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    has anyone noticed Reborn forums have two ways to : "Lollipop" "lollipop" ... but now that I've explored, it's not just this emoji that has doubles. anyhow that's enuf pointless posting for tonight. bye~
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    We're streaming Pokemon Rejuvenation! It's the start of a new adventure, so come join us live! https://www.twitch.tv/amethystblack
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    Last patch* is coming out very soon (Within the hour)! Sorry for the delay. *Probably
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    I see you've met the garchomp. Three things: 1. This is not the forum to post for trades... Post on Online Play for that, On The Hunt is supposed to be for things one can find in their own game like side quests and stuff. 2. You don't need to beat that garchomp for the story to progress. You don't white out, the cutscene progresses regardless of what you do. The most difference you'll make is 2 lines of dialogue. 3. I can trade you a swablu, don't need any shiny just gimme a rattata or smth. Online name is Proxima.
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    So about to record Rejuvenation but I thought I'd tell you all 3 things about this series really quick. 1. Just like in my current Reborn playthrough (burnout mode right now. DON'T HATE ME FOR NOT PLAYING IT FOR A MONTH AND A HALF! DX ) all Gym Puzzles and events and battles will all be it's own episode. 2. Assuming Rejuvenation didn't get rid of this feature yet, all help quests will be their own videos as well. 3. I'm not a pansy but I'm also not insane. So I'm gonna play Reborn Style. Challenging but not insane challenging. So yea. That's all I needed to say. When these start coming out, I hope you all enjoy them. I know I am and I haven't even started recording yet!
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    Here lies the top 5 tracks of Reborn, in my opinion: ~ 1) Atmosphere - Majesty ~ 2) Catch My Dreams 3) Atmosphere - Somewhere 4) Atmosphere -Fluid2 5) Atmosphere - Dramatic
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    Well 2018 is almost over, this community has been a huge part of helping me out throughout these past few years even when I go off the radar a bit. Thank you all for being the awesome people you are and being a bunch of cutie patooties. Bring on 2019 everyone!!
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    Nah, I don't care about that, wasn't planning on adding em to the team, just told my friend that I'm playing along with that I want to get all of them out of spite and I'm keeping to that promise.
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    I've been reading it from the beginning. Back when it was named "Cursed and Infinite." Honestly, Cursed and Infinite sounds like a better title, but... I guess there's some reason for the change in name?
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    when someone tells me Gardevoir can only be female I have this to say: So Glalie can only be male?