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    A few of you already know about it, but... I got a promotion and a raise in the company! ~ #happySayia
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    you will either love the game or have a love/hate relationship with it, there is no in-between, anyway welcome and enjoy your stay.
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    Thanks. And 50 points to you, ZEL! Good to see you too, man. :V I appreciate the warm welcome back!
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    Hello there! The poll is closed now. I'm glad to announce that Torchic won hands down. The fluffy little guy will take part of Flannery's adventures as a starter. So, you all know who is one of her Pokemon in Reborn, but you don't know how he will join our dear red-headed Gym Leader yet. The Tale of a Firehead has been on a hiatus for a week, but I'm about to continue the translation tomorrow in the morning. Get ready to know what happened during the timeskip, I'm coming back! Q-Jei~~
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    PokéNations 3 WEEK 1: BL WARS Let the BL-oodbath begin, what? Welcome to the first week of the third season of this wonderful, chaotic, absolutely disgusting series that we all know and love! That said, enough chitchat and on with the show: RULES BL Wars is quite a straightforward challenge: every matchup will play using Pokémon from a particular competitive tier (as per the Smogon official tiering system), plus those from the BL (Bordeline) Tier immediately above it. For those not aware, the Borderline tiers contain Pokémon deemed too powerful for a given tier, but which do not garner sufficient usage to be listed in the tier beyond it; essentially, Borderline contains the banlist for each tier. But in this challenge, all such Pokemon are allowed in conjunction with those in the tier proper (as well as all Pokémon in lower tiers, which are admissible by default.) The tiers to be played are as follows: UUBL1: All Pokémon in the UnderUsed + Bordeline-1 tiers, as well as any from lower tiers RUBL2: All Pokémon in the RarelyUsed + Bordeline-2 tiers, as well as any from lower tiers NUBL3: All Pokémon in the NeverUsed + Bordeline-3 tiers, as well as any from lower tiers Standard Smogon clauses apply. In addition, the following general restrictions shall be applicable: Z-moves are not allowed this week. The move Aurora Veil is banned. Evasion-boosting items, abilities, moves and strategies are banned. Tier-Specific bans as follows: NUBL3: Malamar and Exploud are banned. RUBL2: All Mega evolutions are banned. UUBL1: Thundurus, Thundurus-Therian and Azumarill are banned. MATCHUPS (The part we've all been waiting for) I. UU've Gotta be Kidding! Will the Sun manage to shine through, or will it be darkened by an Eclipse? Find out this week on: SUN VALKYRIES v/s ECLIPSE in UU-BL1 II. RU Serious? An earth-shaking battle of the deserts and the seas! We have coming up: ZION v/s POLARIS in RU-BL2 III. Ain't NU Way! Titans and mystic forces clash in: LIGHT GAZERS v/s ZODIAC in NU-BL3 Stay tuned! MESSAGE TO NATION LEADERS: Matches will be 5v5 weekly on the Reborn Showdown Server. Please submit your rosters of FIVE participants and TWO substitute candidates for this challenge within the next 24 hours to your committee representatives. Once we have the rosters of all nations, individual pairings will be determined and the fun can begin! REMINDER: Post your Replays of your Showdown matches in the Nations Discord server: https://discord.gg/MjcGDzf Replays have to follow this format: Week No. Player A vs Player B Win/Loss Replay Link All the best! -
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    So normally an error like the one shown in your initial post, the Errno::EACCES bit, means that there is a problem with permissions on the computer. You tell it to do something and the path is inaccessible. Normally this comes from the account not having authorization to do whatever you are telling it to do because its not an administrator. That's why I asked whether you had checked the permissions of your current user account earlier in the thread. I had thought that in modifying your save file you'd done something to the path the computer was using to save the game, and this made it impossible for your current account to do so. That probably was the case, but without having your computer in front of me I can't check. My system doesn't have that problem, so there was no issue when I went to make a new save. That's my best guess anyway. If that hadn't worked I was going to tell you to download Pokemon essentials, copy the Reborn files into it, and then continue playing your game through that since it qualifies as a seperate game. Glad we didn't have to take that route since its more difficult. And since he asked. @Lord Drakyle the issue has been fixed.
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    There's also the possibility of using the "Shared PC" mod created by Waynolt. I've provided a lind below to where you could download it as well as how to install it if you wish to go this path -- although it's probably the easiest method imo.
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    It's less that there are other Steels, it's more that magneton/magnezone literally eclipses every other electric type in the game, with the next closest being ampharos. Literally no point in using anything else .
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    From the top of my mind I remember some nerfs done to moves like: -Dragon Pulse's base power dropped from 90 to 85 in gen VI (pretty f*cking dumb imo); -Blizzard, Fire Blast, Hurricane, Hydro Pump and Thunder had their base power dropped from 120 to 110 in gen VI (again pretty f*cking dumb, since some pokémon needed those extra ten points in power to justify themselves in a team and considering the accuracy of those moves they should make a bang once they hit); - In gen VI, Overheat, Draco Meteor and Leaf Storm had their base power dropped from 140 to 130; - In gen VII Sucker Punch's power was dropped from 80 to 70 and it's priority was decreased from +2 to +1, making it my most hated nerf ever, seriously (farewell to my annoying as f*ck OP Sucker Punch CurseBreon). As for nerfed abilities, weather inducing ones had their duration reduced in gen VI. However, the only nerf I loathe and find really worth noting is Gale Wings in gen VII. Gamefreak: "We have stuff like Speed Boost, Moxie on two deadly Dragon Dancers, Unaware on bulky shit with access to Recover, a bulky as hell Regenerator + Recover user (Toxacrap). Are we going to do something about those? FK NO. Let's nerf the base 81 attk, frail as hell falcon, because spamming a 120BP, recoil stab is too broken in a game overflowing with bulky shit... oh, and let's also add a priority rock type move just in case." Sure, Swords Dance upped Talonflame's game, but Taunt and Haze are still very much popular, so what was the point of this nerf rly?
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    You get no context. You get no screenshot. But I will deliver what I have promised. You can take it from there. The obtainable list has been updated for E16. Older members will know what that implies.