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    Shh, no words now. Only videos. After all, it's the start of the game so it's not like it's a spoiler or anything.
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    hi whats up it definitely has not been two weeks but most y'all who saw the previous update status know why and for the rest of you who dont know why i'll tell you why it's because my computer died so like shit boi uhhh basically my motherboard had to replaced and also i had a corrupt RAM stick so that sucked and i lost all my data in the interim of me floundering about trying to fix it as if it were a software problem so that super sucks. but don't worry-- i didnt lose much as far as reborn is concerned: the project files for city music but i dont really need those anymore, and a few graphics for E17 which i'll have to redo...but i can do so. it could be much worse. so i had my laptop over the past two weeks but it's kinda dinky and without all the things i needed there was only so much i could do now i have my computer back and repaired and running back up close to full functionality! so we go back to development as following up from my last update, i have not gotten as much done as i would like to have for the obvious reason. but the intro was done (in just a few days, in fact), and the eventing for Fucktruck Desert is just about done. i will probably put up a video showing the redone intro soon. in the mean time i'll move onto the scrapyard, which has the only puzzle that i expect might actually give me trouble (and even then it's just the Very Tedious Inconvenience sort of trouble). after the scrapyard puzzle, the eventing is kind of a straight shot. you might also noticed i've dipped into the story a little bit. this isn't exactly a story-heavy episode, so that part might go quicker. however, split paths doubles work time. so oops. going to try a different way of handling that split this time though. we'll see if it's easier or not i must once more disappear into the void, but know that it will not disappear back.
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    Over the course of Reborn events (and given plenty of time), the community has grown and changed greatly. We can see this in how Reborn's discord server has exploded in attention over the past several months, leading to it becoming a bustling locale full of activity. As part of this movement, we would like to welcome @Alex and @Slothpremacy to the team! Azery has had a colorful history with the community, but over time he's matured into a remarkable young man, marked by positive contribution to events and leagues alongside a net-tempered sense of humor. I'm proud to now be able to accept him onto the team. Alex is a former PO admin and an active contributor in reports as well. Their experience is valuable for the position, plus their continued demonstration of the extent to which they care and their passion for the community make them a welcome addition to the team. Their talents certainly help to round out the roster and support the ever-growing discord userbase! With eyes forward as Reborn continues to grow and gradually fill out as a more general gaming community, we're going to be shifting the Developing Games and Fan-game Exposé forums around to enable many kinds of game development discussion while still accomodating for our active Pokemon fangame creators, designers, and developers -- we're adding another section to Reborn's section on the forums to house the mods that the community has come up with. I know Ame had been wanting to have the game completed before opening this door but she agreed that it may be prudent to welcome them a little earlier. Stay tuned for more exciting changes as we continue to gain experience together and strive to bring the candor of our organizations to the next level!
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    Well that was arduous and totally broke the theme for a while. Here are the changes added by tonight's update that might be relevant to you all: Smoother embedding for various types of things Two-factor authentication support for Authy Can drag and drop/copy paste right into post editor The 'Like' system has been expanded to include various reactions You can now sign in directly from social media Default avatars have been updated with the increasingly common trend of using the first letter of the username A device management addition will let you keep track of log ins from various devices Mods can now feature replies to a topic to make the most helpful responses more visible. Support for a certain other new system we may be announcing in the near future... and probably some miscellaneous things too. If you notice something off or broken, please let us know!
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    Hey guys, I'm going to be posting an important post/announcement sometime this week. Sorry for my absence, but I'll be back more often soon!
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    Birthdays. It is a prevalent social custom in our society (a social construct, you could say) to share a wish of pleasant tidings onto those we care about on the day of their birth each year. It's a custom that I used to engage in more frequently earlier in life but as time went on and I left facebook things sort of shifted. It's there that I would frequently post birthday greetings to a large group of people, most of whom I don't really talk to on a day to day basis but felt the need and social pressure to answer the little notifications in the sidebar about Johnny's birthday despite not having seen him since before high school and so on. As time passed I sort of felt like it was worse to give such an empty wish to a person that I don't really talk to much outside of that. Thus, much like thank you cards and similar things, it started to feel like a cold, robotic formality rather than a warm, caring well-wishing. I eventually stopped honoring most of the birthdays for people that I know. I don't often write in birthday threads or even comment on birthdays as much anymore, even for people that I'm pretty close to. I feel somewhat bad for not trying to brighten up the days of people I care about with a simple little message, but I don't want to be fake about a part of their and my life that I don't invest much of myself into anymore. So it's pretty strange for me to be a number of words into a birthday thread, then, right? I can't really explain why I feel compelled to write this while I don't even post all that often on the forums to begin with. Maybe it's because I'm using your birthday as an excuse to write something soft and heartfelt. Maybe it's because I'm going all in on some community meme just to try and make you smile. Maybe I genuinely am one of those hopeless romantic types. Maybe you're really just that precious to me. Maybe none of those are important. Maybe it's because I recently got the chance to spend time with you and keep relishing in warm memories of the short but sweet time we spent together, even when we were doing nothing at all. I got to know a girl who was carefree but caring, nervous but excitable, a workaholic yet still just the right amount of bubbly fun. I don't mean to make a goofy caricature of you but I do think it's important to recognize the people who are special to you sometimes, when even your actions don't feel like enough to show someone how much they mean to you. Something you might hear me say once or twice is that we don't take enough time to tell the people we care about that we love them. In a whirlwind life experience where our time is short and we often take for granted those around us who mean so much to us, take time out of your lives to tell, show and live your love out loud for the people you care about. I love you, Amethyst Liddell. ♡♡ Happy birthday.
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    and so are long-overdue wallpapers. Now you, too, can step into an eternity of darkness with Luna on your desktop. The infinite potential of the void has seen fit to produce wallpaper versions of all major resolutions, plus a mobile option so you can have a little bit of love with you wherever you go. This art was made by Bekkomi. May she grace your desktops with a beauty that none can see. View full article
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    hello! check that out! bi-weekly! what a concept! so my mapping is done, y'all. a glance to the right will show you that mapping on the whole is only at 85% but that remaining 15% is being taken care of by the generous mappers i introduced last time. they're so sweet. in my last post i mentioned i still had one more area to do-- and it is done. it was done in a 24 hour frenzy of motivation while listening to Melodrama on loop probably about fifty gabillion times. and it is great. its also gonna have a few hundred passability errors details. on the whole i really like how the new areas in E17 have come out. i hope you will all have as much fun exploring them as i did making them!* *this does not include the desert. although it had its moments, it was often not very fun to make. please have more fun exploring it than i did making it. please. also i would like to never see a sand tile again, js. anyway! we move into eventing next, but first we're making a pit-stop in the past. now that the desert map is done, i'll be redoing the intro. from day 1, i had wanted to show the player riding in through the desert on the train to grandview station, but as it turns out it's a little bit difficult to do that when you don't have a desert map to ride in on. therefore i'd planned for a long time to add that in when i did finally get tourmaline mapped. while i'm at it, i'm actually changing the intro completely (up to the point of station explosion). since it's literally the first part of the game and wouldn't be a spoiler, i will probably make and post a video of it when it is finished. the intro is not being accounted for in the eventing % though; it will be in the Misc Updates section, and is in fact the main item there. more soon. <3
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    I would not put much faith in US economics tbh... Anyway, I appreciate the concern. My expenses are as follows: Rent, phone bill, medication, site costs, food. Since I do not have a car, or insurance of any kind, or student loans, and do not go anywhere or subscribe to other services, I can keep it to these things. The cheapest rent in this city for a studio or 1 bedroom apartment is around $1000k. So the fact that I can even live on this is at all is a small miracle. My rent includes the cost of utilities and internet too. I switched my phone bill to the cheapest possible plan. Medication and site costs can't be helped. I usually buy food on markdown or clearance so I can get it half price. In addition to that I've figured most of my regular meals on a per-cent cost so I only eat things that would be particularly cheap. But it's true that just minimizing expenses isn't enough to make up the difference. I'm currently losing around $200 per month. I went into this prepared to lose a lot more than that though. The results have far exceeded my expectations and I've been so happy to be able to keep going like this. I had some amount of savings from my previous job that I was prepared to use all of if I had to (and I would have by now if not for everyone's help), and I also had a graduation present sum from my grandmother sitting in her bank collecting interest for the past couple years so I called that in as a safety net. In addition to those things, I'm naturally pretty good with money. I rarely buy anything unnecessary and I minimize extras where possible. For instance I don't usually use oil when cooking because ultimately the food can still be made without it. Because of these things and various other random sources, I have not had too much of a loss. Things like my tax returns, and money I got for my birthday, etc serve as a small bonus give me more months that I could do this in the worst case scenario. When I reach a greater stability, I can think about doing things for myself. In that worst case scenario I also have an empty credit card as a back up. At the point that I have to use that I'd probably look for a part time job again, but I'm hoping it doesn't get to that point. Hopefully this clears it up. Ultimately there's no need to worry so much, but thank you for thinking of my wellbeing. ^^
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    Hey there! I know what you're all thinking - Who the hell is this fox-shaped person writing posts about getting to know veterinarians? Well my friend, you just got something very, very wrong - I'm actually not fox shaped at all! I'm a 100% human person who uses a fox-like name as a username. Silly, silly reader. So it came to my attention that there's currently a kind of rift between older and newer members; One caused by the fact that, in an introduction thread, a person exposes themselves bare to a basic level wheras the veterans remain guarded, having done their respective introductions years ago and them being buried away (or, like in my case, outright deleted) That makes it hard to know the veterans at a basic level. The rift between old and new ends up widening each year while the old slowly fade away and the new become the old, just so they can alienate themselves from the new-new and so on. So in an attempt to break this cycle and bridge this gap, I've decided to create this thread as a way to get the vets to open up a bit and expose ourselves for what we really are - Grouchy old bastards who hate change. And who better to begin than yours truly, AKA semi-relevant former developer who went away and then sorta came back but only on discord except now they're writing a post so on the forums too I guess? - Or Kuro for short. The way I'll write my own expose below is not in any way a format to be strictly followed, but it can serve as a suggestion to those who aren't feeling particularly creative: General Info: Known as: Kurotsune / Kuro Age: 28 years old Gender: On the internet I prefer to be seen as non-binary, using "they" pronouns. Birthday: June 30, 1989 Location: Brazil Height: 173cm Hair Color: Jet black Eye Color: Brown Lives with: A giant ego (AKA alone) Pets: None! Relationship status: Single! Favourite Food: My favorite food right now is this chicken salad recipe I've invented a week ago Favourite Drink: Boring ol' water Favourite Color: Blaaaaaaack! Favourite kind of Music: Electro swing, as of recently Favourite Band: Avantasia Favourite Album: Avantasia - The Mystery of Time Favourite Song: The Killers - A Dustland Fairytale Favourite Game: Fallout 4 as of right now Favourite Genre of Game: Metroidvania! Favourite Hobbies: Reading, writing, psychology, philosophy, coding Favourite Movies: The Last Samurai's been my favourite movie for a long time. Don't watch a lot of 'em Favourite Shows: Whose Line is it Anyway? Community questions: So, who are you?: I'm Kuro! I joined the community to some fanfare at the end of 2014 and have been up to no good deed ever since. I'm the brains behind some of the implementations in Reborn, as I was a part of and led the development team for a year and a half before my departure. I'm the person who unofficialy trained both Marcello and Jericho as developers for Pokémon Reborn, and acted as Amethyst's right-hand on the development front during my tenure - In fact, for most of my stay it was just me and her, and the others slowly started popping up along the ride. Anything you're responsible for? As aforementioned, I'm responsible for a lot of implementations in pokémon reborn - Including the weather system and over 50 moves, the backup save system and some other implementations along the way. I'm also responsible for training Marcello until he could take on the challenges of heading development by himself. I'm also responsible for the Dragon Tours, though I figure only the oldies will remember those, and last but not least, I'm responsible for a lot of general mischief around the community. If you had to choose one of your posts as your way to introduce yourself, which would it be? I kinda wrote my whole life story here, for better or worse What can I talk to you about? In a certain way, anything. I greatly appreciate wit and I'm a very sarcastic (and, I hear, outwardly intimidating) person who is capable and willing to discuss any and all matters under the sun including the sun itself as long as my partner is willing to make the conversation interesting. I'm a firm believer in brutal honesty and don't shy away from it, but I can take it as much as I can dish it; If you feel you can handle the fox-heat, don't shy away from the foxfire! Closing statements? I sincerely hope this takes off enough to assist the community to grow together as one. Throught my time here, directly or not, I've worked towards that goal and I feel no effort to achieve it is wasted. Hopefully through this we'll all be able to know each other a bit better and find some more common ground - If nothing else, it could serve as a conversation starter. And with that, lovelies, I'm done. Thank you for your time and your patience reading through this, and I hope I'll see plenty of you old farts sharing here with me!
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    After playing a little bit of Insurgence, I suddenly have a better appreciation for Rejuv.
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    Well, after @Trevore mentioned uploading it to Mega, I decided to do that one, since I already have an account. Tell me if the link works, since I might have to redo the link if the encryption system wasn't done correct. Trevore said he is still going to get the Google Drive link, in case Mega doesn't work for some people. https://mega.nz/#!UnRiRQbR!qWwU78TTkQmhb9Qscz8Lf0y5l3KapddeobMlNfC-c0A Also, just to note, this is from the official torrent, but I can't imagine it would be different than the official download.
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    You do realize how flawed the idea of 'supporting him because we want him to succeed', right? We can't support him because of the worse things that happens when he succeeds at doing what he wants. He's more interested in vacationing and spending time at his own resorts (chalked up to taxpayer tabs, mind you) than really getting shit done. He's a pure show-man. He's out touring and paling around, telling his voters about how much he has won, decidedly distracting them from the fact that he hasn't. He's a walking, talking joke. A joke that has you laughing because otherwise you'd be crying. Cuz again, he's all show. He's never been the one actually produce or make anything of actual substance. He 'has the best people' cuz they're the ones that do the real work and job for him. Except when they don't, because he's just easily swayed by men just like him- look at the Mooch, they yesman that thought he could get away with anything because he threw away his dignity to work for Trump. You look at Spicer and you have to feel sorry at how hard he tried to maintain his dignity while working for a moron. Trumpcare wasn't designed by him. He passed that off to Paul Ryan, who disappointed a lot of people when his plan, and the ones later debated in the house and senate, proved to prioritize money going to the wrong people. Isn't it obvious by now? Even you, Chase, have written in past posts about how he was clearly listening to Kushner now, after doing crazy and wacky things while listening to other people (like Bannon). He has no idea what he's doing and he's never had a real idea on how to implement anything he has said he would do. Prosecute Hillary? Trump said 'fuck that, I got what I wanted out of that, I ain't gonna try to do that shit. That would be work.' Now that he's in office, he's done his best to hire people and then delegate to them every single responsibility the president has. Who knew health care would be so complicated? Everybody who actually gave a damn and paused a moment out of their life to look up the topic and think about it... which is literally everyone else. Again, he had no idea how to do it, so he let Paul Ryan do Paul Ryan's thing, that thing he told everyone he was working on for years... and just look at it now. Well, if the Republican goal was to isolate the US from the rest of the world, Trump's done just that. I guess I can appreciate the fact that European countries are sitting up straight and looking to do more things for themselves now... After realizing that they now get no leadership or support from the US anymore. That moral superiority that allowed us to lead and influence other countries and their actions are pretty much gone now. That certainly leaves the US with less political clout, which could and has been leveraged to benefit American economic interests in the past. We didn't go into Iraq or Afghanistan alone. It certainly jeopardizes any allied support if North Korea does any more than all the bird flipping they've done recently. Who would follow Trump into N Korea, send their nation's troops and money in... after Trump decided he cared more about American big business interests than the entire rest of the World. "I represent Pittsburgh, not Paris." Bitch please, you represent people who would rather take shortcuts to save money now and be more competitive against manufacturers from other countries who would dare submit themselves to following safety and environmental regulations. It's just incredibly selfish, especially considering that it was American clout that originally founded and pushed these ideas onto other countries. We were the guys that stood up and said, yo, this affects the entire world so what we gotta do is stand up together and agree on something fair and practical. Set goals and develop technologies and techniques to get us there- with the realization that it's going to cost all of us to do it. Now... we've got the human embodiment of the Swamp he claimed he'd clear out of Washington. Hiring Wall Street figures and oil company CEO's... Even if he's too deranged for any of them, or anyone else, to actually get a handle on him. You have to look at his actions and his tweets and realize that what he says... that's really him. You can't keep saying, 'Don't pay attention to what he says, pay attention what he does.' They both say the same thing. He's thoughtless and petty, through and through. Yeah, some people use the metaphor that he's the shitty captain that everyone hopes to succeed cuz he's the one piloting us. I say, he's the guy who is flying this thing because he got an honorary license for being rich and wanted to actually fly himself because he wanted to walk around with the Captain's hat on. That isn't the guy you keep letting fly the plane. That's the guy you detain for fraud in the cargo hold and replace with someone else asap. You see, this is a country-sized plane with people on board who actually know how to fly. We have any number of people who have made policy (flying) their whole careers who just aren't captain right now. Quite frankly it makes no sense to support him just because he's the pilot. We've got other, better pilots. Ya'll that wanna support him till he succeeds... it isn't because you don't want us all to crash. You're just feverishly hoping that you won't have to say that you were wrong. You would rather wait to see if he pulls us out of the nosedive before it's too late than take on the responsibility for the decision to put him in the driver's seat. All his legislative losses are a result of Democrat and Republican reps looking over his shoulder like driving instructors and forcefully stomping on the brakes before he can crash us. We can't keep him there. For the respect of the office of the President? That office has lost its respect and prestige since he's been in it. If we really have respect for the office and what it represents, we have to get him out of there before he finishes ruining it. For some things, you can expect a learning curve. But he isn't learning. He's a toddler whining about unfair treatment when they try to keep him accountable for his actions and his bad ideas. Whoever is President is supposed to be one of the best of us. Everything about him absolutely screams that he isn't. 'The Oval Office has no corners.' It is our democratic duty to hold him responsible. How many passes are Republicans gonna give him because he ended up being their candidate? He shammed his way into the office and people are afraid to admit that they were taken in by it. Republicans might say I'm on my high horse, sharing my very vehement opinions about him, and calling republicans wrong and conned. But what I want for them is to man up and help us fix this. I don't care if his replacement is another Republican. There are still so many republicans who clearly aren't as incompetent, false, or as mean-spirited as Trump. And for those of the people I know voted for Trump because of a "Anybody but Hillary" mentality... I really hope they now understand why I railed against that attitude. Edit: We made a mistake as a country when he was elected, whether or not people could see it then. We certainly keep seeing it now. The thing about a DEMOCRACY is that when the government and people in those offices don't do what they're supposed to, we as a people have the ability to stand up and change it. And we wanna change it, Chase, not just hang in there until Trump gets a reality check that sinks in. Every criticism of him by the press IS a reality check, there have been a ton of 'em, and none of them have sunk in.
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    Cat Chat Blogs presents: Rebornian Mentions: Marcello This week, Rebornian Mentions had a nomination! Jericho nominated our own Marcello this week so that we all could get to know him better. Marcello is one of Reborn’s developers for the Reborn game who lives somewhere in the U.K. staying busy with our game’s mechanics. I assume this is what Marcello looks like. (You'll get it soon) Who is Marcello? Marcello joined up with Reborn back in 2014 based off a Google search for Pokemon fangames. “I was just bored and in a Pokemon mood” Marcello recounts, “I stumbled upon Reborn and Zeta/Omicron because I remembered playing shitty romhacks as a kid and wondered how far fangames had come.” Soon, Marcello would have realized that fangames have come quite a long way from what they used to be. He made accounts for both Reborn and Omicron, but eventually nested in Reborn as a forever home. In Marcello’s spare time, he enjoys playing video games, working on Reborn and, get this, he enjoys doing math in his spare time. Who enjoys math? This guy. This guy enjoys math. Either way, it’s great that there are people out there who enjoy doing math. Math’s not easy, so I applaud Marcello for his hobby. Life in Reborn For Marcello, much of life in Reborn revolves around the game he helps in developing as a Reborn Developer. When he’s not focusing on the game, Marcello spends his time in Showdown! Reborn chatting it up with our community there. One of his favorite Rebornian moments happened recently there. “On the forums, Bibs innocently changed his picture to Ojama Yellow” from the popular card game/TV show Yu-Gi-Oh. “This is a great opportunity” Marcello continues, “so (I) posted a status telling everyone to respond to Bibs’ shitty jokes with ‘thanks, Ojama.’ (And) it caught on, so he changed his forum name to Ojama Brown, his server name to Toon Ojama, and it’s been hilarious.” Other than that, Marcello says that he doesn’t feel active enough to have much of a social life in Reborn. Marcello has no Rebornian crushes and his favorite Rebornian is Ame because Ame’s the only one he talks to most of the time for game development reasons. Of course, I try to urge him to communicate more, but he’s unsure of how to approach others. After a few failed attempts, we decided that mao gains the most communication for small talk. It's a great topic starter. I asked Marcello about being an auth and what his position is like. He is currently one of Reborn’s Developers for the game. “I’ve been a Developer for over a year now,” Marcello remarks about his position, “I am able to post in the Development Blog section.” It is there where a lot of Marcello’s work is done for the game. Often times he posts on real issues about the game such as bugs he aims to work out. But most of the time he spends posting memes about Exeggutor. “It’s more like me and, sometimes, Inuki posting memes at Ame. Sometimes Ame will just come out of nowhere and one-up us.” One time, Ame needed Marcello to put Exeggutor’s sprite in a different position in its statscreen because of its size. Marcello tried to be serious and posted a series of photos with Exeggutor everywhere except where Ame wanted it to be and she responded pretty well with the last photo in the series. Reborn the Game Throughout the entire interview, Marcello was all about the game; and for good reason too. Recently Marcello hit a huge achievement with Reborn by introducing online functions to the game. The original plan was to release online functions with Episode 17, but Marcello was able to work most of the bugs out of it to release it with Episode 16. He explains that online functions was a challenge for him because the package he got for online functions was simply a skeleton. “By the time I got to it (the package) it was very old… Just the basic instructions to set up a testing server environment was outdated and didn’t work.” However, it wasn’t the only part of his challenge. Marcello had to create a test server to even begin to test online functions. Once he got the server up, he was able to easily work out bugs to the point where he actually finished it early and even added a few extras to online functions. It’s because of Marcello that Reborn, the game, has online functions. Even though Reborn has plenty developers such as Smeargletail, Mde, and Inuki, Marcello is currently the only developer who works on scripting. It’s Marcello who makes sure that the game is functioning correctly and also for implementing new features to the game such as the online functions and, soon to be released in Episode 17, Gen VII. At one point, he did have others who worked with him on scripting. “When I joined the team, Kuro was in charge of scripting, and there was five of us who joined the scripting team. Three for bug-fixing, two for implementation” for larger projects. Over time, everyone but Marcello stepped down for life reasons. Even though Marcello doesn’t mind being the only one working on scripting, he still has Kuro to rely on time to time for advice in fixing things. “They’re (Kuro) still my teacher and I still ask them for help if I need it.” As for the game itself, Marcello says that he’s a huge fan of the game. He says that playing the game is another reason that led him to being a developer for the game. His favorite thing about Reborn, the game, is that he finds it challenging for himself in the sense that it lets him explore different aspects of Pokemon for teams. “I suck at Pokemon, so it’s really fun working out how to beat this leader and that leader.” Marcello is looking forward to Gen VII’s implementation into the game for extra challenge, and also because he gets a bit of input on how to work Gen VII into the game. I asked if he had any teasers he could share with us about Episode 17, but unfortunately he only knows what everyone else knows. Sounds like our authy should consider putting out teasers for new episodes! This is the face we'd make if we had teasers. The Big Picture Marcello is a wonderful person who strives in helping his community in any way possible. His love of video games lead him on a path with Reborn to be a great developer. He intends to use his love of video games as a profession in the adult world and currently goes to school for it. The experience he gains here can and will go far in his journey. As for his current goals here with Reborn, he doesn’t have much since he’s a go-with-the-flow kind of guy. He does tinker with the idea of doing more with online features for the game, so I guess we could call it a goal. If you see Marcello around, be sure to say hi! A big thank you to Marcello for doing the interview with me! If you have someone in mind who deserves a Rebornian mention, comment below or give a shout-out in chat! All images do not belong to me. Link to Exeggutor's mess provided by Marcello, images provided by Google Images.
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    My community reputation is 'Benefactor' Yes, I also think I'm a benefit to this site, contributing with my bomb memes
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    > rep system got expansion for various reactions oh no.
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    Happy telomere shortening anniversary! Will you be accepting gifts? I think I found something you will absolutely adore.
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    ...And a couple of shiny lv. 7 pokemon were the main stars of this showdown. (In case you guys don't remember or haven't seen her, she's the trainer with the lv. 93 Alakazam. This took a lot of tries and experimenting to achieve. Obviously.) So starting off, I found out quickly that she had two Full Restores. The first thing I did is set up two layers of Toxic Spikes with Hefty, my trusty shiny Trubbish, while her Abra was out. The next thing i did was nudge her into using her Full Restores before sending out her powerhouses (I brought Abra down to its Focus Sash to burn up the first and then I used Poison Gas with Hefty and chipped her down to burn her second one). So I sent out my shiny A. Rattata next against her Kadabra. I knew she had Energy Ball thanks to past experience, so I send out Jangmo-o to see if it could tank the hit. It turns out he had Bulletproof meaning he absorbed the Energy Ball completely! So basically, I switch between Rattata (this works even if she switches up her strategy and uses Shadow Ball, since A. Rattata absorbs that, too) and Jangmo-o, occasionally using protect in case she catches on to my tricks. The only thing that worried me was that Alakazam would have Magic Guard. Thank goodness it didn't and I pretty much cheesed my way too victory thanks my Hefty bag, my Rattata bathed in the blood of its enemies, and this weird little dragon with an ability I never thought would come in handy. This has to be the most hilarious thing ever. I'm so glad I tried even after seeing her Alakazam. It made for some good laughs. I wish I got this on video, but I didn't have one around and I was certain she had some trick up her sleeve that would ruin it (like a hidden third Full Restore or something). Damn though, my Jangmo-o was almost up to lv. 30 after this and I haven't even gotten to Route 2, yet.
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    Known as: Maelstrom, or just Mael Age: Older than you (if you wanna bet, I could always use more booze money) Gender: Male Birthday: Jan 29 Location: New Mexico/Texas Height: 5'7" (so... just a touch short) Body Type: Beefy, yet well marbled (you are what you eat; see below) Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown Lives with: Scrubdot. I mean, Godot is my roommate. Pets: No personal pets atm. But my family has and continues to have plenty of pets, but mostly dogs at this point. Languages: S rank English, maybe about C rank in Spanish and Japanese Relationship status: I ain't here to cradle-rob, you weirdos, so don't ask. Favourite Food: Steak, medium rare, no steak sauce. If you eat steak any other way- you are wrong. Also, Ice cream, ribs, mangoes, wings, brisket (and meat in general) Favourite Drinks: Rum, Coke, Sprite, Manzanita Sol, Dr. Pepper, Orange Sunkist, wheat beers, lagers, IPA's Favourite Color: Cerulean Favourite kinds of Music: Pop, Rock, Alt, Video Game Music, Anime OPs/EDs/OSTs, J Pop, violin stuff Favourite Song: Volvamos, by Dulce Maria and Joey Montana, at the moment Favourite Games: Too many to name, but lets go for a sampling- Smash Bros, Halo, Destiny, KH, Golden Sun, Lost Kingdoms, Custom Robo, FE, Donkey Kong Country 2, Star Fox 64, Yoshi's Island, Megaman Battle Network, Portal Favourite Genre of Game: FPS, RPG, Adventure (I really don't like platformers anymore like mario or all those indie metroidvanias) Favourite Hobbies: Gaming, Reading, Complaining about Republicans, drinking (and doing the aforementioned things at the same time), hoping to jump into paintball/airsoft/laser tag. I've also done a lot of sports stuff- swimming, wrestling, grappling, fencing, soccer, swimming and a little bit of golf, tennis, and basketball. Community questions: So, who are you?: I am the co-founder of the forums with Ame. I say forums because I had little to do with the infamous Reborn League or the Reborn Game than Ame + minions have made which have really been the driving forces behind this place's popularity. I've been a moderator off and on since the beginning but I've been retired for a while this time around. Other than that, I've earned a Bachelor's degree in Biology and am currently working on getting another degree to work in Nuclear Medicine. But in between degrees, I spent 5 years active duty in the US Army as Airborne Infantry- which basically means I was trained to jump, mid-flight, out of an airplane and parachute down into combat situations. I did end up deployed to Afghanistan for 9 months during that time. Which reminds me. As Godot has mentioned, this place originally called Reborn when it first started but was instead called Poke-place and was a spin-off forum dedicated to fans of the pokemon series. At one point, the forums had to move from it's original place for reasons I wasn't around to really know about, but that's how it earned it's name. It moved to a new place and was "Reborn." Incidentally, I guess the full name of the site is really "Reborn, Evolved", which was so named to help promote our push to make this place a host for gaming beyond the Reborn Game or Pokemon itself. We wanted the site to change and be more inclusive of other popular games that our members could team together to placy, such as LoL, minecraft, Overwatch, etc. Diversify and expand the community without losing our pokemon roots. We wanted an 'evolved' version of Reborn. Anything you're responsible for? Inflicting Godot upon this place. I'd feel sorry for you but some of ya'll deserve it ;P. I currently hold no responsibilities as but a normal member of reborn. What are you known for? Changing avatars often and my contributions to the Suggest an Avatar thread. Some few might remember my past contributions to moderation, I suppose. Drinking... If you had to choose one of your posts as your way to introduce yourself, which would it be? I never really did an intro thread because this place started off with a small group of people who knew each other and I was visibly active through most of this place's existence. So, long answer short, just stick with this one. What can I talk to you about? Console gaming, especially fps's or real time action games you can coop (Destiny, OW, Battleborn). Books, esp. Robert Jordan, Harry Turtledove, L.E. Moddesitt Jr, Robin Hobb books. Movies. Things to do with the military, if you're just curious or are thinking about joining a military branch (in which case it behooves you to talk to other people about it because the recruiter isn't stereotyped as particularly honest for a reason). Anime- I've seen quite a bit, but there are some popular ones that I consider trash or turned into trash as the series went on (such as naruto, bleach, one piece, and fairy tale). Musics. Closing statements? I am opinionated but I don't think my online presence is all that intimidating, so hit me up.
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    Hi and Welcome to V9 Item Guide The guide might not be complete, and those are all the items I found myself in the game, it might include some spoilers so be warned! If you find any more items please comment bellow from where you can find them. Make sure to use the itemfinder later once you get it, it's very useful and handy while you search! Marks: - indicates the item is not hidden, a poke ball or a similar sprite is shown on its place. + indicates the item is not hidden, a similar symbol shown on its place. Have fun hunting. Items Listed by Location Items Listed by Typing Shops
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    Hey there. v0.10 is out, with the following changes : - Finished Pokedex list (updated visuals to be more consistent with the categories) - Finished Pokedex "details" - Finished Pokedex "locations" What's left to do : - Pokedex "forms" category & pokemon search - Jukebox - Trading UI - Probably reworking title screens again
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    Version 9 - The City of Mystery - Full Download here! V9 [Updated 6/4/17 7:22 EST] V9.2 Mirror 1 (Mega) Mirror 2 (Mediafire) CURRENT PATCH AVAILABLE: [Updated 6/23/17 1:14 PM EST] (Patch 10) PLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS ALSO IF YOU DOWNLOADED THE FULL VERSION. THIS WILL GIVE YOU ALL THE LATEST FIXES NOTED BELOW! GET THEM HERE: Mirror 1 (Mega) Mirror 2 (Mediafire) Fixes in this Current patch: ---------------------------------- We've waited long enough. There's no reason for me to keep you here any longer. --- Honorable Mentions --- Few people I want to mention! I wanted to thank @Marcello and @Amethyst for helping me out in terms of code for this version. In fact, Marcello just released the Z-Move script that Rejuvenation and Reborn uses! Go check that out if you're interested in using that for whatever! Secondly, I would like to thank @Alex and @Zumi for helping me out a TON through this long process of creating Version 9 for you all. If it weren't for these two I wouldn't be anywhere near close to being done. I'd also like to thank my beta testers for putting up with me and helping me make Version 9 as quality as possible. (There are a lot of changes, though. Some things may have slipped past the seams!) There are too many to shout out directly, but their names are in the credits file and you should thank them when you get the chance! Thirdly, and of course I couldn't forget you all... A huge huge HUGE thank you to those who participated in the Shiny Threads. I was blown away with the help I got and your reward will be sent to you sometime today or tomorrow (Most likely today, though). ---- Rejuvenation Location Guide: Unfortunately, I'm retiring this thread. Neither Zumi and I have time to edit that thread at all. It really showed lately, too. It was BARELY updated and it was filled with outdated information. If someone wants to make a new thread, by all means, do it. Edit: Njab has stepped up to the plate! Thank you @Njab Dedicated Rejuvenation Tab: We have a new tab at the top of the site! It may or may not be up at the time of posting it. If it's not, just wait a bit. It'll show up eventually. Future Reworks: I've decided that I'm going to be upfront with things I rework from now on. There won't be many left, since after this version I've basically undone all the work I did in v6 (For the better!), but if there are to be any, I will be as public as possible. ---- Full cover art. By @Zumi V9 - Changelog (Coming soon) Password:
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    Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I bring to you, Pokemon Insurgence. Fresh off the official download, here is the Google Drive mirror link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_mSVb3Gfn0PdnNZQkdNUUZ5a1k/view Special thanks to @seki108 for uploading the Mega mirror, and special thanks to you all for your patience. It was much harder uploading than it was downloading, but now I can finally rest. As for MAC, help would appreciated, but I might start that later today. Let me know if the link works, if not, I might have to fix permissions. Also, give it up for post 1,100!
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    If you dye your hair red to throw people off, that's a red hairing.
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    Day Six Results / Epilogue "Hongaarse Beer must be the last mafia." A few of the detectives told. "No. I'm just a naive detective." Hongaarse Beer retorted. "But... but... Jace Stormkirk, the confirmed sane detective, clearly had you in his list of suspects." They replied. "Alas. I cannot escape from this fate." Hongaarse Beer sighed. Then, one of the detectives shot him with a gun. Hongaarse Beer is dead. He was a Mafia. The ominous fog left the village of Investigativia. It was safe, safe from the threat of the mafia who wanted to raze the village. However, with the losing of the mafia, they realized an important thing. Some of them were not cut out to be detectives, and this was only proven when the mafia planned to raze the village. Maybe it wasn't right for them to just emphasize on being a village of detectives. Perhaps, they could better live as a village of freedom and not of limits by letting everyone choose freely his own career and not have it set out for him. Maybe that would be for the best... Hope was in sight for the village of Investigativia... Congratulations! The Detectives have won the game! ====== Trivia and Comments on the Game: - Quinnox was basically the most investigated player in the whole game with a total of 8 investigations. - Cataline was the least investigated player who survived until the end with 0 investigations. - The MVP Award is given to Jace Stormkirk. His statements before he died was very significant in hunting the other mafia and his sacrifice was totally not in vain. Secondary MVP Award is given to Fair Family for being the second one to step up with his own investigations. He also contributed in the discussion of the questions, and had a great strategy for finding out his own nature as a detective. - The Mafia could have played better had they not slipped and created a bandwagon on Paul25. They could also have attempted to either gain the trust of the town or be passive enough that they won't be investigated. They could also have made better role claims. - The Town could have played better had they not relied too much on the other players. They could have given their own reads on other people and/or provided reasons as to their innocence. - All in all, this Mafia game was quite fun to host, with all the night actions of everyone, the Day Phase conversations, the Mafia planning, and the Dead Players' Chat. Thank you for participating in this game! I'll be taking a break from hosting due to real life, but I'll be participating in the Mafia Game Sailboat's going to host tomorrow or a few days from now. If you're interested, see you there! Also, if anyone wishes to host sometime, you can talk with me and I'll help you set things up. :D ====== Mafia Mania: Investigations Player List Monsieur Divergent as your Game Moderator 1. Paul25 as a Confused Detective [Lynched D2] 2. Quinnox as a Mafia [Lynched D3] 3. Cataline as a Confused Detective [Killed N4] 4. FairFamily as a Sane Detective [Killed N5] 5. Jace Stormkirk as a Sane Detective [Killed N3] 6. Satoshi as an Insane Detective [Killed N0] 7. Greninja as an Insane Detective 8. LykosHand as a Confused Detective [Killed N2] 9. Alphagar as a Mafia [Lynched D5] 10. Pdart0304 as a Mafia [Lynched D4] 11. Megagun as a Paranoid Detective 12. Candy as a Confused Detective 13. Hongaarse Beer as a Mafia [Lynched D6] 14. Endearing Character Trait as an Insane Detective 15. Snowy Amine as a Naive Detective [Modkilled D5] 16. Unicorn Jesus as a Naive Detective [Lynched D1] 17. Anti_Hero as a Naive Detective [Killed N1] 18. Digital Amber as a Confused Detective
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    alolan meowth location was error on my end, I've removed info on park now rock smash only they are rare nope New edit: guide should be updated for real now! Please PM me if you've found a mistake in it. Shoutouts to @Alex @Anstane @TheMoltenGuy @Snowy Amine ( MC Kapper) @Fumble and others sorry I can't remember who else have helped who have helped me out with updating the guide o/
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    I really like the new update. The site is more bearable for me to watch and the brightness the site more "noticeable" for me, which is a great thing.
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    I'm having a hard time taking you seriously right now.
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    Ya boi evolved into something worth the grind. Good shit, Azery! And Alex, them's good moderating experience, keep up that moderator magic.
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    Hi, I am a fan of your game, Pokemon Rejuvenation and find it and enjoyable experience, while a bit challenging at some points. While I do enjoy the game, I must report a bug (that you probably have been told more than a thousand times). There is a portion in Black Steeple Prison where after Emma finds Aelita in a cage, your character is, I'm guessing supposed to use their Mining Kit to take down on obvious cracked spot in the wall. But, and I would think this would only be apparent in V9, there is no way for you to get the Mining Kit. This leaves the player trapped in the cage, without any way of escaping. Now, I don't know if this is a bug, or you left something out, or the player was meant to be trapped, but I thought I'd report this. (sorry I couldn't provide images, my computer sucks)
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    Kinda late (ok, reeeeeally late) but thanks @DragonMasterKrim! It´s great to know I could help you getting some more fun around here! This will be a bit short since I´ve been a bit too absent lately, but I couldn´t just leave without thanking some people - if all of them have been recently active or not I do not know, but anyway: @Hukuna the Undying, @Flux ,@Sutoratosu, @Rosesong, great friends from the RPing session who taught me way more than a thing or two about writing and even more about making friends online. @Sheep for the always amazing and balanced battles on the server and the even better conversations here on the forums. (Not to mention the Fate/GO tips. I´ll be bothering you with these again later, mate! XD) Aaand there´s a ton of people who have made my days more fun with their presence (some probably changed names while I was out and I can´t manage to tag here) and I´ll probably let some pass but anyways a shoutout for Vinny , Zephy, @Arkhi , @Sparky, @Reignited'Light and obviously the one that made all of this possible, @Amethyst. Hopefully I´ll be seeing more of you all from now on!
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    Who's ICSW's Pokemon alter ego? Lopunny ~
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    Rebornian Mentions Season II Trailer -queue cinematic theme with the dramatic build up of music- In a world, the one that we all live on... -flashing scenes of a shadowy figure in a dark room walking closer to a computer- Lives a hero... -intense scene of a keyboard being furiously typed on- Who is on a mission. -music halts and shows a picture of a cat- -music intensely continues while showing the rest of the awesome trailer involving a computer, lots of sitting, and a cat- Coming... This fall... I hope you all liked that trailer! I worked very hard on putting it together~ So let's get to it. RM's Season II this fall! My apologies on it abruptly ending earlier this spring without warning, there was a lot of things I had to take care of, including myself. With the busiest of seasons coming to a close and we're all going back to school, or work, RM's is returning with another spectacular season!!! Whoo~ But we still have a little bit of time before the first RM of the season comes out. So with this opportunity, I am taking it to do a little bit of a spring cleaning on my RM nominations list as well as my CCB folder for how I handle RM's. It is a mess. Especially since I implemented a new segment to it so late in the first season. So listen up~ I am redoing the Nominations list! What this means for those who have nominated someone: You will want to nominate again, this time following the procedure below. You may nominate more than one person at a time provided the procedure is followed. Procedure for nominating someone: 1. Name (and possible aliases on Showdown/Discord/Forums (it makes my life easier when I search)) 2. You may ask up to two questions that you may or may not have known about your nominee (it MUST adhere to the rules) Example (and this is my personal nomination): Sardines (Sardines/Papa Fish - Discord) How did you get so good at dealing with viruses/malware stuff on computers? (since you've helped me so much with mine) Again, as in season 1, the rules remain the same: 1. You cannot ask inappropriate questions. 2. If the nominee feels uncomfortable answering a question, it will not be answered. The main purpose of this post is to get an updated, fresh list that includes the implemented segment from the last part of season 1. So please list your nominations below and when RM's resume in the fall, you may also resume nominations below each post. Also, have any ideas that could make RM's better? Toss the comment below~ I'm all ears. A huge thank you to everyone who's participated (past, present, or future) to Cat Chat Blog's Rebornian Mentions! Season 2's gonna kick ass! Get hyped~
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    General Info: Known as: Ice Cream Sand Witch, or ICSW for short Age: I literally don't age anymore Gender: Female Birthday: August 13 Location: Florida Height: Microscopic Hair Color: Dark brown almost black-ish Eye Color: Blue Lives with: I have an army of robots equipped with rocket launchers. Pets: ^ Favourite Food: Ice cream Favourite Drink: Probably lemonade considering how often I drink it Favourite Color: Kuro Favourite kind of Music: Kuro Favourite Band: Kuro Favourite Album: Kuro Favourite Song: Kuro Favourite Game: Kuro Favourite Genre of Game: Kuro Favourite Hobbies: Kuro Favourite Movies: Kuro Favourite Shows: Kuro Community questions: So, who are you?: Hi, I'm an ice cream sand witch. I discovered Reborn around early 2014, but ended up forgetting the name of the game and later the game itself. I did find it again though in December 2014 and remember it looking familiar, and joined the forums in January 2015. I'm a recently appointed mod of the forums. I'm known for making a lot of puns and giving people ice cream sandwiches. Anything you're responsible for?: I'm the creator of the fangame Pokemon Spork. I also made relationship variable guides for both Reborn and Rejuvenation. I started the "What I Think Each Member's X Is/What I Think Each Member Xs Like" thread trend. If you had to choose one of your posts as your way to introduce yourself, which would it be? URRRRRRRRRR ^O^ What can I talk to you about? Ice cream (or other food), puns, help with the forums, games, etc. Closing statements?: I think this thread is pretty cool. It's a nIce way for newer members to get to know the older members. I pinned this thread because there's snow way in hail a helpful thread like this shouldn't be at the top of the page, and it'd be cold-hearted of me to not do so. For reading this, here's an ice cream sandwich:
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    General Info:Known as: Felix, Dobby, that one uncle you see at family gatherings who you suspect to be trying to hide drugs in the bathroom but actually using them there. Age: 18 goin' on 19 Gender: Blue Birthday: The midday of the eight moon. Location: Ingerland. Height: 175cm? Hair Color: Fuck i dunno uh straw coloured ona good day Eye Color: Muddy Lives with: Two and a half men. Pets: Two and a half men. Also two cats. Relationship status: A pringle has more relationships than i do. Favourite Food: I honestly can't pick. Favourite Drink: Copious amounts of apple and blackcurrent squash Favourite Color: Changes by the day. Favourite kind of Music: Columbian throat music.Favourite Band: Rubber. Favourite Album: Elastic. Favourite Song: Silicone love. Favourite Game: Persona 3. Five is fist fighting its senior for that spot tho. Favourite Genre of Game: any variants of RPG,which pretty much includes everything nowadays. Picking by genre is haaaaard okaaaay?Favourite Hobbies: Writing. Redrafting not so much.Favourite Movies: Forrest Gump, Koe no Katachi, Run Fatboy Run, Hercules, to name a few and give you a sense of the range.Favourite Shows: hrk, Orange is the New Black annnnd uhhhhh recently i've been loving Re:creators from teh new anime season. There's so much to choose from man. Community questions:So, who are you?: Hi, I'm Felix. I've been around since early 2014 and my role in the community is. Hm. Oh, It's...! Ok idk I just hang around and dip into conversations as and when I like. Outside of reborn I'm a university student studying creative writing and wasting too much of my time to be healthy. I typically lurk in discord lobby these days waiting for an interesting topic to come up. I currently go by pink but i will literally change my name at the drop of a hat. My avatars are typically static on discord tho. If you suspect it's me just click my name and hey, Felix it will be. Anything you're responsible for? The auth don't typically trust me. Every so often in the reborn parties I've been seen hosting music or an event. I am also responsible for a good chunk of tangents and conversations taking a turn towards territory just shy of the rule against sexual content. If you had to choose one of your posts as your way to introduce yourself, which would it be? Ok maybe not the most social post but its all in good fun, tooootally. What can I talk to you about? I'm a huge anime nerd who keeps up with the seasonal anime so I'll take on all corners in a conversation about this. I can also hold a decent conversation about a variety of games so if you're talking about something in lobby don't be surprised if I hop in. Otherwise I like to think I'ma jack of all conversational trades. I don't know niche stuff so don't expect me to know about silent Russian cinema or some other obscure yet kinda respectable interest. I'm also a sucker for arguments, I like debating controversial things. It's just plain interesting. Closing statements? Well, this is me. The last thing I can say is welcome to all the new people coming to the community. Even if you just stay around the parts of the community featuring the reborn game I hope you enjoy your stay.
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    General Info: Known as: Zangief Age: 61 years old Gender: Male Birthday: June 1st 1956 Location: Russia Height: 214 cm Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue Lives with: Zangief moves around too much to live with anyone or have pets! Pets: Relationship status: There is no time for love, when developing storng muscles! Favourite Food: Borscht Favourite Drink: Vodka Favourite Color: Red Favourite kind of Music: The Russian National ANthem Favourite Band: Alexander Alexandrov Favourite Album: Best of Alexander Alexandrov Favourite Song: Russian National Anthem Favourite Game: What is game? Favourite Genre of Game: What is genre? Favourite Hobbies: Wrestling with bears, doing the Cossack dance, teaching others about muscle spirit, working on muscles Favourite Movies: Rocky (some of it anyway) Favourite Shows: National News. Community questions: So, who are you?: ZANGIEF IS PROUD MAN WHO LOVES HIS COUNTRY VERY MUCH. ZANGIEF TRAIN HARD TO BUILD MUSCLE AND DEFEND GREAT NATION FROM ALL ATTACKS. BOTH FROM DANGEROUS FIGHTING AND IT'S PRIDE. Anything you're responsible for? ZANGIEF HAS WON MANY VICTORIES AND DEFENDED NATION FROM MUCH DANGER. If you had to choose one of your posts as your way to introduce yourself, which would it be? WHAT IS POST? What can I talk to you about? ASK ZANGIEF ABOUT HOW TO TRAIN AND BUILD MUSCLE, OR IN THE WAY OF MUSCLE SPIRIT. WITH HARD WORK, ANYONE CAN HAVE MUSCLE LIKE ZANGIEF! Closing statements? TRAIN HARD COMRADE AND WE WILL GET ALONG JUST FINE! HOROSHO!!!
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    I've been better since I started working on Spork more. I've felt better today than any day from the past week and a half or so. Re-uploaded with the following changes and fixes: -fixed size of the Alolan form icons in the party screen and PC. they used to be way smaller than the icons for the other Pokemon. -badges 1-9 are now cybershell12's badge designs. -the trainer card and UI are now aquamarine -changed Wonky Woods' music to this and most importantly, a game-breaking/corrupting issue was found by a user, which shouldn't happen as of this re-upload. While I don't really understand all of the code, I was able to find someone who did and the script I was given by Vendily should prevent it from happening in the future. In the battle with Grape, the user suddenly had an error that crashed the game and corrupted her save file. Apparently the game was trying to check if a "nil" item was a berry. I don't know any specifics beyond that, like what item is nil or if this was an issue with only Grape's battle or if it could have happened in other places, as this was only time it's been reported. Grape's Mienshao has a Sitrus Berry, but this user OHKO'd Mienshao so the berry wasn't activated, and Sitrus Berries have always worked correctly in Spork. Whatever the issue was, it shouldn't happen now.
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    Super glad to hear you guys are excited for the game!! As a little bonus, here's a sneak peek at a specific route... Which one I won't say :3c
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    Game Over! Julia decided to offer herself to the Gals in Love. It wasn't worth living anymore, now that her other dear friends, Titania, Julia, and Amaria were already dead, taken and torn apart by these girls rabidly in love. She rose to the pedestal of the sacrificial stand and said her final words, "It was fun while it lasted, but being lonely was way boring. I want to have fun with my friends in the afterlife, if there is one!" And she was executed, using her own collection of bombs. The Gals in Love were overjoyed. At last, there were no hindrances to the love that they were feeling. Now, they could freely pursue their love for Vero. As they were preparing to hunt down Vero, Vero appeared before the girls and bade them to settle down for a while. He then motioned to tell them, "I have observed your conquest to victor over the Onyx Academy Sorority and I am impressed by your courage and determination as you fought for your love. I care for all of you, but I cannot take my eyes of Shelly, who willingly offered herself to hunt for the Onyx Academy Sorority in the night. Thus, Shelly, let us go off into the night. The Gals in Love were struck by his words and congratulated Shelly for getting Vero's love. They decided to keep their love in their hearts; although their love was unrequited, they still had joy within them. Terra was also happy that all ended well, though she created some unnecessary chaos. Satoshi is dead. He was Julia. The Gals in Love have won the game! Terra has won the game! Shelly [Quinnox] is the MVP/BEST GIRL. ====== Congratulations to the Gals in Love and Terra for winning the game! Important Comments: [PLEASE READ] - First of all, I'd like to congratulate everyone who participated in the game. It's been quite a fun game especially in the middle parts, and there were some unexpected plays that I've seen from some of you. - Second, I'd like to apologize for the mistake on my part regarding the game balance. I mostly only focused on providing roles based on a character's personality, and forgot that it was prone to being damaged by massclaiming (the act of multiple roleclaiming), thus, it became a rather difficult game for mafia. To those who've stated that it wasn't good to roleclaim in the next games anymore, please don't have that mindset entirely. It's okay to roleclaim as long as [1] it will benefit your faction if you do so, [2] if you need to roleclaim to potentially save yourself, and [3] roleclaiming is central in certain setups (potentially in the next game I'm having). - Third, I'd like to say that the Onyx Academy Sorority could have played a better game, to be perfectly honest. For one, Florinia's death was rather a big blow to mafia immediately and their N0 kill was a Third Party, so it was a really rough start. But, they made a fatal flaw in D1 by bandwagoning without much reason on Jace Stormkirk. Unfortunately, they were unable to salvage it from there on... I'd just like to remind everyone that when you're mafia, you should try to make yourself look like town as much as possible and that you shouldn't make actions that can make you look scummy. - Fourth, if you're interested, please join the next game I'm having where roleclaiming and using your role is quite central, though hiding your role can still be beneficial in certain sort of ways (though not at early game). ====== Reborn Girls "Fight for Love" Mafia 1. Paul25 as Luna 2. Fair Family as Amaria [Lynched D3] 3. Lykos Hand as Aya 4. Lek -> Jace Stormkirk as Saphira 5. Greninja as Victoria 6. Jace Stormkirk as Ciel [Lynched D1] 7. Megagun as Florinia [Killed N0] 8. Hycrox as Anna [Killed N2] 9. Elanir as Charlotte 10. Damsel as Serra 11. Pdart0304 as Terra 12. Quinnox as Shelly 13. Ubi as Fern [Killed N0] 14. Anti_Hero as Laura 15. Satoshi as Julia [Killed D4] 16. Vanitas as Ordinary Girl [Modkilled D2] 17. Candy as Titania [Lynched D2] 18. Alphagar as Heather [Killed N2] 19. Cooclor as Ordinary Girl [Killed N1] Also, for the next game I'm having, please participate if you're interested: [It's an interesting premise tbh] http://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/28356-sign-ups-open-mafia-mania-investigations/&do=findComment&comment=672897
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    Watching a video about the sad state of comedy. Things have gotten so bad that there's people who get offended when you make jokes at your own expense because they're so absolutely humorless. I honestly believe I would have fallen prey to depression and committed suicide last year were I not able to laugh at what a shitty person I am. Luckily there are still other shitheads in the world who will laugh alongside a piece of garbage human like me. I guess what I'm trying to say is thanks to those who for some weird-ass reason find me funny on occasion.
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    Going to be taking a break from the forums for a few weeks. Need a refresher and a break in general. So I'll be back in a few weeks and then the v10 status thread will go up. See you then o7.
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    Table of Contents: Hello world! If you don't know me you probably don't, I'm EndearingCharacterTrait (or ECT for short, or Dav if you want to get personal). My Steel monotype was the first run I shared with you all, and I've come back to do another one. This time I pondered what sort of theme would be interesting, and after some thought an idea was born. I was inspired by the upcoming solar eclipse, and the idea that lodged itself into my brain was a team centered around Sun-related Pokémon. I don't intend it to be just a Sunny day team, but rather a selection of team members that have a more specific connection to the Sun. Before I start, I want to give an idea of the planned team members, as well as (attempt) to explain the thought process I used. So, here are the teammates I'll be meeting on this journey (only sort of in order, don't think too hard on it) Volcarona is classified as the Sun Pokémon in the dex, and its B2W2 entry makes the connection apparent: Solrock, the Meteorite Pokémon, is a recently discovered Hoenn species rumored to have fallen to this planet from space. It looks like the sun, has Sol in its name, and its power comes from sunlight. Heliolisk is a Pokémon that generates electricity by absorbing sunlight. It evolves from Helioptile using a Sun Stone, half its name comes from Helios, and it even looks like the sun when it spreads its frills. Espeon is classified as the Sun Pokémon in the dex, same as Volcarona. Eevee can only reach this form in the daytime, and it was the first mon to learn the rare move Morning Sun, which as of Gen VII still only 6 can learn by levelling (and 2 of those are Legendary) Sunflora is also classified as the Sun Pokémon, and it evolves from Sunkern with a Sun Stone as opposed to a Leaf Stone. it's a sunflower, so its face looks like the sun. It is said to be active during the day but completely still at night. It can also have the rare ability Solar Power. Castform is an artificial Pokémon whose very cellular structure changes with the current weather. It has a Sunny Form that only appears when the sun is bright: Castform learns many weather moves naturally, and was the original owner of the move Weather Ball The Blossom Pokémon Cherrim, not unlike Castform, has the unique ability Flower Gift that changes it to its Sunshine Form when the sun is bright, as well as powers up its allies: It and its pre-evolution Cherubi are 2 Pokémon that can learn Morning Sun without breeding, plus just look at that face...it's adorable Beautifly is the last of the 4 (non-legendary) mons that naturally learns Morning Sun. According to its FRLG dex entries its appearance does not reflect its true personality: Its Pearl entry outright calls it savage: Ninetales possesses the ability Drought; its very presence can make the sun more powerful. Its FireRed dex entry states that its fur shines bright, and it can live far longer than any human, just like the sun that will likely outlast all of us: Bellossom is the form Gloom takes when a Sun Stone is used as opposed to a Leaf Stone. It loses its Poison type and nocturnal tendencies, and its personality seems to take a significant turn, a stark contrast to its cousin Vileplume. Its (Heart)Gold dex entry tells about how its dancing is related to the sun: Whimsicott evolves from Cottonee with the Sun Stone, not the Leaf Stone (I know I was surprised by this my first time playing BW) Lilligant is a parallel for Whimsicott, she evolves from Petilil with the Sun Stone I think there's a decent mix here actually; some powerful mons, some less so. Just 2 (1/2) fire types, but 5 grass types (mostly Sun Stone mons). On this run I intend to encounter my team in the order they become available, but I might have to generate a few (like if/when I don't get Larvesta from the mystery egg, and probably to replace my starter). You may also see me use the TMX mod since none of these can learn Rock Smash, Strength, Waterfall, or Dive, but that's all the cheating I intend to do. So that's my plan, we'll see how it goes. Questions, comments, and concerns are always welcome...I hope this proves interesting! Until next time!
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    Wooo after the annoying aventurine woods shenanigans just to obtain a new sticker(which almost made me stop this mono normal run) well finally a new chapter. Chapter 9: Playing god Has its Own Consequences So we start this one with a mildly annoying character fern abandoned mono grass tcheh. Well in the castle Cain challenge me in a match to determine who will fight the next gym leader. This peeps gave up on their monos (I almost did too cuz of long assed puzzles) You would think its a gym match now, but noooo a pitiful fool dared to play god. So I might as well smite him down. The all-father dealt with the heretic. And Now against the gym leader, Radomus. and that concludes this chapter. Tune in next time for more normie adventures~! P.S. no rotation mon pix this chapter cuz i got kicked out of the castle right after lol.
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    it was a good meme but i ain' replying to 13 different topics the day after. ain nobody need to be drawin that much more attention to themselves unfortunate that i couldnt preserve the first post through merging... its ok, those who earn it will always have the first posts,, in my heart. <3 thanks to everyone for the well-wishes and dank memes but not for the budews. birthday is still cancelled btw. and i apparently named my firstborn child meowth... so that's... special........ as is unintentional tradition with my family my birthday will probably be celebrated slowly and bit by bit over the period of a couple weeks, instead of actually being all in one day, lol... but those of you who have seen my posts on the matter in the past will know that no matter the case, my state, or my financial situation (really, it's not that bad guys, pls), I appreciate having come this far especially with all of you so thank you all <3
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    So I'm creating this fangame called Pokemon Dusk. And I'm gonna try to keep track of my major adjustments and update them on this Topic Concept (kinda-ish): So the main protagonist created this gang which has 3 members in total. 1 being the protagonist, and 2 being your best pals. But the gang keeps expanding with a divers cast of characters that will join during your journey. The game concept has a serious tone with the gang activities and such while still taking itself not too seriously. By constantly making all sorts of jokes and having little funny and cute details. Earning badges will always be an attempt at stealing it, there will also be various crimes based of of real ones and sometimes they are related to badges. Various NPC's will be based of of my friends, famous people involving crime AND the community of Reborn! So may be you have a chance to be in this little masterpiece ;). Plot: currently all over the place :/, gonna make up my mind about it until i post it. Starters: The game will have 2 starters, a regional variant of Murkrow based on a plague doctor and a regional variant of Misdreavus based on (the modern concept of) a voodoo doll. I already did the sprite for Murkrow: Type: Poison/Dark Ability: Keen Eye Random facts: Can only fly for short distances. Poisons Pokemon without them noticing, offers to help and then kills the prey while it's weak. Character designs and pesonalities: So here's one of the first 2 members: And yes his hat is supposed to block his eyes. Name: Mike T Main Pokemon: Salandit Random facts: Likes to make graffiti art. Acts tough. Acts before he thinks. He's a sneaky person and also prefers to partake in unseen crimes. Keeps denying that his hat covers his eyes. Is best friends with the guy below. Here comes the second one: Not the finished product, I want some more detailed clothes. Name: Big Joe Main Pokemon: Stufful Random facts: He's blunt, not the brightest one around but he's loyal. Screams alot. He's strong (obviously). Likes to solve problems with force. Brags about his Stufful being the manliest Pokemon to ever exist. Best friends with the guy above. Protagonist isn't finished yet, just imagine a generic mob boss with a fedora and such. Area's: The first town is an old western type of deal, with the pokemart being a saloon. The gym leader is a female Sheriff which is also one of your gang's mortal enemies (because it's a sheriff ¯\_ツ_/¯). Her gym is an actual jail where prisoners watch her fights and are forced to listen to her cheesy one-liners for the rest of eternity. The town also has a local enemy gang that consists of bandits, the grunts mainly have Cacnea, Maractus and Remoraid. So this is it for now, tell me what you think of it. See ya.
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    @Ice Cream Sand Witch It's confirmed I am a Sealeo , you figured me out!!! Thank you for satisfying my need for sweets, I will forever be grateful. @seki108 Thank you!! , Yes I love Dragon Maids a lot!! , Thank you for the Kanna Picture <3