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    It was funny for a while. But that was a while ago. This really isn't just about -that- question though. It's about a lot of questions that newcomers tend to show up and ask. They're just wee littles. They didn't know we had an FAQ for the game. They didn't know someone asked the same damn question in the discord chat two hours ago, and they didn't know that was a known bug. Cuz honestly, who's gonna scroll through walls of text and topics if you just want a quick answer so you can keep playing your gosh-darned pocketmans? I'm not saying that it's ideal for users to not look through pre-existing topics, or that we shouldn't encourage them to use pre-existing resources..... but not everyone is going to think to do that in the first place. And so, for those times when someone does end up asking a common or should-be-obvious question, I'd like to ask you all, as veteran/senior/senpai members of the site, a favor: Please be patient with others. It very well may be the seventh person today to show up asking if Mega Evolution is in the game yet. I understand that after so many times of seeing that question, it gets frustrating. It's like how have you managed to not see the answer to this yet when someone probably just said it half an hour ago and also eight times yesterday?? ...But is it really that person's fault? It may be obvious to you but for someone who just found the game two hours ago and has been having fun but was curious and just wants to ask a hopefully-friendly community for a quick answer (and they might even be a bit nervous about speaking up at all)-- getting a snappy reply back can feel really bad. In fact, it can be the difference between them fucking right off, or hey, maybe they like it here and end up being someone who sticks around to help other newcomers too. Whenever I talk about this, I'm reminded of a certain comic. Many of you are probably intimately familiar with it: And if you haven't seen it before, then I guess you're one of-- oh. nevermind. I won't go for the low-hanging fruit. But that's just things that everyone knows-- let alone things no one knows (including me!!) like when is episode 17 going to be out. And when someone is asking something like that, it's usually not out of impatience so much as it is a genuine excitement or curiosity. It's something people can look forward to. After hearing that question so much as regulars around the site, I totally get how it would become grating over a while. But you know what? I've been doing this-- answering those kinds of questions-- a lot longer and a lot more than most of you. And if I can still be patient with those people-- and I can-- then you can too. I would love to lead by example in that regard, and I hope that some of you have seen that when I can, I do. But I definitely can't always be there. I can't always be paying to the chat or all the forum topics-- There's just not enough time, and even more limiting, I only have so much energy to spend towards such things as well. ...Which is also exactly why I need everyone else to step up. And also? I get it-- maybe you don't have the energy to type out a pleasant response to the same question for the 100th time total. It happens. In that case... rather than typing something passive aggressive or that makes you sound annoyed with another person, just-- don't. That's preferable. It's like that old platitude-- if you don't have anything nice to say......... let someone else say it instead. But let's make sure that, whatever we say, we can be proud of it as a community. It would really mean a lot to me to see people come together on this more. Thanks for listening.
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    I'm sure many of you already know what happens in this just due to the discord chat constantly talking about it, but I'm going to put it in a spoiler anyways. If your wondering eyes caught your curiosity before playing, please click away from here and play the game.
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    hi there, i'm ame from the overwatch team and welcome to the december community update. this month, we're deleting the entire forum: Speakeasy? gone. Nightclub? deleted EXP system? toast. ...actually i'm pretty sure that deleted itself months ago against anyone's will... which makes me pretty salty about the plug-in i bought for it, but you know... whatever. Ace Members? dead. just kidding they're veterans now Veterans? anihiliated. double just kidding the veterans are fine and in fact they have a lot more permissions than before Clubs? all traces of them removed actually they're now fully available so you can make your own clubs and stuff if you're a veteran or higher anyway there are four kinds: public, open, closed and private. the first three are visible; private is not there's rules to making clubs and stuff so administrators will need to approve them but we'll talk about those rules in a different topic soon but tl;dr you need a president a vice president and at least three other members. like a japanese high school. because you wouldn't be on this forum if you weren't at least a little bit of a weeb. and even if you aren't, i'm a level 89 dark weeb. or it can be a private club. those are free reign. gosh, overwatch has gotten weird, hasn't it? with the removal of the EXP system, there's no longer any reason for us to limit rep/reactions so harshly. therefore all groups have had daily reputation limits significantly expanded. Reactions per Day per Group: Members: 3 => 10 Veterans: 4 => 30 Supporters: 4 => 30 Developers: 10 => 30 Staff: 10 => Unlimited Since the ace members have joined the veterans group, the veterans group has received ace's permissions wherever possible to make sure that those former aces are losing as little as possible. That includes a lot of trivial things, but some of the notable expansions include: Tinted name color Display name changes ever: 60 days => 45 days Increased attachment/cover photo/profile picture size PM storage: 200 => 300 Can create clubs Can view who reacted to posts Attachment space: 3mb => 5mb Can close own polls Can edit posts silently Can hide and lock/unlock own content I will also pre-emptively say that all of these changes are benefits I would like to be able to maintain but if these things begin to cause problems (such as if we suddenly are running out of upload space, or if hiding content gets out of hand, etc) then we will make whatever changes necessary. If you had access to the Nightclub forum before, you should have received an invitation to the new Nightclub... club... ... uhm, we'll work on the name. If you were missed and did not receive an invitation, please accost me vigorously until you do. Additionally, due to recent site errors (you know the ones. i know you do) we now have a new theme! ...We thought the old theme was causing our problems, but apparently that's not the case. So... that just means we have two themes now!!! You can switch between them at the bottom through the drop down menu that says "Theme". Note that on our new default theme, Brave, you can use this button... ...to switch the accent color on the forum. No points for guessing what the color options are. As for the errors themselves... no promises on them being fixed yet. But we're getting there. We might be there. Too soon to say. In the mean time, please be satisfied by this pretty theme. please. pls...... and i mean, i guess there's the community release too. if you're, you know, into that.
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    You've managed to miss the entire point of the post. This is not to prevent newcomers from asking the same question nor "**** us" (whatever that's supposed to mean...). This is to establish that we are expected to be patient with new users asking questions for the first time. We have the answers and we've seen these questions a thousand times but they do not and they have not. It is incredibly off-putting to be ridiculed or have dumb inside jokes thrown at you instead of an actual answer to the question that you put yourself out there to ask. It's not solely about the game either. Additionally, there's still a negative preconception of new users in your last message which is exactly what we're looking to avoid. The latest person to introduce themselves barely even mentioned the game and when they did it was solely to say they weren't familiar with it. The rest was a perfectly legitimate introduction. Again, the point is not the repeated questions that we may or may not have the answers to, the point is the manner of response. Instead of "It'll be out when it's out" or "everyone time someone asks ame delays it hehe xdddd," direct them to the devblog page on the site. Answer legitimately. "We don't know any better than you do, but you can keep up with it with the rest of us here." "This post details the new testing process; it's currently in the beta phase and should be done with that soon, and after that it will be available to the community as a whole." I'm sure Amethyst appreciates the kind words but that is only a fraction of what this post is for. And I don't think making fun of each other is the example she intends for us to lead by. Please don't make it sound difficult as if you have to "control yourself." It isn't. Give an answer they're looking for or say nothing.
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    I'm sure a lot of you are probably wondering about what this is and what exactly it means for Hardcore. I'll just be blunt in saying that this is simply Hardcore with a name change. I don't hide the fact that I hated the name Hardcore since I took over the project as it was misleading to what the project actually was as it was an attempt to be more true to the original styled game before the field effect which is why I considered calling it Veteran's mode. I ended choosing the name Redux as I did discontinue and planned to completely halt Hardcore for good but I kind of did revive it after tinkering around and planning it all out better. Hardcore was a mess due to the project pretty much being shoved onto me and trying to do a 3 person job by myself. Since I do have to start from the beginning due to the new gen, hopefully everything will be much cleaner than when I lacked experience who knows. I'm not going to do fancy format since this technically is just a demo. What is Pokemon Reborn Redux? Pokemon Reborn Redux is a mod that is designed with the intention of mixing the old and the new with Reborn along with some other various features to make what people generally consider a harder version of Reborn. Back in the old days, Reborn leaders didn't have field effects and team cores was the primary focus in which teams consisted of strategies and counters. Combine this with field effects and you have some very interesting leaders and difficulty. Right now the only feature is the level limiter (ie your Pokemon won't gain experience once hitting a certain level) but once the real episode 1 is up I'll list them here. How will I go about releases? Once the public release is out, I will begin working on converting Hardcore's E16 content and scripts in Redux's game file. I did this before with Hardcore E15 which was a bit rough due to poor planning. What I did before was flesh out the game from the start until Luna for a mid-release, however, that seemed to cause a lot of issues both in the game and communication wise (let alone my stress level skyrocketed). For Redux, I will be working one episode at a time based on Reborn's episodes (ie Episode I will stop at Julia, Episode II will stop at Florinia), but I'm slowing it down and aiming to get an episode release every month or two. What is in the Demo? All of the old Hardcore fights have been ported over as well as trainers having updated teams. While in terms of bosses I have completed only up until Julia, the Demo technically should be playable up through the E17 leader. I do not recommend doing so as you may get crashes if I missed a trainer in the PBS files. I also completely reorganized all of the HC fights in Redux so that is easier to navigate for dataminers once I make the PBS files public. I also finished eventing the altered path, however, we likely won't be seeing that for a very, very long time. So I've been working hard on this, but there's sadly not much to show. Since early game trainers got a serious buff, I kind of want opinions on this design change to see how players like it (hence the demo). Besides Team changes, is there anything new? Due to an experiment, I created a new, third version of Julia which certainly is going to be rather memorable. Episode 1 isn't going to have very much new content once I begin implementation of all the events and such. Episode II I hope I can get a certain new feature up and running (I'm pretty sure I know how) so that may excite fans who like the party system. Some story changes are going to take place (nothing too major and mostly touch ups), but HCHQ is going to remain the same (including the name) so fans don't have to worry about that. Download Links Just as a disclaimer: this demo only contains episode one fights so don't report errors about certain things missing that were in Hardcore. Mega If Marcello makes another script update I'm gonna scream You guys definitely should enjoy episode 17 before meddling with this but I just wanted to get this up and running before I get swallowed by exams.
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    I finally updated the status bars, lol. If I'm honest I forgot it existed. Nevertheless, they're updated. I decided to put the ??? bar on its own for reasons. Reasons I shall not talk about here. At least not yet!
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    this is an old story, but when i started this incarnation of the site it was meant to be very temporary. BW was announced but not out yet, and so i put up with the intent of running the league and just tiding people over only until the new games came out. that would've only been like a number of month period back in 2010. it was never meant to go this far thank you all so much for being here and being a part of this with me through everything <3
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    credit to @Hycrox for this quality img post When it's starting to get cold outside and the bitter wind chills you to the bone ... that's how you know it's time to warm up at the Reborn Winter Party! In spite of the disappointing news of the FCC's decision earlier today, we've decided to hold the Winter Party this upcoming weekend. As one bright star imparted upon us: "But being cheerful when it's least appropriate is when it's most necessary!" With that in mind, let's take a break from the looming internet doomsday comments to relax and enjoy the company of friends. When Party date is this upcoming Sunday, December 17th starting at 12p EST It is planned to continue until 12a Monday to accommodate the global nature of the community! Location This party is going to take place on its own server over on discord. Join us now over at https://discord.gg/wYtqV5 !! Scheduled Events This year we're trying a different approach! Instead of setting the schedule in stone, we've planned time for a new event and a few mainstays but left the rest of the schedule open. this should enable us to be flexible and adjust on the fly for activities people would enjoy rather than being stuck to a set list. We'll likely post the times for these events on Sunday. Reborn Royalty A staple event to end another year on reborn is electing three new members to the ranks of reborn's royalty! Jack Frost, Snow Queen and the Polar Monarch are vacant positions once more. As before, anyone may be nominated per any role though they may win only one position. Be sure to make your nominations in the thread and it'll be updated accordingly. New! [Yankee Egg Swap] With the community release of the new episode arriving recently, it might incidentally be the best time to try this new event format out! For those unfamiliar with the term, Yankee Swap is a kind of holiday gift giving event where people bring gifts meant for exchange. The pool of gifts is picked from in a randomized order, with each participant being able to trade his selected gift with someone who picked a gift before him. The person who chose the first gift is allowed their trade after all the gifts have been claimed. Some versions then allow people to trade amongst themselves afterwards too. We're going to try a version of this that works like so: Participants will be assigned a number and their trading partner will be selected at random. After each pair has done their trade, everyone will be free to trade amongst themselves for the eggs at their leisure! So get out your Magcargo and your Ponyta and make some rad eggs for some egg swap action! Returning Events A flexible schedule allows for us to be able to run or not run games or events based on what the audience is interested in, but the recurring events are on the table - queen's and king's game, story time, cah, reborn hunger games, and more. Who knows what we'll end up running .. it is a mystery! ^^; Feel free to comment with feedback or suggestions for events you'd like to see return to the party. Keep an eye out for this thread as more details and updates as the party fast approaches! ... because I'm tired and need to sleep now goodnight.
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    Thanks for the fantastic work. I have enjoyed this game compared to all the pokemon games i played since gameboy till 3DS. I look forward to the next episodes to come.
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    Get ready, 'cause it's about to get superheated Step out the arena if you don't want to be defeated Reborn is my city, I've been to every ward and Obsidia's Nightclub is where I record My style's elegant like Serra Yours makes less sense than Terra I can be silly or Sirius, but all your lines are just delirious You're a con like El I'll split you into three and you'll be a reverse ZEL Then I'll reduce you to Zero if you still think you're a hero I'll annihilate every PULSE with just a Spearow My lyrics are deeper than Azurine Lake My Take Downs are harder than Julia pushed Blake You can't turn the tables by changing the field You can't protect yourself by using King's Shield If you want to match me in battle or rap, I suggest you get on my level cap That's all for now, I'm going to take a nap
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    I, Myrmidon Divergent, am honored to present to you two important results: the winrates of Season 1 and the awardees of Season 1. Congratulations to all winners and to those who didn't win, go for it in Season 2. All winners will receive a banner which they may place in their signature. I. Season 1 Winrates Congratulations to Megagun for being Season 1's Overall Champion and Overall MVP! II. Season 1 Awards Player Awards: Team Category ☆ Best Town Coordination: Hospital Mafia Doctors and Chronicles of the Onyx Arcade Mafia Keepers ☆ Best Mafia Coordination: WitchHunt! Coven ☆ Best Third Party Coordination: Pokemon CYOC Cult Individual Category ☆ Best Town Performance: Megagun from Chronicles of the Onyx Arcade and Myrmidon Divergent from Mafia Halloween Edition ☆ Best Mafia Performance: Purplecicada from WitchHunt and Eviora from Star Wars ☆ Best Third Party Performance: Megagun from Hospital Mafia ☆ Easiest Player to read: LykosHand ☆ Hardest Player to read: Lord Drakyle ☆ Always Town Award: Paul25 and LykosHand ☆ Always Mafia Award: Megagun ☆ Most Tactical Player: Lord Drakyle and Myrmidon Divergent ☆ Most Interesting Player: Venus ☆ Most Unfortunate Player: Alistair Host and Mafia Game Awards: ☆ Most Interesting Set-up: Chronicles of the Onyx Arcade ☆ Most Organized Game: Chronicles of the Onyx Arcade ☆ Favorite Game: Hospital Mafia and Dark Ages Mafia ☆ Most Creative Host: Myrmidon Divergent ☆ Most Interesting Host: Myrmidon Divergent ☆ The Judge Host: Sailboat Reborn Mafia Awards: ☆ Mr./Ms. Friendly: LykosHand ☆ Mr./Ms. Entertaining: Venus, Alistair, and Myrmidon Divergent ☆ Mr./Ms. Reborn Mafia: Myrmidon Divergent and Alistair See you again in the Season 2 Awards!
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    So. I'm 8 rep points away from 420. and I'm 88 away from 500, the one I'm hoping to one day reach. I guess it's save to say that that's gr8. right m8?
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    TFW you google for "Kyurem Path" and get this: Damn why do they look so cute?
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    Since many people have asked "why Titania's world appeared and from where/ or even whether its very existence was necessary or Farfetch'd... I decided to put my thoughts here
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    Okay, so we have a fancy new club system, and I can see a solid handful of you are rarin' to get some fired up. That's great! First, let's talk about the types of clubs. Public-- Anyone can view and anyone can post. You don't have to be a member to be involved. Open-- Anyone can view topics but you have to join to contribute. Anyone can join. Closed-- Anyone can see the club and who's in it, but to join or participate you have to be approved by the leader Private-- Entirely hidden clubs. Users have to be invited by a leader to get access. Of these, only Private clubs will be approved without application. Those are free-reign! For anything else, you can submit an application using the Staff Contact page! It is linked under the Home drop down menu at the top left. Instructions are there, but I will go over more detailed steps in this thread. First, we're assuming you want to make a Public, Open, or Closed Club. In that case you need to get a total of five people together who are willing to be in the club. That's the minimum! Clubs who lose members and have fewer than five for a long time may be deleted... so you know, if you ever wanted to force the main character into your club so it doesn't have to disband, there you go. We might check in with the other members listed at random, so don't just go including people without them agreeing! You'll also need to decide on a Vice President-- someone to help you moderate the club. We're assuming you're going to be the president if you're starting it, so you've got that covered. Next, navigate to the Clubs page. If you are a Veteran or higher, you should see a button at the top right that says Start a Club! Create the club, select the type, and fill in the details. It won't appear just yet though! Finally, use the link above and jot down your details. Once we've checked everything out, we'll approve the club and you can go to town! We hope you'll all have lots of fun with the new system. Enjoy!
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    Actually, in the first episodes, the quest was completed (I think) and you got magikarp, that was axed in later ones. I would think that the real turnover would be to discover that team meteor etc was only just a big sidequest while the MAGEEKARP QUEST WAS THE MAIN STORYLINE. Good job Ame, you fooled us
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    So I'm still not sure about the whole Status thread thing, but I'm going to post one anyway. I don't really like leaving people out of the dark when it comes to Rejuvenation. So while I think I prefer to work in the shadows, I don't think that's the best way to do this. Plus I have a brand new Dev Team under my belt now. So it doesn't seem as pressuring as before. Let's break out of this shell, shall we? Status Going to post something here whenever there's something noteworthy to post! (I'll have archives here so that people don't have to go digging for past posts either!) ==Archive==
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    Waiting for the day it's birthday wisher LykosHand's birthday so I could wish them a happy birthday.
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    During E16's beta testing period, I went through in RPG Maker and noted down all of the relationship points. A few things of note: 1. The game will not tell you when something you do effects relationships. This info can only be found by looking through events in RPG Maker. 2. When gaining a point with someone for speaking while teamed up, or losing a point by leaving in an area where you're teamed up with them, this only happens once. Meaning you can't speak to them repeatedly for infinite points, or if you have to leave more than once you'll only lose (a) point(s) the first time. 3. Due to me not doing a certain branching story path, I'm not sure if I got all the E17 variables related to that. The desert is a big place and I doubt I found all of them. 4. This will updated for future episodes as they release. Here are the relationship points in order by when they happen in-game, going from one gym to the next. The post after this are the points ordered by character. Beginning of the game up to Julia From Julia to Florinia From Florinia to Corey From Corey to Shelly From Shelly to Shade From Shade to Kiki From Kiki to Aya From Aya to Serra From Serra to Noel From Noel to Radomus From Radomus to Luna From Luna to Samson From Samson to Charlotte From Charlotte to Terra From Terra to Ciel From Ciel to Adrienn From Adrienn to E17's first leader (ones marked with an asterisk are only available if you didn't battle Taka at the WTC) From E17's first leader to E17's second leader (same deal with the asterisks)
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    So hi. Nobody else has started doing this yet and I suspect it won't appear at all if I don't do it myself. So welcome to the Hattening. Post a link to your preferred avatar below and I'll crappily photoshop a Santa hat onto it. If you want it somewhere other than on top of your head, be sure to mention that in your post. I'm unavailable on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. So due to Christmas being on a Monday, the latest I can work on these is the 21st, but I'll do my best to get through everything before then. Also no promises on quality. With Hope, Lexi
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    Henlo frens, I'm Candy, who randomly jumps onto threads or ppl's statuses and comments stuffs. I have a breeding thread, but since I'm on my senior year (of undergrad), I'm not doing much breeding/trading nowadays. ... E17 is ruining my life though because I have to study for exams and yet find myself studying Bulbapedia instead lol So my hobbies include writing (original fiction, but I'm trying to write a pokemon fanfic haha let's see how that goes welp), listening to music (what I listen to depends on my mood, but mainly anime songs and Japanese artists on YT. There was a time I was into K-pop too) and playing Pokemon fan games~ (otherwise you wouldn't see me on here). I'm like 22 y/o and do science! Hit me up if you want to go into a career in Idk cell biology or molecular biology and want to know what your life as an undergraduate research assistant is like Also I loves doggo memes/vids/everything so you might find me writing "hecc" and "fren" a lot... Dunno what else to write, so just ask questions if I missed anything! Edit: remembered something I need to add. Here y'all have some 🍭🍬🍭🍬
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    Shit, dude. I didn't think that far ahead, I just wanted some exp lol
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    Episode 17 is out people! Shelly starts to feel better! But Victoria thinks its too early to have a Gym Badge battle after everything that's happened but James wants to proceed to the Gym battle for the badge! James has a surprise though that he intended to use for his Gym Battle with Shelly! Also, Shelly gives us a bit of backstory to herself! Will Shelly stay better?! Will James' and Victoria's friendship stand strong?! What is James' surprise?! What is Shelly's backstory?! And will James be able to beat Shelly for her badge?! Find out now! Enjoy!
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    Mael and I are getting ready for next week’s anime con.
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    Two threads on the matter or no, I am incredibly disappointed that the other thread had one response, a helpful response with an extra recommendation for learning more on the matter, and yet this thread is full of condescending replies, assumption about the user's intent or ability, outright sarcasm, and maybe one suggestion for even trying to emulate the desired effect. The user chose to go out on a limb with a request with an account made today as their first post and some of you have almost definitely left a terrible first impression of the community. Especially you with a post bleeding sarcasm, as a developer. I expect better from the group of people most involved with the game in a thread like this, who should take the chance to share information or otherwise help a new user much like mde did in the other thread. As for the actual content of the original post, first of all, it would be easier to give you edited versions of the specific files relating to the Exp. Share; I'm no coder so I can't help you myself, but mde mentioned an Exp All existing in essentials in the above thread (a direct link to mde's post) that you may be able to use for a similar effect.
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    Let's talk about the categories in the Status Update block, since some of them have changed a bit from before. Gen VII Updates: (we didn't even have a dev blog last time there was a generation update!) Sprites We can't use the Smogon set, so we've gotta scrounge up our own. Fortunately many pixel artists list theirs as free use and so I've been able to gather a solid chunk. We'll polish them and make the rest. This progress bar also includes Shiny and Egg spriting. Scripting Marcello is a peach and this will be almost (if not) entirely his domain. It includes updates to old battle stuff, most of which have already been done as of this writing, and the implementation of all moves and abilities. It is a long road! Data This is basically everything in the PBS files, such as data, movesets and TM availability, plus details on the new items/moves/abilities. Marcello is actually a peach and a half and is fronting most of this work as well. Field Updates Although I had hoped we would be done with them before, Psychic Terrain will be added. This section will also include adding new attributes to all field for any relevant moves and abilities. Gameplay The most generic name possible. This is a catch-all for adding new Pokemon into events/encounters and trainer battles, and distributing new items. Tbh this is the fun part. New Content: Misc Updates So I lied and this isn't actually new content at all but whatever. In the past we had separate categories for graphic/event/etc updates but there's few enough this time that I'm lumping them all in here. AI Updates A planned renovation to get down and dirty with the AI. Right now most moves have little or no AI coding specifically for them. I won't get through all the moves this episode, but I'll spend some quality time with a good chunk of them. Graphics/Maps Previously these were separate but I put them together since the graphics in question are usually tilesets for new areas, and I prefer to tailor tiles to their maps. There are 7 new areas to make this episode, so this will be the bulk of the content work! Eventing Teleport events, area puzzles, encounters, items and special Pokemon. This is sort of a catch-all for everything that is not mapping, but also not part of the main story. Story All story events. This episode will have a branched story, so it will take a little longer.
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    Please note that the E17 version of the mod will only work on the E17 version of the game. (This is because the script file has been changed heavily between E16 and E17, thus using the E17 version on E16 or vice versa is going to cause many random issues.) It is also generally a good idea to install E17 into its own folder instead of inside or on top of E16. Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pemW487Qt9kMKQnxS4rhdjamnw0pjhAN/view?usp=sharing The above link will allow you to download a .zip archive. Inside of that archive you will find a "Readme.pdf" explanatory file, a "Scripts.rxdata" file, and a "Mods" folder. To install, simply copy both the "Scripts.rxdata" file and the "Mods" folder into "[Pokemon Reborn install path]\Data\". (Making a backup copy of "Scripts.rxdata" is generally a good idea). The files in the Mods folder are the ones with the actual mod; each one can be used alone, so just delete the ones you do not want. Brief summary of each mod component: The "Scripts.rxdata" file is essentially the same as the unmodded one, with one difference: it will load every file from the "Mods" folder. -------------------------------------------------- E16 version (kept just in case, do not use it with the E17 version of the game):
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    Normally I'm not one to barge in and talk smack about people's opinions and I do try to criticize things a bit harshly, but I think we need to take a step back a minute and talk about the past. Come back to me when you've found a full scale RPG fan-game (60+ hours of playtime) that reaches the level of quality Reborn has done that predates 2013. Even if development stopped back at EVII, Reborn would have been one of the pinnacle Pokemon Fan-games. It stepped up to the plate and decided to be different and a black sheep at the time which is what a lot of people loved about it. The only thing I see immoral about it is that it may violate the original creator's ideals of what the Pokemon concept is (but GF stories and plots were complete jokes at the time so it's really not all that bad). Now we go back to why Reborn is important. So back in the day, Pokemon fan creation were just hacks which is generally what you expect from fan content: lackluster story, forgettable characters, 8 gym badge system and champ, evil team after legendary, and godawful fakemon art. These were fun little time passers that took only a day or two to complete. Some were better than others. Most were made through a team working on individual areas. Raptor Ex was the first fan-game ever completed for Pokemon (using Essentials) and pioneered the idea of having all Pokemon available in a single game. It was really good at the time (and set a near impossible bar for a final boss in a Pokemon game to top) but certainly hasn't aged well at all. Then came one of the most interesting ideas ever. In a community based around an online league challenge facing real people, a discussion came about turning the history of this community into a game. The administer of this league decided to give it a whirl and spent three weeks making a release based around this concept expecting to abandon it. She didn't and later it became known as the brutally hard game which even at my high school people said it was the only thing Pokemon they could actually play. This game left an impact on a lot of people (Jan, Suzerain, and myself at the very least). Immersion was also another big thing (Reborn is probably one of the few games I felt immersed into the game and terrified of that Garchomp). Over time Reborn has lost some of it's features and niches, but that's just due to the quality of Fan-games rising (which Reborn theoretically should have aged into a really bad game being 5 years old in terms of story, design, and ideas). Back then, this game blew the competition out of the water with the only thing even being able to compare to it was Zeta & Omnicron. Reborn is certainly flawed and you could nitpick it apart to death, but even with the heavy limitations of a very small dev team (used to be just Ame) on a very restrictive system (RPGmaker can only do so much) it is safe for me to say this: Pokemon Reborn is one of the best Pokemon Games ever made if not the best one. Besides, videos games are about enjoyment over perfection anyways.
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    Find the Reborn Mafia Discord server at: https://discord.gg/reK2yFc Greetings everyone, and welcome to the brand new Reborn Mafia Club! This club is dedicated to play, communication and otherwise friendly interaction between the members of our little mafia community. The mafia games are typically hosted on this forum (currently in the Onyx Arcade, though discussions are still ongoing). We also have a queue system running to regulate and organize games; we may currently host 2 mafia games at the same time. Moreover, our Discord server is home to all sorts of conversations, content/information sharing, and otherwise fun shenanigans! Please feel free to follow the link right above and meet us there. Reborn Mafia welcomes everyone, from experienced players to beginners to mysterious travelers who merely wish to drop by and say hi! We are not just a mafia community; we are first and foremost a group of individuals who wish to create a nice and friendly place for everyone to feel right at home. All the forum rules obviously apply here. Other than that, we primarily follow the rules of respect, tolerance and kindness~ We are eager to meet you and embark with you on a grand journey made of friendship, surprises, deception (what?), cookies* and mysteries**! *provided our talented chefs are available to bake some **warning, the degree of mystery is not contractually guaranteed
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    Introducing your Leaders Reborn Mafia Club is supported by several leaders who have different responsibilities in the club's endeavors. Feel free to ask them for assistance and help regarding club matters while you may also approach them for conversation ~ Myrmidon Divergent - President Greetings! I am Myrmidon Divergent and I am your Club President. I became interested in Mafia after learning about it some months ago and since then, I've been hosting games and helping other players make their own games. I am responsible for most of the Reborn Mafia Club - Forum works (while I also monitor Discord at times) and I also am one of the peeps whom you can talk to regarding Game Design. Quinn - Vice President Quinn is one of the good players I met in an earlier game and she is one of the frontrunners in the Discord server of Reborn Mafia Club, which was created last August. Quinn is responsible for most of Reborn Mafia Club - Discord matters, and she's a person you can approach if you want assistance regarding Discord actions. Alistair - Vice President Although Alistair joined the Reborn Mafia Community at a later time, Alistair is one of those players who quickly created good relations with other players, and it was an easy decision to include Alistair as an Admin for the Discord server due to seeing his work in the server. Alistair is my second-in-command in the Reborn Mafia Club - Forum responsibilities and he also monitors the Discord server. Along with me, you can also talk to Alistair about Game Design. AmineChankey - Vice President Amine is one of the 10 people who played in the very first mafia game I hosted and he's been present since then to participate in other games. I'm not exactly sure how I ended up giving him responsibility, but as far as I remember, I think it was because I saw that he was capable of helping in the club's endeavors, as well. Amine is responsible for Reborn Mafia Club - Discord monitoring, and he is also someone you can approach if you want a fun conversation.
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    Hello y'all! Hooligan here bringing a new feature. Welcome to the Hooligan's Giveaway Thread. First of all, thanks to @Paul25 for creating one giveaway thread and for giving me a inspiration to make one. So, the giveaway will work in a different way, you have to find the Birthday corresponding to the Pokedex Number. The last two digits from the age of the birthday will be corresponding to the last two digits of the current giveaway Pokemon, so in order to get this Pokemon, you need to take a screenshot of my forged birthday and post here to get the Pokemon. I might not do the giveaway every day, because it's not easy to get the shinies, but I will try the hardest as possible to make more giveaways. You should use a program like Imgur to post a screenshot here. The forged ages will vary from 51 to 150 years old, so the two last digits are the ones that are valid and since there is nothing further than 150 years old, I can't put a year that's previous than 1867 and then, I won't put a number from 101-200. Also, I will do a giveaway once I update the thread and post a comment notifying that there is a new Pokemon available, so check the first post (main post) of the thread. And another thing, once a person gets a Pokemon, he or she will never get another again, giving the chances to everyone else. When the 10th Pokemon is traded, there will be a reset, so everyone can get the Pokemon. For example, imagine that I will do a giveaway of a Shiny Hippowdon with 5 IVs and Pokerus. It's number on the Pokedex is 450, so you should check if I'm making a forged birthday of 150 years old. You should take a screenshot like what I will post below and post in the thread. Note that it needs to be an actual screenshot and since I have good memory to know the birthdays, I will know if you're cheating or not. So, this is one example of screenshot screenshot: This is the example of random birthday of 150 years old. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you somehow can't see my forged birthday on the birthdays of the day and can see the the this on my profile, due to the different timezone; take a screenshot in my profile where says about the forged birthday. For example, take a screenshot where it appears 11/25/1921 if the day on your timezone is 24 or 26, as for the Galvantula's day. Giveaway will come back once I finish the main E17 story. Today, the Giveaway will be: Old Giveaways: Upcoming Giveaways: PLEASE, READ THE UPDATES: Thank you for reading this thread. I hope you have good luck with the giveaway. Take care!
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    Mega Mega Mewtwo XYZ & Knuckles HP: 106 -> 106 Attack: 110 -> 210 Defense: 90 -> 135 Special Attack: 154 -> 214 Special Defense: 90 -> 155 Speed: 130 -> 160 Ability: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles (Makes the user impervious to all damage. Also allows the user to use 8 moves. Boosts stats by +2 each turn. The best video game to ever exist. Knuckles and Knuckles knuckle their knuckles they don't knuckle they'd flex their knuckles). bst: 680 -> 980 Evidently, Mewtwo wasn't strong enough, so I decided the best course of action was to give its mega evolutions a mega evolution i.e. Mega Mega Mewtwo XY. However, 880 bst isn't enough so I went further beyond and turned it into Mega Mega Mewtwo XYZ & Knuckles to truly show off how powerful it has become. Not only this, combined with its ability and its new signature moves I'm about to reveal, Mega Mega Mewtwo XYZ & Knuckles will create a fair and balanced metagame for the ubers tier. New Signature Moves: PsyKickInTheDick Base Power: 250 Hits whatever defense is lower OMAR WAY MOE SHINYRIO Base Power: - Makes the opposing pokemon say Nani, killing them instantly PSYCHIC net: Base Power: 10 Summons Khonjin to use gen 1 Wrap on the opponent. Knuckles: Base Power: 999 Here I come, rougher than Knuckles The best of them, tougher than Knuckles You can call me Knuckles, unlike Knuckles I don't chuckle I'd rather flex my Knuckles I'm hard as Knuckles, it ain't hard to chuckle I break 'em down whether they're Knuckles or Knuckles Unlike Knuckles I'm independent since my first chuckle First Knuckles, feel the Knuckles, than the Knuckle chuckle Hi, Welcome to Reborn Base Power: OHKO You will hear this phrase and die instantaneously.
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    I'm back to working on Spork now, since I've mostly finished USUM. I didn't intend to post another update until I was at the Champion battle, but due to recent events I want to make a post. I was a passenger in a car accident today. My chest hurt when it happened but I seem okay now. Apparently you sometimes don't really feel car accidents until the day after, though, so I'm nervous about what might happen tomorrow. It probably wasn't very bad as far as accidents go since neither side had any injuries other than the initial pain, but it was my first time experiencing something like this. I'm also a bit worried about the net neutrality situation and what might happen if net neutrality is destroyed. I don't really understand everything about the issue, but I know enough from Ame's mentions of it on her blog to be concerned. In the worst case scenario, I don't know whether I'd still have access to this site or not. Hopefully I'm overreacting, and hopefully this will fail like the other attempts to do this from years ago, but as Ame said they only have to succeed one time while we have to prevent them from succeeding every time. One of my biggest fears has always been not being able to contact people about my situation if something should happen to me. It's something I worry about a lot. It's also something I worry in regards to others too, which is why I was concerned about Palletite to the point of trying to reach her through email to make sure she was okay. Thanks again to punkeev for letting me that she is in fact okay. I did plan to make a post like this, but until today's car accident I was planning that for after I made it to the Champion. But the accident pushed this to the front of my mind. So: if at any point I'm unresponsive for a long time with no prior warning, it's because something happened and I'm not able to contact anyone. It's not because I chose to leave without telling anyone. For game-related news: I have one battle left on Victory Road, and then I'll be at the Elite Four + Champion. I don't consider the Champion battle to be the end of the main story, so the credits scene will be after the post-Champion story instead of after the Champion battle. (this is open to change if enough people, especially the ones who've contributed personally to Spork, feel that the Champion battle would be a better place for the credits. I'm just worried about people getting to the Champion and not playing what comes after) For those who've made it to the Sea Star Shrine and heard the speeches there near the end of the current episode, you'll have an idea of some of what comes after the Champion. I think I might have had more to say, but I don't remember. But I'll work on Spork as much as I'm able from this point forward.
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    All those people asking when E18 will come out
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    I know, I know! It will come out tomorrow. *For this message to be true, please, read it everyday until E17 release: it will eventually be right.
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    Honestly bless you for this announcement Ame. I've been feeling the need to express something like this for quite a while, and you did so far more eloquently than I would have. Anyway, in reference to the "I do it in a joking manner" thing that's popped up a couple of times in this thread, while this may be case in regards to your intent and members of the community might understand that, to the new member all it does is make them feel like they're doing something wrong. Someone whose never been on the forums before has no real way of knowing that "it gets delayed every time you ask" is a running joke, and even if they do, having 10 people make the same joke about how new and inexperienced you are is never a good feeling. And honestly, laughter by taking cheap shots at new people for not knowing about how our forums work really isn't a great look for the community, and the fact that someone doesn't understand things now or they don't integrate straight away doesn't mean they never will. For example, my first post on the forum was in bug reporting when it should have been in troubleshooting, and was asking for help regarding an issue that had been answered many times. I got a friendly and helpful answer to my question which was a really fantastic first impression and encouraged me to stay. If seven people had jumped on me (even if it was jokingly) for the basic mistakes I made I can promise you I never would have seen this as a place where I could find a group of friends, and Reborn would have stayed as that place with the cool fangame rather than as a community that has had a profound impact on me. And in the end, there isn't that much difference between my first post and a lot the ones people get down on. While bug reporting is a more isolated community, as someone whose done a lot of stuff there I can promise you that people who make posts like the first one I made can be frustrating because once you know how everything works, mistakes seem stupid. But rather than unleashing this frustration onto the person, giving them the help they need and giving some advice on how they can improve in the future is overall a better solution for everyone, and might help some people who currently only are here for episode releases join our community. So by all means, point out the people who make "when is E16 coming out I want it now" threads that we don't have a specified release date yet and that they can check out the development blog for updates. That's being a helpful community member. But to do this, sarcasm and injokes aren't needed, because while they might be amusing to you, they help to contribute to a really negative culture in our community, which to me is one of the main reasons why the number of new active forum users has dropped significantly. Who knows, if we start being nicer to people we might get more people willing to introduce themselves and come out of their shells like so many of us have done before them.
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    Hello y'all! Hooligan here just to remind that we are on our 30k members. I want to thank to everyone who joined and made of this place a good area, and especially Ame for making Reborn, this amazing game. So, I wanna congratulate all of us, especially Ame, because of this: I'm glad to make part of the 30k members who joined the forums and I'm very happy with the nice people from this community. Congratulations, Reborn! Thank you, guys! Take care! @Familybbq You are the member number 30000, just to note if you don't know.
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    So here's a little rant that starts with a question~ Did the rivals in Pokémon become worse and worse per generation after gen 2? many people believe Silver and Blue to be the pinacle of what rivals should be. However, I disagree! From what I notice about those oppinions it's that those two are liked because their dicks to the player. However, That's literally all Blue has. Silver has a reason for it, but I wouldn't say it justifies it. Ever since Gen 3 the rivals have had their own goals during their journey: May/Brendan wants to have a fun adventure and help his/her dad with the Pokédex. Barry wants to topple his father and proof that he can stand equal to him, but he's not to arogant to constantly be a dick to you. He will help you and ask you for help when needed. Cheren and Bianca both have their own truths and ideals. Bianca wants to proof t both her father and herself that she can be a good Pokémon trainer while Cheren wants to become the strongest trainer of Unova and find out how that will help him. Hugh wants revenge against Team Plasma and to reunite the Purloin that his late grandpa gave to his sister with his sister. Somehow he's seen as one of the worst because he "claims the story", yet you literally embark because he asked you to help him with this. Selena/Calem is similar to Barry and May/Brendan, in that she/he wants to have an adventure with her friends and have a friendly competition. Shauna, again, wants to have a fun adventure and make memories. Tierno wants to find Pokémon he can dance and have fun with. Trevor wants to complete the Pokédex and potentially get over his shyness. Hau wants to proof to himself, Hala and all of Mele Mele Island that he can be equal to and even better than Hala in a Pokémon battle. Gladion wants to help Null see that not everyone in the world is as bad as Lusamin and protect his sister. Now, compare those goals to Blue's: Just pusing it in your face that he's better than you. And then Silver, who hates weakness because he sees his father as a weakling and wants nothing to do with his father. I won't say Silver is not a good rival here, but from what I notice people saying about the rivals in Pokémon, they always focus on "are they a dick to us? if not it's instantly worse that Blue and Silver." I've rarely seen or heard anyone talk about the goals the characters have, unless it's Silver and his father. I would, personally, say that Blue is by far the worst rival. He's just a cocky show off that has about as much character development as Yugioh GX has characters that didn't have their development shoehorned in in season 4. He's just a cocky dick when you start and a cocky dick at the end. Literally no change. Silver at least learns the error in his ways, but Blue? he didn't learn a fucking thing. Disclaimer: All the things I said about their goals is how I felt playing the games, I never looked any of it up.
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    it's the same as E16 only wind is now wind instead of being rain
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    Its pretty amazing to think that many people have made the decision to join the community even though some have never posted anything. To everyone who is/ was an active member, thank you for helping to make the community what it is. And for those who only have forum accounts to get the community release, consider sticking around this time. I'm sure you'll love it here and the community will be a better place overall!