initially thought, since it said that Stealth Rock and Spikes would cause damage at the end of the turn. Not that Wolfie needs that, given it has the powerful rock-type move Rock Slide. Entering into the Gym field, also known as the living room, I found Fern receiving the badge from Aya. “Yo, Vanilla. Late to the party as usual,” Fern said. “You’re lucky. This Gym leader? Total noob, so it’ll be an easy badge unless you lose, since you’re another noob.” “Excuse you? I beat you once before this,” Aya said. She was a skinny girl with a voice that seemed to come out of her nose. Given that she was Cain’s sister, I expected her to be as unique as Cain, but she seemed to be the average teenage girl. I could have sworn Cain wears more makeup than her. “Yeah I was caught off guard by you fighting in doubles,” Fern made an excuse. “That’s why there’s a display to ask Ame those questions,” I shrugged. The green-haired jerk sent a sharp look to me, but said nothing. In the end, he’s just another coward. “Anyway-” Just then, Aya’s mother announced that there was another visitor. “They’ll have to wait,” I said. However, the visitor happened to be someone who hadn’t come for a Gym battle. The guy was tall but with red hair so abundant that it made him look like a lion. “Oh, it’s you,” Fern said with a monotonous voice and expression. “Yeah, it’s me,” the stranger replied. “What’re you doin’ here?” “Sweepin’ scrubs. How about you?” “I heard there was a new Gym letter, so I figured I’d come down and welcome her to the club,” the lion guy said, and walked over to Aya. He introduced himself to the girl as the rock-type Gym leader, Hardy. “Yanno, the plan was to give you a warm welcome, but,” he glanced over at Fern. “Looks like you kinda already got a sour one, huh, mate?” “You can keep your snide comments to yourself, thanks,” Fern retorted. “So you two know each other?” Aya asked, and the two guys sighed simultaneously. “Unfortunately. I had the misfortune to be stuck in the same class as Fern at OTS.” For a moment I felt a little sick just thinking what going to school with Fern would’ve been like. If my school life was a nightmare, I couldn’t imagine adding an all-talk narcissist. “In short, Hardy’s jealous because I was the top dog and he was just one loser more,” Fern sneered. “Keep tellin’ yourself that, mate.” The two also went over briefly about their sisters’ friendship but Hardy ended the conversation prematurely. A small silence ensued, and Fern, who could never stop talking, decided that he’d battle me right then. “Why?” I asked. “You know, you don’t have to battle me every time you see me, just to lose and be bitter about it.” “I’m never bitter. Why should I be bitter when I lose against beginner’s luck?” I shook my head. Whatever. I guess an extra training session won’t hurt. I led off with Anna, since Fern had a higher ratio of grass types, but he read me and sent Rhyhorn. As expected, the foe tried to get my fire pokemon knocked out with Stone Edge, but I had quickly switched Anna with Prince. One Muddy Water was enough to destroy the Rhyhorn. Against roserade, I sent out Aladdin, but he was outsped. Giga Drain, however, doesn’t do as much damage as I feared, and Pure Power Aladdin takes out the roserade with a single critical-hit Psycho Cut. Fern flashed a new addition to his team - a scyther, but just moments after it got knocked out by Anna’s Heat Wave. By this point, I could see frustration in Fern’s eyes at having all his pokemon OHKO’d. He sent out a krookodile, and again, I took it out by sending Prince to Muddy Water him once. Once the last pokemon, his started that had evolved into decidueye, was in the field, I felt like having a little experiment. I wanted to see whether it was true that the Stealth Rocks get absorbed and expelled by the wasteland field, so I sent out Wolfie despite the foe being a grass type, and set Stealth Rock. Of course, Wolfie went down to one Leaf Blade, but on the same turn, I saw the pebbles shoot out of the ground like small bullets. It did some damage, not as much as I would’ve liked, but at least I felt it was something you don’t see everyday. I sent out Anna and finished the battle. “I think seein’ Fern get beat is worth the trip out here in itself,” Hardy clapped at me and Anna. “Stow it, rocky. I was going easy on Vanilla, since I’m a gentleman unlike you.” I rolled my eyes. “Shall we have our battle?” I asked Aya, who shrugged and nodded. “I wanna see this,” Fern said and ran over to the spectator seats. Hardy volunteered to be the referee. Once we took our places, the battle was served on a… well, toxic plate. The battle itself wasn’t hard, as, and I hate to admit this, Fern had told me. Only once, when Sludge Wave was used, did I doubt my odds at winning. However, with a team as well-trained as mine, it was hard to steal my win. “So I lost,” Aya murmured. “At least that means I don’t have to deal with you again, I suppose.” “Hah, what a joke. The Gym leader is even more of a noob than Vanilla,” Fern laughed as he reclined his arms on the bar. “Cut it out, alright?” Hardy scolded him, but Fern had no intentions of letting it slip. “I’m out now. I’ll go tell my pals that if they want a free badge, they should head over here,” he said and stretched his apparently sore neck muscles. “Peace, losers.” Once the guy was out of the room, I walked over to Aya to collect my badge. “Don’t listen to him, alright Aya?” I heard Hardy as I walked. “He’s just a plain jerk. Also, don’t take a couple’a losses too hard on ya either, ya hear me?” “I don’t care,” was Aya’s response. “C’mon, there’s no reason to be so distant about it,” he insisted. “No really. I don’t care,” the girl also pressed. “I never wanted this. It was never my job, but now it is thanks to my stupid baby brother. And I don’t care what anyone says about me, either. I know I’m a bad person anyway.” “If you don’t fight for respect, you’ll never earn it,” I said once I was close enough to Aya. “And if you don’t earn respect, then you’re as pathetic as Fern.” Aya looked at me as though I’d just killed her mother. “What, you didn’t expect me to say that? Did you expect me to lick your wounds like lion-head over there is trying to do?” “Hey, girl you-” Hardy tried to say something to me, but Aya cut him short. “If you want your badge, take it and leave me alone.” “What about you stop whining about getting a job you don’t want? If you don’t want it, leave it to someone who wants it. It’ll be better for you and all of us if we don’t have someone half-assing their job.” Right then, Aya slapped my cheek. Her pointy nails probably left pink scratch marks. “Ah,” she exclaimed, as though she couldn’t believe what she just did. Instead of making a revenge, as she surely expected me to do, I just smirked. “At least you do care about your ego,” I said. “That’s at least better than some people I know.” Aya was completely puzzled, and not following what I was saying by now. “I don’t even know what to say,” she said. “Nothing. Train harder,” I said, as I picked up the badge and TM disk she was holding absentmindedly. I looked back at Hardy, who had stopped on his way to stopping the fight he thought was about to errupt moments ago. “If you want to help her, let her decide whether she wants to give up the job or give 100% to it.” I left the wasteland hideout behind. VANILLA RATES: REBORN CHARACTERS TEAM RECAP QUICK LINK TO NEXT EPISODE
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    From Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 23 Prepared for a filler chapter? No? Then don't sue when you read dis! Kiki’s desire had been to be cremated so her ashes could line the beaches that were most fond of her, much like the ashes from Pyrous mountain did. I knew Victoria was devastated by the loss of her mentor, as it had once been my own experience before I became the leader of the Defiance. King, as we called him to contrast with Everland’s official Queen, had struck a deal with me to allow me to join his gang and teach me his ways. We grew close in both character and opinion, so much so that I regarded him perhaps even higher than either of my birth parents, who could not, even in their wildest dreams, throw away their noblesse way of thinking. His was the first death I suffered, and was the most difficult for me, even if the subsequent losses were far more tragic. As this was the case, I could perfectly estimate Victoria’s current state. However, I also knew that no words or expression of empathy would satiate that pain, which could only be healed through the dead coming back to life. It’s the curse of the living; for as long as we live, we will part ways with many acquaintances who leave this world for the realm of the reaper. Some will succumb to sorrow, but it is possible, like me, to anesthetize oneself to keep walking forward. Whether Victoria chooses one or the other alternative, only time will prove. Once Kiki’s funeral was over, Victoria called Cain and me to come to Kiki’s prior office. “As Vanilla knows, Kiki had chosen me to direct Apophyll Academy when, sooner or later, she passed away,” Victoria said slowly, taking her time not to start sobbing during her speech. “I really wished I could have traveled the Reborn region with you two… but alas, fate has dictated my path, and I will not refuse.” “You will make a great leader for the Academy,” I said. Victoria widened her eyes as though I had said something shocking, but did not clarify what had been so amazing. “Thank you, Vanilla,” was what she said instead. “I hope Cain and you beat the league on my behalf. I will be rooting for you both.” “You don’t have to mention it,” Cain said and tapped Victoria’s shoulder. “Though usually when I’m asked to beat something it’s a little more intimate~” Victoria slowly displaced Cain’s hand off her shoulder and just smiled. It was a blissful smile. “Before you go... Vanilla, as you have earned the HM, you can have it,” she talked as she passed me the wretched disk. “I wish I could give you the badge, but well, it’s invalid now so it would be pointless even if you had it.” I shrugged. “That means you need to battle Aya next, huh?” Cain said, is mood falling rapidly. “Fine~ I’ll give you the key. Actually, I’ll go open the gates to the wasteland for everyone, since I guess everyone will need to battle her for a poison badge right~” So we did. We said our final farewells to Victoria, who waved at us as we walked the beach toward Amaria’s boat. It seemed as though Cain’s inner feelings were correlated with the weather in mainland Reborn City, for the whole place, especially in South Obsidia Ward where the wasteland gates were located, was going through a storm. “Look at your hair,” e commented, and I ran a hand over my hair. My palm was dyed in pink. “I guess the color’s coming off because of the rain,” I said. “That’s too bad. I liked that color on you~” Cain winked, and I sighed. “Open the wasteland gates, will you?” Just then, a familiar face grabbed my attention. “Hi,” Cal said as he approached me. I honestly didn’t know what the proper way of reacting was, so I just went with the way I felt like going with. “Awh,” Cal let out, as he fell to the floor, his right hand pressed against his right cheek. “... Don’t apologize. I deserve this.” “I wasn’t going to apologize, and yes, you deserve it,” I said, shaking my hand to relax my fingers’ muscles. “I heard you were headed here, so I waited for you,” the redhead continued as he picked himself off the floor. “I wanted to talk to you.” I batted my eyes, looked around me and then backwards at Cain, who shrugged at me. “Why out of all people me? Shouldn’t you be asking Victoria for forgiveness?” “Both you and I know that she isn’t going to listen to a word I say,” he explained. “But I know you will, because you’re a third party.” “I thought you were a dumbass for joining Team Meteor only to fail at everything,” I said, silently referring to how his actions ultimately causing medicham and Kiki’s deaths, and also how instead of sticking to one side, he also ended up blowing up Team Meteor’s plans. “But I hear you still have some sense in you. For that, I’ll give you one minute of my time.” “I won’t waste the minute. I wanted to explain to you that I had never intended for Apophyll’s destruction nor Kiki’s death. Actually, I had already sabotaged the PULSE when I set it up, so it was never going to work as Team Meteor intended.” “Interesting,” I admitted. “And you pretend for me to believe that?” “No. But at least I wanted to try.” I stared into Cal’s eyes, to see if he would tremble or do something that could give me the impression that he was lying. Fortunately for him, I found no reason in his face. “I am no God to read your thoughts,” I said. “However, I have no reason to disbelieve you. Don’t expect me to fight for your innocence against Victoria though, for I sincerely don’t care about a stranger like you.” Cal acted as though he already expected me to say exactly that. “I won’t,” he said. “Good luck on your journey.” He turned his back to me, but on second thought, he looked at me once more. “Don't take this as an offense, for it's honest advice.” “What is it?” “You shouldn't dye your hair with spray paint,” he said. The troubled youth ran away in the direction of Obsidia, leaving me behind with burning anger. “Took a liking to your friend’s ex-crush~?” Cain asked. “Do you want me to give you a new facial decoration too,” I replied, raising my fist. “Please don’t. I was only kidding~ I know you only have eyes for me, gorgeous,” e said, and I don’t know what stopped me from blowing his teeth out, because desire wasn’t what I lacked. With a smile too wide for my taste, Cain complied with my initial request and opened the gates, but didn’t let me through quite yet. “Before you go,” e said. “What about one friendly battle?” “I’m game for any battle,” I muttered. The first pokemon Cain sent out was an a-marowak, but the poor thing didn’t last long on the battlefield since Prince one-shotted it with Earth Power. Against is meowstic, I sent out Cinderella, but I didn’t count on the little bipedal cat to have a Shadow Ball under its sleeve. Cinderella didn’t do as much damage as I expected her to with Shadow Sneak either, so I switched her out with Anna. During that switch, though, meowstic set up a Light Screen, which allowed it to live through a Will-O-Wisp + Hex combination. Luckily, the rain mixed with Anna’s drought again helped me out since the rainbow field weakened Shadow Ball. Thinking it would be great experience for Elsa, I switched her out when I thought the burn would take out the silly cat, but unfortunately I miscalculated and Elsa fainted to a Shadow Ball the same turn that meowstic fainted. I have to work on my reading skills, I noted to myself, as I sent out Prince against Cain’s nidoking. Prince’s defenses were pretty solid as it tanked nidoking’s attacks, and he eventually took care of the purple monster with two Earth Powers. Then, out came Cain’s primarina. For the water type, I sent out Cinderella’s grass type. The pumpkin lady was able to redeem herself by fainting the seal with two turns of Bullet Seeds. The last pokemon was a-muk, but it also couldn’t tank more than two Rock Slides from Wolfie. “Just when I think I’m getting stronger, you surprise me with even more strength,” Cain sighed. “You know I’m your number 1 fan~” “Ugh, stop it now and let me through.” “You’re a party pooper, you know that? We could have so much fun together~,” e said, but cleared what he meant when he saw my murderous eyes. “I mean, we could hang around having fun~ but you want to go meet the boring Aya.” “Wasn’t it your wish to save the children?” “That’s true. You always know the best words~ Fine, go through,” Cain moved away from the gates. “Come meet me down in the railnet once you’re done with your Gym battle, ‘kay~?” I didn’t reply, and passed the gates instead. VANILLA RATES: REBORN CHARACTERS QUICK LINK TO NEXT EPISODE
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    From Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 20 When I returned to Apophyll Academy, I encountered Kiki coughing like her lungs were drowning. “So you have beaten my student?” Kiki asked me once her fit of coughing had subsided. “Yes.” Kiki looked at me, perhaps to search for anything that could indicate I was lying, but then nodded in silence. “Fine. Come meet me outside. We shall have our battle.” Kiki started walking with a slower pace than I would have expected from a woman who probably didn’t reach her sixties yet. I checked Victoria, who had been listening to our short conversation, but was sitting and looking absentmindedly at the wall. Since she said nothing, I exited Kiki’s - I assume Academy director’s - office. I was ready to kick ass. “Vanilla,” the expected but late call from Victoria arrived when I was just about to exit into the sandy field. “Listen, while you were out, Kiki showed me around the Academy, telling me how to run things here.” “And why do I care?” I was confused. “Kiki is dying,” she sighed with visible despair. “She’s been sick for months, but she’s tried her hardest to hide it from everyone.” “That is unfortunate,” I said with perhaps surprising honesty. “I hope her last days aren’t difficult.” “Me too,” Victoria trailed off. “If that’s all, I’ll be going.” “Wait,” the girl stopped me once more. “What is it this time?” “What I was trying to get at is, I don’t feel good about fighting her like this,” she said, and quickly ran around me to block the exit. “Victoria, move out of my way,” I said, but Victoria shook her head sideways. “We’ll convince her to give us the machine some other way,” she said, with tears building up in her eyes. “But battling takes too much a toll on her. I can’t let you do it.” “Kiki’s wish isn’t to live her last days like a living vegetable,” I pointed out. “She will be mad with you if she finds out you’re doing this.” “I don’t care. I know what’s best for her.” “Listen, not only do I need the machine, I also need her badge. I’m not going to waste my time waiting for the reserve fighting-type leader to be up when Kiki passes away.” “Vanilla, please.” “No pleases. I’m in a sore mood, and you’re only making it worse. Now move out of the way before I make you regret it.” I grabbed her wrist and held it tightly. Victoria flung her arm back and forth, but I would not let go. “You think you can defeat me on a physical match?” she asked. “Perhaps you’re taller than me and have more muscle mass,” I said. “But I’m fast. I was trained to beat my opponent, whether that person is male or female, larger or smaller than me.” “Then go ahead. I’ll protect Kiki with my life!” As she wished, I let go of her wrist, and dodged two punches from Victoria. I moved away from her, she followed me and then used her momentum against her by tripping her. The girl was, of course, sturdy and pulled herself up. However, by then, I had gained higher ground by going up the stairs a bit, so the moment she stood up, I launched myself onto her, which instantly made her fall back down again. She, in turn, stuck her foot out on my way, and made me trip as well. “You’re too slow,” I said jumping back up. “Is it the muscle mass that weighs you down?” “Please stop,” a few students from the Academy ran in between us and some others held us back. One girl helped Victoria stand right up. “This is not a place to engage in physical fighting,” a young man warned us. “Only pokemon battles are allowed. Otherwise, take your fight somewhere outside.” “Alright, it seems we’ll have to battle with our pokemon,” Victoria said, and sent out a large panda bear. “As you wish,” I responded and sent out my newly trained Gretel, the Slurpuff (Drain Kiss, Cotton Guard, Belly Drum and Endeavor). Unfortunately, the cake-looking pokemon had no means of exploiting Belly Drum as of now, since Drain Kiss is a special move. The pangoro could not withstand a Drain Kiss, so Victoria used up a choc ice cream to heal him. Unfortunately for her, it was useless since a repeating attack took the large bear down. Then, she sent out her a-raichu, who tried to set up on me by using Nasty Plot, but went straight down with a single Earth Power from Prince. Then Victoria sent out her gallade. This pokemon is a pain in the neck. It has high defenses, so even though Gretel’s Drain Kiss is super effective, it took long to defeat him. I even had to raise Gretel’s defense by Cotton Guarding once. Alas, it was done, but the last two mons played a trick on me. Against mienfoo, I sent out Aladdin, whose Fake Out ejected and exchanged him for incineroar - a dark type. Even though dark-type attacks deal neutral damage to Aladdin, I still switched out because Aladdin’s defenses aren’t that great. As expected, Wolfie who also lacks defense, went down to two Darkest Lariats but not before she dealt a good amount of damage with Rock Slide. That allowed me to easily faint incineroar with Fake Out when I brought Aladdin back out. The rest was easy, since Psycho Cut finished the mienfoo that had postponed inevitable fainting. “No,” Victoria seemed disturbed when she returned her mienfoo back to his pokeball. “Vanilla, please.” I shrugged. “I won, and hence I’ve earned the right to do as I wish.” When I turned my back to her, Victoria snapped. “It’s for the kids, right?” she shouted. “They’re more important to you than Kiki’s wellbeing.” I stopped on my way and turned again. “You are mistaken,” I lowered my gaze. “I no longer do anything for anybody else. The kids can stay kidnapped for all I care. I do this for myself - collecting badges and battling Gym leaders is what I came for in the first place.” “How… how can you…” “How can I be this cold, you ask?” I laughed from my nose. “One must learn from mistakes, Victoria. If you don’t, you just keep wasting lives.” I left Victoria looking as though she wished she could choke me right then and there. However, she seemed to collect herself, because after a moment, she followed me to be the referee for the match between Kiki and me. “I was wondering what was taking you so long,” Kiki said. “We can start our battle now. Victoria, please.” I walked over to my designated spot, and Victoria spoke the rules of the battle with an obviously monotonous voice. I defeated Kiki, and was already walking toward her to receive the badge and the HM, when the woman oscillated back and forth a couple of times and collapsed on the spot. A chill went down my spine, thinking that the woman had died before giving me the damned badge, much like Corey had done. However, on quick inspection, she seemed to just be unconscious. A group of students and I carried Kiki to her room and lay her down there. On Victoria’s suggestion, everyone but she and I left the room. When she came by once more, she was at first confused but then incredibly furious. “There’s no longer a point to keeping up a facade of serenity,” she said to Victoria, but I also listened. “After a display like that… My glass reputation is already shattered.” “Don’t say that,” Victoria interjected. “Nobody could be as strong as you have been.” “For as strong as I’ve been, I’m still too weak,” Kiki’s voice cracked and she coughed again. “Please do calm down,” her apprentice begged, but Kiki snapped back. “How can I? Did you think I was only talking of the zen of mind when I taught you to defeat the inner chaos?” Kiki coughed again, and she took a couple of deep breaths. “No amount of meditation is going to change the fact that my body is killing itself.” After that, despite my inner despair at having to postpone my obtaining the badge and HM, Victoria pulled me to leave the room. Kiki sat near the corner of her room, looking down on a spot on the floor. “I’ve never seen Kiki get upset like that before,” she sighed when we were outside. “She must be going through so much.” “Each of us must carry their own weight.” Victoria looked at me, though I couldn’t tell what went on her mind. “I’ll wait for Kiki to calm down and get your badge and HM from her,” she said. “But could you please check on Cain for me? It’s been bothering me that e hasn’t arrived, even after this much time has passed.” “Maybe e decided to go off somewhere else and chase some men.” “Perhaps but unlikely. E seemed eager to rescue the kids,” she said. “You see, there’s one place between Reborn City and Apophyll, which is Azurine Island. I don’t know how he could’ve mistaken that swampy island for Apophyll beach, but well, anything is possible with Cain, right?” I shrugged. “I’ll be back for my badge,” I said and left to look for purple princess. 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    From Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 19 I sped through the filthy waters of Azurine Lake on Amaria’s boat. On the way to Apophyll, I passed by an island, surprisingly full of vegetation regardless of the deteriorating waters. “If I remember correctly, Apophyll has a large beach, so I don’t think that’s it,” I said to myself and kept going south west. Eventually, I could see the beach, and allowed the boat to speed down as it docked on the sand. Apophyll academy was close to the beach, but also pretty much surrounded by hills and volcanoes of various sizes. Why anyone would make a school close to the looming danger, I could never understand, but asking questions was not why I had come there. I went into the school, and asking around a little, found Victoria together with a middle-aged lady in a room. “Hello Vanilla,” Victoria greeted me. “I thought I’d find you here before me, but I guess I finished my business in Reborn City earlier than expected.” “Hello,” I said. “Kiki, this is Vanilla. She’s the one I told you about earlier. Vanilla, this is Kiki, the director of Apophyll Academy and our sensei.” Kiki bowed her head, and I nodded in silence. “I hear you need the HM for Strength,” Kiki said with a raspy voice. “I was discussing with Victoria how to go about this, as the HM is usually reserved for the graduates of this academy.” “Cut the crap and just give me the HM. I have also come to challenge you to a Gym battle. Once you do both of that, I’ll be off my way,” I said. “Vanilla? I think you’re not feeling well today, are you?” Victoria asked with surprise both in her voice and face. Funny how she didn’t say I looked ‘pale’, for I would’ve argued that I look pale everyday. “I am perfectly fine,” I said. “I cannot give the HM to you until you demonstrate to me that you can wield it,” Kiki explained. “For, one must be able to control one’s inner strength before they attain worldly one.” I was getting exasperated. At any moment I was going to grab the woman by the collar and coerce her to give me the damn disk, but I knew that would be “counter-intuitive” as Florinia had put it. Instead, I took a deep breath and asked. “What do you want me to do?” “We could start by giving you a task,” Kiki said and coughed a few times. “... Excuse me. As I was saying, on the top of Pyrous mountain, you will find one of my newest yet finest students.” “Could you be talking about-” Victoria started, but Kiki placed a palm in front of her face. “He has gone there to meditate. If you can defeat him in battle, I will grant you the opportunity to battle and receive the badge from me.” I said nothing more and stormed out of the room. “Vanilla,” I heard Victoria calling me. She stopped me when I had just exited the academy. “Vanilla, I note you strange,” she said. “I also noticed that your pachirisu isn’t with you. May I ask what happened?” I turned to face her. “What do you mean strange? I’m my usual self.” “You may be cold but never outright disrespectful or agitated. Let me know what troubles you so I can help,” Victoria insisted. I felt embarrassed about being so easily read. How could I fool my enemies, if I can't even do my allies? “If you will shut up, I will tell you,” I sighed. “Pikachu is dead.” Victoria widened her eyes and opened her mouth, but I raised a finger and held it in front of her lips, almost but not touching. “Now, go back in. I’ll return in no time.” Pyrous mountain? It should be called more like Pyrous volcano. The inside of the mountain was barely breathable with all the steam and heat produced by the lava. I carefully walked around the lava, through some narrow passages that had evidently been crafted so people could pass, but not taking safety into consideration. I put my hair up into a ponytail and walked forward. Some parts, especially the stairs, had melted away, so I had to use my muscles to climb up the damp walls. Luckily, I managed to contain my balance whenever my hand or feet slipped. When I first arrived to the ashen beach, I had felt it warm close to being hot. Now, when I exited the mountain near the top, I felt cold because of how high my body temperature had risen and because of the sweat covering all of my skin. As I had been told by Kiki, her apprentice was on the top of the mountain, looking down to the direction of Apophyll Academy. I could not tell whether the lava or the guy’s hair were brighter red. “You, Apophyll student,” I called. “I’ve come to challenge you to a battle.” The redhead seemed lost as to who was calling him at first, but then turned around and saw me standing right behind him. “Was it Kiki who sent you here?” he asked. “Yes. She will only grant me a Gym battle if I defeat you first.” The guy sighed. “Fine. I will battle you,” he said. “If you will first help me meditate.” If I said I didn’t have an urge to push the man off the cliff at that moment, it would be a lie. Does he have a working pair of eyes? Does he not see that I’m not the type of person that would make a good meditating companion? The guy must’ve read my mind, because he elaborated on his statement. “What I mean is, if you will hear me out. I came here to learn to control my anger, but now I am realizing that if it is only about meditating about those things by myself, I didn’t even have to come all the way to Pyrous mountain to do it. I think talking to a stranger who has no reason to give me sweet talk would help me achieve that purpose.” “If you’ll not battle me until I hear your story, then start talking already,” I said. The guy looked at me for a while in silence, and seemed to want to say something but ultimately decided against it. Instead, he started talking about what was weighing his mind. “All my life until now has been spent with me trying to surpass my brother,” he said. “I dyed my hair red so we could look different. I chose to train fire type pokemon to counter his ice pokemon. I also became a Gym leader because he was one. Lame, I know.” “I don’t have brothers, so I can’t help you,” I shrugged. “Will we have our battle now?” The guy looked at me with disgust painted on his face, but carried on talking like nothing was amiss. “Now, I have to confess that this obsession made me do things I will never stop regretting. One of those things was how I treated my friend, Shelly.” The mention of shy girl’s name picked my attention. “From the looks of it, you know her too. Shy, isn’t she? Easily scared, isn’t she? I may be to blame, for hurting her.” For a moment, Shelly’s voice came to my mind. That was when we were back at the orphanage trying to rescue her friend, and I had asked why she seemed uncomfortable when I was around. “O-oh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry it came off t-that way. Um, it’s nothing personal actually. It’s j-just that you remind me of someone else.” Didn’t she mention his eyes? That both our eyes were hollow as if light had faded all together from them? I grabbed the guy by the collar. “Is she your friend too? I won’t blame you if you want to throw me off the cliff now,” he said and closed his eyes. His countenance took me off guard, and I weakened my grip on him when he asked me the question. “She’s an acquaintance,” I explained. “Even then, the thought that she could’ve been a different person today…” The guy nodded without opening his eyes. I let him go. “As long as she remains friends with Heather, she’ll also be pursued,” I said, facing away from the red guy. “She will have to overcome her fears.” “Will you be the one to help her?” I widened my eyes, shocked at my own mind. Pikachu’s bleeding body flashed in front of my eyes. Wolfie’s dying smile flashed in front of my eyes. I laughed quietly. “No, I won’t. After all, the only one who can help her is herself,” I said, turning around. “Now, enough talk. Are you ready for battle or not?” “I see,” the guy said after the battle. “So my fire is extinguished after all.” “Whatever. I’ll be going to Kiki now,” I said, returning Aladdin to his pokeball. “Vanilla, right?” he asked. This is when I remembered we had not exchanged names. “How do you know my name?” The guy smiled but not in my direction. “You might not know it, but your name is becoming well-known. Aren’t you one of the group leading the fight against Team Meteor?” I shrugged. “I’m Cal. Before you go, I’d like to tell you something Kiki told me when I just arrived to the Academy.” “Be quick,” I said, lowering my body so Pikachu could climb up… I froze on the spot. Then I shook my head sideways and stood back up. “Fire is a beautiful dancer, but let it play as it wishes and it will turn a whole forest into coal.” I left, and Cal’s words sunk into the depths of my mind, never to be recalled. VANILLA RATES: REBORN CHARACTERS QUICK LINK TO NEXT EPISODE
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    Hey, you did it! When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down "happy". They told me I didn't understand the assignment, and I told them they didn't understand life. - John Lennon
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    *patches game hoping the patch randomly includes V10 content*
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    Hey everyone! I've been working on a fangame project of mine for some time. There's a bit that's done so far--scripts, events, battles, maps and such. However, the one thing that I've been struggling with is the story and the characters. I just don't know what to do for them :/ So an idea popped into my head. Even though this account is rather new, I've been a big lurker on this community, and this site has helped me out quite a bit. So I decided that it would be more fun to let people from this community submit in their Pokemon characters to be included in the game! This thread is asking you to send in your Pokemon characters~ And yes, they don't have to be a human. They can be a Pokemon as well. Just something that fits in within the universe. Under the spoiler is information behind the fangame itself, so if you're making a character you'll have a better idea of what to do ^^. You don't really have to follow all of these, but if your character doesn't fit within the game's universe I'll end up changing their backstory or role to fit them in more. And here's stuff that I'm looking for in your character ^^ While I'm at it, there are some characters I'm looking for in particular--disciples, people who own legendaries. This is because they're kind of the main focus of the game. But please feel free to submit any of your beloved characters~ Have fun ^^! If you have any questions, please PM me them. I'll try and answer as soon as I can!
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    Do you use songs to measure times when you walk from a place to another? Like "It took me 3 and a half songs to get here so probably 15 minutes passed" I cant be the only one right?
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    Well, since people on reborn discord already saw that today, here is cringe for rest of you open at your own risk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    EDIT:GEN 6 day for this week is now officially concluded! Thank you all for participating again! Tomorrow will be Gen 7 Version(11.03.2018) Lots of loves.. Good night.. Given away pokemons are up until this point: Day1:Ralts(Female),Carvanha,Mudkip,Shroomish,Treecko,Trapinch,Relicanth,Volbeat,Feebas,Azurill~ Day2:Budew,Riolu,Spiritomb,Buneary,Gible,Chatot,Aipom,Pachirisu,Snover,Mismagius. Day3:Skiddo,Dedenne,Noibat,Honedge,Amaura,Tyrunt,Clauncher,Phantump,Litleo,Flabébé Be on the lookout for Gen 5 tomorrow,I will share it from my profile(Via status) Good Luck~ EDIT:I live in Sweeden, Every new night 18.00 pm in Stockholm time i will change the Generation to a new one,(We are one hour ahead of London),And the give-away will last 6 hours(It is hard you know),and at 00.00 the giveaway for that day will end,the other day in 18.00 pm i will let you guys through edits that new generation has come in, Also i will let you know,which mons are expired, Thank you already for participating~ I have night-practice Monday,Wednesday,Friday(so the clock would likely to change these days) Yahallo! I am Thundermaze and i am a Breeding maniac, A few days ago @RedAlert gave me the nickname Pokemom,which is appropriate given the situation, Here is the deal folks, I bred every possible Pokemon in Reborn(I got just one each of them and they are all shinies and of course have decent IV's) I made few giveaways in the past,but this much more major-scaled, I offer you any Shiny pokemon you want in Reborn(If it is obtainable), But there is a little catch, This is not just your simple give-away, If you want a spesicific pokemon,write your request,and then i will ask you question about whether that pokemon or it's typing or Pokemon-anime related stuff,if you answer wrongly or non-punctually you cannot have that pokemon(So be careful), Also if you are not fast enough and someone else would answer the question,then i will give that pokemon to that member. AND,Since there is like 9000 pokemon i am doing this step by step, Since today is Wednesday,i will allow you pick only Amongst Gen 3 Pokemon, Monday is Gen1 Tuesday is Gen2 Wednesday is Gen3 Thursday is Gen4 Friday is Gen5 Saturday is Gen6 Sunday is Gen7 And one final request if you may, Please only answer if you really want this Pokemon,don't crush other People's requests for no reason, Here are some Screenshot of Gen 3 mons, Good luck~ Tomorrow would be for Gen4~
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    Imagine pulse budew as final boss lol.
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    We've chosen not to implement this because of the level cap-- it could be detrimental for some players especially in the early game where the cap is a bit tight. We've got a couple QoL improvements slated for the final release but it's on the basis of if we happen to have time to implement them after everything else is done. oh. oh dear. i regret.
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    Finally found a suitable cover photo. Won't be changing it anytime soon. I like it a lot.
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    From Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 29 I followed Saphira to Tanzan Mountain in silence, quietly thinking how awkward a contrast she made with the meadow of the cove. As we had hypothesized when we first passed through the mountain, the metallic gates and pipes were all Team Meteor’s doing. “Let’s enter from here,” she said, pointing to a tightly shut metallic gate. I was starting to inspect the gate for any protrusions I could use to climb it up, when Saphira suddenly asked me to step back. Glad I reacted in time, for right after I moved to the side, her dragonite sent a light beam onto the gate, which ended up melting in in a few seconds. I was betting that she had brought me here to use me as a human shield, but I was also glad that she was so transparent that it was obvious what to expect from her. Saphira went through the gates, and we were warmly received by two guards that were looking out for intruders. The dragon-lady, though, didn’t hesitate to hurt both their pokemon and them. I passed in between their bodies which lay unconscious and bleeding, but stopped in my track. “What are you doing? Hurry up before anyone else comes,” Saphira said. “Next time just battle their pokemon and incapacitate them,” I muttered, glaring at her. “We don’t need to be on the same level as Team Meteor.” Saphira clicked her tongue and walked up to me with hasty steps. “Listen, naive little girl,” she looked at me with her serpent eyes, holding my neck in her right hand. “Team Meteor is the enemy. The less grunts they have, the better for us. This is war. Stop being an idealist and a coward, and get back to work.” Nilla circled around, making loud buzzing sounds, especially close to Saphira’s head. This distracted her enough to allow me to grab her wrist and push her away. The girl seemed surprised that I was able to free myself so easily, but then turned her back to me and went into the Meteor base in defiant silence. The interior was a factory field again, with lots of rooms and sealed corridors. “You can take the path of the left, and I’ll go through over here,” I whispered. “No,” Saphira shook her head. “We’ll work together. No splitting up.” “Why? That’s inefficient.” “Inefficient will be if they capture both of us individually. At least one can stay behind while the other goes forward. Worst case scenario, they’ll try to kill us, but if we’re together I can dodge a bullet by hiding behind you.” That confirmed my suspicion that she just wanted me for life insurance, but that wasn’t my biggest thought at that moment. Perhaps it was the atmosphere full of machines, or the Meteor grunts walking about, but I was taken back to that factory in the western edge of Peridot Ward. That time, when Amaria and I snuck into that smelly place, would things have been different had we worked together than splitting up to speed up the process? The thought stung my chest, but fortunately I didn’t need to lose myself in my thoughts, since right then a couple of grunts noticed us and came over to fight us. Though Saphira had looked like she was going to exterminate everything that stood in her way, something apparently made her change her mind about killing the enemy unnecessarily. Instead, she fought with obvious bloodthirst, without actually causing bloodshed. However, her straightforward and at times violent battling style didn’t hinder her from being a creative double-battle partner. Since my pokemon were evidently weaker than hers, I quickly realized that she wasn’t just attacking the foes full-force, but also sometimes taking the supporting role so my pokemon could strike harder. Why? I wasn’t sure, for in my opinion, it would be a better strategy for her to take up the offensive and leave me all the defensive work. On the western side of the base, we found the two children we were looking for. Anna and Noel were beyond happy to see that help had arrived, but unfortunately we could not find the keys to open the cages, no matter how much we searched for them. “Don’t worry,” Anna reassured us. “Please defeat Team Meteor again, for then they’ll leave and you’ll have more freedom to look for the keys.” “We only took a glimpse of it when we were brought over, but the Meteor admins that you’re looking for probably will be in the northernmost room,” Noel added. Since we had no other choice, really, we chose to follow the twins’ idea. We were just about to enter the main room, where I supposed we’d find some Team Meteor leaders, likely Sirius and either ZEL or Taka, Saphira was tackled from the side by a grunt who jumped out of nowhere. “What? I thought we beat all of them,” I marveled, and watched as the two of them struggled. The grunt was clearly trying to choke the girl, but I stood there for more than a few seconds just watching before stepping in to help. I pulled the grunt while Saphira pushed him away, and he eventually let go of her and fell backwards. Now that his face was visible to me, I recognised him as Simon from the Yuyeyu building, who had made friends with Charlotte. “Assassin,” Simon said in a low voice, his face twitching in anger. “You’re a despicable human being.” “If you, a Meteor grunt, thinks of me that way,” Saphira said and dusted off her clothes. “Then it’s a compliment for me.” “Because of your stupid light show, Tara and the others have died and sunk to the bottom of Tanzan lake,” Simon clenched his teeth. “And here I thought you’d enjoy it, since that was Draco Meteor,” the dragon-lady smirked. “Vanilla, let’s go in now.” The gates opened and closed behind her. I glanced at Simon, who was still on the smooth floor looking down. So the unfortunate grunt lost his partner in mischief. “They’re people too,” I remembered Charlotte pointing out back in Yuyeyu. I approached the gates to the room Saphira had disappeared to, but stopped for a second. “My condolences,” I told Simon without taking my eyes away from the gates. The Meteor grunt didn’t move from his spot, and didn’t respond either. I walked one more step, and the gates opened for me. ZEL was inside as expected, but so was Dr Connal and a PULSE machine, this time hooked to an abra. ZEL was busy fixing the machine, apparently, but they’d sometimes disappear from where they were, and translocate to the other side of the room. “Doctor, we meet again,” Saphira said, her eyes turning wilder than before. “I see you are in good health,” he grinned. “However, I can’t say your presence is welcome.” “For all the years I’ve known you, I knew you were twisted. However, I didn’t expect you to be outright stupid enough to join Team Meteor.” “Why do you say it’s stupid?” “They’re a terrorist group, for god sake. You’ll not only be sent to jail for your outlawed therapies in the orphanage, but also for being part of Team Meteor. What a dumb way to add extra crimes under your belt, don’t you think?” Dr Connal looked unaffected by Saphira’s statements, however. “Then I might find relief that I have not joined Team Meteor. I merely have offered assistance in exchange for them helping me capture what has been stolen from me.” Right then, the gates slid open again and I saw Sirius entering the room. “You,” Sirius muttered when he looked at Saphira and then me. I thought he was going to fight us right then and there, but instead he pushed me away and stood next to Dr Connal. “ZEL, I’ve just received communication,” he said. “Lin will be coming here shortly to observe our progress.” Dr Connal and Saphira both acted as though the mention of this certain ‘Lin’ had grabbed their attention. “N-now? Please stop her. Abra still won’t obey us,” ZEL said with a shaky voice, but then they disappeared and appear a few feet from where they were originally. “The PULSE is causing things to just disappear and appear without any form of predictability.” That reminded me about Spinel Town, and the forest, where trees and even whole houses were disappearing and appearing elsewhere. Probably the source was this uncontrolled PULSE. “We also have the damned earthquakes to take care of,” ZEL sighed. “Put more brain power onto this, ZEL,” Sirius ordered. “Otherwise, if Lin sees this mess, she is going to have all of our heads.” “Hah,” Saphira laughed. “Then maybe we should cause more disruption so this Lin person does the dirty work for us.” Sirius gazed at both of us with a dead serious look. “Don’t underestimate us,” he said. “ZEL, teleport them somewhere far from here.” “But,” ZEL started. “You won’t,” Saphira said, walking in large strides toward Sirius. “Now,” Sirius shouted at ZEL, and instantly Saphira’s body disappeared into thin air. Unlike with ZEL, however, she didn’t appear in the same room after a couple of seconds. “I-it worked?” ZEL said, visibly surprised by the result. “Now do the same with Vanilla,” Sirius commanded. “Wait, I can leave through the main exit,” I said, raising both my hands, but it was futile. The next thing thing I knew, I was standing in a stinky dark room. Luckily I had a lantern with me, so I walked through the oozing green liquids and half-empty barrels. I walked carefully, but there was an earthquake and nearly lost my balance and fell into the probably toxic liquid. I thought it was just that once, though, but the earth where I was kept moving side to side at varying intensities. Finally I found a man-made hole in the wall, so I went through it. “Where am I?” I asked Nilla, who obviously buzzed in confusion. “Is this still Tanzan mountain? Or am I even in the same Reborn region?” I shrugged. That wasn’t important now - what I had to do was find a way out of this cave. I walked aimlessly for perhaps half an hour, until I heard a voice calling my name. Interestingly, I had not the creativity to call Saphira’s name as I walked around. “Vanilla, is that you?” I could hear her clearly when I found a cliff. “Yes.” “I’m down here, but the cave’s echoes allow me to hear you quite well,” she said. “I’ll look for a way to go up. You look for an exit, alright?” “Sure.” So I resumed my aimless walking. I found many dead ends and cliffs, but nothing that looked like an exit. There must be one somewhere, though, for how else could people have brought in those barrels full of green disgusting liquid? At one point, the earth shook so strongly that it knocked me over. Rocks and debri came falling down, but luckily they didn’t on top of me. “Is everything fine up there?” Saphira asked. “It's fine.” “Whatever is causing those earthquakes must be close by. Keep an eye on that.” I clapped my hands to take off the excess dust, and stood back up. Dragon-lady told me to keep an eye out for the origin of the earthquakes, but quite frankly I just wanted to exit this place without finding it. Unfortunately, that wasn’t something I could dream of, given my bad luck. “Vanilla, it’s the pokemon that is causing all the earthquakes,” Saphira shouted. “It’s headed your way!” Indeed. Nilla and I saw the pokemon, and the lilac firefly instantly hid herself behind me. The pokemon’s metalic head, which was probably around five times my height, rose up from the depths of the cliff. It was a steelix, but given its default face, I couldn’t tell if this one was angry or neutral to see me. It screamed at me, which probably meant it was angry. “Vanilla, keep your calm,” Saphira said. “I’ll try to help you out but from here I can barely even see the tail of the steelix.” Keep my calm? Easy to say that when you aren’t being glared by a gigantic monstrosity. Anyhow, I did the only sensible thing I could do: battle. When the steelix was defeated, it slid off the cliff and down to the depths. However, just moments later, the same metallic snake climbed its head back up, this time having Saphira sitting on top of its forehead. “Listen Vanilla. I’ll go rescue the kids on this steelix. You try to deactivate that uncontrollable PULSE, you hear me?” “Fine,” I said, and grabbed the hand that she extended for me. Even though deactivating that abra was going to be a pain, riding a metallic snake wasn't particularly one of my pleasures. It turned out that we had been underneath the Tanzan mountain Team Meteor base all this time. As Saphira had planned, she left me close to the entrance to the base, while she exited the mountain and turned around to make a huge hole on the wall of the base’s western end. “Nilla, let’s go,” I said, running all the way through the base, ignoring the grunts who looked at me as though they’d seen a ghost. When I entered the infamous PULSE room, Sirius glared at me with his one eye. “Vanilla’s back. That machine really is useless,” he sighed. “I’ll leave her to you, ZEL. I have to be at the entrance to see if I can delay Lin in anyway possible.” When Sirius went out the room, ZEL disappeared and appeared once more. “This piece of junk,” they muttered and teleported again. “Perhaps it would be best to have Vanilla take the initiative to inactivate the PULSE all together,” Dr Connal suggested. “After all, she has come here to do just that.” “Sounds like a plan. See if you can actually do it, Vanilla,” ZEL spat. Though the battle had been tiring, the moment abra slid down of the PULSE machine unconscious was one of the most satisfying moments of my life. “Great, now we have nothing, which is better than a mess,” ZEL rolled their eyes. However, since I took so long to deactivate the machine, I lost my chance to escape before Lin’s arrival. Sirius came into the room and announced that Lin had arrived. “You’re still here Vanilla? You don’t understand. You’re placing both your miserable life and ours in danger by being here.” “I planned to leave, but unfortunately I’m still here,” I replied. “Look, Vanilla. I have an idea which none of us will like but it’s the only way to escape with our necks intact,” Sirius said, and I could tell he was agitated. “You will pretend you’re a new recruit. Don’t say anything stupid.” Just then, the gates opened and an adult woman with long green hair appeared. “Sirius, you are standing in my way,” she said barely moving her mouth. “Excuse my imprudence,” Sirius said and quickly jolted out of her way. “Report,” Lin demanded. “We experimented with using the PULSE to amplify abra’s power to teleport a party into the heart of the ruin,” he explained. “However, in the end, abra’s power could not be controlled and the project was terminated.” “Incompetent,” was Lin’s feedback. She looked directly at me, with a gaze so sharp that could have pierced through my chest. “Why are these here?” Sirius looked at me and then back at Lin with a vague smile. “This is Vanilla, a new recruit. She helped us with the PULSE-Abra project.” The woman did not make any expression, not even one of disgust, but she seemed somehow aware that I wasn’t who Sirius was saying I was. “Lying becomes you, Sirius,” she said. “And the other?” She was referring to Dr Connal, who came forward and introduced himself as the intelligent academic he supposedly was. He was brave, though, for briefly asking her whether they had met each other before, which I thought would earn himself a death sentence on the spot, if Lin really was as formidable as people made her seem. Lin denied acquaintance, but said nothing more. Rather than her not saying more, though, it would be more appropriate to say that she was prevented from inquiring anymore. That is, after a strong shaking of the floor, a grunt came into the room and announced that a giant steelix had broken through the western wall of the base. “A what?” Sirius asked, very puzzled and probably with increasing despair levels. “You wouldn’t know about this, would you, Vanilla?” Lin asked me and I just shrugged. Since she saw she wasn’t going to get any response from me, Lin turned to the gates. “Size doesn’t equate strength. I’ll deal with this.” Whatever happened outside of the base, I had no way of knowing. However, one thing was certain: I had never been inside a building that shook so much as it did a few minutes after Lin left the room. All four of us fell down and slid back and forth on the floor even though we were trying to hold on. Once the shaking subsided, though, Sirius roughly pulled me by the arm up to my feet. “Go now Vanilla. If Lin doesn’t see you again when she comes back, it’ll be the best outcome for all of us.” I didn’t need further encouragement. I ran out of the room, and tried to dodge the pieces of broken ceiling that were falling down everywhere. “Nilla, fly very close to me. I don’t want you to get hurt by all this debris.” We finally made it out of the mountain and onto the Tanzan meadow. The twins were there, likely waiting for Saphira. “Vanilla, let’s go back,” Noel said, however. “Wait, what about Saphira?” Noel and Anna looked at each other. “I don’t think she’ll be back anytime soon,” Anna said. “We just saw her falling onto the mountain together with the steelix.” VANILLA RATES: REBORN CHARACTERS QUICK LINK TO NEXT EPISODE
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    If Gardevoir and Madame X have a connection, it would be that they're enemies. Madame X sent Kanon to stop them, saying that their cult would cause the future destruction of the world.
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    From Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 26 “Aww, your hair Vanilla. You know, that light pink suited you well,” was what Cain said when he first saw me. The weather had been rainy all the while, and I hadn’t bothered to buy myself an umbrella, so it appeared that Aster and Eclipse’s cheap hair dye or paint or whatever had already washed off. If you asked me, I was rather glad, for I didn’t want to be a walking cotton candy. “Aya sends you her regards,” I said, though it was a lie. Cain laughed awkwardly and scratched his nose. “I'm guessing mom and Aya told you all about how I ran away,” he said. “Actually, I didn’t care to hear the story, so no,” I shrugged. “If you wanted to run away, I don’t see why you shouldn’t.” “I ran away because my mom took issue with, you know, who I have fun with,” Cain smirked. “But once I ran away, I realized how difficult it is to get by alone. That’s why I want to help Heather. One must use one’s experience for the better, right?” I wondered whether what I did back in my teen years also was considered ‘running away from home’. I guess not, because I never had the urge to help neither Heather nor Cain just for that. “Do as you wish.” “Ready to go kick some ass~?” Cain asked me, moving out of the way so I could access the large boulders that hampered our way. “Let’s go before I change my opinion.” I moved the boulders with the newly acquired move, Strength, and ran to the doors the Team Meteor grunts had disappeared to. We entered a connection, but our way was limited since the eastern doors were shut tightly. “If they went that way, we’re going to have trouble,” Cain commented. “Let’s try up the stairs for now.” Up the stairs we found an inaccessible portion of Obsidia Ward. From where we stood, I could see the giant apartment complex neighboring the Department Store. We walked the only path that wasn’t destroyed, and found one really ominous building. “Ah, it’s the old Yuyeyu building,” Cain explained. “Only a few years ago, it was the heart of Reborn’s economy, you know.” We entered the building. The inside was worse than the outside view. The lights, of course, were off but sometimes flashing intermittently. Tables were broken and chairs were turned and resting on their side, pieces of ceiling had fallen on the floor, exposing cut cables and bent pipes. It was rather scary to enter a building that in my opinion could fall down on us at any minute. I heard some noise and was startled, though I really shouldn't have been since we suspected Team Meteor of being in the same building. “Alright, let’s inspect the place,” Cain said, and I followed im upstairs. Team Meteor was, indeed in the building. Why they thought of using a worn out building as their hideout was beyond me, but that was not a question right now. We battled the grunts, until we found Shelly in a room with a knife up to her jugular. “Take one more step, and she’ll drop dead,” one of the grunts holding her threatened us. Under the seconds that I could see Shelly with the shorted-out light, I saw her cheeks were damp with tears. “V-Vanilla, I’m scared,” she whispered. However, there really was nothing I could do right then. Even if I take pride in my speed, there was no way I could run over in the time it would take for him to stab her neck. I grinded my teeth. “D-don’t worry about me,” Shelly said with a shaky voice. “It doesn’t matter what h-happens to me... A-alright?” “We’ll go upstairs,” I sighed. “We’ll come back for you, I promise,” Cain added. On the floor above, a contrasting scenario was taking place. We found Charlotte sitting on the floor together with two Meteor grunts whose faces I had faint recollection of. “You really took your time, Princess,” Charlotte sneered at Cain. “Sorry, we ran into some issues, 'kay?” A great deal of issues after issues, to be exact. “You two, step away or we’ll kill her!” the male grunt said. “How exactly, if you aren’t even sitting close to her?” I asked. “Really guys? You’re still on that?” Charlotte shook her head in disapprovement. Both Cain and I looked at her with confusion. “Well, uh, you know that’s what the boss told us to say.” “Besides this is Vanilla, the one who always messes up our plans!” “Right right, but no hard feelings now,” Charlotte said. “Cain, Vanilla, this is Simon and Tara.” Cain, who snapped out of his amazement, brushed his long fringe backwards, exposing his forehead. “You can’t be serious, Charlotte. You actually made friends with Meteor grunts?!” “They’re people too, you know.” “Yeah, except you’re missing a tiny detail: we’re enemies!” “Well, whatever. It beats being locked or tied up.” I wondered whether it was the personalities of Simon and Tara or Charlotte’s that had allowed the punk girl to avoid a situation like Shelly’s. Probably Charlotte’s, I thought. You need a special kind of creativity to even come up with such an outrageous scheme. “It’s not like we can let you go because of a casual conversation, though,” Tara said. “So, Vanilla and Cain. Prepare to fight us!” And fight, we did. When we fought in the past, their battles didn’t stand out from the rest of lame grunt battles, but this time around I had to say that I saw some improvement. I would even say that their pokemon’s rhythm and cooperation were better than my pokemon with Cain’s, perhaps as a result of Simon and Tara spending a good amount of time together. If this was what Team Meteor’s leaders had in mind when making their grunts work in pairs, then there is nothing I can say. Their idea was brilliant. Even though our combination was lacking compared to theirs, we won thanks to sheer strength. “Again? How disappointing,” Simon sighed. “Charlotte, tell your friends to stop their Justice-complex and join Team Meteor instead,” Tara suggested. “This is an honest recommendation. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to be rebuilt together with the world.” On further encouragement, Tara explained about how the current world would end and the new one would emerge under the rule of Team Meteor. “If you are part of Team Meteor, you’re guaranteed to be at the top of the food chain,” she said with much enthusiasm. “That’ll only happen if you’re on the winning side,” I clarified. “As of now, I don’t see that happening any soon.” Charlotte smirked at my comment. “Alright, I’m going now,” she said. “Don’t try to stop me, since you obviously can’t.” She sent out her ninetales, who intimidated the two grunts until they were pushed to the corner. “Take care,” Charlotte waved her hand, and returned her ninetales to her pokeball. “Do you think we can rescue Shelly? She’s downstairs with… well, a knife to her throat,” Cain explained. “Sure thing, let’s go.” Downstairs, one of the grunts was guarding the room, but scurried to grab Shelly when he saw us approaching. “Don’t take a step, or I’ll kill her.” “Kill her if you want, I don’t care,” was Charlotte’s response. Both Cain and I looked at her as though she’d grown an extra pair of heads. It was dark, but we saw that she still had a single head. Shelly started sobbing again, while Charlotte slowly moved forward. “I’m warning you, I’m about to stab her in the neck,” the female grunt reminded her. “I don’t care. She isn’t one of my sisters.” She still went on walking. My heart was racing, and I was barely pushing down the urge to pull Charlotte back by the arm. Part of me, I guess, wanted to believe the punk had a plan. “Stop that,” the male grunt said with increased exasperation. “I just need to use that display real quick to unlock the gate upstairs.” “C-Charlotte,” Shelly uttered with rough breathing. I thought Shelly was dead meat, when Charlotte suddenly turned in a half circle and pulled Shelly by the shirt with force. “Ah,” Shelly exclaimed, for the knife skimmed her neck but didn't actually make a cut. Both grunts were left stunned as to the turn of events. When they saw that four people were ready to battle them, they just ran out of the room and down the stairs. “Guess that’s that then,” Charlotte said. “Let’s go save Anna and the others.” We went upstairs, where more Meteor grunts awaited us. Noel was also there, standing behind bars. “Shelly and Cain, take care of them,” Charlotte said. “I will go upstairs with Vanilla.” We followed the suggestion, and left Cain and Shelly to fight most of the grunts. Of course, the grunts who heard our plan tried to gang up on us, but honestly every one of them could have been taken care of by Charlotte alone. I must say that she was a stellar battler. Her ninetales and her seemed to be like two flames of fire - when the wind blowed, both of them moved in synchronization. In no time were we going up the stairs. On the next floor, we found the infamous Dr Connal with Heather, who had no change from the last time we saw her. She looked like a large doll rather than a living human. “You’ve returned. No surprise there,” the Doctor said to me. “Glad to see me doing whatever the fuck I want again, Doctor?” Charlotte laughed. Dr Connal just knit his lips. His silence encouraged Charlotte to continue speaking. “Hah, siding with Team Meteor because you aren’t capable of capturing us by yourself,” she said frivolously. “Can’t say I’m surprised you turned out to be that cheap.” “You misunderstand me. I am not part of Team Meteor, for the sole reason I have teamed up with them is to recover what was stolen from me, and because I was intrigued by a certain name I have often heard spoken among the grunts.” “Do I look like I care whether or not you’re Team Meteor?” I asked. “You’re not sided with me and are hence a threat to be disposed of.” “Hm. Then, do you intend to battle me?” I sent out Prince, who croaked loudly. “Is that even a question?” The battle lasted quite a while, eventually ending in our victory, or rather, Charlotte’s victory. That’s right. Even though we won the battle, I was left with a bitter taste of my own weakness. My pokemon and I were helpless against the Doctor’s team. Halfway through the battle, and the fight had turned into a 1-on-1 between Connal and Charlotte, with me just standing by without no active pokemon. Of course, ninetales couldn’t handle the whole weight and fainted, but every pokemon Charlotte sent out was equally as strong as the previous. Even with the field advantage giving boosts to the Doctor’s electric-type pokemon, Charlotte simply overpowered him. No wonder he had to take away her pokemon while she remained under his care; the girl’s battling abilities were not match for him. “Do as you like,” Dr Connal spat as he collected his pokemon. “If you and the others escape, that only means I have to recover you once more.” He left Heather and exited the room. “Heather, go downstairs and help Cain and Shelly out if you can,” Charlotte said, but Heather looked at her with unfocused eyes and didn’t reply. However, the message was clearly understood, since she left us and went down the stairs. “... Right. Let’s carry on,” Charlotte shook her head and followed me upstairs. The lights were surprisingly stable on this last floor. “So, the Doctor didn’t serve as enough of a challenge, did he?” sighed Sirius, who was standing opposite to Anna. “Vanilla, Charlotte! He took my pendant,” Anna complained. “It’s daddy’s pendant. It’s the only thing I have to remember him.” “Your father gave you this pendant?” Sirius laughed as though he’d just heard a joke. “He was always a fool.” Anna stared at him with her round googly eyes. “You know my dad?” she asked, but Sirius did not answer her question. Instead, he turned towards us and showed us two artifacts: an amethyst pendant and a ruby ring. “I have no need to fight you, for I have obtained what I looked for,” he said. “Here’s to hoping we never see each other again.” Sirius throwed a smoke ball, which exploded and released tons of dark but non-toxic gas. When we waved it away, though, the man was already nowhere to be seen. “He took my pendant, Charlotte,” Anna started sobbing. “And he knew my dad. I don’t know my dad. How’s that even fair?” Charlotte approached her, and I just looked away with my arms crossed. “It’s okay, Anna. We’ll get your pendant back when we see him again, which is likely going to happen pretty soon.” From the corner of my eye, I saw the punk girl giving Anna a friendly hug, which stopped her crying. “Let’s join the others then,” I said, and we ran out of the creepy building. Shelly and the other three were waiting for us outside. “Are we still going to our family home in Tanzan Cove?” Charlotte asked. “We have to avoid the cops, so yes,” I replied. The punk led the way down the stairs back to the railnet. We noticed that the gates that led to the eastern side of it were unlocked, probably by the Team Meteor people who escaped in that direction. “It appears that Team Meteor has another base in that direction,” Noel noted. “I guess our crossing ways is inevitable.” Better that way, I thought but did not dare say aloud. After all, Team Meteor was a plain annoyance to these kids, but they were also a source of training material for my personal use. While we were figuring out the maze of rails, which were so convoluted I quite honestly wasn’t sure how they were traveled by actual trains once upon a time, Shelly walked up to me slowly. “Um,” she said to catch my attention, but fell silent when we met gazes. “What’s the matter?” I asked. “C-Cain told me that, um, about your t-traveling companion,” she said with shakiness in her voice but still making an effort to look at me in the eye. “I’m sorry…” I internally rolled my eyes. Victoria didn’t give me the impression of being a blabbermouth, but she had apparently told Cain about Pikachu’s death. “It’s okay. Bad things happen, but one must carry on living,” I said. “Um,” Shelly repeated to regain my attention, which was shifting towards the present maze. “I was w-wondering, if maybe… um, you’d accept to travel with m-my illumise.” I batted my eyes, for this wasn’t something I expected. “I k-know that she can’t replace your p-pachirisu, but, um, I thought maybe she could be l-like together with you when… when I’m not around… Um, to keep you, um, company.” Shelly closed her eyes and became stiff, as though she thought I would either shout at her or hit her in the face. Poor girl didn’t know that I had met Cal, who had made me understand her circumstance better. “I’ll borrow your pokemon, then,” I said, placing a hand on her shoulder. She was, however, stiff for a couple of seconds after I spoke, which made me wonder if she had heard me at all. “Eh?” she said, opening her eyes widely. “S-sure. Here.” She sent out her purple firefly known for setting up the rain as fast as a lightning bolt. “Her name is, um, Vanilla,” Shelly pronounced my name in an especially small voice. “B-but you can call her Nilla so it’s not, um, confusing.” “Fine,” I said. “Nilla, be a good f-friend to Vanilla, alright?” Shelly said and patted Nilla’s head. The firefly buzzed with bliss, and then flew energetically in a circle around me. “Ah, l-look, we’ve found the way out,” Shelly exclaimed. “Indeed,” I said, following the others to where we could hear birds chirping. VANILLA RATES: REBORN CHARACTERS Hehe, I actually recorded the battle vs Dr Connal, but since I changed the plot to have Charlotte as a buddy instead of Cain, I didn't feel I could place it in... You're free to watch it though~ Also 4,000 views and counting, pals Thx as always for the support~ QUICK LINK TO NEXT EPISODE
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    Almost sure you already know these, but in case you don't here they are. Enjoy~
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    Mafia Club -- Hunger Games Let's see who survives in the end. I will be giving you images of what happens. Some trivial stuff that I find funny, I will write in the comments. For now, check the teams: https://imgur.com/a/8mm4P
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    From Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 16 We heard the police approaching, but realized they were headed to Lapis Ward and going through Opal bridge. Once they passed the bridge, our surroundings became quiet again. I had thought that Opal Ward had either not been affected by the infamous earthquakes, or that Ame had prioritized its renovation, because the floors and stairs near the Grand Hall were all pretty clean and unharmed. However, seeing this part of Opal Ward made me change my mind. The floor was full of small and large cracks - some of them large enough to allow a child to slip through to the abyss. I’m not a child, but I can’t argue that I don’t look like one, so I carefully watched my every step. Everyone was quiet as we made our way through, probably because we were full of apprehension at being discovered by the cops. I, for one, don’t have time to get imprisoned. “Ah, damn it,” Charlotte cursed as she tinkered with some old machine near some large gates. “The computer won’t turn on.” The punk punched the wall next to the machine. “Um, I-I think I know what we c-can do,” Shelly said in a low raspy voice. “These gates are, um, old from w-when Yureyu flourished. Maybe, um, maybe the computer’s still connected to the old power plant?” “Old power plant? Wait, that’s where Mr Shadow lives!” Anna exclaimed. “I bet if someone went up there and asked, he’d gladly turn the electricity on.” Everyone save for Anna and me looked to random directions. The silence was full of awkwardness, for whatever reason. Who was this Mr Shadow again? “Is this that ghost-looking man who took away Corey’s body?” I asked Shelly, who in turn tightened her lips and nodded. “He’s also a Reborn Gym leader,” Noel explained. “Ah, I know! Vanilla, you’re doing the Reborn League challenge, right? Why don’t you go up to Mr Shadow’s? Then we can kill two birds with one stone,” Anna looked up to me with glittering dreamy eyes. “Fine,” I shrugged. “Try not to get caught by the cops while I’m absent.” “Don’t underestimate us,” Charlotte grinned. I took a glance to Heather, who still had the same cold empty expression and was, for the first time since I met her, quiet. Shelly placed an arm around the pink-haired girl and nodded at me. I only closed my eyes and turned. I mounted my bike and sped up the streets of Peridot and Jasper, almost running over a few pedestrians. Shade’s Gym was in Beryl Ward, but away on its eastern edge. I passed by the pokemon center to pick up a new member, who I’d been training in my spare time. A sawsbuck, which started out as a little deerling. His name was Bambi, obviously named after one of the most famous athletes at our school. I felt Bambi would come in handy for this battle, since Shade is a ghost-type user, and the guide said ghost type attacks have no effect on normal types. I went out of the pokemon center and caressed Pikachu’s head. “Are you afraid of ghosts?” I asked him, but instead of an answer, he tickled my neck and cheek with his fluffy tail. “I’m not afraid. I only fear the living, not the dead.” Crossing the Beryl bridge on a bicycle was incredibly refreshing, despite the site being fresh in my memory because of Corey’s suicide. Just in front of Shade’s Gym, which really was an old power plant, I met an absol. It might even be the same one I once caught a glimpse of just before Corey’s suicide, but when it realized I was observing it, it jumped towards the top of the stone mountain. I don’t know what I expected, but I think this was exactly it. Shade’s Gym was so dark I felt it could eat me alive and not make a single sound. Pikachu squealed quietly, and I petted his fur to stop its shivers. “Hello, Vanilla. You’re at Shade’s Gym now?” Ame asked me as I collected the Field Effect read-out for this field. “Yeah.” “If nothing’s changed, it should be pitch black there. Shade uses that darkness to power up ghost type attacks.” “Since it’s still a factory-like field, I assume it also boosts electric and steel type moves?” “Not all moves, but some yes. Also actually, you can change the field into a normal factory field, if you use the move Discharge.” I shrugged, though Ame could not see me. “Too bad I don’t have electric types. Whatever, I’ll get going.” I pulled out my pokegear and Ame wished me luck before disconnecting. Shade’s Gym was different in many aspects compared to the other Gyms I’d been to. Like Corey’s, it had no other trainers, but unlike the former, there were wild ghost pokemon roaming around in the eerily dark power plant. To add to the spooky atmosphere, Shade had also edited some videos to show his challengers - the first one I watched was of Corey falling off the bridge. Another one was of Amaria apparently getting pushed off by some redhead girl. The other two, though, I wasn’t sure what to make of them since the characters were people I didn’t know. An old woman got cut in half by a blue dragon pokemon, while a green haired woman somehow exploded into pieces. Shade must be fun at parties. Finally, though, I reached where he was, though it took me a while to make out his shadow in the darkness. The malfunctioning lights flickered sometimes, allowing me to lock-on my target. The experience wasn’t fun in any sense of the word for Pikachu, though. “Shade, I need you to turn this power plant on so we can escape the cops,” I told him. He was silent for a while, but then he smiled. Yes, I saw his white teeth contrasting on his black shadow. “Battle…” I heard him say, though I wasn’t sure if he actually said it. It felt more like a thought in my mind rather than a voice. “That’s also what I came here for,” I grinned and sent out my first pokemon, Prince. Once the battle was over, Shade hid his creepy smile. “Omen badge… yours…” he said, and the badge floated to my hands. He also gave me the TM Shadow Claw, which I appreciated even if I doubted any of my party could learn the move. “Power?” Shade once again smiled. “Activate.” The sudden lights almost blinded me. Now instead of his smile, Shade’s human-shaped shadow was clearly visible. There were also some aura surrounding him, which I dared not make contact with. “I do not fear you,” I said to make it clear. “If you’re done, I’ll get going.” “... Observe,” Shade said, turning to a large screen behind him. I watched as the screen flashed on and displayed the orphans, Shelly and Cain. “What are you plotting?” I instantly snapped. Shade took a glimpse of me, grinned, but said not a word. I once again paid attention to the screen. As we had planned, the gates of the railnet opened, but some people were already waiting for them on the other side. “This is more convenient than I expected,” said a man wearing an eyepatch, who I recognized from the Peridot factory I stormed with Julia and Florinia. “Seize them.” A large number of Team Meteor grunts emerged from the other side of the gate, chasing and catching every orphan. I saw Heather get caught easily and follow the grunts with unusual complacency. Shelly resisted a little more than when we had our confrontation, but she eventually gave up and followed the grunts much like Heather. Charlotte sent out her ninetales, only to have both her and her pokemon seized by around ten grunts. Only Cain, from what I could see, managed to escape the grunts and block the way for them by breaking the path with nidoking’s Earthquake. “Sir?” the bewildered grunt asked his superior eyepatch man. “Let him leave. He’s not part of the deal,” the man said, and made a 180-degree turn on the spot before walking toward the gate. “We’ve got everything the doctor ordered.” That was where Shade’s screen turned off. “So the damned doctor was a Team Meteor agent,” I widened my eyes. “What about you, Shade? Are you one of them too?” Shade was silent, as he usually preferred to remain. “If I find out you’re one of them,” I barked. “I’ll come back for you. I don’t care if you’re a ghost, I’ll kill you once more, if needed be.” Then, I ran out of the Gym, hopped onto my bike and pedaled back to the railnet. Hopefully Cain would still be there, and we could think of a way to get the children back. TEAM RECAP VANILLA RATES: REBORN CHARACTERS QUICK LINK TO NEXT EPISODE